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Export briefs
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You-may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.


November 7, 1983
I.F.A S.- Univ ofT Fioiid

Glucose Powder (Belgium). Wants 1,000 mt of glucose powder to be delivered in
barrels of 300 kilo's. Quality: type BE45. Price quotation: CIF/Lagos,
Nigeria. CONTACT: Dr. Pierret, Nutribel International Industries, S.A., Rue
de L'Automne 22, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX: 65478. Phone:
33(2)6482970. (WK 43/TOFAS 0011)

Peanut meal (Belgium). Wants 1,000 mt of peanut meal. Price quotation:
CIF/Matadi, Zaire. CONTACT: Dr. Pierret, Nutribel International Industries
S.A., Rue de L'Automne 22, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX: 65478. Phone:
33(2)6482970. (WK 43/TOFAS 0012)

Seeds (France). Wants sdeds (flower and vegetable), quantity 500,000 bags,
standard quality. Packed in cartons. Delivery beginning of 1984.
Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote: CIF Thessaloniki, Greece. Bank
ref: Continental Bank, lonas Dragoumi 3, P.O. Box 405, Thessaloniki, Greece.
CONTACT: G. Christidis, 18-20, Rue Ferrus, 75014 Paris, France. Phone: (1)
5804577. (WK 43/TOFAS 0441)

Barley (Saudi Arabia). Wants feed barley, 30,000 mt (three 10,000 mt
shipments), packed in 50 kg bags. Delivery: first shipment November.
Quote: CIF & C&F Jidda. Bank ref: Riyadh Bank, Palestine Road Branch,
Jidda. CONTACT: Johnny Chan, Tawfik Arab Est., (Arab & Brothers Co.), P.O.
Box 1090, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 402671 TAWFIK SJ. Phone: 6672988.
(WK 43/TOFAS 0217)

Chickens for breeding (Denmark). Wants live chickens for breeding parent
stock (for Pakistan) suitable for warm climate. Quality: Grade I.
Delivery end 84 to Feb 85. Quote: FOB. Bank ref: Privat-Banken, Vestergade
64, Odense. CONTACT: Azhar Hussain, Hussain International, 60 Stadionvej,
Dk-5200, Odense V, Denmark. Phone: 09-128996. (WK 43/TOFAS 0191)

Coffee (Spain). Would like to receive quotations for undetermined quantity of
green coffee (washed and unwashed). Company is also interested in importing
meat products. Bank ref: Banco Exterior De Espana. CONTACT: Giordano
Romay-Eccher, Consorcio International, S.A., Bravo Murillo, 95-A, Madrid-3,
Spain. TELEX: 42008 CIOI E. Phone: (1) 2349067. (WK 43/TOFAS 0292)

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Cotton (Bangladesh). Bangladesh Trading Company seeking US suppliers of raw
cotton. Interested suppliers should contact the address below. Bank ref:
National Bank, Dilkusha Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh. CONTACT: Altamash Ahmed,
Proprietor, Evan Enterprise, 55, Dilkusha Commercial Area (2nd floor), Dhaka,
Bangladesh. TELEX: 65743 AMS BJ. (WK 43/TOFAS 0111)

Worm capsules (Australia). Wants capsules of worms African Night Crawlers
(Eudrilus Bugenie), 1,000 capsules. Must be packed in spagnum moss.
Delivery: ASAP. Enquirer also needs information on raising these worms from
capsules. Quote: CIF Melbourne. Bank ref: Commonwealth Trading Bank,
Numerkah, Victoria. CONTACT: Graeme Bernhardt, G L & K C Bernhardt,
C/-Nathalia Post Office, Nathalia, Victoria 3638. Phone: (058)662309. (WK
43/TOFAS 0290)

Wheat tender (Egypt). Requests bids for tender #24 for supplying 100,000 tons
of wheat latest crop any origin, arrival at Egyptian ports during Dec. '83.
Offers to be submitted to the address below in sealed envelopes latest 12 noon
on Sat, Nov. 5, '83. Offers valid up to Mon., Nov. 7, '83. Conditions and
specifications to be obtained against payment of per copy attached with each
other. Ministerial decree #1036/78 complied with. Offers made through an
Egyptian agent. CONTACT: Gen. Auth. for Supply Commodities, Pur. Committee
for Grains & Products, 24, Gomhoria St., Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92062

