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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government feot, ,a
service to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the 'Departn~tii f
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the F tprt rr- 1
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. ".-L
August 25, 1978

1702 Poultry, dairy and beef cattle feed supplements (Ecuador). Wants poultry,
dairy and beef cattle U-G-F (Unidentified growth factor) feed supplements.
(Gentian violet base (or similar) mold inhibitor for use in the preparation
of poultry feeds). Quote C&F Guayaquil. SIC: 20424070. Contact: Edgar
Duenas A., General Manager, Agrocentro CIA Ltda., Casilla 5735, Guayaquil,
Ecuador. Cable: AGROCENTRO. Telex: 3466 CAMCOM ED. Phone: 404-851.

1703 Swine breeding stocks (Ecuador). Desires breeding hogs and sows. Requestor,
small farm operator wishing to enter the Swine breeding business. SIC:
01395000. Contact: Coom'l Eng Alfredo Bautista-Molina, Casilla 5840,
Guayaquil, Ecuador. Phone: 350-222.

1704- Canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables, and soft drinks (Japan). Wants
1707 Canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables and bottled soft drinks. Estimated
annual purchase $30,000. SIC: 20118000, 20331000, 20332009 20860000. Bank
ref: Gamagori Shinyo, Kingo, Gamagori. Contact: Ms. Mikiko Kojima,
Overseas Department, Okuda & Co., Ltd., Yuasa Bldg., 25-3 Meieki 5-Chome,
Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya 450, Japan. Telex: 442-7827 OKUDAG J. Cable: OKUDATSUSHO,
Nagoya. Phone: 052-581-5700.

1708 Grocery lines (Israel). Wishes canned meats, sausages and similar products,
processed cheese and related products, evaporated and condensed milk,
canned fruits and vegetables and confectionery products. SIC: 20400000.
Bank ref: Israel Discount Bank, Main Branch, Jerusalem and Dresdner Bank
Ag., Chlodwigplatz, Koeln, West Germany. The Volume of imports for the
coming year is expected to reach $700,000. Contact: Daniel Touitou, Managing
Director, Abmex Ltd., 5 Ben Yehuda Street, P. 0. Box 18211, Jerusalem, Israel.
Cable: DANTOU, Jerusalem. Telex: 2614 BXJM IL, EXT. 7004. Phone: 02-240703.

1709 Cotton (Morocco). Needs cotton, raw, strict middling grade, in bales, for
spinning. This firm is agent for textile raw materials. Seeks U.S. manufact-
urers and/or exporters of above listed product for exclusive agency. Please
send letters and publicity material in French, if possible. SIC: 01122000.
Contact: R. P. Avargues, Imhoos, S.A., 26, Le La Resistance, Casablanca,
Morocco. Phone: 22-27-94 and 22-07-35. Telex: ESOMI, Casablanca.

1710- Grocery lines and candy (Egypt). Needs canned foodstuffs and candy and other
1711 confectionery products. Buyer requests catalogs and price lists as soon as
possible. SIC: 20400000, 20710000. Contact: Mohamed Abdel Fattah El Masry,
Managing Director, Arab Distributors, Mohamed Abdel Fattah El Masry & Co.,
26 Kaid Beck & Tarh El Bahr Streets, Port Said, Egypt. Cable: ARADISCO
Port Said. Phone: 8566, 3336. Telex: 54165 PSD UN. ATTN: Mohamed El Masry.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

1712- Frozen vegetables and frozen pizza (Australia). Wishes to purchase frozen
1713 vegetables and frozen pizza. The company supplies complete food service
systems. SIC: 20372000, 20373020. Contact: Paul N. Young, General Manager,
Selby Food Services Pty, Ltd., 89 Chandros Street, St. Leonards, N.S.W. 2065,
Australia. Telex: AA26143. Phone: 439-8066.

1714 Tallow (Morocco). Would like to buy tallow, approximately 300 mt per month
over a year, yellow, topway type, inedible, packed in 200 kg barrels/larger
tanks. Delivery soonest, quote C&F Casablanca. SIC: 20941000. Bank ref:
Compagnie Marocaine De Credit Et De Banque, Avenue Hassan 11, Casablanca,
Morocco. Contact: Abdelhap Naciri Bennani, Consortium De Negoce International,
S.A., 1 Rond-Point Saint-Exupery, Casablanca, Morocco. Telex: 24954 and
24956. Phone: 27-61-38, 27-10-30, 27-14-48.

