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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items hase been gathered from Agricullural Anlache and iiher government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of fond and agricultural products. In supplying the trade Irads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of rhe overseas inquirer. Ynur hest source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry You may also contact the Export
Promotion Diision. F AS. 2021 4477 103.
I ,

'. ISSUE NO# 3, 1983

0060 Lactobacillus (United Kingdom). Wants Lactobacillus prime manufacturers,
50-100 tons, for use in animal feeds. Quotations CIF, Felixstowe. Delivery
ASAP. FDA approved. Bank ref: Allied Irish Bank Ltd, Eaton Road, Coventry.
Contact: William P. Tonks, Park Tonks Limited, 104 High Street, Ct.
Abington, Cambridge, CB1 6AE, United Kingdom. Telex: 817672 Phone: 0223

0061 Rice-syrup (Netherlands). Wants rice-syrup. If prices are right, bulk
quantities. Quotations CIF Rotterdam or FOB only with samples. Two pound
sample requested. Companies making offer should specify who is to bear cost
of sample and how rice-syrup is packed. Bank ref: NMB Zeist. Contact:
Ms. R.A. Van Doesburg, Wijnand Van Doesburg B.V, Kwikstaartlaan 24-26, 3704
GS-Zeist, Netherlands. Phone: 03404/5S579 or 58378.

0062 Fruit Pulp (Thailand). Wants annually 500 mt pineapple pulp; 200 mt
strawberry pulp, and 100 mt of raspberry pulp, respectively.. All without
preservatives, suitable for jam industry. Delivery as seasonally available.
Bank ref: Bangkok Bank, Banglampoo Branch, Bangkok. Contact: P. Rajan
Nair, Rasri Trading Co., Ltd., 15 S01 Pattanawait (4), Pattanawait, Bangkok
11, Thailand. Telex: 87274 ALLENCO TH Attn: CAPUDA.

0063 Soybean meal (Pakistan) Wants soybean meal, 10,000 kilos, glue grade (wood
glueing). Packed in 50 kilo, paper bags four ply with polyethelene liner.
Immediate delivery. Quotations C&F Karachi. Bank ref: Habib Bank Ltd, Mandi
Baha-Ud-Din. Contact: Malik Misbahuddin, Malik Traders, Chowk Sadar Bazar,
Mandi Baha-Ud-Din, Pakistan. Cable: DYELAND.

0064 Corn (Netherlands) Wants corn, initially 1,500 metric tons, No. 3 U.S.
yellow, in bulk or in 50 kilogram bags. Prompt delivery. Quotations CIF
Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Bank ref: ABN, Purmerend Contact: N. Gommers, IBER
Factors, P.O. Box 360, 1440 AJ Purmerend, Netherlands. Telex: 15298
Phone: 2990-32081

0066 Glucose, rice and corn grits (Fiji). Fiji manufacturer of candy and snack
0067 foods for both local market and export to New Zealand seeks American supplier
above name products. Interested in price quotes for container load

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

quantities CIF Port of Lautoka, Fiji. Firm currently produces bubble gum
(gumbase imported from U.S.). Desires to develop capability of manufacturing
regular chewing gum, and is beginning to look for licensing, royalty, or
similar arrangements to provide technology transfer. Maganlal Jiwa and Son
Ltd. is a member of the American Confectioners Association. Contact: H.L.
Raniga, Managing Director, Maganlal Jiwa and Sons Limited P.O. Box 204,
Fiji. Telex: 6240 F.J. (Jasons). Phone: 74322. Cable: MAGJASONS.

0068 Strawberry plants/asparagus seeds or plants (Ecuador) Wants strawberry
plants/asparagus seeds or plants. Two million strawberry plants and 10,000
asparagus plants. Packed in boxes, for delivery April/May 1983. Quotations
FOB/CIF. Bank ref: Banco Del Pacifico, Av. Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador.
Contact: Diego Sanchez, Catalina Aldaz 245, Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 242-996

0069 Unsalted butter (Finland). Wants 1,000 mt unsalted butter. Contact: Oleg
Wuorio, Abbon Trade OY (Thomesto OY), Sodra Esplanaden 18, P.O. Box 225,
SF-00130 Helsinki 13, Finland. Telex: 124 544 Thom SF Phone: 90/17 01 12.

