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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.


January 23, 1984
.F.A.S. Un. of Floridd
Canned salmon (England). Company w-ihes t-toiport--contai er quantities of
fancy pink, medium red and red canned salmon. Packaging required: 48/7-1/2
oz. and 24/15 oz cans. Quote CIF London. Bank ref: National Westminster
Bank Ltd, 10 Southwark Street, London SE1, England. CONTACT: A.J. Perrett,
G.L. Wollner & Co Ltd, 34 Tooley Street, London SE1 2SZ, England. TELEX:
28604. Phone: 01 407-4311. (WK 3/TOFAS 25)

Cacti and succulents (Canada). Wants cacti and succulents. Quantity to be
determined. Firm is newly established florist interested in contacting U.S.
suppliers of above products. CONTACT: Louis Saint-Jacques, 1448 Aird Avenue,
Montreal, Quebec H1V 2V3, Canada. (WK 3/TOFAS 5)

Soybean cake (Peru). Wants soybean cake, 5,000 mt, 48% protein. Quote both
packed in sacks or bulk, specify. Delivery ASAP. Sanitary certificate
required. Quote C&F 90 day Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit thru a
local bank. Bank ref: Banco De Credito, Jr., Lampa 499, Lima 1, Peru; Banco
Lima, Jr. Puno 698, Lima 1, Peru. CONTACT: Sr. Julio Campos Chavez/Carlos
Manuel Cacho Souza, San Fernando 518, Miraflores (Lima 18, Peru). TELEX:
25020 GP. Phone: 452766 413526. (WK 3/TOFAS 300)

Ficus Benjamina trees (France). Wants trees "Ficus Benjamina", 31 units,
eight 5.5/60 m caliber 120-127 mm. Delivery by air freight in containers
filled with peat moss, not soil. Delivery April, 1984. Phy.tosanitary
certificate required. Quote CIF air freight to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Bank
ref: Indosuez, Marseille. CONTACT: Mr. Voivoditch, Export Manager, Societe
M.E.P., P.O. Box 59, 13632 Arles, France. TELEX: 401 638 SIBAPRO. Phone:
(90) 96 89 78. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)

Gourmet foods (Canada). Wants gourmet canned foods and gourmet frozen foods.
Sales territory covers Canada. CONTACT: Nigel Clarke, Nova Imports Limited,.
109-1425 Cypress Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3L1, Canada. Phone:
604-734-3329. (WK 3/COMMERCE 2488)

Bakery, dietetic products, cookies and crackers (Venezuela). Interested in
bread and other bakery products, both dietetic and non-dietetic. Presently
engaged in importing foodstuffs, housewares, toys and in packaging general
rack merchandise. Interested in receiving quotations for direct

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.


sales/distribution and eventually operate local manufacturing under license or
joint venture. CONTACT: Gladys De Bechara, Roglamar S.R.L., Edif. Francisco
D'Anbrosio, Esquina, Calle 300, Final Ave. Baralt, Quinta Crespo, Caracas
1010, Venezuela. Phone: 52/02/421172. (WK 3/COMMERCE 1070)

Preserved and semi-preserved canned crab meat, salmon, shrimps, and canned
seafood (France). Wants preserved and semi-preserved canned crab neat, salmon
shrimp and other canned seafood. Company established in 1966. Importer,
distributor of canned fish and seafood. Bank ref: Societe Generale, 6 Place
De La Liberation, 78860 Les Murealx; Credit Commercial De France, 20 Rue l.a
Fayette, 75009 Paris. CONTACT: Alain Fays, President, Scandinavian Fish
Conserves Co., Zone Industrielle, 78920 Ecquevilly, France. TELEX: 698 011
F. Phone: 01133/1/475 90 09. (WK 3/COMMERCE 4850)

Grocery items (Jordan). Interested in direct sale and exclusive
distributorship for canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables, pickles and
other pickled products, soup mixes, dried and dehydrated, and cereal breakfast
foods. Company seeks contacts with manufacturers/exporters of supermarket
items. Interested companies are requested to contact Mr. Tadros directly.
CONTACT: Michael Tadros, Manager, Zughbabah Bros. Co., P.O. Box 5047, Amman,
Jordan. TELEX: 21887 HISHAM JO. Phone: 73105/78981 Ext. 32. (WK 3/COMMERCE

