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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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7.40/a. J.OR 5/B1RI


The following tade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reli" biu n tfha ;migiruerpY' r best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed f eign fikr~Tqinl fitH e try. 'ou may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, 1202) 447 7 IO1.Ulil 1-

JUL 2 1981
June 5, 1981

1306 Raspberry plants (Ecu do.r.-App .i_- F for id h altitude, temperate
climate. Experience irrdicatf-es weather in area, mainly temperature range,
makes desirable varieties from California or South Florida as most
appropriate. Delivery August-September, 1981, two or three shipments.
Quote: C&F Quito by air and FOB. Bank ref: Banco Del Pacifico; Amazonas
720; P.O. Box 1268; Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 542-566. Contact: Francisco
Gagotena, Foch 147, Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 233-472.

1307 Rice (England). Long grain rice, 200,000 mt. 40,000 monthly, Grade 2,
polished, 4 percent broken, 50 kg. or 70 kg. packing. Quote: C&F. Bank
ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: S. Farnoudi, Cullen
Import/Export Lto., 56 Belsize Avenue, Palmers Green, London N13, England.
Telex: 265751. Phone: 01-889 6723.

1308 Rice (Germany). California rice for Japanese cuisine. Duesseldorf has the
largest Japanese community in Europe. Subject organization intends to
supply Japanese restaurants, canteens of large Japanese companies,
retailers, etc. Bank refs: Deutsche Bank Ag, Bank of Tokyo and Fuji Bank,
all in 4000 Duesseldorf. Contact: Mr. Weitzner, Deutsch-Japanisches
Center Hotel Nikko, Immermannstr. 41, 4000 Duesseldorf, West Germany.
Telex: 8582080. Phone: 211/8661.

1309- Pulses, meat and fish meal, sorghum (Taiwan). Taiwan importer invites FOB
131"1 or CIF Taiwan quotations for estimated 2 or more containers monthly of
following commodities: A) Austrian winter peas; B) Green peas; C)
Yellow peas; D) Safflower seeds; E) Meat meal; F) Fish meal; G)
Sorghum. Bank ref: Central Bank. Contact: Mr. Sheu, Yi Jong
International Co., No. 4 Nanking East Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan.
Telex: 27539 CORALART. Phone: 541-0275, 581-2237.

1312 Hazelnuts (Taiwan). Importer wishes to purchase unpreserved hazelnuts of
fair average quality packed in 20 kilogram cartons. Shipment within 45
days after receipt of L/C. Quote: CIF Keelung Port. Bank ref: The
Medium Business Bank of Taiwan, Chung Shan Branch. Contact: Tasai,
Eng-Meng (President) or Bonnie Su (Planning Department), Hot One
Enterprises Co., Ltd., Floor 7-4, No. 955, Tun Hwa South Road, Taipei,
Taiwan. Telex: 27304. Cable: HOTONECO. Phone: 706-3360.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

1313 briea potatoes (Cyprus). Dehydrated potato strips, 2 tons, delivery ASAP.
bank ref: Bank of Lyprus, Nicosia. Contact: George Charalambous, George
Lnaralambous Ltd., P.U. Box 1520, Nicosia, Cyprus. Telex: 2121 CHARA-CY. *
Phone: (021) 22151.

1314- Wheat, barley (United hrab-Emirates). Firm desires to establish contacts
1315 with Hmerican suppliers of wheat and barley. Language of correspondence
Lnglish. Contact: Mohamed el Khatib, Manager, National Flour Mills Co.,
P.O. Box 780, Dubai, UAE. Telex: 45438 GRAIR EM.

1316 Chocolate chips, kosher meat products (Israel). Quantity: To be
negotiated, container loads. Kosher meat products U.S. Choice, frozen,
cooked or smoked. Quote: C&F Ashdod. uank ref: Bank Leumi, Ramat
Hasharon. Contact: Shalom Nemni, Hadisco Food Trading Ltd., P.O. Box 819,
Petach Tiqva, Israel. Telex: DIMO 341409. Phone: 03-236922.