Beef (W. Germany). Wants portion packed and parts including tongue
(preferably Angus). Wants also beef for further processing, including
offals. Other requirements: Beef must originate from meat plants certified
to export to the Federal Republic of Germany. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG,
6000 Frankfurt/Main. CONTACT: Ulrich Zeitz, Zeitz GmbH & Co. KG,
Boersenplatz 5, 6000 Frankfurt/Main 1, W. Germany. TELEX: 411889 or 412987.
Phone: 611-298040. (WK 43/TOFAS 0099)

Mangos, avocados, frozen chicken (England). Wants a) fresh mangos; b) fresh
avocados; c) frozen chicken backs and necks. Quantity: a) and b) 5 or 6 tons
per month (depending upon season); c) 40 ft containers. Quality: Grade A.
Packaging: 4 or 5 kilo packages. Quotations: FOB and CIF. Other
requirements: a) and b) any variety considered. Bank ref: Barclays Bank,
Winton Branch, 290 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH3 7AX, England. CONTACT:
Peter W. Durber, Du Bois Enterprises Ltd., 3 Hollygreen Rise, Bear Cross,
Bournemouth, Dorset, England. TELEX: 934386. This inquiry was received at
the ANUGA Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0103)

Yeast, flour, tomato puree, corned beef (Gambia, West Africa). Wants yeast,
flour, tomato puree and corned beef. Quality: Grade A and B. Packaging:
retail. Quotations: CIF. Date of delivery: ASAP. CONTACT: 0. Ahmad,
Metalog International Ltd., P.O. Box 502, Banjul, Gambia, West Africa. This
inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS

Grocery items (France). Wants all food items. Quality: best quality only.
Quantity: container loads. Packaging: retail. Quotations: CIF. Delivery
date: ASAP. Bank ref: B-N-P, ave du Prado, 13010 Marseille, France.
CONTACT: H. Smadta, TRICORP, 6,8,10 rue G. Marie, 13010 Marseille, France.
Phone: 91-799122. TELEX: 401359. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA
Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0105)

Dried onions and garlic (Belgium). Wants dried onion and garlic. Quantity:
container loads. Quality: Standard and commercial. Packaging: 10 kg bags
or drums. Quotations: CIF Antwerp or Bremen. Bank Ref: Kreditbank,
Kortrijk, Belgium. CONTACT: Mr. Gaston Marrecau, Gaston Marrecau Vervaeke
p.v.b.a., Ter Duinenstraat 24, 8510 Marke, Belgium. TELEX: 85302. Phone:
056-214598. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade Fair, Cologne,
Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0109)

Table salt, hot sauces, chilli sauce (Saudi Arabia). Wants table salt, hot
sauces and chilli sauce. Quantity: large. Quotations: C&F. Bank ref: Al
Bank Al Franzi, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. CONTACT: A.K. Pal, Omar K., Alesayi &
Co. Ltd., Consumer Products Division, P.O. Box 8680, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
TELEX: 400906. Phone: 6443781. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade
Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0111)

Huckleberries (England). Wants Huckleberries or any type of Huckleberry
product (pie, juice or any other derivative). Also wants Huckleberry plants.
Would like to receive samples. CONTACT: J.S. Duncan, Huckleberry's, Station
Arcade, Great Portland Street Station, Great Portland Street, London WIN 5HE,
England. Phone: 01-6314888. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade
Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0113)

Canned & frozen fruits, vegetables & seafood (W. Germany). Wants canned and
frozen fruits, vegetables and seafood. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, 6000
Frankfurt/Main. CONTACT: Ulrich Zeitz, Zeitz GMBH & Co. KG, Boersenplatz 5,
6000 Frankfurt/Main 1. TELEX: 411889/412987. Phone: 611-298040. (WK
43/TOFAS 0100)

Frozen concentrated orange juice (W. Germany). Wants frozen concentrated
orange juice. Bank ref: Frankfurter Volksbank or Deutsche Bank AG, 6000
Frankfurt/Main. CONTACT: C. Jakobszen, AMEROIMPEX Export-Import GmbH,
Lindenring 18, 6000 Frankfurt/Main 50, W. Germany. TELEX: 416140. Phone:
611-525058. (WK 43/TOFAS 0101)

