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Agricultural conservation program, national bulletin
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National bulletin
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National agricultural conservation program bulletin
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United States -- Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch
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United States -- Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Production and Marketing Administration, Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch
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Vols. for 1950-1952 issued by the Agricultural Conservation Programs Branch of the Production and Marketing Administration; 1953- issued by the Agricultural Conservation Program Service; <1963>- issued by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service.
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JUNE 1955




TheyI' jisO -noore imlportanut responsibility within the Department
of Agrieflilturle than that for taking aggressive leadership for the
iconsel\rvtion and imnprovemnent of the N~ation's soil and water re-
sources. Cost-shar~ingr under the Agriculturazl Conservation Pro-
gram is an important and effective men nsll through which landowners
and o'l'te''atorsc are aided in doings essential conservation work needed
in the public interest.
The basic p~rinciples wh~lich1 guuide thle administration of thle Agri-
cultural Conservation Prog~raml ar~e being continued for 1956. The
experience andt recommllendiations of State and county Agricultural
Stabilization and Clonservation committees, representatives of the Ex-
t~ension Service, Forest Service, and Soil Conservation Service,
officials of Soil Conservation D~istricts, and representatives of other
agricultural agencies at SCtate and local levels have been taken into
consideration in ma~kinlg needed program adjustments to mleet antici-
pated conditions in 1956.
TIhe extent to which the program hlelps mleet c~onservatio n objectives
is dependent upon the whlolehea-rted participation of all those inter-
ested in conservation, at national and local levels, and we solicit their
cooperation in making the program effective. I1 am calling on all
those in the Department who have responsibilities in the field of soil
a~nd water conservation to join in making the 1956 program a pro-
ductive tool for conselrvationic, and improvement of the agricultural
resources of the Nation's farms and ranclies. WVe hope that the!
Nation's farmers atnd ranchers wvill join in usmng the program, to meet,
more than ever before, the Conununllllity and individual farm conser-
at~nion problems which would not otherwise be solved. In particular,
t~he 1956 program should be used to the maximum. extent to insure the
protection and improvement. of our valuable farmlands now being
diverted from, normal crops uses.

Rec. 1. GENERAL PROGRAM PRINCIPLES_________-_____ 1
A. State funds__----- __-- _---- ___ 2
B. County funds__-_--_ _-------_ __ 2
A. Agencies to participate in development of State programs_ 2
B3. Agencies to participate in development of count~
programs __ _._ ,,-______ 2
C1. Select ion~ of practices 3_______________ :
D. Adaptation of practices_____ _________ 3
E. Practice specifications _-------- --____ 3
F. Usfe of liming materials and commercial fertilizers___ 4
Gr. Respon-ibiilit for technical phases of practices..____ 4
H-. Rates of cost-sharing____ ------. ---- ... 5
I. Itemns of cost on which rates of cost-sharing mar be
based __ .._______-_-_---- 6
J. State handbooks, bulletins, instructions, and forms___ 6
A. Opportunity for requesting cost-shaaring___ __ __ 6
B. Prior requelst for cost-sh aring_ 6
C. Meth~lod and extent of approval______ 6_____~
D. Initial establishment, improvement, or installation of
practices ____ __________ 7
E. Repair, upkeep, and maintenance of practices ___ 7
F. Replacement, enlargement, or restoration of pract~ices__ 7
G~. Pooling agreements_ 7
A. C~ompletion of practies____- -- .... _-_-- 8
B. Practices substantiallye completed during program Sear 8
C. Practices requiring more than one program year for
completion_______________ 8
D. Practices involving the establishment or improvement of
vegetativet cover_______ 8_______ )
E. Failure to meet minimum requirements____ ____ 8
A. Conservation materials and services__________ I
B3. Practices carried out with State or Federal aid_. ___ 10
C. Division of Federal cost-shares_ _________ 10
D. Increase in small Federal cost-shares _______- 10
E,. Maximuim Federal cost-share limitation_____ ___ 11
F. Persons eligible to file application for payment of Federal
cost-sh ares________ _________ __ 11
G. Time and manner of filing application and required
information_______,,,__________ 11
H. Appeals_________________ ______ 12
A. Compliance with regulatory measures______ 13__ :
B. Maintenance of practices_ _________ ___ 13
C. Practices defeating purposes of programs_____ __ 13J
D. Depriving others of Federal cost-share_________ 13
E. Filing of false claims __ _-,,, --_-______ 13
F. MTisu~e of purchase orders_-,-- -__- --- 13
G. Federal cost-shares not subject to claimns_______ 14
H-. Assignments_ ____________ 14
Sec. 8. DEFINITIONS .-------- __ __ __ ____ -- --- ---- 14

A. AuthorityI_----- ---- -----_ __ ___ __,__ 15
B. Availability of funds _________ ___ 15
C. Applicability_____________________ 15i
Conservation Practices With Enduring Benefits--where
properly applied and maintained
A. Practices primarily for establishment of permanent
protective cover__-_----_-_- ____-------- 16
B3. Practices primarily for improvement and protection of
established vegetative cover_____________ 17
C. Practices primarily for the conservation and disposal of
water __-----------_ 19
Conservation Practices Wiith Benefits of Limited Dura-
tion--generally requiring periodic repetition
D. Practices primarily for establishing temporary, protective
vegetative cover _______ .... ._____ 21
E. Practices primarily for the temporary protection of soil
from wind and water erosion_ ___________ 22
Conservation Practices With Limnited Area Applicability
F`. Practices to meet special county conservation needs___ 23


TIhr~ou~gh the 1956 Agr~iculturaa l Co~nserva;tio n Progr~am (IreferrIed

of Ag~riculturle, thle Fiedera;l Gover~nment will share withl far~mer~s andc
ra~nchler~s inl th~e continentalt l Unitel SCt~ates the cost of CarrLyilin oult
aIppro"ved consel~rva;tion pra;ct~ices in accordane w-ith thle pr~ovisio~ns of
this bulletin and such modifications thereof as may hereafter be mal~dt.
Informatio~ic' n with respect to the several practices for which costs
will be shared when carried out on a particular farmn or ranch, and
the exue-t specifications and rates of cost-sharing for such. practices,
may be obtained from t~he county committee for the county inl which
t~he farm or ranchl is located or from the State committee.


The 19i6 Na~tional Agryicultulral Clonservation Progr~am hlas b~teen
d-eveclope~d and is to be carr1ied out on thle basis of thle following genral~r
1. T~he national program'; 11 contains broad authorities to help meert
t~he varied conservation problems of the Nartion. State and county
committees and part ic~ipa~t i ng agencies shall design a program for each
State and county. Such programs should include anly addltitiona~l limi-
tations and restl~ritionss nr~essar'y for the maxrimum conservation ac-
complishment in the area. The programs should be confined to the
~onlservatlto n practices on which Fittederal cost-shatring is most needled
in order to achieve the mlaximum conservation;~io1 benefit in the State or
2. The State and county programs should be designed to enlccoul'~rae
those conservation practices which provide the most enduring conser-
va;t ionl benefits practicable? attainable in 1956 on the lands where they
are to be applied.
3. Costs wrill be shared w1ith a. farmer or rancher only on satisfatc-
torilly performed conservation practices for which FEderltal cost-shar-
ing was requesltedc~l by the farmer or ranchert~ l before the conservationio
work was begun.
4. Costs should be shared only on. practices which it is believed
farmers or ranlchers would not carry out to the needed ext~ent without
pr'ogram11 assistance. Generally, practices that 'have become a par~t of
regSular farming operations in at particular county? should not be eligi-
ble for cost-sharing. Indivridua~l farmlrls or rancher~s should be en-
courage~d to utilize cost-shalringf for only those ~r~actices wIhich have
not become a part of regular farming operal~tions.- on their farms or

5i. The rates of cost-sharing in a county or State are to be the mini-
mum required to result in substantially increased performance of
need-ed p~racttices wvithin the limits pr~escribedi in the national progr,~1am.
6. The purpose of the program is to help achieve additional con-
servation on land now in agr1iculltural production rather than to bring
more land into agricultural production. Such of the available funds
thatt cannot be wisely utilized for this purpose will be returned to the
public treasury.
7. If the Federal Government shares the cost of the initial applica-
tion of conservattion practices which farmers and ranchers otherwise
w~ouldl not perform but which are esisenltiall to the national in~ter~est,
the f;a~lrmers and raHnchlers should assume responsibility for the upkeep
and manint~enance of those p~ractices.


A. State funds.-Funlds available for conservation practices will be
distributed among States on the basis of conservattion needs, but the
proportion allocated for use in any Stante shall not be r~educedl more
th1an 15 percent from its proportionate 1955 distribution.
B. County funds.-T~he State committee will allocate the funds
available for conservatvllio io practices among the counties within the
State, taking into consl1id~eration, to the extent practicable, the con-
ser~vation needs in the counties within thne State.


A. Agencies to participate in development of State programs.--A
State agricultural conservation program11 (referred to herein as "State
program") shall be developed~ m ea~chl State in alccor~dalc~e withl thle
provisions contaf~in ed in. this bulletin and such modifications thereof
aIs may hereafter be made. The program shall be developed by the
State committee includingg the State Director of Extension), the
SCtate Conservationist of thne Soil Con serva\~t ion Service, and the Ftolrest
SCervice official having jurisdiction of farml forestry in the State.
The President of the Land-Grant College and the State Direcctor, l of
the Fart~mers Home Admlllinis'lt nionI shall be invited to designate rep-
resentatives to counsel with the group in the formulation of the State
progr m. he chairman of thle State committee shall invite repre-
sentatives of the State Soil Conservlt~io n Committee (Board or Com-
mlission), the Sjtate Agricult~ural EFxtension Service, and other State
aInd Federl~ agricultural agencies to participate in its deliberatintils
onl the~ Staute p~~,rograi.
The pr~ogram" for the Stalte shall be that rt~olrnunended~ by the StaRte
committee, thle SCtat~e Conservationist of the Soil C'onserva~tion Siervice~,
and the Forest Service official having jurisdiction of farmn for~estry
in the Sta~te, andi approved by the Administrator, ACPS.
B. Agencies to participate in development of county programs.-A-i
county agricultural conservation program ( referred't to hlereinl as~
"c~ounrty program111") shatll be developed in each cont (11~ in accordance
with the pronvisionls o~f the SCtalte p~'~rograml and such modificatioons