Dehydrated foods (Iceland). Wants raisins in consumer packages; prunes
(stoneless) in consumer packages; other dried and dehydrated fruits and fruit
peel (i.e. figs, peaches, pears, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, etc.). Quote FOB
Portsmouth, Virginia. CONTACT: Erlingur Sigurdsson, Manager, Logaland,
Sorlaskjol 8, Reykjavik, Iceland. TELEX: 2146. Phone: 91/12804. (UK
3/COMMERCE 2979)

Confectionery products (Spain). Small size firm established in 1983.
Importer, distributor and retailer of confectionery products. Agents in Spain
and Canary Islands wants confectionery products. Bank ref: Banco Espanol De
Credito Bilbao. CONTACT: Angel Cadavieco, General Manager, Bakal, S.A.,
Plaza De Castilla, 3 Planta 17-22, Madrid 16, Spain. TELEX: 49437 AKAL-F.
Phone: 34/1/7337347. (WK 3/COMMERCE 1361)

Wine, brandy, liquor (Spain). Wants distilled liquors (bottled or not),
wines, brandy and brandy spirits. Manufacturer and importer of liquors. Also
interested in aperitifs and whiskey, gross assets estimated at U.S dols 1.7
million. Sales estimated at U.S. dols 6.0 million. Sells throughout Spain
including Canary Islands. Wants to obtain manufacturing licenses. Bank ref:
Banco Mercantil De Tarragona; Banca Catalana and Banco Espanol De Credito.
CONTACT: Esteban Banus, General Manager, Cogrami, S.A.E., Carretera
Universidad Laboral S/H, Tarragona, Spain. TELEX: 56451. Phone:
34/77/541200. (WK 3/COMMERCE 1402)

Grocery items (Qatar). Wants dairy products, preserved foodstuffs, grain mill
products, sugar and confectionary products, canned juices, and fresh meat
products. Wishes to order medium size amounts of the above foodstuffs for
distribution among the retail food stores in Qatar. Catering packs of various
foodstuffs are also desired for hotel and restaurant use. Language of
correspondence: English or Arabic. CONTACT: Roger Abu Hader, Manager,
Internat'l Food Center (IFC), P.O. Box 6900, Doha, Qatar (Arabian Gulf).
TELEX: 5133 SARPH DH C/0 ICC. Phone: 429942 C/O ICC. (WK 3/COtMMERCE 2094)

Grocery items tender (Northern Ireland). Tender for groceries and provisions
including infant foods and minerals with annual approximate value of 260,000
Ibs sterling. Details will be stated in the tender forms. Suppliers may
tender for all or any of the items detailed in the forms of tender. Three
delivery points within Northern Ireland. Deliveries will be called off
between 1 April 1984 and 31 March 1985. Relevant documents may be requested
at the Chief Administrative Office, below before January 27, 1984. Tenders
must be drawn up in English. Deadline February 14, 1984 at 4:00 PM. Requests
for tenders must be accompanied by evidence specified in the following
articles of directive 77/62/EEC, unless such evidence has already been
supplied to the Western Health and Social Services Board and proof that none
of the circumstances set out in article 20 apply to the contractor: Articles
22(1)(b) and (c); 23)(a), (b) and (c). Tenderer is bound to keep tender open
for 60 days. CONTACT: Chief Admin. Officer, Western Health and Social Serv.
Board, Gransha Park, Clooney Rd, UK-Londnderry BT46 1TG, Northern Ireland.
(WK 3/COMMERCE 1719)

Lobster live (Belgium). Wants (Hamaris Vulgaris) lobster live. Quality:
chic, quarters, halves or select. Quantity: a minimum of about 600 Kg on a
weekly basis. Packaging: in cartons as appropriate. Delivery: ASAP. Quote:
CIF Antwerp. CONTACT: Mr. W. Lantsoght, PVBA DE BACQUER SPRL, Quai Aux
Briques 86-88, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX: 63 875 DE BACQ-B. Phone:
(33) 2/511-1441 and 513-2677. (WK 3/TOFAS 28)

Whiskey, bourbon (West Germany). Wants bourbon whiskey. Quantity: 50-100
cartons per shipment. Packaging: 6 or 12 bottles per carton (upon supplier's
specification). Quote C&F Apia, West Samoa. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref:
Vereins- und Westbank, Alter Wall 20, 2000 Hamburg 11, West Germany.
CONTACT: Mr. Koopmann, fleridien Breckwoldt GMBH, Postfach 10 88 29, 2000
Hamburg 1, W. Germany. Phone: 40-23731212. TELEX: 2162739. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)