1317- Cheese (Egypt). Request bids for Tender No. 21/1981 for the supply of
1318 1,000 tons dry cheese of different kinds and 500 tons processed cheese to
be shipped at the rate of 2UO tons dry cheese and 100 tons processed cheese
monthly beginning July 1981. Representative samples to be presented latest
June 13, 1981. offers must be made through an Egyptian agent. Contact:
General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Animal
Products, 24, El-Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92 ESTRAM.
Caole: ESTRAM.

1330 Tallow (Iran). Wants to import U.S. tallow and distilled tallow fatty acid
and all kinds of fatty acids, all for soap production. Contact: Farhad
Sapehri Zanganeh, Import Manager, Sabahi Enterprises Co, Ltd., No. 22, 2nd
Street, Koohenoor Motahari (Takhtetavoos), Tehran, Iran. Telex: 213001 &
212876 SERV IR Attn: SABAHI. Cable: SABAHI. Phone: Central Office:
629629. Bazar Office: 522786.

1331 Cranberries (Netherlands). Cranberries and/or Lingon berries either frozen
in bulk or retail pack, container loads. If retail pack, in jars. Quote:
.CIF R'Dam or FOB. Bank ref: Banque de Paris et de Pays Bas, The Hague.
Contact: A. J. M. Schilie, Boas B.V., P.O. Box 340,2700 Ah Zoetermeer,
Netherlands. Telex: 32646. Phone: 079-410014.

1332- Canned fruits and vegetables (Netherlands). Wants container loads, best
1334 grades, in cans or jars. Preferably labels suitable for Dutch, W. German,
French and british markets. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: NMB-Venlo.
Contact: G. J. L. Coppus, Neco Conserven Horst B.V., P.O. Box 6034, 5960
AA horst, Netherlands. Telex: 58316. Phone: 04709-2555.

1335 Canned fruits (Netherlands). Container loads, on tray, with private
label. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: ABN Utrecht. Contact:
Zwaardemaker Co. N.V., P.O. Box 2, 3600 AA Maarssen, Netherlands. Telex:
40313. Phone: 030/434994.

1336 Frozen pineapple (Netherlands). Container load, 10 kilo cartons. Quote:
CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Rabobank Roermond. Contact: J. J. A.
Verhoeken, Jamaco Conserven B.V., P.O. Box 4034,6080 AA Haelen,
Netherlands. Telex: 36886. Phone: 04759-3300 OR 3305.


1337 Corn oil (Netherlands). Refined corn oil and refined hydrogenated corn
oil, 100 mt. per month, preferably in cans. Quote: FOB. Bank ref:
Algemene Bank Nederland N.V. Contact: J. Stam, National Foods Holland
B.V., P.O. box 141,3000 AG Rotterdam, Netherlands. Telex: 26717. Phone:

1338 Pulses, lentils (Netherlands). Navy beans, pinto beans, lentils, 30
containers each. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amro-Bank, Utrecht.
Contact: A. B. Jappe Alberts, Veluco Conservenfabrieken B.V., P.O. Box 16,
4190 CA Geldermalsen, Netherlands. Telex: 47253. Phone: 03455-2241.

1339 Confectionery (Belgium). Container loads. Quote: FOB. Bank ref:
General Bank Mij. -3500 Hasselt. Contact: J. Peeters, PVbA Kiewit Sprl,
Kempische Steenweg 455, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium. Telex: 39132. Phone:

1340 Canned pineapple (Belgium). One container load. Packaging: 3 kilos 3/4.
Quote: CIF Antwerp. Bank ref: Bank Van Roeselare BBLKB. Contact:
Carlos Vanfleteren, N.V. Akymur, Veldstraat 79, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium.
Telex: 81963 B. Phone: 051-203047.

1341 Horsemeat (Belgium). Frozen and chilled horsemeat, container loads, in
cartons. Quote: C&F Antwerp or FOB. Bank ref: Bank of America,
Antwerp. Contact: L. Verstraelen, N.V. Omnimeat, Lange Lobroekstraat 34,
2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Telex: 31527. Phone: 031/354880.