thereof as may be made. The county committee w~ith. the communityv
comnmitteemen, thle d~esigna;ted~ representative of the? Soil Conservati\~t on-
Her\ vice in the county wIithl thle govern~ing body of thle! Soil Clonsr~tlvat~ion
District, and the Fedel~lral Forest Sef~rviceA representa~IItivul halvingr juris-
dliction. of farm fores~try in the county with thle fa~rm forestry repre-
senltat.ivet s of t~he Sta~te, wTor~kingS with thec~ Cou~nty A~riculltural Exten-
sion AFLgent for the counllty (if he is not included in the fo~retgoinlg group'
as ex officio memberJt~l of the counllty committee) a~nd the Clounlty Super'~-
visor of the Farmers Home Administ~rtion, sha~ll develop r~ecom-
mendations for the c~oun It progr~am-.
The pr'ogram' for thle county then shall1 be formllulalted by thle county
committee, the local Soil Conserva~tion Service technician, and thle
Forst ervcerepesetaivehavngjurisdiction of fartm forestry in~
the county, in consultation with tegvrigbd fteSi
Conservation District on the overall conservation problems in the
county and, especially, on the work planls of the Soil Conservatio;ticn
District and of the Federal ag~encieit s involved to assure the most
effec~tive use of thle available technical assistance and funds for cost-
sharing. The program as formulated shall be recommended to the
State committees! for approval by thze State conunittee, the State Conl-
servationist of the Soil Conservation Service, and the Forest Service
officiall having jurisdiction of farm forestry in the State, and up~on
such approval sha~ll become the 1956 program for the county. The
program, recomlmendation shall be signed by the chairman of thle
county committee, thle Soil Clonse;~rveilic n Service techn~icia~n, and the
Forest Service representative where present in the county, and shall
state that the program wa~s developed in consultation with the govern-
ing body of the Soil Conservation D~istrict.
C. Selection of practices.-Pratctices to be included in the State pro-
gram or in the county program shall be only those practices for which
cost-sharing is essential to permit accomplishment of needed conserve;1
tion work which would not otherwise be carried out in the desired
D. Adaptation of practices.-Tlhe practices included in the State
program111 must meet all conditions and requirements of the nattiona~l
program. Additional conditions and requirements may be included
where necessary for effective use in meeting the conservation problems
in the State.
The practices included in the county program must meet all condi-
tions and requirements of the State program. Provisions shall be
mlade in the State program for the adaptation. of pralctiies in the
county program for effective use in meeting the conservation problems
in the counllty, conslistenlt. withl recognized performance standards and
program policies and requirements.
E. Pra cti ce s pe cificati on s.-MBinimlum specifications which practices
must meet to be eligible for F'ederal cost-sharingr shall be set forth
in the State handbook or in the county program, or be incorporated
therein by specific reference to a standard publication or other wr Iittenl
documlenlt containing such sp:ec i fica;t i ons.
For practices involving the establishmllent or improvement of vege-
tativ~e cover, the specifications shall inl~~clue, whlerec applicabole, limning,
fertilization, and seeding rates, eligible seeds and mixtures, seeding
dates, requirements for cultural operations, and other ~teps~ essential

to the successful establishment or improvement of the vegetative
cover. The needed liming materials may be applied unrlder practice
A--4 or under a practice which includes all of the measures essential
to the successful establishment or improvement of the vegetative
cover. For mechanical or construction type practices, the specifica-
tions shall include, where applicable, the types and size~ts of material,
installation or construction I~criIreq lturemts, and other steps essential
to the proper functioning of the structure. For other practices, the
specifications shall in~clu~de those steps essential to thie successful
performance of the practice.
Practice specifications shall provide minimum performance require-
ments whrlich will qualify the practice for cost-sh~aring and, where
applicable, mlay also provide maim~silu m limits of performance which
wIill be eligible for cost-sharing. The minimum. performance require-
ments established for a practice shall represent those levels of per-
formance which are necessary to assure a satisfactory practice. TPhe
maxrimumn limits for cost-shlaring established for a pra:ctiee shall repre-
sent those levels of performance which are neetdedt in~ order for the
practice to be most effect i ve in meetings thre conservation problem and
which are not in excess of levels for which cost-sharing can be justified.
F. Use of liming materials and commercial fertilizers.-F-ior practices
which authorize Federal cost-sharing for app~lica;t ionls of liming ma-
terials and commercial fertilizers, the minlimum. application, and max-
imum application where applicable, on which cost-sharing is author-
ized shall, in each case, be determined on the basis of a current soil
test; provided, howFever, that, if the State committee determines that
available facilities are not adequal~te to permit the desired use of these
practices under th~e program, it shall authorize, to the extenlt nece~s-
sary, an alternative basis for determilnation byr the county committee
of such, applien:tlonls. Such alternative basis' shatll be such as to insure
beneficial use of Federal cost-sharing apprloved and shall be formu-
lated by the State committee in full consultation wm7ith, the representa-
tives of theB State and Federal agencies participating in the develop-
ment of th~e Stazte program.
The appl'ication of limning materials contained in commercial ferti-
lizers, phosphate rock, or basic slag will not qualify for Federal coset-
sharing. The app~lication of manure will not qualify for Federal
cost-sharing; however, manure may be, used, where applicable, to
meet all or a part of the fertilizer requirement for a practice.
G. Responsibility for technical phases of practices.--The Soil Con-
servation Service is responsible for the technical phases of practices
B-7, C-4, C--5, C-6, C-7, C-8, C-9, C-10, C-11, C-12, C-13, C-14,
C-15, and C-16. This responsibility shall include (1) a finding thnat
the practice is needed and pranctien;ble. on the farm, (2) necessary site
selection, other preliminary wRork, and layout workr of the pIr act ice,
(3) necessary supervision of the installation, and (4) certification
of performance. Fior practice G-1, the Soil Conservation Service is
responsible (1) for determining that the prnct ice is needed and pratc-
ticable on the farm, and (2) for necessary site selection, others pre-
liminatry work, and layout work of the practice. For practices B-6,
B3-8, a~nd C~--3, thec Soil Conservation Service is respoonsible for de-
terminine that the practice is needed and pr~acticalble on thle farm.
In addition, upon agreement of the State c~onunit tee and the Sctate

Conserva~tionist of thle Soil Con-er(1vatfion Ser'vice, resp~onsibility fIor
all or palrt of the unussl~igned technical phases~t~ of thlese? or oth~ler paI.I--
tices maly be ass~igned to the Soil Conserva~tio n Ser~vice. for all c~ounr-
ties in the State or for specified counties. Th]le Statle C~,lrlvtonrvationis
of the Soil C~onservati~t o n Service ma;y ~t~ilize a~ssistanlc e f~omn ~r~ivalte,
State, or Fi~tederal agenew~is in crtrvryng oult these ;Is-i Inedt re-pansri -
The Fiorest~ Ser~vice is resposl~~ible -for thc tchn~ic 1 al phses of pra;c-
ticels A~-7 aInd 8-110. Thlis rcsponlsibility sha;ll inlcludce (1) ~r~ovliding

cations for` forestry-1Ic prl.;uticeos, andlc (3) wor~king~ thl'Olroug State and~
c~OHnt~y cc~illlusittees- dtel~~llrmllll~? ~~l'l perfornill('( in ll (ll hs

H. Rates of cost-sharing .-T'Ihe maixinnlun1 FederaI; CfS(_~)l cost- for'
each practice shall be thle percentaget~ of thle average cost of p~erformning~
the practice cons~idelred necessary to obtaini thle nteeded per1form~ance
of the par:lcticer but wh~ichl wrill be suchl tha;t thle farmlzer or ra:ncherI will
maklle ai snha~tantialia contribuitio n to thre cost of p~erformni ngS the pr':''-t ice.
Rates of cost -sha:ringr shatll not be inl xctess of 50 percent of thle average ~u
cost of perlformning th~e prnct ices, except tha~t :
(1) 1Fior practices A~-7, B3-10, C-1, ('-2i, C'--, C_-;', C-6, C1--7, andlt
Cr-16, whlich hlave longF Inst~ing conse~va~tion benefits and from
whichl the returns to the farmer or ranlcher ar~e r~emote, the Statet
ccoinunittee, thle State Conservationist of the Soil Conserva\;tio n
Service, atnd thle Foreslt Ser~vice official hat-ving jurisdliction of
frml forestry inl thre Sta~te maliy establish rates of cost.-sharingr in
excess of 5,0 p~erent of thle avertag;e cost of p~erforming the
(2) UTpon justificationl by the State conuiniittee, the State Conse~crve\;l
tionist of the Soil Conser~vatio n S~ervice, andc thle Forest ,Cerv\ice
official hlavingr jurisdiction of farm forestry~ in thle State, and
aIpproval of the A~i nlli it ratlor, A~CPS, ra:tes of cost-sha~inrin in
xsc~ess of 50 pertlcen't of the avel~rae cost of p~erforming~l thle
pral:ct ice~S maty be established for other practices having long
lasting Iconsrvtonbneis n fo wih h rtrn o h
farmers or rancher ar~e remote.
(3) Uipon jus~t ification by thle State and county conunittees aznd
designated r~eprlesenltatives of the Soil Cons~ervatiot~n Sier~ic~e
anld thle Fior~st SerIvie aIt bothl thle State an~d coulnty- levels, the
Admlllinistr~ato r,, ~C1PS, na~y appr~love a ra~te of cost-shariing for
onle or more additional practices in a county inl excess of T,0
p''''erent of thet averlge cost of per1formi ngr thet pra;c~tice~J but onlyv
if the in~cr~esed ra;te of cost-sharil~ng is essentin to intr~odulce
aI greatly needed~~1 ne5 COnIser1vationl prlactice inlto thel founl~ty or
to6 bing: about a gr~eatly needed incren e~~t inl the extfent to wh~iichl
the practice otherwise w-ould be carried out..
For the purpose of establlishing rates of cost.-shatring, the av7eragle
cost of performing a practice maly be the average cost for a Statte, a
county, a part of a county, or a farm or ranch, as d~etermllined~I. by thle
State committee.
T~he ra;tes~ of cost-sh~aringl for pralctic~es includtedl in the county pro-