0070 Grocery items (Belgium). Wants unspecified quantities of dried fruits,
canned fruits, canned vegetables, meat offals, new food products, poultry,
fruit juices and vegetable juices. Delivery as-soon-as-possible. Quotations
CIF Antwerp. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque. Contact: De Perlinghl
Nicolas, De Perlinghi (Agent-broker), 173 Boulevard Des Invalides, 1160
Brussels, Belgium Phone: 02/660 72 87.

0071 Butter (Netherlands). Wants butter, unsalted, pasteurized, approx. 30,000
metric tons, min. 82 pct butterfat, max. 16 pet moist., max. 2 pet curd, in
25 kilo cartons. Part shipments starting Feb/March. Health certificate.
Quotations C&F Rotterdam. Bank ref: Credit Suisse, Chiasso Contact: Mr.
Zeinstra, Food Specialty A.G., Herenstraat 31, 1211 BZ Hilversum,
Netherlands Telex: 43444 Phone: 35-234347/8/9

0072 Non-fat dry milk (Ireland) Wants non-fat dry milk 20 metric ton container
loads (ongoing business is envisaged). Packaging: 25 kilo multi-walled paper
sacks; Delivery time: Starting March 1983. Quotations: C&F Middle East ports
(E.G.: Cairo, Alexandria, Jidda); Bank ref: Allied Irish Banks, 100
Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Contact: D. J. O'Donohoe, Director, Derryfore
Traders Ltd., Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Phone:

0073 Liquid milk (Ireland). Wants long life liquid milk 20 foot container loads
(ongoing business is envisaged). Quality: Specify butter fat content.
Packaging: One Liter poly-bottles. Delivery time: Starting March
1983..Quotations: C&F Middle East Ports (E.G.: Cairo, Alexandria, Jidda);
Bank ref: Allied Irish Banks, 100 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Contact: D. J.
O'Donohoe, Director, Derryfore Traders Ltd., Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland. Phone: 728-503.

0074 Cheese (Ireland). Cheese (assorted varieties) 20 foot container loads
(ongoing business is envisaged). Delivery time: Starting March 1983.
Quotations: C&F Middle East ports (E.G.: Cairo, Alexandria, Jidda). Bank
ref: Allied Irish Banks, 100 Crafton Street, Dublin 2. Contact: D. J.
O'Donohoe, Director, Derryfore Traders Ltd., Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland. Phone: 728-503.

0075 Butter (Ireland). Wants 20 foot refrigerated containers (ongoing business is
envisaged); Specify butter fat content, packaging: 500 gram, 12.5 kilo and
25 kilo blocks. Delivery time: Starting March 1983. Quotations: C&F Middle
East ports (E.G.: Cairo, Alexandria, Jidda). Bank ref: Allied Irish Banks,
100 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Contact: D. J. O 'Donohoe, Director,
Derryfore Traders Ltd., Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Phone: 728-503.

0076 Butter oil (Ireland). Wants butter oil, 20 foot container loads (ongoing
business is envisaged). Quality: 98 percent butter fat, pure unsalted.
Packing: 25 liter and 100 liter containers. Delivery time: Starting March
1983. Quotations: C&F Middle East Ports (E.G.: Cairo, Alexandria, Jidda).
Bank ref: Allied Irish Banks, 100 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Contact: D. J.
O'Donohoe, Director, Derryfore Traders Ltd., Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street,
Dublin 1, Ireland Phone: 728-503.

0077 Sugar (Ireland). Wants sugar (white refined). Quantity: 20 metric ton loads
in containers. Packaging: 50 kilo multi-walled paper sacks. Delivery time:
Starting March 1983; Quotations: C&F Middle East ports (E.G.: Cairo,
Alexandria, Jidda). Bank ref: Allied Irish Banks, 100 Grafton Street,
Dublin 2. Contact: D. J. O'Donohoe, Director, Derryfore Traders Ltd.,
Talbot House, 1 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. Phone: 728-503.

