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Export briefs
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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&l7/O/z C d-o /C.ngo

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You ma) also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS. (202) 447-7103. L ,
OCTOBER 10, 1980

2842 Beefalo (Egypt). Wants 1,000 head of --ive-eefalo. Delivery as soon as
possible. Quote CIF Alexandria. Con-tacL:_ Giovanni Licciardello, P.O. Box
163, Alexandria, Egypt. Cable: GLATIDCO, Alexandria. Phone: 28652.

2843 Alfalfa seed (Soutn Africa). government agency wants certified alfalfa
seed, Moapa 690 10,000 x 50 kg. net and Mesa Sirsa 2,000 x 50 kg. net.
Germination: 8b% min.; and purity: 99% min. Bags of 50 kg. net weight in
containers of 20 metric tons each. USDA certified & treatment to conform
to Soutn African phytosanitary requirements. Quote CIF Cape Town. Bank
ref: Volkskas, High Street, Oudtshoorn, S.A. Contact: C. L. Viviers,
Lucern Seed Control Boara, P.O. Box 185, Oudtshoor 662U, South Africa.
Telex: 57-20456 S.A. Phone: Oudtshoorn 2940.

2844 Abalone klaiwan). Interested in purchasing canned Abalone, ouU cartons per
shipment, whole, net 454 g or (16 oz.), drained wt. 272 g., 48 cans packed
in one carton box. Prompt delivery. Long-term supply source. Quote CIF
Keelung. Bank ref: The International Commercial Bank of China, Hua Nan
Commercial BanK Ltd., and Citi Bank of America. Contact: Simon C. Yu,
Trump Chemical Corp., 752 Tun hua S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan, P.O. Box 9-198
Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 11988 TRUMCHLM. Cable: TRUMCHEM Taipei. Phone:
(02) 701-2121.

2845 Soy protein (Peru). Wants lu0 metric tons of soy protein, appropriate for
making sausages and pasta and high humidity areas.- Delivery as soon as
possible. Quote CIF, C&F and FOB. Bank ref: Banco Continental, Larmpa
535, Lima 1, Peru. Contact: Carlos Caamano, Presidente, Comite de
Fabricantes de Productos de Carne y Pastas, Sociedad de Industrias, Los
Laureles 365, Lima 27, Peru. Telex: 21030 Pe Lsedei. Phone: 221931.

2d46 Dates (Argentina). Interested in contacting U.S. companies dealing with
Californian dates (best quality) because they would like to represent their
product in Argentina. Contact: Emilio Cioert, Juan and Emilio Cibert SRL,
Bouchard 644, 1106 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone: 31-2987/0369/9352.
Telex: lZta72 BERT.

2847- Eggs, cnicken liver and beef liver (Egypt). Government tender with Oct. 27
2849 closing date for sixty million shell eggs to be shipped at the rate of
fifteen million eggs from November 1980. Also government tenders with
closing date Nov. 3 for 500 tons of fresh quick frozen chicken liver in

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


cartons for arrival January 1981 and 1,00 mt frozen beef liver in cartons
in one or two consignments and to arrive Egyptian ports during January
1981. Conditions and specifications available address below. Contact:
uenierdl Authority for Supply Cornmouities, Purchasing Committee for Animal
Products, 24 Gomhouria Street, Cairo, A.R.E.

zubU Pecans ([einiarK). Establisneu Danish firm, currently importing large
quantities of u.S. almonds, wants to add U.S. pecans to its line. At this
point firm just wants to oe placed in contact with interested exporters and
desires literature on exporting firms plus types of pecans they can offer
(broken, wiiules, etc.). Contact: Hans C. Frost, President, Danish Fancy
Food broup A/S, Toldooagade 9-15, 500U Odense C., Denmark.

2851 Linseed oil (Sweden). wants linseed oil for medical purposes. Initially
5U luO mt., further shipments will depend on quality and price. Highest
quality, guarantee clean. Bank ref: Svenska HandelsbanKen. Contact:
Torsten Olsson, Ab Risenta, Norrmalmstorg 1, 5-111 46 Stockholm, Sweden.
Telex: 1u411 RISENTA S. Phone: U8/L4 db 8U.

