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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The folloUwing trade itiins hate heen gathered Ironi Agricultural 4ltachr and olhcr g-cc'linmnir reporlt as a
service to U S exporters of food and agricultl ral produces In supply ing Ihe Irade leads Ihe Departn eni ol
Agriculture does not guaranile reliahilils ol rhe userseas inquirer. a our besl oource foIr urthrr iiurlinatiin
on these trade leads is the listed foreign lirn originalling Ihr inquiry nu ma% al.) contact the E\pinr
Promotion Dn ison. F AS. I 02) 447 7104

S ISSUE NO# 43, 1982
I .F., .S. S. i' .

1692 Extract of white kidney beans (Finland). Wants Phaseolamin (purified extract
of white kidney beans). Intended for use as antiobesity product. Firm is an
importing distributor for a broad range of food specialties, health foods,
animal feed supplements and household chemicals. CONTACT: Kinnmo Kivi,
Managing Director, Sanitri Oy, Hitsaajankatu 5 C, SF-00810 Helsinki 81,
Finland. Telex: 12-5213. Phone: 90/7554922.

1693 Soybean waste (Thailand). Wants soybean waste. Mr. Siriraks plans to leave
for the United States shortly to seek sources of soybean waste supply. His
requirement will be three to five thousand tons per shipment. CONTACT:
Aroon Siriraks, President, Aroon Mechanics Ltd., 449 Ekamai Road, Bangkok
10110, Thailand. Telex: 87274 ALLENCO TH. Phone: 391-4388. Cable:

1695 Comb honey (Canada). Wants conb honey, 1 1.5 tons per nonth. Packaging:
Plastic wrapping. Destination: West Germany. Bank ref: Upon request.
CONTACT: A. Dube, Desdor Ltd., 43 Newbury Avenue, Nepean, Ontario K2E 6K7,
Canada. Phone: (613) 225-7321.

1696 Ice cream cones and wafers (Singapore). Wants ice cream cones and wafers, of
good quality (for franchised U.S. ice cream to be manufactured in Singapore &
Malaysia). Delivery November 1982. Quotations C&F Singapore. Bank ref:
Development Bank of Singapore, Queensway Branch. CONTACT: John Foo or Ms.
Maria Yim, Flavaroma (Industrial) Supplies Co., Block 5, 01-4970, Brickworks
Estate, Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 0315. Phone: 2735792 and 2735573.
Cable: "FLAVAR".

1697 Plant seeds (Singapore). Wants 2,000 seedlings 4-5 inch Neanthe Bella
Palms (Chamaedorea Elegans); 2,000 seeds Neanthe Bella Palms; 300 seeds -
Ravenala Madagascariensis (Travelers Palm); 1,000 seeds Philodenderon
Selloum (Octopus Plants); 1,000 seeds Schessera Actinohylla; and 500
seedlings 4-5 inch Araucara Excelsa (Norfolk Pine). Prompt delivery. Must
have Phytosanitary Certificate, no soil. Quotations CIF Singapore. Bank
ref: Overseas Chinese Banking Corp., Orchard Road, Singapore. CONTACT: C.
K. Koh, Coronation Nursery, 27 Paterson Road, Singapore 0923. Phone:

Isued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Deparimeni of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D C 20250

1698 Barley, oats (Peru). Wants barley and oats, 500 ,t. monthly each, best
quality, in sacks. Delivery ASAP. Usual Sanitary Certificate required.
Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Banco De Credito, Sucursal San Isidro, Esq. Arona
Y Magnolias S/N San Isidro, Lima 27, Peru. CONTACT: Sr. Carlos Farias,
Promo Andino S.A., Huayna Capac 1352, jesus Maria, Lima 11, Peru. Telex:
25621 PU ADEX PROMOANDINO. Phone: 711754.

1699 Frozen turkeys (Peru). Wants frozen turkeys, 8-10 kg., 40 mt. monthly or two
containers, medium qualtiy, standard U.S. packaging. Delivery ASAP. Usual
Sanitary Certificate required. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Banco De Credito,
Sucursal San Isidro, Esq. Arona Y Magnolias S/N San Isidro, Lima 27, Peru.
CONTACT: Sr. Carlos Farias, Promo Andino S.A., Huayna Capac 1352, Jesus
Maria, Lima 11, Peru. Telex: 25621 PU ADEX PROMOANDINO. Phone: 711754.

