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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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A7.o /7. 2107^



The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade lead, the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm i -" th innuirv. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS. (202) 447-7103. H ME LIBRARY

S.JAN 16 1981 January 2, 1981

S3582 Rice (Canada). Wants 250,000 I. FA.ger" iiV )f J long grain rice.
Packaging: 500 grams to 50 K p Toronto.
;. CONTACT: M. Siguroson, William E. Taylor, Ltd., 109 ailside Road, Don.
Mills, Ontario, M3A 3P1, Canada. TELEA 0o936o27 ANSWER BACK WETCAN.
IPhone: (416) 445-0021.

S..3583 Rice (Austria). Wants 100,000 int, in lots of l0,OuO int each of parboiled
rice, max. 4% broken, butter colored, 50 Kilogram polypropylen Dags. Quote
'i .F FOB U.S. PorL. Bank ref: Genossenschaftliche -entralBank, Herrengasse .1,
A-1010 Wien, Austria. CONTACT: Louis A. Stelzhammer, West-East Consulting
& Trading, Unteve Augartenscrasse L/I/, A-1020 Wien, Austria. TELEX 13-41/
L.S.V.I.E. Phone: 0222/351150.
' ..:: i!
3584 Musnrooms (Germany). Wants individually quick frozen cultivated inusnrooms
(Champignons), whole, sliced pieces and stems, 300-500 tons, USDA Grade A,
10 kg cartons. Quute C&F namourg. Bank ref: Deutscne LaK Ag, Hdmourg.
,Contact: Helmut Lignems, V. Lind & Co., P.O. Box 66 (GaensemarKet 21-23),
0-2000 Hamburg 3D, Germany. Telex: 2 loJ id5. Phione: (040) 34-17-71.

3585 Dried rose hips, prunes, cherries (Japan). Wants dried products (by solar
dehydration): (1) rose nips, (2) prunes, (3) acel.'ra darbados cherries.
: One mt for each as trial shipment. Appropriate packaging for surface
.. shipment. Immediate delivery. Sainples about 3 Kgs of each item and
specific information required. Buyer willing to pay airfreight and
inci-ental charges for tne samples sen o., parcel. Quote FOB or C&F. Bank
:ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Yotsuya Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Sadazo
Tsutsumi, Bioniax Company, 1-14, Wakaba, Shilrjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. diule:
BIOMAX, TOKYO. Phone: (03) 357-7878.

3b86 Health foods (West uermany). Wishes to buy health roods, nutrients;
supplements, including vitamin compounds and trace elements. Consumer and
Institutional packs. Quote CIF Hamourg. Bank ref: D'utsche dank Ag,
Hamburg-Fruchthof. CONTACT: Bernd H. Lehmann, Postfach 104 107, D-2000
Hamburg I, W. Germany. TEL A L173897. Phone: (04Jj) 3378.

3587 Gum (West Germany). Wants to buy Guar gum. Estimates potential import
voJTme of 30O tuns per yedr. Prospect is a large manufacturer, distributor
and importer of pharmaceutical products. Price and delivery terms: CIF

S Issued weekly by die Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250


riamburg or Rotterdam. CJiTACT: Herrr Heosacker, Boenringer IMlannheim GMBH,
jjrin.Ax j;cr Ar. .lo, U-ujouu ranr iiiei -i 1, J. berlidny. TELcA 4u3 1J3, 4L2
420. Caule: ALC'LO10. Phone: 0011-49-621-75j-].

iJjoo J.Jl Nt-st JerlIidiiy). aOiiLS .,Oui, SCOur-eO adi LOpS, Texas r.inair. Prospect
is a sim all .istrioutor a.nd importer of wool. Wants suppliers Lu quote
,,i ce, ClF or Fu~ . D-/Jl7 wialingen/n. CUNTALT: uescnaertsleitung, Cord barknausen,
)cflO l IK odrSt r. 34, PJu 43, D-. J1 kirciune lii/Tec, Lierlidlify. FiLLX /26
7715. Phone: UU I1-49-/'70-432U2.

33,u nreaL r lIuu, trrAsLri j). wai iLS *,itriL T ioj r, approx. luJ,UU U ilt 1:1 ijts or
10,uuu mt each, .b Kilograinm ags. Quote FuB U.S. Port. BanK ref:
Geiinus5 ,rei .lut I .l-e ,. rntrad1Od K tlerrenl gas, e 1, n-Jlj r ien, Mu. U rld.
CONTACT: Louis A. Stelzhanimer, West-East Consulting & Trading, Untere
upl i LenaLrus. e ./li, A-lu20 flWien, rMA Lrla. rLLLA 13417u L.S.V.i.E.
Phone: Ue2z/351150.

