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Export briefs
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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability T o e Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign m J g ia You ay also contact the Export Trade
Services Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103 .'..t LIW/. Y

NOV 1 1980
OV 190 OCTOBER 31, 1980
.F.A.S. Univ. of Fjori
3029 Calf starter (Ecuador). r acer calf starter,
700-1,000 bags monthly, 25 kg bags. Needs sample immediately for
registration by Ecuadorean authorities. Quote C&F Guayaquil. Bank ref:
Banco Internacional, Avenida Patria ob0, quito, Ecuador. CONTACT: R.
Carlos Burneo, Ciandir, Casilla 3692, Quito, Ecuador. TELEX 2195 BANINT ED
ATTN: CIANDIR. Phone: b47-140 Dr. Burneo.

3030 Seafoods (Canada). New company looking for U.S. suppliers of fresh and
frozen seafoods. LONTACT: Ms. L. Brunetto, Wooabridge Wholesale Fish
Import & Export, 5732 Hwy Number 7, Unit 8, Woodbridge Industrial Mall,
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Phone: (416) 851-0889.

3031 Soya milk (Ecuador). Wants soya milk for human consumption, 6,000
tons/year 4 shipments of 1,500 mt eacn, equivalent to cow's milk to yield
3.0% fat, in paper reinforced polyethelyne sacks of 25 kgs. Quote C&F
Guayaquil. Bank ref: Central Bank. CONTACT: Ing. Armando Arteaga,
Ministerio De Agricultura Y Ganaderia, Calle Guayaquil 1740, Quito,
Ecuador. TELEX 2Z91 MAb EU. Phone: 513-86Z quito.

3032 Almonds, pistachios (Singapore). Wants (A) almonds (8) pistachios 5 long
tons each product (A) raw unroasted (B) raw unroasted, unsalted (A) 1
CTN X 5u lb (B) 1 CTN X 25 lb. Prompt delivery. Quote CIF Singapore, CIF
Bombay. Bank ref: Development Bank of Singapore Jurong Branch, Singapore,
Abn Bank, 2 Cecil St., Singapore 0104. CONTACT: William Ong, Prod. Mkt.
Corp. PTE Ltd., 5305 Woh Hup Complex, Singapore u719. TELEX RS z4297
(CEMTRON). Cable: G0OOSMART. Phone: 2585972, 2585007.

.3033- Chicken parts, hog offals (Malaysia). Wishes to buy 30 mt per month of
3034 chicken wings, drumsticks, chicken claws Grade A quality, and pig's
stomach, 6 X 5 Ibs in master carton. Quote CIF port of Penang. Bank ref:
Citibank, Northan Rd., Penang, Malaysia. CONTACT: Ong Chai Gaik, Gen.
Foods Proc. Co. (M) Bhd, P.O. Box 1U Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, TELEX MA
44062. Phone: (U5) 824008.

.035 Buckwheat groats (Australia). Wants 20 ft container loads of buckwheat
dehulled groats suitable for addition to bread. Prefers 25 kg bags but 100
lb bags acceptable. Approx. 1 container monthly. Quote CIF or C & F.
Bank ref: National Bank, Burwood Branch, NSW 2134. CONTACT: W. K. Thomson,


Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250

Gen. Manager, N. B. Love Food Products, Braidwood St., Enfield, NSW 2136.
Australia. TELEX AA2b634. Cable: LOVE FLOUR. Phone: (02) 642 0122 -
Sydney. d

3u36 Dairy joint venture (Yemen). Yemen Agricultural Creait Bank is looking for
U.S. firm interested in forming business ventures with Yemenis to develop
the country's dairy farm industry. Tne bank will assist in project
financing and in finding suitable Yemeni partners. There are some dairy
farm development schemes already underway. A Britisi government financed
project in MA-BAR, for example, has just begun marketing pasteurized milk
and yoghurt proauceo by the project's herd of Holstein cows. Contact:
Taher Rajeb, Chairman, The Agricultural Credit Bank, P.O. Box 2015, Sana
Yemen Arab Republic.

