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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other goverentirore-a a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads" te Depart~hi of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Exporr Traie ,
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. -' :- !
August 18, 1978- -- --

1620- Crude soybean oil, refined soybean oil, crude cottonseed oil and refined cotton-
1623 seed oil (Pakistan). Wants crude and refined soybean oil in bulk tankers or in
drums. Immediate sale potential about 10,000 tons. Crude and refined cotton-
seed oil in bulk tankers or drums. Immediate sale potential about 10,000 tons.
SIC: 20921020, 20921040, 20911000, 20912000. Contact: G. A. Borhany,
Managing Director, G. A. Borhany Co., 3rd Floor, Room 18-19, Al-Yusuf Chambers,
New Challi, Shahrah-E-Liquat, Karachi, Pakistan. Cable: GABEE Karachi.
Phone: 212281 and 215674.

1624- Soft drinks, canned rabbit and canned duck (New-Guinea). Wants soft
1626 (canned)-cola's and other flavors; canned rabbit, 9 oz. cans packed in tomato
and/or light curry sauce. Firm interested in initial order of 5,000 cartons
of 48 cans; canned dry roasted duck, packed dry with light oil spray covering.
SIC: 20860000, 01391010, 20155010. Contact: Ian Robbins, Import Manager,
New Guinea Cocoa (Export) Company Pty, Ltd., Rabaul, Papua, New Guinea.
Cable: NUGINICOCO. Telex: 92907. Phone: 92 1756.-

1627- Vegetable and animal oils (West Germany). Needs vegetable and animal oils.
1628 SIC: 20932090, 20942040. Contact: Peter W. Prehn, TTC-Fritz Kiencke,
Schlossmuehlendamm 6, Hamburg 90, Germany. Phone: 77 15 81. Telex: 040/

1629- Canned fruits and vegetables and canned fruit juices (Libya). Would like
1631 to purchase canned fruits and vegetables and canned fruit juices and nectars.
These items are required in large quantities. SIC: 20331000, 20332000,
20334000. Contact: Mohammed B. Labaied, P. 0. Box 859, Tripoli, Libya.
Cable: Mohlabaied Tripoli. Phone: 31809

1632 Hides and skins (Italy). Needs hides and skins, uncured. Estimated annual
potential sales value approximately $300,000. SIC: 20119000. Contact:
Ersside Gleria, Conceri Lonic SNC, Via Rio Camparolo, 36045 Longio (Vincenza)
Italy. Phone: 09 0444/8035.

1633 Hides, skins and pelts (Spain). Desires hides, skins and pelts. SIC: 20119000.
Bank ref: Banco De Valencia and Banco Espanol De Credito, Elche (Alicante)
Branch offices. Wishes to receive quotations CIF Spanish Mediterranean port.
Contact: Luis Alonso Sanchez, Owner, Luis Alonso Sanchez, Conrado Del Campo,
53, Elche, Alicante, Madrid, Apain.

1634 Alfalfa hay cubes (Japan). Wishes 1,000 mt a year of Alfalfa hay cubes, sucrose
maximum 8% moisture content, max. 14%. Packaging ordinary export packing.
Quotations to be determined upon receipt of specific information. Delivery
soonest. SIC: 20424040. Bank ref: Bank of Tokyo, Kobe Branch. Contact:
Mrs. Kikuko Isdaner, President, Isdaner Trading Company, Ltd., Room 402,
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

Nippon Building, 79 Kyomachi, Ikuta-Ku, Kobe 651, Japan. Telex: J78958.
Cable: PIONEER, Kobe. Phone: 078-321-0431.

1635 Field seeds (Denmark). Wishes to purchase field seeds (clover, grass and
root), as agreed, quality conforming to U.S. requirements on imports.
Packed in bags, delivery prompt according to season. Quotations according
to buyer's request. SIC: 01193000. Bank ref: Kjobenhavns Handelsbank.
Contact: H. C. Olivarius-Jurgensen, H. C. Olivarius-Jurgensen Company,
Esplanaden 44, DK-1263 Copenhagen, Denmark. Telex: 19265. Phone:
(1) 12 65 60.

