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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

May 29, 1981

1218- Pulses, lentils, popcorn (Israel). Wants white beans, split peas, lentils,
1219 popcorn, combined shipment 40 mt./month, 100 lb. sacks, containerized,
shipments beginning immediately. Quote: C&F Ashdod. Bank ref: Bank
Hapoalim, Kiryat Gat. Contact:' Alex Patishi, Sugat Ltd., Kiryat Gat,
Israel. Telex: IL 26279. Phone: 051-91661.

1220 Fish and shrimp farms (Egypt). Mr. Helmy wishes to contact U.S. companies
specialized in fish farms and shrimp farms. Contact: Saleh Helmy, Trydon
International Trading, 34, Aly Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 94133 TCRET
UN Attn: Saleh Helmy. Phone: 755466.

1221 Turkey liver (Egypt). Quantity: 200 metric tons. Quality: Grade A.
Packaging: In polyethylene bags of 1 kgm. each. Quotations: CIF
Alexandria. Contact: Aly Abdel Dayem, Alexandria Projects and Commercial
Company (APACO), 95, July 26 Street, Borg El Silsila Bldg., Apartment NR
905, Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54597 AHMED UN. Phone: 35529 AND 39585.

1222 Grocery line (England). Wants (A) Black-eye beans, large lima beans, pea
beans, red kidney beans,.soybeans for human consumption, large green
lentils and split green beans; (B) Dried fruit; (C) Millet, dehulled for
human consumption; (D) Popcorn; (E) Long grain brown rice; (F) Shelled
nuts; (G) Sunflower seeds, dehulled. (A-E) All container loads of approx.
18 tonnes, (F) almonds/walnuts, 10 tonne container-loads, peanuts, 20 tonne
container-loads. Packing quality: (B) Good packing quality, (C, D & E)
good packing grade, (F) almonds, whole, NP SSR, peanuts No. 1 runners;
walnuts: 40/45 walnut halves broken, mixed. (G) Top quality, 99 and one
half percent purity. Packaging: (A) 100 lbs./45 kg; (B) 12 and one half
kg. cardboard cartons; (C&D) 50 Ibs. paper bags; (E) 100 lb. jute bags.
(F) Almonds: 50 lb. cardboard box, walnuts 25 lb. cardboard box,
peanuts: 50 kg. jute sacks; (G) 50 Ib. paper sacks. Quote: C&F. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., Friern Barnet Branch, London N12. Contact: John
Law, Community Foods Ltd., Unit 1, Brunswick Industrial Park, Brunswick
Park Road, New Southgate, London N11 1JL, England. Telex: 8955257.
Phone: 01-365 9211.

1223- Meats (Netherlands). Wants half or full container loads on regular basis or
1224 long term contracts of (A) lamb, veal, pork, beef, offals, variety meats,
canned meat and sausages; (B) horsemeat, buffalo meat, goat and donkey
meat; and (C) specialty meats such as: RabUit meat, rattle ake meat, frog

1JiAN 0n 1901
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Divis on, Foreign Agricultura Service, .S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250
ii F.A.S. Univ. of Florida

2 i

legs and turtles. Bank ref: B.N. Bank in San Francisco, California; Bank
of America, Santa Rosa, California. Contact: Euram B.V., P.O. Box 641,
7800 AP Emmen, Netnerlands. Contact address in California: Simon Samson,
Samson International Corporation. Telex: 5107446434 (SAMSONCOR) OR 172485
(SANSUNINT). Cable: SAMCORP SANTA ROSA. Phone: 707-5231840 OR

1225 Wine (England). Wants house/table wine, red, white, rose, dry, medium and
sweet, pint ana litre bottles. Quote: UK port. Bank ref: Barclays Bank
Ltd. Contact: Tony Petcher, 140 Papplewick Lane, Huckwall, Notts,
England. Phone: 06075, 635804.

1226 Tripe (Spain). Frozen beef tripe, up to 3,000 mt. per year, natural -
unbleacheo, semicooked, well defatted. Packaging: Cardboard boxes. Also
in plastic or sack-cloth bags. Quotations: FOB and CIF Barcelona. Also
CIF Vigo. Delivery: In several shipments. Bank ref: Santander.
Contact: Terence Berdasco, Armour, S.A.E., Plaza Urquinaona, 6 -
Barcelona-IU, Spain. Telex: 54749. Phone: 93/318 5666.

1227 Fire flies (France). Wants fire fly lanterns (abdomens section), 500 gm.,
packaged in cans with ice. Delivery October 1981. Quote: FOB Le Havre.
Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris Les Charpennes, 20 Cours Emile Zola,
69100 Villeurbanne. Contact: Marc Richard, C.L.V. Interbid, 4, Rue
Maurice Berteaux 95500 Le Thillay, Paris, France. Telex: 697848 F.
Phone: (3) 988.33-22.