1715 Strawberry plants (Venezuela). Wants live strawberry plants, 50,000 plants,
varieties: solana, tioga, fresno and sequoia, export packages, to receive
in October. Deliveries: 1st week of October, 2nd week of October and the
last week of October. Quote CIF Maiquetia. SIC: 01920020. Bank ref:
Banco Caracas, Banco Mercantil Y Agricola. Contact: Gustavo Bastidas,
Finca Isnadus, Urb. La Rinconada, Edf. Miranda, Ap. A-2, Apartado 29074, Zona
102, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: 681-2679.

1716 Fatty acids (Morocco). Needs fatty acids for soap industry, approximately
300 mt per month for a year.from tallow. Packed in 200 kg barrels/larger tanks.
Delivery soonest. SIC: 20941000. Bank ref: Compagnie Marocaine De Credit
Et De Banque, Avenue Hassan 11, Casablanca, Morocco. Contact: Abdelhap Naciri
Bennani, Consortium De Negoce International, S.A., 1 Rond-Point Saint-Exupery,
Casablanca, Morocco. Telex: 24954 and 24956. Phone: 27-61-38, 27-10-30 and
27-14-48 (Quote C&F Casablanca).

1717 Almonds (Hong Kong). Desires to purchase almonds, dried, shelled. Roughly 1
container or 10,000 kilos per order, medium and top quality, whole nuts, packed
airtight. Delivery soonest, quote CIF Hong Kong. SIC: 01225005. Bank ref:
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. Contact: Pierre S. C. Ng, Marketing
Manager, Wintai Food Manufacturers Ltd., Bold Win Industrial Building, 22nd Fl.
Block A&B, 16-18 Wah Sing St., Ha Kwai Chung, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex:
84373 FANYO HX. Cable: NUTSWINTAI. Phone: (12) 277611.

1718 Canned fruit cocktail (Israel). Asking for 5,000 cartons of fruit cocktail,
canned, standard, packed in 1 lb. 14 oz. cans. Delivery soonest for 1978
production. SIC: 20331000. Bank ref: Union Bank of Israel, Ramat Gan
Diamond Branch. Contact: Jos Aronoson, 3 Ravina Street #64, Naveh Avivim,
Tel Aviv, Israel. Telex: 34118 BXTV-81EXT 6130. Cable: ARONSCONCO.
Phone: 03-416068 LEWIS.

1719 Orange Juice (Philippines). Wants (hotpack) orange juice concentrate, bulk for
repack in consumer size. Requests samples, quote C&F. SIC: 20334000. Bank
ref: Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. Contact: Ruben Sy Su, Sy Su International,
Inc., 175 Santo Domingo, Quezon City, P. O. Box 1148, Manila, Philippines.
Telex: RUBENSYSU 742-2081. Phone: 35-44-10.

1720 Rabbits (Thailand). Needs Rabbit breeding stock, American white, Chinchilla
giant, Dutch, Flemish gaint, Himalayan, prefer white, 1 pair each. Quote
C&F or CIF Airfreight Bangkok. Delivery soonest. SIC: 01391010. Bank ref:
Bank of Ayudhya Ltd., Head office. Contact: Suthep Kumton, 78/1 Sukhumvit 62,
Bangkok 11, Thailand.

1721 Nuts (West Germany). Desires unprocessed pistachio nuts, in shell, from
California, 100-200 tons per year, in lots of about 10-15 tons per month.
24-26 per ounce, filbert type, packed in bags, suitable for export. Delivery
soonest after harvest of 1978 crop, request samples, quote FAS California
port, per mt, net weight. SIC: 01225000. Bank ref: Commerzbank A.G.,
Hamburg. Contact: Robert Jantzen, Oscar Caspari, Brandtwiete 58/11, 2000
Hamburg 11, West Germany. Telex: 02-163 730 (OCAS D, ANSWERBACK). Cable:
HILCASPARI Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG 33 18 31.

1722 Onions (Canada). Interested in buying fresh onions, 20,000 mt for shipment to
Jidda, Saudi Arabia. Quality egg shaped onions for fresh consumption,
diameter -.33mm SS -.55mm SS .60mm, tail length: .35 .40 mm. Packaging
in mesh bags, 10, 25 or 50 kg bags. Delivery soonest, partial shipment accepted
if available immediately. Replies must carry price quotations. SIC: 01231030.
Contact: Shamsher Singh, President, Shamkon International Ltd., 250 Consumer
Road, Suite 904, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2J 4V6. Phone: (416) 498-7511.
Telex: 06-966-869 CALL BACK ROBKON.

