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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed forei -f ginam-. tig ag the inquliry-.au may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-71 3. -

JUL 2? 1981 June 19, 1981
1441- Rice, corn, flour, tomato puree (Nigeria). A. Rice, 15,000 tons,
1444 parboiled, long grain iffA-.S!S% k NOWfBIo 15,000 tons, No. 2,
yellow; C. Wheat floir, -8& -Q toa. -. n ato puree, 4,000 cases, 24
or 48 cans per case. Rice, corn and flour in 50 kg. bags. Quote: C&F
Lagos. Bank ref: Societe Generale Bank (Nig') Ltd., P.M'B' 1260, Papapa,
Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: T. A. Popoola, Japson Enterprises, 61 Bode
Thomas Str., Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Telex: 11117 TDS 147. Phone:
1445- Turkey, chicken, beef (Nigeria). Turkey parts, frozen; chickens, whole,
1447 frozen; ana beef, frozen. 1 Container of each. Standard export
packaging. Quote: CIF Lagos. Also wishes to collaborate with U.S.
company on a joint venture equity share basis. Interested in integrated
farm operation on approximately 1,000 acres involving raising of corn,
rice, poultry and cattle. Bank ref.: 'Bank of the North, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Contact: High Chief J. A. Ojo, J. A. Ojo and Associates, Ltd., SW9/550,
Apata Ganga, P.O. Box 1565, Ibadan, Nigeria. Telex: 20311. Phone:
1448 Hatching eggs (Egypt). Hatching eggs for broilers. Hubbard or Arbor
acres. ,Twenty-five million eggs annually, divided into equal weekly
shipments. Age max. 2 days, weight 58-62 grams per egg, fertility 92
percent. Delivery beginning December 1, 1981. Quote: CIF Cairo airport.
Bank ref: MISR International Bank, Cairo. Contact: Mohsin Nabih, Mohsin
Farms, 2, Shatoury Street, next to the German school, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 848577.

1449 broilers (Venezuela). 10,000 tons, USDA Grade "A", in plastic bags,
delivery June September. Sanitary Certificate from the country of origin
required. Quote: CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Latino, Banco de
Venezuela. Contact: Giuseppe Ruggiero & Pietro Facci, Grupo Ruggiero
(Cuero Import), Av. Francisco de Miranda, Edif. Cavenaes, Piso 8, Ofic.
803, Los Palos Grandes, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 25490 ARTNUM. Phone:
2846779 2849835.

14'50 Strawberry and pineapple pulp (Barbados). Strawberry and pineapple pulp
(from producers only no brokers). 5-10 tons per shipment. Would like to
receive samples, grades and price initially. 20-25 kilo plastic drums, one
shipment every three months. Quote: CIF Barbados. Bank ref: Barclays

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


bank International Lta. Contact: John M. Miller, L. G. Miller & Sons, No.
11 Wildey Industrial Park, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados. Cable:
"WILSONS", BARBADOS. Phone: 809-42-97272.

1451- Bird seed, pulses, lentils, popcorn (Colombia). 300 tons each commodity.
1453 Pulses, biro seed ano lentils accepted with 5 percent impurities. New
jute bags. Quote: FOB. bank ref: Banco de Colombia Principal, Banco de
Colombia, Sucursal No. 1. Contact: Jorge Walter Morales C, Jorge Walter
Morales C & Cia Ltda., Calle 25 No. 1044, Avenida Postobon Dosquebradas,
Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia. Phone: 14 22192.

