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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS.( 102)447 7103

March 18, 1983
'.F.[ S.- Univ ., :..

0575- Quail (Mexico). Wants quail (Faraona variety), 1,500 females and 500 males,
0576 four weeks of age, for breeding purposes. Packaging for air freight.
Delivery August 1983. Quotations FOB International Airport in Mexico. Bank
ref: Banco Nacional De Comercio Exterior. CONTACT: DR. Braulio Hernandez
Galera, Direccion General De Ganaderia, Sarh, Lope De Vega 125, Mexico, D.
F., Mexico. TELEX: 1775888 SARHME. Phone: (905) 531-6929. (9, 0055)

0577- Exotic plant, flowers (Ivory Coast). Wants exotic plants, cut flowers &
0579 anthurium 500-1000 kg by air only. First choice, small & medium stems.
Packed in 10 to 15 kg cartons. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Societe Generale
De Banques. CONTACT: Joseph Dagher, Societe J & E Dagher, 01 B.P. 792,
Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast. TELEX: 2388. Phone: 32-20-65/32-77-29. (9, 0030)

0580 Oak wood (Ireland). Product: Sawn White and Red Oak, random lengths 3" x 6"
or wider, 2" x 6" or wider, 1.5" x 6" or wider and 1" x 6" or wider, 4
containers per 3 month period. Quality: firsts and seconds (FAS) plus some
comsel. Packaging: containerized. Delivery April onwards. Quotations. CIF
Dublin, Ireland including commission. Bank ref: on request. CONTACT:
Eamonn Farrell/Peter Craig, Dorman Timber Agencies (Ireland) Limited, 82
Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. TELEX: 25522 DRMN El. Phone:
303099. (9, 0020

0581- Guinea hen (Mexico). Wants Guinea hen (Pearl variety), 1,200 females and 250
0582 males, for breeding recently hatched. Packaging for air freight. Delivery
July 1983. Quotations FOB International Airport in Mexico. Bank ref: Banco
Nacional De Comercio Exterior. CONTACT: Dr. Braulio Hernandez Galera,
Direccion General De Ganaderia, Sarh, Lope De Vega 125, Mexico, D.F.,
Mexico. TELEX: 1775888 SARHME. Phone: 531-6929. (9, 0054)

0583- Alfalfa seed (Greece). Wants alfalfa seed, quantity will be defined at a
0584 later stage. USDA standards. Packed in bags 25-100 kgs. Delivery Port of
Thessaloniki. Quotations CIF Thessaloniki. Bank ref: National Bank of
Greece, Branch 207, Thessaloniki. CONTACT: Basil Sourvanos, Basil
Sourvanos, S.A., 5, Amvrosiou Str., Thessaloniki, Greece. Phone: (031)
527598, (031) 528542. (9, 0028)

Isued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 Soulh Building. Washinglon. D.C. 20250

0585 Softwoods (Ireland). Wants Sawn softwoods, random lengths (8 feet to 24
feet) in thickness of 3, 1.75 and 1.375 inches by 9, 7, 6, 4.5 and 4 inches,
12.5 standard lots up to 200 standards per 3 months. Quality: Nlga grading
75% No. 1, 25% No. 2. Packaging: Containerized. Delivery April onwards.
Quotations CIF Dublin, Ireland including commission. Bank ref: on request.
CONTACT: Eamonn Farrell/Peter Craig, Dorman Timber Agencies (Ireland),
Limited, 82 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. TELEX: 25522 DRMN El.
Phone: 303099. (9, 0021)

0586- Skins (Italy). Wants raw or wet blue skins, quantity, quality and packaging
0587 to be determined. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Banca Popolare Di Vicenza,
36071 Arzignano, Vicenza. CONTACT: Maurizio Stocchero, Conceria 2000 SNC Di
Peretti D.E.C, Via Valchiampo, 36050 Zermeghedo, Vicenza, Italy. Phone:
0444-685051. (9, 0016)

0588 Douglas fir (Spain). Wants Douglas fir, 2,000 cubic meters. Type: logs and
planks. Quotations FOB & CIF (U.S. port). Delivery as soon as possible.
Firm would like to receive quotations directly from producers. Also would
like to establish contact with U.S. producers not represented in Spain. Bank
ref: Santander & Exterior De Espana. CONTACT: Angel Lizan, Tecnopro Export,
Jai-Alai, 5, Valencia 10, Spain. TELEX: 64560 SEYM E. Phone: (96) 362 6961.
(9, 0054)

