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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability f the overseas inguire .Yupr best source for further information on
These trade leads is the listed foreigit fir-g iVplng 'l3rwRi ou may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7106.
OCT 08 1980 SEPTEMBER 26, 1980

2744 Horses (Ecuador). Wants 10 ma.le.poritOety i f P jumpers), min. height
1.65 meters, weight 750 kg. drik lir, prerelu haaniover or similar; 130
castrated male all purpose horses (for presidential escorts), quarter horse
or similar, weight 450 kg average, dark hair, w/out training or mounting
defects (tamed). Both 3-5 months, vaccinated with certificates stating
free of infectious Anemia. Quote C&F Quito by Air, FOB. Bank ref: Banco
Central Del Ecuador. CONTACT: LT. Col. Dr. Carlos Fonseca Z, Conandancia
General del Ejercito, Ministerio De Defensa, Exposition 2U8, Quito,
Ecuador. Phone: 216-150.

2745- Seeds, feeds (Colombia). Wants seeds and feeds. Total supplies for
2746 general farm, garden, pet store. High quality products. Delivery
immediately. Buyers will visit contacts in U.S. Requirement: Contacts
and products to be offered with prices. Bank ref: Banco Cafetero, Carrera
Decima-Bogota. CONTACT: Eduardo Gutierrez De Pineros, Seguros Universal
SS.A., Ave. Jimenez No. 8-77, Piso 6, Bogota, Colombia. TELEX: 43385 Suval

2747 Wines (Colombia). Needs bottle wines, dark red wines, pink wines and white
wines. Quantity: 1,000 cases every two months. Delivery immediately.
Requirement: samples in advance if possible to register mark with Ministry
of Health. Quote FOB price quotes & shipping ports. Bank ref: Banco
Cafetero, Bogota. CONTACT: Alfonso Martinez Arevalo, Alfonso Martinez and
Co., P.O. Box 57734, Calle 12 No. 5-32 Oficina 1004, Bogota, Colombia.
Phone: 283-2914, 282-1982.

2748- Beef Steers (Hong Kong). Would like (A) chilled & frozen beef; (B) live
2749 steers. Quantity: (A) 100 kg per day; (B) 100 300. Quality: (A) 1st &
2nd Grade; (B) Grade 3. Packed in (A) 2 5 kg each; (B) below 250 kgs.
Bank ref: Wing Lungbank. CONTACT: Raymond Tsang, Gen. Merchandise
Association, 10 Tsat Tsi Mui Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Phone: 5-634-954.

2750 Joint venture poultry (Nigeria). Newly established Nigerian Livestock
Company with Borno State Government holding majority equity shares
interested in a joint venture turnkey poultry project of some 30,000 layers
and 100,000 broilers annually. Bank ref: Bank of the North, Maiduguri.
CONTACT: General Manager, Borno Livestock Company, P.M.B. 1495, Maiduguri,
Nigeria. Phone: 076/232-014, Ext. 887.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


2751 Chicken (Egypt). Requests bids for Tender No. 31/1980 for the supply of
10,000 tons more or less lu% American frozen chickens.within A.I.D. program
under loan 54, grant 602 as follows: (1) offers to be submitted on FAS
basis American Ports indicating loading port and/or C&F Egyptian Ports
Alexandria or Port Said buyers option; Program of loading as follows:
first consignment 5,000 tons more or less 10% to be shipped in Nov. 80 & to
arrive in Dec. 80, second consignment 5,000 tons more or less 10% to be
shipped in Dec. 80 & to arrive Jan. 81. CONTACT: Gen. Authority for
Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, 24 El
Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt ARE.

2752 Wheat gluten (Belgium). Would like wheat gluten. Quantity: min. 1,500 -
3,000 mt per year. Quality: vital (for human consumption), 80% protein.
Packed in 50 kilo bags. Delivery urgent. Quote: C&F Antwerp. Bank ref:
Banque Bruxelles-Lambert. CONTACT: Mr. Frey, INNOVATEC, rue Duquesnoy 14,
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Phone: 02/513 72 44.

2753 Wines (England). Desires wine. Quality: all grades. Packed in 12 bottle
cartons. Delivery as soon as possible. Requirement: company wishes to
act as U.K. agent for U.S. company. Quote CIF, U.K. Port. Bank ref:
Barclays Bank Ltd. CONTACT: James R. Bennewith, James R. Bennewith Ltd.,
4 Regina Road, Chelmsford CMI 1PE, Essex, England. Phone: 0245 356559.

