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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache aieitt (# ,as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supply ig te te eads the Department of 1
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your t source for fur iorm action on
thee trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. Yo may also Cacte e'i rt Tradei
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
September 29, 1978
A.S. Univ. of Floridci
1933 Frozen berries (Germany). Wants to buy large quantities-ef -UrUi raspberaies,
frozen strawberries, and apricot pulp. Initially samples only, top quality.
Raspberries and strawberries in frozen blocks, apricot pulp in barrels. Firm
was established in 1975; exports and imports canned food, food packaging
machinery and other goods. Quote CIF Triest, Genoa or Hamburg; Cash against
documents or Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Bayerische Hypotheken UND Wech-
selbank, Muenchen. Contact: Frau Steiner, Hajnal GMBH & Co., Mauerkircher-
strasse 10, 8000 Muenchen 80, Germany. Telex: 05/28056 GEHAM. Cable: HAJNAL
IMPEX. Phone: 089/983541.

1934- Canned cherries, peaches, almonds (Germany). Interested in canned Morello
1936 cherries in No. 10 cans (about 3 kg each), Californian peeled almonds, and
California peaches (halves) in 2.5 lb. cans, best quality. The firm was
established in 1928 and employs 10 persons. Quote CIF Hamburg. Bank ref:
Commerzbank Ag, Regensburg. Contact: Wilhelm Weigert, Wilhelm Weigert KG,
Liebigstrasse 17, D-8400 Regensburg, Germany. Phone: 0941/56174.

1937 Seasonings, salad dressing (Germany). A large firm manufacturing bakery and
other products is interested in consumer sizes of seasoning sauces, specialty
food sauces, meat sauces, and salad dressings. Initially samples only. Bank
ref: Bayerische Vereinsbank, Regensburg. Contact: Wolfgang E. Mueller,
Ernest Mueller & Co., Karlsbader Platz 1, D-8402 Nuetraubling, Germany.
Telex: 06/5936.

1938- Canned fruits, vegetables, meats, frozen specialties (Germany). New firm
1941 is interested in representation for canned fruits, vegetables, and meat, and
frozen food specialties, medium to high qualities. Bank ref: Bayerische
Vereinsbank, Augsburg. Contact: Claus Pfeiler, Deuna Handelsgesellschaft MBH,
Graupenerstrasse 3, D-8900 Augsburg 41, Germany. Telex: 05/33113. Phone:

1942 Canned foods (Germany). Wants to buy all types of canned foods and preparations.
Firm employs 16 persons and sells its products throughout Europe. Distributes
vegetables and fruits, canned fish products, dried fruit, dairy products and
animal food. Quote FOB Hamburg. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank Ag, Nuernberg,
Contact: Rudolf Sperl, Speka-Neutra Import-Aussenhandelsgesellschaft MBH,
Postfach 2448, D-8500 Nuernberg 1, Germany. Telex: 06/22359. Phone:

1943 Canned fruit juices, orchids (Germany). Wants to buy papaya juice, guava
juice, passion fruit juice (all canned), other exotic fruit juices, fresh
exotic fruit. Also interested in orchids. Anticipates purchases of $30,000-
50,000. Products can be exported under name of U.S. firm, with appropriate
import certificates. Small cans in large consumer packages. Bank ref:
Issed weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Aiculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

Bay-Hypo Bank, Nuernberg, Account No. 1560401724. Contact: Heimo Bruetsch,
H. Bruetsch Import, Prinzregentenufer 3, 8500 Nuernberg, Germany. Phone:

1944 Joint venture for hog production (Nigeria). Firm in the customs clearing
and forwarding business wants to establish an integrated piggery (hog) project
and seeks a joint venture with interested U.S. company or individual. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank of Nigeria, Ltd. Contact: S. A. 0. Jibunoh, Bullion Key
Agencies, Ltd., P.M.B. 1085, Ebute-Metta, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 848274.
Cable: BULLKEY, Lagos.

1945 Joint venture for animal feeds (Nigeria). Company already in feeds trade
desires a joint venture with U.S. company or individual to manufacture and
market animal feeds. Bank ref: National Bank, Marina, Lagos. Contact:
Lawrence 0. Oyelola, Jafoye Ventures, Ltd., P. 0. Box 1743, Surulere, Lagos,

1946 Joint venture for poultry and feeds (Nigeria). Poultry farm operator desires
to expand his operation to include breeding chicks and feeds production on
a joint venture basis with a U.S. company or organization. Contact: Dele
Osundahunsi, P. 0. Box 1459, Ibadan, Nigeria.

