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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export"
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.


March 26, 1984
!.F.A.S. -Unv,. of Florida

Table eggs, peanuts (Egypt). Wants table eggs, 300 million. Can pay up to
U.S. dols 16.50 per case. Also peanuts for oil, 20 tons per week. Packed in
20-25 kg tins, bulk. Delivery to be arranged. Quote FOB and CIF Cairo
Airport and CIF Alexandria for eggs. Quote FOB and CIF Rome for peanuts.
Payment by Letter of Credit. BANK REF: Bank Credit Commerce, Cairo.
CONTACT: Tomas Dikran Tutundjian, Tomas Import Export, 37 Kasr El Nile
Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 21593 TOMAS UN. (WK 12/TOFAS 120)

Milk powder (Egypt). Wants milk powder (non-fat and various fat percentages),
container loads. Bagged (25-50 kg). Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Alexandria.
Payment of Letter of Credit. BANK REF: Bank Credit Commerce, Cairo.
CONTACT: Tomas Dikran Tutundjian, Tomas Import Export, 37 Kasr El Nile
Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 51593 TOMAS UN. (WK 12/TOFAS 122)

Corn, soybeans, soybean oil and sunflower seed oil (Venezuela). Wants 30,000
mt yearly of U.S. #3 corn, 20,000 mt per year of U.S. #2 soybeans, 30,000 mt
per year of crude soybean oil and 25,000 mt per year of crude sunflower oil.
Packed bulk. Delivery April 1984. Sanitary certificate from country of
origin required. Quote CIF La Guaira. BANK REF: BCO Provincial. CONTACT:
Francisco Tarruto, Fratugar, Edif. Karam, Ave Urdaneta, Piso 3, Oficina 312,
P.O. Box 5388, Caracas, 1010-A, Venezuela. TELEX: 21451 FRATU VC. CABLE:
FRATUGAR. PHONE: 561-5922, 561-4004, 562-0908, and 562-6000. (WK 12/TOFAS

Non-alcoholic malt beverage (Taiwan). Wants non-alcoholic malt beverage (any
brand), 10 to 20 forty foot containers. Sample requested. Packed in aluminum
cans of 12 fl. oz (355 ml). Deliveries: March 1984--1 container; April 1984-
4 containers; and May 1984-5 containers. Quote CIF and FOB. BANK REF:
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ta-An Branch, Taipei. CONTACT: Edmund Lin, Richie
Enterprise Co., Ltd, 1F 132 An Ho Road, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 12285
703-3019. (WK 12/STATE 1343)

Corn, soybean meal (Ivory Coast). Wants yellow corn, 500-1,000 mt every 3
months. Feed quality No. 2/3. Packed bulk. Also wants 50-100 tons every 3
months of soybean meal, 50% protein. Packed bulk, container bulk or bagged.

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.


Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF. New operation just starting so would like
quotations as stated. BANK REF: Biao, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. CONTACT:
Mr. Mamadou Toure, Ets Asse-Tou (ETA), 14 B.P. 52, Abidjan 14, Ivory Coast.
PHONE: 39-10-92. (WK 12/TOFAS 27)

Poultry (Canada). Wants 30,000 tons whole broilers. Delivery in April.
Quotations FOB U.S. Eastern Port (destination Middle East). Bank ref upon
request. CONTACT: Trevor Lloyd, Jenmar Corp., 212-1511 Sutherland Ave.,
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 5Y7, Canada. TELEX: 04352 848 VCR. PHONE: 604-765-6343.
(WK 12/TOFAS 44)

Wheat (Canada). Wants red spring or winter wheat, 100,000 200,000 mt.
Quality: min 13% protein, max. 11% moisture. Delivery in April. Quotations
FOB Eastern U.S. Port or Gulf (destination Middle East). Bank ref upon
request. CONTACT: Trevor Lloyd, Jenmar Corp., 212-1511 Sutherland Ave.,
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 5Y7, Canada. TELEX: 04352 848 VCR. PHONE: 604-765-6343.
(WK 12/TOFAS 43)

Almonds (Colombia). Wants almonds 1,000 to 2,000 kg each shipment, for human
consumption, bakery and confectionary items. Packed bulk or bagged to be
negotiated. Delivery during the next 4-6 months. Certificate of purity and
quality required. Quotations FOB producing areas. BANK REF: Banco Cafetero
Km. 70 Medellin. CONTACT: Esteban Elias Correa Posada, Alimentos La Carreta
Ltda., Apartado Aereo 3069, Medellin, Colombia. PHONE: 94 751-255,.753-895.
(WK 12/TOFAS 67)

Apples, pears (Venezuela). Wants 5 mt each of apples and pears. Best quality
available. Packed in boxes of 25 kg each. Delivery May 1984. Sanitary
Certificate from country of origin required. Quote FOB Miami, CIF La Guaira.
BANK REF: Banco Royal. CONTACT: Juan Barroso, Barroso Export Import SRL, Av
Quito, Urb Las Palmas, Los Caobos, Piso 4, Ofic. 8, Caracas, Venezuela.
TELEX: 25178 JONWA VC. PHONE: 782-8225. (WK 12/TOFAS 18)

Joint venture for egg production (Yemen Arab Republic). Interested in joint
venture for egg production in Sana'a with capacity of 40 million eggs yearly.
Looking for firm to supply full package with 49% equity and technical
management. Interested in three-tier California type cages. CONTACT:
Abdullah Alshabba, General Manager, Mareb Trading and Development Co. Ltd,
P.O. Box 189, Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic. TELEX: 2306 BASHAR YE. PHONE:
224145. (WK 12/TOFAS 56)