1636 Dried fruits (Denmark). Needs approximately 6,000 cartons (12.5 kilos)
annually of dried fruits (prunes, raisins, apricots and peaches). Quality
all grades, packed in cartons, delivery approximately 5 times a year.
SIC: 20341000. Bank ref: Skovshoved Bank, Strandvejen 323, Copenhagen,
Charlottenlund. Contact: Svend Aage Jensen, Cook's Boy, Tjornekrogen 6,
DK-2820 Copenhagen Gentofte, Denmark. Phone: (1) 65 83 06.

1637- Roasted peanuts, mixed nuts and cashews, almonds, peanut butter (Denmark).
1640 Needs salted roasted peanuts, mixed nuts and cashews, almonds, peanut
butter (smooth and crunchy). Quantity as agreed, quality first grade.
Packaging nuts (vacuum bags or glass jars (100 g, 200 g and 450 g);
peanut butter in 8-12 oz. jars. Delivery as agreed. English language
label acceptable. Maximum permissible content of aflatoxin in nuts is
10 PPB. Company wants sole agency. Quote CIF Copenhagen including 5
percent commission. SIC: 01192010, 01225000, 01225005, 20338060.
Bank ref: Privatbanken A/s, Copenhagen. Contact: Per Braune, Purchasing
Manager, Carl Lange & Company A/S, 37-39 Sigurdsgade, DK-2200 Copenhagen
N., Denmark. Telex: 19572 FISK DK. Phone: (1) 83 62 01.

1641 Grocery lines (Pakistan). Desires coffee whitener/creamer, skimmed milk,
substitutes for coffee, extracts, flavors of coffee and tea, instant coffee,
instant tea. Subject is a small dealer of food products. Quote C&F Karachi.
SIC: 20400000. Contact: Tariq Yousuf Kathoria, Tybah Foods Drinks Products,
6 Garden Town, P. 0. Box 786, Lahore 16, Pakistan. Cable: KATHORIA.
Phone: 350824.

1642- Fresh fruits and vegetables (England). Desires 1 ton weekly by air of
1643 fresh fruits and vegetables, first quality, U.S. standard. Delivery soonest.
Quote: as requested by the senders. SIC: 01221000, 01231000. Bank ref:
Barclays Bank Ltd., 503 Finchley Road, London NW5, England. Contact:
Mr. Valimex, Valimex Ltd., 20 Dawson Road, London NW2, England. Telex: 922300.
Phone: 450-3612.

1644- Frozen onions and dehydrated onions (Japan). Wishes 20 mt of frozen Pearl
1645 onions and dehydrated onion-powdered, ground, minced and/or chopped.
Retail and institutional packaging. Delivery soonest, samples and specific
information required. Quote C&F and/or CIF Tokyo. SIC: 20372000, 20341070.
Bank ref: Bank of Tokyo, Asakusa Branch, Tokyoon. Contact: Nozomu Takada,
Sanyei Corporation, 1-2, 4-Chome, Kotobuki, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex:
265-5377 TK SAN J. Cable: FRIENDS, Tokyo. Phone: 03-843-3111.

1646- Powdered fruit juice and bubble gum (Japan). Wants 25 mt of powdered fruit
1647 juice and sugarless bubble gum, packed in bulk, delivery soonest. Samples

and specific information including ingredients statement required. Quote C&F
Tokyo. SIC: 20343000, 2073000. Bank ref: Hokkaido Takushoku Bank,
Ueno Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Nobuyuki Ohnuma, Chief of Foreign Department,
Furuya Confectionery Co., Ltd., 540, Uemine, Yono-Shi, Saitama-Ken, Japan.
Telex: 2923029 FURUYA J. Cable: FURUYA J. Phone: 0488-52-5877.