0589- Green peas, alfalfa pellets, margarine, lard (Chile). Wants 200 tons whole
0595 green peas in bags; 4,000 tons alfalfa in pellets, 6 mm, 8 mm and 30 mm, in
bulk; 50 tons top quality margarine in 10 kg boxes, 40 packages of 240 grams;
5,000 tin cans of approx. 17 kg lard. Quotes CIF, C&F, FOB. Bank ref:
Banco Del Trabajo, Bandera 102, Banco Morgan Finansa, Moneda 843, Banco Sud
Americano, Morande 226, Santiago. CONTACT: Eduardo Menichetti Fuente, C.A.
Menichetti Fuente S.A.I., Americo Vespucio Sur 4455, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile.
TELEX: 240579 MEFUS CL. Phone: 221-3021, 221-1420. (9, 0068)

0596- Joint venture piggery, cassava processing & integrated poultry farming
0597 (Nigeria). Nigerian co. interested in joint venture w/ U.S. partner (s) in a
joint venture for piggery, cassava processing & integrated poultry farming,
including a feedmill, at Okuajomata Flume junction in Warri/Sapele, Bendel
State. Partner (s) will be required for equipment recommendation, tech.
asst., raw materials supply & company specialization. Will provide land and
management, as share of equity, and the foreign partner will provide the
finances necessary for this project which will be approximately 240,000
dollars initially for phases 1 & 2. A feasibility study has been made. Bank
ref: New Nigeria Bank, Ltd., Warri, Bendel State. CONTACT: Stephen N.
Ejomah, Agbameni Farms, Care No. 22 Ometan Street, Warri, Bendel State,
Nigeria. (10, 0042)

0598 Winter turf seed (Japan). Wants "Winter Turf" seeds of any kinds, for turf
that grows and remains green in winter time, approx. 1 ton, good quality.
Samples desired to confirm qualification and marketability. Quotations C&F
Moji. Bank ref: Fukuoka Bank, Head Office, 13- Tenjin 2-Chome, Chuo-Ku,
Fukuoka City 810 Japan. CONTACT: Eiichi Shimada, Section Chief, Inoueki Co.,
Ltd., 6-18 Tenya-Machi, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka City 812-91, Japan. TELEX:


722731. Phone: 092-271-0001. (10, 0081)

0599- Health foods (Taiwan). Wants health foods (dietetic foods). Quantity to be
0600 specified. Quality as per manufacturers' specifications. Packaging as per
manufacturers' requirements. Requests manufacturers', company brochures, and
promotional materials. Quotation FOB. Bank ref: Citibank, Taipei Branch;
Cooperative Bank of Taiwan, Cheng Tong Branch; Hua-Nan Commercial Bank, Cheng
Tong Branch, Taipei. CONTACT: Karl Chen, Asst. Manager, Int'l Dept.,
Lynnbros Industrial Co., Ltd., 9th Fl. 129, Ssung-Chiang Rd., Taipei,
Taiwan. TELEX: 21548 LYNNBROS. Phone: (02) 511-1271. (10, 1343)

0601- Carnation seedlings (Syria). Requests 20,000-50,000 carnation seedlings,
0602 first grade, certified, registered, free of virus, fungus and bacterial
diseases. Flower color: red, pink and white. Quotations requested as soon
as possible for all the quantity delivered at Damascus Airport before June
15, 1983. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Syria Branch No. 5, Damascus, Syria.
CONTACT: Haytham Maleh, Center of Agricultural Products, P.O. Box 4155. c/o
Faat Co., Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 411840 DEVELO SY. Phone: 118100
Damascus. (10, 0042

0603 Logs (Hong Kong). Wants logs (Douglas fir or American pine), quantity not
decided yet. Quality: 80-90% B or 2nd grade, 10-20% C or 3rd grade.
Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F $400/1000 BD ft. to port of Chin Huang Tao
(this port can handle ships only up to 20,000 tons). Bank ref: Bank of
China. CONTACT: Peter Lo, Manager, Ed'Winns Trading Company, Rm. 1808, K.C.
Building, 119-121 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong. TELEX: 63193 JBENN
HX. Phone: 5-433862 or 5-445644. (10, 0051)

