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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items ha'e been gaiheCrd from Agricultural Allache and utllrr gmrrnmeni rrprort a, a
service to U.S. exporters ol food and agricultural products In supply) ing the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee relibilitl of the overseas inquirer I our best source for further information
on these Irade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry) You ma) also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. (021 447.7103
I :, .I 1

March 11, 1983

0485 Turkey poults (Nigeria). Wants turkey 6,000 poults, day old, for export.
Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotes. Port Harcourt
Airport. Bank ref: Bank of the North-Kaduna, First Bank of Nigeria, ABA IMO
State. Contact: Sylva Eziaghighala, (Ind. Supply) Enterprises, 10/B9,
Makera, Road, P.O. Box 6591, Kakuri, Kaduna, Nigeria.

0486 Corn (Nigeria). Wants yellow corn, 20,000 tons, grade one and two. Packed
in 50 kg bags for delivery May 83. Documents in English language.
Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref: First Bank of Nigeria, Bompai Branch, Kano,
Nigeria. Contact: Sani Dangote, Dangote Farms, 24A Club Road, P.O. Box
12714, Kano/Nigeria. Phone: 064-7702

0487 Feed premixes (Nigeria). Wants concentrates (premixes), 500 mt, suitable for
poultry. Packed in 25 kg bags. Delivery June 1. Documents in English
language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Bank of Credit and Commerce,
Kaduna. Contact: Yesufu, Mankole Farms Ltd.,P.M.B. 2250, Kaduna, Nigeria.
Phone: (062) 242268

0488- Rice, Sugar, Tallow (Singapore). Wants U.S. long grain white rice, parboiled
0489 rice, grade B; sugar, refined Grade A; and tallow, industrial & edible
grade, container loads. Rice and sugar in jute bags, tallow in bulk &
drums. Prompt delivery. Quotations FOB state U.S. ports. Bank ref: Indian
Bank, 59 Robinson Road, Singapore. Contact: G.C.K. Choudhury, Joyce
Investments PTE Ltd., 26064 International Plaza, Anson Road, Singapore 0207.
Telex: RS 20008 A/B Joyce. Phone: 2219142 and 2219152.

0490 Wheat (South Africa). Wants wheat for human consumption, 2,000 mt protein
content not less than 15%; ash content .05% (minimum); density .78%
(minimum); moisture 11.5% (minimum). Packed in fifty kilogram bags of
polypropylene. Delivery soonest, depending on what can be supplied per
ship. Quotations C&F Dares Salaam (or Transhipped via Durban). Bank ref:
Nedbank, Durban Contact: Chris Moonsamy, Air & Sea Transport (PTY) Ltd.,
Durban, P.O. Box 3490, Durban 4000, South Africa. Telex: 6-23081. Phone:
Durban 33-5833.

0491 Chicks (Nigeria). Wants day old chicks, minimum order, broilers and layers
for export. Delivery 6 months. All documents in English language.

Aimed weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

Quotations C&F Lagos and Port Harcourt. Bank ref: African Continental
Bank, Lagos. Contact: Okechukwu A. Uzoigwe, Wego International Co., 41,
Modupe Johnson Crescent, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

0492- Soy cake (Nigeria). Wants soya cake 4,000 mt for cattle feed. Packed in 50
0493 kg bags. Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F
Lagos. Bank ref: Union Bank of Nigeria Limited, Hospital Road, Kaduna.
Contact: Dr. P.O. Oguike, Rohen Geo Enterprises Ltd, 24, Waff Road, Box
1076, Kaduna, Nigeria. Phone: 210610 Kaduna.

0494 Flour (South Africa). Wants flour, 100 tons per month, for commercial bread
making. Packed in 90 kilogram sacks. Delivery soonest. Quotations CIF,
Francistown, Botswana; or FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Standard Bank, Harare,
Zimbabwe. Contact: D.T. Hopkins, Blue Ribbon Foods, P.O. Box 4350, Harare,
Zimbabwe, South Africa. Telex: 4737 ZW. Phone: Harare 48571.

0495 Cereals (Spain). Wants wheat toasted cereals, quantity undetermined.
Packing in bulk (sacks). Quotations FOB and CIF Barcelona and Bilbao.
Delivery: Several shipments through the year. Bank ref: Banco Hispano
Americano. Contact: Carconsa, Paseo de Colon, 4, San Sebastian-2, Spain..
Telex: 36233 Jorsa E. Phone: (943) 28 4500.