1454 Lentils (Colombia). 120 tons/year to start, 6-7 mm. of diameter, minimum
dockage, 50 pound bags in strong package because of rough handling.
Delivery within 60 Gays. Official Sanitary Certificate required. Quote:
FOb Pacific Port. Bank ref: Banco Tequendama Main Office, Banco
Commercial Antioqueno, Carr. 10. Contact: Carlos Gomez Jorge P. Vela,
international Trade Co. Ltda., Carr. 41 No. 61-44, Of. 203, Apartado 58645,
Bogota, b.E., Colombia. Telex: 43-495 POLIGCO. Phone: 267-7100 -

1405 Stolons (Colombia). Sterilized citric stolons (oranges and a hybrid
between tangerines and oranges), 1,500 3,000 free of virus, delivery
within 6 months, Phytosanitary Certificate required. Quote: CIF Bogota
Airport and FUB. Bank ref: Banco Comercial Antioqueno Las Nieves,
Bogota, D.E. Contact: Jairo A. Mosquera, Calle 37 No. 8-43, Piso 6,
Bogota, Colombia. Telex: 043-310. Cable: MONOMEROS. Phone: 232-7760

1456- Wheat, vegetable oil (Venezuela). Wheat, 50,000 mt., U.S. No. 2, Hard Red
1457 spring-winter, delivery'July and December, Sanitary Certificate. Vegetable
oil, 20,000 mt., sunflower, NCPA-RS-S and 1 DERS-6, delivery May and
September. Quote: C&F Puerto Cabello. Bank ref: Banco Mercantil Y
Agricola. Contact: Jorge Mir, Paica, 11. Edif. Mohedano, Piso 12, Ofic.
12-C, Parque Central, Caracas, P.O. Box 80730, Venezuela. Telex: 21886.
Cable: PAICAVEN. Phone: 5752374.

1458- Canned fruits and vegetables, canned fish, wine (Venezuela). Canned fruits
1401 40,000 cases, best quality, 240-800 g. cans 24 per case, October
delivery; canned vegetables, best quality, 40,000 cases, 300-800 g. cans,
24 per case, October delivery; canned tunafish, mackerel, salmon, best
quality, 150-250 g. cans, 24 per case, health documentation; and California
wine, 0.75 liter bottles, red and white. Sanitary certificate required.
Quote: FOB CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Exterior. Contact:
Alejandro Pueyo Iturbe, Comercial Pueyo, P.O. Box 75931, Caracas 107,
Venezuela. Telex: 23386 VSTO VE. Phone; 29 12031.

1462- Meat and bone meal, tallow, lara (Taiwan). Importer wishes to buy
1463 following products and quantities monthly: Meat and bone meal, 300 to 500
mt.; all grades of tallow totalling 500 mt. monthly; industrial grade lard,
100 tons monthly at beginning. Bank ref: Bank of America, San Francisco
(China Town Branch) and First Commercial Bank, Taipei. Send firm FOB or
CIF offers to H. C. Chang, Managing Director, China Products Company, 3rd
Floor, Jen Jen Building, 29 Jen Ai Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan.
Telex: 11656 PROLUCTO TAIPEI. Phone: (02) 751-8191.

1464 Horsemeat (Japan). Frozen horse meat (fore and/or hind), 18 mt. Specific
information required. Appropriate packaging for export by surface

I _

shipment. Immediate delivery. Quote: C&F Yokohama. Bank ref:
Mitsubishi Bank Main Office, Tokyo. Contact: Kinsho-Mataichi Corporation,
8, 2-Chome, Kayaba-Cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: J 22356
KINMAT. Cable: "KINSHU" TOKYO. Phone: (03) 668-4481.

1465 Tallow (Netherlands). Fancy tallow, 1,000 mt., color 7, melting point,
41.5 centigrade, FFA 10 pct. max., in gallons, max. 55. Health
certification and 5 kg. sample for testing required. Quote: FAS
Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amro-Bank, Rotterdam. Contact: H. Groth, Trading
Comp. Holland, Nieuwe Haven 133, 3116 Ac Schiaeam, Netherlands. Telex:
25226. Phone: 10-766800.