3:au Sugar (Austria). .jdIts reflineu sigar, appru,. 100,UO0 iii, in lots of
IJ,O00 'it each. Granulated, 99.7 to 99.y degrees polarization; nax. ash
COnciiLc I'k; aL) kg bags 5an. cues, in packages of moe lu. eacd. Quote FOB
U.S. Port. bank ref: Genossenschaftliche Zentralbaiik, Herrengasse 1,
A-IjlJ Wien, Ajstria. LUl TIlr : Louis r. AtelIzLdniwl r, west-East Consulting
& Trading, Untere Augartenstrasse L/17, A-10dO Wien, Austria. TELEX 13417U
L.J.V.I.L. PN iiOe: 022 /jb51150.

3591- Flour, rice, oric. in ii (Iwe L Ger.ianyj. inLt.re~ted in direI tL purchase and
3593 representation for wieat flour, 100 tons per shipment, sacks of 'O kg; long
graiii ri.e, lOu t .ns per siipnienL, saCKs of 1'C Kg; powdereJ milk, fat and
skim, 10 tons per shipment, cdns of one kg. Quote prices CIF uouala,
Librevi lle and rjinte h'uire arid FOB U .S. PorL. ba.ini ref: Jitziriger BanK,
D-725u Jitzengen. CUONTACT: Mr. Mattern, in Mattern UMBH, Import-Export,
I.n,idIiulu i-Krlt-Sb r. I, D-723I He:ininigen, w. ueriaidn ELLE A 721 19. Pnone:
UU 1-49-7150-6616.

J:)J4 _Onjt L L iiery L1'-J aI ldl A ISnies Lu buy varie J assorLilen t of
confectionery. Quantity to be Jecided. Quote CIF & FOB. Bank ref: Bank
of 3Cul Jd, trie .ro Pais;l-, ulTAL : D. T Hui ilan Hdnlldiis ot
Jonnstone, Walkensnaw Street, Junnstone, Renfrewsnire, England.
T:LEA 7 7/o 3. PoIie: 030 113 l 1.

3595 Broilers (Leuanon). Wants 2,uOO nit of frozen Droilers, U.S. Grade A, white
Individual polybags aith Araoic wording, then in cartons. Delivery
sojnest-partial shipments cceplt.d. Islamic slaughnt'r certificate
required. Quote oy telex C&F Aqaba, Jordan or C&F Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Also interested quote C1ciCKen parts. Bank rer: 6anque ureult populaire,
Bauchrien, Beirut, Lebanon. CONTACT: Nanoug ToursarKisslan, Libangel,
).M.L., L1ioda el 1ldg., cdlKl, Lebanonj TELEX LE 2u039 LIduEL. Luale:
LIBANGEL-ZALKA, Lejanon. Phone: 414010 and 411541.

35'u Canneu vegetaules (England). IntLrested in buyi:ig (A) canned sweet green
peppers, canned green Deans (diagonally cut), canned sweet corn (kernals),
(B) l.a iliuJ ajrticnoke hearts (C) canned flre peti, pois; (A Iu,000 cases
(B) 1,000 cases (C) 50,000 cases. All Grade A quality, all retail size

cans. Quute CIF, London. Baiik ref: City Bank, Strand, London WC2.
CONTACT: Ms. Y. Turner, Consoco Inc., 237-247 Tottenham Court Road, London
W1P BU, England. TELEX Lo4751. Pnoiie: 0i-631 4939.

3597 Feed for fish (Netherlands). Wants feed for tropical fish, in flakes, 500
to 1,000 kgs, in Juli. Quote CIF Rotterdam and FO Buan ref: ,i1B6 -
Enschede. Contact: F. Veldhuis, Velda B.V.., De Ossenboer 10, 7547SJ
Enscneue, Neiierlands. Telex: 7L209. Pnone: 053/3/4320.

3598 wines (Netherlands). Wants undisclosed quantity of U.S. 4ines, shipment Dy
pallet, hign quality. daii ref: Nee. Credietaank, Doetincneri. CONuTACT:
G. J. W. Terueek, Terbeek's Delicatessen, Wijnen, Holterweg 102, 7001en
Doetinchem, ;netnerlanos. Pnune: 08340-24121.

3599 Chicken (Netnerlands). Interested in deboned cooked cnicken meat,
container lodas. 4UOLe CIF Rotterdam. CONTACT: J. Pete Nemetn, P.O. Box
102, 5430AC Cuyk, Henariks Slachterijen B.V., Netnerlands. TELEX 37322.
Phone: 88b0-15050.

3600 Confectionery eitherr iands). in.er:sted in chocolate, candy, cnewiny gum,
container loads. Quote CIF Rotterdam/Antwerp. Bank ref: Amro Bank, Markt
3, Oostourg. Co.,tact: A.C.H. Van Jer wegen, W.i. Verduijn B.V., P.O. Sox
2253, 4800CG Breda, Netnerlands. Telex: 54593. Pnone: 76-872250.