Soybean meal, cornmeal, peanut meal, fishmeal (W. Germany). Wants a) 650 tons
soybean meal; b) 4,000 tons cornmeal; c) 350 tons peanut meal; d) 500 tons
fishmeal. Quality: Requests information. Packaging: sacks or containers.
Date of delivery: prompt to end of year. Other requirements: urgent,
requests information via telex. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank AG, Grossmarkthalle,
8900 Muenchen, W. Germany. CONTACT: Karsten-Jens Schulze, Kurt Pijahn
Aussenhandelsges. mbH, Albert-Rosshaupter Str. 65, 8000 Muenchen 70, W.
Germany. TELEX: 5212344. Phone: 89-7601091. (WK 43/TOFAS 0102)

Frozen poultry (Switzerland). Wants U.S. frozen whole chicken legs
(drumsticks and thighs). Quantity: container loads about 17 metric tons
each. Quality: USDA No. 1. Packaging: 5/6 lbs cartons/2 x 10 lbs cartons.
Quotations: CIF Rotterdam (container) in U.S. $ incl. 3% commission.
Delivery date: year round. Other requirements: firm is interested in
obtaining sole agency for Switzerland. CONTACT: Rene Rolf Meister, Meister
Foods Zuerich, Loewenstr. 44, 8044 Zuerich, Switzerland. This inquiry was
received at the ANUGA Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0106)

Walnuts, dried plums, kiwi fruit, dates (Austria). Wants California walnuts
not shelled, dried plums, kiwi fruit and dates. Quantity: 20-40 ft
containers. Packaging: 25 kg sacks, bulk (celopacks). Quotations: CIF

European Port. Bank Ref: Volksbank, 4600 Wels, Austria. CONTACT: Mr.
Rudolf Zeilberger, Zeilberger OHG, 4600 Wels, Austria. TELEX: 025581.
Phone: 07242-6951. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade Fair,
Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0107)

Orange juice concentrate (Norway). Wants canned orange juice concentrate.
Quantity: 5,000-10,000 liters per week. Quality: At least 63% Brix.
Quotations: CIF. CONTACT: Odd Christensen, Utsikten 20, 5031 Laksevag,
Norway. Phone: 05-263455. This inquiry was received at the ANUGA Trade Fair,
Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0108)

Asparagus, tomatoes, tomato sauce and puree (W. Germany). Wants a) fresh
and/or frozen asparagus, 11, 14 and 17 centimeters long, all qualities; b)
canned, peeled, whole tomatoes; c) tomato sauce and paste (double and triple
concentrated). Quality: all qualities. Packaging: institutional.
Quotations: CIF European port. Delivery date: immediate. Bank ref:
Deutsche Bank AG, An den Dominikanern 11, 5000 Koeln 2. CONTACT: A.
Luettgen, Fa. Andre Luettgen Import-Export, Postfach 101333, 5000 Koeln 1, W.
Germany. TELEX: 8881630. Phone: 221-380001. (WK 43/TOFAS 0110)

Grains & long grain white rice (France). Wants all types of grains and long
grain white rice. Quantity: 100 tons monthly. Quality: rice 2-7%
broken. Packaging: 25 kg bags. Quotations: FOB and CIF. Delivery date:
ASAP. Bank ref: Banque Populaire, Strasbourg. CONTACT: Pierre
Deivassagayame, RAJ International, 33 Rue de la Course, 67000 Strasbourg,
France. TELEX: 870706. Phone: 88-320415. This inquiry was received at the
ANUGA Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0112)

Fishmeal (Syria). Wants fishmeal, crude protein 65% min., digestibility of
protein 90% min, moisture 10% max, fat w/ antioxidant 10% max, fiber 1% max,
calcium 4% max, ash 17% max, sand & salt 5% max, phosphorous available 2.2%
min, free of salmonella; the fish meal should be fresh, newly manufactured,
well mixed; odor, taste and color must be representative of fishmeal,
manufactured by using the whole fish, and should be free from foreign material
such as horns, hooves, feathers, hair, blood, skin, etc. Packing in double
layered polyethylene bags. Shipment 3,500 tons until Dec. 30, '83 & 3,500
tons until Jan. 30, '84 or shipment of 7,000 tons by Jan. 15, '84. Analysis
certificate is requested from a laboratory named by buyer on seller's
account. A bid bond of 2% valid for one month requested w/ offer, confirmed
by the Comm. Bank of Syria, (Branch No. 6, Telex No. 411351 SY). Bid bond to
be replaced within 7 working days upon purchase confirmation by a 5%
performance bond. Deadline Nov. 14' 83. Offers should be valid until Nov 17,
'83. Quotations requested C&F Syrian Ports in two options: A) C&F full liner
terms, Syrian Ports; B) C&F free out Syrian Ports in one shipment. Bank ref:
Comm. Bank of Syria, Branch 6, Damascus, Telex No. 411351 SY). CONTACT: Dir.
Gen., Gen. Organ. for Fodder, P.O. Box 4797, Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 411089
& 411124 SY ALAF. CABLE: ALAF. Phone: 221689, 221893. (WK 43/TOFAS 0159)