1648- Biscuits and crackers, snack foods (Iran). Would like to buy biscuits and
1649 crackers, snack foods, approximately 1 million dollars worth annually.
First class retail products, consumer packs in sizes and designs as sold
in U.S. Shipment in monthly lots, by containers, four weeks after receipt
of Letter of Credit. English labels, quote FOB U.S. port. SIC; 20521000,
20993000. Bank ref: International Bank of Iran and Japan, Sepahbod Zahedi
Branch. Contact: H. Grobin or M. Panahanden, Combined International
Products, 8 Sharif Street, Sepahbod Zahedi Avenue, Tehran, Piran, Iran.
Telex: 213467 BEST-IR. Cable: COMINTPRO. Phone: 831230 and 234061-3.
1650 Grocery lines (Switzerland). Swiss based European Marketing Advisors interested
in agency, representation in Switzerland, German, France, Benelux and Denmark
for canned and frozen (vegetables, fruits, fish, meat; spices, ketchup, salted
nuts, pet food, fruit juices, wines and spirits. Currently selling supermarket
chains and specialty shops. SIC: 20400000. Bank ref: Union Bank, Geneva
and Lausanne. Contact: Michel Dauge, President, Dauge Ema Intl, Chemin Du
Cap 3, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland. Telex: 24 845. Phone: 28 33 55/56.

1651- Candies, canned tuna, doughnuts, sausage (Iran). Desires to purchase candies,
1654 canned tuna, frozen doughnuts, and American type sausage, first class retail
products, consumer packs in sizes and designs as sold in U.S.A. Shipment in
monthly lots, by containers, four weeks after receipt of Letter of Credit.
English labels, quote FOB U.S.port. SIC: 2071000, 20310000, 20510000,
20117000. Bank ref: International Bank of Iran and Japan, Sepahbood Zahedi
Branch. Contact: H. Crobin or M. Panahanden, Combined International Product,
8 Sharif Street, Sepahbod Zahedi Avenue, Tehran, Iran. Telex: 213467 BEST IR
Cable: COMINTPRO. Phone: 831230 and 834061-3.

1655 Spices (El Salvador). Major spice processor wants 8,000 pounds monthly, yellow
#1 mustard brand; 150 pounds monthly, fresh, extra picant serrano type chili.
Mustard packaging 50-100 pounds bags; fresh chili, small cardboard, or plastic
containers. Delivery every three months. Quote CIF Salvadoran ports. SIC:
20999060. Bank ref: City Bank. Contact: Ing. Ricardo Flores Cena, Gerente
de Planta, McCormick De Centro Amepsca, S.A. Apartado Postal (01) 189, San
Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. Telex: 30134, MCCORMICK. Phone: 24-3446,
24-2721 and 24-4721.

1656- Frozen chicken and ducks (Denmark). Desires to purchase frozen poultry,
1657 broilers and parts (wings, thighs, etc) and ducks for West African and Southeast
Asian markets. Quantity -container loads, several per month, top grade.
Packaging container loads in bulk packing and retail packing. Delivery prompt
upon receipt of order and at regular intervals. Wishes contact with supplier,
with own slaughter production facilities, willing to enter into distribution
agreement for West Africa, South East Asia and Hong Kong. Quote FOB U.S. port.
SIC: 20151000, 20155010. Bank ref: P. S. Refson and Company Ltd., London,
England, and Andelsbanken, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact: Paul Erik Andersen,
Skandia Kalk International Trading A/S, 139 Hasserisgade, DK-9000 Aalborg,
Denmark. Telex: 69763 ERIKEN DK. Phone: (8) 13 12 33.

1658 Grocery lines (West Germany). Wants canned food and frozen food. Firm was
founded in 1973, imports canned food and all kinds of country foods, customers
are mainly chain stores and mail-order houses. SIC: 20400000. Contact:
Jan Dreier, Europly Export Division, Oentzweg 29, 2000 Hamburg 60, West Germany.
Phone: 040-69-00-246. Telex: 2174720.