3601- Canned fruits and vegetables (.ietherlanus). Wants canned fruits and
3602 vegetables, vacuum packed, sliced, meat products, container loaus. Quote
CiF Rotteramn. dank ref: Paribas, weert. Contact: I.C.o.A. Van Riut,
Van Rijt Specialiteit B.V., P.O. Box 160, 6000AD Weert, Netherlands.
Telex: 37,iu. Pnone: 4950-368'45.

3603 Beef (Netherlands). Wants beef and all Kinds of meat products, container
loads. Jan< ref: Amro Banii, .-otterjam. Contact: W. Van Der Vlist,
Unicorn Advisors, Scheepmakersnaven 34B, 3d11VB Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Telex: uo4ul. Pnone: 1lj-13052o.

3604 Game and fowl (Netherlands). Interested in container loads of above
products. Quote CIF Ruzteraa.n. dank ref: i.V. Slavenaurg's 3anN,
Maastricht. Contact: J.F.M. Van Leendert, Wildnandel J. Van Leender. b.V.,
P.O. Box 640, 600A.-i, Maastric.,t, Netiierlaios. Telex: 602o7. Phone:

3o05- Fresn iielons, ginger, peppers, ,niins, avocados, -iiangjes, peacnes, pljns,
3606 nectarines, iceDerg lettuce, Cniincse caDbbge, &ellery, oeans
(Netneriands). Reques CIF rotterdafl for container loads of aDove
products. Bank ref: Anro oank, Delfi. ContdCt: ri. De Geus, VanK Dijk,
Jelft 38.i., P.u. uox uUj03, 2u0ur0 Delfc, Netrerlanos. Telex: 33u4..
Pnone: 15-370600.

3bu7 Slueucrries [j(etnerlanjs). Waniis uj-lu0 int of fresh ana/or frozen
DlueDerries, quote CIF Rotterdam. Contact: ZwaardemaKer ana Co. B.V.,
P.O. Box 2, 36U0Oa-H arisense, Netnerlands. Telex: .u313, Phone: J-434 4.

3608 monkeys (Japan). wants live monkeys (1) Cynomolgus, \2) Rhesus: 2u0 eaci,
type, per year. lCHoiieys must oe yoJn aii nicalLny as t.ney are for
experimental purposes, appropriate containers for export uy

airshipment, immediate delivery. Specific information required. Quote C&F
or CIF NariLa Airport. dank ref: Taiyo Kooe Bank, Muromachi Branch,
Tokyo. Contact: Sninichi TaKano, Foreign Operation Department, Muromachi
KagaKu Koyyo Kaisna, LTD., 4-3, Muromacni, Nihonoashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Japan. Telex: J-26444 Muromachi. Cable: Murochem Tokyo Phone: (03)

3oU~- rains and soyouans (laiwan). One or largest trading companies in Taiwan
3610 wishes to represent U.S. grain and soybean exporting company in order to
participate in Taiwan grain/soyoean tenders wliicn are being opened to
larger number of qualified suppliers. Company reports it now participates
in sorghuni Lraoing witn Soutn Africa. To qualify for grain tenders for
Taiwan, U.S. Exporting company will have to show evidence of recent
grai.i/soyaeans export, nave recomnendationf of an agency sucn as a state
department of agriculture, and snow evidence of access to grain terminal at
loading port. BanK rer: International Com.iercial Bank or China.
Contact: Ricky Wank, Foods Department, Nanlien International Corporation,
9/10 floor, Taipei Business Bank Bldg., 3u, Section 3 Nankin East Road,
Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 26000 Nanlien. Cable: Nanlien Taipei.

361. ingus (MexiLu). rants 20 Angus Heifers, registered. Quote CiF border.
Bank Ref: Banca Serfin, Leon, Guanajuato Branch. Contact: Dr. Moises
Fraiico Guerrero, Voile Jel Yadi No. 12o, Col. Valle Del Campestre, Leon
Guanajuato, Mexico. Phone: 4-4428.

3o14 drowii Swiss (hieIxco;. wants 250 grade, 5u registered ored Brown Swiss
heifers. Quote CIF border. Contact: Lic. Alfredo Vales 14ontoya, Arturo
No. 98, Mexico 2u, J.F., i4exico. Pnone: :)0-0060 and 550-1373.

3615 Holstein (Mexico). Wants 10 bred Holstein Heifers, registered. Quote CIF
border. BanK ref: dna.nex San Juan Jel Rio ana Banco Del Centro
Queretaro. Contact: Antonio Moya Tovar, Primavera Oriente 5-Bis,
yueretLro, qro, Mexico. Pnone: 2-8937.

3616 Charolais (Mexico). ants 1 Dull, 20 heifers, Charolais, registered.
Quote CiF order. oari ref: :nca Serfin, Leon, Guandjuato drancn.
Contact: Dr. Moises Franco Guerrero, Valle Del Yaki No. 126, Col. Valle
Oel Caliipestre, ,eon, GuanojJato, .4exicu. Pione: 4-442a.