1228 Canned blueberries (New Zealand). Canned blueberries in syrup, less than
container load. Retail pack: 16 oz., 454 gm. Quotes on all sizes
available acceptable. Shipments: Earliest available upon acceptance of
order.. Quote: U.S. dollars C&F. Bank ref: Bank of New Zealand, Vivian
Street, Wellington, N.Z. Contact: R.W. Thomas, Acton International
Marketing Ltd., P.O. Box 2856, Wellington, New Zealand. Telex: NZ31570 -
AIM. Phone: 857-344, WELLINGTON.

1229 Chicken (Swaziland). Frozen chickens, one hundred tons, first and second
grade, bulk shipments, delivery soonest. Quote: CIF. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank, Manzini, Swaziland; Lombard Banking Channel Islands. Contact: Mrs.
Tsochlas, Swaziland Cold Storage, P.O. Box 1014, Manzini, Swaziland.
Phone: MANZINI 52816.

1230 Butter (Netherlands). Butter, sweet cream, 500-1,000 metric tons for
period July-December 81, extra grade, wholesale, cartons of 25 kilograms
net, delivery second half 81. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Mees and
Hope, Amsterdam. Contact: J.TH. Nolte, N.V. Theobroma, P.O. Box 150, 1000
AU Amsterdam, Netherlands. Telex: 11195. Phone: (0)20-239373.

1231- Refined corn oil, baking powder, table salt, canned fruit juices and nectars
1232 (Saudi Arabia). Interested U.S. firms should contact Mr. Basalamah and
mail catalogs, samples, price list (CIF Jidda) and relevant details. Firm
is engaged in foodstuffs business. Contact: Muhammad Basalamah, Director,
Githmi Trading and Importing Est., P.O. Box 1943, Jidda, Saudi Arabia.
Telex: 402588. Cable: GITHMI TEX. Phone: 6433054.

1233 Butter (Netherlands). Cream butter, preferably sour cream butter, minimum
50 metric tons, unsalted, retail packs of 250 grams in 25 kilogram

cartons. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote: CIF
Mees and Hope N.V., Den Haag (The Hague). Contact:
Bosschestraat 97, 2587 HD Scheveningen, Netherlands.
Phone: (0)70-540314.

Rotterdam. Bank ref:
A.F.H. Hugenholtz,
Telex: 20010.

1234 Peanuts (Algeria). Tender with deadline June 13 1,000 mt. of shelled
peanuts and 2,000 mt. of unshelled. Shelled: Two third of uniform color
grain; without exterior material, goods must be wholesome, insect free;
0.020 maximum aflotoxine rate; unshelled: 4 percent maximum moisture;
without exterior material; goods must be wholesome, without break, without
skin grains, insect and larva free, and proper vice free; 0.020 PPM maximum
aflatoxine rate. Contact: ONACO, 29, Rue Larbi Ben M'Hidi, Algiers,
Algeria. Telex: 528827 52991; 52992. Cable: ONACO A ALGER. Phone:
64.02.75 AND o4.02.77.

1235 Seafoods (Greece). Dentex or Sea Bream, 200-300 mt. frozen per month and 5
mt. fresh per week; American porgy, 50 mt. frozen per month and 6 mt. week
fresh; 10U mt. frozen squid (4-7 inches) per month; 50 mt. frozen
sole/month plus 5 mt. fresh sole/week; Grade A, frozen packed in cardboard
containers of 20 kgs./net. Fresh packed in small quantity of water, ice
packed in double poly bags. Air freight shipments to start as soon as
possible. Quote: CIF Athens, air delivered. Bank ref: National Bank
(Syntagma Sq) ana National Bank Frankfurt, W. Germany. Contact: Athan.
Psychoghios, No. 39 Stadiou Street, Athens, Greece. Telex: 21-8130 ATHA
GR. Cable: SPARTEX. Phone: 3211196 3213745.

1236- Turkey parts, rabbits, pig legs, and beef tails and legs (Ivory Coast).
1238 Total value of all products 80 tnousand U.S. dollars. Normal weight and
quality frozen (in cartons). Quote: CIF/Abiajan. Bank ref: B.I.C.T.
(Banque Ivoirienne De Construction Et De Travaux Publiques) Immeuble Du
Iali Abidjan. Contact: L. Delon Yao, Cavici (Centrale Abidjanaise De
Vente Et D'lmportation En Cote D'lvoire, 87, Rue Des Lauriers Roses
Danga-Niord/Cocody, 08 B.P. 258, Abidjan 08, Ivory Coast. Telex: 32 92 32
99 ABIDJAN. Phone: 35-08-26.