1466 Agribusiness ventures (Egypt). Turnkey facilities for: 1) Rabbit
production 1,000 per cycle; 2) Turkey production 15,000 birds per
cycle; 3) Table eggs 30 million eggs per year; 4) Broilers 50,000
birds per cycle. Unlimited farmland, electricity, irrigation water, paved
roads. Turnkey of the facilities and supply of stock. American firm to
buila, supply and install all needed equipment including all animals and
biros. U.S. farm management not needed. Bank ref: Suez Canal Bank,
Cairo. Contact: Eng. Mehat Bahr, Arab Contractors/Agricultural Projects,
70, bomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92989 OSMAN-UN. Phone:

1467 Ginseng (Hong Kong). Cultivated ginseng, 2,000-3,000 Ibs. per month, in
fiber drums, delivery every month. Quote: FOB price and samples. Bank
ref: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp., Hong Kong. Contact: Chan
Joe Ming, Hang Fung Tai binseng Ltd., 72-74 Bonham Strand West, Hang Wo
Building, hong Kong. Telex: 83762 POFUN HX. Phone: 5-430-274/6 (Note:
After June 29 5-486-166).

1468 Dahlia seeds and bulbs (Germany). Interested in importing U.S. Dahlia
seeds ana bulbs. Contact: Dahlienkulturen Wilhelm Schwieters, Wehr 280,
4427 Legden, Dusseldorf, Germany. Phone: 2566/1233.

1469 Butter (Belgium). 60,000 to 70,000 mt. in several shipments. Grade A,
min. 82-83% butterfat, max. 16% moisture, zero % bacteria, peroxide value:
more or less 0.35% butterfat per kilo. Cartons of 25 kg. each. 40,000 mt.
prior to July 10, with remaining quantity at later dates. White, fresh,
maximum six months old. Buyer needs to know U.S. manufacturers. Quote:
FOB East Coast. Bank ref: Overseas Indonesian Bank, Amsterdam, Holland.
Payment by Irrevocable Letter of Credit by European Prime Bank. Contact:
Marc De Vos, Manager, B.V. Inter-Mundus (International Trading Co.), 16
Puerto Buenolaan, Ouderkerk A/D Amstel, Holland. Telex: 11036 IMDUS NL.
Phone: 050/60.22.75 (BELGIUM) or 029/63.16.89 (HOLLAND).

1470 Frozen eggs (Netherlands). Frozen whole eggs, unpasteurized. 20/40/100
mt., from seconas/leakers, rejected for further processing. In polybags
with outer carton of about 20 or 30 Ibs. Prompt delivery. Quote: CIF
Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amro-Bank, Ermelo. Contact: Joh. De Fluiter,
Nederlanase Industrie Van Eiprodukten, P.O. Box 13, 3840 AA Harderwijk,
Netherlands. Telex: 47191. Cable: NIVE. Phone: 03410-14644.

1471 Frozen salmon and king crab (Netherlands). Combined container loads.
Quote: CIF Amsterdam. Bank ref: N.M.B. Ijmuiden. Contact: K. Hoeve,
Siewertsen B.V., P.O. Box 11, 1970 AA Ijmuiden, Netherlands. Telex:
41816. Pnone: 02550-21b50.


1472 Grease, fish oil (Belgium). A) Bleachable yellow grease; B) Menhaden
fish oil. Parcels of 500 tons in bulk. Quote: A) CIF Rotterdam; B) CIF
Uunkirk. Bank ref: Bank Bruxelles Lambert. Contact: N.V. Exico, Avenue
Defre 267/8 23, 1180 Brussels (Belgium). Telex: 22340. Phone:

1473- Butterfat, varied milk (Belgium). Butterfat and non-fat dry milk, 5 to
1474 10,000 mt. Extra grade. Butter, cartons 25 kilos, dry milk, polybags 25
kilos. Bank ref: Kredietbank. Contact: Mark Van Nieuwenhove, N.V.
Brabania, Robbrechtstraat 9-11, 1810 Wemmel Brussel, (Belgium). Telex:
21814. Phone: 478-1535.