3617 Holstein (Mexico). Wants ored Holstein Heifers and bulls, registered from
disconsiin, nio, -linInesota, ;linois ano Colorado. -uote CIF order. Bank
ref: Banco Naciunal De Mexico, Taxquena-Universiadad. Contact: Dr.
Fernii .io R. riiJalyu Y Teradi, nsesjria Y Progranacion Diiiamica uanadra,
S.A., Apartaoo Postal 19-435, Mexico 19, D.F. Telex: 1773945-PBTNME, for
Ur. Feriiido rdlGalyjO Y Teran. Niiune: 572-59-44 and 5oJ-09-iy.

30ol8 olstein (Mexico). Wants 4 ored Holstein Heifers quote CIF border. Bank
rer: nonco jel entru. S.m. jolore. niialgo trainci. ConLact: GusEavo
Oliveros M., Secundaria Tecnica 16, Avenida Norte Y queretaro, Dolores
rldoijo, ouandjuoto, Mexico Pnoue z-uldJ andu e-U347.

3619 )emen (Mexico). wans rHolstein semen quote CIF border. Bank ref:
douiiiineA, iZtapaldpa. LonLact: ulises Mimor drijnes, nveniuia Aiuiau Nervo
,io. 19, Mixquio, Mexico 23, D.F. Phone: (915) 847-0103.


362J Angus (Mexicoj. wants Angus Heifers cno dulls, 16-18 luonins old
registered. Quote CIF border. Bank ref: Banamex, Queretaro and San Juan
Del Aio #uotact: Juan Canedo, Cri3aerus De Caaallos Juan Canedo,
Ex-Hacienda De Santillan, Apartado Postal No. 47, Tequisquiapan, Qu2retaro,
Mexico. Pnone: Tequisquiapan 3-Ou9d and San ouan Del ?ui 2-Jilj.

3621 Quarter Horses (Mexico). Wants Stallions and oreding Mares, registered.
Contact CIF border. 6ank ref: Sa6iamiex, QuereLaro ana Sdn Juain Del .io.
Contact: Juan Canedo, Criaderos De Caballos Juan Canedo, Ex-dacienda De
Nantillan, Apardcao Postal No. 47, Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, -4xico.
Phone: Tequisquapan 3-0098 and San Juan Del hio 2-0013.

3642 Brown Swiss (Mexico). wants ored 3rown Seiss neifers and oulls, registered
from Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois and Colorado. Quote CIF border.
Bank ref: oanco Nacional De Mexico, Txquena-Universidad. Contact: Jr.
Fernando R. Hidalgo Y Teran, Asesoria Y Programacion Dinamica Ganadera,
S.A., Apartado Postal 19-q35, Mexico 19, D.F. Telex: I1i3945-PSTNME, for
Dr. Fernando Hidalgo Y Tern. Phone: 572-59-44 and 560-09-19.

3623 Holstein (Mexico). Wants 150 to 2ax) Holstein heifers, ored 5-7 months old,
registered quote CIF border. Bank ref: danco Mexicano Somex and Banco De
Comercio, Chihuahua. Contact: ing. Gjillerin Cisneros, Lecne Y Sus
Derivados, S.A., Avenida Juarez No. 3312, Chiuahua, chih, Mexico. Phone:

3624 Holstein u 4lexico). Wants Holstein hieifers, 250 grade 50 registered, breJ
quote CIF border. Contact: Lic. Alfredo Valdes Montoya, Arturo No. 98,
Mexico -0, J.F. Phone: ~0O-J6bO and 550-1375.

3625 Quarter Horses (Mexico). ants two quarter horses, 2 stallions, 1 year
o1l. Quote CIF Doruer. BanK ref: danco Cu-ermex, AguascalienLes oranca.
Contact: Luis Chavez Romo, Nieto Y Democracia, Aguascalientes, AGS,
Mexico. Pnone 54431 ana 52605.

3626 Semen (Mexico). Wants holstein semen quote CIF border. Bank ref:
BanJmex, rilpa Alta. Contact: ing. daymundo iunoz Jardines, Yucatan iNe.
No. 27, Milpa Alta, Mexico 23, D.F.

3627 dorses (f9eAic-). ha.n.s Arabian horses, stallions ano breeding mares,
registered. I CIF border. dank ref: Banamex, Queretaro and San Juan
Jel Rio. Cont0 Juan Canedo, Criaderos Je Caoallos Juan Canedo,
Ex-hacienda de santillan, apartado postal no. 47, tequisquiapan, Queretaro,
Mexico. Pnone: Tequisquiapan 3-0098 and San Juan Del Hio 2-0ul3.

3628 Goats (Mexico). Wants goats Saanen reed, 2 bucks, 5 does, 6 months old.
Quote CiF order. Bank ref: danco Internacionlll, Queretaro drancn.
Contact: Guillermo Lona Lara, Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz No. 206, Celaya,
Guandjuato, Mexico. Phone: 2-654o.

