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SobekCM Technical Information - French Pamphlet Planning Project: An International Collaboration for Improvement of Collection Access (NEH Planning Grant)
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Grant project documentation
Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla.


SobekCM technical information for the French Pamphlet Project NEH-funded grant.
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Project will utilize the SobekCM digital library and content management software and related metadata tools as with the SobekCM METS Editor which are all open source and widely used around the world, including by the Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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French Pamphlet Project SobekCM Technical Information : Page 1 of 4 French Pamphlet Planning Project: An International Collaboration for I mprovement of Collection Access (NEH Planning Grant) SobekCM Technical Information ( Updated: 15 June 2013 ) Overview T he NEH funded planning grant for the French Pamphlet Planning Project: An International Collaboration for Improvement of Collection Access is ongoing from 2013 2014 with the SobekCM Digital Content Management System and r elated technologies sup ported by the University of Fl or ida Libraries This document provides additional information on SobekCM and the technologies for the French Plan ning Project. The developing FPP digital portal supported by SobekCM is here: fpp SobekCM Digital C o ntent Managem en t System The F rench Pamphlet P r oject (F PP ; fpp ) database utilize s the SobekC M Digital Content Management System ( sobekcm ) SobekCM allows users t o discover online resources via searches, as well as a variety of different bro wse mechanisms. For each digital resource in the repository there are a plethora of display options, which may be selected by an appropriately authenticated use. This repository includes online metadata editing and online submissions in support of institutional repositories. Th e SobekCM repository supports online metadata editing and online submissions. The S obekCM software engine powers both the UF Digital Collections ( UFDC ; ) and the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC ; ) digital repositories. Th e SobekCM software was developed at the George A. Smathers Library at the University of Florida by Mark Sullivan, with ongoing effort spanning several departments. Additional user testing, input, and resources have been contributed from other libraries, universities, and archives around Florida, the Caribbean, and beyond. See the credits ( /sobekcm/credits ) for more infor mation. SobekCM is released as open source software under the GNU GPL license and can be downloaded from the SobekCM S oftware Download Site ( ) To learn more about the technologies please visit the SobekCM page ( ) Some of the outstanding features of th e SobekCM digital library include: Fully searchable and browseable with browse options for all and new items, and customizable browses for all metadata fields(e.g., subject, author, publisher)


French Pamphlet Project SobekCM Technical Information : Page 2 of 4 Powered by rich metadata support, with automatic transformations for maximum interoperability map browsing, when geographic metadata is available Broad, internationally applied description methods using ME TS/MODS Metadata with all record s automatically transformed and available as MARCXML and qualified Dublin Core metadata Integrated support for (Open Archives Initiative) and optimized for searc h engine access via Google, and other search engines Ability to serve various organizational options including: hierarchical groupings allowing collocation by Area, topic, and geographical hierarchies for College, Department; monographic, functi onality; multiple files connected to one descriptive record; one item, one record; mapping between various versions of a single work; and journal volume, issue, title organization. Internationalized/localized interfaces in English, Spanish, and French Buildi ng the Database The proposed FPP digital portal will build on existing metadata by directly exporting current records from institutional and federated catalogs in order to populate a resulti ng database. The records will b e augmented to include links to existing d igital facsimiles when available. SobekCM and its associated tools ( ) provide robust metadata support for ingesting MARC records into METS/MODS and MARCXML. Sobe kCM allows records to be directly imported with all information retained a nd usable, individually and in batches. After records are imported, SobekCM provides an easy to use graphical interfac e for authenticated users to add hyperlinks to records to link to available digital facsimiles. O ne of the existing curr ent workflow s for creating portal collections using SobekCM is: Select/identify materials for inclusion Acquire and import records (importing from CSV, EAD, MARC, and feed using the SobekCM METS Editor; for more information: /batc h and UF00103089/00003 Add a link to the record in FPP for the online resource location Add/enhance the existing metadata (e.g., adding geographic coordinates to the record to power servers have the necessary memory and storage capacity to support, organize and d eliver the above described digital metadata and content involved in t he project planning process. As the project expands beyond planning stages, UF has the technolog y infrastructure and programming sustainability of interactive digital coll ections. UF can easily scale to match ting role, due to its commodity storage, supported t hrough


French Pamphlet Project SobekCM Technical Information : Page 3 of 4 Sustainability of project outcomes and digital content In practice consistent with all other UF digital projects, the FPP database will be maintained in perpetuity as a redundant digital archive (for details, see: sobekcm/preservation ). Moreover, the resulting French pamphlet database resource and portal will be integrated with other existing CIFNAL association projects (Bibliothque Bleue, Digital Library of the Caribbean, Microfilm Project) insuring future development and perpetual associati on oversight and managemen t. The resulting project plan will serve to inform the NEH Humanities Coll ections and Reference Resources Program implementation application (Jul 19 2014) for funding of the project from 2015 to 2018. From 2014 to 2015 the CIFNAL FPP working group will continue to identify and position relevant materials and corresponding data sets in preparation and support of developed project goals. SobekCM functionalities allow working group members tely to continued development of P roject structure and organization, including support of possible project migration to CRL i n 2014. Dissemination The planning and project work completed under this proposal wil l be promoted broadly to local, national and international scholars and students through publication presentations and, as part of to shared research, missions, and goals. Th e pro ject portal itself will provide standards, and working plans. The pamphlet database, in the context of CRL/CIFNAL will be easily accessible by biblio graphers and subject specialists who will insure its dissemination through the channels of scho larly communication and support structures as well as contribute to the further development of resources and research direction. Additionally, UF provides search engine optimization (SEO) for all hosted collections to ensure materials are listed and findable through simple commercial web searches usin g Google and other search engines (for details see: ). Deliverables prod uced during the project will be orum page and linked to partner collection sites. Promotion of project and deliverables will occur through UF official press releases, lib email lists conference presentations, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Wikipe dia, among other vehicles used by partners. Additional Resources SobekCM: ht tp:// SobekCM Resource Object Metadata & Class Structure : AA00014734/ SobekCM Help Documents & Guides: htt p:// sobekcmhelp Full grant proposal and other documents: AA00012378


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