Soybean meal (Pakistan). Wants soybean meal (solvent extracted) 2,000 to
2,500 mt, 48% net protein; fiber max. 3.5; moisture, max. 12; urase activity
.05 to .20. Packed in 50 kg. polypropylene woven bags. Shipment in May.
Prefers offers directed from producers but not restricted. Quotations C&F
Freeout and C&F Linear terms. BANK REF: Habib Bank Ltd., Central Branch
Plaza, current Account No. 2606-05, and Habib Bank Ltd., Shahid-E-Millat Road
Branch, current Account No. 631. CONTACT: Khalil Sattar, Kays Poultry Feed,
401/406 Noor Estate Bldg, Sharea Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan. TELEX: 25736

Chukar partridges (Taiwan). Wants 5,000 chukar partridges (sex ratio:
1 male and 4 female), adult, female and male. Packed in wooden cases.
Delivery April or May 1984 by air. Quote CIF. BANK REF: The
International Bank of China, Taichung Branch. CONTACT: Paul Chien,
Improve Trading Co., P.O. Box 46 Hou Li, Taichung Hsein, Taiwan. TELEX:
571-351. (WK 12/STATE 1412)

Asparagus seeds (Portugal). Wants asparagus seeds 20/50 kgs, white,
early breeding. Standard packaging. Delivery 2 months after
contracting. Quote CIF Lisbon. BANK REF: Caixa Geral De Depositos,
Largo Do Calhariz, Lisboa. CONTACT: Eng. Fernando Correia Rego, Junta
Nacional Das Frutas (JNF), Rue Alexandre Herculano, 51-8, 1200 Lisboa,
Portugal. TELEX: 16555 FRUTAS P. PHONE: 653396/653495. (WK 12/TOFAS

Frozen beef (Taiwan). Wants 40 ft container of Choice frozen beef (cuts
to be determined upon receipt of inquiry). Institutional packed.
Delivery from April to May. Quote CIF. BANK REF: American Express
International Banking Corp., Taipei Branch. CONTACT: Tai Shan Ranch
Co., Ltd., 7F, No. 220, Sung Chiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 23785
TSPT. PHONE: (02) 521-4261. (WK 12/STATE 1411)

Pie filling (Singapore). Wants pie filling in A10 tins, almond/raw and
processed 2,000 cartons; natural raisin 2,000 cartons; and other pie
filling 3,000 cartons. Deliveries spread out through the year,
arriving in alternate months. Quote CIF Singapore. BANK REF: Bank of
Canton Ltd., 01-01 Denmark House, 6 Raffles Quay, Singapore 0104.
CONTACT: Mrs. M. Fong, Chef Industries Pte. Ltd, 151 Chin Swee Road,
Manhattan House, 13-12, Singapore 0316. TELEX: RS 39660 (CHEF). CABLE:
BRAVE. PHONE: 734-9388/9. (WK 12/TOFAS 57)

Soft wheat (Syria). Wants soft wheat 100,000 tons plus/minus 5%, 1983/84
crop. Weight 78 kg per hectoliter, acceptable down to 77 kg against 1%
price reduction. Protein 11% on dry matter basis (N. X 5 X 7),
acceptable down to 10.5% against 3% price reduction per 1%. Impurities
1% max. according to ICC standard (item 12-2-3) other defects (shrunken,
broken half grain and less roasted, scorched, damage, spouting and other
grains) 4% max. No smutty grains: wet gluten quality should be First
Class and acceptable down to Second Class against 2% price reduction.
Moisture 12.5% acceptable to 13.5% against a 1% price reduction. Wheat
should not be infested with insects their various stages of development
or their particles or worm-eaten; fungal infested or have foreign odor.
Shipment: 70,000 to Tartous during May 1984; and 30,000 tons to Lattakia
during May 1984. Bid bond, 5% required with bid, confirmed by the
Commercial Bank of Syria, Branch No. 4 Damascus. Quotations C&F Free out
Lattakia and Tartous ports and FOB Port of loading, country of origin,
Port of loading has to be specified. BANK REF: Commercial Bank of
Syria, Branch No. 4, Damascus. CONTACT: Director General, General
Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade, P.O. Box 4106, Damascus,
Syria. TELEX: 411027 and 411391 SY. CABLE: HOBOOB DAMASCUS. PHONE:
211021, 213201. (WK 12/TOFAS 20)

Feed for sheep (Jordan). Interested in the following feed commodities:
pellets, cubes, compressed bales, wheat bran pellets, treated straw,
mixed feed, feed concentrates. First purchase will be trial shipment,
potential need is for 20,000 50,000 mt. Complete analysis needed for
all feed commodities offered. Appropriate packaging. After decision to
import has been made delivery will be ASAP. Quote C&F Aqaba, Jordan and
FOB. CONTACT: Hassan Nabulsi, President of the Board, Jordan
Cooperative Organization, P.O. Box 1343, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21835
JO. PHONE: office: 65171-6; home: 842820. (WK 12/TOFAS 23)

Feed for sheep (Jordan). Interested in following feed commodities:
pellets, cubes, compressed bales, wheat bran pellets, treated straw and
other high fiber feed ingredients. First purchases will be trial
shipments. Complete analysis needed for all feed commodities offered.
After decision to import has been made delivery will be ASAP. Importer
is looking for feed ingredients for sheep that are new to Jordan.
Background information on manufacturing and performance requested. Quote
C&F Aqaba, Jordan and FOB. CONTACT: Nabil Hammudeh, Director, Jordan
Feed Co., (Largest Feed Compounder) in Jordan, P.O. Box 499, Amman,
36243. (WK 12/TOFAS 22)

Alfalfa (Japan). Wants alfalfa, pellets or granular type, for human
consumption as health food, one ton initial order, repeated on regular
basis. Prefers best quality. Delivery as soon as arrangements can be
made. Requires sample for checking quality. Quote CIF Moji Port.
BANK REF: Shokin Sogo Bank, Kashii Branch, 9-6 Kashiiekimae 2-Chome,
Higashi-Ku, Fukuoka City, 813 Japan. CONTACT: Kenji Makimoto, Exective
Dir., Kensho Co., Ltd, 342-12 Matsukadai, 1-Chome, Higashi-Ku, Fukuoka
City, 813 Japan. PHONE: 092-661-1188. (WK 12/STATE 2407)