Dried vegetables (Japan). Wants three 20-foot container loads of dried
pimentos, parsley, carrots and other dried vegetables per year. Best
quality. Retail and/or institutional packaging. Immediate'delivery by surface
shipment. USDA phytosanitary certificate is required. Quote FOB. Bank ref:
Fuji Bank Takara-cho Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Mr. Tsutomu Yoshida,
Lion-McCormick Ltd., 1-3-7, Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. TELEX: 262-2114 LIOCOR
J. Phone: (03) 621-6209. (WK 3/TOFAS 1)

Pigeons (Malaysia). Wants pigeons for breeding (Commerical White King and
White Show King). Quantity: 100 mated-pairs each consignment. Quality
highest breeding stock for squab production. Normal packing. Requirement:
request information and history of birds. Air freight Subang Airport, Kuala
Lumpur. Bank ref: Malayan Banking BHD (gombak Branch), Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia. CONTACT: Yew Gek Kooi, Yu Tong Sdn. Bhd, 2 Jalan Union Dua,
Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Phone: (03) 929-275 and (03) 980-841. (WK
3/TOFAS 2)

Corn (Iigeria). Wants corn, 3,000 mt, U.S. #3. Packed in 50 kg polypropylene
bags. Delivery 3 weeks from time of opening Letter of Credit. Requirement
all documents in English language. Quote C&F Sapele Port, Nigeria. Bank
ref: United Bank for Africa, Ltd, 10 Station Road, Enugu, Anambra State,
Nigeria. CONTACT: Dr. P. Thangarajah, Peco Feeds, Limited, Airport Rd,
Emene, P.O. Box 8341, Enugu/Anambra State, Nigeria. TELEX: 51310 1iG. Phone:
(042)253251/253269. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)

Soybean meal (Iligeria). Wants 1,000 mt, 44% protein. Packed 50 kg
polypropylene bags. Delivery 3 weeks from opening of Letter of Credit.
Requirement all documents in English. Quote C&F Sapele Port, Nigeria. Bank
ref: United Bank for Africa, Ltd, 10 Station Road, Enugu, Anambra State,
Nigeria. CONTACT: Dr. P. Thangarajah, Peco Feeds, Limited, Airport Rd,
Emene, P.O. Box 8341, Enugu/Anambra State, Nigeria. TELEX: 51310 MG. Phone:
(042)253251/253269. (WK 3/TOFAS 5)

Anthurium cut flowers (Taiwan). Wants Anthurium cut flowers from Hawaii.
Quantity: 50 cartons per shipment. First grade quality. Packed in carton.
Delivery 7 days after receipt of Letter of Credit, by aircargo. Quote C&F
Taiwan Airport. Bank ref: Hollandsche Bank-Unie H.V., Taipei Branch,
Taiwan. CONTACT: Johnson Wang, General Manager, Crown International Corp.,
7th Fl, No. 11-2, Alley 20, Lane 256, ranking East Road, Section 3, Taipei,
Taiwan, P.O. Box 81-299 Taipei. TELEX: 22682 CICWAt!G. CABLE: CICWANG.
Phone: (02) 721-0208. (WK 3/ST. 134)

Peanut meal (Nigeria). Wants 1,000 nt, 44% protein. Packed in 50 kg
polypropylene bags. Delivery 3 weeks from time of opening Letter of Credit.
Require all documents in English. Quote C&F Sapele Port, Nigeria. Bank ref:
United Bank for Africa, Ltd, 10 Station FPoad, Enugu, Anambra State, ligeria.
CONTACT: Dr. P. Thangarajah, Peco Feeds, Limited, Airport Rd, Emene, P.O. Box
8341, Enugu/Anambra State, Nigeria. TELEX: 51310 NG. Phone:
(042)253251/253269. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)

Baby food powder, diet food, foodstuffs supplement (Taiwan). Wants baby food
powder, diet food, nutritional foodstuffs supplement. Quantity 1 ton, high
quality, in bulk packing. Delivery 6 weeks after receipt of order. Quote CIF
or FOB. Bank ref: Chang lHia Commercial Bank. CONTACT: C.M. Lin, President,
Hwak Fast Limited, P.O. Box 48-246, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 24353 HAWFAST.
CABLE: HAWFAST TAIPEI. Phone: (02)764-4856 or 763-5808-9. (WK 3/ST 108)