3629 Corn germ (Korea). Wants 10,000 mt Ist order, 5,000 mt per month in next
order of corn genn. Second grade, standard export packing, delivery
February 1981. Clarify origin. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Korea Exchange
Bana. Contact: Kon Hur, President, Doyang Trading Company, C.P.J. 3ox
2698, Seoul, Korea. Telex: DYTCO K26406. Caole: OOYANGCOMPANY. Phone:

jo30 Sunflower seed and sunflower oil (England). Wants sunflower seed, hulled
or dcCurticated as used in coireccionery traue. In bulK, 100 lo or 50 Kg
Dags. Company wishes to take un agency or distributorsnip for above
produ-ts. bank ref: darclays dank Ltd., 10 Broadway, Leigh-on-sea,
Essex. Contact: W.A. Paterson, Rbt Vanderpump & Co., Ltd., 714 London
Rd., Le lyij-on-sea, -SS A Jd 3..L, Engldila Telex: 99278. Pnone:

jojl Hol. .i juillt venture ELgyptj. Interested in joint venture in the
importation ured Holstein heifers to De sold in Egypt. Firm would have on
naiin 2u icifrs Lu ue solo uut also tu De used as examples in making
further sales. Firm has ten acres, 20 kilometers from Cairo, water and
elcctric.ity available, paved road. American part to snare capital
formation. Need Duildings, feed supplements, drugs, animals, and all
necessary equ iiiieiiL Lyjptildi partner will manage tne operation. BaiiK
ref: National Bank of Egypt in Cairo. Contact: Mamdouh N. Ayad, Dr.
Mlamuoun i. Ayaa -ar.,, <, Hosein El Hamary St., Kasr El Nil, Cairu, Egypt.
Phone: 75891/741573.

3o3j Lgqg (kLypti. iwisnes to uuy sell eggs, wniite, one million eggs, U.S.
Grade A of following sizes: 50-55 grams, 55-60 rains, u0-65 grams.
Snipinent iii cartuii,. Delivery late J.anjary 1981. Quote CIF Alexandria,
Egypt. Bank ref: Suez Canal Bank. Contact: Hosam Mohamned Soliman, Halle
Co., -, ,ii-.,iej ou&l Moneimn At., joKi, Egypt. ;elex: 93179 ANWAk UN.
Pnone: 951371/803069.

.u.3 u.lIery (Frauce). Wants ,uuu toiS of ce Clery, bags of )U K'S or In Dulk,
immediate delivery, 1,000 tons. Quote CIF Le Havre. Bank ref: Credit
LyO iInd i, 150, mveiuje Pdrmile tier, 1/ull Paris. Contact: Alain SaiJ,
C.I.D., 49, Rue Saint-rlonore, 75001 Paris, France. Telex: 211 981E.
Pno,,. : 'ol 1-3 6.

jo34 TexLured ~egi Doole protein (ibr'-ce). .lini.inum i,OUO it l r y.-ar, needs
consumer size bags (Approx. 5U kilos each), deliveries throughout the year,
oSj.rj upon orders. Principal r'quires exclusive rcpresentatijnal o01 agency
status. Quotations FOB U.S. East Loast Port (Name Port). Bank ref: Ergo
6anN, lJu Y.niLuu St., Pdilgra' ti, rti.enI, ureece. unitaCL: Alexis
Andrikopoulos, Pure Products Ltd., bOA 3594, Pangrati, Athens. Telex:
1' l 14 J.i ur, aniuor '21.u0/ n1GRu urd. iioun : i.4-JUI: or 74b-3/9 or
728-1lj or 514-4uO6.

3u0,j wine (6eljluii). uelyiaii .liic I.iiport'er wuuld like to become exclusive
distributor of California wine, botn red and white. Wants 500 cartons to
SLJi'L .vlin .-oulia liKe Lu reLcive jucui'nentdtion. Qjuute CIF Antwerp. Bank
ref: banque druxelles-LamnDert. Contact: Mr. Hernalsteen, La Capucina
.., ., Napellestra aL 15, --l9u lervuren celgijm). Telex: l0189.
Phone: u2/7o7.33.76.

,u36 orjiIej c jn. .rate irela, d) als ojraniig j,.ice frozen concentrate, up to
4,Uuu tons/,annuin (300 tons per montn). Quality: Fancy A or similar.
jci i y; ....iln.e. iL i ii J ii I l, prefer monthly snipients, quarterly
snipnent accepatole. Quote FOB, U.s. East Coast; or CIF Duolin. Bank
rer : .S ler Dad a ld.-ldiin, Jdual Contact: Gregory M4ay, J. Greqory
May Ltd., 5 Ardee Rd., DuDlin 6, Ireland. Phone: Duolin 97211b. Telex:

3637 Rice (Germany). Interested in direct purchase and agency for long grain
parboiled rice, packed in 50 kg jute bags. Could not estimate import
volume. Marketing territory: Germany and Africa. Contact: Molf Dieter
Kreuser, Kreuser Import-Export Gmbh & Co., Postfach 1152, D-7157 Murrhardt,
M. Germany. Telex: 724450. Phone: 0011-49-7192-6179.