2754 Seeds (Portugal). Needs white millet and canary seeds. Quantity: 18 mt of
each. Packed in containers. Delivery immediately. Quote CIF Lisbon or
Oporto. Bank ref: Banco Totta & Acores, Av. Dos Aliadoa 42, Oporto.
CONTACT: Fernandes Cruz E Silva, Fernandes Cruz E Silva LDA., Rua Antonio
Candido 83-1, Oporto, Portugal. TELEX: 24215 OPORTO.

2755 Joint venture fruits (Nigeria). A Nigerian business firm which is
currently building a soft rink plant expected to begin production in
December is interested in beginning an orchard to grow citrus fruits
(oranges, grapefruits, papaya). Firm would like to make contact with U.S.
orchards interested in supplying technical expertise, seedlings, and
management. This is also a joint venture opportunity. Bank ref: First
Bank. CONTACT: Pavasalt Enterprises Ltd., P.O. Box 5142b, Falomo, Ikoyi,
Lagos, Nigeria.

2756 Olives (Denmark). Wants black olives, large, pitted, 1 to 1.5 tons per
month, five kilo cans, approx. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote CIF.
Bank ref: Handelsbanken, Copenhagen. Contact: Preben Friis, Strom &
Svendsen, Toldbodgade 61, DK-1253 Copenhagen, Denmark. Telex: 10681.
Phone: (01) 15 62 54.

2757 Corn (France). Wants yellow corn (American type), 3,000 metric tons.
Quote CIF Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Bank ref: Banque Francaise Du Commerce.
Exterieur. CONTACT: Edmond Veller,International Business Manager, UNIFRA,
14, Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France. TELEX: 660300 UNIFRA.
Phone: 770 48 62.

2758 Canned sweet corn (France). Wants sweet corn "sous vide" (without water),
three to five million 12 oz./tins, fancy Grade A size medium less than
20% wet. Packed in cases of 12 tins; cases of 24 tins; and bulk on 80 x
120 pallets. Delivery from October until June. Most of tins should be
under customer labels in French. Quote CIF Le Havre & Anvers. .Bank ref:

Banque Populaire Bretagne Atlantique, 12 Cours De La Bove, 56100 Lorient.
CONTACT: Mr. Tanguy or Mr. Le Beuve, S.A. Le Beuve, 22, Quai Des Indes,
56107 Lorient, France. TELEX: 740-771. Phone: (97) 64 35 63.

2759 Cottonseed (France). Interested in buying 40,000 metric tons of
cottonseed. Quote FOB American Port. Bank ref: Banque Francaise Du
Commerce Exterieur. CONTACT: Edmond Veller,International Business
Manager, UNIFRA, 14, Blvd. Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France. TELEX: 660300
UNIFRA. Phone: 770 48 62.

2760- Holstein & Brown Swiss heifers (Ecuador). Wants dairy heifers, open, 14
2761 months old, and dairy heifers 3-5 months pregnant. Quantity: 10,000.
Holstein & Brown Swiss, certified at least 75% pure (each animal at least
three quarters purebred). Bids on partial lots, I.E. fewer than 10,000
acceptable. First shipment late 1980. Usual health certificates.
Certification of 75% purebred required from an official source
(Association, Government or University). As much detail as possible on
previous experience in hot (80 F) climate and low altitude (2,000 5,000
feet) required. Quote C&F Guayaquil Via Air & Via Boat, and FOB Point of
Origin. Bank ref: Ecuadorean Central Bank Providing Financing. CONTACT:
Econ. Fabian Armijos, Predesur, Juan Larrea Y Arenas, Mezzanine, Quito,
Ecuador. Phone: 544-517 & 522-746.

2762 Wine (Peru). Interested in all types of Californian table wines, up to
$200,000 during the first year, in bottles, liters or gallons, all sealed.
This company is being established for the purpose of representing &
importing all types of grape wines from California exclusively. Quote FOB
& C&F Callao. Bank ref: Banco De Lima, Carabaya 698, Lima 1, Peru.
CONTACT: Marcos Wolfenson,, Jr. Carabaya 685, OF 217, Lima 1, Peru.
TELEX: 20478 Pe Wolfenson. Phone: Z73054.