0604- Vegetable oils, tallow (Egypt). Wants to establish contacts with suppliers of
0606 vegetable oils and tallow. Company participates in GOE tenders. Bulk and
sometimes drummed. Supplier should be ready to submit performance bond with
his offer. Quotations FOB/C&F. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt.
CONTACT: Nabil Mostafa Kamel, El Nasr Export & Import, 28A, Talaat Harb
Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92232 SHIN UN. Phone: 758412 Cairo. (10,

0609 Geese (Costa Rica). Wants geese. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Puerto
Limon. Bank ref: Banco Nacional-Turrialba. CONTACT: Fernando Garcia,
Fersoceli S.A., Apartado 142, Turrialba, Costa Rica. Phone: 56-12-23. (10,

0610 Long grain rice (Singapore). Singapore Primary Industry Enterprise (PIE), a
quasi-government trading organization, interested in contacting U.S.
suppliers of whole unhusked U.S. long grain rice approx. 20,000 tons. High
quality paddy rice. Wants information on availability and price. U.S.
traders may directly respond to Singapore Primary Industry Enterprise (PIE)
at Telex: RS 23936 PIESIN, or if desired, telex ATO Office RS 25706 TRIWHT.
Telex: RS 23936 PIESIN. (10, 0025)

0611- Dried apricots (Australia). Wants to contact U.S. supplier of dried
0612 apricots. Interested parties should contact Mr. Edgar directly. Information
sent should include price & shipping cost data. A description of all
additives in the fruit is also required. Although purchase prospects appear
good, an initial order sample of 10-15 tons could be expected. CONTACT:

David Edgar, Manager, Market Terminal PTY, Ltd., 469 King Street, Melbourne,
Victoria, 3003, Australia. TELEX: AA 36115. Phone: (03) 329-0620. (10,

0613 Joint venture integrated poultry farming (Nigeria). Nigerian company
0614 interested in joint venture with U.S. partner (s) for production of table
eggs, day-old chicks (broiler/layers), and a feedmill, at Esure Ijebu Imushin
in Ogun State. Partner (s) will be required for management, equipment
recommendation, equity participation, technical assistance, raw materials
supply & company specialization. Equity participation will be 60% Nigerian
and 40% foreign. Total investment envisaged will be about 800 thousand
dollars. Bank ref: Savannah Bank of (Nig.) Ltd., Lagos. CONTACT: Chief A.
S. Baiye, A. S. Baiey & Company, 1 Baiye Street, Ikate, Surulere, Lagos,
Nigeria. Phone: (01) 833097. (10, 0046)

0615- Rice, wheat, corn, soybean oil, and sugar (Spain). Would like to establish
0616 direct contact with U.S. growers of the following products for export to
third world countries: rice, wheat, corn, soybean oil and sugar. Quantity,
quality and packaging not specified. CONTACT: E. G. Martin, Director
General, Representaciones Chumillas, Calle Fernando Guanarteme, 130, Las
Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain. TELEX: 96948 TS E. Phone: (928) 26 48 86.
(10, 0056)

0617 Flowers (Canada). Wants cut flowers, carnations, gladiolas, chrysanthemums,
greens etc. Quality to be determined. Time of delivery ASAP. Active
importer of European cut flowers has demand for supplies from U.S. sources.
Bank ref available upon request. CONTACT: Eligio Ojeda/Robert Tremblay,
Tenefluers Inc., 5904 Upper Lachine Rd., Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2C1, Canada.
TELEX: 055-66478. Phone: (514) 489-5795. (10, 0020)

0618- Planting seeds, baby chicks, turkey, goats (Philippines). Desire to buy
0620 planting seeds & livestock materials for clients in the temperate region of
Baguie City & Benguet Province. Interested in price quotations, terms,
conditions, delivery schedules, manner of payment & necessary literature.
Wants seeds or planting materials such as: Seed potatoes; Pechay, including
Wombok (Chinese pechay); cabbage; lettuce, brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower,
sweet peas, green onions, bulb-onions/Bermuda/Red Indian, etc; and
chrysanthemum flower seeds. Seedlings of dwarf Red apple, peaches, and
California orange seedlings. Also need turkey (broad-breasted) 2 or 3-day
old poults; dairy-goats; Rhode Island and large Black chicks (2-3 days old)
for quick shipment to the Philippines. CONTACT: Faith C. Anchets Reyes,
Provincial Social Walfare Office, 186 Central Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet,
Philippines. Phone: 22-00-2. (10, OOL1)

