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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other govemment reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the Irade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads ts he listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. (202) 447.7103.


-r "' ... ". January 28, 1983

0111 Grocery items (Colombia). Wants canned foods, cooking oils, shortening,
beer, soft drinks, and general grocery line. Quantity is negotiable.
Standard to high quality. Packaging for export consumer sizes. Delivery
ASAP. Quotations C&F San Andres Islands, Colombia. Bank ref: Bank of
American International of Florida, Miami, and Banco Popular, San Andres
Islas. CONTACT: Jorge Vargas G., Importaciones Del Caribe, P.O. Box 184 and
989, San Andres Island, Colombia. TELEX: 40-113 CASAI-CO. ATTENTION JORGE

0112 Rice tender (Syria). The Foreign Trade Organization for Chemicals and
Foodstuffs (GEZA) has not purchased any rice against the January 11, 1983
tender for 20,000 tons of 5% broken rice. GEZA has issued a new tender for
20,000 tons of maximum 6% broken rice for March & April 1983 shipment with
February 8, 1983 closing date. CONTACT: The Foreign Trade Organization for
Chemical and Foodstuffs, Syria. TELEX: 411009 and 411370 SY GEZA.

0113- Fruits and vegetables (W. Germany). Wants canned & frozen fruits and
0115 vegetables. Frozen cannelloni, gnocchi, tortellini, lasagne, pizza, crepes
with various fillings. Quantity 40' container (reefer). Packaging: 10 x 1,
4 x 2.5, 1 x 10 kg sacks. Quotations CIF Hamburg. Delivery year-round.
Bank ref: Commerzbank Ag, Postfach 50 03 20, 2000 Hamburg 50. CONTACT:
Ruediger Horns, Vegafrost Im-u. Export GMBH, Gr. Elbstr. 133, Postfach
501580, 2000 Hamburg 50, W. Germany. TELEX: 212 564 (to be passed to
Vegafrost). Phone: 40-3800697.

0116 Cherries (W. Germany). Wants red sour pitted cherries, 30-40,000 cartons,
Grade C or better. Packaging in 6 No. 10 cans per carton. Quotations C&F
North Sea port. Delivery from beginning of harvest. Firm is interested in
representing U.S. firms for the South German area. Bank ref: Bayerische
Hypotheken & Wechselbank, Ludwigstr. 5, 8900 Augsburg. CONTACT: Mr. Wimmer,
Otto Franck Import, Frohsinnstr. 8, Postfach 10 16 07, 8900 Augsburg, W.
Germany. TELEX: 53792/53793. Phone: 821-30066.

0117- Flaxseed, health foods (W. Germany). Wants medicinal herbs, roots, leaves,
0118 flowers, etc; yellow flaxseed. Quantity: different, according to commodity.

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricullural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington, D.C. 20250.

Packaging in bales or sacks. Quotations U.S. C&F Hamburg. Bank ref:
Deutsche Bank Ag, Heidenkampsweg 74, 2000 Hamburg 1. CONTACT: Horst
Mueggenburg, Paul Mueggenburg, Wandalenweg 24, 2000 Hamburg 1, W. Germany.
TELEX: 2163 082. Phone: 40-24 15 41.

0122 Skim milk tender (Israel). Wants 500 mt, medium heat, kosher for passover,
skim milk powder certified by local Rabbinate or Rabbinical Court, to arrive
at an Israeli port by end of February 1983; 500 mt, low heat, to arrive at an
Israeli port by March 16, 1983. Firm offers to be submitted to Dairy Board
Office by 10 am, January 26, 1983, valid until January 27, 1983. CONTACT:
Israel Dairy Board, 2 Kaplan St., Tel Aviv 64734, Israel. TELEX: 341118
BXTV-EXT 5188.

0123 Popcorn (France). Wants popcorn, 40 tons per month, first quality. Packed
in cartons of 12 kilos. Delivery ASAP. Labelling in French if possible.
Quotations CIF Coionou (Benin). Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, 108, Rue Patay,
75013 Paris. CONTACT: Mr. Amar, Societe Arci, 79,.Rue Des Plantes, 75014
Paris, France. TELEX: 250 018F AREXPOR. Phone: (1) 539-75-49.