2763- Tallow, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, frozen chicken,
?768 frozen fish, fresh table eggs (Egypt). El Nasr is the largest of five
public sector trading companies acting on behalf of Ministry of Supply.
Purchases will be through public tenders requiring Bid Bonds & Performance
Bonds. El Nasr needs contact with large, reliable U.S. suppliers to
compete with bids from firms in other countries. Next GOE Tenders
scheduled October 4 for 10,000 mt frozen broilers (CIP). Several others
scheduled to follow. Quote C&F & FOB, Alexandria. Bank ref: Nat'l Bank of
Egypt. CONTACT: Nabil Mostafa Kamel, El Nasr Export & Import Co., P.O.
Box 1589, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92232 SHIN UN.

2769- Raisins, currants, dates, almonds, rolled oats, glazed mixed fruit (mixed
2771 peel) (Canada). Looking for sources of supply of above products. Wants
price quotations to Canadian destinations. CONTACT: Andrew Sealy, A&S
Int'l Trading Enterprises, P.O. Box 921, Station B, Willowdale, Ontario M2K
2T6, Canada. Cable: ASINPTRENT. Phone: (416) 493-0403.

2772 Wine (Netherlands). Interested in container loads of California wines.
Quote CIF or FOB. Bank ref: Amro Bank Utrecht. CONTACT: E. J. J.
Booden, Makro International Purchasing, Spaklerweg 53, 1099 BB Amsterdam,
Netherlands. TELEX: 16634. Phone: 020-944484.


2773 Cnicken (France). Wants offers for frozen chicken, 300 metric tons, 800 to
1,400 grams size. Destination Middle East with Halal Certificate of
killing specifications as usual for Arabic Gulf. Quote FOB American Port.
Bank ref: Banque Francaise Du Commerce Exterieur. CONTACT: Edmond
Veller, International Business Manager, UNIFRA, 14, Blvd. Montmartre, 75009
Paris, France. TELEX: 660U00 UNIFRA. Phone: 770 48 62.

2774 Rapeseed & cornoil (Australia). Wishes to buy rapeseed & cornoil,
edible/deodorized/winterized, in 200 kg steel drums. Delivery soonest.
Quote C&F Fremantle. Bank ref: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, High St.
Fremantle, WA. CONTACT: B. Jacovich, B. A. Jacovich & Co., 15 Derinton
Way, Hamilton Hill, W.A. 6163, Fremantle, Australia. Phone: 09-4182881.

2775 Cocktail mix (Israel). Interested in Pina Colada cocktail mix, 10,000
cartons, 2 times a year, labels to be supplied by importer. Quote FOB East
Coast. Bank ref: Bank Hapoalim, Kikar, Hamedina Branch. Contact: Yaakov
Shnitzer, Wagner-Shnitzer, Barsilai Street, Tel Aviv, Israel. Telex:
35770 COIN IL ATIN: HERMAT. Phone: 03-625413.

2776 Deer (Taiwan). Importer looking for supply of deer, such as Fallow deer,
Red deer, elk and Samber. Quantity: Fallow deer 100 head, Samber deer 50
head. All adult in good condition. Crated 15-20 Fallow deer per box 116
INCHES X 79 inches X 72 inches. Need health certificate issued by the
country of origin. Quote FOB or C&F by air. CONTACT: Rick Pan, Safari
Animal Corporation. TELEX: 23457 TIMOSLED ATTN: SAFARI. Phone: (02)

2777 Frozen roasting chickens (Canada). Wishes to contact U.S. poultry
processors who can supply basted frozen roasting chickens, under private
label, 5 los. and up. Prefer chickens not processed in chlorinated water.
CONTACT: Gary O'Brian, or Percy Welsh, Burns Food Ltd., International
Trade Division, P.O. Box 2520, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2M7.
Phone: (403) 267-0110.

2778- Beef, chicken (Egypt). Export agent for Egyptian firm requests offers for
2779 500 long tons of Grade A beef per month; 5UU long tons per month Grade A
chicken, giblets packed separately. (Islamic Kill pack) Quote CIF
Alexandria, Egypt on a one year contract. Partial offers acceptable:
CONTACT: Walter Larke Sorg Associates phone (202) 546-6371. Confirm
offers by Western Union or mailgram to 234 F Street, NE, Washington, D.C.
2U002. Phone: (202) 546-6371.

2780- Flower seeds, tree seeds, nursery stock (United Arab Emirates). Interested
2782 in flower seeds, tree seeds, herbaceous plants, nursery stock, consisting
of Acacai Arabica, Acacia Tortilis, Prosopis Specigera, Zizyphus Spina
Christii (all forest plants). Company plans to set up business for
Ornamental, forest plants, and indoor plants. They have a particular
interest in plants for landscaping purposes. Contact: Juhani Hulkko, :
Lanner Project Co. Ltd., P.U. Box 6298, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. TELEX: 26166.