3037 Frozen apple juice concentrate (Philippines). Wants frozen apple juice
concentrate, no preservatives added. Uniformly viscous, free from lumps or
scorched pulp particles; free from visiDle foreign material, dark blackish
brown in color. Brix 65 degree to 75 degree titratable acidity; malic
acid 2.1 to 2.L; brix/acid ratio 1i to J2; ph 3.5 to 3.5b; nonreducing
sugars, 12% max.; reducing sugars, 52% max. quote CIF, C & F. Bank ref:
Lnina Banking Corp. Full details from address oelow. CONTACT: James Go,
Consolidated Food Corp., E. Rodriguez Ave., Metro Manila, Philippines,
TELEX 638L8. Lable: UNILORN MANILA. Phone: 60-e2-59.

3038- Sugar, corn, wheat, rice, flour, soybeans, tallow (Zimbabwe/
3044 Israel/Greece). Exclusive agent for firms in Zimbaowe, Israel and Greece
needs 50,000 mt of white refined sugar, 16,000 mt of corn #2 or 3 up to 4%
Broken, 5,000 mt of wheat, 1,UUU mt of soybeans, 10,000 mt of long grain #2
rice 4% broken, 1,000 mt monthly of wheat flour, and 2,000 mt of tallow
soap stock. Bank ref: Marine Midland, 14U B Broadway, New York City.
CONTACT: Demetri Vounasis, VKG Export Co., 101 West 57th St, Suite 9K, New
York, N.Y. 1U019. TELEX 424012 VTTRVI. Phone: (212) 581-1903.

3u45 Tree seeds (Hong Kong). Seeds, Picea (Colorado Spruce) and Widdringtonia
Whytei (Cyprus Pine), one kg for each species. Seeds should be accompanied
by certificates giving the following information: (A) Date of test; (B)
Percentage: Germination; (C) Percentage purity; (D) Percentage weed; and
(E) variety. Bank ref: Checkiang First Bank Ltd., 3 Statue, Hong Kong.
COiTACF: Ms. Alice LOO, Bluet garden, Lot 128, 9 Milestone, Clear Water Bay
Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong. Phone: 3-299-660 or 3-290-917.

3u46 Broilers (Netherlands). Wants frozen chickens, 9UU-14UU grams, 15U mt per
month, delivery in December. Quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt. J.C. Docter,
Aon,BeverwijK iocter, P.O. Box 1020, 1940 Ea Beverwij, Netherlands.
Telex: 35229. Phone: U2blU-2U701.

3047 Matzos (Englano). Wants 10U tons per annum of MaLzus, retail packs. quote
LIF, FCL. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd, 106 Bermondsey St. London SE1.
Contact: F.W. Key, G. Costa & Co. Ltd., Staffordshire St., London SE15
bTL, Englana. Telex: 884762. Phone: 01-639-3456.

3048 Poultry and poultry products, soybean meal and oil, meat meal (Canary
Islanas). Commission Agent in Santa Cruz De Tenerife (Canary Islands)
wants to represent U.S. suppliers of the following commodities: poultry

and poultry products, soybean meal, soybean oil, and meat meal. Bank ref:
Banco de Credito E Inversiones and Banco Atlantico. Contact: Joaquin de
Juan Asensio, Cale Villalba Hervas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Telex:
92U92 JOTS.E.

3049- Canned ano frozen grapefruit juice (Italy). Italian firnn would like to
3050 import grapefruit juice single strength and frozen concentrate in small
consumers size cans. Bank ref: Banca Lommerciale, Sede Di Firenze.
Contact: Roberto Manzuoli, Manzuoli Import, Via Della Forance 11, 50125
Filrence, Italy. Pnone: (u55) b81.2776. Cable: MANZUOLI FORANCE 11.

3051 Eggs (Denmark). Wants fresh eggs in shell, one million, 60-65 grams each.
Delivery soonest. Quote CIF Alexandria Egypt. Bank ref: Den Danske Bank,
Ishoej Dept. Contact: Noreldin Sallam, Noreldin Export, Vejlebrojev 36,
DK-2635 Ishoej, Denmark. Cable: NORELDI'I EXPORT DK. Phone: (01) 24 36 02

3052 Shellfish (Norway). Wants frozen shellfish, (breaded shrimp, crabfish
tails, etc.). Quote CIF. Bank ref: Den Norske Creditbank. Contact:
Roar Dege, ICDC, Drammensveien 40, Oslo 2, Norway. Phone: (02) 56 52 12

3053 Live lobster (delgium). Interested in 20u los per week of live lobsters,
good quality, air transport price quote: FOB U.S. and CIF Brussels. Bank
ref: benerale Bankmaatschappij. Contact: Imant, Imant, Kapitein
Maenhoutstraat 60, B-983U St.-Marteen-Latem (Belgium). Telex: 12014
VERIMP B. Phone: 091/82.31.46.