3517570 --55-2

2ram~l maly be lower than the ra~tes alppr'oved for general use in thle
I. Items of cost on which rates of cost-sharing may be based.--Ex-
cep~t as otherwnise ~r~ovided b~y the w-ording of thle practices conlta~inedc
in sectionl 10 or elsewhlere inl thet 1956~ program, the cost of any direct
and significant factor in7 thle performance of a Ipractice may be conl-
sidteredi in estalblishling thle rate of cost-sharingi for the practice.
J. State handbooks, bulletins, instructions, and forms.-T~he Admnin-
istrantor, ACPSC, is authorized to pr~epar~e alnd issue State ha~ndbook~s,
bu~lletinls, inlstru~ctions, andlt formslc requirel'd in aIdminis~tering the 1956~
progra m.. Copies of State handlcbooks, bulletins-, instructions, aind
formlls containing detailed information withl respect to thle 19356 pro-
gram" as it applies to specific States, counrtics, ar~eas, and farms and
branches will be available in thle office of the State committee and the
office of the c~ounlty conunitttee. Personsll wTishing to participate m1
thet programs should obtarin fr~oml the State conimrittee or co~unty com-
mlittee all inlformal~tion needled inl order to comply writh all provisions


A. Opportunity for requesting cost-sharing .-Ea;ch farmll or ran1Ch1
op'era;tor shall be givenl an opplortunnity to requellst tha~t thelt Fe`derll
G;over~nmenti sharet in2 thle cost of those pene~tices oiln whichl he Consiler's
hec needs mrl~h assistance inl orderr to permit their ~performan~~lce in adce-
quate volume onl his farmn or ra~nch. Th`]e country committee, tatking
inlto considlera:tion thle farmerl~l's or ranch~er's 1reqest anld any conlserva-
t~ion plan deve~lop~ed by thle farmer or rancher1 w-ith thle nes~iistanlce of
any Sitate or Fedcer~al agency, shall dlirtctt the a~vailable funds for cost-
sharingr to those far~ms and ranchest- and t~o those practices where cost-
shar11ing: is considetred mosct essential to the accomplllishlment of thle basic
conlservation~ objective of the Department-thle use of each use1 of
agricultun1~ land within its capabilities and the treatment of each
atcre in atccordance with its needs for protection and im~pl~-\~rovemen.
B). Prior request for cost-sharing.-C- osts will be shared only for those
prac', or' Ccomponenltllts of pracl(tices, for whlich cost-sharingr is reC-
qunested by the farm or branch operator before performance thlereof is
started, exc~epit tha~t for pr;c~ticet E=-3, wThich is anI emergencyl(~~ practices,)
thle Adm~inistrator, ACPS, m~ay authloirize the accetant~lce of 1crreqetr;
for cost-sharinglf filed within aI reaso~nblll, e period after performancec~
thereof is started, such period to be stated in the prac''tie wo~~lrding.
F'or practices for w\hichl (1) appr'oval was given und~er' the 195~ Agni-
cu~ltura~l Conser;;~lvatio n1 Program, (2) performance was started but not
completed during; t~he 1955T p~rog~ram year, and (3) the county com-
mittee believes the extension of the approval to the 1956 programs is
j u It ified under thle 1956 plcl r gra regulations a-tnd provisions, the filing
of the requeslc't. for (cost-sharing'~ under the 195i5 prolTgramli may be r~e
glrdted as mee~iting~ the requiremen~lt of thle 1936IC plrogramlll fllth t a request
for cost-shar\1ing be filed before p~erformance11 of the prnetc.icei is star~ted.
C. Method and extent of approval.-Thle county committee, in ne~-
c~ordacl;lce with aI methtodl apprloved by the State columtittee, will cleteri-

min~e the extenlt to which Fedleral funlds will be made avalable\I toc
shar~lle the cost of each. approved ~practice on each farmn or ralnch~, takting
into conisidera;tion thre county a' llocation, thie coerva~~~\;tion problems in
thle counllty and of the individuals farm or ranch,111 anld thle con~sel'rvtion1
work for which r~equelstedl Ftederal cost-shar~ing is conlsider~ed by thelr
counrlty conniiitttee as most needed~t in 1950. The method approvsed
shall provide for the issuance of notices of ap~provatl showing for e~nch
approved." pra't ice the numnbe~r of units of the practices? for whichl the
Federn1; Governmlent will shlar~e in thle cost and the amount of thet
]Fetdern1l cost-share for the perlformanl~lCe- of that numnber of units of'
the ,in-ne~tice. To the extent In-nict ic~able, notices of approved practlicec s
shall be issuedt before performance of the practices is startedd,
D. Initial establishment, improvement, or installation of practices.-
Federn1; l cost-shatr~il_ nl my not be aluthor~ized~ under the! 195,6 programs"
flor thle per~form-iance of pra;ctic~es other than~l A--3, D)-1, D)-2, D)-3, D)-4.
E~-1, and E--3, anld similar practices deve~lop~ed ulnder practice auth~ori-
za~tions F-(-2 Rad F--3, on landi on w-hic~h cost-shatringS for t~he performlr-
anlce of the same practice, or a practice to alcc~omplish thet sa~me conr-
~ervation purpose, wasr alliowedl under thet 1954T or a subse~que~nt pro(-
gram\n, except as provl\idedt in sections 4-F Indl 5i-D.
It, is contemplated that this policy will b~e continued for subsequen(Llt
E. Repair, upkeep, and maintena nce of pra ctices.--Fedlerl~ cost -
sharm~ig is not authorized for repairs or for upkeep> or mainltenlance
o~f any pr~actie.
F. Replacement, enlargement, or restoration of practices.--Federal
c~ost-sharling may be approved for repluminenlc~lt, enlargem~entlt or resto-
ratlion, of prac~tices for whlichl c~ot-shir~ing haIls been~l aIllow~ed buit, which
are~c not now- adequately metc~ing thie consrvti o~~nfii problem,1 if ;1il of'
thle following conditions exist:
(1) Repincenientll, enlar~gementit or r~estora;t~ion of thle Inve;tic~e is
needed. to meet the conserva;Ition~ pr1obleml.
(i2) The failure of the original practice was nlot due? to thle lack of
pr~oper mn1; inlt-en ance by the current operator.
(3~) T'he practice hnas not served for the I~llenth of time for w5hichl
it normally could be expected to effectively meet the conser~va-
tion problem. This does not apply to practices for which cost-
sharmgg wais allowed prior t~o theA 1954 proglram, or to practices
for w-hich cos~ts wTereF shlared ulnd~r the 1954~ or a subsequllent
program':11 before thle enlrrentl opera';tor assumnedl control of thle
farm or rannch.
(4C) Thre county committees believes tha~t thle r~eplalceme lt, enlarge-
menrlt, or restorations~ of the pra;c~tic.e merits c~onsid~erafitio ulnder
the program to an eqlual extenrt, with similar practice s for whichI
cost-shatring for inlitial establishment is reqellsted .
G. Pooling agreemnents.--Farmers or ranch.ters in any local area may
agree i~n writing, w~Tithl the approval of the counl~ty' committee, to per`'-
f'ormn desiglnated amounts of practices which will conse1rve\- or improve
the agricultural resources of the conlllununity For purlposes of eligi-
bility for cost-shanring, practices carried out under~l such anz appr~ovedl
writ ten agreement w11ill be regatrded~ as Ihavingf bleen carr~iedc out on thet
farms or ralnches of the person~ls who performiled thle practices.


A. Completion of pra ctices.--Fedler~a cost-sharinlg for the prac~ti ces
ctontained~c in section 10 is cond~itioned~c upon the per'lfonie )Il1l1'?of the
prnal'tices in necuoracnlce? with all applicable specifications and pro-
gram provisions. Except as provided in sections 5-B, 5-C, and 5--D,
practices must be completed during thle program year in order to be
eligible for cost-sh a ringf.
B. Practices substantially completed during program year.--Ap-
pr'oved pr~acttice~s may be deemled, for purposes of payment of cost-
shar~es, to ha:ve beenr carried out dur~ingf the 1956 program year, if the
county committee determines that they arre substantially completed
~y the endr of the procgrmull year. H-owever, no cost-shares for such
prna1'tices shall1 be paid until they have bteenl compllleted in accordance
wiithl all ap~plica-ble specifications and program 'provisions.
C. Practices requiring more than one program year for completion.--
Cost-sharingr may be approved under1 the 195i6 progl~ra for a coml-
ponlent of a practice completed during the program y~earl in nec~'Ordanlclt
with all applicable .;p~c~ifientIions and programl provisions, provided:
(1) The farm~er or rancherI agrees in. writing to complete all remain-
i ng com ponents of the practice in ac cordanI1; lce with ,1 al applicable
specificaltionr s anld program mll provisions within the time pre-
scr~ibed by the county committee, if cost-shazring is offered to
hlim therletfor under a subsequent program;~ll and
(2) Thle county c~onlunittee det-ermnines that under the cir~cumstancelcs
,r~evaniling~ on the farlm in lonr,r completion of that compo-nentl
is aL rea~,sonable attalinmnent in 1956G toward the ultimal~te comn-
p~letion of all components of the practice.
Anly adC'vanlce cost-shart e so patidT shall be refundlred if the remaining
comiponenlts of the practice are niot completed in accoirdanicer withl all
-pec'ifilnltions a~nd program. provisions within the time pIrescribe~d by
thle county committee, provided. the farmner or rancher is offered cost-
sharing under a subsequent program for complet~inlg such components.
The extension of the period for completion of the remaining com~-
p~onents of the p~ra:ctice will not (cons~tituted a commitment. to approve
cost-shari~ng ther~efor under at subsequent progr~am. Approvac,'~ l of cost-
sharing for other practices under subsequent pr~ogramls may h~e denllied
until thre I~remainingr components aIre completed.
D. Practices involving the establishment or improvement of vegeta-
tive cover.---Closts for practices involving the establishment or iml-
pro.'venwa"'t, of vegetative cover1 may be shared even though a goodl
sitand is not established, if the county committee determinles, in ac-
cordanlce with standards approvedt by t'he State conurlnittee, tha~t thelp
practice was carried out in at ma~nner which would normally result
in the establishment of at good -tandlt, and that failure to establish~
a good sta1~~nd was due to wTeathter or other condltitions beyond the
control of the farml or ranch operator. The county committee mray
require as a condition of cost-lharingj in such cases that the area be
reseedled or that otherl needed pr1otective measurllles be carried oult.
E. Failure to meet minimum requirements .--Not ivi thsttand~ing other
provisions of the 195c procgl;rln, cos~t4 ma;Iy be shared for pra~ct w~es
il~treatn with the establishment or improvement of vegetative c~over

for thle" perfolllnrman :c aduallyC resuleired evenll thioughl ther mlinlionunl
r'equitlrenwnts; with regnedI'C to th e rate of scedting or thie appllicatio n of'
limning mnateriails or commeroid'c'~l fer~tilizer~s are nlot meiit, if thle farminer
or rancher est(:lllishes~ to thle satisfactionl of th~e count y1 collnuittee andit
the State conuninttee or its tlesiigntee (1) thlatt he made every reasonabl~llle
eIffort to mee~t th mI!Illinimum~l requllir~ementfs, andi (2) that thle praelI~ice as
perfl-ol~lrmed adequntly~2 meiets ther c~oniservationi problemII.