1947 Soybean oil (Turkey). Taris, Union of Marketing cooperative, agency designated
by GOT to import all vegetable oil requirement is looking for U.S. firs
willing to export soybean oil against purchase of Turkish olive oil. Initial
quantity could be 10,000 mt, additional quantities will be considered later.
Contact: Taris Genel Mudurlugu, Ithalat.Ve Satin Alma Muduhlugu, Alsancak,
12MIf, Turkey. Telex: 52347.

1948 Feeder calves (Greece). Wants 400 feeder calves, 120-150 kg each, male, non-
castrated, delivery soonest. Quote CIF Athens or Thessaloniki Airport. Bank
ref: Continental Bank of Chicago. Contact: Elias Stevens, E. Stevens and Co.,
25A, Voukourestiou Stn, Athens 134, Greece. Telex: 214336 EVVGR. Phone:

1949 Cigarettes (Greece). Wants to buy cigarettes, U.S.A. manufacture, 10,000 boxes,
50 cartons of 10 packs each, hard box, flip-top, 85 am filter. Quote CIF
Limasol or Larnaca (Cyprus). Bank ref: National Bank of Greece. Contact:
Sotiris Apostolou, S. Apostolou Co., 2, Aghias Filotheis St., Athens 117, Greece.
Telex: 216895. Phone: 3234871.

1950- Pulses, millet, safflower (Taiwan). Desires samples and C&F quotations of
1951 following monthly quantities of (a) safflower seed, 80 tons, (b) dry peas,
100 tons, (c) West Coast red beans, 50 tons and (d) panorama millet for
bird seed, 50 tons. Company is general importer, exporter and wholesaler of
beans. Contact: Min-Fan Chang, President, Lien Chu Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
No. 141, Roosevelt Road, Sec 3, Taipei, Taiwan. or P. 0. Box 30-461, Taipei,
Taiwan. Cable: MCTSAI. Telex: 23888. Phone: 341-0486.

1952- Honey, soybean oil, corn oil, rice; pulses (Germany). Wants large quantities of
1958 honey, soybean oil, corn oil, rice, long grain, white, alubia beans, red
beans, pinto beans, chick peas, and split peas. Rice Minimum of 10,000 t.
Grade B, Maximum 4 percent broken. Honey in bulk or in 500 gram glass
jars. All other items usual export packaging. Quote C&F Khorramsher.

Bank ref: Vereins-UND Westbank AG, Hamburg. Contact: Aghajan Nassimi,
Nasco, A. Nassimi & Co., Intercontinentaler Export/Import, Neuer Wall 31,
2000 Hamburg 36, West Germany. or P. O. Box 30 39 24. Telex: 02-14725
(ANSWER BACK: NASCO D). Cable: NASCO, Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG (040)
36 22 33-35.

1959 Tomato powder (West Germany). Wants tomato powder, 20 tons per month, usual
export packaging. Deliveries to start immediately if offers are agreeable.
Quote FOB port of Embarkation or CIF Hamburg. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank AG,
Hamburg. Contact: Richard Angermeyer, Manager, Atlantic Import GMBH,
Ost-West-Str. 49, 2000 Hamburg 11, West Germany (Asia-Haus). Telex: 212954
ATIM D (ANSWERBACK). Phone: Hamburg (040) 33 50 17.

1960 Grocery lines (Trinidad). U.S. representative of several foreign firms
wishes quotations and literature on complete grocery line. Interested in
buying container loads of canned fruits, vegetables, and juices;
canned meats and fish; beans, yellow split peas, and rice (in 100 lb. bags);
potatoes, onions (in 50 lb. mesh bags); frozen chicken and beef; and eggs.
Contact: M. K. Baksh, Bancar International, 2 Seabrook Drive, East Providence,
Rhode Island, 02914. Cable: BANCAR. Phone: (401) 434-2071.