1239- Corn oil and bone meal (South Africa). BTN 15.07.35 corn oil, 100 metric
1240 tons in 3 kg. tins or in 1 U.S. gallon tins. BTN 05.08.50 bone meal,
enquirer seeks regular source of supply. Quantities and other contractual
particulars to be negotiated. Contact: EXATIC (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Box 8108,
Elandsfontein, 1406, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa. Telex: 8-8777

1241 Semen (Thailand). The Department of Livestock Development (DLD) is calling
for bids to purchase 20,000 doses of deep frozen semen from pedigreed
Holstein Friesian bulls. The bid is numbered DLD 1-4. The purchasing
would be financed from World Bank Loan. Bids are scheduled to be opened
publicly at the main auditorium of the DLD, Phya Thai Road, Bangkok at
10:05 a.m. local time on June 12. Bidding documents are available at 100
BAHT or U.S. dollars 5 per set from Finance Division of the DLD from now
until June 11, 1981. Contact the purchaser through the Agricultural
Attache, American Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand.

1242 Agar agar (England). Wants up to 5-tonnes lots, gel strength 500/550 G/CM2,
50 kg. fibreboard kegs. Quote: CIF, UK Port. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank and
Societe Generale. Contact: G. Fiske, G. Fiske & Co. Ltd., 64 Sheen Road,
Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1UF, England. Telex: 925 878. Phone: 01-948 5811.


1243- Corn, rice (Netherlands). (A) White corn, 10,000 mt., U.S. No. 2, bulk and
1244 bagged 50 kg.; (B) Yellow corn, 20,000 mt., U.S. No.3, bulk and bagged 50 N
kg.; and (C) Milled rice (white) long grain, 10,000 mt., broken 15-20
pct. basis 3/4 grain, moist, 15 pc admix 1 pct., bagged. Delivery white
corn June-July, yellow corn July-August, and rice August-September. Offers
need to be received soonest. Quote: C&F Accra, Ghana (via Tema-Port).
Bank ref: Rabobank, Maarssen. Contact: W. Hankb, Hanko, Fazantenkamp
207, 3607 CK Maarssen, Netherlands. Telex: 70784 (Hagri N1). Phone:

1245- Wheat flour, sugar (Netherlands). 5,000 mt. each. Flour should be
1246 untreated natural white, grade 9200C, Prot. in dry matter 5.7 15.5 pct.,
moist, 14 pet. Sugar refined white. Bags (50 kilograms). Quote: C&F
(Ivory Coast) or FOB East Coast U.S. Bank ref: Rabobank, Maarssen.
Contact: W. Hanko, Hanko, Fazantenkamp 207, 3607 CK Maarssen,
Netherlands. Telex: 70784 (Hagri Nl). Phone: 3465-63961.

1247 Flavorings (Netherlands). Flavors for ice-cream. Quote: CIF/FOB. Bank
ref: Kreissparkasse-Aachen, W. Germany. Contact: J. M. Scheeren, Holset
38, 6295 Nc Lemiers-Vaals, Holland. Telex: 56734. Phone: 04454/1298.

1248 Dairy dessert products (Netherlands). Interested in patented dairy dessert
products, container loads. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amro
Bank-Woerden, D.J. Vroege, Kasi B.V., P.O. Box 69, 3440 Ab Woerden,
Netherlands. Phone: 03480-12294.

1249 Raisins and currants (Netherlands). Container loads, 15 kilo cartons.
Quote: FOB or C&F Paramaribo, Surinam. Bank ref: Abn-Schiphol.
Contact: Kees Molenkamp, Holfer B.V., P.O. Box 5300, 1007 Ah Amsterdam,
Netherlands. Telex: 12359. Phone: 020-762766.

1250 Wine (Netherlands). Container loads. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
Abn-bussum. Contact: P.B.A. Hosman, Ned.Detailhandel "Exportmij. B.V.,
P.O. Box 224, 1400 Ae Bussum, Netherlands. Telex: 73245. Phone:

1251 Avocado seed (Spain). Wants 5,000-10,000 (first trial). Variety: Lula,
Topa-topa. Also other varieties. Packaging: Preferably in 25-30 kilo
boxes. Quotations: CIF Madrid (air shipment). Delivery: June-July,
1981. Other requirements: Germination guaranteed for a period of 25-30
aays upon arrival to Madrid. Bank ref: Alicante and Exterior De Espana.
Contact: Juan J. Vines-Roig, Caidos De La Division Azul, 18 Madrid (16),
Spain. Telex: 44040 E (PERSONAL). Phone: (91) 456 37 00/458 21 06.