1659- Meats and grocery lines, dairy and beef cattle and grains (Korea). Needs
1663 1,000 mt of frozen beef and meat, 5,000 mt of packaged foods (oat meal,
corn flakes, corn chip, mixed cereals for babies), 3,000 head, of dairy cattle
(Black and White Friesian) and beef cattle and 60,000 mt of grains, good quality.
Sales value depends upon market demand but estimate about 5 million U.S. dollars.
Time of delivery usually within one month after receipt of sight irrevo-
cable Letter of Credit or upon sellers option or upond buyers option.
Quote CIF or C&F Pusan or Inchon Korea. Packaging standard export
packing. When buyer opening Letter of Credit, buyer requires authorities
Certification in the Letter of Credit. Request interested U.S. exporters
contact firm directly at the following address. SIC: 01393001, 20400000,
01394000, 01131000. Contact: Chikwan Chung, Executive Director, General
Supplies Company, C. P. O. Box 1311, Seoul, Korea. or 71-1, Bukchang-Dong,
Chung-Ku, Room 301, Shindo Building, Seoul, Korea. Telex: GSSEL K24229.
Cable: KINGSUPPLIES, Seoul. Phone: 777-3700 (office) or 782-2565 (home).

1664 Frozen chicken (England). Wants 3,000 tons per month of frozen chicken,
700-1200 g weight, Certified. Delivery soonest. SIC: 20151000. Bank ref:
Saderate of Iran, Lothbury, London. Contact: H. J. Naden, Marumo Importers
and Exporters, 192 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19, England. Telex:
928152. Phone: 01-540-9906.

1665 Sugars (West Germany). Needs 3,000-5,000 tons in one lot of refined white
crystalline sugar or medium grain, polarity 99.8 degrees at time of shipment,
50 kilo new jute bags, poly-lined, gross for net; and 250 tons per month
of cube sugar, pure white crystal, polarity 99.8 degrees at time of shipment,
cube packed in 500 g and one kilo packages in cartons on pallets, poly shrink
wrapped. Quote FOB Atlantic or Gulf ports and C&F Nigerian port, perferably
Lagos. SIC: 20600040. Bank ref: Vereins Und Westbank A.G., Hamburg.
Contact: Zool Gova, Emkay Export/Import GMBH, Grosser Burstah 31, 2000 Hamburg
11, West Germany. Telex: 2173262 (ANSWERBACK: MKM D). Phone: Hamburg
36 49 07 and 36 49 08.

1666 Chicks (Venezuela). Desires 5,000 baby chicks (female), 500 baby chicks (male).
High quality parent stock selection. Delivery in carton of 100. Time of
delivery soonest. Animal Health Certificate from country of origin required.
Quote CIF Maiquetia, Venezuela. SIC: 01331020. Bank ref: Banco Provincial,
Main Office, Caracas. Contact: Carlos Silva F., Bloque 1 Letra H, Piso 5 #18,
El Silencia, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: 42 44 48.

1667- Frozen vegetables, limes, lemons and cherries (Japan). Wishes frozen mixed
1670 vegetables, limes, lemons, and sweet cherries. Quantity 20 mt of vegetables
and 10 mt for limes, lemons and cherries per month. Institutional packaging.
immediate delivery. Quote C&F Tokyo. SIC: 20372000, 01221030, 01221025,
01222030. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Main Office, Tokyo. Contact:
Mr. Setsuopmiyamoto, Assistant Group Manager, International Marketing Department,
Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., C/6 Mitsubishi Bldg., 5-2 Marunouchi 2-Chome,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 222-3172 (222312 KIAPTC J). Cable:
DIAPETROCHEMI, Tokyo. Phone: 03-283-5537.