0496- Wheat, barley, corn, sugar (Australia). Australian firm reports that through
0497 an affiliate in Tehran they have received a barter arrangement inquiry. The
proposal is to exchange oil for grain and sugar from any origin. The minimum
quantities required are 100,000 mt each of wheat, barley, corn and sugar.
Contact: Haider Bros. PTY. Ltd., Suite 11, Cretonia House, Oakley Court,
Belconnen Act 2617 Australia. Telex: 61555. Phone: 515985.

0498 Salt Lick Blocks (Nigeria). Wants salt lick blocks (red color), 200 mt, 10%
phospherics plus added manganese and iodine. Packed in 2 x 10 kilo bags.
Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Lagos and
also airfreight to Kano. Bank ref: Union Bank of Nigeria Limited, Hospital
Road, Kaduna. Contact: Dr. R. 0. Oguike, Rohen Geo. Enterprises Ltd., 24,
Waff Road, Box 1076, Kaduna, Nigeria. Phone: 210610 Kaduna.

0499- Beer, rice, wheat, sugar (Qatar). Wants non-alcoholic beer, long grain
0502 rice, wheat, and granulated white sugar. Firm desires to contact U.S.
producers and suppliers of products listed above. Initial amount of
Non-alcoholic beer required, 15-20 containers, 20 feet each, non returnable
bottles or cans with minimum alcohol contents of no more than 0.05%.
Official laboratory analysis must be conducted prior to allowing beer entry
to the country. Initial amounts of long grain rice, wheat (for making
bread) and granulated white sugar five thousand mt each in 50 kilogram bags.
While the non-alcoholic beer is meant to be sold to the public, the rice,
wheat and sugar are for the GOQ Supply Department and for Qatar National
Mills Company. Language of correspondence: English or Arabic. Samples and
price lists desired. Contact: Shafiq Chatta, Gen. Manager, Hamad Trading
Organization, P.O. Box 1806, Doha, Qatar (Arabian Gulf). Telex: 4318 HBK
DH. Phone: 326101.

0503- Health food products, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, coffee (Greece).
0507 Wants direct sale and representation vitamin nutrients food supplements (i.e.
vegetable proteins, vegetable lecithin, wheat germ oil, etc.). Natural
vitamins, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, decaffeinated coffee. Subject

firm operates as commercial agent for natural foods, vitamins and food
supplements. Also operates a small chain of pharmacies. Subject wishes to
establish business relationship with U.S. manufacturers and suppliers.
Contact: Paul Tsivanldis, 8 Ivikou Street, Pangrati, Athens, Greece.
Phone: 01130/7222774

0508 Coffee beans (Taiwan). Wants roasted coffee beans, spec: 801B/Bag.
Quantity: 15 tons/month, about US dollars 75,000. Malmsey Enterprise Co.,
Ltd. was founded in 1963 with a paid-up capital of US dollars 50,000. Firm
has primarily engaged in importing foodstuffs. Such as raisins and coffee
beans, and iron scrap. According to management, firm's sales volume in 1982
amounted to US dollars 375,000. Replies by telex will be appreciated. Bank
ref: Bank of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Contact: L.C. Chang,
President, Malmsey Enterprise Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 1-154 Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
127-3 Kuan Chou 1st St., Kaohsiung, Taiwan 800. Telex: 72241 MCTC. Phone:
(07) 722-2689

0509- Tallow (Sudan). Wants tallow for laundry soap with following details:
0510 Titre min. 40.5 ton; FFA mix. 4 ton; Fac max. 7 ton; miu Max 1 ton.
Suppliers are to telex prices per ton C&F Port Sudan including 5%
commission. Packing must be in steel drums. Payment will be through US aid
or by irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit. Firm requests suppliers to
quote lowest possible prices. Contact: Mohamed Ahmed Fahmi, P.O. Box No.
1536, Khartoum, Sudan. Telex: 22293 Telroubi. Phone: 72163 Cable:

0511 Flour mixes (Honduras). Wants dry flour mixes for pizzas and doughnuts.
Small firm founded 1928. sells throughout Tegucigalpa and vicinity. Buyer
wants to receive literature and prices, Quote CIF Puerto Cortes, Honduras.
Bank ref: Bancahsa, Tegucigalpa. Spanish correspondence only. Contact:
Taufik Farach, Casa Farach, 4 Calle Peatonal, 6-7 Ave., Tegucigalpa, D.
C., Honduras. Phone: 223536.