1252- Canned fruits, berries (Netherlands). Individually quick frozen sliced
1253 peaches, melon chunks, fruit salad, sliced kiwis, cherries (pitted),
billberries, raspberries, strawberries 20/30, apricots halves. Full
container loads, printed poly bags of 1 and 2.5 kilos and possibly retail
cartons. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: N.M.B. Etten-Leur. Contact:
J. Kouwenberg, G. Frost Diepvries B.V., Nijverheidsweg 19, 4879 Ap
Etten-Leur, Netherlands. Telex: 54210. Phone: 01608-13952.

1254 Baking products (Netherlands). Bakery products with a shelf life of 8
weeks. Container loads. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Abn-Reusel.
Contact: W. rouen, Cakes, Waffles and Bjscui ooQppeB r2 P. O. Box 9,
5540 AA Reuse Netherlands. Telex: 5 5 62777.

1255 Canned fruits and vegetables (Venezuela). Canned fruits, 40,000 cases,
1256 best available, 240-800 gr. cans/24 cans per case; and canned vegetables,
40,000 cases, best available, 300-800 gr. cans/24 cans per case. Delivery
October 1981. Needs sanitary certificate from country of origin. Quote:
FOB/CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Exterior. Contact: Ignacio Irigoyen,
Ignacio Irigoyen Blasco, P.O. Box 17668, Caracas 1015-A, Venezuela.
Telex: 27876 CPBTH VE. Phone: 329898.

1257 Sorghum seed (Venezuela). Sorghum certified seed, 1,000 mt. per year, 99
percent germination with no impurities, 50 kg. paper sacks, delivery August
1981. Need certificate of country of origin. Quote: CIF Puerto Cabello.
Bank ref: Banco Industrial De Venezuela, Banco Union, Banco Mercantil.
Contact: Jorge Ivan Scovino, Venetank, Apartado 1143, Valencia,
Venezuela. Telex: 41408. Phone: 332566.

1258 Pectin (Japan). Pectin in powder form for jam preserve, 5 mt. per year,
slow, rapid and Im types. Specific information to include samples (2 to 3
kgs.). Buyer willing to pay for samples and incidental charges. Packed in
drums about 100 to 200 kgs. to a drum for surface shipment. Immediate
delivery. Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Suruga Bank Yokohama Branch. Contact:
Hirotoshi Tashiro, Export and Import Service Center Inc., 1-1, Tokiwa-Cho,
Naka-Ku, Yokohama, Japan. Telex: 3822-170 EISC-J. Cable: EISC
YOKOHAMA. Phone: (045) 641-4641.

1259- Canned fish (Venezuela). Wants canned tunafish, mackerel, salmon, other
1260 canned fish, 40,000 cases, best available, 150-250 gr. cans/24 cans per
cases; and canned sardines, 40,000 cases, best available, cans of 150 gr.
Delivery as soon as possible. Usual U.S. health documentation. Quote:
FOB/CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Exterior. Contact: Alejandro Pueyo
Iturbe, Comercial Pueyo, P.O. Box 75931, Caracas 107, Venezuela. Telex:
23386 VSOT VE. Phone: 291-2031.

1261 Wine (Venezuela). California wines in bottles, wants quotes for red and
white, 0.75 It. bottles. Sanitary certificate from country of origin
required. Quote: FOB/CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Exterior.
Contact: Ignacio Irigoyen, Ignacio Irigoyen Blasco, P.O. Box 17668,
Caracas 1015-A, Venezuela. Telex: 27876 CPBTH VE. Phone: 329898.

1262 Soybean flour (Egypt). Defatted soybean flour used as milk supplement, 500
kilograms, 50 percent protein, 1 percent fat, packages of 5 kg. Delivery
ASAP no later than August 1, 1981. Quote: CIF Alexandria. Bank ref:
National Bank of Egypt, Cairo. Contact: Aziz E. Khder, Food Science
Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Menoufia, Shebin El-Kom,
Egypt. Phone: 2b17.

1263 Dried milk (Venezuela). 6,000 mt. per year, 26 percent fat, 25 kg. sacks.
Deliveries June 1,000 mt., July 1,000U mt., August 1,000 mt., Sept. 1,000
mt., Oct. 1000 mt. and Nov. 1,000 mt. Sanitary certificate of the country
of origin required. Quote: FOB port of shipment/CIF La Guaira. Bank
ref: Banco Industrial De Venezuela, Banco De Maracaibo. Contact: Gustavo
Moya, Carbo-Cal S.A., Av. Libertador, Ed. Torre Maracaibo, All Caracas,
Venezuela. Telex: 24161 NARDI-VE. Phone: 728632-710253.