Cereals (Chile). Chilean food importer wants to purchase U.S. breakfast
cereals, especially brands name products. Quantity and quality not
specified. CONTACT: Sr. Gonzalo Valparaiso, Velarde lnos, Casilla 1145,
Valparaiso, Chile. TELEX: 330549 VELARD CK. (WK 3/LETTER 1)

Soybeans and soybean meal (Canada). Wants 5,000 mt soybean meal, and 10,000
mt of soybeans. Both in bulk. Quote destination Taiwan. CONTACT: Michael
S. tlajar, Transworld, 7116-136 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5C 2K2, Canada.
Phone: (403)476-4075. (WK 3/TOFAS 8)

Egg whites (Denmark). Wants top quality crystallized egg whites, approx 5 mt
initially followed by regular shipments. Packed for large-scale food industry
use. Delivery ASAP. Samples desired. Quote CIF Odense, Denmark. Bank ref:
Dansk Provinsbank, Odense. CONTACT: Thomas Christensen, Danish Fancy Food
A/S, Toldbogaed 9-15, DK-5000 Odense, Penmark. TELEX: 59 913 PANFA DK.
Phone: (9) 11 72 00. (WK 3/TOFAS 9)

Cabbage (Dennark). Wants white cabbage, fresh chilled, large size (approx. 2
kilos each). 400-800 tons. Quote quality and prices. Packed 25 kilogram
sacks or other packaging. Delivery ASAP. Quote C&P Copenhagen, Denmark, and
Oslo, Norway. Bank ref: Sjaellandske Bank, Nykoebing S. CONTACT:
Ejnar R. Nielsen, Soekilde, Postboks 10, DK-4540, Faarevejle Station,
Denmark. TELEX: 40 229. Phone: (3)45 32 51. (WK 3/TOFAS 10)



Safflower oil (Switzerland). Wants safflower oil, 45-55 tons annually. Best
quality. Packaged in containers (for monthly delivery of 4 tons). Quote CIF
Hamburg, West Germany. Bank ref: Schweizerische Voksbank, 6300 Zug,
Switzerland. CONTACT: Claudia B. Hein, Barbara-Biolcost, Postfach 2217,
Untermuehlweg 11, 6302 Zug, Switzerland. TELEX: 862231 TRAP CH. Phone:
042-31-78-70 and 32-90-44. (WK 3/TOFAS 5)

Scallops (Taiwan). Wants frozen scallops, one 20 ft. container, IQF 31-40,
41-50 package. Packed in polybag of 1 lb or 1 kg. Delivery spring season or
ASAP. Quote CIF. Bank ref: The First Commercial Bank of Taiwan, Min Sheng
Branch, Taipei; The Changhwa Comrercial Bank, Eng Lok Branch; The Hwa Nan
Commercial Bank, Ta Tao Chen Branch. CONTACT: S. S. Pan, President or Mr. M.
C. Pan, Foreign Trade Department, Sheng Hong Trading Co., Ltd, 6F, 349 Min
Sheng East Road, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 27044 TAISWEET. CABLE: CONFECTION.
Phone: (02)501-1115. (WK 3/STATE 201)

Confectionery, candy, biscuits and chocolates (Singapore). Wants
confectionery, candy, biscuits and chocolates. A few containers monthly, fine
grade. Standard export packaging. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Singapore. Bank
ref: Philippine National Bank Singapore. CONTACT: Mr. S. K. Lee, Royal Food
N Beverage Co., 35 Selegie Road Hex 01-18, Parkland Shopping Mall, Singapore
0718. TELEX: RS25899. Phone: 3374304/3370862. (WK 3/TOFAS 18)

Pie filling, dry yeast (Singapore). Wants pie fillings, and instant dry
active yeast, FCL basis. Yeast will be used to work on oven bread with high
sugar contents. Packaging pie fillings 595 gms or A10 size, yeast 500 gms.
Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Singapore. Bank ref: United Overseas Bank, No. 1
Bonham St., Singapore. CONTACT: Charles Ng, Nam Lian Trading Co., 72 Race
Course Road, Singapore. TELEX: RS38897 NALIAN. Phone: 2971093/2941905. (WK
3/TOFAS 19)