2783- Canned foods (Nigeria). Interested in canned fish, fruits and vegetables,
2787 meats and evaporated milk. Quote C&F Lagos. Terms of payment: 30 to 60
days document against payment basis. Bank ref: Bank of Credit & Commerce
International (NIG) Ltd., 39/48 Tafawa Balewa Square, P.M.B. 12763,

Lagos. CONTACT: S.A.R. Sanusi, Managing Director, Rio de Oro Continental
Agency, Ist Floor, Offin House, 5 Rabiatu Thompson Crescent, Surulere, P.O.
Box 1918, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Cable: RIDORCUN BOX 1918, Surulere.

2788 Red kidney beans (Panana). Wants 39,u00 CWT, U.S. No. 1 1980-81 crop,
jute sacks of 100 lbs. each. Delivery November 4,500 CWT, December -
5,000 CWT, January 5,000 CWT, February 4,500 CWT, May 2,000 CWT, June
4,000 CWT, July 4,000 CWT, August 5,000 CWT, September 5,UOO CWT.
Max. cooking time 90 minutes. Phytosanitary certificate from country of
origin required. Quote CIF Port Balboa. Bank ref: Banco Nacional.
CONTACT: Sr. Everado Bertoli, Instituto de Mercado Agropecuario, Apartado
5638, Panama 2, Panama. TELEX: 2994 MERCADEO. Cable: IMA Panama.
Phone: 61-5072.

2789 Lentils (Panama). Wants 34,000 CWT of lentils, U.S. No. 1 1980-81 crop,
jute sacks of 100 Ibs. each. Delivery December 4,500 CWT, January -
4,500 CWT, February 4,000 CWT, May 3,000 CWT, June 4,500 CWT, July -
4,500 CWT, August 4,500 CWT, September 4,500 CWT. Max. cooking time -
90 minutes. Phytosanitary certificate from country of origin required.
Quote CIF Port of Balboa. Bank ref: Banco Nacional. CONTACT: Everarado
Bertoli, Instituto de Mercado Agropecuario, Apartado 5638, Panama 2,
Panama. TELEX: 2994 MERCADEO. Cable: IMA Panama. Phone: 61-5072.

2790- Wheat, wheat flour (Algeria). Interested in large negotiable quantities of
2791 hard wheat semolina and soft wheat flour, correspondence in French
required. No tender documents issued yet. Looking for direct contact with
producers and exporters in order to fill future demand. Mainly interested
in signing large long-term contracts so tnat goods cover 1981 period.
Firms will be selected through experience, production capacity, export
capacity, turnover and number of employees. CONTACT: Sn. Sempac,
Direction des Approvisionnements, 28, Avenue Colonel Bougara, El-Harrach,
Algiers, Algeria. TELEX: 52912. Phones: 76.41.84; 76.49.73.

2792 Broilers (Greece). Wants frozen broilers, 2,000 mt., USDA Grade A, ready
to cook; 900-1300 grs. each. Bird, fully eviscerated; giblets in 10-14
birds per carton; individually poly-wrapped. Islamic rite slaughter and
Arabic Label required. Quote FOB, U.S. ports (East Coast). Bank ref:
National Bank of Greece. CONTACT: John Ritsonis, 5, Zaimis Street,
Athens, Greece. TELEX: 216925 RITS. Phone: 3601859.

2793 Broiler (France). Import-export company founded in 1880 now servicing
French overseas territories ana Middle East wants negotiate with primary
suppliers only for 1,850 tons per month, 800-1400 grams, white skin,
Islamic kill, fully eviscerated, in bags with trademark "Poulet Joli",
payment by Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Banque Nationale de Paris,
Marseille, Banque Francaise et Commerce Exterieur, Marseille. CONTACT: G.
Orinier, SUCAB, B.P. 255, 13308 Marseille Cedex 14, France. TELEX: 410617

2794 Broilers (Egypt). Wants frozen chicken, 800-1400 gram/bird, 10,000 mt.,
Grade A, 5,000 mt. in December, 5,000 mt. in January. Slaughtered
according to Islamic rites. Quote C&F Alexandria. Bank ref: National Ban
of Egypt, Main Branch Cairo, Egypt. CONTACT: Gouda Kaiser, Tractor &
Engineering Co., 23, Boustan Street, Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt.
TELEX: 92286 TECO UN, 92247 CROCDL UN. Cable: AZIZ, Cairo.
Phone: 742696, 742613.