Animal feed joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture wfth
U.S. partners) in corn processing and the production of animals and
poultry feeds. Feasibility study and existing infrastructures in
process. Project already operating. Partner required for raw materials,
etc. Objective is to produce 100,000 mt pre-mix concentrates poultry and
500,000 mt yellow corn quarterly for distribution to farmers in Kano City
and other states. Also involved in cattle, irrigation equipment and
other food crops. Participation 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign.
Investment about 4.5 million dollars. BANK REF: Owena Bank (Nig.) Ltd,
18B Post Office Rd, P.M.B. 3131 Kano, Nigeria; and NBCI, Ltd. 1/9
Berkley St., Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Terry O'Brien, Mgr. Dir., Alhaji
Tijani Ibrahim and Sons Ltd, 26 Beirut Rd, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.
PHONE: (064)7763 KANO. (WK 12/TOFAS 62)

Turkey production joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture
in turkey production. About 800 acres of land available in Lafia Town.
Firm already operating. Feasibility study and other infrastructures
completed. Objective is to expand and increase turkey eggs, chicks and
turkey meat production for wider distribution to supermarkets and
commercial farms. Partner must be commercial turkey breeders. Required
for technical asst, raw materials. Participation 60% Nigerian and 40%
foreign. Investment about 16 million dollars. Also involved in
consultancy on veterinary and livestock generally. BANK REF: Savannah

Bank of Nig., Ltd, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. CONTACT: Dr. M. Zaidu
Aliyu, Manager/Director, Investoveterinary Planning Consultants, Ltd, 18,
Ibrahim Dansuki Street, P.O. Box 357, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
PHONE: (073)53852. (WK 12/TOFAS 63)

Tomato paste (Jordan). Interested in exclusive distributorship and
direct sale for tomato paste. Seeks contact with manufacturer and
exporter of tomato paste with following specifications--(a) brix (soluble
solid content) any salt natural or added or Benzoate Sodium Benzoate,
P.H. minimum additives: clear natural red color not containing any
chemicals or coloring additives except eating salt. Packaging: plastic
barrels or cans. Gross weight 1/2 or 1 kilogram. Crop: 1983/84. Brix
(soluble solid content) Benzoate .1% max. Tins must be properly coated
inside and out. Delivery ASAP. CONTACT: Ziad Mango, Manager,
Development Office Co., Ltd, P.O. Box 9451, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21217
DOCAMM JO. PHONE: 44004. (WK 12/COMMERCE 1316)

Seeds (Saudi Arabia). Wants following seeds: flower, vegetable and
grass. Landscaping architect of the Taihei Company is looking for U.S.
suppliers of grass seed (Adalayd turf grass) and waterproof burlap spiral
tree bondage papers. Taihei Company, a Japanese joint venture with
Bugshan Est., Riyadh is implementing several landscaping projects in the
Kingdom. Total value of these products is estimated at 21 million dlrs
(U.S. $6 million). Interested companies are requested to contact firm
at below address. CONTACT: John Rockwell, Importer (for own use), Taihei
Company, P.O. Box 80, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 201144 BUGSHAN
SJ. PHONE: 464-4496. (WK 12/COMMERCE 874)

Fresh milk (England). Wishes to contract for fresh milk in one pint
containers and 3 to 5 gallon dispensing containers. Requests to
participate should be sent to below address. Delivery as required to
various delivery points in Sunderland, Gateshead and South Tynesside
Health Authorities of The National Health Service. The term of the
contract will be from August 1, 1984 to July 31, 1987 based on estimated
quantities. No special legal form required but each supplier will be
required to become jointly and severally responsible for the contract
before acceptance. Final date for the dispatch of invitations to tender
May 22, 1984. Final date for receipt of requests to participate March
29, 1984. Requests for tenders must be accompanied by evidence as
specified in the following articles of Directive 77/62/EEC, unless such
evidence has already been supplied to the authority: articles 22 and 23
in whole or in part, and proof that none of the circumstance set out in
article 20 applies to the tenderer. CONTACT: Supplies Officer,
Sunderland Health Authority, District General Hospital, Kayll Rd,
UK-Sunderland SR4 7TP, England. PHONE: 07 83 65 62 56. (WK 12/COMMERCE

Cattle (Ecuador). Wants cattle, Santa Gertrudis, 6-10 months of age, 150
animals, young bulls, registered purebred. Delivery by air from Miami
within 2-3 months. Quote FOB Miami, C&F Guayaquil. BANK REF: Banco
Central Del Ecuador. CONTACT: Sr. James Loaiza, Distecnica, Sucre 582 Y
Colon, Apartado 156, Loja, Ecuador. TELEX: 044114 IESLO ED. PHONE:
96-23-64. (WK 12/TOFAS 40)