1475- Beef, veal, offals, broilers (Belgium). A) Frozen beef and veal, beef and
1478 veal offals, 5,000 mt. in several July-August shipments; B) Frozen
broilers, 60,000 mt. per year with 5,000 mt. ASAP. Beef and veal grade
gooa and standard in containers; broilers Grade A in cartons. Moslem
slaughter method required, labels must be in English and in Arabic,
broilers 800 to 1,200 grams each with offals inside of each bird. Quote:
A) FOB U.S. port including 2% commission; B) FOB U.S. port including 3%
commission. Payment by Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Contact: Nicholas
De Perlinghi, Commercial Agent, Chaussee De Watermael, 93, B-1160 Brussels,
Belgium. Contacts by mail only.

1479- Barley, lentils (Belgium). A) 3,000 mt. barley per month; B) 25,000 mt.
1480 lentils in several shipments. Products should be Grade U.S. No. 2. A) In
bulk; B) 50 kilo jute bags. Delivery starting July August. Quote: C&F
Bandar Abbas. Payment by Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Contact: John
Wallyn, Champelstraat 7, B-1900 Overijse, Belgium. Telex: 63503 MADUCO.
Phone: 02/687.59.43.

1481 Oats (Hong Kong). White oats, 13 tons, delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Sumitomo
Bank 5, Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. Contact: C. C. Li, Desvon
Packing Equipment Centre, 905 Metropole Building, 57 Peking Road, Kowloon,
Hong Kong. Telex: 54974 DSVON HX. Phone: 3-687-187, 3-687-188.

1482 Turnkey egg farm (Egypt). Turnkey egg farm for the production of table
eggs, 15 million eggs/year. River water electricity, paved roads, farm
land. Site is located 45 kilometers south of Cairo. Complete producing
farm, including stand by power station, feed mill, and cold storage. Bank
ref: Agricultural Development and Credit Bank. Contact: Lotfi Il-Shafie,
9, Abo El-Mahasen El Shazly Square Agouza, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93881
bAlCO-UN. Attn: LOTFI. Phone: 752767.

1483 Licorice, peanuts (Netherlands). A) Peanuts in bags of about 50 kg. B)
Licorice extract in cases of about 25 kg. Bank ref: Amro Bank,
Landsmeer. Contact: J. A. M. Van Balen, Fa. Baland, Stoutenburg 27, 1121
Gh Landsmeer, Netherlands. Cable: Balandos-Landsmeer. Phone: 02908-3415.

1484 Pellets (Sweden). Blue grass pellets (for feed). Bank ref: Skandinaviska
Enskilda Banken. Contact: Richard Lindstrom, Hab Garpeholm's
Travhastuppfodning, Klubbacken 36, S-126 56 Hagersten, Sweden. Phone:
08/88 96 11.

1485 Corn, feed concentrates (Nigeria). A. Corn 100,000 mt. with additional
orders later, No. 2 yellow, 50 kg. bags; B. Feed concentrates, 500 mt.



Normal export packaging. Quote: C&F Caliber. Bank ref: Merchant Bank,
Uyo, Cross River State, Nigeria. Contact: F. E. Essien, Edesien (Nig.)
Enteprises, 138 Ojuelegra Road, Surulere, Care F. E. Akpaudo, P.M. B.
12054, Lagos, Nigeria

1486- Beef, mutton, ram and goat meat (Malaysia). 3rd grade beef chuck and blade,
1487 IPW pack, boneless mutton trunk, separate pack, ram carcasses, bulk packs,
and goat carcasses, stockinettes. 2-3 containers per month. Delivery
duly/August 1981. Quote: CIF C2 Port Kelang or C&F C2 Port Kelang. Bank
ref: Overseas Chinese Banking Corp., Kuala Lumpur. Contact: Tony Chank,
Syarikat Kim Huat Trading, P.O. Box 2218, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Telex:
MA30873 TONI. Phone: (03) 984383, (03) 983395.