3638 Mine, soft drinks (Honduras). Wishes to ouy California wines and canned
soft drinKs (low calories) in 24C ooxes. Tnis finr operates the largest
supermarket in the Northern area of the country. Quote CIF Puerto Cortes
or FOB Miami, in registration in Honduras, etc. Contact: Euaaldo
Capellades, Manager, Supermercado Capellades, Bo. Hazapan, La Ceiba,
Honuuras. Cable: CAPELLAOES. Tel: 420419.

3639 Mine (Belgium). interested in wines, red, white and rose, from California
in bottles, nines whicn are still unKnown to the Belgian marKet. it sells
in Belgium and the Netherlands to wholesalers, department stores and
catering businesses. Contact: H. Van Eiewijc&, Agr, De Mijndruif,
P.V.B.A., Heilige Geeststraat 2, Belgium, 2500 Lier. Phone: 0315146 91.

3640 wines, oaoy foods, rice, canned foods (Nigeriaj. dishes to import
undisclosed quantity of above items. Contact: T.M.U. Azodo, Managing
Director, Tamaz. vlaretring & overtising Company L~o., P.O. Box 010, Ho.
154 Ehi Rd., Aba, Ion State, Nigeria. Cable: TAMANCO ABA.

3641 Frozeni rods (er.aanyj. inrereseea in U.S. frozen foous. could not
estimate potential import volume. Prospect is a large distributor and
importer of frozen food and wants to dud d.S. products to its present sales
program. Lists annual sales of dm 20 million. Price and delivery terms:
Free Stuttgart. Payment Ler ns: 14 days after reccip- of goods. dank
ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, 0-700 Stuttgart-30. Contact: Emilio Valdivieso
Larrain, Lmauratio Sanderson S.A., Casilla 5379, Saiiiago 3. Chile.
Telex: 0001 ifT BOOTH CZ FOR LABOIATORIO SAN&ERSON. Phone: 651068,

3642 Meat packing p--oducts (Cniiej. Nants salted Serous novine me2arade, wiae
band 12.5 nm, for catgut manufacture, 300,000 meter per month; 50 Dand
stiia; iengin: o.ad, pacsa in poplar aoae.r.n barrels, delivery frame Marcnl
1981 ahead. Send samples of product. Quote: CIF Valpanaiso, Cnile. Sanr
rer: danco 'Cncinenali, Huerfanos i21,, Santiago, .nile. Contact: Emilio
Valdivieso Larrain, Laboratio Sanderson S.A., Casilla 5379, Santiago 3,
Cnili. TeieC: j001 ~TT hlW h CL FOA LAdO0inTRIJ SAiJDEASh. ?none:
651068, Santiago.

3043- CptLoiusec, caC and sJJDean Ime4 I _gyptj. keafiLS cottonseed ca'e, 2,.udJ mt,
3644 and soybean meal, 100-200 imu, 44 percent protein. Packaging: Cottonseed
coLe ouli or -agygeu, sojoedn oaoged. Jeliverj ASAP. quote C&F
Alexandria. Bank ref: Suez.Canal BanK, Alexandria, Egypt. Contact:
4lo..aimea Al el neHai iaM, N.adle East Jfrice for Traoe, 33, _alan Saiem Si.,
Alexandria, P.O. Box 324, Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54441 NECO dh.
Attn: Ajcl Joted. Liale: rAj, ALtEXANO.IA. Vifone: !.n4t, 13019

3Jo4a Mncd:L ruSEraliaJ. Agent for minula fil wants offers for 3r0'',ij mt neat
sliipfent comencing Feb. 81 from Gulf ports. U.S. no. 2 Ilara iea inuer.
Shipment FeJ. 1981 Aarcrf. lio to various noaian purts. quote FOd, Stowed

and trimmed. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Austrailai, Rockdale Branch,
RocKdale, New South wales, z216 Australia. Contact: Brett Hilton-Jones,
Harvey International, Suit 3, 48b Princes Highway, RocKdale, New Soutn
wales Australia a1lb. Telex: AA27obl ANSWER dACK INTCOI. Pnone: (02)

3o47 Hides (Taiwan). Requests quotations oy telex for rawhiaes of native steer,
fleshed, average weight 56/60 pounds and dairy cows. Potential among its
Taiwan ouyers for lu-15 container loads per montn. Contact: Douglas R.
Huston, Managing Director, Merry Industrial Corp., P.U. Box 30-114, Taipei
(107), Taiwan. Telex: 2J383 HICLASS. Attn: rUYAINTL. Cable: ROYAINTL,
Taipei. Phone: (02) 341-8431.