Wheat flour tender (Syria). Wheat flour tender for 30,000 tons
plus/minus 5%. latest crop, without extraction of any other flour,
natural white color, untreated w/no chemicals, ash content on dry basis
.6% acceptable to .7% against a price reduction of 1% for 1/2%.
Unsoluble ash in hydrochloric acid should not to exceed 1 per 1000;
protein on dry matter (N X 5.7) should .be 10.5%, acceptable to 10%
against a price reduction of 1% per every half percent. Rate of water
absorption by farinograph should be 56% acceptable to 55% against a price
reduction of 1%. Value of valorimeter by farinograph not be less than 38
brabender units, acceptable to 37 brabender against price reduction of
1%. Acidity 3 degrees, acceptable to 3.5 degrees against a half percent
price reduction; granulation 90% min. through gauze 5XXX and 60% max.
through 12XXX; moisture 14% acceptable to 14.5% against 1% price
reduction; color shall not exceed 5 Kent-Jones units. Flour should be of
natural odor and taste, free from metallic and organic defects, live and
dead insects and their fragments and ovules, and traces of any chemicals
or any other contamination, energy 80 sq. cm, acceptable of .5% for every
sq. cm; date of extraction should not exceed 30 days. Packed in bags
sewn with labels indicating the name of the flour mill (that must be the
seller's flour mill). Date of production, quality of flour and wt of
each bag. Shipments: 1st: 15,000 tons Apr. 15 May 15; 2nd shipment May
15 June 15,'84. Bid bond, 5% confirmed by the Commercial Bank of Syria
Branch No. 4 Damascus, Syria, is required w/every offer. Inspection
shall be carried out by inspection co. nominated by buyer and paid by
seller. Documents showing the possession and the capacity and means of
production should be submitted (translated into Arabic). Number and place
of registration should be included. Documents for 3 balance sheets
81-82-83 are required to be certified and submitted. A statement showing
exported quantities in 1982 and 1983 with reference to the parties they
were exported and their respective addresses should also be submitted.
Shipping should be on vessels classified as 1st Class by Lloyds or its
equivalent not exceeding 15 yrs in age. Quotations requested CandF (Free
out or liner terms) Lattakia and Tartous Ports and FOB Port of loading.
Deadline 14:00 hrs (gmt plus 2) Tuesday April. 3, 1984. Offers should be
valid through April 4, 1984. BANK REF: Comm. Bank of Syria, Branch No.
4, Damascus. CONTACT: Director General, General Establishment for
Cereal Processing and Trade, P.O. Box 4106, Damascus, Syria. TELEX:
411027 and 411391 SY. CABLE: HOBOOB DAMASCUS. PHONE: 211021, 213201.
(WK 12/TOFAS 21)

Cola drink (W. Germany). Wants biologically pure cola drink, Grade A.
Packaging: Consumer. Quote CIF European Port. BANK REF: Kreissparkasse
Koeln, Neumarkt 18, 5000 Koeln, W. Germany. CONTACT: Mr. H. Arno
Demant, Oekoland Bioprodukt GmbH, Auf der Hedwigshoehe 23, 5064 Roesrath
3, W. Germany. PHONE: 2205-1277. (WK 12/TOFAS 20)

Soy grits (W. Germany). Wants toasted soy grits suitable for meat and
sausage processing. Quantity: approx. 100 tons. Packaging: 50-100 kg
bags. Quote FOB U.S. Port. Delivery upon suppliers' specification.
Analyses and product specifications requested. BANK REF: Deutsche Bank
AG, Adolphsplatz, 2000 Hamburg 11, W. Germany. CONTACT: Mr. Drews,
Alfred L. Wolff, Gr. Baeckerstr. 13, 2000 Hamburg 1, W. Germany.
TELEX: 213096. PHONE: 40-362971. (WK 12/TOFAS 21)

Health Foods (Japan). Wants 1,000 dollars worth of health foods,
especially cold-pressed natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C (Rose hips), bone
meal calcium, etc. for trial shipment. Best quality. Bulk packaging
and/or pre-packaged items for retail. Immediate delivery by air and
surface shipments. Quote C&F. BANK REF: Tokai Bank Hoshikaoka Branch,
Nagoya. CONTACT: Marvin Harvest, The International Index, Ltd., P.O.
Box 48, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Japan 465. CABLE: INTERDEX. PHONE: 052-775-
8727. (WK 12/TOFAS 11)

Beer (Thailand). Hilton International Hotel interested in non-alcoholic
beer to include in mini-bars and regular beverage list. Volume to be
negotiated but initial supply would be for Bangkok Hilton with
possibility of regional sales to follow. Quotations desired are CIF
Bangkok. Containerized delivery ASAP. BANK REF: The Siam Commercial
Bank, Ltd., 1060 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok 10500. CONTACT: Alain
Mahillon, General Manager, Hilton International Bangkok, 2 Wireless Road,
Bangkok 10500, Thailand. TELEX: 72206 HILBKK TH. PHONE: 251-7111.
(WK 12/TOFAS 14)

Wheat flour (Belgium). Wants wheat flour and/or comparable flour
(inexpensive) for human consumption. Quantity: 1 container/approx 15 mt
to be delivered in bags of 25-50 kg. Delivery: May 1984. Price
quotation: FOB and/or CIF/Matadi. CONTACT: Ms. Lenne M., Profac
International Import/Export, Avenue Moliere 238, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.
PHONE: 33 (2) 345 99 38. TELEX: 63176 PROFAC B. (Company has
indicated it may consider more important orders). (WK 12/TOFAS 12)

Tomato paste (Qatar). Wants Grade A tomato paste, one 20 ft container,
initial order. Packed in 70 gr cans. Delivery ASAP. Arabic label
required, carrying dates of production and expiry. Quote C&F Doha,
Qatar. CONTACT: Abdul Mohsin Al-Ali, G.M., Eagle International Trading
Co., P.O. Box 1547, Doha, Qatar. TELEX: 4069 EAGLET DH. CABLE: EAGLET
DOHA. PHONE: 435235. (WK 12/TOFAS 50)

Fresh mushrooms (France). Wants fresh mushrooms, 10 tons, premium
quality. Packed in cartons of 10 pounds. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF
Roissy Airport. BANK REF: Banque Nationale De Paris 1, Rue Colbnel
Driant 75001 Paris. CONTACT: Adrien Attal, Societe Malou, 67, Rue De
Bourgogne M.I.N. De Rungis 94581 Rungis Cedex, France. TELEX: 200
141F. PHONE: (1) 686.22-05. (WK 12/TOFAS 79)