0078 Vegetable seeds, flower seeds (Italy). Wants vegetable and flower seeds.
0079 Quantity to be determined. Quality: Hybrid seeds in particular. Packaging
in retailers' packages. Quotations and delivery date to be determined.
The firm is already active, interested in becoming representative in Italy.
Bank ref: Banca Popolare Dell'etruria, 52011 Bibbiena, Arezzo. Contact:
Giovanni Cordovani, Sementi Cordovani, via Nazionale 97, 52011 Bibbiena,
Arezzo, Italy. Phone: (0575) 593514.

0080 Walnut shells (Japan). Wants walnut shells, one container load, sample and
specific information required. Appropriate packaging for surface shipment.
Immediate delivery. Quotations: C&F and/or CIF Yokohama. Bank ref: Kyowa
Bank, Aoyama Branch, Tokyo Contact: Hiroshi Watanabe, Capital & Co., Ltd.,
6-28, Akasaka 9-Chome, Minato-Yu, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2324340 Kimoto J.
Phone: 03-479-1525. Cable: CAPITALCO Tokyo.

0081 Cooking oil (Japan). Wants aerosol spray cooking oil, one container load.
Spray-type vegetable-base cooking oil used to prevent burning and sticking of
food to pan. Packed in 7 fl. oz sizes. Immediate delivery. Quotations FOB
Los Angeles. Bank ref: Mitsui Bank, Honcho Branch, Tokyo Contact: Kazu
Arai, Arai & Co., Ltd., 17-11, Higashi-Sugano 3-Chome, 1 Ichikawa-Shi,
Chlba-ken, Japan. Telex: J27847 (A/B UIJTRADE). Phone: 03-252-8067.
Cable: ARAICO Ichikawa.

0082 Soybean oil (Italy). Wants crude soybean oil, 50,000 mt and 20,000 mt,
F.F.A. 1 percent. Packaging: Tankers. Quotations FOB or C&F Trieste.
Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Banco Di Roma, 30100 Trieste, Italy. Contact:
Camexco-Italarts S.N.C., Via Della Geppa 8, 34132 Trieste, Italy. Phone:

0083- Canned fruits, health foods, nuts (Japan). Wants canned fruits such as
0085 prunes, plums and apricots; canned mushrooms; health foods and nuts such as
almonds, walnuts and pecans, approx. 1 ton, assorted. Good quality.
Delivery middle of March. Samples of each desired to confirm qualification
under standards of Japanese food sanitation law. Quotations CIF Moji Port.
Bank ref: Sumitomo Bank, Kitakyushu Branch, 1-5-16 UO-Machi, Kokurakita-Ku,
Kitakyushu City 802 Japan. Contact: Yoshiro Haraguchi, Di Director, Pan
Japan Trading Corp., 6-7 Akasakakaigan, Kokurakita-Ku, Kitakyushu City, 800
Japan. Telex: 7123-58. Phone: 093-541-6931. Cable: PANJAKITAKYU

0086- Hides, potato and corn starch, egg powder, feed materials (Hong Kong). A
0089 newly opened fully owned subsidiary of Jardine, Matheson & Co. Ltd. (One of
the biggest trading company in Hong Kong) is seeking the following
agricultural products from the U.S.: wet-salt bovine hides, fleshed wet blue
bovine hides, potato starch, corn starch, pectin, egg powder, and feeding
materials for poultry, pigs and cows. They do not have any order in hand yet
but would like to get in touch with suppliers of the above mentioned
commodities to negotiate trading terms. Also wants to be sole agent or
distributor in Hong Kong for U.S. food products not already represented.
Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. Contact: Steve S. Tong,
Market Development Assistant, Industrial Division, Jardine Technical Products
Ltd., World Trade Centre, P.O. Box 30748, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Telex:
60004 JTPHK. Phone: 5-7909011. Cable: JARTEK.