3048 Kiwi fruit (Germany). Wants kiwi fruit, fresh, reefer container lots,
hayward variety, on trays, size 33-46 preferred. Seafreight delivery.
Quote LIF Haiuurg or Rotterdam. BanK ref: Deutsche Bank Ag, Hamourg.
Contact: Herbert Scholdei, T. Port, Lippeltstrasse 1, D-2000 Hamourg 1,
West Germany. Telex: OLl6iu83 PURI D. Caole: PuRTFRUITS, HAMBURG.
Pnone: (040) 33 12 61.

3049 Lard (Germany). Wants 1,500 tons of lard, 0.5 FFA; 4 peroxyd; 0.3 water
and impurities maximum, in blocks, delivery ASHP. Destination East Bloc
country. Quote CIF Mediterranean port. BanK ref: Deutscne Bank Ag,
Hamburg. Contact: Jens N. Brinkina, Ihal, Internationale inport-Und Export
Handelsges, Schulterulatt 120, D-20u0 ilamburg o, West Germany. Telex: J2
144 64. Phone: (040) 43-16-01.

3o3U- ChiCKen part-, picKled meats, fresh vegetaDles (BarDados). wants chicken
3651 parts (wings, thighs, backs, etc) pickled meats (beef & pork), fresh
vegetaDles (onions, tomatoes & carrots). Delivery as soon as convenient.
Bank ref: Barclays Bank International Ltd., Lower Broad St., Bridgetown,
daroados, W.I. Contact: Miss Vdlerie bourne, Export Development Manager,
darbados Marketing Corp., P.O. Box 703C, Princess Alice Highway,
Bridgetown, Barbados, w.I. Telex: W3 253. Caole: "i4ARCORP", BARBADOS.
Phone: 809-42-63886.

30od- Dairy anu beef cattle (Venezuela). wants 100 Branman, 50 Holstein, and 50
3654 Brown Swiss. ieeos price quotations ASAP. Quote for delivery Maracaioo.
Bank ref: B.M.A. Head Office. Contact: Julio Ugaz, Worla Champiom
Exporters Venezuela C.A., Tienda Honda A Sta. Barbara, Edificio No. 12,
Oficina MB Apartado De Correos 4146, Zona 1ul0-A, Caracas, Venezuela.
Telex: 21203. Phone: 82 46 68.

3655 Brown Swiss (Peru). Wants 2,000 head of drown Swiss heifers, yearlings
(one year old) and two years ola, both registered and bred, delivery by
ooat. Mlust fulfill Peruviaii import health requirements. Quote FOB and C&F
Paita. Quotes should include round trip air fare and per diem for five
members to -elect cattle. Bank ref: Banco Agrario Del Peru, Carabaya 543,
Lima 1, Peru. Contact: Senor Jose Benitez, Central De Cooperativas
Hgrarias San Lorenzo Ltaa. Number ol, Irrigacion Y Colonizacion San
Lorenzo, Piura, Peru. Note: Correspondence should be directed to Sr. Jose
Benitez V, Jiron Antonio Miru Quesada 113, Oticina 203, Lima 1, Peru.
Telex: 21002 CP CESAR FOR JOSE BENITEZ. Phone: 279633 or 452182 or

3657 Dried milk (Syria). Government tender with February 2 closing date for
5,000 st of full cream instant powdered milk, packed 1,500-2,500 gram cans,
fat content 2r3; protein 26%; lactose 36%; mineral salts 7%; moisture 3%.
Delivery from March thru October. Full details from office below.
Contact: General Organization for the Trade of Pharmaceutical Products,
PHARNEX, P.O. Box 3052, Damascus, Syria. Phone: 110298-112947. Telex:

3658 Soybean oil (Netherlands). Wants crude soybean oil, 30,000 at, good
merchantile quality, in bulk, delivery ASAP. Quote FOB and CIF Istanbul.
Bank rer: Abn, Leiderdorp. Contact: Y. Kucksen, Kangal B.V., P.O. Box
34, 2371XE Roelofarendsveen, Netherlands. Telex: 35476. Phone:

3659 Toppings ano trimmings (Sweden). Mants edible toppings and trimmings for
ice cream and bakery products, such as chocolate and confectionary
vermicelli, etc. Bank ref: S-E Banken. Contact: Arne Iagnusson, Fazer
Ab, P.O. Box 7049, S-200 42 Malmo, Sweden. Telex: 32566 FAZER S. Phone:
040/706 10 Hamilton.

