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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade lea ds thl leprtment of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for fuurtet infocmtii on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. -'"
August 4, 197 '.I Of FC'.

1497- Canned pineapple and canned tomato juice (England). Wishes to purchase
1498 canned pineapple and canned tomato juice in container loads, first quality.
Packed in 6 oz. and 46 oz. cans, delivery soonest. Product labels
should be in English and Arabic. Quote CIF U.K. and CIF Damman. SIC:
20331000, 20335000. Bank ref: Barclays bank, Lombard St, London EC3.
Contact: L. Clayton, Southern Ship Stores, Test Rd., Eastern Docks, South-
Hampton S09 1XH, England. Telex: 47550. Phone: 0703 29731.

1499 Tallow (England). Wants to purchase tallow for soap manufacture. Wants
to establish rapport with U.S. exporters handling low quality tallow. Initial
order not to exceed 10 mt. SIC: 20941000. Contact: Tom Lindsay, Bookers
Merchant International, John Adams Street, London W2, England.

1500- Tender deadline extended to live dairy cattle (India). The Indian Dairy
1501 Corporation has extended the tender closing date for 294 bred Jersey heifers;
119 bred Holstein-Friesian heifers (15-20 months old); 440 Jersey heifers;
and 175 Friesian heifers (4-6 months old) to 11:00 A.M., September 15, 1978
Tender documents including detailed specifications, "Instructions to Tenders"
and general terms and conditions of the contract are available for ten dollars
from the Embassy of India, 2536 Massachusetts Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C.

1502 Frozen turkeys (Mexico). Wants to buy 150,000 frozen turkeys, normal packaging,
delivery September 1978. Request turkeys from this year between 5-12 kgs.
Quote FOB Border. SIC: 20153000. Bank ref: Banco Internacional, S.A.
Contact: Carnes Frias Internacionales, S.A. De C.V., Holbein 17, Mexico
19, D.F. Phone: (905) 563-5871 and 568-2950.

1503 Cattle Feed (Japan). Needs Sudan grass, dried for cattle feed, quantity a
few container loads regularly, best quality. Delivery soonest. SIC: 20422040
Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Anjo Branch, Anjo. Contact: Tatsuhiko Yoshida, Managing
Director, Chiryu Bussan Co., Ltd., P. O. Box 11, Chiryu 472, Nagoya, Japan.
Cable: AMADEN, Nagoya. Phone: 0566-82-8674.

1504- Orange, grapefruit, and pineapple juices (Germany). Wishes to buy fruit juices,
1506 (orange, grapefruit, pineapple). Quantity 50 tons, packaging in 0.36 cl.
tins in cartons. Delivery within six weeks. SIC: 20334030,
20334020, 20334010. Bank ref: Allgemeine Elsaessische Bankgesellschaft,
Kehl. Contact: Paul Friedt, Friedt GMBH, Schulstr, 74, 7640 Kehl A. RH.,
Bonn, Germany. Phone: 07851-2758.

1507- Live pigs, live chicks, canned fruits and vegetables, beef, lamb, pork and
1514 frozen chickens (Malaysia). Desires to buy pigs (livestocks), young chicks
(few days old), canned fruits, canned vegetables, beef (primal and fabricated
cuts), lamb (primal and fabricated cuts), pork including edible organs (primal
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

cuts), and frozen chicken (whole broilers and fryers). Firm established in
March 1973 and is a leading supplier of fresh and frozen foodstuffs in
Singapore. Quotes CIF, Singapore. SIC: 01395000, 01331020, 20331000, 20332000,
20111000, 20113000, 20114000, 20151000.. Bank ref: Development Bank of
Singapore. Contact: Lee Choon Huat, Managing Director, Lee Brothers Poultry
Industries (PTE) Ltd., 15 Chin Bee Avenue, Jurong Town, Singapore 22, Malaysia.
Cable: LEEPROCESS, Singapore. Telex: RS 23578 LEEPROC. Phone: 653988.

1515 Frozen orange juice (West Germany). Needs frozen orange juice, canned. 10,000
cases holding 48 cans within 12 month. Quality Grade A. Condition: 6 oz.
can, 180 g of 54.2 degree brix 1 liter of orange juice of 11.8 degree brix when
reconstituted. To be delivered in 3 equal shipments within one year, timed
in regular intervals and in full containers. Quotations CIF Hamburg or
Amsterdam. SIC: 20371000. Bank ref: Sparkasse Bendorf. Contact:
W. Kraehahn, Wolfgang Graehahn, Sayner Strasse 35, 5413 Bendorf, Frankfurt,
West Germany. Phone: 02622-5151.