1700 Frozen laying hens (Peru). Wants frozen culled laying hens, one container
per month or 20 mt., medium quality, standard U.S. packaging. Delivery
ASAP. Usual Sanitary Certificate required. Quotations CIF. Bank ref:
Banco De Credito, Sucursal San Isidro, Esq. Arona Y Magnolias S/N San Isidro,
Lima 27, Peru. CONTACT: Sr. Carlos Farias, Promo Andino S.A., Huayna Capac
1352, jesus Maria, Lima 11, Peru. Telex: 25621 PU ADEX PROMOANDINO.
Phone: 7117544.

1701 Tomato concentrate (France). Wants tomato concentrate, 10,000 cartons, mix
28-30 percent, 100 boxes of 70 gr. Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F Le Havre.
Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Agence Ay Place De La Nation, 75012 Paris.
CONTACT: Mr. Dessagne, Societe Codis S.A., 33, Rue Faidherbes, 75011 Paris,
France. Telex: 230 049 F. Phone: 371.04-38.

1702 Dried vegetables (Sweden). Wants unspecified quantities of dried
vegetables. CONTACT: Jimmy Clark, Nordium AB, P.O. Box 150, S-178 00 Ekero,
Sweden. Telex: 10221 Barnek S. Phone: 0756/301 70.

1703 Carrots (Japan). Wants dehydrated medicinal carrots, quantity not determined
yet, however, must be substantial. Sample and specific information required,
appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery by air and/or surface
shipment. Quotations C&F and/or CIF. Bank ref: Tokai Bank Higashi-Kataha
Branch, Nagoya. CONTACT: Ms. Mayumi Tajima, Planning Office, Ilatsuura
Yakugyo K.K., 2-22, Marunouchi 3-Chome, Naka-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Japan. Telex:
J 59626 )MATSUURA. Phone: (052) 962-8801.

1705 Fox tails (England). Wants fox tails preferably red, silver or blue fox.
Also other bushy tails. Consignments of 1,000 or part thereof. Yearly
requirement 10,000, first quality, dressed and cured. Packaging: To suit
dispatcher no preference from company apart from secure packaging.
Delivery ASAP. Payment to be made in cash. CONTACT: P. N. Moran, Bull
Brand Leather Ltd., 34 Coudray Road, Mesketh Park, Southport, Merseyside,
England. Phone: 0704 36796.

1706 Yellow corn (England). Wants yellow corn, 20,000 mt. in 2 shipments each of
10,000 mt., 15% humidity. Class standard for West Africa. Packaging bulk -
50 kg. jute bags with tie threads. Quotations CIF Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Delivery date: URGENT. Requires 4,000,000 jute bags of 50 kg. capacity,
also with tie. Bank ref: Anro Bank, Coolsingle 19, Rotterdam. CONTACT:
Mr. Salioum, Troy Trading S.A., 98/99 Jerryn Street, London, N1, England.
Telex: 895417. Phone: 01 839 5322.

1707 Food provisions (England). Trading in provisions tinned milk, corned beef,
sardines, vegetables, cereals, frozen neat and chicken. Quantity: 2, 5, to
10 containers/month in 20 foot containers. Quality: Good high grade.
Packaging in cartons, cans depending on specifications. Quotations FOB and
C&F. Delivery date ASAP. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank, 195 Edgware Road, London
W2 1EY. CONTACT: Dr. K. A. Tuffuor, Skyland Services & Dev. Co., 14 Normead
Road, London, W9 3NG, England. Telex: 8813271 GECONS G. Phone: 01 969

1708 Wheat flour (England). Wants soft white baking wheat flour, 6,000 rt., ash:
0.52% max, extraction 72.00% max., protein 11.5% min. on dry substance,
moisture 14.00% max. Packaging in new cotton bags with 3-ply kraft paper
lining inside, of 50 kg. net. Quotations CIF Zanzibar (Tanzania). Shipment
November/December 1982. Bank ref: Bank of Credit & Connerce, 78 St.
Vincent Street, Glasgow, Scotland. CONTACT: I. A. Katchi, flerchandex
Limited, Carlton House, 28 Regent Road, Leicester, England. Telex: 341904
HERDEX G. Phone: 0533 547664.