Corn oil (Bahrain). Interested in locating U.S. manufacturers of corn
oil packaging machines. Mr. Mahmood intends to buy the corn oil in bulk
containers and pack it in retailer packs for distribution in
supermarkets. CONTACT: Khalid Mahmood, Director, Delmon Food Factory,
P.O. Box 26870, Manama, Bahrain. TELEX: 9170 SNACKS. PHONE: 259072,
234012. (WK 12/TOFAS 51)

Corn oil, soybean oil (Bahrain). Wants 6 X 20 ft bulk containers per
month of pure corn oil and 2 X 20 ft bulk containers per month of pure
soybean oil. Packed bulk for re-packaging. Quote C&F Bahrain. BANK
REF: Bank Du Caire, Bahrain Branch. CONTACT: Khalid Mahmood, Director,
Delmon Food Factory Co. W.L.L., P.O. Box 26870, Manama, Bahrain. TELEX:
9170 SNACK. CABLE: SNACK. PHONE: 259072, 234012. (WK 12/TOFAS 49)

Yellow corn (Spain). Wants yellow corn for animal feed, 10,000 at. U.S.
Grade 3, weevil free. Packaging: bulk and/or 50 kilo sacks. Quote CIF
or C&F Canary Islands. Delivery: April/May 1984. Also wants 6,000 mt
U.S. Grade 3 corn for human consumption. BANK REF: Banco Hispano
Americano (Santa Cruz De Tenerife). CONTACT: Mr. Amadeo X. Cugat Y
Bonet, Comercial Andorrana Representantes, Calle Hernandez Afonso, 6 -
Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain. TELEX: 92622 VMON E. PHONE: (22) 21 70
68. (WK 12/TOFAS 68)

Soybean meal (Spain). Wants 500-1,000 mt soybean meal 44-48% protein.
Bulk packaging. Quote CIF Tenerife. Delivery May/June 1984. BANK REF:
Banco Hispano Americano (Santa Cruz De Tenerife). CONTACT:
Mr. Amadeo X. Cugat Y Bonet, Comercial Andorrana Representantes, Calle
Hernandez Afonso, 6 Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain. TELEX: 92622 VMON
E. PHONE: (22) 21 70 68. (WK 12/TOFAS 67)

Lecithin, wheat germ oil (Taiwan). Wants powdered lecithin and edible
wheat germ oil, one mt each, high grade. Packed in iron drum. Delivery
May 1984. Quote FOB or C&F. BANK REF: Bank of America, International
Commercial Bank of China, and Bank of China. CONTACT: T. W. Chiang,
Purchase Dept., President Enterprises Corp., 301, Chung Cheng Road, Yan
Harng, Yung Kang, Taiwan. TELEX: 71348 PRESIT. PHONE: 06-253-2121.
(WK 12/STATE 1426)

Eggs (Hong Kong). Wants fresh hen eggs, 5,000 cartons monthly.
Specifications eggs of 35 grams, 40 grams, 45 grams and 50 grams, usual
export packing, 360 pieces per carton. Delivery: ASAP. Quote CIF Hong
Kong. BANK REF: Hang Seng Bank Ltd. CONTACT: Mr. H. W. Chung, Winco
Trading Co., 14/F, Golden Hill Comm. Bldg, 39-41, Argyle St., Kowloon,
Hong Kong. TELEX: 52220 FOCKS HX. PHONE: 3-918691 or 3-967736. (WK
12/TOFAS 43)

Tender for frozen boneless beef (Egypt). Tender deadline latest 1 pm,
Monday, April 2, '84 for tender No. 22 (1983/1984) for 5,000 tons
plus/minus 10% frozen boneless beef meat, compensated quarters and 5,000
tons plus/minus 10% frozen bonelss beef meat forequarters. Committee is
entitled to increase or decrease the quantity of each kind as it may find
suitable. Products shipped to arrive Egyptian Ports in one consignment
during May/June 1984 on basis of 5,000 tons monthly or according to
committees decision. Tender deadline latest 1 pm, Monday, April 2, '84
for tender No. 22 (1983/1984) for 5,000 tons plus/minus 10% frozen
boneless beef meat. Conditions and specs available at below address
against payment due fees taking into consideration ministerial decree
#1036/1978 and its amendments and #120/1982 concerning the Comm. agency.
Copy of taxation card must be coupled with the submitted offer. Quote
FOB and C&F. Offers through Egyptian agent. CONTACT: General Authority
for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, 24,
Gomhoria St., Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM-UN. CABLE: ESTRAM.
(WK 12/TOFAS 130)

Feed barely tender (Jordan). Tender for 25,000 at of feed barley (No. 2),
white or black. Closing date for bid submission is March 27, 1984. Bid
specs may be purchased for a non-refundable fee of J.D. 50. (Note: U.S.
dol 1.00 currently equals J.D. .368) from the address given below.
Specific weight: 46 lbs per bushel min.; humidity: max. 14.5%; foreign

materials: 2% max.; must be free of live insects; ordinary color and
smell. CONTACT: Mr. Haitham Haddadin, Director of Supply Section,
Jordan Cooperative Organization, P.O. Box 1343, Amman, Jordan. TELEX:
21835 ALUN JO. (WK 12/STATE 2510)

Sunflower seeds, peanuts (Nigeria). Wants 30,000 mt per year of peanuts
and sunflower seeds for oil crushing. Packed in 50 kilo bags. Delivery:
early May. All documents to be in English language. Quote C&F, Lagos.
BANK REF: First Bank of Nigeria, Marina, Lagos. CONTACT: Mr. Pal
Ganguli, A.B. Manu and Co. (Nig.) Ltd, 18 Iju Road, Ifako Agege,
Ikeja-Lagos, P.M.B. 21405, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. PHONE: (01)962613,
963897, 964059. (WK 12/TOFAS 67)