Sugar tender (Jordan). Tender for procuring 10,000 20,000 tons of sugar.
Closing date for submitting bids is Nov. 3. '83. Bid specs may be purchased
for a non-refundable fee of JD 5 (Note: U.S. dol 1.00 currently equals JD.
367) from the address below. All offers must be submitted through Jordanian
agents. Firms submitting bids on this tender are requested also to send an
information copy to the Embassy Commercial Office, P.O. Box 354, Amman,

Jordan; Telex: 21510 USEMB JO. Sugar specs: refined or crystal running, for
human consumption, not greater than 60 units icumsa, humidity: not to exceed
0.001, ash: not to exceed 0.001, sucrose: not less than 99.8%. CONTACT:
Ministry of Supply, P.O. Box 830, Amman, Jordan. TELEX: 21278 MINSUP JO.
Phone: 667 141/661 174. (WK 43/ST 9362)

Kiwis, peanuts, walnuts (Austria). Wants a) kiwis; b) peanuts not shelled; c)
Walnuts, not shelled. Quantity: a) 150,000 boxes; b) 400 tons; c) 50 tons.
Quality: Grade A. Bank ref: Welser Volksbank, Pfarrgasse 15, 4600 Wels,
Austria. CONTACT: Mr. Ulrich Huber, Fa. Erwin Huber KG, Winnpassing 235,
4600 Wels, Austria. TELEX: 025427. Phone: 07242-82371. This inquiry was
received at the ANUGA Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany. (WK 43/TOFAS 0114)

Whiskey (Netherlands). Wants whiskey. Bank ref: Nederlande Creditbank, 7600
Almelo, Netherlands. CONTACT: G. Wolthuis, Marquis BV, Postbus 177, 7600 AD
Almelo, Netherlands. TELEX: 36614. Phone: 05490-28003. (WK 43/TOFAS 0115)

Snack items (W. Germany). Wants extruded fruits and vegetables as snack
items. Quality: Grade A. Packaging: bulk and pre-pack. Quotations: C&F.
Delivery date: ASAP. Bank ref: Hamburger Sparkasse, 2000 Hamburg.
CONTACT: Stephen E. King-Beck, Markus & Walsh (GMBH & Co.), Oststr. 41-43,
2000 Norderstedt 1, W. Germany. TELEX: 2174369. Phone: 40-5221024. (WK
43/TOFAS 0116)

Fresh fruits (Germany). Wants fresh fruits of all kinds. Quantity:
container loads. CONTACT: Wilfried Rosenland, Walter Rosenland & Sohn,
Mittelstr, 4050 Moenchengladbach, W.Germany. TELEX: 852898. Phone: (02166)
41068. (WK 43/TOFAS 0117)

Rice, soybean oil crude (England). NKS Eurotrade wishes to import above
mentioned commodities, with a view to representing US firm as an agent,
importing US goods for resale and investment in the US. Quantity as
available. Quality best. Quote: UK port. Bank ref: Williams and Glyns
Limited, 1/3 Regent St., London SW1Y. CONTACT: Mark A. Fennie, Group
Overseas Marketing Manager, NKS Eurotrade Limited, 1/3 Regent Street, P.O. Box
160, London SW1Y 4NA. TELEX: 8813508. Phone: 01 930 7651. (WK 43/TOFAS

Animal feed primarily for cattle (England). Company wishes to import
animal feed to distribute in their 70 exclusive full time premises, 60 shops
and 130 farm calling representatives. Quantity: to be discussed. Quality:
best. Quote: UK port. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd, 64 Fore Street,
Trowbridge, Wiltshire. CONTACT: Roger Dakin, AGROMA LIMITED, High Street,
Steeple Ashton, Wilts BA14 6EU, England. Phone: 0380 870094. (WK 43/TOFAS