1342- Butter, canned milk, dried milk (England). (A) Butter and anhydrous milk
1344 fat, container loads, 1st quality, 80 oz., 250 gm., 25 kg. and drums; (B)
Condensed and evaporated milk, Ist quality, 410 g. cans; and (C) Dried
milk, A.U.M.I., 25 kg., polylined bags. Quote: C&F, FOB. Bank ref:
Barclays Bank International Ltd. Contact: N. P. Lees, Lovell & Christmas
Ltd., Church Road, Erith, Kent, England. Telex: 896681. Phone: 3224

1345 Alfalfa seed (Spain). Quantity: 5 mt. Type: Mapa (certified).
Packaging: 50-kilo sacks. Delivery: Autumn. Bank ref: Exterior de
Espana and Caja de Ahorros de Cordoba (Linares). Contact: German Ayala,
Semillas G. Ayala, Quinta Miguelito, S/N Linares (Jaen), Spain. Telex:
28312 LICI/E. Phone: (953) 694 570.

1346- Prunes, walnuts, dates (Spain). Wants dried prunes, 30/40 calibre, in
1348 12.5-kilo boxes; walnuts (shelled and unshelled), Jumbo large, pecans, in
sacks for unshelled, boxes for shelled; and dates (natural), Deglet Noor
and Zahidi, standard boxes. Quotations: CIF Valencia, monthly shipments.
Bank ref: Central, Hispano Aniericano. Contact: Alfreao
bregori-Pereperez, Grefusa, S.L., Apartado de Correos 9, Alcira (Valencia),
Spain. Telex: 64622 L. Phone: (96) 240 17 48.

1349- Sunflower seed, popcorn, peanuts (Spain). Wants edible sunflower seeds,
1351 largest possible size, standard bags; popcorn (yellow), calibre 38/40,
paper bags; and peanuts, unshelled, Jumbo, Fancy and Virginia, shelled,
Jumbo 38/42, Runner 38/42, Blanched, Spinblanched 38/42. Quotations: CIF
Valencia, monthly shipments. Bank ref: Central, Hispano Americano.
Contact: Alfredo Gregori Pereperez, Grefusa S.L., Apartado de Correos 9,
Alcira, Valencia, Spain. Telex: 64622 E. Phone: (96) 240 17 48.

lJb5 allow (Spain). Quantity: Shipments of 1,000 mt. Type: Fancy, extra
fancy, yellow grease, top white. Packaging: In bulk. Quotations: FOB
ana C&F. Delivery: 1-2 months after offer received. Bank ref: Bilbao
and Sabadell. Contact: Miguel Vila, Hijos de Canuto Vila, S. A., Calle
Bou, 10 Llerona-Las Franquesa, (Barcelona), Spain. Telex: 52128 KDCV.
Phone: (93) 649 3h UU.

1353 Oilseeds (Spain). Oilseeds for crushing (sunflower, rape and peanut),
shipments of 1,0OU-5,UUU mt. Packaging: In bulk. Quotations: CIF. Firm
would also like to receive quotations on sunflower, rape and peanut meal
and oil. Bank ref: Bilbao (in San Sebastian). Contact: Domingo
Soto-Azcarate, Koipe, S. A., Jorge Juan, 19 Madrid(l), Spain. Telex:
42147 E. Cable: KuIPE, S. A. Phone: (91) 275 97 95.

1354 Flaxseed ana linseed meal (Spain). Flaxseed, 1,000 mt., U.S.A. No. 1 and
linseed meal expelledr) or pellets, 7UO mt. (per shipment), 37/38 percent
profat. Packaging: In bulk. Quotations: CIF bijon. Bank ref:
Santander and bilbao. Contact: Comercial Industrial Villaloros, S. A.,
Avda. Eduardo Castro, 71/79 Gijon, Spain. Telex: 87423. Cable:
CIVISA. Phone: 988/321 248.