0512 Grocery items (Saudi Arabia). Firm primarily deals in foodstuffs, claims to
have nine agreements to supply Aramco with needed purchases. Subject firm
seeks a reliable supplier and seeks a reliable supplier of grocery items and
related products. Contact: Saleh A. Al-Qarawi, Al-Qarawi Est., P.O. Box
4224. Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 601695 Qarawi SJ. Phone: 827-3092.

0513 Grocery items (Qatar). Wishes to contact US suppliers of a wide range of
food products and household consumables. Food products needed include
chicken, oils, fats, jams, confectioneries, and other processed and fresh
foods. Please note that pork and pork products cannot be imported into
Qatar. Initial orders will be small. Possibility of supply agreements with
U.S. suppliers exists. Language of correspondence: English or Arabic.
Contact: Felix D'Souza, Managing partner, Samco Cold Stores, P.O. Box 3030,
Doha, Qatar, Arabian Gulf. Telex: 5063 Samco DH. Phone: 840321.

0514- Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants soybean meal, 500 mt, solvent extracted,
0515 dehulled, protein content: 44 and 48%; Fat: 3% Max.; moisture: 12% Max.;
Color: white yellowish. Packaging in jute bags of 50 kgms. Time of
delivery, ASAP. Quotations: Two quotations are requested CIF Alexandria.
One for 44% protein content, the other for the 48%. Contact: Eng. Mohamed
Mahmoud Abdel Raouf, Abou Harga and Yasin, 74 Fdfu Street, Ibrahmieh,
Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54180 Comalx UN Att: Abou Harga and Yasin.
Phone: 79628

0516- Canned meats, fruits and fish (Hong Kong). Direct sale distribution canned
0518 meats, canned fruits, canned fish. A small but active firm. Claims subject
goods enjoy good market in Hong Kong. Contact: K. C. Luke, L. Jibsen & Co.,
Room 1201 Man Loong Bldg., 611-615 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex:
HX-36815 JIBS. Phone: 3-317284. Cable: JIBYUENCO HK.

0519- Grocery items, seeds (Qatar). Wishes direct sale for resale for
0521 miscellaneous food products and miscellaneous seeds. Basma wishes to contact
U.S. producers & suppliers of above products. Firm is known to Embassy as
new, medium size retailer of various kinds of farm machinery & operates
supermarket in northern suburbs of Doha. Initial orders will be small;
future supply agreement may be possible. Language of corresp.: English or
Arabic. Contact: Ali Mohammad Al-Kawari, Owner, Basma Trading &
Contracting Est., P.O. Box 1499, Doha, Qatar, (Arabian Gulf). Telex: 4910
Basma DH. Phone: 870514.

0522- Canned meats, milk, fruits and vegetables, flour (Honduras). Wants canned
0525 meats, canned milk products, canned fruits and vegetables, flour and other
grain mill products. Firm founded 1982, employs 21, amd firm is presently
owned by an American family in San Pedro Sula and operates a supermarket.
Quote CIF Puerto Cortes against L/C including catalogs. Prices, terms of
delivery, etc. Bank ref: Bank of America, Banco Atlantida, in San Pedro
Sula. Firm favorably known to Embassy. Contact: Haydee de Schoper,
Manager, Supermercado Maru, 3 Avenida N.O. No. 62, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
Telex: None. Phone: 540505. Cable: Maru.

0526 Grocery items (Canada). Exclusive distributor for canned goods; fruits;
vegetables; fish; seafoods; meat's; milk; other food products (institutional
or retail). Firm founded 1957. Employs 30. Sales territory covers western
Canada. Firm carries complimentary line of canned goods and cheeses from
Europe amd is seeking U.S. of above goods. Annual sales volume C$3 million.
Contact: Michel Farges, Far-Met Importers Limited, 34 West 7th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1L6, Canada. Phone:. 604-876-2241.

0527- Yeast (Honduras). Yeast, especially designed for the preparation of liquors.
0528 Firm founded 1948. Employs 39. Operates in San Pedro Sula. Quote CIF
Puerto Cortes against L/C, include catalogs, prices, etc. Bank ref: Banco
Del Comercio, Banco De Occidente, both in San Pedro Sual.
Contact: Jorge Martinez Ordonez, Mgr., Destileria Sula, S. De R.L., Barrio
Las Palmas 10 Avenue 18 Calle S.E., San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras.
Phone: 541298 Cable: Destisula.