Eels (Canada). Wants eels, frozen whole, 1 container. Other requirements:
12-16 oz. preferred or 8-32 oz. assorted. Delivery: ASAP. Quote:
destination Japan. CONTACT: Ms. S. Mihailova, Himdex Ltd, 88 Erskine Ave.,
Suite 212, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1Y3, Canada. TELEX: 069 83639. Phone: (416)
486 9538. (WK 43/TOFAS 0136)

Corn (Ecuador). Wants corn, 1,000 tons, U.S. No. 2 or 3. Packed in bulk or
bagged. Delivery: 1 to 2 months. Quote: FOB U.S. Port & C&F Guayaquil.

Bank ref: Banco La Previsora, P.O. Box 1324, Guayaquil, Ecuador. CONTACT:
Guillermo Salcedo, Salcedo S.A., Edificio Torre Azul; Chile 303 Y Luque; Piso
11 Guayaquil, Ecuador. TELEX: 3679 NAVSAN ED. Phone: 528 208, 523 473. (WK
43/TOFAS 0234)

Strawberry seedlings (Peru). Wants strawberry seedlings, 100,000 plants, for
commercial use. Packed in boxes. Delivery: immediate. Sanitary
certificate, transport resistant varieties required. Bank ref: Banco Credito,
Jr. Lampa 499, Lima 1, Peru. CONTACT: Sr. Javier Sacio, Juan De Arona 883,
Of. 502, Lima 27, Peru. Phone: 40-6227. (WK 43/TOFAS 0271)

Grocery items (Spain). Importer of food products in general as well as
beverages (including liquors) would like to receive offers from U.S. exporters
of grocery items. Bank ref: Banco Espanol De Credito. CONTACT: A.
Perez-Peluffo, Corb Canarias, S. Ltd., Avenida Escaleritas, 112, Las Palmas De
Gran Canaria-ll, Spain. TELEX: 95424 ALFLI E. Phone: (28) 366044. (WK
43/TOFAS 0293)

Lumber (Hong Kong). Wants Hemlock; Douglas fir (all species origin of Western
Coast of USA), preliminary estimation of order: 25,000 tons. Quality: 1st &
2nd 95% of shipment other grades balance of shipment length: 20' -
40'; diameter: 12" up. Packaging: per ship load. Delivery: within three
months from now. Quote: CIF in U.S. dols at China Port per MBF; FOB U.S.
dols per MBF. Bank ref: DAO Heng Bank Ltd. CONTACT: Andrew Li/H. Yau, Euro
Amerisia Int'l Trading Co., Ste 703-4, Argyle Centre, 7/F., Phase 1, 684-718
Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. TELEX: 38689 EUROH HX. Phone: 3-934203.
(WK 43/TOFAS 0252)

Frozen chicken tender (Egypt). Requests bids for tender #8 ('83/'84) for
importation of 10-15,000 tons +/- 10% frozen chicken in free currency.
Committee is entitled to +/- quantity as suitable. Shipped and to arrive
Egyptian ports during Dec. '83, Jan.-Feb.-March '84. Offers submitted to the
above address in sealed envelopes latest noon on Mon., Oct. 31, '83 provide
that the offer state the price FOB & CIF. Conditions and specifications
obtained against payment of L.E. 5 per copy attached with each offer.
Ministerial decree No. 1036/1978 and its amendments and # 120/1982 concerning
the commercial agency and a copy of the taxation card must be complied with
the submitted offer. Offers made thru an Egyptian agent. CONTACT: Gen.
Auth. for Supply Comm, Pur. Comm. for Animal Prod., 24, Gomhoria St., Cairo,
Egypt. TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM-UN. CABLE: ESTRAM. (WK 43/TOFAS 0360)

Eggs (Nigeria). Wants eggs, 324 cases per week exported in two equal lots of
162 cases each. Quality hatching. Packed for export. Delivery: ASAP.
Requirements: be shipped on Nigerian Airways from JKF Airport documents in
English language. Quote: C&F Lagos. Bank ref: International Bank of West
Africa, Lagos. CONTACT: C.N. Okonjo, General Manager, Kikachukwu Agric.
Enterprises, Ltd., 19, Martin St., P.O. Box 50463, Falomo, Ikoyi/Lagos,
Nigeria. TELEX: BENIN 41128 NG. Phone: LAGOS 663574. (WK 43/TOFAS 0139)