1516 Mutton (Egypt). Desires 1,000 mt of frozen mutton, plus or minus 10 percent.
Committee reserves right to increase or decrease quantity. Request to arrive
Egyptian ports October 1978. In case of fixing additional quantity, committee
reserves right to fix dates of shipment and arrival. Offers to be submitted
latest 1200 hour, Tuesday, August 15, 1978. Conditions, specifications governing
tender available from committee upon payment applicable fees. Offers must be
submitted through Egyptian private or public sector entity listed on
Registry of Commercial Agents (free currency tender). SIC: 20113000.
Contact: Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, General Authority for
Supply Commodities, 24 Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM
Cairo. Cable: ESTRAM Cairo. Phone: 932969.

1517 Soybean oil (Colombia). Needs 5,000 mt of refined soybean oil for human
consumption. Quality: U.S. standards for refined soybean oil, packaging
could be in bulk or in drums. Delivery soonest or 40 days after confirmation.
Quotations FOB Gulf. SIC: 20921040. Bank ref: Banco Popular, Main office;
Banco International De Colombia (Tequendama); Banco Colpatria Y De La Costa
(Suc. Paloquemao) in Bogota. Contact: Reynaldo Miranda and/or Ivan Sanchez
Agrosilva, Carrera 7 No. 32-33, Of 14-03, Bogota, D.E. (Colombia). Telex:
044-846. Cable: AGROSILVA. Phone: 283-9160; 283-9180; 282-6774; 282-6794.

1518 Soybean flour (Colombia). Wants to purchase soybean flour for human consumption,
quantity from 5,000 to 18,000 mt annually (urgently need sample 5 kilos).
Quality humidity 8 p/c maximum, protein (NX6.25 p/c) 50 p/c min., fiber 2 p/c
maximum fat level 1 p/c max., ashes 5 p/c maximum NSI between 20-40 p/c. 95%
of volume should be screened in a sieve 100 of the U.S. Standards. Packaging
in bags of 40-50 kg each, bags of craft paper (5 bags of craft paper and 1
interior bag of polyethylene). Delivery 5,000 mt soonest and 18,000 mt
starting in 45 days. Quotations FOB Gulf ports. SIC: 20922040. Bank ref:
Banco Popular-Main Office; Banco Internacional De Colombia (Tequendama); Banco
Colpatria De La Costa-Sucursal Paloquemao, Bogota. Contact: Reynaldo Miranda
and/or Ivan Sanchez, Agrosilva, Carrera 7 No. 32-33, of. 14-03, Bogota, D.E.
(Colombia). Telex: 044-846. Cable: AGROSILVA. Phone: 283-9160; 283-9180;
282-6774; 282-6794.

1519 Ox tongues (Denmark). Needs canned ox tongues ( 2 tongues per can). Quote
CIF Copenhagen. SIC: 20110YO. Bank ref: Den Danske Bank, Copenhagen.
Contact: J. Windstrup Jensen, Carl B. Feldthusen Company, Raadhuspladsen
45, DK-1550 Copenhagen V., Denmark. Telex: 1609 CBF DK. Phone: (1) 11 24 09.

1520- Rice, onion powder and garlic powder and onion flakes. (El Salvador). Major
1522 wholesale distributor wants 1,500 kg pre-cooked rice, 3,000 kg onion powder,
1,000 kg dehydrated onion flakes, 600 kg garlic powder packed semi bulk in
approximate 25 kg bags. Quote CIF San Salvador or Acajutla. SIC: 20444000,
20341070, 01231030. Bank ref: Banco De Londres Y America Del Sud Limitado.
Contact: Francisco Callejas, Industrias Unisola, S.A. Apartado Postal No. (06)
1282, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. Telex: 20279. Phone: 218400.