3054 Wine (France). Interested in U.S. red table wines, quantity to determine
later, in bottles, in barrels or in containers. Bank ref: Banque
Populaire De Lorraine Agence Austrasie and Societe Nanceenne ue Credit
Industriel Varin-Bernier. Contact: Andre-Henri Cayon, S.O.D.I.F. (Societe
Loraine De Diffusion Des Grands Vins), 133, Avenue Du Xxeme Corps, 54000
Nancy, France. Phone: (83) 37-29-78.

3055 Broiler, beef (Denmark). (a) frozen cnicKens, 900-1100 grams (max).
3056 Halal kill: (b) frozen beef. Quantity (a) 500 tons. (b) request price
quotes on 50 and 1,000 tons, resp. (a) weight to oe shown on each label
and certified halal kill: (b) 2 and 6 kg packs (retail and
institutional). Delivery soonest. Quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt. BanK
ref: Den Danske Bank, Ishoej Dept. Contact: Noreldin Sallam, Noreldin
Export, Vejlebrovej 36, UK-2635 Ishoej, Denmark. Phone: (1) 24 36 02.

3057 Kentucky fescue (Greece). Wants 50,000 Ibs of fescue KY 31, 50 lb. bags,
delivery January 1981. Place of delivery: Piraeus. Contact: George
Spyrou, Spyros Spyrou and Sons Co., 1, Deligiorgi St., Athens 107, Greece.
Telex: 219133 SPIR. Cable: AGROSPY. Phone: 5b4839J.

3058 Broilers (Belgium). Wants frozen broilers, 30,000 mt annually,
polyethylene bags, delivery soonest, slaughtered according to Moslem
requirements. Quote FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Banque Bruxelles Lambert.
Contact: Mr. Freilich, Sprl Marry Cover, Rue Limnander 15, B-1070
Brussels (Belgium). Phone: 02/523.01.23.

3059 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Owner of Nigerian firm with office in
Boston is seeking joint venture with American company in poultry, feed-mill
and production of corn to support the feed-mill operation. The Nigerian
partner will provide some of financing and 300 acres of land for the ,-
project. American company will provide the baby chicks and equipment for
the feed-mill. Bank ref: Shawmut Bank, Boston. Contact: AIM
International Inc., P.O. Box 18755, Boston, MA. 02118. Phone: (617)

3U6u Candied fruit (Honduras). Wishes to buy mixed candied fruit, glace,
crystalized, bulk or in one half and one lb packages. Quote CIF
Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Bank ref: Banco Atlantida, S.A., Tegucigalpa,
Honduras. Contact: Antonio Giuliani, Apartado 130, Tegucigalpa,
Honduras. lelex: 1110 HT, PBLX BlULIANI. Cable: GIULIANI. Phone:

3061 rolstein break heifers (Egypt). Wants a planeload of Holstein bred
heifers. Animals should come from areas of similar climate to Egypt.
Quote CIF, Cairo. Bank ref: Bank of America, Cairo, Egypt. Contact:
Abdel Moneim El Tahir, Basmalah Trade & Investiment Co., 164, El Nil St.,
Agouza, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 921J3 BSMLH UN. Phone: 805354.

3062- Canned fruit ana vegetables, turkey, ducks, chicken (Colombia). Wishes to
ju66 buy selected canned fruits and vegetables, jams, jellies, juices for
serving on airlines and institutional kitchens, variable sizes negotiable
with purchaser, and fresh frozen turkeys, ducks and chicken, top quantity.
Immediate shipment. Quote CIF and FOB Los Angeles and Miami airports.
Bank ref: Avianca Airlines, Bogota Colombia. Contact: Bernardo Puyana,
Aerocomercio Internacional Ltda. (Subsidiary of Avianca Airlines), Avenida
Eldorado No. 93-30, Bogota, D.E. Colombia. Telex: 41453. Phone:
263-9697, 263-9511 Ext. 219.