0529 Canned foods (Kuwait). Company wants to find American manufacturers of
canned foodstuffs except milk. Company primary business is the Fiat
dealership, also carries U.K. and Swiss food lines. Also interested in
American manufacturers of carbon steel pipes varying sizes which his company
could provide in response to Kuwait Oil Company tenders. Ahmed Sayid Hisham
Al Gharabally Company is reportedly a large Kuwaiti firm which has had many
of its agencies since the late forties and early fifties. Bank ref: Kuwait
Chamber of Commerce & Industry, P. OM, Box 775 Safat, Kuwait. Contact: Zaid
Al Gharabally, Chief Executive, Ahmed Sayid Hashim Al Charabally, P.O. Box
98 Safat, Kuwait. Telex: 22369 Charabally KT Cable: Gharabally, Kuwait.

0532- Health foods, yeasts (Finland). Wants health food specialties including
0534 dietetic products. Yeast products (for human consumption) including

selenium-fortified yeast, chromium-fortified yeast, yeast fortified with
other nutrient minerals, vitamins, nutrients and other ingredients of health
food specialties including acerola (vitamin C product), rosehip powdered
extract, black currant powdered extract, carrot oil, etc. Firm is an
importing distributor of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical health
products. Contact: Seppo Larste, Director, Suomen Rohdos OY, Karvaamokuja
1, SF-00380 Helsinki 38, Finland. Telex: 12-4677. Phone: 90/554 545.

0535- Health foods, food rations (Japan). Wants health foods and packaged foods
0537 to store for use in an emergency, natural disaster, etc. Similar to "C
Ration" used by the U.S. Army. One container load. Supplier should provide
a complete ingredient statement for products. Institional size. Immediate
delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: The Daiichi Kangyo
Bank, Senju Branch. Contact: Yoshio Minamiya, President, Arrow Japan Inc.,
Nihonbashi Samaria City Heights, 6th Floor, 18-16, Nihonbashi-Koamicho,
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 103. Telex: 2524583 Arrow J. Phone: (03(669-3381.
Cable: ArrowJapan Tokyo.

0538- Sugar beet seed (Pakistan). Wants basic seed of sugar beet, 25 pounds.
05390pen pollenated varieties and hybrid seed that are disease resistant and
with highest sugar content for use in sugar mills, packed for air freight.
Delivery not later than 15 April, 83. C&F Quetta, Pakistan. Bank ref:
Habib Bank Ltd., Jinnah Rd., Quetta (Baluchistan) Pakistan Contact: Khan
Abdul Ghaffar Khan., Kishan Interprises, 3-3/24 Beldeva Road Quetta,
Pakistan. Phone: 74392. (9, 0034)

0540- Corn, soybean meal (Syria). Requests C&F price offers for corn and soybean
0542 meal. Soybean meal with protein not less than 48%. Shipment of 1,000 tons
every two months starting May 1983. Yearly requirements of 6,000 mt.
Soybean meal in 50 kg bags. Corn, grade #3 or better. Shipment of 5,000 mt
every two months starting May 1983. Yearly requirement of 30,000 mt in
bulk. Bank ref: Jordan Cooperative Ban, Jordan Cooperative Organization.
Contact: Ahmed Manna, Manager, Jordan Egg Producing and Marketing
Cooperative Society, P.O. Box 114, Abu Alanda, Amman, Jordan. Telex: 21835
AL-OUN JO. (9, 1941)

0543- Turkey parts (W. Germany). Wants frozen seasoned turkey parts; turkey
0544 offals; precooked turkey rolls; turkey products. Quantity: Container
loads. Quality: Grade A. Packaging in tray/bulk. Quotations CIF, FOB or
C&F. Delivery prompt. Products must originate from slaughter/processing
plants certified by USDA for export to Germany. Bank ref: Commerzbank AG,
Am Neumarkt, 4650 Gelsenkirchen. Contact: Rainer Tadday, Fa. Lorenz Heitz,
Alfred Zingler Str.3, 4650 Gelsenkirchen, W. Germany. Telex: 824794.
Phone: 209-86091.(9, 0036)

0545 Grocery items (England). Wants American foodstuffs canned, frozen and
fresh. Quantity: To be determined. Best quality packed for retail sale.
Quotations: Gulf States and India. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Midland Bank
Ltd., Rusholme Branch, Wilmslow Road, Manchester. Contact: M.S. Akhtar,
Meast International Ltd., 67 Birchfield Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M13
OXX, England. Telex: 51311. Phone: 061 224 1651.(9, 0250)

0546- Malting barley (England). Wants malting barley, 1,000 mt, Quality: Pale
0547 pilsner malt, 1982 crop 2 row Summer Barley. Packaging: Bagged.