1355 Tallow (Spain). Quantity: 1,000 mt. per month, extra fancy. Quotations:
C&F. Delivery: ASAP. Packaging: In bulk (bulk carrier). Bank ref:
Banca Catalana, Banco Espanol de Credito. Contact: Enrique Verdu, Plaza
Palacio, 13 barcelona-3, Spain. Telex: 54689 E. Phone: 93/319 16 00.

135b Parboiled rice tberrnany). Parboiled white rice, No. 2, four percent
brokers, 120,000 tons in monthly installments of 10,000 tons, packed in 50
kilo bags. Snipments to start immediately. Quote: FAS or FOB Gulf Port,
or C&F Lagos, Nigeria. bank ref: Bank of America, Hamburg. Contact: E.
b. Robertz, Pacific Trading Co. GMBH, Rothrnbaumchaussee 115, D-2000
Hamburg 13, west Germany. Telex: 0212889 VOELK D. Cable: PATRACO,
HANBUR6. Pnone: (u40) 44-22-63.

1358 Strawberry plants (Egypt). Strawberry seedlings "TIOGA" variety,
2,000,000. Firm purchased same quantity and variety from U.S. supplier
last year. Delivery no later than early September. A representative of
the firm planning to visit U.S. to inspect strawberry seedlings before
shipment. Quote: C&F Cairo airport. bank ref: Cairo Bank, Cairo.
Lontact: Eng. Ali Abo Gazia, Union of Producers & Exporters of
Horticultural Crops, Agricultural I-useum,"Dokki, Giza, Egypt. Telex:
92356 UPEHC-UN.

1359- Red beans, lentils (Panama). Quantity of each 40,000 CWT 5,000 CWT
1360 monthly, U.S. #2 Grade. Wants quotation in 100 Ibs. sack and in bulk.
September delivery. Phytosanitary certificate from country of origin
required. Quote: CIF Balboa, Panama. bank ref: Banco Nacional de
Panama. Contact: Jerry Wilson, Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario,
Apartado 5638, Panama 2, Panama. Telex: 368-994 MERCADEO. Phone:
61-4555 UR bl-b747.

1361 Grocery line (Colombia). All kinds of canned food, candy, cheese, chewing
gum. Quantity: U.S. $20,000 or $30,000 worth every two months. Quote:
FOB Miami. Bank ref: A. Banco de Occidente Caragena; B. Banco


Nacional Caragena. Contact: Luis Gutierrez ae Pineres, Pineres Y
Jaramillo Ltda., Apartado Aereo 20276; Ave. San Martin Central Comercial
3ocagranoe, Cartagena, Colombia. Phone: 43254 (CARTAGENh).

1362 uried eggs (Colombia). Whole, dried eggs granulateda), 1,000 kilos per
month, polyethylene bags in hara Doard boxes. Delivery in August. Quality
certificate for human consumption. Quote: FOB U.S. port. Bank ref:
banco Comercial Antiaqueno-, uficina, chico. Contact: Alvaro Sanchez,
Agencia de Aduanas, Ave. Jimeniz No. 10-41, Of. 4U4 Bogota, Colombia.
Phone: 234-8201, 242-32o1.

13b3- Dried fruits, nuts (Colombia). Dehydrated fruits such as figs, apples,
13b4 apricots, peaches, raisins, prunes, etc. Different nuts, almonds,
chestnuts and pistachio nuts. Individual quantity may fluctuate between
one half and one ton to begin. Imports will increase as demand is
determined. First quality. Delivery ASAP after order is placed.
Phytosanitary certificate ano statement on product quality for human
consumption required. Quote: FOB Shipping Port. Bank ref: Banco
Industrial Colombianao, Banco oe Bogota, Banco Comercial Antioqueno.
Contact: Aloerto Velez Angel and/or Adriana Velez, Unimaq, Ltda., Calle
100 No. 14-26, Of. 401, Bogota, de Colombia. Telex: 43357. Cable: UNIMA
CO. Phone: 257-0092 OR 236-3947.