0090 Raw Nuts and shelled peanuts (Fiji). Fiji firm wishes to buy unroasted nut
products in bulk pack for repackaging in consumer size containers in Fiji.
May also begin operation to roast raw nuts in Fiji (to avoid 80 percent duty
charged on imported roasted nuts). For natural (raw) nuts, desire is for 100
cases, initially, of 4 lb. tins (if available in that size) or similar bulk
size package. Two metric tons of peanuts in bulk packs. Saltex is
especially interested in hearing from firms located in California or those
who can arrange shipment from California ports. (Buyer states most shipments
arrive via Blue Star Line). Please provide price quotes. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank International, Suva Fiji. Company ref: T.M. Duche Nut Co., Orland,
California. Contact: Sawal Das, Managing Director, Saltex Trade Enterprises
(Fiji) Ltd., P.O. Box 2297, Government Building, Suva, Fiji. Telex: 2216
FJ. Phone: 311932. Cable: SALTEX.

0091- Nuts, cake mixes, popcorn, spices, grocery items (Canada). Wants nuts, all
0093 kinds, except mixed, shelled and unshelled; pudding and cake mixes; jelly
powder; instant drink crystals; popping corn; dried fruit; spices. Quantity:
containers, bulk packs. Delivery ASAP. Active food importer. Contact:
Jerry Miloni, Miloni Food Importers Limited, 7515 Gilley Avenue, Burnaby,
B.C. Canada V5J 4X4, Canada. Telex: 0435400. Phone: (604) 434-7271.

0094 Groundnuts (United Kingdom). Urgent request for groundnuts for extracting
oil. Quantity: 50,000 metric tonnes, 40-45% oil content, 1.8 2% acidity
per weight, 6% humidity per weight. Market competitive, quote lowest price
CIF Cotonou/Lome and price FOB. Reply urgent. Contact: Peter C. Hartland,
Capitol Impex Ltd. Telex: 3340102 CAPITL G.

0095 Pacific oyster seed (Chile). Wants Pacific oyster seed (Cassos Trea-Cias),
17 22 milli meters per unit. Yearly requirements: 2,400,000 units.
Shipmenta as follows: 150,000 January; 150,000 February; 420,000 April;

420,000 May; 420,000 June; 420,000 July; and 420,000 August. Firm will
initiate operations at beginning of 1983. Employs 300. Will be dedicated to
cultivate oyster seed. Bank ref: Banco Edwards Contact: Juan A. Mira,
Manager, Pesquera Ostramar Ltda., Av. Sueca 0189-F, Santiago, Chile. Phone:

0096 Wine, liquors, beer (Canada). Direct sale for resale of wine, spirits,
0097 liquers and beer. Private firm presently handles only Italian products,
licensed agents only in Ontario, will consider sub agents in other provinces.
Interested in following products: Spirits (especially hourbon), liquers,
specialty or premium beers, wine. Contact: Robert Ciardino, Managing
Consultant, Cana Import Wine Agency Ltd., 5265 Steeles Avenue West, Weston,
Ontario M9L 1S7, Canada. Phone: (416) 741-4492.

0098 Dried shrimp, canned scrapple (Japan). Wants dried shrimp and canned
0099 scrapple. Firm was established in 1982 as an American-managed Japanese
company. Handles sales and distribution of canned/dried food specialties,
dates, raisins, prunes, and related products, for markets in Japan, the
Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Executive office and warehouse are
located at 449 Ganeko, Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan (901-22). Bank ref:
Bank of Ryukyus, Makiminato Branch, 101 Makiminato, Urasoe City, Okinawa,
Japan. Contact: Harry J. Thomas, Managing Director, Global Company Ltd.
Telex: J79886 AIL-CKI. Phone: 098-897-0502. Cable: OKICLOBE.

0100 Flour mill joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in joint
venture with U.S. partners) for the establishment of a flour mill. Land
available at Omoku Urban, River State of Nigeria. Partner(s) required for
management specialization, equipment recommendation, technical assistance and
equity participation. Total investment envisaged about 5 million dollars.
Equity participation 60 percent Nigerian and 40 percent foreign. Bank ref:
Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, Station Road, Port Harcourt, River State
and Pan African Bank Limited, Martins Street, Lagos. Contact: Dr. I. A.
Masi or Mr. U.C. Okirie, Cama (Nigeria) Ltd., 204 ABA Road, Box 3792, Port
Harcourt, Nigeria. Phone: (084) 330088.