Confectionary, soft drinks, nuts (Taiwan). Wants confectionary products,
soft drinks, and nuts on container basis. Middle grades. Economic
packaging. Quote CIF and FOB Keelung. BANK REF: First Commercial Bank
and United World Chinese Commercial Bank. CONTACT: Golong Tcheng,
Yushine Trading Company, Ltd, P.O. Box 68-L083, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX:
26587 YUHSHI. PHONE: 596-6655 or 596-6681. (WK 12/TOFAS 29)

Soybean oil, sunflower seed oil (Colombia). Wants unrefined and/or
refined soybean oil, and unrefined and/or refined sunflower seed oil,
approx. 1,800 mt per year. Suitable for human consumption by the snack
industry. Packed in 55 gallon drums. Delivery April, 1984. Quality
certificate required. Quote C&F Barranquilla. BANK REF: Banco Cafetero
Sucursal Carrera 10 Calle 7. CONTACT: Graciela Moreno, Productos Eroz,
Carrera 32A No. 7-20, Apartado 23535, Bogota, Colombia. TELEX: 44982
CXDBO-CO. PHONE: 277-8391, 237-5135. (WK 12/TOFAS 72)

Canned peaches (New Zealand). Wants canned peaches in slices and halves
packed in sweetened syrup, 25,000 cartons. Full specifications to be
provided by supplier. Immediate shipment. Quote C&F Hodeidah, Yemen.
Payment by Letter of Credit. BANK REF: Bank of N.Z., P.O. Box 1461,
Christchurch. CONTACT: D. Holland, Managing Director, Export Marketing
and Management N.Z. Ltd, P.O. Box 13-622, Christchurch, New Zealand.
TELEX: N.Z. 4586 A/B CANTCOM. PHONE: 368-208. (WK 12/TOFAS 43)

Fruit juice concentrates (Barbados). Wants CIF quotes for unspecified
quantities of fruit juice concentrates. Company is setting up a fruit
canning plant and would like to make contact with suppliers of fruit
juice concentrates. BANK REF: Bank of Nova Scotia, Broad Street,
Bridgetown, Barbados. CONTACT: Ram Mirchandani, Furniture Ltd, P.O.
Box 681, Ram's Bldg, Cumberland St., Bridgetown, Barbados, W.I. TELEX:
2465 RAM UB. CABLE: "FURNITURE", BARBADOS. PHONE: 809-426-0068/68.
(WK 12/TOFAS 21)

Lemons and oranges (Syria). Wants 1,000-1,500 tons monthly of lemons
should be 5.5-7.0 cm in diameter, for delivery year round. Also wants
oranges 1,000 tons per month, Washington navel or similar variety, 8-10
cm in diameter for delivery January through May. Packed in cartons or
wooden boxes, the fruits should be waxed or wrapped in paper. Quotations
requested C&F Syrian Ports. Since this firm buys throughout the year
quotations should be supplied on a monthly basis. BANK REF: Commercial

Bank of Syria, Branch No. 5, Damascus. CONTACT: Director General, The
General Company for Fruits and Vegetables, P.O. Box 5603, Damascus,
Syria. TELEX: 411914 SY. CABLE: KHODAR. PHONE: 451495.
(WK 12/TOFAS 26)

Joint venture for fish farming (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in
commercial fish farming venture w/U.S. partnerss. Project is new,
feasibility study and other infrastructures nearing completion at Okene,
Ondo State. Objective will be to produce, process and supply fish and
fish products to supermarkets, government institutions and international
hotels in Nigeria. Partner(s) required for management, equipment
recommendation, equity participation, technical assistance and
consultancy services. Participation 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign. Total
investment about 13 million dollars. BANK REF: Societe Generale Bank,
Ltd, Broad Street Branch, Lagos. CONTACT: Dr. Farouk Abdulazeez, Aries
(Nig.) Ltd, 10 Ondo Street (W), E.B., P.O. Box 1228, Surulere, Lagos,
Nigeria. TELEX: 26924. PHONE: (01)831-309. (WK 12/TOFAS 69)

Canned dog food (Zaire). Wants canned dog food, full container lot
equally divided among chicken, liver, fish or other flavors. Standard
packaging, approximately 400-425 gms per can. Partial French language
markings preferable but not essential. Quote: FOB U.S. Port and
Free-on-Truck Johannesburg, South Africa. (Payment by Confirmed Letter
of Credit). Firms are advised to send copy of offer to:
Economic/Commercial Officer, American Embassy, Box L, APO New York 09662)
Bank ref: Accounts in firm name, and in name of F. Hazan at: Banque
Belgo-Zairoise, 1 Cantersteen, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium, and Barclays
Bank, Aiken House, Johannesburg, R.S.A. (contact Mr. Timm at Barclays).
CONTACT: Freddy Hazan, Etambo Central, 1 Ave. Mobutu, B.O. 3565,
Lubumbashi, Zaire. CABLE: ETAMBO CENTRAL Lubumbashi. (WK 12/TOFAS 385)

Dates, greenhouse production (Saudi Arabia). Large Saudi agricultural
company in formation in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia with an
authorized capital of SR 409 million (US$ 114 million) to be currently
subscribed entirely by private investors wishes to contact directly at
least five of the top American firms specializing in the following
fields: (a) complete hydroponic/greenhouse systems for large-scale
production of vegetables and flowers, (b) producers/processors of dates
in Southern California. CONTACT: Consulate General, P.O. Box 81,
APO New York 09616. TELEX: 601925 AMCON SJ. Phone: (03)891-3200.
(WK 12/STATE 673)

Rice (Nigeria). Wants 20,000 mt, U.S. No. 2 long grain rice. Packed in
50 kilo bags. Immediate delivery. All documents to be in English
language. Quote C&F, Port Harcourt. Bank ref: Pan African Bank, Port
Harcourt Headquarters Branch, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigera.
CONTACT: The General Manager, Niger Trigon Konsult, Ltd. (Division
Skan), 73, Ikwerre Road, P.O. Box 3509, Port Harcourt, Rivers State,
Nigeria. Phone: (084)331222. (WK 12/TOFAS 73)