1523- Peas, beans and lentils (Iran). Would like to buy chick peas, yellow split
1525 peas, pink beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans, small red beans, lentils
and Great Northern beans. Quantity 1,000 mt of each, packaging in 50 kg bags,
delivery September, October. Send samples to Agricultural Attache
American Embassy, Box 2000, APO New York 09205. Quote C&F Persian Gulf ports.
SIC: 01139085, 01139060, 01139092. Bank ref: Bank Saderat-Elizabeth Blvd.
Contact: Ali Ellini, Overseas Trade Promotion Services, 38 Elizabeth Blvd.,
Tehran, Iran. Telex: 215072. Phone: 896404.

1526 Grain sorghum (Taiwan). Taiwan Feed Industry Association very interested in
receiving offers for U.S. No. 2 yellow sorghum for 20-30,000 tons per month
deliveries starting late October onward. SIC: 01131060. Contact: Cable
Offers to S.S. You, Secretary-General, TFIA, 5th Floor, 91 Nanking E. Road,
SEC 3, Taipei, Taiwan. Phone: 551-5916 through 551-5919. Telex: MICTP
22869 and 22870.

1527- Vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and bird seed (Australia). Wants vegetable
1529 seeds, flower seeds, bird seed. Quality: vegetable seeds medium; flower
seeds Exotic, packaging in retail packs. Delivery next 2-4 months. Request
labels in English. Quote FOB. SIC: 01193000, 01920015. Bank ref: Bank of
New South Wales, 341 George Street, Sydney New South Wales, Australia 2000.
Contact: lan D. Murray, lan D. Murray PTY. Ltd., 17 Sorrett Avenue,
Malvern Victoria 3144 Australia. Phone: 03-207149.

1530 Cattle (Greece). Needs non-castrated male calves for fattening, 110-150 kgs,
live weight, fully inocculated. Client is interested in receiving weekly
airshipments of 300 head approximately, toward an annual total of 15,000.
Only individual farms or cooperatives or associations need reply. Client will
visit personally prospective suppliers and will set up office in Mid-West to
supervise and coordinate successive shipments. SIC: 01394000. Bank ref:
Commercial Bank of Greece. Contact: Demitrios Minaoglou, Manager, Demitrios
Minaoglou, O.E., 17 Tsimiski Street, Thessaloniki, Greece. Phone: 31/268550,
31/228916. Telex: 41-8207.

1531 Eggs (Brazil). Desires to buy geese eggs for hatching high quality birds for
breeding purposes; interested in Toulouse, Emdem and African breeds. Delivery
April, May, 1979. Quote CIF Viracopos airport, Campinas, S.P. SIC: 20155010.
Bank ref: Bank of Boston, Rua Libero Badaro, 487, Sao Paulg, SP. Contact:
William R. Comerford, Virginia Port Authority Ltda., Av. Brigadeiro Faria
Lima, 1794 4 Andar 01452 Sao Paulo-Sp, Brazil. Cable: VASTPORTS. Phone:

1532 Confectionery (England). Wishes to obtain confectionery, children count
items. 200-500 shipping cartons per item. Display boxes of 48/60/100 pcs;
24 display boxes per carton. Delivery 3 4 weeks after placing order.
Offers should include full details of net and gross weights, sugar content
and cubic contents of shipping cartons. Quote C&F Hull or FOB U.S. port.
SIC: 20710040. Bank ref: National Westminister Bank, Whitchurch Branch.
Contact: A. M. Ruijgrok, Prescott & Company, Ltd., Bradley's Chambers,
High Street, Whitchurch, Salop SY13 1BG, England. Phone: 0948 2277/8

1533 Corn (England). Wishes to buy yellow corn, quantity: 500 tons. Quality
Standard. Packaging 50 or 100 kg bags. Delivery soonest. Quote C&F Nigeria.
SIC: 01131020. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, 81 Fleet Street, London EC4.
Contact: D. R. MacMichael, Exportit (Overseas Trading) Ltd., 18 Grosvenor
Place, London SW1, England. Telex: 8814179. Phone: 01-235-0366.