Olive oil (Syria). Wants refined olive oil, 2,000 tons, refined, first
grade. Packed in 1,000 tons packed in 4 kg tin containers and a similar
quantity packed in 8 kg tin containers. Delivery within three months of
receiving of the Letter of Credit. Requirements: bid bond 2% of offer value
required with offer to be substituted by a 10% performance bond unon purchase

confirmation. The bidder must be a producer and has to present a written
declaration that he has no agent in Syria. Quotations requested by Dec. 21,
'83 as follows: A) C&F Lattakia/Tartous Ports or the importers warehouses in
any Syrian City; B) FOB Port of loading. Offers should be valid for one
month. CONTACT: Director General, Gen. Consumption Institution, P.O. Box
2552, Damascus, Syria. TELEX: 419167 SY MASKI. CABLE: MASKI. Phone:
226770, 226771. (WK 43/TOFAS 0160)

Cattle (Venezuela). Wants registered Holstein and pregnant heifers 3-5
months, 300 head or 3 plane loads of 90 each, about average quality.
Delivery: January 1984. Requirements: will select personally. Quote: CIF -
airport preference in order: La Fria; Barquisimeto; Maracaibo. Bank ref:
Banco De Fomento & Banco De Venezuela (San Cristobal). CONTACT: Domingo
Orlando Perez, Calle 9 No. 21-25, San Cristobal, Tachira, Venezuela. TELEX:
28057 WILBI. Phone: (076) 551544 & 557551. (WK 43/TOFAS 0111)

Soybean meal, groundnut cake, fishmeal, corn (Nigeria). Wants soybean meal,
500 mt monthly; groundnut cake, 300 mt monthly; fishmeal, 200 mt monthly;
vitamin mineral/premix 2.5%, 100 mt monthly; corn, 2,000 mt monthly.
Quality: 44% protein, (pellets) 44% protein, 72% premix, 2.5% grade 2.
Packed in 50 kg. poly bags. Delivery: 6 weeks from time of opening Letter of
Credit. S.G.S. inspection required. Quote: C&F, Lagos. Bank ref: Upited
Bank for Africa, Station Road, Enugu-Anambra State; First Bank of Nigeria,
Opara Avenue, Enugu, Anambra State. CONTACT: Dr. P. Thangarajah, Peco Feeds,
Limited, Airport Rd, Emene, P.O. Box 8341, Anambra State, Nigeria. TELEX:
51310 NG. Phone: (042) 253251/253269. (WK 43/TOFAS 0140)

Olives (Denmark). Wants (1) black olives, pitted, 2 mt per month; (2) green
olives, pitted. Quantity to be determined. Quality: extra large. Packed:
glass or can: (1) approx. 3 kilo containers; (2) 500 gm & 50 gm containers.
Delivery: soonest. Quote: ex factory or CIF Copenhagen (if possible in
Danish Roner). Bank ref: Privatbanken, Noerreport AFD., Copenhagen.
CONTACT: Ms. Marina Larsen, Soerensen & Svanborg Aps, Vasbygade 45, DK-2450,
Copenhagen SV, Denmark. TELEX: 16 221 OLAFS DK. Phone: (1) 21 18 22. (WK
43/TOFAS 0197)

Salt (France). Wants raw salt, 5,000 tons, raw not washed, in bulk packing.
Delivery: ASAP. Quote: FOB Douala (Cameroon). Bank ref: Boston Bank,
Yaounde (Cameroon). CONTACT: Mr. Coupe, Sogelcam, B.P. 1503, Yaounde
(Cameroon), 114, Rue Christophe Colomb, 37000 Tours, France. (WK 43/TOFAS

Soybean meal (Australia). Wants USDA #1. bagged soybean meal, 100,000 mt,
USDA #1 grade. Packaging: bagged 50 kilo hessian with poly liner.
Delivery: last half Dec. first half of Jan. shipments. Requirement:
principals only. Quote: FOB, U.S. Gulf Port. Bank ref: United Arab Bank of
Dubai, Sydney. CONTACT: Brett Hilton-Jones, Masteg (les) Aust. Pty. Ltd.,
186 Haldon St., Lakemba 2195 New South Wales, Australia. TELEX: 74757
SABAS. Phone: (02) 7581611. (WK 43/TOFAS 0293)