1488 Chicken parts (Malaysia). Frozen chicken wings, drumsticks, whole legs,
2-3 containers per month, good quality, 3-joint wings 5-7 per pound, six 5
lb. poly bags per 30 Ib. ctn. Delivery July/August 1981. Quote: CIF C2
Port Kelang or C&F C2 Port Kelang. Bank ref: Overseas Chinese Banking
Corp., Kuala Lumpur. Contact: Tony Chan, Syarikat Kim Huat Trading, P.O.
Box 2218, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Telex: MA30873 TONI. Phone: (03)
984383, (03) 983395.

1489 Aloe (Japan). Freeze-dried aloe, 110 lbs. for trial shipment, specific
information required. Appropriate packaging for export by airshipment.
Immediate delivery. Quote: CIF. Bank ref: Chuo Shintaku Bank, Main
Office, Tokyo. Contact: Jin Okano, Sales Promotion Department, Atsu Co.,
Ltd., c/o 707 Pine Crest, 7-5-27, Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Phone: (03) 585-4141.

1490 Sheep (Costa Rica). 1,000 to 1,500, Barbados & Sufix breeds. Shipment by
airfreight, delivery July to December. Health certificate from country of
origin required. Quote: CIF Aeropuerto Jan Santamaria, Costa Rica. Bank
ref: ,Bank of America. Contact: Alejandro Guzman, Wang Costa Rica, APDO
1519, San Jose, Costa Rica. Telex: 2905 WANG COSTA RICA. Phone:

1491 Castor beans (Chile). 3,500 kilos for seed, varieties hybrids, dwarf
annual plants tested ana adapted to soils with Ph 7-8. With scant
irrigation, for semi-desert soils. Seed to be packed in jute bags of 50
kilos gross in double nylon interior bag. Immediate delivery, with
Sanitary Lertificate of the State of production and its Department of
Control Certificate that seeds are in sanitary condition and are hybrids.
Quote: CIF Valparaiso. Bank ref: Banco de Chile, Ahumada 251; Banco Del
Trabajo, Banaera 102; Santiago, Chile. Contact: Jory Y Cia. Ltda.,
Agustinas 92b, Of. 219, Santiago, Chile. Phone: 34403; 33314.

1492 Rice, chicken, beef, grocery items (Nigeria). Nigerian firm wishes to
establish contact with and become representative for U.S. firms exporting
rice, frozen poultry, beef products and grocery items. Bank ref: First
Bank of Nigeria, Ltd., Abeokuta. Contact: Dr. Olu Adekanmbi. Low, United
Star Motors Nig. Ltd., P.O. Box 108, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
Phone: 230527.

1493 Meat and bone meal (Syria). Tender with June 29 deadline for 5,500 mt.
protein 50 pct. min., moisture 10 pct. max., digestibility 88 pet. min.,
fat with antioxident 10 pct. max., fibers 2.8 pet. max., calcium 9 pet.

max., ash 33 pet. max., digestible phosphorus 4.5 pct. min., packed in 2
layer polyethylene bags. A 2 pct. bid bond of contract value is required
with offer, to be submitted to the Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch 6,
telex 11351 SY to be substituted by a 5 pet. performance bond upon purchase
confirmation. Quote: C&F Liner terms Syrian ports. Shipment 2,750 mt.
July and 2,750 nit. August. Offer deadline June 29. Contact: The General
Organization for Fooer, GOF, P.O. Box 4797. Telex: 11089 SY ALAF.

1494 Army space ration biscuits (France). Wants "Army Space Ration Biscuits",
minimum per order 500,000 pieces of 30 gr. (4 biscuits weights 120 grams).
nigh protein level, 2 percent humidity. Delivery not before August 1981.
To be labelled in French ana English (eventually Arabic). Needed a FEC
Certification of Customs and U.S. Certification of Ingredients. Quote:
CIF France Metropole. bank ref: R.P.F.D. 58, Rue La Boetie, 75008 Paris.
Contact: Mr. Dupas dean-Jacques, Export Manager, Biscuiterie Maurice,
S.A., 27, Rue De La Republique 93100 Montreuil, France. Telex: 270105
TXFRA 263. Cable: bISMAU. Phone: 859.08-90.