1723- Milk product, vitamin supplement, mineral mixture (Mexico). Wishes a milk
1725 product which contains about 50% of integrated fat, 90 tons. Quality: the
fat small globules may be about 2-4 micron in diameter. Packed in paper sacks
25-50 pounds each, with antioxidant. Also needs vitamins supplement and
mineral mixture for milk replacers, 15 tons each, packed in paper sacks of
40 kgs each. Supplements must have minimum requirements to feed calves.
Delivery for milk product, vitamin supplement and mineral mixture is prior
to October f. SIC: 20231000, 20424070, 20922050. Quote FOB Laredo, Texas.
Bank ref: Banamex -Bancomer. Contact: Dr. Felix Martinez, V.M.D., Nestle
Company of Mexico, Av. Ejercito Nacional 453, Mexico 17, D.F. Telex: 0177-1354
NESTLEMEX. Cable: NESTLE, Mexico. Phone: (1-905) 250-9944 x 220.

1726- Milk replacer, casein (Mexico). Wants milk replacer, 200 tons per month,
1727 protein-22 percent, either extract 15%, dry matter 90-95 per cent, crude
fiber 0.5 percent; energy D.E. 4.2 meal/kg; ash, max., 10 percent; minerals
and vitamins; antibiotics. Packed in sacks about 25 Ibs. each. The replacer
may contain about 65-75 percent of milk products. Request qualitative and
quantitative analysis; bacteriological analysis. Also needs casein (dehydrated)
100 tons, protein 82%, dry matter 90%; crude fiber 0.2%, packed in sack between
25-50 Ibs each. Requests qualitative analysis and bacteriological analysis.
Delivery prior to October 1. SIC: 20231000. Quote FOB Laredo, Texas. Bank
ref: Banamex and Bancomer. Contact: Dr. Felix Martinez V.M.D., Nestle
Company of Mexico, Av. Ejercito Nacional 453, Mexico 17, D.F. Telex: 0177-1354
NESTLEMEX. Cable: NESTLE, Mexico. Phone: (1-905) 250-9944 x 220.

1728 Pork intestine (Taiwan). Interested in buying baled port intestine for making
Chinese sausage. Requests FOB Quotation, quantity available regularly, and
detail description of the product. SIC: 20114060. Contact: Thomas C.
Chen, President, U.S. Representative of Flair Industrial Company, Greatway
Incorporated, P. 0. Box 9825, Austin, Texas 78766. Cable: GREATWAY.
Phone: (512) 837-3243.

1729 Beef (Saudi Arabia). Purchasing Agent for large Saudi Irabian importer wants
to purchase 5 mt to 10 mt frozen beef cuts on a regular basis, starting as
soon as possible. Islamic Slaughter Certificate for Saudi Arabia required.
Bank ref: Peoples National Bank, Marlboro, Massachusetts. Contact: Edward
A. Baker & Associates, Able Noble Farm, R. F. D. # 2, Box 326, Chester,

New York 10918. Phone: (914) 469-2775 evenings.

1730 Emergency rations (Japan). Wants emergency rations similar to those used
by the U.S. army, 20,000,000 rations, appropriate packaging for export,
immediate delivery. Samples and specific information including ingredients
statement required. Buyer willing to pay for samples. Quote CIF Tokyo.
Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Bank, Ginza-Dori Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Shiro Chihara,
Managing Director, Yuima Co., Ltd., C/o Toshin Bldg., No. 1-2, 2-Chome,
Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 222-4154. Cable: YUIMACOLID
Tokyo. Phone: 258-0808 or 253-3730.

1731 Spices (Bolivia). Needs spices: Cuminum cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, shredded
coconut, clove etc. Quotations CIF Pacific ports including 3% commission.
SIC: 20999060. Contact: Jose V. Lozada, Casilla 1719, La Paz, Bolivia.