0124 Turkey, turkey rumps and wings (France). Wants turkey rumps and turkey
wings, 40 tons per month, first quality. Packed in cartons of 12 kilos.
Delivery ASAP. Labeling in French if possible. Quotations CIF Cotonou
(Benin). Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, 108, Rue Patay, 75013 Paris. CONTACT:
Mr. Amar, Societe Arci, 79, Rue Des Plantes, 75014 Paris, France. TELEX: 250
018F AREXPOR. Phone: (1) 539-75-49.

0127 Honey bees (Japan). Wants honey bees (improved American species of Italian
line), about 5,000 to 10,000 swarms of bees per year. A swarm consists of
one Queen bee, 100 to 200 male bees and 10,000 working bees. Appropriate
packaging method for air shipment. Immediate delivery. Quotations C&F.
Bank ref: Norin Chuo Kinko, Tokyo Branch. CONTACT: Meiju Kiuchi, Tozai
Sangyo Boeki K.K., 2-15-9, Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX:
2223101-EASTBO. Phone: (03) 254-4211.

0128 Radish seeds (Japan). Wants radish seeds, three mt per year. Require
long-type radish with green portion on the upper part, known as
"Aokubi-Daikon" in Japanese. Sample and specific information required.
Appropriate packaging for export by air shipment. Immediate delivery.
Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Takatsuki Branch. CONTACT:
Torasaburo Tsuruta, Pres., Tsuruta Shubyo .K.., Ohmiyama, Kawakami-Mura,
Minami-Saku-Gun, Nagano-Ken, Japan. Phone: (02679) 7-3211.

0129 Lobsters, stone crabs, king crabs (Japan). Wants live and frozen lobsters,
600-1,000 monthly; frozen claws of stone crabs, 8,000-16,000 monthly; and
live king crabs, 1,000 monthly. Frozen lobster and claws of stone crabs must
be boiled before frozen. Samples and specific information required.
Appropriate packaging for institutional use. Immediate delivery. Quotations
FOB. Bank ref: Hyogo Sogo Bank, Umeda Branch, Osaka. CONTACT: Mikihiko
Nagasawa, Okura Jitsugyo Co., Ltd., c/o Benten Bldg., 4-15, Doyama-Cho,
Kita-Ku, Osaka, Japan. Phone: (06) 314-0180.

0130- Vegetable seed, flower seed, popcorn (W. Germany). Wants agricultural seeds,
0133 vegetable and flower seeds, popcorn. Packaged in paper or jute sacks (25

kg). Quotations CIF or FOB. Delivery date: November/January. Bank ref:
Dresdner Bank Ag, Pathenaustr, 3000 Hannover 1. CONTACT: Rudolf Vogel, Carl
Wilh. Carvens CMBI}, Eichelkampstr. 35, 3000 Hannover 1, W. Germany. TELEX:
q22637. Phone: 511-8610h6.

0114 Corn (Fgypt). Invitation for bid No. CASC/45-83/APE for 100,000 mt of U.S.
No. 2 or better yellow corn in bulk to be shipped March, 1983. Commodity to
be financed under A.I.D. Grant 263-K-b04. Bid opening will be February 17,
1983 at 3:30 pm Washington, D.C. time. A copy of the invitation for bid
including specs, terms & conditions may be obtained by written request
accompanied by a check, cash, or money order in the amount of $10.00 payable
to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Requests should be addressed
to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Commercial & Economic Office,
2232 Massachusetts Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008. Phone: (202) 265-9111.
Please assure that your complete business address, city, state, zip code &
phone number are included in your request. Purchaser is the General
Authority for Supply Commodities, 24, Goumhoria Street, Cairo, A.R.E.

0135 Ham (Japan). Wants raw ham, 2 to 3 mt per year. Sample and specific
information required. Appropriate packaging for retail purposes. Immediate
delivery by air shipment. Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Sanwa Bank, Kyobashi
Branch. CONTACT: Takayoshi Nakajima, Deputy Sales Manager, Omachi Trading
Co., Ltd., c/o Tokyo Gas Bldg., 9-15, 7-Chome, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
TELEX: 02522039 OMACHIJ. Phone: (03) 571-3141.