0102 Beef cattle tender (Korea). The National Livestock Cooperatives Federation
(NLCF) tendered Jan. 18, 1983 for 6,500 head of beef cattle. Weighing
210-260 Kg as follows: 4,500 head 3% more or less Charolais, female,
commercial pure bred (non-registered), solid color, to be characteristic of
a Charolais, polled or dehorned; 500 head 3% more or less Simmental female,
commercial pure bred (non-registered), to be characteristic of a Simmental,
polled or dehorned; and 1,500 head 3% more or less cross-bred, male, to be
castrated, polled or dehorned, and, excluding dairy cattle, Brahman and Santa
Gertrudes. Quotations C&F shipment from March 3 March 27, 1983. In case of
vessel, destination to Kimpo or Kimhae (Pusan). Please note that Kimhae
Airport presently prohibits landing for 747 jumbo flight. Deadline 11:00 AM
Feb. 1, 1983 at the NLCF Conference Room. Telex: K-23517 NALICOF. Copy of
bid sent to Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division, Foreign Agricultural
Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Phone: (202) 447-3899. Contact:
NLCF, Phone: 783-1668 Seoul or Telex: K-23517 NALCOF.

0103 Turkey-Poults (Ecuador). Wants turkey-poults 1,000 or 2,000, 1 to 8 days
old. To be sent via Andes. Delivery ASAP. Quotations, FOB Guayaquil. Bank
ref: Banco Holandes Unidos, De Octubre Y Tunguraiua, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Contact: Emilio Aspiazu, ASPI S. A., Casilla 6773, Cuayaquil, Ecuador.
Phone: 387199 (Guayaquil). Cable: ASPI.

0104 Butter (W. Germany). Wants U.S. butter, fresh production (not older than 3
months) from sour cream, unsalted, minimum 82% fat, maximum 16% moisture.
Quantity: 3,000 mt initially with potential for future equal monthly
shipments. Packed in 25 kg net carton, generic, only the inscription
"butter" is allowed. Quotations C&F (Freeout) Triest/Rijeka. Delivery
January 1983. Butter is intended for consumption in non-EC country.
Contact: Arnold Voelcker, Fa. Arnold Voelcker, Orchideenstieg 11, 2000
Hamburg 60, W. Germany. Phone: 040-512023.

0105 Woodruff (W. Germany). Wants woodruff (Herba Asperulae), quantity : 500 kg,
dried, packed in sacks. Quotations CIF. Delivery prompt (urgent). Bank
ref: Deutsche Bank AG, 3250 Hameln Contact: Mr. Ottenweller, Harrmann &
Reimer GmbH Werk Noerdlingen, Wuerzburgerstr. 15, 8860 Noerdlingen, W.
Germany. Phone: 9081-4031.

0106 Barley (Switzerland). Interested in 10-15,000 mt barley. Trading company
would like to deal with org. producer or coop. Barley is for Mid-East
destinations. Cidag requests direct contact with offers for Great Lakes or
Gulf Ports. Contact: Cidag SA., P.O. Box 105, 1215 Geneva 15 Airport,
Switzerland. Telex: 28 96 15. Phone: 022 57 50 60.

0107 Textured vegetable proteins (Netherlands). Wants textured vegetable proteins
tofu, isolates, etc., health foods. Offers depend on type of product and
price. Bank ref: NMB Maasland Contact: J.P.F. Van Rijn, Delisana
Natuurvoeding, P.O. Box 35, 3155 Al Maasland, Netherlands. Telex: 34019.
Phone: 01899/17171/12439.

0108 Cheese powder (Netherlands). Wants cheese powder from artificial cheese
(soybeans) whey powder, container loads, packed in 50 lb. bags (25 kilos).
Quotations CIF R'Dam. Bank ref: NCB Alphen A/D Rijn. Contact: M.T.
Van AS, Grozette, P.O. Box 59, 3440 AB Woerden, Netherlands. Telex: 47065.
Phone: 03480/10264.