3Ub7- Fish, wine, cigars (Colomuia). Wants frozen fisn, quality instit-
3U69 utional sizes; red and white California wines, highest quality, bottles and
cans, interested agency representation; and cigars and cigar tobacco,
export packages. Quote FOB Los Angeles and Miami airports. Bank ref:
Avianca Airlines, Bogota, Colombia. Contact: Bernardo Puyana,
Aerocomercio Internacional Ltda (Subisidiary of Avianca Airlines), Avenida
Eldorado No. 93-0J, Bogota D.E., Colombia. Telex: 41453. Phone:
263-9697, 263-9511 ext. 219.

3070- Sunflower, cottonseed & soybean oil (Venezuela). Wishes representation for
3J71 (A) sunflower seed oil, (B) PBSY cottonseed oil (C) crude degummed soybean
oil. Quote C&F La buaira Venezuela. bank ref: Tne Royal Bank & Trust
Co., New York & Banco Royal Venezolano, Caracas. CONTACT: Carlos A.
Alarcon & Angel C. Salas, Corporacion Ramasco S.A., Apartado b1784, Caracas
105U-A, Venezuela. TELEX 23540 RAMAS VE. Phone: Caracas 31 5253 & 321210.

3072 Vegetables (Trinidad). Wishes to buy a mixed container load monthly of
tomatoes, sweet peppers, celery, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms. Best quality,
air shipment. Bank ref: Bank of Commerce Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. 72
Independence Square Port of Spain, Trinidad W.I. CONTACT: Ahmad Ghany, N.
M. Ghany Ltd., lU Henry Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad W.I. Cable:
NURGAN. Phone: 62 38715 & 62 35827.

i;. ;

j073- turkey products, porn products, poultry sausage (Chile). Interested in
3074 turkey smoked, roasted, barbecued, turkey breast 2,000 to 4,000 kg; smoked
pork, sausage, hams, 3,UUU-b,OOU kg; and poultry sausage, 2,U0U-4,000 kg.
Products should be Grade A, in cartons, delivery every 30 days. Quote CIF
Valparaiso, Chile. Bank ref: Banco De Santiago, Moneda 1096, Santiago,
Chile. CONTACT: Andres Riesco V. and/or Pedro Ruiz-Tagle D., Comercial
Sud-Americana Ltda., Constitucion 251, Casilla 473-V, Santiago, Chile.
Cable: COMSA 260, Santiago. Phone: 777660 & 779353, Santiago, Chile.

3075 Food rations (Venezuela). Interested in 5U,UOU units of food rations, best
quality, containing meat or broilers, hard packaging, wrapped in aluminum
foil to be kept in freezers, and health certificate indicating product
fit for human consumption content, and expiration date. Quote CIF La
Guaira, Venezuela. Bank ref: Mercantil Y Agricola. Contact: Salomon
Siboni, Rubanks, C.A., Edificio Esma Piso 2, Oficina 22, Final Ave.
Tamanaco, El Llanito, Laracas, Venezuela. Telex: 21876. Phone: 22.2690
and 33.6773.

3076 boat Meat (Trinidao). Wants four containers of frozen goat meat, first
grade, carcasses, monthly deliveries. Quote CIF Trinidad. bank ref: Bank
of Commerce Trinidad & Fobago Ltd., 7L Independence Sq. Port of Spain,
Trinidad, W.I. Contact: Ahmad Gnany, N.M. Uhany Ltd., 10 Henry St., Port
of Spain, Trinioad W.I. Cable: NURGAM. telephone: 62-38715 and 62-35827.

3077 Apples (Ecuador). Wants Red Delicious apples, 100-125 size, one container
per month depending on price. Extra fancy quality, 44 1b./Doxes. Quote
FOB Seattle; FOB Miami; LIF Guayaquil. Bank ref: Citibank, 10 De Agosto Y
Ante, Quito. CONTACt: general Banderas, Carban, Casilla 4759 A, Quito,
Ecuador. TELEX 2452 H COLON EU. Phone: 244-488.