0136 Dried fruits, apple dices, fruit cocktail (Switzerland). Wants dried fruits:
apricot, banana, fig, prune, etc., irregular cuts of 6-8 grams each.
Complete or combined container loads. Top quality, sulphured and/or not
sulphured. Also wants rolled apple dices, apple dices and apple flakes, low
moisture, 10 mt, unsulphured and fruit cocktail, (I.Q.F.--peach, pear, grape,
pineapple, cherry, or any other mixture), 40 ft. container loads, best
quality. Packaging for all: bulk, exact size and weight per pack to be
indicated. Quotations FOB or C&F European Port. Bank ref: Swiss Bank
Corp., Aarau. CONTACT: Hanspeter Salinger, Zano Ag., P.O. Box 20,
Unterenteelden, Switzerland. TELEX: 982 192 ZANO CH. Phone: 064-43 62 52.

0137 Orange juice (Netherlands). Wants frozen concentrated orange juice, 300 mt
in bulk. Quotations C&F Rotterdam. Bank ref: Slavenburg Rotterdam.
CONTACT: J. A. De Hoog, F.T.R., P.O. Box 53019, 3008 HA Rotterdam,
Netherlands. TELEX: 20460. Phone: 010/230232.

0138 Goats & sheep (Taiwan). Leading importer specialized in importing livestock
and poultry for selling to local farms. In need of 300 head dairy goats and
100 head of sheep (for meat purpose) urgently, requires 300 head of dairy
goats and 100 head of meat breed sheep. Breeds preferred for goats are
Saanen, Tonggenburg, Alpine, and breeds of sheeps are Black Belly, Suffolk,
and Southdown. Background data on breeding and performance register and
photographs of offered animals desired. Some preference for young animals.
Send quote F.O.B. specified airport indicating details on weight of each
animal, age, pregnancy, sex, etc. CONTACT: M. N. Chiou, Yeong Shing
Agricultural Co. Ltd, P.O. Box 10615, Taipei, Taiwan. Cable: "YEOSHIAGRI"
TAIPEI. Phone: (02) 3939381.

0139- Millet, canary seeds, wheat bran (Belgium). Wants 4 containers monthly of
0141 millet, 1 container per month of canary seed, and 200 mt per month of wheat
brn. Packaged in bulk. Delivery ASAP. Quotation CIF Antwerp. Bank ref:
General Bankmaatschappij/Aalst. CONTACT: J. P. Duchatelet, N. V. Duc,
Vitseroel 60, 1740 Ternat, Belgium. TELEX: 25650 DUC NV BUM. Phone: 02/582
22 07.

0142 Soybean seed & inoculant (Ecuador). Wants 1,200-1,500 mt of soybean seed and 0
inoculant for 80,000 bushels of soybeans. Variety of seeds: Jupiter;
inoculant: Nitragin. Packaging: seeds: 5 ply kraft paper bags with 25 kilos
net weight. Inoculant: bags with 8 bushels net weight. Delivery late March
1983. Seeds: 80% min. germination; 12% moisture content; 2% foreign material
max.; phytosanitary certificates and seed certification. Inoculant: 1 year
duration. Quotations FOE referential and C&F Guayaquil, inoculant could be
partially by air. Bank ref: Banco Nacional De Fomento, Roca 641, Quito,
Ecuador. Phone: 544-444. CONTACT: Ing. Jorge Ibarra, Emsemillas, Apartado
5146 CCI, Quito, Ecuador. TELEX: 2794 PEMEX ED. Phone: 451-376 (Home),
550-066 Metro Quito Receptor 903.

0413 Cigars (Thailand). Wants U.S. cigars, quantity to be negotiated. Medium
grade. Quotations to be negotiated. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Siam City
Bank, Bangkok. CONTACT: K. Khomsan, Thailand Liquor Distributors Co., 321/4
Soi Lilanut, Ekamai Rd., Bangkok 10 110, Thailand. Cable: LIDISTBKK.