Quotations C&F Mombassa. Delivery ASAP. Contact: G. Shah, Rosslyn
Marketing, 270 Archway Road, London, N6 5AU, England. Telex: 922488 REF:
335 Phone: 01 348 9798.(9, 0251)

0548 Rice (England). Wants two shipments of 25,000 tons rice, 50% broken, packed
in 100 lb bags. Quotations CIF West Africa. Delivery ASAP. Contact: M.A.
Choudhry, The Eurasia Export Services, la Queen Street off Norton Road,
Stockton, Cleveland, England. Telex: 587671 CYCO-G Phone: 0642 605455.(9,

0549 Bourbon, sour mash, whiskey (England). Wants top-selling U.S. brands of
Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee sour mash, and sweet liquor whiskey. Quantity:
Negotiable. Packaging: Preferably 6 bottles per carton. Quotations:
Ex-Cellars. Delivery June 1983. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., 9
Gracechurch Street, London EC3. Contact: D. Sklar, Capital Wine & Travers
Ltd., Capital House, King George's Avenue, Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex,
England. Phone: 02555 6611. Cable: CAWIN.(9, 0253)

0550- Soybean meal (England). Wants soybean meal, 4,500 mt lots (approx).
0551 Quality: Protein 48.5%. Packaging: 50 kg bags. Quotations C&F Kuwait.

Delivery ASAP. Contact: J. Parakh, K.P. Associates, Delta House, Amberly
Way, Green Lane, Hounslow, Middlex, TW4 6B8, England Telex: 935 603 1st
shipment March Phone: 01 572 6515.(9, 0254)

0552 Seafoods (England). Wants frozen chin chard, salmon, dorade, sardinelle -
2-30cm sizes, and frozen fish: mackerel 20-26 cm; Horse mackerel 20-30 cm
from North Atlantic. Quantity: Both: 2,000 tons each in batches of 20 tons
each, food fat content could compensate for relatively small sizes.
Packaging: 30 kg cartons in 20 ft refrigerated containers with extra empty
cartons. Quotations: C&F Careton/20ft container. Delivery date: IMMEDIATE
300 tons every 2 months rising to higher quantity. Will gladly accept
refrigerated containers preferably on lease terms. Bank ref: Manufacturers
Hanover Trust Co., 88 Brook Street, London Wl. Contact: Elaine Wallace,
Rozart Global Services Inc., 136 Wymering Road, Maida Vale, London, W9 2NF,
England. Phone: 01 286 6080.(9, 0255)

0553 White oak lumber (Australia). Wants American white oak lumber, ongoing
purchases, minimum 15,000 board feet per shipment, 1st and 2nd grades.
Packed in bulk. Delivery commencing May/June 1983. Free from insects.
Quotations CIF Sydney. Bank ref: Bank of NSW, Head office, Sydney N.S.W.
2000. Contact: A. Phippard, Bowmans Timber Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 129, Seven
Hills, NSW, 2147, Australia. Telex: AA 26353. Phone: (02) 6244000.
Cable: LEBOW. (9, 0062)

0554- Butter (Tunisia). Wants unsalted pasteurized dairy butter 1,000 mt, natural,
0555 containing 82% fat & 16% moisture. Age: 6 months maximum; conforming to EEC
norms. Packed in bulk and/or in small packets. Delivery end April 1983.
Quantity and quality will be checked before loading at port of embarkation
and at port of disembarkation by a neutral agency designated by the buyer.
Cost of this service to be borne by supplier. Transportation by ship,
refrigerated. Offer deadline March 9. Quotations C&F Tunisian Port. CONTACT:
Sous-Directeur Des Achats, Office Du Commerce De La Tunisie, Avenue Mohamed
V, Tunis, Tunisia. TELEX: 12395, 13125. (9, 0031)

055t- Skim milk powder (Thailand). Wants skimmed milk powder, 500 mt per year,
0557 either fresh powder (food grade) or animal feed grade. Quotation CIF
Bangkok. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Bangkok Bank, 22 Circle Branch. CONTACT:
Pisai Laohadhanaphorn, Milk Coa Trading Ltd., 515-517 South Sathorn Road,
Yannawa, Bangkok 10 120, Thailand. TELEX: 82137 KHONKAN TH. (9, 0051)