3J78 Feed supplements (Japan). Wants Done meal tablets, garlic capsules, garlic
& parsley capsules & taolets, geriatric formula tablets, oone marrow
tablets & rose nip capsules 30 & 10U mg. About 10,000 of each item per
month. Standard packaging for export. Immediate delivery. Specific
information required. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Kyowa Bank Yurakucho Branch.
CONTACT: Nagahiae Mukai, Kinto K. K., New Kokusai Bldg., 4, 3-Chome,
Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX J 24463. Cable: FURUSAKI.
Phone: (03) 211-5714.

3079 Turkey (Peru). Wants turKey, eviscerated, frozen, two to five mt, Grade A,
in polyethylene bags. Delivery Nov. 16-30, 1980. Health sanitary
certificate required. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Banco De Credito, Lampa 499,
Lima 1, Peru; and Banco Wiesse, Jr. Cuzco 245, Lima 1, Peru. CONTACT:
Augusto Brescia, importadora Solari S.A., Avenida Pardo 200, Lima 18,
Peru. TELEX 21067 PE FABISA. Phone: 451637.

308U Poultry and fish joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in a
joint venture with U.S. company to set up poultry industry. Company will
also want to develop fish farming. Bank ref: Uba Eoutemetta. Interested
companies should contact: Monsuru 0 Disu, Monsh Enterprises, 36, Abayomi
St., P.U. Box 476, Lawanson Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

3081- Corn, soybean meal (Syria). Requires offers for (A) 25,000 mt US No. 3 or
3082 better new crop yellow corn, in bulK or bagged in new jute 50 kg/bags or in
bulk with empty new jute bags, (B) 10,000 mt soybean meal mini 48% protein,
max 11% moisture, max 2% fat, max 4.5% fioer bagged in new jute


bags of 50 kg. Both for shipment before December 15. Prices C and F free
out Lattakia or Tartous ports. Tender closing date November 10. Buyer
reply November 12, 1980. Offer should include a 2% bid bond valid for one
month confirmed by the Commercial Bank of Syria Branch 6. Telex: 11359.
SY to be replaced upon purchase confirmation by 5% performance bond. Full
name and address of offerer witn his bankers name and address also required
with offer. Contact: The General Organization for Fodder (GOF), P.O. Box
4797, Damascus, Syria. Cable: ALAF. Telex: 11089 SY ALAF.

3083 Rice (Ivory Coast). Wants 10,000 tons white milled long grain rice, high
quality, 5U kg bags, delivery within four months. Contact: Joseph
Houessou, Societe Industrielle Et Commerciale Africaine, S.I.C.A., 07 BP
142 Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Phone: 35-12-03 and 35-09-54 ABIDJAN.

3084 Pulses (Portugal). Wants small white (200/250 tons) grade: 79-110 beans
per oz; pinto (300 tons) grade: 150 tons medium size 79-11U beans per oz
and 150 tons large size 78 beans per oz; pink (100 tons) 50 tons large -
78 beans per oz and 5U tons medium 79-110 beans per oz; blackeye (100
tons) 50 tons large 89-117 beans per oz and 60 tons medium 118-150
beans per oz; great northern (200XWTP tons) 78 beans per oz; chickpeas
(Garbanzoa 300 tons medium and 50 tons large). Quote CIF Lisbon. Bank
ref: Banco Borges & Irmao, Avenida Fontes Periera Del Melo 1000 Lisbon.
Contact: Ms Ana Pereira, OCIL, Largo Do Andaluz, 15-3-DTO. Porta 1, 1000
Lisboa, Portugal. Telex: 13792 OCIL P. Phone: 577618/58655.

3U85- Rice, Sugar (United Arab Emirates). Wishes to buy American long grain
3086 rice, whitish color, pacKed in lUU Dl bags, 10 thousand tons, and sugar for
consumer use, polarization 99.8%, 10 thousand tons. Firm is one of the
largest rice and sugar importers in the UAE. Wants complete
specifications. Contact: Abdul Rahim, Yousuf Habib Al-Yousuf, P.O. Box
4602, Abu Dhani, United Arab Emirates.

3087 Fuschia cuttings (South Africa). Wants five hundred cuttings of Fuschia,
new varieties, good quality, must be packaged so that plants are kept moist
during shipment. Delivery soonest. Phytosanitary certificate is
required. Quate CIF, Durban. Bank ref: NedbanK, Pinetown. Contact:
Lynton Lauderdale, Lauderdale, e6 Warrior Rd. Hillcrest 3600, Natal, South
Africa. Phone: DurDan 751981.