1709 Fruit juice concentrate (Uest Germany). Wants orange juice concentrate
(navel) 65 Brix; grapefruit juice concentrate (white) 58 Brix; and grapefruit
juice concentrate (rose) 58 Brix. Quantity: Bulk, packaged in drums.
Quotations CIF Hamburg. Delivery date ASAP. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG,
2160 Stade, West Germany. CONTACT: Mauritius Hansen, Junita Fruchtsaefte
Vertr. Nord Doornkat AG, Postfach 1463, 2160 Stade, West Germany. Telex: 21
86 26. Phone: 04141-46011.

1710 Yellow corn (West Germany). Wants No. 3 U.S. yellow corn, 500 mt., packaged
in 50 kg. jute bags. Quotations C&F West African sea port. Delivery date
3-4 weeks. Bank ref: Hypobank, 6710 Frankenthal, West Germany. CONTACT:
Mr. Aninadu, Fa. Animadu, Lukas-Kraemer-Str. 4, 6710 Frankenthal, West
Germany. Telex: 468616. Phone: 06233-43109.

1711 Parboiled rice (West Gemany). Wants parboiled rice, U.S. Grade #5, 2,000
mt. Quality: Brokens 30-35%. Packaged in 100 lb. bags. Quotations C&F
West Africa sea port. Delivery date 3-4 weeks. Bank ref: Hypobank, 6710
Frankenthal, West Germany. CONTACT: Mr. Aninadu, Fa. Animadu,
Lukas-Kraener-Str. 4, 6710 Frankenthal, West Germany. Telex: 468616.
Phone: 06233-43109.

1712 Dried flowers (Netherlands). Wants broom broon, dried flowers, container
loads. Quotations CIF R'Dam. Bank ref: Rabo Bank Rijnsburg. CONTACT: W.
De Mooy, Van Delft De Vink B.V., P.O. Box 164, 2231 Np Rinsburg,
Netherlands. Telex: 39271. Phone: (0)1718-21427.

1713- Raisins, almonds (Poland). Agros, Warsaw request quotations on following
1714 items: raisins, Sultana type, seedless, natural sun-dried, untreated in bulk
packs. Quantity up to 5,000 mt. Shipping period October/November 82. FOB
price U.S. West Coast port basis; and almonds, sweet, shelled, in carton bulk
packs only. Quantity 500-1,000 mt. Shipping period October/November 82.
Price FOB U.S. West Coast port basis. Proposals and offers should be made by
telex to Agros, Warsaw, attn: J. Bohdanowicz. Telex: 814 391 PL.

1715 Milk powder (Netherlands). Wants milk powder, low content of lactose (2.5%),
protein content 90%, probably in bulk. Company wants to get in contact with
producers of this product. CONTACT: Mr. Pieron, Marnixstraat 105, 1st
Floor, 1015 Zh Amsterdam, Netherlands. Phone: (0)20-252700.

1716 Yellow corn (Nigeria). Wants corn, yellow, 1,500 mt., U.S. Grade No. 3,
moisture content 15, packed in 50 kg. jute bags with polythene liners.
Delivery 2nd week in December. Labels to be in English. Quotations C&F Port
Harcourt. Bank ref: Pan African Bank, Martins Street, Lagos, and Societe
General Bank Ltd., Station Road, Port Harcourt. CONTACT: U. C. Okirie or
Dr. I. A. Masi, Cama (Nigeria) Limited, Rumola Junction, Ph Aba Expressway,
P.O. Box 3792, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Phone: (084) 330088 OR (01)
831186/(01) 680153.
1717 Soybean seeds (England). Wants soybean seeds, 3,000 kilos to start.
Quality: Variety of seeds, Equador No.: 2, Alamo, IGH 23 and Tunia and
Willi 79 or similar. Packaging: Export Pack strapped on pallets, polythene
sheeting on top to deflect water. Quotations C&F Ghana. Delivery date:
December 1982. Also require tie-on metal labels. CONTACT: Mrs. J. Jones,
Express Electrical Equipment, Dunswell Road, Cottingham, Nr Hull, E.
Yorkshire, England. Telex: 527671. Phone: 0482 846269.

1718 Avocadoes (England). Wants avocadoes, 'Haas' variety, one container.
Packaging: 20-24 count. Quotations CIF London, Seafreight. Delivery ASAP.
Bank ref: Barclays Bank Limited, New Covent Garden Market. CONTACT: Ronald
Nicholson, Koolkat (UK) Ltd., 140 High Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1AB,
England. Telex: 859603 KOLKAT G. Phone: 04868 28778.