1671 Grocery lines (Denmark). Wishes canned peas, corn, asparagus, fruit cocktail,
fruit salad, beans, carrots, pears, quantity full containers, quality Choice.
Packed in A-10, No. 1 tall and A-2 and one-half size cans. Delivery soonest.
English language labels acceptable. SIC: 20400000. Bank ref: Handelsbanken,
Hedehusene. Contact: Erik Mikkelsen, Skandinavisk Salgs Agentur, B Roenge
29, KD-2635 Copenhagen Ishoj, Denmark. Telex: 16600 ATTN: SCANAGENCY.
Phone: (C) 52 04 05.

1672 Raw cotton (Sri Lanka). Desires 1,000,000 kilos Pima raw cotton with following
specifications: staple length range 33.00 mm to 34.00 mm; short fiber -
less 25 percent, dispersion less than 25 percent, bundle strength above
90,000 pounds (zero gauge) and trash content under 4 percent. First delivery
of 250,000 kilos should be made in mid-November, followed by 100,000 kilos
each mid-January and mid-March (Tender to be issued in September). Thereafter,
deliveries will be spread out in like manner. SIC: 01122000. Contact:
S.Y.S. Samarasekera, Deputy General Manager, Technical National Textile
Corporation (NTC), 16 Gregorys Road Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.

1673 Wheat (Costa Rica). Government tender with closing date not yet announced
but expected to be before August 31 for 40,000 mt of wheat. Quantity,
quality, and delivery period by sub-class as follows: (1) Dark Northern Spring
28,000 mt, 15% protein, containing 75% or more of dark hard and vitreous
kernels, 3000 tons in October, January, March and June; 4,000 tons in November,
December, April and May; Soft Red Winter, 4,000 mt, 10.5% protein, 2,000 mt
in January and February; (s) Hard Amber durum, 6,000 mt, containing 75% or
more of hard and vitreous kernels of amber color, 3,000 mt in January and
April; (4) Western White wheat, 2,000 tons, containing 10% or more White
Club varieties, 1,000 mt in February and June. Quality and Phytosanitary
Certificates required. Offers must be submitted through commercial agent
registered in Panama. SIC: 01131070. Contact: Direccion De Mercadeo
International, Instututo De Mercadeo Agropecuario, Apdo. 5638, Panama 2,
Republican De Panama. Telex: 368994. Cable: IMA-Panama. Phone: 61-5280,

1674- Soybeans, split yellow peas, garlic (Malaysia). Would like to purchase 100 tons
1676 per shipment of soybeans, split yellow peas, and white garlic, first grade.
Delivery upon receipt of Letter of Credit by the suppliers. Quote CIF Penang.
Bank ref: United Asian Bank, Penang. Contact: Or. Nio Wye Tong, 105 Victoria
Street, Penang, Malaysia. Phone: (04) 67704.

1677 Dried tomatoes (South Africa). Wants to buy 4,000 kilograms of spray dried
tomatoes for soups. Packaging bulk packaged as produced by manufacturer.
Delivery soonest, quote CIF (Commision) Duran. SIC: 20341000. Bank ref:
Standard Bank, Plein Street, Cape Town. Contact: David M. W. Drummond,
African Basic and Chemical Company, P. O. Box 4000, Cape Town 8000, South
Africa. Telex: AFBAC 3-751 SA or 57-6877 SA. Phone: CAPE TOWN 41-0005/22-0454.

1678- Baby chickens and turkeys, ducklings, eggs (Ecuador). Needs live baby chicks,
1681 live baby turkeys, live ducklings, baby geese and quail eggs. Send information
and quote C&F Guayaquil. Requestor, local poultry farm operator. SIC: 01331020,
01331045, 01331060, 01332000. Contact: Joseph Pinchin, Vasilla 6528, Quaya-
quil, Ecuador. Phone: 361-151.