1365 Mustard (Ecuador). Mustard seed or mustard flour, sample of 5 kgs.
(commercial quantity to be decided, white seed or white seed flour, 100 lb.
bags or 50 kg. bags. requires sample for immediate delivery by
airfreight. Quote: C&F Guayaquil. Bank ref: Caja de Credito Agricvola,
Aveniaa 6 de Diciembre, Quito. Contact: Mauricio Lopez, Conservera del
Valle Casilla 11 A Norte, Panamericana Sur Km 3.5 Y Calle El Tablon,
Ecuador. Telex: 2542 HCULON ED. Phone: 265-030 OR 260-923.

1366 grocery line (Canada). Processed fruits and vegetables particularly
canned tomato and fruit. Established importer interested in contact with
U.S. suppliers for Western Canada market. Wishes introductory letters from
U.S. suppliers. bank ref: Availaole on request. Contact: G. Wagner,
President, Glacial Sales Co., 100 9805 Horton Road S.W., Calgary, Alberta,
Canada, T2V 2X5. Phone: (403) 259-b005.

1367 Potato chips (Japan). 20 to 30 container loads per year. The product must
not contain any food additives. Appropriate packaging for retailing and
those with colorful ana fashionable design are preferable. Immediate
delivery. Quote: FOB. Bank ref: Fuji Bank Kanda Branch, Tokyo.
Contact: i-.asamichi Ohishi, Manager, Trade Department, Eiko Boeki Kaisha,
Ltd., 2-9-14, Uchikanda, Chiyoua-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: J24753
GLURYLIT. Cable: GLORYLIGHT, TOKYO. Phone: (03) 256-4561.

1368 Soybean meal (Peru). 150 mt. minimum. To produce texturized protein for
human consumption. In bags of 50 kg. Delivery from now until end of
year. Shipment in accordance witn local phytosanitary requirements.
Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Banco de Credito, Jr. Lampa 499, Lima 1, Peru.
Contact: Martha Siegel, Technology Advisor, Molitalia S.A. (wheat flour
and corn mill), Av. Venezuela 2850, Lima, Peru. Telex: 20210 Pe Molisa.
Phone: 317540.

1369 Rice seea (higeria). Value 3 million dollars, long grain, delivery
ASAP. Quote: C&F Lagos. Will be paid for by the Nigerian government.
Lontact: R. 0. Oguntona, Yinka Tona Commercial Enterprises, G.P.O. Box
10166, Lagos, Nigeria.

1370 Grass seed (Hong Kong). 5-b tons. Seed suitable to grow in H.K. climate.
bank ref: Hang Seng Bank Ltd., Hong Kong. Contact: Tank Shiu Pui, Delta
Enterprises Corporation, 699 Nathan Road, Room 404, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Telex: 9691 HK. Phone: 3-969-125.

1371- Fruit cocktail, peaches, green peas, oeans, raisins, black currants, jams,
1376 and peanut butter (Singapore). Interested in monthly delivery of 1,000
cartons of each of the above products. Quote: CIF Singapore. Bank ref:
BNP, Overseas Union House, 50 Collyer Quay, Singapore. Contact: Dr. Lim
Tao Kang, holita Pte Ltd., 2605, 26th Floor, Shaw Towers, Beach Road,
Singapore 0718. Telex: RS 26219R. Phone: 2952515.

1377 Rice (Mali). Purchase for resale in Mali. Request bids for 2,500 mt. of
A-i special broken rice shipped in 50 kg. sacks. Request delivery to Port
of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, LIF. Payment in 90 days by Irrevocable Letter of
Lredit on "oanque de Development Du hali." Request all bids via telex.
Contact: Mr. Sanoko, Purchasing Manager, Societe Bolibana, B.P. 2368,
bamako, Rep. Du Mali. Telex: 474 BOLl. Phone: 22 40 09 BAMAKO, MALI.

1376 Ux cheek (England). 2.5 tons every 2 weeks, square cut, 90:10 V/C, ex lip
and glands, etc., block pack, 50 lb. units. Quote: CIF, bristol. Bank
ref: National Westminster Bank, The Mall, Clifton, Bristol. Contact:
John W. Lowndes, J. L. Quality Meats, 1A Albert Parade, Redfield, Bristol
bS5 9EH, Enyland. Phone: 0272 550o72.