0621- Peanuts, pistachios (Saudi Arabia). Wants peanuts, pistachio nuts, one
0623 container per shipment. Standard quality. Vacuum packed with one year shelf
life. Delivery in two to three months. English and Arabic labeling
required. Quotations C&F, and FOB. Bank ref: National Commercial Bank
(Main Office), Jidda and Arab Bank, Mecca. CONTACT: Adel Tunsi, Tabalee Food
Factory, P.O. Box 8060, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 405335 ATSAFO SJ. Phone:
6711077. (10, 0021)

0624 Citrus fruit (Hong Kong). Want all kinds of fresh citrus fruit, two
container per week, all grades. Usual export packing. Delivery ASAP.

Quotations CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: Kincheng Banking Corp. CONTACT: Yip
Kwok Wai, Chu Chan Ho Import Co., 59 Western Temporary Wholesale Fruit
Market, Western Reclamation (Stage 1) Sai Yin Pun, Hong Kong. TELEX: 83202
CCHO/HX. Phone: 5-469728 or 5-469762. (10, 0052)

0627- Corn (Egypt). Wants corn and other ingredients to manufacture meal for
0628 poultry, 50-100 thousand tons yearly to be manufactured for poultry feed.
Protein needed in feed not less than 20%. Bagged or bulk. Delivery ASAP.
Quotations CIF, C&F or FOB. Bank ref: Misr Bank. CONTACT: Mohamed M.
Wahba, Yakee Poultry Farm, P.O. Box 806, El Manshia, Alexandria, Egypt.
TELEX: 54180 COMALX UN. Phone: 748687/745966 Cairo; 71481 Alexandria.
(10, 0066)

0629- Semen (Thailand). Wants boar and bull frozen semen. Topwin, an
0630 importer and agent of pig breeding stock and livestock equipment, wishes to
purchase a large quantity of frozen boar and bull semen for its own use and
local distribution. Request catalogs and prices. CONTACT: Chanachai
Somboonkulavudi, Mgr, Topwin Ltd., Part, 1011/24 Sukhumvit 71 Road, Bangkok
10110, Thailand. TELEX: 82164 BVT TH, ATTN: TOPWIN. Cable: TOPWIN
BANGKOK. Phone: 393-6887. (10, 1318)

0631- Frozen lamb (Algeria). Algerian regional office for meat has issued tender
0632 for 1,200 mt of frozen lamb meat. Bid deadline is April 09, '83. Copy of
tender document costs 100 Algeiran dinars (approx 25 U.S. dols) can be
obtained from Orevic. Interested firms must provide information on
themselves, including name, full address and statutes of company, list of
stockholders, balance sheet & income statements. Companies should also send
copies of their annual reports for the last 2 years. Orevic points out that
external envelope containing offer must not have any indication as to who the
bidder is, only Orevic's address and the following indication must appear on
the envelope 'A Ne Pas Ouvrir- Appel- D' Offres Int'l Pour La Fourniture De
1200 Tonnes De Viande Ovine Refrigeree'. Offer to remain valid 45 days past
bid deadline. Offer & all correspondence must be in French; all specs.
Metric. CONTACT: Orevic, Direction Commerciale, 4 Chemins de Kouba, Gue de
Constantine, Algers, Algeria. Telex: 54135, Phone: 58 16 00. (10, 1102)

0633- Corn, snack foods (England). Wants toasted or roasted maize, any other corn
0634 snacks, chocolate coated almonds, etc. Quantity: to be determined. Quality:
best. Packaging: display packs. Quotations CIF, initial small first trial
orders. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., P.O. Box 7,
Northampton. CONTACT: J. S. Shah, Jay Marketing Services, 176 Hazeldene
Road, Northampton, NN2 7ND, England. Phone: 0604 718148. (10, 0259)

Foreign Trade Development

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will not have a formal exhibit space at the
Reggio-Emilia swine show in Italy. The Reggio show will be held April 28 May 1.
Complications in getting live swine into Italy have prompted this decision. Despite
this unfortunate development, the importance of the Reggio Fair in Europe warrants
the visit of U.S. swine breeders and exporters to observe the show and to develop
personal contacts. Parties interested in visiting the show should contact: Harold
Rabinowitz, Agricultural Officer, American Consulate General, Box M, APO New York


3 1262 08896 4530

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