1719 Fish (England). Wants Salmon Cohos, Pinks, All Chums, Sockeyes 100
containers 50 lb-100 lb boxes; Dogfish Large backs & Flaps 50 containers 28
lb boxes; Skate Skinless Wings 30-50 containers; Cod Laminated blocks,
filletts (skin on/off), Tails 20 containers 28 lb boxes; Shellfish Crab,
Shrimp 10 containers in Laminated block 4X16 1/2 lb 1 lb X 5 lb packs.
Quality: Best. Quotations CIF. Del ASAP shipments thru yr. Bank ref:
Nat'l Westminster Bnk, Castle Ranch, 246 High St, Exeter, S. Devon.
CONTACT: R. Boother, Starboard Seafoods Ltd, 12a The Triangle, Teignmouth,
S. Devon, TQ1H 8AT, England. Telex: 42925 PISCES G. Phone: 06267 78466.
1720 Sales opportunities in the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland (England). A
well established sales, marketing and distribution company operating in the
food industry in the U.K. and Southern Ireland is currently looking for
additional firms to represent. The company offers a direct platform to
manufacturers who would like to develop meaningful turnover with leading
multiples, co-operatives and wholesalers in Great Britain and Ireland. A
service can be personalised to suit manufacturers in the United States who
need help in the divisions of sales, marketing and distribution and the
company would be prepared to consider a joint venture with manufacturers who
are keen to set up production units in the U.K. Interested Principals should
contact Mr. John Fisk, Sales Director, Old Mill Marketing Co., Ltd., Oakway
House, 58 High Street, Hurstpierpont, Sussex, BN6 9RG. Telex: 877173.
Phone: (0273) 834747.

1721 Yellow corn (Nigeria). Wants corn, 10,000 mt., No. 3, packed in 50 kg.
bags. Delivery ASAP. Labels in English language. Quotations CIF Lagos.

Bank ref: U.B.A. Apapa Lagos, National Bank of Nigeria Limited, Badagry
Branch. CONTACT: M. A. Semako, S. J. Ogabi & Company Limited, 113, Lagos
Road, Badagry, P.O. Box 35, Badagry, Nigeria. Phone: 732838, BADAGRY.

1722 Sugar and molasses (Portugal). Wants sugar and molasses, quantity not
specified, for human consumption. Packed in bulk. Time of delivery to be
indicated after contact with exporter. Quotations FOB or C&F. -Bar'ref:
Pinto & Sotto Mayor, Lisbon Branch. CONTACT: Mario Vila Santa De Sousa,
Colprogeca Sociedade Geral De Fibras, Cafes E Produtos Colonials, Lda., Rua
Andrade Corvo, 27-5-DTO, 1000 Lisbon, Portugal. Telex: 12550 SOGEC P.
Phone: Office: 55-51-67; Residence: 4 32 96. Cable: COLPROGECA.

1723 Frozen fish & salt dried cod (Portugal). Wants unspecified quantities frozen
fish & salt dried cod, both dressed & with insides. Buyer would like
quotations for fresh frozen & salt dried cod fish. Standard packing. Time
of delivery indicated after first contact with exporter. Payment COD,
quotations FOB & C&F main ports Lisbon/Leixoes/Funchal/Ponta Delgada. Bank
ref: Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor, Lisbon Br. CONTACT: Mario Vila Santa De
Sousa, Colprogeca-Soc. Geral De Fibras, Cafes E Produtos Colonials, Lda., Rua
Andrade Corvo, 27-5-DTO, 1000 Lisbon, Portugal. Telex: 12550 SOGEC P.
Phone: Off: 555167; Res: 43296. Cable: COLPROGECA.

1724 Wheat germ oil (Japan). Wants wheat germ oil, 10 mt. Sample and specific
information required. Packed in cans about 18 liters to a can for
institutional use. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F
Tokyo. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Bank and Mitsubishi Bank, Tachikawa Branch.
CONTACT: Ryoichi Kojima, President, Musashino Enterprise Co., Ltd., No.
34-6, Musashinodai 2-Chome, Fussa-Shi, Tokyo, Japan. Phone: (0425) 53-4114.