1264 Cattle feed (Venezuela). 3b mt., best available, 50 kg. sacks, delivery
July 1981. Sanitary certificate from country of origin required. Quote:

CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco La Guaira International De Puerto La Cruz,
Banco Italo-Venezolano De Puerto La Cruz. Contact: Xavier Armengol, ,
Emorica, Av. Luis Roche, Ed. Helena, Piso 8, Apto. 85, Plaza Altamira
Norte, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 26392. Phone: 2843179.

1265 Fryers, broilers (Venezuela). Frozen fryers/broilers, 3,000 mt., U.S.
Grade A/U.S. Plant A, poly bags, packed in cartons, delivery early June.
Meat inspection certificate required. Quote: CIF La Guaira/FOB Miami or
any port. Bank ref: Banco De Maracaibo. Contact: Lloyd Burwick,
Maracaibo Group 3 C.A., Local 6A, Hotel Del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Telex: 62434 SRSEC VE. Phone: (061) 912-320/916-260.

1266- Canned fish (Venezuela). Canned tunafish, mackerel, salmon, other.canned
1267 fish, 40,000 cases, best available, 150-250 gr. cans/24 cans per case; and
canned sardines, 40,000 cases, best available, cans of 150 gr. Delivery as
soon as possible. Usual U.S. health documentation. Quote: FOB/CIF La
Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Exterior. Contact: Ignacio Irigoyen, Ignacio
Irigoyen Blasco, P.O. Box 17668, Caracas 1015-A, Venezuela. Telex: 27876
CPBTH VE. Phone: 329898.

1268 Holstein Friesian bulls (Egypt). 20 40 H. Friesian bulls. Age 1-1/2 to
2 years, 450 kgs.-500 kgs. weight, registered average lactation 6,000 kgs.
per 307 days for dams, fat 4 percent. Offers should be sent ASAP.
Phytosanitary certificate and 2 percent performance bond required. Quote:
FOB U.S. port, CIF Alexandria and Cairo airport. Bank ref: National Bank
of Egypt. Contact: Mamduh N. Ayad, Dr. Ayad Farm, 2 Husein El Mumary
Street, Kasr El Nil, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 758918, 741573 CAIRO.

1269 Cold storage and meat processing plant joint venture (Egypt). Capacity of
1,000 mt. for freezing, meat processing--5 mt. daily. 25 kms. south of
Cairo, paved road, adequate water and electricity available. Egyptian
partner share with the construction and land, American partner should share
with equipment. Management negotiable. Bank ref: Cairo Bank, Sayeda
Zienab Branch. Contact: Mohamed Morsy Btt, Tractor El Handasia, Essa
Pasha Hamdy, Agouza, Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 816844, CAIRO.

1270 Poultry feed (Venezuela). 25 mt., best available, 50 kg. sacks, delivery
July 1981. Sanitary certificate from country of origin required. Quote:
CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco La Guaira International De Puerto La Cruz,
Banco Italo-Venezolano De Puerto La Cruz. Contact: Xavier Armengol,
Emorica, Av. Luis Roche, Ed. Helena, Piso 8, Apto. 85, Plaza Altamira
Norte, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 26392. Phone: 2843179.

1271 Shell eggs (Egypt). Fresh eggs, 2,000,000 (two million), 45/50, 50/55
grms. per egg, in cardboard boxes. Quotations: CIF Alexandria. Contact:
Aly Abdel Dayem, Alexandria Projects and Commercial Company (APACO), 95,
July 26 Street, Borg El Silsila Bldg., APT NR 905 Alexandria, Egypt.
Telex: 54597 AHMED UN. Phone: 35529 AND 39585.

1272- Turkey drumsticks and red meats (Egypt). Frozen turkey drumsticks, 100 mt.,
1273 Grade A in polyethylene bags in cardboard boxes; and frozen boneless red
meats, hind and forequarters, 400 mt. Grade A. cardboard boxes.
Quotations: CIF Alexandria. Contact: Aly Abdel Dayem, Alexandria
Projects and Commercial Company (APACO), 95, July 26 Street, Borg El
Silsila Bldg., APT NR 905 Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54597 AHMED UN.
Phone: 35529 AND 39585,

1275- Rice, wheat, fishmeal (Spain). Rice, long grain, 100,000 mt., No. 2
1277 (PR106) broken 4 percent max., moisture 13-14 percent max., red grain L
percent max., foreign material 0.5-1.0 percent max; wheat white, 50-80,000
mt., max. 12% protein, max. moisture 13%; and fishmeal, protein 60-65%
max., fat 10% max., ash 20% max. Packaging: 50-kilo sacks for rice and
wheat, 3 layer 50 kg. bags for fishmeal. Quotations: CIF Spanish ports.
Bank ref: Hispano Americano, Internacional de Commercio. Contact: Carlos
Martinez, Comar Internacional, Apartado 2080-Alicante, Spain. Telex:
66404 CMUC E. Phone: (65) 23 36 39.