2852 Sweetbreads (Argentina). Wants 5-10 tons of sweetbreads, first quality,
frozen in plastic boxes. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote CIF and
FOB. Bank ref: Banco Credicoop. Contact: Enrique Cesar Friedl,
Frigoririco "NerKas," Mendoza 5Ul2/18 1431 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: 51-U565.

2853 Poultry feed (Egypt). Wants 2UO mt. of poultry feed, 150 mt. for broilers,
ana 5U mt. for layers, bagged; shipment November 1980. Quote CIF
Alexandrid. BanK ref: Bank El wile, Lairo, Egypt. Contact: Eng. rlamza
Saada, El Sharkia for Export and Import, j4, Abdel Salam Zohni, Lameh El
Fath, leliopolis, .airo, Egypt. Pnone: 87U434.

28t4 Filberts (belgium). Wants filberts (Hazelnuts) in-shell and snelled,
approximately 4U -DU metric tons each per year, bU 100 lb. bags.
Importer would like to obtain samples. Quote FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref:
Banque druxelles-LailDert. Contact: Felix Kohner, Ets. Richard Kohner,
Avenue Henri Pauwels 16, B-120U Bruxelles, Belgium. Telex: 62700 RENHOK.
Pnone: U2//70.JJ.UU.

/855 Joint venture (Egypt). Interested in joint venture for vegetable
production and marketing. New land south of Aswan Dam on western side of
Lake Nasser. Aswan Governorate. Located in area for integration between
Egypt and Sudan. 3,000 acres approximately 3 million Egyptian pounds
required to develop project. Within one year a road is to ue constructed
2U kilometers from land. Foreign partner to provide equipment and
materials equivalent approximately 2 million Egyptian pounds. Egyptian
partners to provide operating capital. Development of project to begin
January 1981. Contact: Mohsen El ,imr, Kalafarms, 8, Kasr El Nil Street,
Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 743J3b.

z656- Broilers, turkey, ocef liver (Lgypc). Wants L,bUO mt. broilers, USDA Grade
Z858 A, up to 14UU grams, 1,5UU mt. turkey parts, 150 mt. whole turkey, 250 mt.
chicken liver, bou int. turKey liver, and JUU mt. oeef liver. Plastic bags
ana cartons containing 12-lb birds. Beginning October monthly.
Lertificate must staLt slaughtered according to Islamic rites. Quote FOB.

Banr ref: Suez Canal danK, Moriandes BanK. Lontdct: Wania Shaker or
ibrahim Khalil, Iric of America/Excellence of America, 3118 Gulf to Bay
blvd., Suite lLu Llearwater, Florida j351J. Telex: 808740 CALADESI.
Phone: (813) 7265766.

2859 Horse beans (tgypt). Request oias for tender No. 29/luS0 for supplying
10,UU0 m. tons 5% more or less horse-beans latest crop shipment in two
equal quantities during november and December 1930. Offers to De submitted
in sealed envelopes latest at 12 noon Monday, October 27, conditions and
specifications from address below. Contact: general Authority for Supply
Commodities, Purchasing Committee for Grains and its products, 24, El
bomhouria St., Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 9ZUb2 ESIRAM Cairo.

L860- Canned specialties, fruits (United Arab Emirates). Interested in exclusive
2861 agency or distributorship for cannea specialties and canned fruits.
Contact: V. R. Subramanian, Al Lauz Enterprises, P.O. Box 4537, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates.

2862 Rice (Panama;. Wishes to buy rice, long grain, 17,OUO mt., U.S. No. 2-4%
broken, in 100 Ib sacks. Delivery Harch/April 1981. Quote C1F Port of
Balboa. Bank ref: Banco Naciondl de Panama. contact: Everarado Bertoli,
Institute de Mercado Agropecuario, Apartado 5638, Panama 2, Panama.
Telex: Z994 MERCADEO. Cable: IMA Panama. Plione: 61-5072.

2863 Royal jelly (Italy). Wants 3UO buu kg. annually of royal jelly for
alimentary use, pacKaged in one kg. cans. Quote CIF Venice. Bank ref:
Banca Cattolica del Veneto, Schio (Vicenza), Telex: 430578. Contact:
Giovanni Gasparoni, Bottega Delle Erioe, Via Montegiove 24, Schio, Vicenza,
Italy. Telex: 431166. Phone: U445-2665b.