1495 Butter (Norway). Established Norwegian firm, with daughter agency in
Zurich, Switzerland wants 12,000 mt. of butter for Iran. 80-85 percent
B.F., salted or unsalted. EC Standard. Maximum 16 percent water.
Packaging: Bulk 25 kilo packages. Delivery: ASAP. Quotations: FOB or
C&F Bandar, Abbas, Iran. Bank ref: Kredit Kassen, Oslo. Contact: Lars
Sundling, Oscar Skotvedt A/S, Staalverksveine 2, Oslo 6, Norway. Daughter
Co. in Zurich is: Shahaca Gmbh. Director Doler, Bank Algemene Netherlands
in Zurich handles this account. Telex: 71652 (OSLO). Phone: 67 86 900

149b Canned green beans (Switzerland). Oregon Blue Lake whole green beans, 20'
container load, only Fancy, Sieve 2, Grade A, handpicked if possible, 1981
crop, 6/10 tins. Quote: FAS U.S. Eastern port. Bank ref: Swiss Credit
bank, Zurich. Contact: G. Heim, Gustav Gerig & Co. Ag., P.O. Box 8035'
Zurich, Switzerland. Telex: 55305 GERIG. Phone: 031 362 00 62.

1497 Seed potatoes (Algeria). Tender with July 15 closing date for several
thousand tons. Products must be white and red peel crop varieties, caliber
30 millimeter minimum and 55 millimeter maximum. Full details from address
below. Packaged in new jute bags of net 50 kilograms each. Deliveries
from Uecember to February in Algerian ports. French offers and labeling
required. Quote: FOB, C&F, CIF. Contact: Tutelle Generale Des Sap,
Direction Generale, Chemin Hassen Benaamane, Les Oliviers, Birmandreis,
Algiers, Algeria. Telex: 52296 and 53060. Cable: DGSAP DZ. Phone:
56.21.15 and 56.19.47.

1498- Rice, sunflower oil, canned meat and fish (England). Wants 50,000 mt. of
1500 rice, Grade Al; 5,000 mt. of sunflower, edible crude oil, Grade Al; and
undetermined quantity of canned meat and fish. Rice in 50 kg. jute bags,
oil in 180 kg. drums. Quote: CIF Tehran, Iran, FOB U.S. port, CIF, UK
port. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd., 21 Hanover Square, London
W1. Contact: P. J. Pran, M/S Musfar Ltd., 24 Hanover Square, London WIR
9DD, England. Telex: 28344. Phone: 01-493 0195/01-493 0552.

1501- Chicken, rice, wheat (England). Wants 10,000-30,000 mt. per month of
1503 chicken, Hallal killed, 2-4 Ibs., best grade, quote C&F Alexandria, Egypt;
25,000-100,000 mt. per month of rice, long grain, milled, max. 4% broken,

quote C&F Alexanaria, Egypt, and C&F Banderabas, Iran; and 10,000-30,000
mt. of soft red winter wheat, grade No. 2, 10 percent protein, Quote C&F
Lagos, Nigeria. Bank ref: Mialand Bank Ltd. Contact: Lloyd Flax, Flax's
Ltd., 15 Russell Parade, holders Green, London NWll, England. Telex:
888941. Cable: 01-455 5633.

15U4 Rice seed (Nigeria). Nigerian government wants $3 million tk of rice
seed, long grain. Quote: C&F Lagos. Will be paid for by tne Nigerian
government. Contact: R. U. Oguntona, Yinka Tona Commercial Enterprises,
6.P.O. Box 10166, Lagos, Nigeria. Telex: 21021 LAYLAD. Cable: YANKA
TONA. Phone: 668243.