1379 Broilers (England). Broiler chicken cuts, container loads, Grade "A", all
types. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd. Contact: A. D. Ross, Rospar Food
Services Ltd., Ninefield Road, Bexhill-On-Sea TN39 5JP, England. Phone:
0424 892933.

13b0- Soybean, corn and vegetable oil (England). Wants $300,000 worth of each
13b1 type. All edible, refined and de-oderised. Soybean and vegetable oil
packed in 44/45 gallon drums; corn oil packed in 1 litre bottles 25 litre
urums. Quote: C&F Tema, Ghana. Bank ref: Bank of Credit & Commerce
Int., 10U Leaaenhall Street, London EC3A 3AD. Contact: M. L. Mirpuri,
Uomicrest Ltd., 31/37 Hoxton Street, London N1, England. Telex: 887070.
Phone: 01-739 9411.

1382 Sorghum (Egypt). Grain sorghum No. 2, 200,000 mt., in bulk, delivery
February and March 19b2. Quote: C&F and FOB Alexandria, Egypt. Contact:
Ahmed Heiba, National Company of Egyptians in U.S.A. and Canada, 21,
Sesostres Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 91777 ALAM-UN. Attn:
ur. Heiba. Phone: 665588.

1383 Joint venture (Egypt). An Egyptian businessman owns a 2,500 square meter
factory structure on 10,000 square meter land completely fenced, 20 minutes
from Downtown Cairo, and is seeking a joint venture partner to establish
cold storage, meat processing (luncheon meats, hot dogs, etc.), and portion
control operation. Joint venture will also distribute poultry, mutton, and
beef. U.S. partner is expected to participate with 30% of project, provide

know-how, equipment, ana set up operation. Projected net profits 30% of
sales. Principals only. Contact: Nezih Mohammed Nour Salem,
International Middle East Associates, P.O. Box 5127, Huntington Beach,
California 92646. Phone: (714) 964-1006.

1384- Hatching eggs, day-old chicks (Venezuela). Wants 50,000 of each, best
1385 available, delivery September 1981. U.S.D.A. Inspection required. Quote:
FOB Miami. uank ref: Banco Royal. Contact: Dan Peterson, Agro 2000,
Apartado 60503, Caracas, Venezuela 1060A. Phone: 283-1771.

1386 Raisins, diced fruits (Peru). Wants 20 mt. of California raisins and 30
nit. of diced fruits. Raisins should be Sultana type, smallest size,
without sees, maximum acidity. Diced fruits 10 X 10 millimeters, sugar
30/40 pet. as reducing agent Papaw (Papaya) or watermelon. Quote: FuB or
C&F Callao, including 3 pct. commission. Bank ref: Bank of America,
Augusto Tamayo 120, Lima 27, Peru. Contact: Miss Elaine Frank, Corp.
Ceres Peruana S.A. (brokers), P.O. Box 11u90, Lima 14, Peru. Telex: 20070
COLLPER. Phone: 4U4272 AND 409186.

1387 Broilers (Lgypt). Wants 5,000 10,000 mt. of broilers, U.S. Grade A. 800
1,400 grains each bird. Packaged in cartons. Each bird must be in a
polyethylene bag. Delivery August 1981. Background information and bank
reference must be included with offer. Prefer no brokers. Quote: C&F
Alexanoria or Port Said. Bank ref: El Watany For Investment Bank, Cairo.
Contact: Dr. Talat hussin, Al Shark For Investment & Trading, 4 El Diwan
Street, Garden City, P.O. Box 252, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93782. Phone:
20340, 22503.

1388 Rice (Hong Kong). Long grain rice, 3,000 mt., 4-6 percent broken, either
50 kg. or 100 kg. double or single jute bags. Delivery in July. Quote:
FOB Stowed Houston, Texas. Bank ref: Banque Antionale de Paris; Central
Building, Central; H.K. Contact: Stephen Neary, Horsham Enterprises Ltd.,
3/F World-Wide Commercial Building; 34 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong. Telex:
61167 HORS HX. Phone: 5-256-657 OR 5-237-200.