1534- Joint venture in feasibility studies in corn and wheat (Tanzania). NAFCO,
1535 a parastatal organization under the Ministry of Agriculture, is interested
initially in names and addresses of U.S. firms. These firms must be capable
of doing feasibility studies in maize, wheat and irrigation paddy for farms
in selected areas averaging from 2,000 4,000 HA. These studies would
include project planning, appraisal, implementation and evaluation. Interested
U.S. firms should write to the address listed below. SIC: 01131020, 01131070.
Contact: A. S. Kaduri, General Manager, NAFCO, P. 0. Box 903, Dar Es Salaam,

1536- Sheep and cheese (Egypt). Wants to purchase 25,000 head of live sheep,
1537 plus or minus 10 percent; and 800 mt, plus or minus 10 percent, dry cheese
different types, and 200 mt processed cheese. Committee reserves right to
increase or decrease total quantity of sheep. Offers to be submitted latest
12:00 Noon, Tuesday, August 22, 1978; Cheese representative samples to be
submitted latest August 17 and offers by 12:00 Noon, August 26, 1978.
Conditions and specifications covering both tenders available from committee
upon payment applicable fees. Under both tenders, offers must be submitted
through Egyptian Private or Public Sector Entity listed on Registry of
Commercial Agents (free currency tender). SIC: 01391014, 20222000.
Contact: Purchasing Committee for Animal Products, General Authority for
Supply Commodities, Ministry of Supply, 24, Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt.
Telex: 92061 ESTRAH Cairo. Cable: ESTRAM Cairo. Phone:. 932969.

1538- Canned tuna fish and shrimps, asparagus, mushrooms, and rice (Nigeria). .Wants
1541 5,000 mt of rice--100,000 bags of 50 kg each in polyethylene protective bags.
Canned goods as follow: tuna fish, shrimp, asparagus, and mushroom. Quote CIF
port Hartcourt. Full detail by calling Agency listed below. SIC: 20310000,
20332010, 20332055, 20441000. Contact: R. E. Myers & Co., 754 W. Algonquin
Road, Apt. 1, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016. Phone: (312) 437-7845.

1542- Soybean oil and sunflower oil (Pakistan). Wants soybean oil in bulk packing.
1543 Annual sales potential between 2,000-4,000 mt. Also needs sunflower oil in
bulk packing. Annual sales potential between 2,000-4,000 mt. Subject is
small indenting agent and wishes to represent U.S. suppliers of product on
agency basis. Request C&F Karachi, quotations with delivery schedule.
SIC: 20921020, 20932090. Contact: Abdul Majid, ASIF International, 11 Fazal
Chambers, 16 Hall Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Cable: WAITING. Phone: 312328.


1544- Vegetable seeds and flower seeds (Pakistan). Desires vegetable seeds: Turnips
1545 (golden ball, purple top, snow ball); radish (long white, red, globe);
cauliflower (early, middle and late varieties); cabbage, tomato (roma, globe);
onion (red globe) and peas (meteor and green) and flower seeds for every
season. Quote C&F Karachi. SIC: 01193047, 01920015. Contact: Maqsood Malik,
Malik Seed Store, Rail Bazar, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Cable: MALIKSEEDS.

1546 Seed potatoes (Egypt). Wants seed potatoes from the 1978 crop. Tender will be
held Saturday, September 16, 1978. General conditions, quantities, varieties
and specifications can be obtained from the Egyptian Embassies in London,
Paris, Bonn, The Hague, and Copenhagen (but not Washington) or from the
Secretariat at the address below. SIC: 01193000. Contact: Seed Potatoes
Purchasing Committee, Potato Growers Cooperative, 101(A) Kasr El Eini Street,
Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92559 POTAT UN. Phone: 20623 or 21339.

1547 Grease (Denmark). Wishes edible and industrial animal fats, oils, tallows
and greases. Normal standards for crude fats; high grade standards for refined
fats. Packed for export in drums, tank cars and in cartons for catering and
supermarket trade. Delivery to be agreed on. English language
labelling acceptable. Quote CIF, C&F; FOB, FAS, Ex Factory. SIC: 20941000.
Bank ref: Den Danske Bank; Copenhagen Handelsbank; Privatbanken 1 Kobenhavn.
Contact: Vegn Jespersen, A/S C.E. Basts EFTR., Ingerslevsgade 44, DK-1705
Copenhagen V., Denmark. Telex: 22981 BAST DK. Cable: TALGBAST. Phone:
(1)31 33 55.