Wheat (Australia). Wants USDA #2 Hard Red Winter wheat, 100,000 mt, USDA #2
grade. Packaging: bulk. Delivery 4 X 25,000 mt shipments dispatched every
21 days, no agents involved. Quote: FOB. Bank ref: United Arab Bank of
Dubai, Sydney. CONTACT: Brett Hilton-Jones, Masteg (les) Aust. Pty. Ltd.,
186 Haldon St., Lakemba 2195 New South Wales, Australia. TELEX: 74757
SABAS. Phone: (02) 7581611. (WK 43/TOFAS 0292)

Beef tender (Algeria). The National Food Supply Office (ENAPAL Entreprise
National d'Approvisionnement des Produits Alimentaires) estab. with the
restructuring of the National Marketing Board (ONACO Office National de
Commercialisation), issues invitation for international offers for 5,000 tons
of fresh grade A beef. Delivery: 1st semester of '84. Offers no later than
Sun., Nov. 6, '83 at 5 pm. Invitation intended solely for cattle breeders)
partnerships, slaughterhouse(s) partnerships, organizations specialized in
wholesale meat marketing, all in a position to bid according to the law 78-02
of 02-11-78 on the State monopoly on foreign trade. Specs: are 200 DA amd may
be obtained from "E.N.A.P.AL., Dept. Viandes, 29, Rue Larbi Ben M'Hidl,
Algiers, Algeria" by a duly appointed officer of your company or the Comm.
Attache of your Embassy in Algeria. (WK 43/LETTER 0001)

Safflower oil (Guatemala). Wants safflower oil, 1,000 mt per year, best
quality. Packed in bulk or 55 gallon drums. Delivery: ASAP. Certificate of
origin and health certificate required. Quote: CIF Sto. Tomas De Castilla,
Guatemala. Bank ref: Banco Del Agro, 9 Calle 5-39, Zona 1, Guatemala City,
Guatemala & Banco Del Cafe, Ave. Reform 9-00 Zona 9, Guatemala City,
Guatemala. CONTACT: Carlos Silvia, Salud Y'Sistemas, S.A., 4 Avenida 2-59,
Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala. TELEX: 9272 QUETZA GU. Phone:
316831-319702-318859. (WK 43/TOFAS 0262)

Pine seedlings (Venezuela). Wants Virginia pine seedlings, also needs
quotes. Delivery: Jan. '84. Phytosanitary certificate from country of
origin required. Quote: FAS Miami (Free Along Shore). Bank ref: Banco
Caribe. CONTACT: Humberto Perez, Instituto Nacional De Puertos, Calle
Veracruz, Las Mer Cedes, Caracas, Venezuela. TELEX: .23138/240233 INPVEN.
Phone: 92 52 79/92 61 33. (WK 43/TOFAS 0112)

Fresh potatoes, canned mushrooms (Sweden). Wants fresh table potatoes, such
as Bintje or Red Pontiac, canned mushrooms. Quantity: A) Initially 1,000
tons, b) quality: unknown & in 3 kgs containers, net weight must be shown.
CONTACT: Per Stridh, Goete Gustavsson's Partiaffaer, Asplunda Gaard, S-533,
Goetene, Sweden. TELEX: 42239 LADUG S. Phone: 511/230 35 or 230 53. (WK
43/TOFAS 0173)

Foreign Market Developments

Ybur invitation to participate in Trade Development with Japan. The Japan
Trade Center, together with the Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association
(WUSATA) and the California Department of Food and Agricultural, invites you
to attend a Workshop on food exports to Japan. Buyers representing Japanese
importers of processed foods will be in attendance to sample and evaluate your
products and to discuss prices and other terms of trade. This is an excellent
opportunity to obtain valuable information, gain market exposure, and to
potentially achieve export sales to Japan. Mr. T. Takayanagi, Director of the
Food Department of Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. is chairman of the ten member Japanese
mission. Other participants include representatives of major super market
chains, department stores and Japanese trading companies. A representative of
the JETRO Tokyo head office will also accompany the mission. This event will
be held November 18, 1983 at the New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles, from 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. In the morning, products will be sampled and evaluated by
the mission. A seminar in the afternoon will discuss U.S. food marketing

potential in Japan. The day's activities will conclude with a cocktail
reception. Attendance is limited to 25 firms. Registration will be accepted
on a first come basis. For further information contact Bruce Prenguber,
Assistant Director of WUSATA at (206) 574-2627.