2864 Fruit powder (Sweaen). Wants dried fruit and fruit powder, E.G.
accelerated freeze dried and spray or roller dried blueberries, black
currants, raspDerries, strawDerries and apricots. Bank ref: Skandinaviksa
Enskila Banken. Contact: J. L. Hayes, Siscol AB, Box 237, S-601 04
Norrkoping, Sweoen. Telex: 041 14 SISLOL S. Cable: SISCOL, Norrkoping.
Phone: 011/13 40 40.

2d65 Lumber (Japan). Wants softwood lumber, container loads regularly, select
No. 1 quality. Delivery as soon as possible. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Head
Office, [agoya. Contact: Koji Harukawa, North American Lumber Division,
Fancy Tsuda Co., Ltd., 2-33 Matsubara 2-Chome, Naka-Ku, Nagoya 460, Japan.
Telex: 443-z81b. Able: FANLYISUDA, Nagoya. Phone: 052-322-3101.

2866- Fresh produce, canned goods, beverages, poultry (Hong Kong). Interested in
2869 (A) fresh fruiLr aino vegetaDles; (d) cannea gooos; (C) Deverages and (D)
frozen poultry, etc. usually full container load depending on H.K. market
condition. U.S. no. I quality. Quote LIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: The China
& South Sea Bank Ltd., 77-83 Queen's Rd., C., H.K. Contact: Mrs. Belinda
Chan, Fu Hing Enterprise Co., Ltd., u1-a Han ning Commercial Bldg., 79-SJ
queens Rd., C., Hong Kong. Telex: 7374Z FUHIN HX. Phone: 5-232-084/6.

Foreign frade Developments

Meat Export Feaeration Hosts Market Access Seminar. Gaining greater
market access for U.S. meat products overseas uill be the focus of the U.S.

3 1262 090514372

Meat Lxport Federation's (MEF) third annual Chicago trade seminar, Sunday,
Novemoier ', 19du. "riarket Access-unlocking the Future of U.S. Meat
Exports," will be hela from 12:3U p.m. to 4:Ju p.m., in the
Lenver/lioLston/nansas Lity Room, tne Chicago Marriott, Chicago, Ill.
Registration is $45 for non-MEF members. Speakers and their respective
topics include: ur. Victor berry, Food Safety ana quality Service, U.S.
department of Agriculture, "U... Exports--Inspection Regulations." Suzanne
Early, Jffice of the special Irade Representative, "International Trade
LaWS and Trade Restrictions." Rooert Bansoack, Meat and Livestock
Cuoiniission (UniteL. ingdum), supply y and Demand for Meat and Livestock
Products Within the E.C." Horst Mennings, Henrich Plambeck Company (West
bermany), "Uest uerman Market for high quality U.S Meat." Kevin
McCullough, Colorado Management Consulting Partners, Inc., "The Export
Component or Your Meat Marketing Strategy." To register, contact the
MEF/Denver office, 72uU Stapleton Plaza, 3333 Quebec Street, Denver, CO
arO.u. Pnone: (JuJ) j99-7151.

Internationd wine festival. An "International Festival of Wine" will be
held in Southampton, Lngland, February 23-28, 1981 (not September 23-28 as
listed september 12 Export briefs). For details contact Mrs. Paulfne M.
Parker, Artnlan Exhibitions, Exmoor House Methuen Street, Southampton S020FQ
Hampshire, England.

Plans for poultry industry expansion in Yeilen. The Government of the Yemen
Arab Republic is now taking steps to develop the country's poultry and egg
industry. Yemen will import aoout 6' million chickens and over 20U million
eggs this year, mostly from Europe. Domestic production is only about 7
Iilliun birds. Ine Prime Minister is taking steps to increase production
and reduce imports: Technical assistance ana equipment from the U.S. will
oe welcomed. American businessmen interested in pursuing this commercial
opportunity should contact the American Embassy in Sana before arriving in

-""" -C"~-~~~ ~~n~~

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