0144 Cottonseed (Hong Kong). Wants cottonseed, 1,000 mt per month, top to average
grade, usual export packing. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Hong Kong & alsc
Taiwan. Bank ref: Union Bank of Hong Kong Ltd. CONTACT: Cecil Lam, Sun
Cheong Trading Co., Rm. 902, Gold & Silver Commercial Bldg., 12-18 Mercer
St., Hong Kong. TELEX: 61639 ESHKL. Phone: 5-451277.

0145- Fruits & vegetables (Singapore). Wants seasonal fresh fruits & vegetables
0147 (asparagus, avocados, cherries, strawberries, etc), two air containers per
week, packed in cartons. Prompt delivery. Quotations C&F Singapore
airfreight. Bank ref: United Overseas Bank, Beach Road, Singapore 0719.
CONTACT: R. Ang, Purveyors (S) PTE Ltd., 07-02 Yi Guang Building, 180 Paya 1:;
Lebar Road, Singapore 1440. TELEX: RS 37164 RTSSIN. Phone: 7489033.

0148- Edible nuts, grocery items (Singapore). Wants natural almonds, other
0149 processed and natural nuts, and canned foodstuffs (supermarket items),
container loads. Prompt delivery. Quotations C&F Singapore. Bank ref:
Development Bank of Singapore, Bedok Branch, 707, Block 210 New Upper Changi
Road, Singapore 1646. CONTACT: Mustaq Ahamed Adam, Adam Marking Systems, 52
Katong Shopping Center, Mountbattern Road, Singapore 1543. TELEX: RS 50031 5i
CEEVDS. Phone: 3456787 & 3456795.

0150 Turn key fish farm operation (Saudi Arabia). A Saudi firm, has been granted
a license and 1200 square meters of land by the Ministry of Agriculture to
establish a fish farm with a production capacity of up to 500 tons annually.
Al-Wiam is looking for U.S. firms which might be interested in implementing
this project on a turn-key basis. For further details, interested firms
should contact firm below ASAP. CONTACT: Abdul Kareem Taib, Gen. Mgr.,
Jameel Islam, Commercial Mgr., Al-Wiam Est., P.O. Box 7235, Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia. TELEX: 203031 WIAM SJ. Phone: 4030332.

0151 Brahman heifers (Ecuacor). Wants heifers, 100 head, registered Brahman
heifers. Delivery by airplane within 6 months. Heifers should be 6 to 12
months old. Quotations FOB Miami. Bank ref: Banco Popular Del Ecuador, Av.
Amazonas 648 Y Ramirez Davalos, Quito, Ecuador. CONTACT: Ing. Edward H.
Pena, Sud Pacific Agroindustrias Co. Ltda., Calle Bolivar 203, Casilla 2338,
Quito, Ecuador. TELEX: INSUD 2338. Phone: 218-962.

0152 Processed foodstuffs (Fiji). Small Fiji supermarket desires American food
stuffs & non-food items. Market serves both local residents & transient
tourist community. Euyer needs supplier who can provide wide range of
products in single consolidated shipment. Past efforts to import U.S.
products have failed due to lack of interest by U.S. firms dealing in small
lot quantities and high cost of shipping. Suggest interested suppliers
forward catalogs and price lists quoted CIF Port of Lautoka & Port of Suva.
West coast embarkation may prove most competitive. CONTACT: I. L.
Purshottam, Mgr. Dir., P Makanji & Sons Ltd., P.O. Box 16, Sigatoka 16,
Fiji. Phone: 50281. Cable: MAKANJI.

153 Turnkey poultry farm operation (Egypt). Supply and installation on a turnkey
basis of complete fully automatic poultry farm for the production of 22
million table eggs per annum. Price quotations requested CIF Alexandria.
U.S. companies interested in supplying and installing the required equipment
for this farm requested to give name and address of similar poultry farm
which it had installed anywhere in Egypt or in any neighboring country. The
Egyptian distribution center owns and operates a poultry farm near Alexandria
and are interested in renovating and expanding production. Contact: Galal
Saad, President, The Egyptian Distribution Center, Abdel Khalek Sarwat,
Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 756334. Cable: SIASBOSS, CAIRO.

154 Citus pulp (Portugal). Wants citrus pulp in pellets about 70,000 tons.
Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Banco Espirito Santo, Lisbon. Contact:
Fernando Caldeira, Tagol, Av. Republica, 44-7, 1000 Lisbon, Portugal.
Telex: 14187 TAGOL P. Phone: 767521/22/23.