1682 Rice (Zaire). Following party has requested U.S. offers and pro-forma invoices
for a quantity of rice for an equivalent FOB value of approximately $1 million.
Specifications: Long grain, U.S. No. 5 or better milled, not more than 20%
broken. SIC: 20441000. Contact: Kabeya Majimbu, President, Directeur General,
B. P. 9646, Kinshasa 1, Republic of Zaire. Telex: 21424ZR. Phone: 23823.

1683 Beet pulp pellet (Japan). Needs about 100 tons per month of beet pulp pellet,
best quality. Delivery soonest. SIC: 20422040. Bank ref: Tokai Bank,
Anjo Branch, Anjo. Contact: Tatsuhiko Yoshida, Managing Director, Chiryu
Bussan Co., Ltd., P. 0. Box 11, Chiryu 472, Japan. Cable: AMADEN, Nagoya.
Phone: 0566-82-8674.

1684 Whey powder for feed (Japan). Desires whey powder, cattle feeding grade,
quantity about 2-3 tons per month, best quality. Delivery soonest. SIC:
20422040. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Anjo Branch, Anjo. Contact: Tatsuhiko Yoshida,
Managing Director, Chiryu Bussan Co., Ltd., P. 0. Box 11, Chiryu 472, Japan.
Cable: AMADEN, Nagoya. Phone: 0566-82-8674.

1685 Pet foods (West Germany). Wants canned pet food for dogs. SIC: 20423000.
Contact: Dietrich Meinberg, Mittleweg 26, 2000 Hamburg 13, West Germany.
Phone: 040 45 65 34.

1686 Dehydrated fruit beverages (Denmark). Needs dehydrated fruit beverages with
carbon dioxide fizz (orange, grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, and raspberry
and apple). Samples (e.g. 10 bags of approximately 2 decileters). Expected
future quantities of container load at regular intervals, top quality.
Delivery soonest. Quote CIF Copenhagen based on container shipments. SIC:
20343000. Bank ref: Provinsbanken. Contact: Klaus Hjort Kristensen, Danish
Fancy Food Group A/S, Toldbodgade 9-15, DK-5000 Odense C., Denmark. Telex:
59913 DANFAN DK. Phone: (09) 11 72 00.

1687- Joint venture in livestock and poultry products (Nigeria). Nigerian interested
1688 in joint venture with U.S. company in livestock and poultry production. Interested
U.S. company should contact the following person. SIC: 01391000, 01331060.
Bank ref: Barclays, 48E A. Bayero Road, Kano, Nigeria. Contact: Michael
Ogunshakin, Egirioke Farms, C/o School of Management Studies, Institute for
Higher Education, Kano, Nigeria. Phone: 062-4809.

1689 Popcorn (Denmark). Would like to purchase initially 30 kilo of popcorn
(caramel coated and honey coated), samples of each. Expected future quantities
of approximately 1 ton per shipment. Top quality, packaging bulk or largest
size sample packs. Delivery soonest, quote CIF Copenhagen based on 1 ton
shipment. SIC: 01140000. Bank ref: Provinsbanken. Contact: Klaus Hjort
Kristensen, Danish Fancy Food Group A/S, Toldbodgade 9-15, DK-5000 Odense C,
Denmark. Telex: 59913 DANFAN DK. Phone: (09) 11 72 00.

1690- Breeding stocks (Indonesia). Hong Kong firm with experience in field interested
1692 in locating U.S. supplier of parent stock (broiler and laying) to be exclusive
agent in Indonesia or partner in setting up breeding farm. Firm also interested
in geese, sheep and swine breeding stock. Interested firms should contact the
following person. SIC: 01331060, 01391014, 01395000. Contact: Hop Wong B.A.
Ambim. P.T. Beta Indonesia Enterprise, Jalan Orpa 48-50 (ATAS), Jakarta, Kota,
Indonesia. Phone:272751-4, ext. 35, 36. Cable: BETAINDO Jakarta.