1732 Bred Holstein heifers, alfalfa seeds (Bolivia). Interested in the purchasing
1733 of dairy livestock, registered 3-6 month breed Holsteins of 24-30 months old
with all their Health certificates, etc. Also alfalfa seeds, lahontan brand,
quote CIF Cochabamba, Bolivia, airfreight. SIC: 01393001, 01193010.
Contact: Asociacion De Productores De Leche, Alfredo Maldonado, Casilla 220,
Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1734 Cotton linters (Norway). Wishes cotton linters, 250 mt per year, bleached
and unbleached, packed in bales. Quote CIF oslo. SIC: 01122000. Contact:
Lars Soergaard, Dyno Trading, A.S., Tollburg 22, P. 0. Bod 779, Sentrum,
Oslo 1, Norway. Telex: 11279 DYNO N. Phone: 41 80 00.

1735 Friesian heifers (Pakistan). Desires 100 head of Friesian heifers with
confirmed three to seven months pregnancy at time of shipping, yield record
not less than 7,500 kg, age range 15-20 months at least three generations
pedigree. Request C&F Lahore quotations for full aircraft load (100-110
head). Shipper will have to include certificates (a) confirming animals
inseminated with semen from proven/reputed bulls, (b) declaring heifers free
from brucellosis, T.B., and other scheduled and contagious diseases and (c)
confirming their breed as pedigreed herd fit for further breeding. Animals
are required by government owned livestock farm and project being financed
by World Bank. Rahman Livestock and Dairy Farms wishes to act as commission
agent for the deal. SIC: 01393001. Contact: S. A. Rehman, Executive
Director, Rahman Livestock and Dairy Farms, 110-A Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
Cable: RAHMANFARM. Phone: 351492.

1736 Fish and meat meal (Sri Lanka). Tender with closing date of September 11 for
2,000 mt feeding grade meat meal or 2,000 mt feeding grade fish meal. Prices
quoted should be per metric ton, C&F Colombo and FOB basis giving total cost
and freight separately for liner terms. Payment by Letter of Credit. Quotations
should be for payment at sight and 90 days of sight providing for (90 days)
usance bill for consideration. Shipments between October 1978 and January
1979 in four equal lots of 500 mt each per month. Samples should be forwarded
as stated. Packing should withstand rough handling in transit, in 50 kg net
capacity single jute bags with inner polyethylene lining. Tenderer will be
required to furnish at his own cost and expense a performance guarantee in a
sum of five percent of the value of the contract. Tenders in duplicate should
be forwarded to the chairman at address below. SIC: 20942000. Contact:
Chairman, Ceylon Oils and Fats Corporation, Seeduwa, Sri Lanka.


1737 Tallow (Pakistan). Wishes tallow inedible, extra fancy, for soap manufacturing
in bulk tankers. Quantity about 2,000 tons. Requests C&F Karachi quotations.
Also interested in long term agency arrangements with American principals.
SIC: 20941000. Contact: Anwar Ismail, Managing Partner, Rex Inter-Contin-
ental, Mohamed I Mansion, Diwani Street, Marston Road, Karachi-3, Pakistan.
Cable: HOPE, Karachi. Phone: 77162.

1738- Baby foods and grocery lines (El Salvador). Needs baby food and any other
1739 food items with high consumption patterns. Estimated annual sales $120,000.
Language of correspondence in Spanish. SIC: 20321000, 20400000. Contact:
Atilio Martinez M., Manager, Promotora Internacional S.A. De C.V., 19 Calle
Poniente No. 325, 2 Piso Edificio Mossi-Portillo, Centro De Gobierno, San
Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. Cable: PROINCA. Phone: 25-5600.

1740 Alfalfa cubes (Japan). Wants alfalfa (Lucerne) hay cubes dried, 1978 crop,
free from mold, caked cubes. Sucrose max. 8%, moisture max. 14%. Cube
sizes 2" to 2 1/2", 50-60 kg bulk packed in a vinyl bag and gunnysack.
1,000 metric tons. Quote C&F to Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, Japan and
FOB to their port by container ship. Also send some samples with prices.
SIC: 20424040. Contact: K. Isdaner, Isdaner Trading Co., Ltd., Room 402;
Nippon Building, No. 79, Kyomachi, Ikuta-Ku, Kobe-651, Japan.or Kobe port
P. 0. Box 166, Kobe-651-01, Japan. Cable: PIONEER, Kobe. Phone: (321)
0431-3 or (331) 5096. Telex: J78958.