3088 Chicken (Singapore). wants U.S. Halal slaughtered fryer weight frozen
chicken, head, feet cut off to knee, 3,000 mt, grade 1, 15.5 lb per
carton. Delivery Nov 1980. Health certificate and Halal certificate
required. Quote by cable CIF Jeddah S. Arabia, Aqaba Jordan. Bank
ref: Bank Nationale De Paris, Singapore. Contact: Michael Fong,
International Marketing Co., 58-J Henderson Crescent, Singapore 0315.
Cable: UATtXFONb. Phone: 47971ZU.

3u89- walnuts, almonds, cashews (France). Wants 1,UUO mt of walnuts in shell,
3U90 1,000 mt of cashews. Request quotes for all grades, valid one month,.
C.I.F. Hong Kong. Bank ref: Credit Agricole Agence Bordeaux Verdun, 33000
Bordeaux, France. Contact: Francois Dumareau, Alexander Imex S.A.R.L., 1,
Rue Des Pilliers De Tutelle, 33000 Bordeaux, France. Telex: 540127 PUBLIC
dORDx NO.. 58. Cable: ALIMEX BORDX FRANLE. Phone: (56) 48 11 24.

3091 Gallstones (Netherlands). dutch firm wishes to import Cow
gallstones/splinters. Interested suppliers should contact: Orbis
Handelsmaatschappij B.U., Gorinchemestraat 33, MELRKERK. The Netherlands.
Phone: 01387-214. Telex: 24684. Cable: ORBIS.

3092 Fruit concentrate. Wishes to buy (A) orange juice concentrates 15U tons
per month (B) peach concentrate (pulp) 50 tons per month, and (C) pear
concentrate (pulp), 50 tons per month. Best qualities in 200 liter drums.
Phytosanitary certificate is required. Quote CIF Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Bank ref: danco Mercantil Y Agricola. Contact: Willmer Perez Carroz,
Lacteos Santa Barbara, Quinta Conchita, Venida 25, No. 68-41, Maracaibo,
Venezuela. Phone: (U61) 32.475, 32.546, 51.Jt6y, 51.5112.

3093 Eggs (Guatemala). Wants 100,000 dozen of eggs, grade A, export packing,
delivery every two weeks. Quote FOB, export port. Bank ref: tanco
Industrial, Centro Financiero, Zona 4, Guatemala City. Contact: G. Utera,
lagsa, Calzada Aguilar Batres J4-13, Zona 14, buatemala City, Guatemala.
Telex: 5326-IAGSA-GU. Cable: YAbSA. Phone: 48U084.

3094 Pulses (India). Wants grean beans, Alaska dry peas, and chick peas, 50u
tons of each, U.S. No. 1, 50 or 100 kg. Dags, immediate shipment. Quote
CIF Bombay. Bank ref: Union Bank of India, Bhat Bazar Branci, Bombay 4UU
009, India. Contact: MV. Pandhi, Vasantrai Goverdhandas & Bros., Patharia
Palace, 75, Monamadali Rd., Bombay 400 00J, India. Cable: VIGIBROS.
Phone: 345304/321209.

3095- Fruit, seed potatoes, butter oil, alfalfa, canned salmon, dried milk
3099 (Venezuela). (A) apples, pears, plums, nectarines, 45 40 ft containers per
month, mixed lots; (B) seed potatoes, Sebago and Red Pontiac; quotations
only; (C) butter oil 99% fat, 6,000 drums of 180-200 kg annually; (0)
alfalfa pellets, quotations only, (E) canned red salmon, 3,000 cases, (F)
wholefat powdered milk 26% fat, lu,000 Dags monthly; (G) nonfat dry milk
1% fat, 10,000 cases monthly. Products should De top quality. Quote CIF
or C&F, La Guaira, Venezuela. dank ref: Banco Exterior, C.A. Quinta
Crespo, Caracas. Contact: Juan Gil Jimenex, Hive, P.O. Box 19085.,
Caracas lulU-A, Venezuela. Telex: 242U4. Uaole: EXHIVE. Phone: 41.7261.