0109 Soybean seed (Turkey). Wants FOB stowed and C&F free Dut Mersin or
Iskenderun/Turkey prices for soybean seed as follows: Full growth:
Mitchell, 14 tons; Amsoy 71, 24 tons; and Williams, 8 tons. With Certificate:
Mitchale, 1200 tons; Amsoy, 1000 tons; and Williams, 200 tons. Demonstration:
Full Growth: Woodwarth, 10 tons; Sawnee-2, 1 ton; Washington-5, 1 ton; and
Hodgson, 1 ton. Please inform about delivery time, packing and percent of
analysis separately for full growth and certification seeds. Contact:
Peysan A.S., via Telex: 23299 (Answer back: BTH-TR).

Foreign Trade Developments

Foodservice '83 International Catering Trade Fair. The Foodservice '83 -
International Catering Trade Fair, is being staged in Melbourne, Australia at the
Royal Exhibition Building, from Sunday, August 14 to Wednesday, August 17, 1983. As
a specialized trade-only exhibition, it offers a good opportunity for U.S. exporters
of fine food products to introduce items new to the Australian market or to reinforce
the market image of products already sold there. U.S. firms interested in exhibiting
should contact the following for further information: IPC Exhibition PTY LTD, Head
Office, Sydney: 3-13 Queen Street, Chippendale, NSW, Australia 2008, Telephone: (02)
699-5651, Telex: AA21417. (P.O. Box 204, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012). Victoria:
196 Wells Street, South Melbourne, Vic. Australia 3205. Telephone: (03)699-9266,
Telex: AA37192

Singapore Frozen chicken imports from PPC: Singapore Government PPD has now
authorized chicken imports from PRC. previously only ducks were importable from
PRC. Qualification on this import: Quote only chicken from the poultry processing
plant in Shanghai may be imported unquote. Due to animal disease problems in Asia,
S.F. Asia and elsewhere COS has continued to retain a tight control as to
determining countries eligible for meat and poultry exports to Singapore.

EC Proposed Directive on Plant Health We have been advised that the EC Commission
has prepared a Council Directive amending the Annexes to Directive 77/93/EEC on
protective measures against the introduction into the Member States of organisms
harmful to plants or plant products.

The harmful organisms concerned include bacteria and insects; also, additional
provisions are proposed for protecting Member States against possible harm resulting
from importing fruits, vegetables and forest products, and soil or plants with
growing medium attached

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact
Thomas B. O'Connell at the USDA Technical Office, Foreign Agricultural Service, Room
5530, South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone (202) 382-1333.

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3 1262 09051 4497



In addition to those previously announced, three special workshop/seminars
will be held on Wednesday, May 18 for overseas buyers to the Food and
Agricultural Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia. The National Association of
State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) is sponsoring the seminars in
conjunction with the Wine Institute, Poultry and Egg Institute (PEIA), and the
U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF.) There is no charge for these events.
Mark your schedules now for the following seminars.


A display and sampling of U.S. poultry and egg products will be featured and
professional chefs will demonstrate exciting new poultry and egg recipes. In
addition, U.S. export grading, inspection and packaging will be discussed.

The PEIA is a nonprofit industry trade association whose efforts are devoted
exclusively to the export of U.S. poultry and egg products. Its headquarters
are in Arlington, Virginia with overseas offices in Tokyo, London, Hamburg,
Caracas, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It also has a consultant in Beirut.


U.S. beef and pork, including variety meats will be featured. A professional
meat demonstrator will explain their uses and visitors can sample various
cuts. In addition, U.S. export grading, inspection and packaging will be

The USHEF is a nonprofit industry trade association whose efforts are devoted
exclusively to the export of U.S. meat. Its headquarters are in Denver,
Colorado, with overseas offices in Tokyo, London, and Hamburg. The Caribbean
and Latin American countries are covered by an office in Des Moines, Iowa. It
also has consultants in Singapore and Beirut.


A representative from the Wine Institute will preside over a tasting of
American wines and will comment on the wines displayed and available for

The Wine Institute, based in California and representing more than 400 wine
producers, helps introduce traders and consumers to American wines through a
worldwide tasting program. U.S. wine exports have swelled over four-fold in
the past five years. Approximately 90 percent of these wines are produced in

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