1741- Malt, corn grits, hops (Algeria). Tender with closing date of October 16 for
1743 7,500 mt of malt; 1,700 mt of maize grits; 40 mt of cone hop; 35 mt of powder
hop; and 3 mt of extract hop. Correspondence must be in French. Offer must
be CIF Algerian ports, to include samples and remain valid 90 days past bid
deadline. Postmark acceptable for meeting deadline. Partial offer acceptable.
Offers must be in French; all specifications in metric. SIC: 20820020,
20416020, 20820000. Contact: Societe Nationale Des Eaux Minerales Algeriennes
Direction Distribution, Government Agency, 33, Avenue Des 3 FF Bouadou,
Birmadreis, Algers, Algeria. Telex: 52310.

1744- Cherries, hazelnuts, canned cherries, cocoa powder and margarine (Singapore).
174L Wants Cherries, hazelnuts, canned cherries, cocoa powder and margarine to purchase
on behalf of its associate company. Firm deals primarily in raw materials
and ingredients for its associate company, Highland Chocolate Products Pte
Ltd of Singapore (Manufactures chocolate confectionary). It also supplies
these products to cake shops and bakeries in hotels. They are interested in
acting as agent for U.S. companies for above-mentioned products.
SIC:. 01222030, 01225000, 20331000, 20728000, 20962000. Bank ref: The
Bangkok Bank, Cecil Street, Singapore 1. Contact: Peter C. F. Ng, Sole
Proprietor, Comac Supplies Corporation, Suite 612 AFRO-ASIA Building, 6th Fl.,
63 Robinson Road, Singapore 1, Singapore. Cable: MARKETWISE, Singapore.
Phone: 221-5176. Telex: RS 23467.

1749 Soy flour (France). Wishes 10,000 mt of soy flour, protein 44% min.; fat 2%;
fiber 7%; humidity 12% max., packed in bags or in bulk. Immediate delivery.
Labels should be in English and Arabic, quote C&F Lattaquie (Syria). SIC:
20922040. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Blvd. Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Contact:
Mr. Codjo, Solis International, 4, Ave. Du General Patton 49000 Angers, Paris,
France. Phone: (41) 48.46.54.

Food and Market Developments:

The 4th International Food and Agricultural Trade Show. The Southern United
States Trade Association in cooperation with the Foreign Agricultural Service
(FAS), U.S. Department of Agriculture, invites the U.S. fresh and processed
produce industry, the fresh and processed meat and poultry industries, the
confectionery industry, the rice industry and all other U.S. firms engaged in
the food and agricultural industries, to participate in a "trade only" exhibit.
This trade show will be held in New Orleans, La., Feb, 8-10, 1979 and is
directed to the wholesaler, distributor, processor, export management company,
and all other firms interested in exporting agricultural products from the U.S.
A participation fee of $400 for each booth engaged will be charged participants.
These 10'xlO' booths will include a backdrop, side curtains, one draped 6'x2'
table, two contour chairs, one 300 watt aluminum hooded floodlight, a sign with
exhibitor's name, and one step riser or one pegboard with shelves.
All firms participating must provide a qualified sales representative who can
promote and make sales of the item displayed.
Firms wishing to participate from the SUSTA area should request a participation
agreement from either their International Marketing Director of their State
Department of Agriculture or from the SUSTA office. Those firms wishing to
participate from outside the SUSTA area should forward their request for a
participation agreement to the SUSTA office. Cut-off date for participation
in the exhibit is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1978. In the event applications
received before the deadline exceed the number of booths available, they will
be accepted on a "first-come, first-served" basis.
Advertising space in the Trade Show Catalog is available to participants as well
as non-participants from agricultural-related industries. Cut-off date for paid
advertisements and exhibitor listings in the Trade Show Catalog will be FRIDAY,
DECEMBER 22, 1978.
For additional information or participation agreement. Contact: Herbert Stone,
Executive Director, SouthernUnited States Trade Association (SUSTA), 338
International Trade Mart, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Telephone: (504)
568-5986. Telex: 584319 SUSTA NLN. or your State Department of Agriculture.

North American Livestock Exposition--will be held at the Kentucky Fair and
Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky, November 4-18, 1978. Over 10,000
animals representing all major breeds will be exhibited. A large commercial
display area will feature farm equipment and livestock supplies and a wide
variety of educational activities and entertainment will be conducted daily.
Stockmen from across the United States will participate in livestock judging
competition, and major livestock sales. For more information: Contact: Paula
Wilson, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, 724 Capitol Plaza Tower, Frankfort,
Kentucky 40601. Phone: (502) 564-4696.

CORRECTIONS: Export briefs of August 4, Control No. 1507-1514 shows address
as Singapore 22, Malaysia. It should be Singapore 22, Singapore.


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