The tradeletter, CONTACTS for U.S. Farm Products, is an export promotion
service offered FREE by the Foreign Agricultural Service to help American
companies introduce agricultural products to foreign markets. The CONTACTS
provides names and addresses of U.S. suppliers and a brief description of the
agricultural products they offer to potential foreign buyers.

CONTACTS is designed to help publicize the availability of U.S. agricultural
products and services in foreign markets. The CONTACTS tradeletter will allow
a U.S. supplier to advertise their product or service in a free 100 word or
less trade announcement. The newsletter is transmitted overseas monthly to
our Agricultural Officers where they distribute it to agricultural importers.
In addition, the newsletter is translated into Japanese, Spanish, French,
Italian, and Greek.

If you would like to participate in this program contact the marketing
representative with your State Department of Agriculture, or call (202)
447-7103 for further information on how to participate in the CONTACTS
program. While preference for participation in this program is given to
new-to-market products and new-to-export firms, all firms are invited to


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service can
provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential foreign
food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases have been under
development for the last two years and are being constantly updated. For a
nominal service charge we can provide you with the names, addresses, telephone
numbers and telex numbers of domestic exporters or potential foreign importers
for a wide range of commodities. If you would like more information please
write to the address below and indicate your preference for foreign or
domestic data. In supplying the mailing lists, the Department of Agriculture
and the Foreign Agricultural Service does not guarantee reliability of the
domestic suppliers or foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 447-7103


In an effort to provide our subscribers with more comprehensive information we
have included a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing or
analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and Marketing
Programs division for assistance. If you are concerned about trade issues
such as product acceptance in a country or a trade policy related question
please contact the appropriate division in International Trade Policy.






Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division
Grain & Feed Division
Horticultural & Tropical Products Division
Oilseeds & Products Division
Tobacco, Cotton & Seeds Division
Forest Products Staff




Trade Policy Planning & Analysis Division
Inter-America & Western Europe Division
Asia, Africa & Eastern Europe Division




The Foreign Agricultural Service issues a number of Foreign Agriculture Circulars during the year on various commodities
and export services for the food and agricultural trade, as well as specialized publications pertaining to individual commodities.

HOW TO ORDER: Check the title of each publication you wish to order. Remit a check for the total amount payable to
the Foreigh Agricultural Service. Only checks on U.S. banks, cashier's checks, or international money orders will be accepted
in payment. NO REFUNDS CAN BE MADE. Mail this form to: Foreign Agricultural Service
Information Division
Information Services Staff, Room 5918-S
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

Domestic Foreign
Mailing Mailing

10003 COFFEE (3 issues) $ 5.00 $10.00
10004 COTTON (12 issues) 20.00 30.00

10005 EXPORT TRADE & PROSPECTS (8 issues) 14.00 22.00
10006 MEAT & DAIRY MONTHLY IMPORTS (12 issues) 20.00 25.00
10007 DAIRY SITUATION (2 issues) 3.00 4.00
10008 LIVESTOCK & POULTRY SITUATION (2 issues) 4.00 7.00
10009 ALL 24 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 41.00 58.00

10010 WORLD GRAIN SITUATION & OUTLOOK (18 issues) 31.00 45.00
S10011 EXPORT MARKETS FOR UJS. GRAIN (12 issues) 20.00 30.00
10013 USSR GRAIN SITUATION & OUTLOOK (12 issues) 15.00 20.00
10014 ALL 42 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 66.00 95.00

10015 HORTICULTURAL PRODUCTS (12 issues) 20.00 30.00
10016 OILSEEDS& PRODUCTS (14 issues) 30.00 45.00
10017 SEEDS (4 issues) 9.00 15.00
______ 10018 SUGAR, MOLASSES & HONEY (4 issues) 7.00 11.00
10019 TEA, SPICES & ESSENTIAL OILS (3 issues) 5.00 7.00
10020 TOBACCO (12 issues) 25.00 40.00
S10021 WORLD CROP PRODUCTION (12 issues) 18.00 25.00
10022 COCOA (2 issues) 3.00 4.00



NAME (Last, first, middle initial)





FAS-829 (Rev. 7-83)



IIIIIIIII III1111111IN11111111111 IN 1111111111111111111111
3 1262 08522 1694
PEMIT No. G-262

00440 C C 0000

0 10040 0001


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return the whole sheet and/or envelope to:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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