St. Croix ( Estate Little La Grange )


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St. Croix ( Estate Little La Grange )
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions : drawings and reports, 1990 - 2012
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
Hersh, Anne
Benedict, D.
Benedict C.
Krebs, E.
Krebs, J.
Rice, S.
Prouty, N.
Bangoura, A.
Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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Corning, NY
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions
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ESTATE LITTLE LA GRANGE ST. CROIX, USVI Measured Drawings and Photographs For The St. Croix Landmarks Society May 1997 By Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions Box 388 Coming New York 14830


Description of the Work In April of 1997 Caribbean Volunteer Expedition volunteers measured, drew, and photographed the site and buildings at Estate Little La Grange, in St. Croix. This work was done for the St. Croix Landmarks Society We want to thank George T y son of the Landmarks Society,and also Kai and Irene Lawaetz for all their help and information about this wonderful site. Description of the buildings A Great House This building, in good condition is about 47 feet by 33 feet, and is two story. The building has been recently lived in, and is presently used for a museum The lower floors ha v e masonry walls; the upper story is wood construction, and the roof is framed with wood, and has a steep hip roof. In front is a gallery with unique wood scallops at the covered porch. To the north is a small projecting room with a masonry stair to the second floor. Photo # 9, 10,11,12 B. Shed/Cistern This is a small 20 by 28 foot masonry one story building to the north of the great house. Photo # 12 C. StoragelRest Rooms Also to the north of the great house, is a one story 16 by 30 one story building with a gable roof and a covered porch to the north. Photo # 17 D. Garden Walls There are many walls and raised beds in the gardens surrounding the house. There is also a masonry stair behind the house, to the upper level gardens. Photo # 18 E. Manager House This building of about 26 by 40 feet is a ruin with one and two story masonry walls. There a stair to the west. Photo # 19,20 G. Factory and Walls The factory area is presently only walls, and it is difficult to discern where the factory functions were. Attached to the factory are low walls, presently used to enclose a garden. Photo # 21,22,23


H. Aqueduct This impressive 20 foot high aqueduct is a prominent feature of the site. This aqueduct extends several hundred feet to the near-by gut; the walls are partially destroyed, and some are at grade level. Photo 5,6,8 I. Milk House. This building is attached to the end of the aqueduct. Photo # 5 I. Arched Structure This arched aqueduct was used for cane juice in the sugar process. The low elliptical arches are brick, with a rubble masonry wall above. Photo # 3,4 J. Water Power Structure This small building, about 10 feet by 11 feet was part of the water grinding structure. Photo # 2 K. Water Trough This is a low circular structure of about 22 feet diameter. Photo # 1 L. Animal Round This is a unique two story animal round. The animals were on the top level, and the cane was brought in on the bottom level, through two arched openings. The interior diameter of this structure is about 40 feet. There are window openings around the structure on the second floor. Photo # 13,14,15,16 M. Wind Tower On the hill several hundred feet from the factory and great house is a wind tower. The tower is about 30 feet high, and has a ramp on the south-west, and arched openings. Photo 27 N. Worker Housing and related buildings On the main road, again several hundred feet from the factory building are several dwelling units. These have masonry walls, and have been abandoned; the walls are in ruins, and only fragments of the roofs remain. We were able to locate three structures: 1. 36 feet by 15 feet with three doors. Photo # 25 2. 49 feet by 15 feet with four doors 3. Two story building 36 by 15 feet, with three doors to each level. Photo #24


Also along the road is another house, with roof and walls, which is presently occupied. Photo 26 Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions is a non-profit organization, which recruits volunteers from the US and Canada to work with local agencies in the Caribbean on preservation projects. Volunteers on this project included: Anne Hersh, 5 E. Market S1., Coming NY 14830 Dick and Claire Benedict, PO Box 971, North Eastham, MA 02651 John and Eleanor Krebs, 25 Cheryl La. N., Farmingdale, NY 11735 Abe Bangoura, 6 Observation Ct. ,Germantown, MD 20876 Nancy Prouty, 4845 Brwon S1., Davenport, 10 52806 Susan Rice, 212 WheatsheafLa. Telford PA 18969


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