Flaxseed gum (France). Wants flaxseed gum, 1,000 kgs per year max., high
viscosity grade. Delivery ASAP. Products must be safe for cosmetic use.
Quote CIF Le Havre. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Agence GC 514-92250 La
Garenne, Colombes. CONTACT: M. S. Clarence, Laboratoires Phytosolba, 79, Rue
Des Gros Gres, 92700 Colombes, France. Phone: (1)242 77-52. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)
Joint venture for integrated poultry farming (Nigeria). Interested in a
joint venture with U.S. partners) in integrated poultry farming project.
Project is a new start up. Partner(s) will be required for management,
equipment recommendation, equity participation, raw materials supply and
company specialization. Equity participation 60% Nigerian, 40% foreign.
Total equity investment envisaged about 4 million dollars. Bank ref: First
Bank (Nigeria) Limited, Obun-Eko Branch, Lagos. CONTACT: Dr. F.I.O. Giwa,
Aiyepe Lucky, P.O. Box 834, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria (WK 3/TOFAS 3)
Joint venture for poultry farming (Nigeria). Interested in joint venture for
integrated poultry farming, about 500 acres of land available at Nkpor
Village, in Idemili. Project is new start up. Feasibility study and other
infrastructres are in progress. Project aims: produce 20,000 layer units,
2-tons per hour feedmill, 10,000 dressed broiler unit per month and 10,000
day-old chicks per week hatchery. Partner(s) will be required for
management. Equipment recommendation, equity participation, technical
assistance, raw materials supply and company specialization. Equity
participation 60% Nigerian, 40% foreign. Total equity investment envisaged

about 4 million dollars. Bank ref: First Bank (Nigeria) Ltd, New Market Rd
Onitsha, Anambra St, Nigeria. CONTACT: Mrs. J. C. Nwachukwu, Sec, Offojebe
Co Ltd, No 1 Okwei St, PO Box 840, Onitsha, Anambra St, Nigeria. Phone:

Joint venture for tuna fishing and shrimping (Nigeria). Nigerian company
interested in joint venture with U.S. partners) in tuna fishing, shrimping
and production of rubber sea-oil project at Port-Harcourt, River State.
Feasibility study completed and arrangements for supply of trawlers in
progress. Partner(s) required for management, equipment recommendation,
equity participation, technical assistance, raw materials supply and company
specialization. Company presently involved in building and construction work
with the Produce Board, Petroleum haulage with the African Petroleum Company,
Ltd., etc. Equity participation 60% Nigerian, 40% foreign. Bank ref:
Savannah Bank of Nigeria Ltd, 10 Aba Rd, Port Harcourt and Pan African Bank,
Ltd, Degema, River St. CONTACT: R. R. Briggs, Manager Director, 2 Harbour
Rd, Port Harcourt, P.O. Box 478. Phone: (084)334601. TELEX: 61234
Wheat tender (Yemen Arab Republic). Tender with closing date of February
13, 1984 for 100,000 mt of U.S. No. 2 or better, Western white wheat, in
bulk. Delivery starting end of March 1984. Quote C&F free out. Bid bond
of 5% should be enclosed with the offer. Bank ref: The Yemen Bank, Sanaa &
The Indosuez Bank, Sanaa. CONTACT: Fozi Abdallah (Grain Division), Balohom
International Trading & Investment, P.O. Box 1516, Sanaa, Yemen Arab
Republic. TELEX: 2342 LAHOM YE. Phone: 967-2-225530 or 225535. (WK
3/TOFAS 14)

White rum (Sweden). Wants white rum, in bulk. Price not to exceed 50 C per
liter. Quote FOB. CONTACT: Mr. Andrew Nehaul, Drakenbergsgatan 47 VII,
S-117 41 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: 08/69 38 30. (WK 3/TOFAS 3)

Peaches (Egypt). Wants to get in touch with producers of nursery stock
peaches. Nematodes resistant varieties. Quote CIF Cairo Airport, Egypt.
CONTACT: Eng. Moustafa Dahy, Private Farmer, P.O. Box 199, Cairo, Egypt. (WK
3/TOFAS 19)

Canned foods (Canada). Wants canned food products with Arabic and English
labelling. Container loads. USDA Grade A, packed in cartons. Delivery
ASAP. Quote FOB USA Port. Bank ref: The Royal Bank of Canada, 351 Laurier
Avenue West, Laurier & Park Branch, Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2K4, Canada.
CONTACT: Paulo Castilho, Balcorp Limited, 50 Place Cremazie, Suite 410,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2P 2T1. TELEX: 05-827638. CABLE: CORPBAL.
Phone: (514)387-7383. (WK 3/TOFAS 3)