A. Conservation materials and services.--(1) A vailab~7iity/.- Part, t
or all of thle F~edern1 c~ost-sha11re folrc an approvedl pr;c~tice mlay be inr
thle formii of coniser~vatio iin materia~ls or services furniishedt thiroughl thec
progenal; for' use inl carryingr out the ,r~actice. Mal;terIial- or services
mlay nlot be furnished~t to perlsonls whlo arIe indebtedl to th-e F~edieral
G:overnmlent, as~ inldica~tedl by thle r~egister of inldebltednle ss mal~inta;ined~
in thle office o-f thle county committee, exscep-t in those cases where thle
;1gen"'' y to whlichl the debt is ow-ed waives its Iirights to setof~f inl orderI to,
p~ermit thle fur~nishiing of ma;terial s and ser~vices.
Title! to anly ma~t~erial furnishled thrloughl thle pr~ogr~am shaltll vest-

or1 all1 charges for the mlate-rial ar'e satisfiedl.

Ihlat. pir~t of thle cst of the ma~terial or -.ort ice, as estab~lishied under~i
inlstructionols issuedc by thle A~dministl:trator ACPS, wh~lch1 is inl eCeSC(
of the Fedleral esct-shartre attr~ibutable to thle riei of thle maxterial or
wel icie or, up~on requed~ bly the farmner or rancherl anld apr1,ov al by
the couniity comnuitte e,, the farmler or I;i-rucher w~ill pay thait par~t of
thie cost of thle material~ or service which is inl excess of the farmier'` s
or rznchler's Federa;l cost-share for all compllonents of the practice
wh-ich will likely be comlpleted~' during thle progra' m year. Thle Fed-
evIal cost-shnare increase on thle amlouznt of thle F'edera~l cost-sh~are so
de~termnined mlay be advanced as a1 credit lgrainst that p~art of the cost
o~f the ma1t eriall or' serv~ic~e required~t to bet paid by thle farmner or ran~1cher~.
(3) DTischarge of re~spons~ibility for' maIter.jA8ials an servuices. -The
person to whioml a manterial or serv~ice~ is fur~nishie d u~nder thle 19565 prio-
graml will be relieved of r~esponsibility7~ for thle material l or w\ice
upon0 determli nation byi the county coiinuittee thiat thec Iiate~iria or
service wans used for thle purpose for whlich it wa~s fu~rnishedc aInd th~t
anly othler compllonent s of thle pra:cticte, on whlichl thle amllount of the
Federal cost-shlare advan~lce towardc thle cost of thle ma~te~ral or~ seri'cet
w\as dlete~rm~inedl, have~ been carr1ied out in a\ccord c:ble specifications andl pr1ograml provisions. Ilf the per~1son uses anly
mafteriazl or service for aIny prpn~ose other thaxn thatt for whlich it wr~as
fur~nishied, he shall be inldebte~d to thie Feder~al Gov-erinment for thait
par't of the, cost of thle mauterial or service borne by thre Federlal
Gro\eriiinent anld Shall pa\y such amlounlt to the T're~asulre of the Ujnitedl
States direct, or b~y withhloldings froml Federl cost--harl'es othlerwise
duelt him undetrl the ~rogramt~.
Anly p~ersonl to whom~ll mater~ials are furnishet- d shall be~ responsible
to the FI~tedern1 G:overilnment for11\ any dmnaget- to thle maRter~ial-;. unless hie
shlows tha~-t thle amongII~e was Clzcan-e btY cir~c-umstancesce beyond h~is con-

t rol. If ma;t~er~ials ar~e a\bandonedi~ or not used durling~ the p~rogram11
~ear~, they ma1;y, inl nCcordanlIc' e withl inlstrulC'~tions i~slld by the Admlilisj-
trator, A1CPS, he transferredc to another person or otherw~ise! disposed
of at thle expense of the person who abandoned or failed to use the
nInlteridll or be retained by the pIerson for use in a rsubsequentl~ program
B. Practices carried out with State or Federal aid.-The Federal
shar~1e of thle cost for anly practice shall not be 1tcredced~c because it is
ca~rr1iedl out with mal~terials or services furnished through the prog0bram11
or1 by any ageCyt"? of a SCtate to anothler agencyy of thle samelt State, or
w\ithl technical~ ad~visor~y services fu~rn~i hed~ by a Sitate or Fiederatl
aglrency. In1 other causes of S-talte or Fied.eratl a~id, the total F~iedera~l
c~ost-sharle complluted on the ba:sis of thle totall number~ of ~units of the
practice performedt~~ shall be reduced by the va-lue of the aid, as dlet~er-
mlinled by thle county conunrrittee, in computing the amount of the Fed-
eral cost-share to be paid for performance of the practice. Ma~te-
r~ials or services furnished or used by a. State or Federal1 agency for
th~e p~erformal;nce of practices on its 1land sha~ll1 not be regarllded~ as Sta~te
or Fiederal aid for the p-urposes of this ah--li,~c~onl.
C. Division of Federal cost-shares.--(1) Federa~ul cost-sharres.--The
Ftederal cost-share~~t alttr1ibultabl to the~ uIse of conlserva;t ionl mater~ials or
services sha~ll be cltreditedt to the p>ersonl to whom<11 thle malter~ials or
services Ir~e f~urnishled. Other Federal cost-shares shall1 be credited
to the p>er~son whlo carried~ out thle p~ractic~es by w~hich1 such other Fedl-
eral1 cost-shar~es are: elr~ned. If mnore thanll one person contributed to
thle carrying out of such. pra;c~tices,~ the Federal cost-share shall be
divided among such persons in the p~rop~ortion that the c~ounlty man-I
mitttee dect ermli n es thley contributed to the clr~rying out of thle practices.
In maIngl~jl thlis dleterminattion, the county committee shall take into
consideration thle value of the labor, equipment, or material contrib-
uted~ by ea~chl person toward the carrying out of eachl practice on a
pa"rticu~lar nereng;1~e, and shall assume that each. Cconltribulted equally
unless it is established to the sat isfluet lon of the county committee tha~tl
the-ir respective contribution ns th~ereto wer~e not in equ1I proportion.
TIhe~ furnishings of lanld or th~e r'ight to use wa~ter will not be conside~1red
asc ar corntriburtion to thep crrying;7( out of any practice.
( 2) Dleath, in coml petency, o, l r dIsapearaCTnce'Y.--In case of dea;lth, injl-
comlpetency, or disappIearance of any person, any Federal sharle of
thle cost due hlim shall be paid to his successor, deternunedt~t in necord,~`-
anlce wiithl the provisions of the regulations in ACP>-122,: I as amended.c
D. Increase in small Federal cost-shares. T'he Fe'derIi cost-share
computed for anly person with respect to anly farm or ranch shall be
inc~reasdc~ as follows: provided, how\E\ever, that in the event legislationi
is enneIted which repeals or amllendc s the authority for maxking such
:incr1eases, the Secretar~y may in such manner and at such time as is
c~onsisttent with such legislation discontionel such increases:
(1) Anly Fedleral cost-sharIIe amount ngr to $0.71 or less sha~ll be
iincensedirt to $1.
(i2) An\ly Ederat~;l cost-sharl e amllounlt~ing~ to mor01e tlhanl $i071, bultl
less than $1, shall be increased by 40 pericenit.
(:3) A2ny Fiedieral] cost-sha~re am~lountilng to $1 or mollre shall be in-
Iven;sedc in ne~Cordan;lc~e withl the follow~ing schedule:

Amruount of cost-share Increase la Amount of cost-shiare Increase in Amount of cost-share Increase la
( computed cost-share! computed cost-share computed cost-share

$1 to $1.99.... $0. 40 $22 to $2L2.99 __ $8. 40 $43 to $13.Cl9.._ $12. 30
$2 to $32.99 ... 80 $23 to $23.099 8. 60 $i44 to $44.99___ 12. 40
$3 to $3.99_,1 1. 20 $24 to $24.99 ...1 8. 80 45t 5. 12. 50
$4 to $4.99_e 1. 60 $25 to $25.')! -_ 9. 00 $46 to $46.99 12. 60
$5 to $5.99__ 2. 00 $26 to 26.!05) 9. 20 $47 to $47.99__ 12. 70
$6 to $6.99_- 2. 40 $127 to $27.099_ 9. 40 $F48 to $48.99__ 12. 80
$7 to $7.99__ 2. 80 $8t 58O: 9. 60 $49) to $4'~~.!.Utt_ 12. 9()
88 to $8.99__ 3. 20 $r29 to $2**.!1,__ 9. 80 $5 o$0*1. 13. 00
$U o S '.tL 3. ci0. $30 to $i30.99__ 10. (t $1 o$5.01 13. 10
$10 to $10.993__ 4. 00 31o 31.0 10. 20 +3 o..2**L 13. 20
$1 t $1.11 4. 40 $32 to $32.1itlr 10. 40 $3 o$31*L_ 13. 30
$12 to $12.!110_ 4. 80 $33 to ~33.!I**.L 10. 60 $54 to $3i1.!99 13. 40
$13 to $13.!1,__ 5. 20 31- to $341.11'_. 10. 80 .r53 to $55.99 __ 13. 50
$14 to $14.99__ 5. 60 83 o$5'lt 11. 00 $56 to th~i~io. 13. 60
$15 to $315.99_1 6. 00 $36 to $36.99__ 11. 20 $57 to $~57.99_- 13. 70
$16 to $16.99__ 6. 40 $37 to $37.99__ 11. 40 $58 to 53N.Ull) 13. 80
$17 to $17.99_1 6. 80 $38 to $;38.99 ._ 11. 60 43It 3.0 13. 90
$18 to $18.099_ 7. 20 $39 to $439.99 -_ 11. 80 $60 to $185.!1:1_ 14. 00
$19 to $19.99__ 7. 60 $;40 to $40.99__ 12. 00 $fi186 to $I1:',.99 (1)
$;20 to lt20.!1!9_ 8. 00 $41 to $41.99_1 12. 10 $200 and over__ (2)
$21 to $21.99__ 8. 20 $42 to $42.99_1 12. 20