1278 Frozen raspberries (Germany). Choice quality, in bulk. Customer wants
sample by airfreight; is willing to pay for the airfreight. Quote: CIF
Hamburg. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, D-2000 Hamburg, West Germany.
Contact: Baldiun Schilling, Standard Uebersee Handels GMBH,
Rothenbaumchaussee 3, D-2000 Hamburg 13, West Germany. Telex: 00211596.
Phone: (040) 44-10-41.

1279 Frozen chickens (Denmark). 10 tons, in containers, delivery as soon as
possible, quotations FOB. Bank ref: Handelsbanken, Albertslund Vest.
Contact: Tony Chlala, Euro Ceder Aps, Borgager 15, 2620 Albertslund,
Denmark. Telex: 16 167 GPS DK. Phone: (02) 64 25 12.

1280 Flue cured tobacco (Zimbabwe). Agent for Hong Kong firm wants two thousand
mt. in stripped form, thin, in bulk, delivery from the end of June. Color
must be lemon bright; tobacco to be in stripped form. Quote: CIF Hong
Kong. Bank ref: Merchant Bank of Central Africa, Salisbury. Contact:
Sadoc Codron, Inter-Continental Leaf Tobacco Co., (PVT) Ltd., 30 Forbes
Avenue, Salisbury, Zimbabwe. Telex: 4350 RH INTLF. Cable: TRANSWORLD.
Phone: SALISBURY 70-4803 OR 704847.

1281 Rice (Nigeria). 10,000 mt. parboiled long grain #2, 4 percent broken, in
50 kilo bags. Quote: C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Union Bank, Ikeja, Lagos
State. Contact: Alhaji Munzali Dan-Inna, Dan-Inna International Co., P.O.
Box 169, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 932821.

1282 Mushrooms (Germany). Wild mushrooms in brine, container loads, in 15
percent salt brine, in barrels. Shipment according to season. Quote: CIF
Hamburg or FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, D-2000 Hamburg,
West Germany. Contact: Joerg Luettge, Siemssen & Co., Mittelweg 136, P.O.
box 1849, D-2000 Hamburg 13, W. Germany. Telex: 0211652. Phone: (040)
44 19 81.

1283 Grape jelly (Germany). Container loads, 250 450 500 grams, product and
label in accordance with German Food Law regulations. Quote: FAS. Bank
ref: Commerzbank Ag, Hamburg. Contact: Ruediger Wachsmuth, J.
Heimerdinger, Neuer Wall 34, D-2000 Hamburg 36, W. Germany. Telex: 21 50
82. Phone: (040) 36 32 26.

1284 Wine (Colombia). California wine, red, pink, white and sparkling, 3,000
cases per year in three shipments, popular to middle class quality, in
cartons for export. Labels in English. Phytosanitary certificate
required. Quote: FOB shipping port. Bank ref: A. Banco de Occidente,
Cali. B. Banco Mercantil, Cali. Contact: Ismael Enrique Hormaza, Codisa,
Carrera IA No. 24-56, Of. 806-810, Apartado Aereo 8031, Cali, Valle,
Colombia. Telex: 055-677. Cable: CODISA. Phone: (3) 741706 731214

1285 Turkey products (England). Cooked turkey products, whole containers,
one-half per month, Grade 'A', export packaging. Quote: CIF and/or FOB.
Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd., 15 Bishopsgate, London EC2.
Contact: Peter Grundy, Emdee Foods Ltd., 227 High Street, Epping, Essex,
England. Telex: 817377. Phone: 0378 76341.

1286 Soy protein (Portugal). About 200 tons year, soybean concentrate protein
level 70 percent, 20 kilo bags, delivery soonest possible. Quote: CIF
Lisbon for lots of 20 tons. Contact: Jose Baptista, A. Dias & Santos,
Lda., Rua Da Madalena, 273, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal. Telex: 18410 DISAL P.
Phone: 87-31-91.

1287 Palm hearts (Netherlands). Palm hearts, canned, container load, consumer
size cans. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: A.B.N-Dordrecht. Contact:
S. Van Der Basch, Maison lels De Veye, P.O. Box 870, 3300 Aw Dordrecht,
Netherlands. Telex: 20211. Phone: 078-180800.

1288 Chicken fat and cooked chicken (Netherlands). Rendered chickenfat and
cooked deboned chickenmeat, container loads. Quote: CIF Rotterdam or
FOB. Bank ref: Amro Bank-Den Haag (The Hague). Contact: R. Van Der
Vindt, Westerby B.V., P.O. Box 84110, 2508 GC Den Haag, Netherlands.
Cable: WESTERBY. Phone: 010-350428.