Live mink, parent stock (Taiwan). Interested in the import of live mink.
Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers for parent stock. CONTACT: T.H. Hsieh, Vice
President, len-Cheng Enterprise Co. Ltd, P.O. Box 7-597, Taipei, Taiwan,
Republic of China. TELEX: 27673 IENC. CABLE: IENC, TAIPEI. Phone:
341-8662 or 351-8589. (WK 3/LETTER 2)

Beef, chicken, lamb, butter, eggs, apples, oranges, and bananas (Ireland). An
international trading house in Northern Ireland has a request for commodities
for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The final importer requests monthly
shipments as follows: 500 mt of chicken (Hallal kill), 400 mt of beef to

consist of 50 mt each of the following cuts: tenderloin, silverside, topside,
shank, rib, fillet, rump, thick flank. Between 5-10 containers of lamb
carcasses and eggs. Each packed in 700 cartons per container; 5,000 cartons
of each butter, unsalted, half 200 gm X 80, half 400 gm X 40; 40,000 cartons
of apples; 30,000 cartons of bananas; and 50,000 cartons of oranges.
Financing is to be arranged with final purchaser. Terms are CIF Dubai.
CONTACT: Nick Watson, Moore-Watson Ltd, 213 Castle Rd, Randalstown, County
Antrim, Northern Ireland. TELEX: 747788. Phone: 08494 72622. (WK 3/TOFAS

Corn tender (Egypt). Requests bids for tender No. 3 (1984) for 100,000 mt 5%
more/less of yellow or white corn, latest crop, to be shipped Febuary 1984.
Committee is entitled to increase or decrease the quantity. Offers to be
submitted at the below address latest 12 noon Tuesday, January 24, 1984.
Conditions and specs to be obtained against payment of L.E. 5 per each offer.
Ministerial decree No. 1036, 120 should be complied with. Offers must be made
through an Egyptian agent. CONTACT: General Authority for Supply Comm, Pur.
Comm. for Grains & Prod., 24, Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92062

Fruit juice concentrate (Malaysia). Wants fruit juice concentrate (orange,
grape and apple). Quote CIF Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Bank ref: Bank
Utama (M) BHD, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. CONTACT: Edmund Lau Eng Choan,
EPT SDN. BHD, 84, Bangunan Dirgahayu, Batu Lintang Road, Kuching, Sarawak,
Malaysia. Phone: 20300, 22240. (WK 3/TOFAS 9)

Fruit juice concentrate (Malaysia). Wants fruit juice concentrate (orange and
grape), 12-15,000 gallons (orange); 1,000 gallons (grape). Packaging 52-gal
pack (orange), 200-liter pack (grape). Quote CIF Port Kelang, Malaysia. Bank
ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
CONTACT: Yap Peng Huat, Universal Fruit Juice Mfrs. SDN BHD, 4 Jalan Dawai,
Shah Alar, Selangor, Malaysia. TELEX: 38510 UFJ MA. Phone: (03) 592804 or
(03) 594286. (WK 3/TOFAS 8)

Saffron seed (Guatemala). Wants saffron seed, 50 mt, certified. Packed in 60
Ib. bags. Delivery September and October 1984. Purchase made through CCC
GSM-102. Quote CIF Sto. Tomas De Castilla or Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala and
FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Credito Hipotecario Nacional, 7 Avenida 22-77, Zona
1, Guatemala City, Guatemala. CONTACT: Ing. Carlos Madrazo, Agro Pacific,
S.A., 45 Calle 15-24, Zona 12, Guatemala City, Guatemala. TELEX: 5457
DARTEX. Phone: 761222. (WK 3/TOFAS 4)

Soybean oil (Singapore). Wants hydrogenated soybean oil, 30-40 mt per month.
Bank ref: OCBC, Chulia Street, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Jurong,
Singapore. CONTACT: J.C.M. Shaw, Beatrice Food(s) Pte Ltd, 32, Quality Road,
Jurong, Singapore. TELEX: PRMIER RS 39769. Phone: 265008. (WK 3/TOFAS 21)

Heifers, bulls (Guatemala). Wants Simmental bred heifers and young bulls as
follows: 40 bred heifers and 4 young bulls (20-24 months) registered.
Delivery May/June 1984. Insurance, health certificate, registration,
certificate of origin requested. Quote FOB Houston, Texas, CIF Aurora
Airport, Guatemala. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank International Limited, 8 Avenida
10-67, Zona 1, Guatemala, C.A.; Bank of America, 5 Avenida 10-55, Zona 1,
Guatemala C.A. CONTACT: Salvador F. Ramirez, Hacienda Santa Ana, Calzada
Aguilar Batres 22-75, Zona 12, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Phone: 481159 or
481325. (WK 3/TOFAS 5)

Foreign Market Development:

LIFAF July 29 August 1984, New Orleans, Louisiana: The Louisiana
Department of Agriculture will sponsor an International Food and Agri-busines
Fair from July 29 August 4, 1984 at the International Business Center in the
Louisiana World Exposition. The LIFAF will afford exhibitors the opportunity
to contact a forecast 600,000 visitors, 12% of whom will be from foreign

Further information and details on participation are available from the
Louisiana Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 44302, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
70804-4302, telephone: (504) 342-7011.