1389 Fowl (Egypt). Wants 100 mt. on monthly basis, Plant Grade A, delivery
ASAP. Quote: CIF Alexanoria. Bank ref: Chase National Bank, Cairo.
Contact: Dr. Ahmed Heioa, National Company of Egyptians in U.S.A. and
Lanada, 21, Sesostres Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92777
ALAM-UN, Attn: Dr. heiba. Phone: 665588.

1390- Potato flakes/granules, dried vegetables, fruits and juices (Netherlands).
1392 Aj Potato flakes/granules; B) Straw-rasp-and billberries IQF; C) Frozen
vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, peas, baby-carrots; D) Frozen
juices as orange, pineapple; and E) Sweet corn, kernels and on the cob,
IQF. Container loads of each. Bulk packaging. Juices in 6-8 or 32 oz.
cans. Quote: CIF Rotteraam. Bank ref: Amro Bank Zunderi. Contact: Th.
Van Uer Kloof, Campbell Nederland b./S. Groko Division, P.O. Box 7, 4880 AA
Zundert, Netherlands. Telex: 54292. Phone: 01696/3151.

1393 buried vegetables (Netherlands). Dried vegetables, especially onions and
onion-garlic powder. 5-10-20 mt., bulk. Quote: CIF or L&F Rotterdam with
samples. Contact: J. Loppens, Coppens, P.O. Box 614,3000 AP Rotterdam.
Telex: 25358. Phone: 010-129074.


1354 Canned cherries (Belgium). Wants 10 container loads of canned cherries.
Quote: FAS Michigan. Contact: N. Hubrecht, N.V. Handelmij "Giverko",
komvest 43-, UUO Brugge, belgium. Telex: 81207 iGSF. Phone: 050/337764.

1395- Chicken, beef (Netherlands). Deboned, cooked or raw frozen chicken, deboned!
139b frozen beef, container loads of each. Quote: CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
Amro bank Barneveld. Contact: P. Van Der Steeg, Struik Conservenfabrieken
b.V., P.O. box 70, 3780 Ba Voorthuizen, Netherlands. Telex: 47296.
Phone: U3429-1841.

(The following trade leads were provided by Commercial Officers of the U.S.
Department uf Commerce.

1319 grocery line (Sudan). Firm is about to open a supermarket and wishes to
contact U.S. suppliers of dry milk products, canned fruits, canned
vegetables, bottled and canned soft drinks, spaghetti and noodles, and
canned beer ana ale. Estimates annual purchases at $5 million. Contact:
Seif Hassan, General Manager, baseif International Trading Co., P.O. Box
1351, Khartoum, Suaan. Telex: 477 OMRANIAT.

1320 Fish food (bermany). Wants brine shrimp eggs and other natural and
prepared pet fish food. Prospective buyer operates a pet shop. Contact:
Harald bebhardt, Postfach 102502, b-6900 Heidelbert, West Germany. Phone:

1321 Preserves, condiments, confectionary (Bolivia). New firm is interested in
mayonnaise different types, mustard, ketchups, jams, jellies, marmalades
and preserves, and different types of confectionary products. Contact:
Hemisphere S.R.L., Katia Maric, Casilla 2621, La Paz, Bolivia.

1322- Chicken, rice, barley, corn (France). Interested in frozen chickens, rice,
1325 oarley, and corn. Company created in 1980 by two Iranians residing in
France since 1978. Bank ref: Banque Rothchild, Rond Point Duboys
D'Angers, Ob400 Cannes. Contact: S. S. Tehrani, Manager, Sarl Balima, 13,
bd. Montfleury, 06400 Cannes, France. Telex: 470908. Phone: (93) 99 20

132b fish (Egypt). 6,000 mt. per month of one or more of the following species
of frozen fish: Sardines, sardinella, horse mackerel, hake, headless,
gutted, pollack, red fish. Price quotations requested C&F Alexandria.
Contact: Hassan Abbass Ayoub, Marketing Manager, Egyptian Highseas
Fisheries Company, Avenue El-Horreya, Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54148.
Cable: SEFINA ALEXANDRIA. Phone: 33285 & 21538.