1289 Game birds and fowl (Netherlands). Game, fowl frozen, container loads.
Bank ref: Slavenburgh's Bank Maastricht. Contact: M. Braam, Johan Van
Leendert B.V., P.O. Box 540, 6200 Am Maastricht, Netherlands. Telex:
56267. Phone: 043/16785.

1290 Dried milk (Netherlands). Spray dried non-fat dry milk, 2,000 mt., 1.25
pet. fat in dry matter, in paper bags 25 kgs. Delivery June-July. Quote:
CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Mees and Hope N.V., The Hague. Contact: A.F.H.
hugenholtz, A.F.H. Hugenholtz, Bosschestraat 97, 2587 Hd Scheveningen,
Netherlands. Telex: 20010. Phone: (0) 70-540314.

1291 Hides (Italy). Calf and cattle hides & skins, fresh salted; wet blue.
Delivery: To De determined. Quotations: CIF Italy. Bank ref: Banca
Commercial Italiana, Firenze. Contact: Pierangelo Mori, Conceria Saiga
S.P.A., Via Uonica 40, P.O. Box 60, 56029 S. Croce Sull Arno (Pisa),
Italy. Telex: 59U201. Cable: SAIGA, SANTACROCE. Phone: 0571/34575.

1292 Beef steaks (Brunei). Pre-portioned beef steaks, 2,000 kgs. per order,
U.S. Choice, individually wrapped, prompt delivery. "Halal" slaughter with
accepted certificates. Quote: C&F Singapore. Bank ref: Hong Kong &
Shanghai Banking Corp., B.S.B., Brunei. Contact: Michael L. Howard, Dairy
Farm (Brunei) Ltd., P.O. Box 2248, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, British
Dependancy, Southeast Asia. Telex: DFARM BU 2271. Phone: BSB-32691.

1293 Broilers (South Africa). Fifty tons per month, beginning June 1981, USDA
Grade A (not plant grade), bulk in containers. To comply with South
African health & food safety requirements. Quote: CIF, Durban. Request
replies by telex. Bank ref: Bank of Lisbon & Sa, Johannesburg. Contact:
B. M. Faria, Luso Gourmet (PTY) Ltd., 109 Bree Street, Newtown,
Johannesburg 2001, South Africa. Telex: SA 82278 FOR LUSO GOURMET.
Cable: LUSO, GOURMET. Phone: JOHANNESBURG 834-3264.

1294 Turkey parts (Netherlands). Pieces of turkey breasts (white) meat produced
as a "meat offal" when cutting up the turkey. Container loads, prompt
delivery. Quote: CIF with sample. Bank ref: N.M.B. Tilburg. Contact:
J. De Wit, Hebro B.V., Jules De Beerstraat 14-16, 5048 Ah Tilburg,
Netherlands. Telex: 52494. Phone: 013-680901.

1295 Dried carrots (Netherlands). Dehydrated carrots cuts 1OX10X2 and 16X16X3
and O1X10X1O mm., also off grade product for pet foods. Container loads.
25 kilo cartons or paper bags. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
Amro-Schoonhoven. Contact: J. G. Diekema, Dika Fabrieken B.V., P.O. Box
5, 2870 AA Schoonhoven, Netherlands. Telex: 20941. Cable: DIKA.
Phone: 01823/2565 OR 2665.

1296 Chicken parts (Netherlands). Frozen chicken IQF poultry parts, container
loads, Grade A. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: NCB Groningen.
Contact: John Heys, Gebr. Heys B.V., Kerkweg 39, 9351 AJ LEEK,
Netherlands. Telex: 53230. Phone: 05945-15555.

1297 Broilers (Netherlands). Frozen chickens 900-1,400 grams, 3,000-6,000 mt.
per month, USDA Grade A and plant grade. Delivery as soon as possible.
Quote: C&F Alexandria and Arabian Gulf. Contact: F. Van Der Horst, F.
Van Der Horst (Rotterdam) B.V., 56 Westerstraat, 3016 DJ Rotterdam,
Netherlands. Telex: 22533. Phone: 010-131809.

1299- Wheat, rice (England). (A) Wheat; (B) Long grain polished rice. (A)
1300 min.: 20,000 mt., max. 200,000 mt.; (B) min.: 20,000 nit., max. 100,000
mt. (A) Hard winter sprout wheat, grade 1 white wheat and grade 11 white
wheat; (B) Grade 2, 4 percent broken, grade 5 20 percent broken, grade 2,
parboiled 4 percent broken. Quote: (A) C&F Bundar Abbas. (B) 1) C&F
Bundar Abbas and FOB Stowed PMT. 2) C&F Red Sea Ports and FOB Stowed
PNT. 3) C&F West African Ports PMT. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank
Ltd., 1 Market Place, Heywood, Lancs. Contact: I. Mathew, I. Mathew
Export/Import Agent, Heady Hill House, Heys Lane, Heywood, Lancs, England.
Telex: 667822. Phone: 0706 68958.