The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) has obtained one stand at
the Panamanian International Commercial Exposition, to be held in the 'ATLAPA'
Convention Center, Panama City, Panama, March 21-25, 1984. This commercial
food trade show draws about 2000 buyers from the Central and South American
markets. For more information about this event contact: SUSTA, ATTENTION:
Ben Jabbour, International Trade Mart, Suite 338, 2 Canal Street, New Orleans,
Louisiana 70130, telephone: (504) 568-5986.

VIEW AUSTRALIA 85 Exhibition

From April 6th 14th 1985, an international Exhibition for wines, spirits and
alcoholic beverages will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The organizers are
estimating trade attendance of 12,000 (60 % Australia and 40% firm visitors)
and 80,000 general public. Four of the nine days of the exhibition will be
set aside for trade only visitors. An international panel will also conduct a
wine judging. A 10% discount is offered to exhibitors signing up for space
prior to March 1, 1984. Further details may be obtained from Mr. Johnnie
Walker, Director, View Australia Management Pty. Ltd., Exhibition House, 102
Chapel Street, East Street Kidda 3183, Melbourne, Australia.

Phillippines Asian Livestock Techno-Show. The first "Asian Livestock
Techno-Show" will be held in Manila, Phillippines, April 1-7, 1984. Local and
foreign firms will exhibit their latest innovations in breeders technology,
livestock equipment and bio-support systems to livestock raisers from the
Phillippines and neighboring countries of Asia and Pacific regions. The show
is sponsored by the Livestock Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers
Association of the Phillippines. According to the organizers, 50 foreign
companies have signed up. If you are interested in attending please contact:
Engr. Wenceslao Vinzons Tan, Asian Livestock Techno-Show, P.O. Box 27
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Phillippines, Telex: 66559 WENCE PN,
and/or the Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division, Foreign Agricultural
Service, ATTN: Willie Brooks. Phone: (202) 447-3690.
Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As required
of all signatories to the GATT Standards Code, the following notifications of
foreign proposed standards related rules have been provided for the

information and comment of interested agencies and firms. The Technical
Office invites inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the proposed
regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade problem. From
time to time we also receive proposals through our embassies in foreign
countries, as is the case this week. Requests for copies or questions can be
referred to Carolyn Wilson, USDA Technical Office, Room 5530 South Blgd.,
Washington, D.C. 20250, or phone (202) 382-1327.

West Germany For most products the requirements of the new West German Food
Labeling Ordinance became effective on December 26, 1983, thereby bringing
German provisions in line with those required by other EC Member Countries.
The two most important changes introduced by this new German ordinance are:
(1) Required labeling of ingredients in descending order of importance; and
(2) Uncoded labeling of shelf-life dates on most packaged food products

David International Fair-March 15-16, 1984 Agriculture is the central theme
at the International Livestock Fair in David, Panama. Our Agricultural
Attache in Costa Rica, who also covers Panama reports the following items
should find a good acceptance there: soups, Mexican foods, spices, health
foods, seafood, hot sauces, seeds, beer, snacks, cigarettes, meat bases,
sauces, poultry bases, beef jerky, pecans, wines, flavored milk, dry milk,
juices, vienna sausages, peanuts, peanut brittle, country ham, charcoal, corn
(white and yellow), soybeans, canned meats, gravy, jelly, popcorn, wheat,
timber products and livestock.

Panama is an important dollar market for U.S. agricultural products which was
valued at $86.6 million in 1982. The Panama market is strong and there will
be potential buyers from near-by countries.

The participation fee is $50. Send check or money order made payable to:
American Embassy, USDA/FAS. For further information write to: Max F. Bowser,
Agricultural Attache, American Embassy, APO Miami 34020, telephone:
33-11-55. Cable: American Embassy, P.O. Box 10053, Jan Jose, Costa Rica.