Corn (Nigeria). Wants corn, 15,000 mt, U.S. No. 2 yellow. Packed in 50
kilo bags. Immediate delivery. All documents to be in English language.
Quote C&F, Lagos. Bank ref: Arab Bank of Nigeria, Broad Street, Lagos.
CONTACT: Mr. Ayoola Abodunrin, Yabod Ltd, 35A Glover Road, Flat 2,
Iloyl, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: (01)680663, 684906. (WK 12/TOFAS 72)

Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants soybean meal, 1,000 mt 44% or 48% protein.
Packed in suitable bags. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Egyptian Ports on
American flag ships. Bank ref: Alexandria, Cairo. CONTACT:
Eng. Adel Badawy, United Engineering Co., 103, Sabaq St, Merry Land
Bldg., Heliiiolis, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 965377. (WK 12/TOFAS 135)

Barley seed (Bahrain). Wants germination barley seed to be used as
animal feed after sprouting. Request price quotes C&F Bahrain for one 20
foot container. Packed in bags. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Bank of
Bahrain and Kuwait National Bank of Bahrain. CONTACT:
Mr. Harith H. Darwish, Al-Darwish, H. Halder, P.O. Box 272, Manama,
Bahrain. TELEX: 8653 HASSAN BN. Phone: 253178. (WK 12/TOFAS 43)

Swine production joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture
with U.S. partners) for pig farm on land located at Ilesha in Oyo State.
Objectives: to expand size of farm and increase numbers of pigs in order
to cater to the needs of hotels and supermarkets in the state.
Feasibility study and other infrastructures nearing completion.
Partner(s) required for management, equity participation, technical
assistance, raw materials supply and company specialization.
Participation 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign. Investment envisaged 3.4
million dollars. Bank ref: Nigerian Merchant Bank, Ltd, 25 N/Azikiwe
St., Lagos; and Union Bank (Nig.) Ltd, 40 Marina, Lagos. CONTACT:
Mr. Gdadebo Ademoroti, Manager/Director, Experts Construction Co., Ltd,
18, Ijaoye Street, Fadeyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. Phone: (01) 863595.
(WK 12/TOFAS 70)

Joint venture for rice farming (Nigeria). Interested in large scale
mechanized rice farming venture with U.S. partnerss. Feasibility study
and other infrastructural installations are completed. Project is
already operating on 5,000 acres of land at Ughelli in the Delta region
of Bendel State. Objectives of project will be to expand acreage and
increase milling capacity and sales outlets to include other management,
equipment recommendation, equity participation, technical assistance and
company specialization. Participation 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign.
Investment about 2.5 million dollars. Bank ref: Savannah Bank (Nig.)
Ltd, Apapa, Lagos. CONTACT: John A. Edah, Director, Solar Wheels (Nig.)
Ltd., 23 Curtis Adeniyi Jones Close, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone:
830251. (WK 12/TOFAS 66)

Farming joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture with U.S.
partners) in a large-scale farming project for the production of
livestock, corn, fruits and other food crops. A total of 3,500 acres of
land is available at Enugu in Anambra State. Feasibility study completed
for new start-up project. Partner(s) will be required for management,
equipment recommendation, equity participation, technical assistance, raw
materials supply and company specialization. Consultancy services will
also be required at a later date. Participation 60% Nigerian and 40%
foreign. Investment about 25 million dollars. Bank ref: Cooperative
and Commercial Bank, Ltd., Ikot-Ekpene Road, Aba, Imo State. CONTACT:
Mr. R. N. Nnamani, Managing Director, Enitona (Nig.) Ltd, P.O. Box 148,
Aba, Imo State, Nigeria. CABLE: ENITONA. Phone: (082)220220, 220222.
(WK 12/TOFAS 64)

Foreign Market Developments:

German Market Survey on Dehydrated and Frozen Foods: The Agricultural
Trade Office in Hamburg, Germany contracted with a German firm to conduct
a market survey on dehydrated and frozen prepared meals and soups in West

The 77 page study includes research on those products, as well as
production and import data, market prices, marketing channels, interviews
with the trade and consumer survey.

A supplement to the study listing of packers, importers and retailers
from the German Frozen Food Institute will also be included.

Since the study is copyrighted prior written approval must be obtained
for the publication of any summaries, abstracts or partial reproduction.

Copies of this are available at a cost of $7.70. If you are interested,
please send your request along with a check or money order made payable
to FAS/USDA in the amount of $7.70 to: Robert E. Mannion, Assistant to
the Assistant Administrator, Commodity and Marketing Programs, Foreign
Agricultural Service, Room 4944-South, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D.C. 20250.

The Canadian Tariff Board will hold public hearings on Agricultural
Chapters 1 to .24 of the draft conversion of the Canadian Customs Tariff
to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. The hearings
will:commence at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday, June 19, 1984 in the Tariff
Board's Court Room, 20th Floor, 365 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario.

Requests for further information should be addressed to: W. L. Posthumus,
Executive Director, Reference Branch, The Tariff Board, Ottawa KlA 0G7,
telephone: (613) 996-8541.

U.S. Foods Exhibit Section of the Food and Food Equipment Show Taiwan,
June 26-28, 1984. The United States food and agricultural industry is
hereby informed that, as part of the continuing efforts to increase the
sale and consumption of U.S. foods and agricultural products overseas,
the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) through the American Institute in
Taiwan (AIT), will sponsor a U.S. Foods Exhibit in Taiwan. This
promotion of U.S. food products will be directed toward retailers,
wholesalers, the hotel/restaurant, new-to-market firms, institutional
trade, and their suppliers, on the basis of advice from the Agricultural
Officer, the following U.S. products should be of primary interest to the
food trade in Taiwan: canned and fresh fruits and vegetables, ginseng
products (natural and cultivated); health food items; canned abalone;
coffee and creamer (non-dairy); cheese and long life milk; baby foods;
cereals; dried fruits and nuts; canned juices and soft drinks; snack and
confectionary items; dried peas and beans; wine-institutional market
(limited); beef-institutional market (limited).