2 Increase to $200. 2 No increase.
E. Maximum Federal cost-share limitation.--The total of all Federal
cost-shlares~ u~nder th~e 1986G propeans11 1 to anly p~erson wijthl respect to
.farmI.s, ranch('~ingl unlitS, andlC turp~entinle places inl the 1Inited Sittate s (inl-
C.~luding Ala~skal, Hawa\ii, Puer~lto Riico, andl thle VirgL~in slandlCs) for'
a~pproved~' pra;tcticecs which ar~e niot carr~iedl out under pooling~ agretrements
shall nlot exrceedl the suml of $1,500, ind, for all alppro~vedl pr1atices~,
including those carried out undeltr pooli ng aglreement-,t~ shatll no0t ex~eedl
thle sumi of $10,000.
Aill or atny par~t of anly EFedlerl'1 cost-sharle wRhich othe~rwise! ouldt
be due anly per~sonl under the 1956~ progr~am Inuy be w\ithrhelcd, or re-
qu~ired to be refunded, if hie hats adlopted~, or participa:tedl in adtopting,,
aIny schiemie or device, includcing the dlissolutioni, reorgFanizaltion~, re-
\va;l, folrmlation, or u~se of ~nyv c~orpora~t~ion, paltnler~ship, e~sta~te, trust,
or any other meanls, detsigned to evade, or whichl has~ the- eff~c~t of endlc-
i ng, the prov,\i ions of this subsect ion.,
F. Persons eligible to file application for payment of Federal cost-
shares.--AnyI person who, as I~landlordl tenantl, or` shlarecropper~e onl a
farm or ranch, bor~e a. part of the cost of an appr~lovedl conservationtiol
pene1'tice~ is eligible to file an app~lication for payment~ii of thle F~ederatl
cost-share dlue him.
G. Time and manner of filing application and required inform~ation.--
It shall be the responsibility of persons par~lticipating inl the programs
to su~bmit to the county office forms anld informatitt o nl nIeedled to establ-
lishr thle exstent of the performances of app~roved conlser~vatio n prac'-
tices a-nd compliance wTithl applicalble p~'~roramtn p~rovisionls. Timec-
limlits withl run r~rd to the submlissio n of such formHs and informatio nl
shalll be established w-Fhere nll-eces::ry for e~ffic~ienlt administration of the
prlogrr'am. Such time limits shlall afford. a. full and fair op~por'tunity
to those eligible to file the forms or information within the p~eriodt
prscibd.At least 2 we~Feks? noticce to the public shall be given~r of
a~ny general time limit prescribed. Such notice shall be given by

mailingr notice to thle office of eac~h county conunittee and making
copies aIvailatble to thle pr~ess. Othe1r means of notification, including
radio alnno~ultlntements andr individual notices to perllsons~ atffesctedl, shall
b~e used to the extent prac~tienble. Notice of time limits which are
aLpplicable to individual persons, neh] as time limits for reporting per-
formance of approved pract ices, shall be issued in writing to the
persons affectedl. Exrceptions to time limits mnay be made in cases
where failure to submit required formns and information within the
aIpplicatble time limits is due to reasons beyond the control of the
farmer or rancher.
Palymenlt, of Fiedecral cos-,t-shar~es will boe made only uplon application
abanlittedl on thle p,!rscr~ibed formn to the county office by December
1,1957, or such earlier dalte as is 1tInl-ecibed b the A\dmrinis;trator,
APS. Anly application for payment may be rejected if any form
or~ informaltio n requlliIred of the atpplicant is not sh1,1IIinitted to th~e county
office within the atpplicable time limit.
H. Appeals.--Any personC)I maty, within 15 days after notice thereof
is forwnardled' to or mal;de available to him, reque-lt~~ the country conilrnlit te
or Stalte col 1nl nuttee in wrritingr to reconsi der its recolnmmenda(-1~t ion, or
dleterminaioii;~ n in any ma;tter affecting the right to or the amount of
hIis Ftiederal cost-shares wTith. respe'lct' to thle farml or branch. The county
committee or jt-ater canonllittee shalll notify hliml of its decision in writ-
in wk ~ithinl 15 dafys after rec~ip't of written reuet'it' for Ir~e considerations~.
If the person is dissattisfied wiith thle decision of thle county committee,
hre la~y, writhlin 1.5 days after thle del~cision is forw~ardled to or madeic
aLvailarble to hlim, a~ppea~l in writingr to the Sitate committee. The
StaLte conunittee shall notify himn of its dctis-ion in writing within 30
datlys after the submission of the aLppreal. If he is dlitssatisfiedc w~ith
thle decision of thle Sctate coclunllittee, hie maty, w\ithinl 15 days after its
detc~i~io:n is OLforwarded~ to or n1:1(l? available to him, request the Adm~in-
ictra;to~r, ACPS, to review thle decision of thle Sta~te committee. Thl-e
dlecision of the Administrator, ACPS, shall be final. Written notice
of any decision rendc~r ed under this sub~section by the county or State
committee shall also b~e issued to ea~ch other Ilandlord, tenant, or share-
cr1opper on thce far~m or branch w\ho maty be adve11rely affectedl by th~e

Appeals considered under thlis subsectionl shall bet dlecidled inl accordZ-
ance' wi;th theP pro~visonsl of tis; pro'gram11 and of the a~pplicable State
and1C county proununs111 on1 the ha:lis of the fur~ts of thle indlividual case;
prlovidled thlat t~he Secr~etarly, upon the recommnenda~tion of the Admin-
istrator, ACPS, and the Stat~e and county comimittees, may wa~cive the
requclil~'lremens of any such provision, whlere not prohibited by stat ute,
if, in his judgment, such waniver under all the circulnstr I.tanc is jus~tifiedl
to permit a proper dlispo-,ition of an ap~peal where the farmer, in
reasonabl~l]le reliance, on any ins~t met ioin or comlmitment of any membercl
employee, or re-presenl~tative of a ~State or counllty committee, in grood
faithi perlformed an eligible conlser~vatio nl practice a~nd .schl performl-
atnce reasonatbly nearnpI~~lshed thle purp'~ose of thle practice.


A. Compliance with regulatory measures.-Per-l'.c u whS 'o cart~ry oult
Ccon serva';tionl pra;c.t ilCes under~1 theI 1956 pr1ogramln shall be r~esponsibll e for
obltaining~ the authorities, righlts, (':1cnien.ltS, or' Other1 aIPprovalS nlecetS-
SarIy to thle performance atnd mantli nance;ll~c of thle practiee s in~ keepting~
with alpplicable 1laws andc regu~rlations. 'Thle p~erson w-ith whomr thle
m~ct of theI-';'' pwice is s'hared~l shall be retsposblcj~e to thle Federai;l G;ov-
(.nnient~lt for anly. losses it ma~y. su1Stain beCaul~Se hef inlfr'inges'c on the
Iirights of others or fatils to compiJly w\ ith a~pplienbtle laws or I~reglatio ns.
B. Maintenance of practices.-Thec shai;irin of costs, by thle3 Fiederal
Gov,\ernmenl~lt, for the perlformanl;ce of apprIoved~ conlservat; 1 ion pices''"
onl aniy farmi or. ran~lch unlderthe ~f~I~ 1956 pogram~ will be siihjec~t to the~
~onditioni~l tha~t thle perlsonl withl whlom the costs arle shared~t w\ill mnainltainl
such'1 penert~iCeS inl acc'(ordanlce w\ith go.od farming prac~tice~s as ~log aIS
the 1:nld on which they alre carried out is underi his conltrol.
C. Practices defeating purposes of programs.-ITf thle State comi-
mnittee finds tha~t alny personal has a-dop~tedl or participa~tedt inl any?
practice which tends to defeat thle pur11poses of the 1956~ or anly pre-
vious pr~og~ram, including, but niot limited to, failure to maintain, in
accordance with good farmIingcr practices, ptr~act~ices car~riedl out under
a previous programlli, it. ma~y writhholdl, or r~equire to be refunded~~, all
or alny par~t of the Fe'tderal cost-shar11e which] otherwise wouldl be duet
himi under the 1956 programs.
D. Depriving others of Federal cost-share.-l-f the~ SCtate committee
findcs tha~t anl p~er'SOn hlaS employedl any s~lelchm or device? (includ1Cing~
coercion, fr~aud.l orn misr~epresentationon) thIe etffctt of wihichr woulld bet
or ha:s been~l to deprive! any other p~ersonl of thle Fiedleral cost-shar~e
d~ue that person~ undetrl the p~'rogram;l, it mal~y withhold, in whole or,1 in~
par"t, fr~om thle per'SOn partl'icipt in or emlployingn such a schenwlc
or device, or require himt to refundc in wh~ole or in par~t, t~he FedTerl1
cost-share whichi otherwise would be due himr under thle 1956 pr~ogr~ra.
E. Filing of false claims.-I-f the State committee finds that any
p'erson has knowingly filed claim for payment of thle Fedler~al cost-
sh~are under the program- for pr~acties not carried out, or for practices
carried out in such a manner1~'1 that they do not mneet thle required
specifications therefore, suchl ptrsonl shall not be e~lgle for anly Fedelrall
cost-shaifr ing uder' thle 19:56 prlogramll and shatll re-fund~ aill amlounlts that
mlay have been p~aid to hliml ulner thle 1956 pr,1ogr~am.Th ithld
or refunding of Fedleral cost-shares will be in addicition to alnd nlot inl
substitution of anly other penalty or liability whlich might otherw~isel
be implosed.
F. Misuse of purchase orders.--If thle S~tate c~ommlittee finds that
anly personll has know-ingrly used a pur1chlase order issued to hlim for
conen tinmater~ials or services for a purpose other thlan that for
which it was issuled, and that suchl mi-uset of thle purchased? order tends
to defeat the purpose for w-hich it was~~ issuedl, such person shall not
be etligible for any Ftrederal cost-sharIling under the 1930; program and
shall refund all amounts tha~t mlay have been panid to him under the
1956 pr~ogram.. The withhloldling or refundting of Federn1; l clost-shares
w-ill be in addition to and not inl sulbstitutionl of anyr other penalty or`
liability which might othlerwise be im~posedl.