0558 Live cattle tender (Egypt). Request bids for tender No. 1 (1982-83) for
supply of 35,000 hd of live cattle ready for slaughter & 15,000 hd for
breeding. Committee is entitled to increase the quantity. Cattle to be
shipped to arrive Egyptian ports in consignments during April, May, June and
July '83. Offers to be submitted latest 11:00 am, Monday March 21, 1983.
Conditions 6 specs available below address against payment due fees taking
into consideration Ministerial decree No. 1936/1978 concerning the commercial
agency. A copy of the taxation card must be coupled with the submitted offer
showing the statement of the latest taxation year. Offers must be made
through an Egyptian agent. CONTACT: General Authority for Supply Comm.
Permanent Purchasing Comm. for Imp. Live Stocks, 24, El-Comhouria St., Cairo,
Egypt. TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM. (9, 0061)

0559- Fortune cookies (Netherlands). Wants fortune cookies, eventually container
0560 loads. Quotations FOB. Bank ref: ABN Hesseplaats, Rotterdam. CONTACT: J. Van
Oost, Knikbloem 4, 3068 AD Potterdam, Netherlands. Phone: 010-217170. (9,

0561- Wheat tender (Jordan). Tender for 50,000 tons of wheat. Closing date for bid
0562 submission is March 22, 1983. Bid specifications may be purchased for a
non-refundable fee of JD 5.000 (Note: U.S. dol 1.00 currently equals JD
0.358) from the address below. All offers must be submitted through
Jordanian agents. American Hard Red Winter Wheat No. 2; moisture: max. 13%;
foreign material: max. 1%; test weight: 58 lbs per bushel min.; protein:
11% min; broken & shrunken: 5% max; insect free. Firm submitting bids on
this tender are requested also to send an information copy to the Embassy
Commercial Office, P.O. Box 354, Amman, Jordan, Telex: 21510 USEMB JO.
CONTACT: Ministry of Supply, P.O. Box 830, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21178 MINSUP
JO. (9, 2089)

0563 Sugar tender (Jordan). Tender for 10,000 tons of sugar. Closing date March
24, 1983. Bid specifications may be purchased for a non-refundable fee of JD
5 (Note: U.S. dol 1.00 currently equals JD 0.358) from the address below.
All offers must be submitted through Jordanian agents. Type: refined, or
crystal running, for human consumption; not greater than 60 units ICUMSA;
sucrose: not less than 99.8 degrees; moisture: not to exceed 0.001; ash:
not to exceed 0.001; packing: double bagged, jute outside, polythelene
inside, 50 kgs net. Firms submitting bids on this tender are requested also
to send an information copy to the Embassy Commecial Office, P.O. Box 354,
Amman, Jordan, Telex: 21510 USEMB JO. CONTACT: Ministry of Supply, P.O. Box
830, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21278 MINSUP JO. (9, 2065)

0572 Vegetable oil tender (Egypt). Tender No. 33/1982/83 for 20,000 mt of
0574 semi-refined cottonseed oil or crude sunflower oil in bulk to be shipped as
follows: 10,000 mt first half of April, 1983, and 10,000 mt during the
second half of April, 1983. Also wants 4,000 mt of refined cottonseed,
sunflower or soybean oil In new 18/18 or 18/20 steel drums to be shipped in
equal halves during 1st & 2nd halves of April, 1983. Financing under blended
credit program or free currency. Offers to be submitted latest March 16,


3 1262 08896 4522

1983. Conditions & specs available below address against payment due fees
taking into consideration Ministerial decree No. 1036/1978 concerning the
commercial agent. CONTACT: General Authority for Supply Commodities,
Purchasing Committee for Animal Fats & Oil, 24 Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt.
TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM. (9, 0062)

Foreign Trade Development

Postponement of Taiwan Solo Food Exhibit. Reference to Export Brief issue No. 44,
1982, Fiscal 1983 Export Promotion Schedule for USDA/FAS sponsored events, the Solo
Food Exhibit scheduled for Taipei, Taiwan, June 1983, has been postponed until
further notice.

Saudi Arabia We have recently been informed that the Saudi Arabian Standards
Organization has issued a circular advising of proposed new regulations and
expiration date limits on food products. These new limits would considerably reduce
stated shelf life.

Foods involved in the proposal include: meat, poultry and fish products; fruit
juices, carbonated beverages and processed powdered drinks; milk and milk products;
fats and oils; eggs and egg products; and frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.

The final date for comments on this proposal is 4/1/83.

Anyone who has any questions or wishes to comment on this proposal should contact
Thomas B. O'Connell at the USDA Technical Office, Foreign Agricultural Service, Room
5530 South Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone (202) 382-1333.

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