3100- Soybean and corn oil (United Arab Emirates). Firm desires to establish
3101 contact with American suppliers of corn oil and soybean oil. Firm expects
to import 500 tons of corn oil and 8UU0 tons of soybean oil of NSPA
specifications. Language of correspondence English. Send prices.
Contact: Naseem Husain, United Foods Ltd., P.O. Box 5503, United Arab
Emirates. Telex: 46689 UECOIL EM.

3102 Joint venture for rabbits (Egypt). Intergrated operations in production
unit, slaughter house, and cold storage facility. Project should product
1,000 slaughtered rabbits per week to be expanded to 5,000 per week. Have
120 acrea with paved roads. Farm aoout one hour drive from Alexandria.
American partner to supply "know-how", management of the project and
breeding animals. Egyptian partner has operating capital. Bank ref: Bank
of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt. Contact: Naoum Aziz Barakat., 18A, 26
July St., Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92504 ALFCA-UN. Att: Naoum Barakat.
Phone: 759619

!P *im ilM I, ,,1
3 1262 09051 4349
Jl03 Broiler parts (Singapore). Wants container load of frozen Droiler winpil
drumsticks, in I lb bags. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Bank of America, m
Singapore. Contact: Wong Chin Wee, Phoon Huua & Co. (PTE) Ltd., 171 *)
Bencoolen St., Singapore 0718. lelex: PHCOY RS 23894. Cable: HOPS.AN.
Phone: J381143

31U4- Wine, root beer (Malaysia). Interested in a mixed container load of
3105 canned root beer, and bottled wines, Health or Chemical analysis
certifications required. Quote CIF and FOB with catalogues and samples. 0,i
Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp., Jalan Sultan, Petaltng .4aya,i
Malaysia. Contact: Khoo Kim Cheng, Rank U'Connor's (Malaysia) SON 1.iD, I
Jalan L19, P.O. Box 91 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Telex: MA 37649
(MALAYSIA). Cable: CINECOM PETALING JAVA. Phone: 566599 (Malaysia).

3106 Soy protein products (Sweden). Interested in soy protein products for the:
food market. dank ref: Gotabanken. Contact: Hans Boden, Hans Boden AD,
Sojoviksbacken 10, S-117 43 Stockholm, Sweden. Cable: HANSBODEOFN
S[OCKMOLM. felex: 177U4 HANSBO S. Phone: 08/45 38 b3

j107 Instant powdered milk (Algeria). Tender with deadline November.14 for
large negotiable quantities of instant powdered milk, correspondent inf
French required. All specs metric. Looking for direct contact with
producers ana exporters in order to fill future demand. Full details from
address below. Contact: Onaco, Direction Generale, 29, Rue Larby Ben
M'Hidi, Algiers, Algeria. Telex: b2990; 52992. Phones: 64.U2.75;

Foreign Trade Developments .......

Participation deadline for Cairo Exhibit approaching. U.S. firms
interested in the Egyptian food market are again reminded of the Ui.S.
Processed Food Exhibit to be held in Cairo, March 16-17, 1981. MJ,
announced in Export Briefs October 3rd issue, the Foreign Agricultural 1
Service is accepting participation agreements until December 1, 1 iO ,

Since that announcement, a survey conducted by our Agricultural Attche in
Cairo has identified the following items as products offering salt .
opportunity: frozen chicken, beef and beef liver, grocery lines, ctal i
meats, canned fruits, turkey and turkey parts, vegetable oils, milk; a..
milk products, meat and fish meal, canned seafood, almonds and in the 0 l"
eggs, cheese, canned vegetables, butter, dietetic foods, confecttliertes,.
snack foods and coffee. After the completion of the Cairo show, i USOA
Sponsored Processed Food Sales Team (with 7-1U members) will travd to
Jiada, Riyadh, and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and Manama Bahrain. Feef
involved are $2UU for the exhioit and additional fee of $100 for the saleS.
team members who participate in the Cairo show. Those wishing to::.:..
participate in the sales team only will be charged a fee of $2006. For
further information contact: Ed Heslop, Trade Development Offic l, E pi "o
Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Departmeiit:l8 ,f::.
agriculture, Washington D.C. 2U0250. Phone: (2U2) 447-3031. di 1 r i
participation in both the Cairo Show and Sales ream is December t.i iV I

..... .... ( 2b(: .

... .. ..... ..
mm '*.:* m- *v ,((

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