G. Federal cost-shares not subject to claims.--Any eea ot
share, or portion th~ereof, due any person sha~ll be dtrie n
atllowed without regard to questions of title under State law; without
daedclrtion of claims for advances (except as provided in the following~
subsection, and except for indreb~tednless to th~e United States subject
to setoff under orders issued byr the Secretary); and without regard
to any cla~im or lien against any crop, or pr1oc~eeds thereof, in. faore
of the owner or any other crediitor.
Hl. Assignmrents.--Any person wYho may be entitled to any Federal
cost-shanre under thne 1956 pr~ogr'am niniy azssig~n his right thereto, in
whole or in part, as security for cash loaned or advances made for
the pr pos olmP f financingr the making of a crlop in 1956, including the
caryn out of soil altind wter conservingT practices. No assiglnmentt
w-ill be re~(cognizedl u~le~ss it is made in w-riting on Form ACIP-69 and
in1 accord ; nce wi th thle inlSf trtion1s in AC~P-70(.


F'or the purposes of th1e 91956 program:
(al) "Secre3ttary"! means the Secretairyr of Agriculture of the United
States or any officer or employee of the D~epart rn~enlt to whom authority
has been dlelegated, or to whnom authority mnay hereafter be delegated,
to act in his stead.
(b) "Administrator, AlCPS," me nlcrs the Administrator of the
Agricultural Conservationtio Program Service.
(c) "State" means any one of the ccent i nenta~ United States.
(d) "State committeee~ means the persons in th~e State designa~tedt
b.y thle Secretary as the- Agricultura':l Stabilizationl and Conservationl
State commlittee.
((i) "(YOlllliy" m~ealltS parlish or' counlty..
(f ) "Clounlty committee"? means the? persons elected within a county
ats t~he county commrritt~ee pursuant to regulations gov~erningf the selec-
tion an1d functions of Agl~riculturazl Stabilization and Conservation
county and community committees.
(g) "'Person" means an inldividulal, partnership, association, cor-
poration, estate, or trust, or other business enter~prise,, or other legal
entity (and, wherever applicable, a State, a political subdivision of
1 LState, or any agency thereof) that, as landlords, tenant, or share-
cropper,". participates in the operation of a farm or much11.'1
(h) "1Farm" or "'ranch'" means all adljneent~l Or nearby farm or range
lanld under the same ownership which is opellratd by one person,
including also:
(1) Any other adjurentlt or nearby farmu or range Inudc which the
coun~ty. committee, in accordlance with in~truct~ions is uedl~ by
the A<1milinistrator, _ACPS, determlline s is operated by the samie
person as part of the same unit in. producing range livestock: or
with respect to thIe rotation of crops, and with; work stock,
machinery, and labor substantially separate fromt that for any
other landi; and
(2) Any field-rented tranct (whether operlt ed by the same or another
person) which, toge~ther~ with any otherl jland incllnded in the
farm or ranch, constitutes a unit writh-r re-pc~ltt to the rotaltionl of

Not w.ithstanlding$ any limnitation in this definitionl colc~erning~ the typ~e
or use of landi, a falrml maly ilc~lude or maly consist enltirely of woodlandlt
which is being opcr:t eI for the, pr1oduction andt ah-1~ of forest ~r~odlclts.
A, farm~ or ranlch shall be! regardedl as locatedl in thle county) in whlich)
thle principa"l dw~eillng is situa~ted or, if t~her~e is nio dw~elling flu-on1c1, it
shall1 be r~egar~dedd as located in the county in whiich the mlajor p~ortionr
of thle farmn or ranchl is locatled.
(i) "Clropla~nd"? m1eans farmindl~lt which inl 195Fi wa:s tilledl or wa~s
inl regular cr~op' I'n~ at ion, exscludinlg (1) bearI1ing orchard1cs andc vinteyard~i s
(eePS(llt thle :u-~.reng of cr~oplandl thlerein), (2) plowrable noncr~op open
pas't a re', and (3) anly land whiichl conlstitutes, or will const~litute if tillage
is continued, a wind erosion haRzarld to thi~e conununllity.
(j) "LPr~ograml) yearl"means the per1iod, desiginated in the Staite handl-
b~ook, during whichz conservation pra~-ctices, or comp~onlents thleretof,
mlust. be ca~rriedi out to be e~ligible for cost-shalil~rin. Tepormy
may beg~inl on or afte Auu~~st 1, 19)55, andc endt not later than
Det~cembler~l 31,156.


A. Authority.-TIhe priogra~i m containedl in this bulletin is basedl
upon, and is subject to, the provisions of the~ 19;i6 TNationlal Agr1icuil-
tulral Conservati;lton ProgrI~I:1In, appr)Ioved by thle A\cting, Secr1etarly of
Agric~l ultur on JTune 14, 1t9T,5 ('20) F.i R. 4281), p~ursua~nt to thle athltlority
vested in himi uniier sections 7--17 of the Soil Clonservationl andtZ Do-
mestic A~llotmlentf Ac(t~, as amllenlded (49 Sftat. 1148,, 16 U., S. .;lC. 50--
5,90q), and the Dep~artmlent of A~grliculture and Farml Credit Admlin-
istration Appr~lopr~iation A~ct,195~6.
B. Availability of funds.-Th'le provisions of the 1956 p~'lrogrllln ar~e
necessar:llily subject to sulch legislation als the C'ongr~ess of the U~nitedl
States ma~y heren fter enact; the p~ayinlg of thle Fedetral;l COSt-shar~les-
pr'ovided~~ herein is contingentlt upon suchl a~tppropriation als thle C'onlgrew
mai~y hlercafterli provide for such pupoe; ahnd the aimouts oft~l de-L
Ede~tra~il costi-shares w-ill ncessaric~;ly ewti h imt ial e
te~rmi nedi by such a~ppr~oprli ;ti on.
The funds providled for the 19;56 program;'' m will not beL available: for
paLying Federa;l cost-sharlles for w-hichl applications are filedl in thle
county office after December 31, 1957.
C. Applicability.--The provisions of the 1956C progrma'11 conltatined(
herein ar~e not aptplicable to (1) any depart melnt or bureau~~ of thle
United States Gov.~'llernment or any corp)orationl w~holy owned by thle
United States; (2) gra;zing~ lands ownedl by the U~nited SCtates w-hichl
were't nequll~ired~ or reserved for conservation purposes,~ or wT~hich are to
be re~tained~~ permanently ~under Goverme~t~nt ownership, including, but
not limited. to, grazing lands administlered by thle Forest Service of
the U'nitedl States Depal'trtment of Agriculture, or by the B~ureau of
Land Manag~liement includingg lands admllinisteredl under the TaYlor'
Grazing Act) or the Fish and WTildlife Service of the ULnited States
Deatml; 1tent of the Interior; (3) nonprivate p~ersonls for performance~ Icec
on anly land owinedi by the U~nitedl States or a corporation wholly
ow-ned by~ it; alnd (4) farms o~t side the cenlt i nentllf Un1it ed States.

Th~le program is applicable to (1) privately owned lands; (2) Jandls
owned by a State or political subdivision or agency thereof (3)
lands owned by corporations which are partly owned by the Uinited
States, such as production credit associations; (4) lands temporarilly
owned by the United States or a corporation wholly owned by it,
-which were not acquired or reserved for conlserva;tionl purposes, in-
cluding: lands administered by the Farmers Home A'dministrationl,
t~he Fe~deral Farm 1\ortgage Corploraltion, the United States Deparlt-
mnent of Defense, or by any other Governlment agency des~igna~ted by
thle Admninistraxtor, ACPS; (5) anly cropland forme~ld by private per-
sons which~ is owned by the United States or a corporation wholly
owinedt by it; and (6) Indian landts, except that where grazmng opera-
tions are carried out on Indian lands adiministered by the Department
of the Interior, such~ lands are within the scope of the prograam only
if covered by a written agreement approved by the Department of the
Interior giving the operator an interest in the grazings and forage
gr~o-in~g on the land and a right to occupy the land in order to carry
out thegra:zingbr operatlionls.


Practices for which the Soil Conlservation Service is responsible
for all or part of thle technical phases ar1e marked withl a~n as~er~isk (*).
where properly applied and maintained
A. Pr:netices~ Primarily for Establishmlent of Permanent Protec~tivec
A-1. Initial establishment of a permanent vegetative cover in or-
chards and vineyards for control of erosion .-V~olulnteer stands and
acreagres cut for hay are not, eligible for cost-sha~ring.
A-2. Initial establishment of a permanent vegetative cover for soil
protection or as a needed land-use adjustment.-T'Ihis practice is ap-
p~licable only to land not now in p~ermanen~llt Vegretative cover but wh'lich
should be established in permanent vegetative cover for protection
aIgainst wind or wat-er erosion, andt to cropland which, as a part of a
needed land-use adjustment, is beilg shifted to p~ermanent,~l protective
veiet~ativre cover other than as a ~ar~t of a~ regula~lr crop rotation. This
pranc.tice is nloti applicablelc on land. occupied by a, mer~cha~ntable stand
of timber or pulpw~ood, or onl land which, if cleared, would be suitable,
for cultivation. Fedlrali c~ost-shlaring may be appr~lovetd for conlstrlc~t,-
inef fences where fencest~ ar~e necessary to protect the seeded area and
only for the extent nr.e sa~~y to fence that ar~ea. Fiedera:l cost-sharing
for fencinlg sha;ll be limited to permanent fences, excluding boundary
and road fences.
A-3. Establishment of additional acreages of vegetative cover in crop
rotation to retard erosion and to improve soil structure, permeability, or
water-holding capacity.-This practice is applicablet only to cropland
which needs such cover to retard er1osionl or to improve soil strulcturle,
permenhilility, or water-holding capacity. Federn] coct--sharingf will
be limited to that acreage which the cou~rnty committee determines