1301 Wheat (Burundi). Soft wheat maximum: 14.5; maximum impurities 4.5 percent
as follows: 2 percent broken grains; impurities caused by other grains 1.5
percent; sprouted grain 0.5 percent; other impurities 0.5 percent; proteins
12.5 percent. Request pro-forma invoices CIF Dar Es Salaam. Insurance
taken at Bujumbura. Wheat to be delivered in cloth bags. Payment against
irrevocable Letter of Credit. Prospective quantities: Two thousand tons
in 1981, eight thousand tons in 1982. Buyer works as a middleman for
importing raw material for various Burundi industries. Contact: Liberat
Niyondagara, Burundi, Africa.

1302 Oried milk (Egypt). Whole dry milk, spray process, 150 mt., finest grade,
free of rancidity and bitterness, 25 kg. 6 ply insulated paper bags.
Butter fat 26 percent minimum, moisture not more than 2.5-3 percent,
acidity (as lactic acid) 0.15 percent maximum, ph value 6.8. Quote: CIF &
C&F and FOB Alexanaria. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank, Zanalik, Cairo, Egypt.
Contact: Maher El-Kashef, Arab Establishment for Trading and Agencies
(KASH), 3, Michael Lotfallah Street, Apt. #40, Zamalik, Cairo, Egypt.
Cable: TRASHERIT, CAIRO. Phone: 801265.


1303 Eggs (Egypt). Request bids for Tender No. 23/1981 for the supply of thirty
million fresh chicken eggs in free currency. Each egg weighing 40-45 *
grams.To be shipped in two equal consignments during July-August 1981 at
committee's option. Offers to be submitted latest one p.m. Sunday June 7,
1981. Offers must be made through an Egyptian agent. Contact: General
Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal Products,
24, El-Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM. Cable:

1304- Wine, beer (Colombia). All types of wines in bulk for repacking and beer-in
1305 bulk for repacking. 500,000 gallons of each. Popular qualities. Quote:
FOB and CIF U.S. ports and Atlantic and Pacific ports. Bank ref: Banco
Popular and Banco Commercial Antioqueno. Contact: Mauricio Saldarriaga,
Industria De Productos Esenciales SA, Calle 2nd Bis No 4-24, Apartado Aereo
28500, Bogota, Colombia. Telex: 4817 (LEY). Phone: 233-3373, 261-0882.

Foreign Trade Developments

Bahamas Food Expo 1981. An exhibition of American foods will be held at
the Ambassador Beach Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas, September 15-17, 1981.
Sponsor of the show, the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture, invites participation of the U.S. processed food
trade in this 3-day promotional event.

The market for U.S. farm products in the Bahamas has been increasing
steadily for several years and now exceeds $60 million annually. Market
prospects are encouraging for a wide range of U.S. foods including rice,
beef, pork, dairy products, fruit juices, mayonnaise, breakfast cereals,
vegetables, snack foods, bakery products, soups, beer and wine.

U.S. food exporters interested in this market may reserve one of the 30
exhibition booths which will be provided at the Nassau show at a fee of
$200 per booth. Booths will be allocated on a first-come first-served
basis and limited to one booth per company. Further details and a copy of
a participation agreement are available from George Delgado, Agricultural
Trade Officer, Foreign Agricultural Service, 2222 Ponce de Leon Blvd.,
Coral Gables, Florida 33134. Phone: (305) 350-5314. Telex: 6811467.

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. The
Technical Office invites inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the
proposed regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade
problem. Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical
Office, 5528 South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone
at (202) 382-1318.

Egypt. 1. Deputy Prime Minister's Order No. 128 of 1981 establishes a
"Frozen Foodstuffs Inspection Committee" and specifies functions to be
carried out for inspection of imported frozen meat, poultry and fish. The
supplement to Order No. 128 specifies procedures for the inspection of
shipments including the certificates and documents necessary, sample
percentages and lab tests.

2. Ministry of Health Decree No. 298 of 1980 specifies tolerance levels
for the presence of salmonella in red meat and poultry meat.


Canada. The Canadian Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs has
proposed two amendments of the Consumer Packaging and Labeling
Regulations: 1. One proposed amendment exempts any biscuit or cookie
product sold as a meal replacement for use in weight reduction diets from
the requirements of container standardization.

2. The other proposed amendment would require a Canadian dealer and
principal place ofbusiness declaration on the label of prepackaged
products to be qualified with the woras "Imported For/Importe Pour" or
"Imported By/Importe Par" if the label does not state the geographic origin
in the manner required by the regulations.

* .'



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