1961 Grocery lines (Denmark). Wishes various foodstuffs for Mid-East markets:
(a) frozen chickens, 15-20 weeks old, max. 10% moisture: day-old chicks:
frozen beef, veal, lamb and fish; (b) eggs and dairy products (butter, cheese
and milk powder); (c) canned meats and fish; (d) canned vegetables; (e)
all types of dry products, particularly rice (max. 4% broken); and (f) sugar.
Large orders anticipated, top quality in all cases. Quote C&F Persian Gulf.
Bank ref: Privatbanen. Contact: Thorkild Andersen or Mr. I. Amini, Euro
Asiatic Export/Import, Smedeade 26, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark. Telex: 61
684 EUROEX DK. Phone: (05) 61 01 33.

1962- Frozen chicken and corn oil (r4#4), Needs 20-25 tons per month of frozen
1963 chicken, individually wrapped in plastic, delivery monthly and 2,000 gals
per month of corn oil, one to three gallon containers, delivery bi-monthly.
Corn oil shipped in container lots. Prime to choice quality. Quote FOB
U.S. ports and C&F Tehran. Bank ref: Bank Saderat Iran, Branch 481, Amirabad,
corner of Avenue Shiraz, Tehran, Iran. Contact: Edmund S. Thomaszadeh,
Avenue Amir Abad Baia, Avenue Shiraz Sharghi, No. 41, Tehran (Postal Code14)
Iran. Thone: 651424.

1964 Rice (England). Wants longgrain rice, monthly shipments totalinR $250,000.
Packaging: 1 lb. to 2 Ibs. packing. Delivery soonest. Company wishes
suppliers to contact him over telex, very urgent. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref:
Barclays Bank and African Continental Bank. Contact: T. Hallinann, First
Western Exports, World Trade Center, London E19, England. Telex: 884671
(ATTN: FIRST WESTERN EXPORTS). Phone: (01) 722,8363.

1965 Canned fish (Netherlands). Firm interested in representing U.S. fish canneries.
Bank ref: Pierson, Heldring and Pierson NV. The Hague. Contact: Kegge-
International, Fish Preserves, P. 0. Box 84178 IN, Scheveningen-The Netherlands.
Phone: 070-554700.

1966 Almond kernels (India). Wishes almond kernels (whole natural), 20 mt. As
per approved samples and certified by an international inspection agency as
conforming to the same and fit for human consumption. Packed in 50 lb.
cartons and bags. Delivery December 11, 1978. Request last date of receipt
of quotations and samples, October 18, 1978. Quote CIF Ind..n ports. Bank ref:
United Commercial Bank, Parliament Street, New Delhi. Contact: J. S. Arneja,
Manager, National Cooperative Consumers' Federation Ltd., Deepali (5th Floor)
92 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110024, India. Telex: KONFED-ND 2111. Cable:
MONFED. Phone: 634650 to 53, 635778.

1967 Cotton linters (Italy). Desires cotton linters, 250 mt per month, bales
packing, quality of 2nd cut,monthly delivery. Quotations CIF Italy. Payment
by Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Filiale D
Ancora. Contact: Cartieri Emiliani Fabriano S.P., Via G. Miliani 31/33,
Fabriano (Ancona), Italy. Telex: 56034. Cable: FABERCARTA Fabrian. Phone:

1968 Potato starch and flour (Italy). Wants soluble potato starch,--estimated value
about $300,000,and potato flour,--estimated value about $50,000. Firm sells
throughout whole of Italy with a network of 19 agents and 4 regional warehouses.
Would like to receive quotations CIF Padova. Contact: Rinaldo Rinaldi,
Stabilimento Lombardo Colle Sas, Via S. Polo, 187/A, 35020 San Angelo Di
Piove (PD), Italy. Cable: STABICOL. Telex: 43162 APIPAD. Phone: 049/

1969 Baking powder and yeast (Cameroon). Needs baking powder and yeast. Corresp-
ondence only in French. Contact: Ali Hassan, Director, ETS Tripoli, P. 0.
Box 2102, Douala, Cameroon. Cable: CEDRES. Phone: 421819. Telex: 5311 KN.

1970 Dietary foods (Colombia). Interested in receiving information on all types
of dietary foods. Contact: Teotiste De Vallejo, Carrera 25 No. 65-38,
Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 2502846.

1971 Grocery lines (Egypt). Wishes frozen food, various types, also interested in
acting as agent for American firm. Contact: Hassan Ibrahim, President, Middle
East Financing Consultants Company (MEFCO), Abdel Rahman Fahmy Street, Garden
City, Cairo. Cable: HASFICO, Cairo. Phone: 29433. Telex: 2067 MEFCO UN.