1693- Canned fruits, dried fruits and nuts (Norway). Would like containerloads of
1695 canned fruits (Peaches, fruit cocktail, pineapple, apricots), 500-1000 boxes
each shipment of dried fruits and nuts in shell, (fancy and/or standard grades).
Packaging cardboard outers cans ("2-1/2" "303" "Buffet"). Labels
according to Norwegian Food Regulations. SIC: 20331000, 20341000, 01225000.
Bank ref: Bergen Bank. Contact: Knut Mowinckel, A/S Universt, Kanalveien 51,
N-5032 Minde, Norway. Cable: UNIVEST. Phone: (05) 29 49 60.

1696 Hams (Denmark). Desires hams (including shoulder hams) for offshore petroleum
trade, containerloads, without fat, canned 3-10 lbs., with delivery soonest.
SIC: 0114040. Bank ref: Bergen Bank, 1601, Frederikstad, Norway. Contact:
Per Mugge, Stabburet A/S, Box 66, 1601 Frederikstad, Norway. Telex: 11507.
Phone: (032-15828.

1697 Cherries (New Zealand). New Zealand importing firm is seeking supply of cherries
in SO Product specifications: Cherries in SO2, machine pitted, first choice,
size 14 mm by 16 mm preferred but also will consider 16 x 18. Packaging plastic
drums approximately 110 kilos net. Shipment to arrive Auckland end of December,
early January. Quantity: initial purchase 50,000 kilograms. Quote C&F
Auckland. SIC: 01222030. Contact: William Aitken and Company, Ltd., P. 0.
Box 8, Wellington, New Zealand. Phone: 859-748 WELLINGTON. Cable: WILAIT.
Telex: NZ31255 ATTN: Wilait.

1698- Cashews nuts and corn starch (Taiwan). Wants cashew nuts, 5 lbs cans vacuum
1699 packed, requires lot of 1,000 cans every 10 days. initial purchase order for
one lot 1,000 cans; corn starch in net 482 g (1 lb. 1 oz) cans with 24 cans
per box. Requires 5,000 boxes every 10 days, initial purchase order also for
5,000 boxes. Quote CIF Keelung. Bank ref: Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd.,
and the Dailchi Kangyo Bank Ltd. Contact: W. S. Yang, President, Connect
Enterprises Co., Ltd., P. 0. Box 243, Taipei, Taiwan. (Street address: 1-1
Lane 23, Ham-Meh Street, Taipei, Taiwan). Cable: WUCHIH, Taipei. Phone:
(02) 591-4848, (056) 322917.

1700 Semen (Brazil). Desires to buy 25,000 doses per annum of Bovine semen. This
firm would like to set up agency to represent U.S.exporters in Brazil.
SIC: 07290000. Clarindo Irineu De Miranda, Central De Inseminacao Artificial
Nhozinho, Barbosa Ltda., Rua Adhemar De Barros, 548-Ituverava-Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Cable: CIANE. Phone: 729.2666.

1701 Canned corn (Japan). Wants 1 containerload of whole kernel sweet corn, tin
packed, regularly, best quality. Packaging 17 kg tin packed. Delivery soonest.
SIC: 20332000. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Higashi Branch, Nagoya. Contact:
Norio Fujikake, Manager, 32 Nunoike-Cho, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya 461, Japan.
Telex: 443860 NANRI J. Cable: NANRI, Nagoya. Phone: 052-935-9526.

Foreign Trade Development

Decision on Shipment of Transversus Abdominus meat to Japan.. .......
The Japanese Deputy Meat and Egg Division Director informed our Agricultural
Attache in Tokyo that based on a joint session of MITI and Ministry of Finance
staff in was decided to set September 30, 1978, as the cutoff date for imports
of transversus abdominus meat outside the Japanese meat quota. This grace period
is designed to allow execution of existing contracts. The September 30 deadline
means that transversus abdominus meat must clear Japanese customs on or before
that date to be admitted outside quota.

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