represents a desirable incrlease over what w\oulld be the normal plalnt.-
myis of eligible crops on the farm in 195i6 underl thle normal crop
rotation for thle farm. In makl~i ng this dleterm1 ina~t ionl, considera;tlonl
should be gi\11n to thle need~c for thlis practice onl cr~opland whlich thle
fatrm7er or ran1Cher' intends t~o d7iverlt~ from1 the pr~odluct~ion of cr1op~s forr
which allot inentI s a re est abl ishedt for thet farm~ for 1 956C.
A-4. Initial treatment of farmland to permit the use of legumes and
grasses for soil improvement and protection.--This p~';ratice( is aLpplicat-
ble onlyI to fatrmlalnd devoctedl in 1956C to It~legums (otherll thant1 vegrctable~t
or truck crops, soybean~ls, mungbea~ns, alnd peanuts) or p)'LerenninI
grasses, and to farlanlnd which the county co-nlllitteee determlinees will
b~e devocted~ to sulch eligible uses in 19)57. FtiedernI c~ost-shatring will bet
limited to the application o-f living mater~ials.
A-5. Initial establishment of contour striperopping to protect soil
from water or wind erosion.-Atill cultural op~er;t ions must be per-
formed as nearly as pra;cticable on. thle contour. Thle crop! stulbble or
crlop residue. must be left stanlding~ over wTintfer, or a winter cover
crop established, or ntcess~aryy protective tillage operal~tions carried
out, on acreage devoted, to row crops. Federal cost-sharing may be
auth orized for removing stone walls or hedg~~ero wTs where''t such removal
is necessary tro the esjtablisrlnentt of an effective conltour striperopping
A-6. Initial establishment of field striperopping to protect soil from
wind or water erosion.---The crop stub'tble or crop residue mus~-t be left
standing over winter, or a w'inlter' cover Crop1 establishedlet, or necessary
protective tillage operations carried out, on arreng~l~e devoted to row
A-7. Initial establishment of a stand of trees or shrubs on farmland
for erosion control;, watershed protection, or forestry purposes.-No
Federal cost-sharing will be allowedc- for planting orchard trees, or
for plantings for ornamenlltaltl purposes. If shrubs are used, those
thant be~tnefit. wildlife should be giv-en plreferencc:~ whl~lEreverl practicable.
Plantings must be protc~te~Id from fire and grazingi. Federal cost-
sharing m~ay be authorized for clearing land. occupIied largely b~y
scrubby brush of no economic value to permit planting~ of desirable
tree species. Techlnied- assistance must be utilized to determine the
suitability of the land1( for clearing atnd the measures necessaryg to
prevent erosion. Federn;1 cost-sharing for fencing shall be limited
to permanent fenlcri; nIeeded to protect the planted area from grazing,
excluding boundalrl~ y and road fences.
B. Practices Pr~imarily for Imnprovement and Pr~tec~tion of Estab-
lished Ye~getative C3over
B-1. Initial improvement of an established permanent vegetative
cover for soil or watershed protection.--This practice is applicable only
to land which. is suitable for, is now in, and is inltenlded to remain
permanently in use as pasture, hay, or both, and on which the benefeits
of an unprov9ed vege~~tative cover can be extended ma~ter1ially by the
improvement mealsurles. Federal cost-sharing for the applicattion of
conunllerein1~ fertilizer will be limited to cases wriher~e s~eedings~ are re-
quired, or whl~ere seed- is pretse~nt in thle soil to the extent thant thes

application of fertilizer will bring about the desired improvement in
the vegetative cover without further seeding~. Topdressing with
fertilizer for the maintenance of the vegetative cover or for increasing
forage production is not eligible for cost-sharing.
B-2. Initial improvement of vegetative cover on rangeland by artifi-
cial reseeding for soil protection.--No Federal cost-sharing will be
allowed if it is determined that the area, seeded is grazed before the
stand is well established.
B-3. Controlling competitive shrubs to permit growth of adequate,
desirable vegetative cover for soil protection on range or pasture land.--
On areas whler~e it is defterivinellti that thle control of competitive
shrubs will reduce the vegetative cover to such an extent as to induce
eros-,ion, the practice will not, be approved unless followed by seeding
or other approved erosion control measures.
B-4. Furrowing, chiseling, ripping, scarifying, pitting, or listing non-
crop grazing land to prevent soil loss, retard runoff, and improve water
penetration.-T'lhe operation must be as nearly as practicable on the
B-5. Constructing wells for livestock water as a means of protecting
established vegetative cover.--The wells must be at locations which
will bring about the desired protection of the vegetative cover through
proper distribution of livestock, rotation grazing, or better grassland
management. Adequate storage facilities must be provided. Pump-
ing equipment must be installed, except for artesian wells. No Fed-
eral cost-sharing will be allowed for wells constructed primarily for
the use of headquarters, or for costs other than for constructing or
deepening wells.
*B-6. Developing springs or seeps for livestock water as a means of
protecting established vegetative cover.--The springs or seeps must be
at locations which ws7ill bring about the desired protection, of the vege-
tative cover through proper distribution of livestock, rotation grazing,
or better grassland management.
*B-7. Constructing or sealing dams, pits, or ponds for livestock
water as a means of protecting established vegetative cover.-The
dlams, pits, or ponds must be at locations which wriill bring about the
desirred nprotectin of t~he vgetaltive cover through proper distribution
of livestock, rotation grrazingr, or better grassland management.
*B-8. Installing pipelines for livestock water as a means of protect-
ing established vegetative cover.--The pipelines must deliver water to
locations which will br~ingf about the desired protection, of the vegeta-
t~ive cover through proper distribution of livestock, rotation, grazing,
or better grassland management.
B-9. Construction of permanent cross fences or drift fences as a
means of protecting established vegetative cover.-B-oundary fences
and fences between pasture and other land wriill not qualify for cost-
shalringT. TChis practices~ may be! approved only where fencing will
contribute to better distribution of livestock and seasonal use of the

B-10. Initial improvement of a stand of forest trees for erosion con-
trol, watershed protection, or forestry purposes.-FEdera~~l cost-shar~iw
may be allowed only for (1) thl~inning (2) pruninlg crop trees, (3
release of des~icab~lle tree seedtlings-~ by remlloving or killing competingf
and undesti able vegetatf~lionl. (4) site ~r~eparaition for na~tural'H reced.'~ in~,
(5) felc~ing~, and (6) erosionl con~ltrol men neesr~~ on logg~ingr roadcs and
t~rails. The alr~ear must be p~rrofctcted from f-ire. Wh~leret seedllinlgs are
present or n~eeded~, thle a~rea must be pr~otclted~ fr~omn grazting.i Federatl
cost-sharingr for site p~repacration will be limited to ar1eals which have a
sulffic~ienlt number of de ira;ble seed trees for natural Ilerlceingr wIhich
wTill not Irestock unless brush, dtensel litter, and other material on the
fo~lret soil is br'oken1 upI or remI1oved~ so t~hat soil is exposed, andc on w-hichl
the seedi trees w~ill be left ulnt~il the area is r~estockted. Technical a~s-
sistatne shall be utilizted~, if a~vailable; othe~nvise the practice mnust bIe
carrIied oult inr accordali nce! withl apprlovedt technical forestryt'3 standards.
Federal cost-sharing for fencl~ing~ shall be limitedl to permanent fences
needed to protect: thle area fr~om grrazing, excluldingf bonullarll~y ande road~1

C. P~rac~tices ]Primarily for thle Conser~vation and D~isposal of WTater
*cC-1. Initial establishment of permanent sod waterways to dispose
of excess walter without causing erosion.
C-2. Initial establishment of permanent vegetation as protection
against erosion.-F~iederl2 cost-shalring wTill be limited to the estalb-
lishmrsent of permanl~llelt vegetaltion on grullies, dams, likes, levers~, ditch
banks, farm roazdsides, filter strips, and field. b~orders~.i Consid~eration
should be given to choice of plants favorable to wildlife.
*C--3. Initial establishment of orchards, vineyards, bush fruits, straw-
berries, or perennial vegetables on the contour to prevent erosion.-A-~ll
cultural opera~t ions must be performnedl as nearly as practicable on the
*C-4. Constructing terraces to detain or control the flow of water
and check soil erosion.--Necessary pr1otec~tive outlets or wa-;terw~ay s
must be provided. FiederIal c~ost-sharing m~y be authorized for re-
moving st onet walls or hedgl~erows where such removal is necessary to
the establislunlent of an effective terrace~ systems. Costs of construction
mayl included nercssaryleve1vlingr and filling~ to permit inlstallaltion. of
an effective systems.
*C-5. Constructing diversion terraces, ditches, or dikes to intercept
runoff and divert excess water to protected outlets.--Necessary pro-
t~ective outlets or waterways must be! provided. Ftederal cost-sharing
maiy be a~uthor~izedc for remlioving stone wa~lls or hledgerows,\v wTIhere such
removal is nlecessaryr to the establishment of anr effective terrace~ sys-
teml. Costs of conslltr~uction may include necessary leveling and filling
to permit ins~tallation of an effective system.
*C-6. Constructing erosion control, detention, or sediment retention
dams to prevent or heal gullying or to retard or reduce runoff of water.
*C-7. Constructing channel lining, chutes, drop spillways, pipe
drops, drop inlets, or similar structures for the protection of outlets and
water channels that dispose of excess water.

*C-8. Streaimbank or shore protection, channel clearance, enlarrge-
ment or realinement, or construction of floodways, levees, or dikes, to
prevent erosion or flood damage to farmiand.-T'Phis practice shall not
be approved in cases where there is any likelihood that it will create an
erosion or flood hazard to other azdjacent land, or where its primary
pur~pose is to bring new land into agricultural production.
*C-9. Constructing permanent open drainage systems to dispose of
excess water.--Federal cost-shatring may be authorized for clearing
the n~cerssarlly minimum width rifhtr-of-way and, whe1~1re necessary for
the effective utilization of thle dlra~ina~ge system, for the spreading of
spoil banks. No Federal cost-sharing will be allowed for ditches, the
primary purpose of which is to bring additional land into agricultural
p~rodluction, or for cleaning a. ditch, or for structures ins~talledt for cr~oss-
mngs, or for other str~uct~urc-s prima rllily for thle convenience of the farm
oper~at~or. In the installation of drainage systems, due conlsid~era;tion.
shall be given to the maI11inltenalc~e of wildlife.
*C-10O. Installing underground drainage systems to dispose of excess
water.-No Federlcl cost-shar11ingr will be allowed for systems, thne pri-
mnary purpose of which is to brmng additional land into agricultural
production. In the installation of drainage systems, due considera-
tion shall be given to the mnaintenance of wFPildlife.
*C-11., Shaping or land grading to permit effective surface drain-
age.--No Fiederal cost-shatring will be allowed for any shaping or
graidingE which is perlformedI~~ throughyl farming operations in connlc~tionl
w\ith land preparation for planting or cultivation of crops.
*C-12. Reorganizing farm irrigation systems to conserve water and
prevent erosion.-Th\~e practice must be ctr~ried out in accordanclc e with
a reorgfanizastion plan approved by the responsible techniciaan. N'o
Fedlera;l cost-shaLring will be allowedcl for cleaning a ditch, or for struc-
tures installed for crossings, or for other s-t ructur11es primarily for the
convenience of the farm operator, or for portable pipe.
*C-13. Leveling land for more efficient use of irrigation water and to
prevent erosion.--No Fiederlt cost-sharing will be allowcsed for floating
or restoration of 1gVrade ; how\everl, the leveling operation may be com-
p~leted over~l a, period of more thanl one program year on a component
basis wherel'i the size of cuts and fills is such that a heavy leveling oper-
aztion will be neededc~ following settlement of their original fills. No
FedelrI cost-shatrine will be allowedi for leveling land~~ if the primaryl~
purpIose of the levehing is to bring new land into atgricultura~l p~roduc-
tion. The levelingi must be callirrie out in nc~oral; ncet wTith a plan ap-
proved by the responsible technician.
*C-14. Constructing or lining dams, pits, or ponds for irrigation
water.--Thle purpose of this practice is to c~onserv\e agricultural water
or to provide wa;terl necessary for thle consrva;1\ltion1 of soil resorce~lts.
No Fedral~ cost-sharing w\ill be a~llowedr~ for consltr~ucting or lining
da~ms, p~its, or pondll~s, the primary purpose of which is to bring atddi-
tional land into agr~icu~lt IIIal production.
*C-15. Lining irrigation ditches to prevent erosion and loss of water
by seepage.--This pra~c~ticet is limited to diitches that, ar~e pr~op~erly
loatedtr l and c~onst~lctuctd as a par~lt of an existing irrigationl system.