2795 Broilers (Egypt). Wants frozen broilers, 100 metric tons, Grade A, 0.800
kgm 1,400 kgm each, packaging in polythylene bags in cardboard boxes.
Delivery two eaqual shipments during November and December. Origin and
date of slaughter must be stamped on box. Quotations CIF Alexandria.
CONTACT: Zarif Risgallah, Alpha Egypt Import-Export, 11 Saint Saba Street,
Alexandria, Egypt. Phone: 26476 & 34048.

2796 Chicken (Hong Kong). Wishes to buy frozen poultry and poultry parts, Grade
A, standard packaging, prompt shipment. Bank ref: Hong Kong and Shanghai
Banking Corp; Banque Nationalde de Paris; and Sanwa Bank. CONTACT: J. F.
Redondo or Abraham Li, F.A.B. Limited, 2/F Highburgh House, Hung Hom Bya
Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong. TELEX: 33683 OAKPA HX. Phone: 3-656-395.

2797- Chicken, eggs (Egypt). Interested in frozen broilers and table eggs, trial
2798 order of 100 mt of chicken and 1/2 million eggs, Grade A, eggs of 40-50
grams each. Quote CIF Alexandria. Bank ref: Cairo Bank, Shoubra Branch.
CONTACT: Fathi Mahmoud, Arab Trade & Exports Bureau, 37 Talaat Hape St.,
Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 93731 DG Cairo UK. Cable: NIBESKAR, Cairo.
Phone: 701219/757524.

2799 Barley (Saudi Arabia). Wants 20,000 tons or more of barley interested U.S.
Firms should telex price quotes and shipping details immediately.
Contact: A. R. Khan, IDO (General Contracting), Al-Saif Contracting and
Trading EST., P.O. Box 6754, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Phone: 4776004/4776037.

2800 Beef (Egypt). Government tender with closing date of October 11 for frozen
boneless beef. Requests bias for tender No. 32/1980 for 8,000 tons more or
less 1U% frozen boneless beef meat fore quarters and/or compensated
quarters, males 100% age 1/3 years and/or 3/5 years. Shipment during
December in two consignments. Conditions and specifications available
address below against payment due fees taking into consideration
ministerial decree No. 103o/1978 concerning the commercial agency.
CONTACT: General Authority for supply commodities, Purchasing Committee
for Animal Products, 24, El Gomhouria St., Cairo, A.R.E.

Foreign Trade Developments

Egyptian Cabinet decisions on meat production, supply, prices and imports.
According to Egyptian press reports following a meeting of the full
Cabinet, all meat prices will be controlled following the termination of
the meat ban Sept. 30. A committee of "experts" has been formed to
determine the appropriate prices for meat, poultry, eggs and other protein
sources. These prices will be adjusted periodically depending on demand
ana supply considerations. The projected imports of basic foodstuffs by
the GOE during the 1980/81 fiscal year have been revised to reflect the
government's desire to ease supply problems. The following figures are in
tons: Previous FY 1980/81: meat 80,000; fish 70,000; poultry -
30,000; & lentils 50,U00; Revised FY 1980/81: meat.- 120,000; fish -
150,000; poultry 85,000; & lentils 80,000. The FY 1980/81 corresponds
to the period July 1, 1980 June 30, 1981. The government also plans to
import 10,000 head of breeding cattle to bolster local production. The
press further notes that extra ration cards will be issued early in October
to allow regular card holders to purchase additional amounts of such items
as cooking oil, lentils, soap and beans. The monthly ration of imported
chickens has been raised from 2 to 4 per ration-card holder.


Tokyo food exhibit. Members of the processed food industry are urged to
signify their interest in an American food exhibit at the Hotel,
Restaurant, Institutional food show in Tokyo, Marcn lb-20, 1981. Tnis will
be an opportunity to enter the rapidly expanding Japanese market and only
fifty (0O) booths will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
Because of this limitation on the number of exhibitors, interested
participants are urged to contact FAS without delay. The participation fee
is $400. If interested in receiving further details, contact the Export
Trade Service Division, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D.C. 20250.

New Publications

Single copies of the following are available by writing the Information
Services Staff, FAS, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250.

World Grain Situation Outlook for 1980/81, FG-26-80, September 15, 1980.

Prospective Outlook for Grain in the USSR 1/, FG-25-80, September 12, 1980.

Agricultural Outlook, August 1980, AO-57, September 1980.

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