155 Fig paste (Belgium). Wants paste made from figs. Deliveries of 20,000 kilos
each. Figs without pits, last crop, degree of humidity 20 to maximum of 24.
Packages of 15 kilos. Delivery on a 3 to 4 week basis. Quotations
CIF/Antwerp. Bank ref: Kredietbank, Herentals (413-2063331-04). Contact:
D. Steyaert, Purchasing Manager, or L. Wastijn, Purchaser, General Biscuits
Belgie, N.V., De Beukelaer, Pareinlaan 1, B-2410 Herentals, Belgium. Telex:
GEBEBE 32412. Phone: 014/24.12.11. Cable: GEBEBE HERENTALS.

156 Egg white (Japan). Wants frozen egg white, one container load per month.
Sample and specific information required. Packed in cans, 30 Ibs. to a can.
Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Fuji
Bank, Shizuoka Branch, and Tokai Bank, Shizuoka Branch. Contact: Kenji
Jinno, Manager, Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd., 24-25, Tenma-Cho, Shizuoka-Shi,
Japan. Telex: 3962-266 TDK J. Phone: 0542(53) 1181-9. Cable: "TDK"

157 Beef cattle (Venezuela). Wants Chianina beef cattle, 100 pregnant animals
with second calf. Best available in Southern U.S. Delivery October 1983.
Health certificate required. Quotations for Miami, New Orleans. Bank ref:

Banco Del Caribe, Banco Italo Venezolano. Contact: Franco Perucca,
Agricola Del Sipao S.A., Edif. Las Luisas, Apartamento 11-E Piso 11, Av.,
Francisco de Miranda, Chacao, Apartado 68443, Caracas 1060-A, Venezuela.
Phone: 31-1540/39-1183.

0158 Vitamin tablets (Japan). Wants Vitamin A, 500,000 to 1,000,000 tablets.
Sample and specific information required. Packed in appropriate containers
for institutional use. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations
CIF. Bank ref: Fuji Bank, Mejiro Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Toshiyasu
Onozawa, Kowa Ltd., 32-10, Mejiro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo. Phone: (03) 952-0131.

0159 Turkey poults (Peru). Wants turkey poults, 3,000 possible additional
shipments, heavy breed type. Packed in cartons for immediate delivery.
Sanitary certificate required. Quotations C&F by plane. Bank ref: Banco
Wiese, Jr., Cuzco 245, Lima 1, Peru; Banco Agrario, Jr. A. Wiese 543, lima 1,
Peru; Cancoper, Av. Nicolas de Pierola 1065, Lima 1, Peru. Contact: Luis
Salas Samanez, Jr., Risso 147, lince, Peru. Phone: 71-8337.

Foreign Market Development:

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As required
of all signatories to the GATT Standards Code, the following notifications of,
foreign proposed standards-related rules have been provided for the
information and comment of interested agencies and firms. The Technical
Office invites inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the proposed
regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade problem.
Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical Office, Room
5530, South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone (202)
382-1318. Anyone interested in commenting on the proposals should include
the TBT Notification Number in their communication.

Japan TBT Notification No. 83.8 The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries has proposed an amendment to the Standard for Animal
Biological Products for ensuring efficiency and safety of the swine
erysipelas dried vaccine. The amendment would provide that: (1) Strains
used for production is limited to acriflavine-fast-koganei 65-0.15 strain of
attenuated erysipelothrix insidiosa, (2) Seed strain is cultured directly,
and (3) In "dose and route of administration", the injection volume is
amended to 1 ML from 3 ML and injection site is prescribed as "subcutis of
pigs". The objective and rationale for this proposal is for ensuring
efficiency and safety of the vaccine. Final date for comments is 2/28/83.



IIIIIIIIIII I III I 1111 111111111111111111
3 1262 08536 7216


PERMIT No. G-262

00440 C C 0000 B 1C040 0001

If your address should be changed PRINT
OR TYPE the new oddre,. including ZIP CODE and
return the whole sheet and/or envelope to
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington. D.C. 20250
11111~ ~ ii i


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