1972 Grain flour (Panama). Needs red sorghum grain flour, 5,000 mt. Company is
interested in making direct contact with U.S. suppliers. Would appreciate
receiving quotations. Contact: Ricardo Fernandez, Assistant Manager, Intermar
Financial Corp., S.A., P. O. Box 7363, Panama 5, Republic of Panama. Phone:
64-2757. Telex: ITT3480245.

1973 Peanut oil (Ir.'n). Wants 1,000 tons of peanut oil, packed for retail sale.
Firm is leading importer of agricultural and food processing equipment. They
are interested in developing relationship with American supplier for sale of
low priced peanut oil in Iranian market. Contact: Dr. Maleki, Managing Director,
Palm Company, 87 Villa Avenue, Tehran, Iran. Cable: PALM Tehran. Phone:
829100. Telex: 21257 PALM IR.

1974 Canned chicken meat (New Guinea). Wants canned chicken meat (preferably in
natural juice). Direct purchase for resale. Transportation is avanlanlo
for shipment through U.S. West Coast direct to Lae, Png. Contact: Ross
Michael, Michael Png Pty. Ltd., P. 0. Box 433, Lae, Papua, New Guinea. Cable:
MICHAEL Lae. Telex: NE42433.

1975- Holstein, Brown, Simmental and Charolais bulls (Greece). Needs supply of twenty
1978 Holstein-Friesian;. 10Brown-Swiss; 10 Simmental and 10 Charolais bulls.
Contact: Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Supply Section, 22 Menandrou Street,
Athens, Greece. (Bid deadline November 1, 1978 at 12:00 Noon).

1979 Dietary foods (Egypt). Wishes low-calorie, sugarless canned food specialties
for use by persons with diabetic or other special dietary requirements. Buyer
requests catalog and price list as soon as possible. Prices CIF Alexandria.
Contact: Magdeldin Spahi, Spahi Trading Co., P. O. Box 148, El Ghoreya
Cairo, Egypt. Cable: SPAHITEC, Cairo. Phone: 909552.

1980 Frozen chicken (Egypt). Wants frozen chicken. Buyer seeks offers CIF
Alexandria. Contact: Hassan Ibrahim, President, Middle East Financing
Consultants Company (MEFCO), 10 Abdel Rahman Fahmy Street, Garden City, Cairo,
Egypt. Cable: HASFICO Cairo. Phone: 29433. Telex: 2067 MEFCO UN.

1981- Beef and veal liver (Egypt). Desires 100 mt of selected beef liver and 100
1982 mt of veal liver. Price quotations requested FOB and CIF Alexandria.
Contact: Hazem Kassab, Manager, Hazem Kassab Export and Import, 33 Salah
Salem Street, Alexandria, Egypt. Phone: 32925. Telex: 54027 PALOTEL UN

1983 Apple pectin (Egypt). Interested U.S. firms are urged to contact their
Egyptian agents. A preliminary letter of 2 percent guarantee of value of
tender in free currency is requested valid for a period of two months. In
the event a firm order materializes guarantee will be increased to 10 percent.
Price quotations requested FOB. Samples are also required. Contact:
Foreign Purchases Committee, Edfina Co. for Preserved Foods, Ras-El-Soda,
Montazah, Alexandria, Egypt. Cable: EDFINIL Alexandria. Phone: 69446.
Telex: 54076 EDFI UN Alexandria.

1984 Corn powder (Benmark). Wishes dehydrated corn powder for Japanese market.
in container loads, top grade, packed in bulk. Contact desired with producer
also experienced in large volume.exports. Danish company has experience and
contacts on Japanese market. Quote C&F or CIF Yokohama, Japan.
Bank ref: Faellesbanken, Boulevard Afd., Copenhagen. Contact: E. Aspock,
Sunny Food Import Aps, Niels Hemmingsensgade 3, DK-1153 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Telex: 15316 SUNNY DK. Phone: (1) 15 05 16.
New Publication

Check list on Nigerian firms. In May 1978, the U.S. Department of Commerce
published a 68 page bookley entitled "List of Nigerian Firms of Questionable
Copies of this may be obtained at a cost of $10 each by contacting the Industry
and Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230.

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