NOTE: Import of the following items is prohibited: chicken meat; organ
(variety) meats; fresh pears; peanuts; and squid.

The Taiwan market shows excellent market potential. U.S. exporters will
have an opportunity to demonstrate and promote their food products to the
Taiwanese trade. FAS will accept participation agreements on a graduated
first-come, first-served basis until April 27, 1984. Participation fees
must accompany the application for exhibit space. For further
information contact: Levi L. Turner, Trade Exhibit Director, Export
Programs Division, Room 4944-S, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250, telephone: (202)

For Your Information:

John A. Glew has retired March 2, 1984, from the Foreign Agricultural
Service (FAS) of the USDA. Since returning from his last foreign
assignment over 6 years ago, John has served as the State/Trade
Coordinator for Foreign Market Development. He plans to remain in the
Washington D.C. area and become engaged in market, development activities
in the private sector. John wishes to express his appreciation to all
of the non-FAS representatives involved in foreign market development
with whom he had the pleasure of working over the ;ears.


The tradeletter, CONTACTS for U.S. Farm Products, is an export promotion
service offered FREE by the Foreign Agricultural Service to help American
companies introduce agricultural products to foreign markets. The
CONTACTS provides names and addresses of U.S. suppliers and a brief
description of the agricultural products they offer to potential foreign

CONTACTS is designed to help publicize the availability of U.S.
agricultural products and services in foreign markets. The CONTACTS
tradeletter will allow a U.S. supplier to advertise their product or
service in a free 100 word or less trade announcement. The newsletter is
transmitted overseas monthly to our Agricultural Officers where they
distribute it to agricultural importers. In addition, the newsletter is
translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Greek. If you
would like to participate in this program contact the marketing
representative with your State Department of Agriculture, or call (202)
447-7103 for further information on how to participate in the CONTACTS
program. While preference for participation in this program is given to
new-to-market products and new-to-export firms, all firms are invited to


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service
can provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential

foreign food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases have been
under development for the last three years and are being constantly
updated. For a nominal service charge we can provide you with the names,
addresses, telephone numbers and telex numbers of domestic exporters or
potential foreign importers for a wide range of commodities. If you
would like more information please write to the address below and
indicate your preference for foreign or domestic data. In supplying the
mailing lists, the Department of Agriculture and the Foreign Agricultural
Service does not guarantee reliability of the domestic suppliers or
foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 447-7103


In an effort to provide our subscribers with more comprehensive
information we have included a listing of several divisions of the
Foreign Agricultural Service. If you have a commodity-specific question
concerning a marketing or analytical related problem please contact the
specific Commodity and Marketing Programs division for assistance. If
you are concerned about trade issues such as product acceptance in a
country or a trade policy related question please contact the appropriate
division in International Trade Policy.




Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division 6616-S 447-8031
Grain and Feed Division 5603-S 447-4168
Horticultural and Tropical Products Division 6603-S 447-6590
Oilseeds and Products Division 5646-S 447-7037
Tobacco, Cotton and Seeds Division 5932-S 382-9516
Forest Products Staff 4554-S 382-8138


Trade Policy Planning and Analysis Division 5530-S 382-1312
Inter-America and Western Europe Division 5506-S 382-1338
Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe Division 5548-S 382-1289


USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service issues regular reports on the supply and demand situation for commodities around
the world.

HOW TO ORDER: Check the title of each circular you wish to order. Remit a check for the total amount payable to
the Foreign Agricultural Service. Only checks on US. banks, cashier's checks, or international money orders will be
accepted in payment. NO REFUNDS CAN BE MADE. Mail this form to: Foreign Agricultural Service
Information Division
Room 4644-South Building
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

Domestic Foreign
Mailing Mailing

10022 COCOA (2 isue) S 3.00 $ 4.00
10003 COFFEE (3 iMue) 5.00 10.00
10004 COTTON (12 iues) 20.00 30.00

10005 EXPORT TRADE & PROSPECTS (6 issues) 14.00 22.00
10006 MEAT & DAIRY MONTHLY IMPORTS (12 issues) 20.00 25.00
10007 DAIRY SITUATION (2 isus) 3.00 4.00
10008 LIVESTOCK & POULTRY SITUATION (2 issues) 4.00 7.00
10009 ALL 24 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 41.00 58.00

___10010 WORLD GRAIN SITUATION & OUTLOOK (18 isue) 31.00 45.00
10011 EXPORT MARKETS FOR U.S. GRAIN (12 iues) 20.00 30.00
10013 USSR GRAIN SITUATION & OUTLOOK (12 iues) 15.00 20.00
__10014 ALL 42 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 66.00 96.00

10015 HORTICULTURAL PRODUCTS (12 issues) 20.00 30.00
10016 OILSEEDS & PRODUCTS (14 isues) 30.00 45.00
10017 SEEDS (4 isue) 9.00 15.00
__ 10018 SUGAR, MOLASSES & HONEY (4 issues) 7.00 11.00
10019 TEA, SPICES & ESSENTIAL OILS (3 issues) 5.00 7.00
10020 TOBACCO (12 isses) 25.00 40.00
10021 WORLD CROP PRODUCTION (12 isaes) 18.00 25.00



NAME (Last, first, middle initial)





FAS-829 (Rev. 2-84)


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3 1262 08522 1884
PERM No. G-262

00440 C C 0000 B 10040



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return the whole sheet and/or envelope to:
U.S. Department.of Agriculture
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