1b05- Beef variety meats, poultry offals (Egypt). Wishes to buy frozen beef
1506 liver, frozen turkey liver, frozen chicken liver, and frozen beef kidneys.
Quantity: 50 mt. of each item/month. Quality: Grade A for all items.
Packaging: In polyethylene bags in cardboard boxes. Delivery: ASAP.
Quotations: CIF Alexandria. Contact: Cherif Afdel Kader, Alexandria
Affairs & Foreign Trading Co., 8, Falaki Street, Alexandria, Egypt.
Telex: 54180 COMALX UN Attn: Cherif/Swaify. Phone: 807830.

1507 Rice (Nigeria). 20,000 mt., number 2, max. 4 broken, in 50 kilo (poly.)
bags. Immediate delivery. Quote: FOB & C&F prefer liner terms. Bank
ref: Presidential Task Force on Rice (Nigerian Government). Contact: Dr.
E. Iken Okeke, Managing Director, Four Grey Enterprises (Nig) Ltd., 29,
Lucina Joseph Street, Suru-Lere, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 835475.

1508 Pulse seeds (Portugal). Blackeye and Great Northern and/or Small White
bean seeds. Blackeye seeds 200 tons; White bean seeds 400 tons. Best
quality available. Export soonest after opening L/C. Buyer requests each
grade quoted and info samples for when offer expires, shipping date and
number of shipments. Quote: FOB (specifying the grades). Bank ref:
Banco Borges & Irmao, Lisbon. Contact: Pedro Mendes, Intra Indra, Av.
Rainha b. Amelia No. 30 R/C Esq., 1600 Lisbon, Portugal. Telex: 13714
LISBOA P. Phone: 79-29-29.

1509 Lumber (veneer) (Italy). Italian firm, headed by U.S. citizen would like
to represent U.S. veneer mill on exclusive basis to bring over Italian
clients to inspect and buy. Interested only in direct contact and mill
must have telex communications. Bank ref: Banca Commerciale Italiana,
Milano. Contact: P. Hoffmann, Via della Moscova 27, 20121 Milan, Italy.
Telex: 311392.

1510 Soybean oil (Syria). Tender with closing date June 30 for 3,000 mt. fully
refined soybean oil. Free fatty acid max. 0.05 pet. Packing in tins of 15
to 23 kg. capacity in exportable cardboard boxes. Price offers requested
C&F Liner terms Lattakia, Tartous including 3 pct. Geza Commission. A 1
pct. bid bond is required with offer confirmed by Commercial Bank of Syria
Branch 3 to be substituted by 5 pct. performance bond upon purchase
confirmation. Analysis certificate also required. Shipment 1,500 mt. in
July 1981 and 1,500 mt. in August. Contact: The Foreign Trade
Organization for Chemicals and Foodstuffs (Geza, P.O. Box 893 Damascus,
Syria. Telex: 11009 SY and 11370 SY GEZA).

1511 Rice (Nigeria). Long grain parboiled and long grain milled rice, 20,000
mt. each, first shipment 8,000 10,000 mt. No. 2 4 percent broken.
Polypropyelene 50 kg. bags. Delivery July. Quote: C&F Port Harcourt.
bank ref: I.B.W.A., Aba Road Branch, Port Harcourt. Contact: Godwin 0.
Nwachuku, G. J. Okpulo Blue Company, P.O. Box 3720, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

1512 Leaf tobacco (Hong Kong). Golden tobacco leaf, large quantity each month,
preferably in quarterly shipments, all 4 grades. Delivery soonest. Bank
ref: The Bank of Canton Ltd., Wanchai Sub-Branch, 41-45 Hennessy Road,
H.K. Contact: Hugh Chen, Vice President, Lungo Syndicates (HK) Ltd., 883
King's Road, G/F, North Point, Hong Kong. Telex: 813618 LUNGO HX.
Phone: 5-612-179, 5-644-728.