*C-16. Constructing spreader ditches or dikes to divert and spread
water to prevent erosion, to permit beneficial use of runoff, or to re-
plenish ground water supply.
generally requiring periodic repetition
D., Practices Primarily for Estatbl i shin T1 Iemlporary,~y Pr'oflt ci ve
Vegetlt i ve Cover
D-1. Establishment of vegetative cover for winter protection from
erosion.-Ail good sf ;Indt and good gr~owcth~ mult be obta~ina(l ini suffici(ntl
time to protect thle areai in thre fall andt w\i nterl of 19)55 or 1956~ and mulst
be Ilrltuninl(nie on the lan~d to a da~te sptc~ifie~d inl the counltyy pr1ograml.
Pasturinlg consiistenlt with gioodl mainageme1~11~~nt ayy be permnitter.. bltt
none of the fr~owvth many be hatrvrested for ha~y or seedl. Volunteer1
stands w-ill not qualify for cost-shar1ingv. The Federa~l;l cost.-sharec for`
this prac't ice shall not, be in excess of ,50 per'lc'(ntf of thle atrl'~verg cost
of seed~ and fertilizerI. TIhe? quanltity of fertfilizer, if anly, on whrichl
costs ar~e sha r1edi shall be onlly thalt quantity nleededl for hluc'ressfull
etab~tlllish~ment of the cover crop.
D-2. Establishment of vegetative cover for summer protection from
erosion.-Ah good stanld and good growslth must be obtained and left
on the landi or turned under. Pu~~ touring cons~ictrlnt withl good mnagI11(e-
ment may be permitted, but none of the grow-th may be hal\rve tel for
hay or seed. Volunteer stands~l wRill not qualify for cost-shar~ing. The
F~ederal cost-share for this pra;c.ti(:e shall not, bet in excess of 50 per-
cent of the average cost of seed and fertilizer. TIhe quantity of ferti-
lizrer, if any, on which costs atre shared shall be only that quantity
needed for successful etabtllli~nr het~ of the coverl crop.
D-3. Establishment of vegetative cover for green manure and for
protection from erosion.--Federal cost-shar~ing will be limlitedr to aLcre-
ages of bienma~l or perennial legumes or perennlllial graisses, or mixture st
of such legumes wFith ada~ptedc g;rasses, seeded~c during thle 1956 programuI
year. A good stand and good growth must be? obtainled. Pasturing
consistent with good managl~~:emlent m ay be permitted, but none of the
growth may be harvestedr for hay or seed. Volunteer stands wrill not
qualify for cost-shr~ing. Th1e Fedtra;l cost-sha~re for this pra;c'tice't
shall not be in eSc~ess of 50 percent of the avetra;ge~ cost of seed and
fertilizer. TPhe quantity of fertilizer, if any, on which costs aire shared
shall be only that quantity needed for successful establishment of the
green manure or cover crop.
D-4. Establishment of a vegetative cover to protect cropland through-
out the 1956 crop year.-Tlhis practice is applicable only to cropland
which is being wh~ifted for the entire 1956i erop, year from crop pro-
duction to green ma1n1ure or cov\er crops.'; Eligilble seed~ings may con-
sist of single seedings or successive seedings of gralcstes, ~legumes~, anall
grains, or other crops which w~ill provide adequall~te soil protection for
the r~equir~ed periodic. Where annunls' alone are usedc~, at leinst two suc-
cessi \e seedings must be made. Pn-~t ur Ii g ens -i st enit with g(ood mnan-
agement Inn~y be ptermlit tedt, but no cr~op> maly be hlarvested for hlav or
seed in 1956, and no annual crop sir-eede in the fall of 1956 may be
harvested for hnay or seed in 1957 if such seelinlg is one of the two

r~equirePd seedings of such annual crops. One of the two .required
seedings of annuals may be a volunteers' seeding which provides ade-
quol~te soil protection, but no F'ederal cost-sharing may be allowed for
the volunlteer1 seeding.
E:. Practices P~rimarily for th~e Tempor~ary Protection of Soil From.
WVind and Walte ]Erosion
E-1. Initiation of stubble mulching into the farming system and ex-
pansion of stubble mulching to improve soil permeability and to protect
soil from wind and water erosion .--Initia~tion of stubble mulching
into th~e farmning sys~teml means employing the practice for a sufficient
period of time that it has become an established pattern. of cultural
operations on the farm. Federal cost-sharing for the expansion of
s-tubble mullchingr will be limited to that needed for the protection of
acreagre diverted from normal crop use in 1956. A stubble mulch
mlust be ma~ilniltained on the ur~r~fuee~ soil by performing tillage~ opera-
tions which will leave sufficient crop or weed residue on. the surface
to provide protection against wind and water erosion and incorporate
the balance of the residue into the surface of the soil. No cost-sharing
will be allowed if the neclrenge has been bu11lrned over or grazed, or i~f
the straw has been removed.
E-2. Initial establishment of contour farming operations on nonfer-
raced land to protect soil from wind or water erosion.-All cultural
operations must be performed as nearly as practicable on the conto~ur.
The crop stubble or crop residue must be left standing over winter,
or a winter cover crop established, or necessary protective tillage; oper-
artions carried out, on acreage dev\otedl to row crops. This practice is
not applicable on any acreage for which Federazl cost-sharing is atp-
proved under pra;c~tica ~A-5. Federal cost-sharing may be authorized
for removing stone walls or hedgerows where such removal is neces-
sary to the establishment of an effective contour farming system.
~E-3. Wind erosion control operations in serious wind erosion areas.--
Applicable only in a~reazs where the Admninistrat~or, ACPS, upon the
recommendation of thne State committee and the designated repre-
sentatives of the Soil Conservation Service and the Forest Service at
the State level, determines there is a serious wind erosion problem for
1956. Eligible operations shall be confined to those having the most
enduring benefits pra'c~ticably attainab~le under existing conditions.


F. Practices to Meet Special Country Conservation Needs
F-1. Special conservation practices.-Cons~is;tent with the principles
set forth in section 1, the county committee and desigrnated representat-
tives of the Soil Conlserva,tio n Service and. the ]Forest Service at the
county level ma~y recommend, and the State committee and designated
representatives of the Soil Conservation Service and the Forest Serv-
ice at the State level mnay approve, for us'e in a county, practices in-
cludedd in the Nationlal Bulletin for which there is need locally on a
ubs1,tuntin number of farms but which are not selected for use in the
State. Such approval shanll be subject to review by the Administrtator,
ACPS, as to compliance with the provisions of the Nationatl Bulletin.

F-2. Cou nty co nservati on pra ctices.-Conrsistent writh. t~he princi ples
set fort-h in section 1, the Administrator, ~ACPS, mal~y approve for usel
in a county, practices wh~1ich, are not included in the RNational Bulletin
which are needed to meet particularly conserva\~;tisml problems in the?
county. Such approval mnay be given. only upon the reIc~n~lInenda~tion
of the State and c~oun Ity committees and des~igna1:t ed represent~ ;Itai ves of
the Soil Conservation Service and the 1Forest Service at both th~e
~o~unty atnd State levels, and upon their finding (1) that the cons~erva-
tion problem exrist~s on a, substantial numnber of farms in the county-,
(2) tha~t the penelctices contained in the National Bulletin will not pro-
vide ;Iulequalte treatment of th~e problems, (3) that thle proposed pr'ac-
tice w-ill adequa~ltely meet the problem, (4) that the -proposedl prl11tice
wou~lld not be perforrmed to the desir~ed. extent without Federal cost-
shar Ii ng, ( 5) t h at the proposed pract icet will pr~ovi de the most e~ndulring
solutions to the problemll practicably attainable underl existing circum-
annlc~es, (6) that the proposed practice is one on which the offeringr
of financial assist a n~ce is fully justified as being in the public interest,
and (7) that the pr~op~osdc- pra:ctice meets the standards and requllire(-
Inentlls of compar;llable practices in the National Bulletin. Costs will
not be shared under1 this prac~ticet for elements of performanc~lc.e for
which cost-sharing is specificallyy precluded by the! wording of a similar
pet"l~ice or elsewhere in the National Bulletin.
F-3. Practices to meet new conservation problems.-Consisj~telt, withi
the principles set forth in section 1, the Administrator, ACPS, may
approve for use in a county, practices for thle treatment of critical
conservation problems, primarily those which. have arisen subsequent
to the initiation of the program in t~he county. Such approval may
be given only upon thne recommendation of the State and c~ounlty comn-
mittees and deisignalt e~d re~presen11talt i vs of the Soil Clonserva;1t io S erv-
ice and the Forest Selrvice at both the coulnt~y and State levels, and
upon their finding (1) that the conservation problem exists on a, sub-
statntial number of farms in the county, (2) that thne pra~ct~ies con-
tained in the National Bulletin will not provide aIdequate treatment
of the problem, (3) that the proposed practice wFill adtequaltely meet
the problem, (4) that the proposed pr act;' ic would not be perfor~medl
to the desired extent without Federal cost-lhar1ing, (5) that the offer-
ing of Federazl cost-sharing for the proposed pra;ctic~e is justified as
within th~e scope of national conservation objectives, (6) that adequa"te'
facilities, including technical services, will be available to permit the
pract ice to be carried out effectively, and (7) that treatment of the
problem cannot be safely delayed until a subsequent program.
Done at Walshlington, D). C., this 14th day of Jlune 1955.
Acting Se~ll.;~rYtr of Agr'icultu~re.


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