1725 Croquettes (Japan). Wants croquettes, 1 container load/month. Each product
must contain one of following ingredients & be frozen after it is
deep-fried: Meat (less than 20), shrimps, cream or vegetables. Sample &
specific info required. Packed in approp containers for institutional use.
Delivery aft March 83 by surface shipment. Quotations C&F or FOB. Bank
ref: Tokyo Bank Yaesuguchi Br, Tokyo. CONTACT: Norihito Hazama, Mgr Raw
Material Dept, The Daimaru, Inc, c/o Itohpia Hirakawa-Cho Bldg, 7-6,
Hirakawa-Cho 2-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: J-26872
SHOMUDAIMARU. Phone: (03) 265-8171. Cable: "SHOMUDAIMARU" TOKYO.

1726 Juice concentrate (Denmark). Wants citrus juice concentrate in consumer-size
and institutional packs; 100-500 kilos; and juice extract, approx. 10 kilos.
Quality: Best possible. Packaging: Solid able to travel, retail packing
optional. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Copenhagen. Bank ref:
Aktiv-Banken, Copenhagen. CONTACT: Ms. Janne N. Bagger, Peter Tholstrup,
Graabroedretorv 11, Dk-1154 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Telex: 19277 CASTEL.
Phone: (1) 11 11 54.

1727 Seeds (France). Wants Quercus Rubra or Borealis seeds, 3-5,000 kilos.
Quality: 98% by cutting-test. Packaging according to supplying firm.
Delivery November, 1982. SIA or SIB Certification. Quotations FOB Le
Havre. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris 41, Boulevard Foch, 49000
Angers. CONTACT: Mr. Lenoir, Tree Seed Mlgr., Vilmorin Andrieux, La Menitre,
49250 Beaufort-En-Vallee, France. Telex: 720 850 F. Phone: (41) 43.12.21.

1728 Tobacco (Egypt). Request for Quotation No. ENTCC/15-83/ARE for the
procurement of the following qualities of tobacco; (A) Flue Cured: mainly
grades of 1982 and 1981 crops; and some selected grades of 1980 crops. All
in strips and stems form; (B) burley: mainly grades of 1981 and 1980 crops;
and some in selected grades of 1979. All in strips and stems form.
Potential offerors may now send samples of the stock to El Nasr Tobacco and
Cigarette Company, Post Office Box 234, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt for
grading and selection against which price quotation will be requested.
Samples shall be from the above mentioned crop years. Samples will be
accepted until November 30, 1982 after which no further samples will be
eligible for consideration. After pre-selection for suitability, purchaser
will negotiate prices of selected samples. Final price negotiations will
take place on January 10, 1983 at the ENTCC office in Cairo. All successful
suppliers will be responsible for the USDA price review at their own expense.
1729 Dairy heifers (Colombia). U.S. representative for Colombian firm in need of
Brown Swiss heifers, bred, 2-4 months to calve. Quantity: 35. Also one
Brown Swiss bull. Quality: registered. From high productive herds. Air
freight. Upon bid selection, buyer desires to travel to herd for inspection
of animals and registry certificates. Health requirements as specified by
U.S. government regulations for export and government of Colombia import
requirements. Bank ref: Bank of Miami, Contact: Mr. Peter Castellanos;
Phone (305) 835-2440. Bid Contact: Mr. Bustamante, B&D Truck and Equipment
Company, 6860 Northwest 75th St., Medley, Florida, 33166. USA. Phone: (305)

1730 Grocery items (Saudi Arabia). Wants canned food products: specifically;
canned vegetables and fruits; canned fruit juices; and catsup, tomato and
other hot sauces. All in consumer units. Also peanut butter, vinegar, honey
and table salt in consumer units. Shipments of food products to Saudi
Arabia are subject to stringent labelling requirements which should show
production and expiry dates in both Arabic and English, description and
contents of product in Arabic as well, for private labels show who
processor/canner is. Firm has been importing from U.S. food
brokers/exporters who do not pay thorough attention to Saudi labelling laws.
Wishes to establish contacts with expereinced and reliable sources of supply
for the specific products lists. Prepared to visit U.S. for further
consultation and arrangements with U.S. suppliers of food products who are
experienced with labelling requirements to Saudi Arabia. Contact: Ahmed M.
Alkhater, Alkhater Trading Co., P.O. Box 1242, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Phone:
832-0269 & 834-4800.

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