1327 Grocery line (Canary Islands). Firm is an importer and distributor of wide '
variety of products and commodities. Operates throughout the Canary
Islands. Requests FOB quotations for frozen broilers and fryers, whole or
parts, canned fruit juices, nectars and concentrates, canned vegetable
juices, wheat, rye, buckwheat and rice. Contact: David Benmergui,
Administrator, Auromar, S.L., Avda. Rafael Cabrera, 24, Las Palmas de G.
Canaria. Telex: 96263. Phone: 928/361741.

1328 Grocery line (Italy). Established firm in Italian food trade wishes to
become agent/distributor for high quality U.S. meat base food specialties,
dairy base food specialties, canned and preserved fruits and vegetables,

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grain mill food specialties, bakery food specialties, confectionery food
specialties, beverages, soft drinks, miscellaneous food preparations and
kindred products. Contact: Gaetano P. Agnini, Previ Spa, Via Corsica 12,
95100 Brescia, Italy. Telex: 300253. Phone: 030/47261.

1329 Beer (Honduras). Interested in exclusive distributorship for U.S. canned
beer. Firm operates a distributorship in San Pedro Sula and covers all the
country providing sales and services. Quote: CIF Cortes, against L/C
including catalogs, prices, terms of delivery. Contact: J. J. Siwady,
Manager, J. J. Siwady, 3A, Avenue S.O. #36, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A.
Cable: SIWADY. Phone: 540708.

Foreign Trade Developments

Peru approves U.S. parboiled rice imports. The Peruvian government
announced May 7, 1981 that private firms in Peru will be permitted to
import parboiled rice from the United States. No special label
requirements are necessary.

The 4th Annual International Seafood Conference (ISC) will be held 18-21
October, 1981 in Munich, Germany. The conference is co-sponsored by the
Erkins Seafood Letter and Seafood Conference International, Inc. Further
information can be obtained through ISC headquarters, 111 East Wacker
Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601, Telephone: (312) 644-6610, Telex: 25-4073

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As
required of all signatories to the GATT Standards Code, this notification
of foreign proposed standards-related rules has been provided for the
information and comment of interested agencies and firms. The Technical
Office invites inquiries from anyone who believes that any of the proposed
regulations notified under this heading could cause a trade problem.
Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical Office, Room
5528, South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone at
(202) 382-1318.

EEC. A proposed Council Directive provides for action to be taken in the
-ield of production, marketing, use and disposal of Containers of Liquids
for Human Consumption.

EEC. A proposed Council Directive relating to claims made in the labeling,
presentation and advertising of Foodstuffs for Sale to the Ultimate
Consumer, would do the following: (1) define what is meant by "claim";
(2) establish a non-exhaustive list of claims to be prohibited; (3)
establish a non-exhaustive list of claims the use of which must be
restricted; (4) determine the procedure for updating those lists.

Cremona Dairy Cattle Show. The 36th Cremona Dairy Cattle Show will be held
in Cremona, Italy, September 18-27. The Show is considered to be the
single-most dairy event of the year attracting the attention of Italian and
third-country breeders alike. Specialized exhibits feature domestic and
international diary animals, semen, diverse feed manufactures and
agricultural equipment. Animal competitions and technical programs also
provide an important dimension to the fair. The U.S. Department of


Agriculture will participate in the 1981 Cremona Show with a semi-permanent
pavilion. The participation fee this year will be $400.00. For details
contact Gordon Nicks (202) 447-3031.

Information on Customs Brokers and Forwarders. The directory of the
National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America is now
available to traders at a cost of $3 each. The 136 page directory
describes the services and lists the names and addresses of freight
forwarders and customs brokers in 181 cities and towns. For copies write
to the National Brokers & Forwarders Association of America, Inc., One
Worlu Trade Center, Suite 1109, New York, N.Y. 10048.

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