1513- Wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, soybean meal (Cyprus). Wheat 40,000 tons
1517 per year, barley 100,000 tons per year, yellow corn 30,000 tons per
year, sorghum 60,000 tons per year, and unspecified quantity of soya bean
meal. Uetailea specifications to be provided to suppliers. Quote: CIF
Cyprus. References to be provided. Contact: N. Vassiliou, NV Marketing
Lta., P.O. box 3617, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telex: 3512 ENVY CY. Phone: (021)

1518 Flour mill joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in a joint venture with
U.S. partner who can supply technical know-how, and can provide raw
materials and machinery. Has completed feasibility study. Project will be
backed by the Onao State government. Interested parties should contact:
R. Aaeniyi Adu, Managing Director, Afrofoods, Ltd., Plot 134 Magazine Road,
P.O. Box 3378, Ibadan, Nigeria. Cable: AFROFOODS, IBADAN.

1519- Oats, barley (Colombia). Forage oats, 500 tons, and barley, 200 tons.
1520 Best quality. Usual packaging for these products. Certificate that barley
is fit for human consumption. Quote: FOB shipping ports. Bank ref:
Banco Ganadero, Main Office, Banco de Colombia, Main Office. Contact:
Julio Henry Loaiza F., Productora de Negocios Ltda., Carr. 6 No. 11-67,
Piso 8, Edificio Victoria, Cali, Valle, Colombia. Telex: 55633, ABC CO.
Phone: 8U2654 ana 861334.

1521 Fruit cocktail (El Salvador). Fruit cocktail ingredients in bulk, 40,000
Ibs. monthly, top quality, bulk packs in normal fruit cocktail ratio.
Delivery September or earlier. Quote: CIF Acajutla. Bank ref: Banco
Cuscatlan, San Salvador, El Salvador. Contact: Phillip Hand, Bon Appetit
S.A. De C.V., Apartado 103, Santa Tecla, El Salvador. Phone: 281144.

1522 Strawberry plants (Ecuador). 5,000 plants, variety with firm fruit.
Delivery soon. Air shipment Quito. Bank ref: Banco de Ambato.
Contact: Manuel E. Barriga C., Patate, Provicia de Tungurahua, Ecuador,
Hacienda Pitula, Pateta, Tungurahua, Ecuador. Telex: 02-2192 Attn: Sra.
Lola de Barriga.

1523- Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc (Guatemala). Landrace 4 6 months of age,
1525 quantity 18; Yorkshire 4 6 months of age, quantity 18; Duroc 4 6 months
of age, quantity 18; Yorkshire male 6 months of age, quantity-2; Landrace
male 6 months of age, quantity 1; and Duroc male 6 months of age, quantity
1. Delivery July or August. Swine originating from a warm area. Quote:
CIF Guatemala. Bank ref: Banco Granai & Townson. Contact: Luis Alberto
Aparicio Herrera, Portesa, 46 Calle 3-39, Zona 12 Colonia Monte Maria I,
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala. Phone: 25342.

--- ~..._I_

Foreign Trade Developments

Last call for the Lagos/Abidjan sales promotions. July 10 is the final
date for accepting participation agreements for the September 23-25 U.S.
Attache Product Promotion in Lagos, Nigeria and the following September
28-29 Sales Team visit to Abidjan, Ivory Coast. These expanding African
markets offer sales opportunities for a wide variety of U.S. fcods. The
fees are only $200 for the Nigeria Product Display and $100 for the sales
team members who participate in the Nigerian show. The services of the
Foreign Agricultural Service to exhibitors include an exhibit stand, VIP
reception, trade lounge, publicity, bilingual attendants to handle
inquiries at exhibit stands, trade contacts and background information on
the markets. An immediate response from interested U.S. firms is
suggested. Those wishing additional information should contact Levi
Turner, Export Trade Services Division, Room 4945-South Building, Foreign
Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
20250. Phone: (202) 447-7787.


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