1548 Wheat (Venezuela). Wants white soft wheat (Pacific Northwest), quantity 4,OQO
100 lb. jute bags. quality U. S. No. 1. Delivery soonest, quote CIF La Gaira,
enezuela. Requires Phytosanitary Permit of Country of Origin. SIC:
01131070. Bank ref: Banco De Venezuela. Contact: Joe Gautier Morales,
Apartado 3842, Caracas 101, Venezuela. Cable: GAUMOR. Phone: 81-01-51

1549 Crab meat (Netherlands). Wants to buy King crab meat, quick frozen, 2-3 mt
per month in 6 x 5 lbs. packages. Delivery soonest. Quote FOB U.S. port.
SIC: 20300040. Bank ref: Slavenburgs Bank, Rotterdam. Contact: Van
Der Zwan, Rofoco B.V., Delftsestraat 5, Rotterdam. Telex: 27278. Phone:

1550 Eggs (Canada). Needs Grade A eggs for export to Middle East, quantity 8
million eggs per month. SIC: 20156010. Contact: Shamsher Singh, President,
Shamkon International Limited, 250 Consumers Road, Suite 904, Toronto,
Ontario M2J 4V6, Canada. Phone: (416) 498-7511. Telex: 06966869 (CALL BACK

1551 Seedlings (Venezuela). Interested in buying cherry tree seedlings, quantity
250, quality trees from California. Delivery soonest. Request Phytosanitary
Permit of Country of Origin. Quote CIF Maiquetia airport. SIC: 01920045.
Bank ref: Banco Italo Venezolana. Contact: M. C. Rodriguez, Cemosa,
Apartado Postal 60522, Caracas, 106 Venezuela. Telex: 216161 CC. Cable: ICC.
Phone: 781 86 11.


1552- Corn and barley (Lebanon). Wants yellow corn and barley, 5,000 6,000 mt of
1553 each commodity, U.S. No. 2, in bulk. Shipment August 15 September 15, 1978,
preferably in one vessel of 10,000 12,000 mt for both commodities. Quote
CIF Beirut, Lebanon. SIC: 01131020, 01131010. Bank ref: Banque Libanise
Pour Le Commerce, Riad Solh Street, Beirut, Lebanon; Middle East Bank (France),
125 Champs Elysees, Paris, France. Contact: Georges Aris, General Manager,
Sped-Mo-Liban) Sarl, Aris Bldg., Charles Helou Street, Sin-El-Fil, P. O. Box
6387, Beirut, Lebanon. Telex: LE 20510, ATTN: George Aris, ANSWERBACK CORAL.
Cable: SPEDMODIST, Beirut. Phone: 301585 Beirut.

1554- Long grain and parboiled rice (Lebanon). Desires parboiled long grain rice,
1555 and long grain well milled rice, 500 mt of parboiled, U.S. No. 2; 1,000 mt of
long grain. Packed in new jute bags of 100 lbs. Delivery September/October
1978. Quote CIF Limasson, Cyprus. SIC: 20441000, 20444000. Bank ref:
Banque Libanaise Pour Le Commerce, Riad Solh Street, Beirut, Lebanon;
Middle East Bank (France), 125, Champs Elysees, Paris, France. Contact:
Georges Aris, General Manager, Sped-Mo-(Liban) Sari, Aris Bldg., Charles
Helou Street, Sin-El-Fil, P. O. Box 6387, Beirut, Lebanon. Telex: LE 20510,
ATTN: Geroge Aris, ANSWERBACK CORAL. Cable: SPEDMODIST, Beirut. Phone:
301585, Beirut.

Foreign Trade Developments

World Dairy Expo 1978. Time is getting short to make your plants to attend the
12th Annual World Dairy Expo to be held at Madison, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 1978.
This premiere international dairy trade show offers for viewing and purchase the
finest in U.S. dairy animals and equipment. Last year about 700 international
visitors from 44 countries joined the thousands of Wisconsin and U.S. dairy
farmers and processors for four days of exhibitions, tours, and good conversation
in America's dairyland. For more information, please contact Bruce Lane,
International Trade Specialist, Marketing Division, Wisconsin Department of
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, P. O. Box 8911, Madison, Wisconsin
53708, U.S.A.

An International Confectionery Fair --will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands,
April-25-28, 1979. Space allocation will take place on November 15, 1978. U.S.
firms interested in participating in this show should communicate directly
with: Mr. J. E. van Putten, Manager Foreign Department, Koninklijke Nederlandse
Jaarbeurs, (Royal Netherlands Industries Fair), P. O. Box 8500, 3503 RM, Utrecht
The Netherlands. The Agricultural Attache, American Embassy, The Hague, would
like to be kept appraised of U.S. firms planning to participate and has offered
his offices assistance.

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