U. S. Food Exhibits -- in Singapore and Hong Kong. U.S. agricultural
exporters will have a unique opportunity to explore the potential for their
food products in two key Asian markets next spring. The U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), in cooperation with several
U.S. trade associations and industry groups, is sponsoring American food
exhibits in Singapore (April 24-27) and in Hong Kong (fay 1-2, 1984).

Both countries show excellent market potential. Exporters will have an
opportunity to demonstrate and promote their food products to retailers,
wholesalers, the hotel-restaurant and institutional trade and other food

Singapore has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world for food
products--thanks to its role as an Entrepot Center. Recent years have seen a
rapid rise in Singapore's economy which was accompanied by an increase in per
capital income. These factors, coupled with demand for quality foods by hotel
restaurants, tourists, the shipping and airline catering industry, and an
increasing number of foreign residents, make Singapore a growth market for

quality U.S. processed foods. U.S. exports of food to Singapore grew from $90
million in 1979 to an estimated $300 million in 1982. About 75 percent of
these products were re-exported to surrounding countries. Significant imports
include fruits and vegetables, grains, cereals and cereal preparation, coffee,
tea, sugar, spices, frozen poultry, dairy products, meat, meat preparation,
processed foods and U.S. breeder swine.

Hong Kong is a free port and the government seldom interferes in the export
trade. Most goods can enter Hong Kong duty-free and tariff-free.
Hong Kong is a large export market for U.S. oranges and grapes. Other U.S.
food items which find a market there include poultry, shell eggs, beef,
catfish, apples, melons, and lettuce. There is also potential for grocery
items as the number of retail food outlets continues to increase. Any food
product normally offered for sale to the U.S. food service industry can be
displayed and demonstrated at the two food shows. Exhibitor's fees are $500
for the Singapore "Food and Hotel Asia '84" show and $200 for the Hong Kong
show. Participants must have a representative at the show to discuss their
products with those attending the exhibit. While U.S. based representatives
are preferred, agents and/or distributors are also welcome. FAS will accept
participation agreements on a first-come, first-served basis until February
29, 1984. Participation fees must accompany the application for exhibit
space. For further information contact: Levi L. Turner, Agricultural
Marketing Specialist, Export Programs Division, Room 4944-S Building, Foreign
Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.
Telephone: (202) 475-3415


The tradeletter, CONTACTS for U.S. Farm Products, is an export promotion
service offered FREE by the Foreign Agricultural Service to help American
companies introduce agricultural products to foreign markets. The CONTACTS
provides names and addresses of U.S. suppliers and a brief description of the
agricultural products they offer to potential foreign buyers.

CONTACTS is designed to help publicize the availability of U.S. agricultural
products and services in foreign markets. The CONTACTS tradeletter will allow
a U.S. supplier to advertise their product or service in a free 100 word or
less trade announcement. The newsletter is transmitted overseas monthly to
our Agricultural Officers where they distribute it to agricultural importers.
In addition, the newsletter is translated into Japanese, Spanish, French,
Italian, and Greek.

If you would like to participate in this program contact the marketing
representative with your State Department of Agriculture, or call (202)
447-7103 for further information on how to participate in the CONTACTS
program. While preference for participation in this program is given to
new-to-market products and new-to-export firms, all firms are invited to

Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service can
provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential foreign

food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases have been under
development for the last three years and are being constantly updated. For a
nominal service charge we can provide you with the names, addresses, telephone
numbers and telex numbers of domestic exporters or potential foreign importers
for a wide range of commodities. If you would like more information please
write to the address below and indicate your preference for foreign or
domestic data. In supplying the mailing lists, the Department of Agriculture
and the Foreign Agricultural Service does not guarantee reliability of the
domestic suppliers or foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 447-7103


In an effort to provide our subscribers with more comprehensive information we
have included a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing or
analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and Marketing
Programs division for assistance. If you are concerned about trade issues
such as product acceptance in a country or a trade policy related question
please contact the appropriate division in International Trade Policy.




Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division 6616-S 447-8031
Grain & Feed Division 5603-S 447-4168
Horticultural and Tropical Products Division 6603-S 447-6590
Oilseeds and Products Division 5646-S 447-7037
Tobacco, Cotton and Seeds Division 5932-S 382-9516
Forest Products Staff 4554-S 382-8138


Trade Policy Planning and Analysis Division 5530-S 382-1312
Inter-America and Western Europe Division 5506-S 382-1338
Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe Division 5548-S 382-1289



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