3660 Chicken (Sweden). Wants chickens, frozen, slaughtered according to Muslii
law, 5,000 at. Quotation price not to exceed U.S. dollar 1.00 per kg.
Shipment directly to Egypt. Contact: 0. Olsson, Ovre Spannmalsgatan 28
5-411 04 Goteborg, Sweden. Telex: 21568 FAS S. Phone: 031/11 25 42

3661 Prunes, raisins, dates, peanuts, walnuts (Netherlands). Wants prunes,
raisins, dates, peanuts and walnuts, shell and unshelled, container loads,
highest grades only. Quote CIF Rotterdaa. Bank ref: Rabobank,
Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Contact: Jan W. Klijn, Klijn B.V., P.O. Box 84,
3370AB dardinxveld-Giessendam, Netnerlands. Telex: 25768. Phone:

366Z moneyy (Metherlands). Wines to buy honey, 100 gals, first quality, retail
packs. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Rabobank, Olderoroek. Contact:
A. Onderdelinden, Abro, Vierschotenweg 38, 8095PR Oldeoroek, Netherlands.
Phone: 5253-1965.

3663 Htoney ([etherlanas). Interested in honey, 200 kilos, all varieties, 20 or
25 kilo cans, also honey with comr in glass jars. Quote FOB/CIF. Bank
ref: Aon, Veenendaal. Contact: R.H. Ten Klei, FA.Ten Klei, Voorhuis 26,
2902CC Veenendaal, Netherlands. Phone: 8385-18215.

3o64- Frozen fish, fruits and vegetales (Netherlands). Wants frozen fish,
3666 frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen fruit-juices, container loads. Quote
FOB/CiF. Bant ref: Abn, Breda. Contact: C. Hoogesteger, Hoogesteger
Diepvriesproducten B.V., Heilaarstraat 293-295, 48141NZ Breda,
Netherlands. Telex: 54525. Pnone: 76-Z25595.

3667- Soybean oil, sunflower seed oil (Turkey). Mants to import 10,000 mt crude
3668 soybean oil and/or crude sunflower seea oil on behalf of Turkish
government. Bids must oe submitted by 3 p.m. January 20, 1981. Shipments
to oe effected from European ports direct y to lzIir, Istanbul or Mersin by
tankers in bulk. First lot of 5,000 at should arrive Turkey latest March
31 ana 2nd lot of 5,000 at by April 30, ld1, or loaded immediately upon

confirmation of Letter of Credit to supplier. Partial shipment permitted
only up to 2 shipments maximum. Transhipment is not permitted. Contact:
Izmir Pamuk Tarim Satis Kooperalifleri Birligi, TARIS, Ithalat
Mudurlugu-Ataturk Cadaesi, Dalyan Gumruk Ishan Kat 1, Alsancak, Izmir.
Cable: TARIS, IZMIR. Telex: 52347 TARS-TR, 52814 TARP-TR.

3669 Peanuts (Italy). wants peanuts shelled or unshelled, 3,UOO-5,uO mt,
suitable for toasting and edible. Packaged in bags 50 kilos, but open to
other suggestion. Delivery after a trial shipment- Feb., Mar. Payment
Letter of Credit. Quotations close to 1,000 lire/kilo ($1.10 kg). Bank
ref: Istituto Bancario San Paolo Agenzia 22 Torino. Contact: Davide
Stoppino, David Stoppino, Corso Bolzano 4, 10121 Torino, Italy. Telex:
212222 JTOPTO. Phone: 011-511011 519700.

3670 Joint venture (Egypt). Wants joint venture for dairy farm, animals,
milking equipment ano all needed cooling equipment. Desires 250 nead of
dairy cows, or whatever might be economically feasible. Has available 57
fedddns (one feddan equals 1.038 acres) 1O0 Km (95 mi) south of Cairo,
power and paved roads and enough irrigation water. Wants American partner
to snare in capital and take over management. A public sector Dank ready
to finance up to 60% of the project. Responses ASAP. American side to
suffer a project profile. Contact: Youssry Iorahim Ahmed, 27 Ion Sander
St., Saraya El Quoba, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 5465 SHRIF UN Attn: Y.I.
Anmea. Pnone: 662810.

3071 Eggs (Egypt). Wants four million eggs, U.S. Grade A, L4 ozs per dozen,
packed in export cartons, for delivery February 1981. Quotations CIF, C&F
Alexanuria, include 3% commission. banK ref: Cairo Bank, Adly Branch.
Contact: Salah Sobeng, Trading Viking Corp., P.O. Box 62 Hadiek El Koba,
Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92170 ALFCA UN. Phone: 834932.

3672 Broilers (Spain). Wants broilers, frozen, Grade A, 100-1,000 mt per month,
pacKed individually wrapped in polyethylene bags and tnen in carton ooxes.
Quotations CIF various countries. In some cases, certified Muslim kill
required. Bank ier: Santander, Exterior De Espana. Contact: Jose Luis
Garcia-Hidalgo, Industrias Olo Congregado, S.L., Productos Alientacios,
General Varela, 2 .lddrid k20). Caule: CONbREGADO. Telex: 22687-POLO E
MADRID. Phone: (91) 455 73 91.

3673- vnite corn, white sorghum (Spain). Wants wnite corn and white sorghum,
3674 10,000 mt each, Grade 3 for corn, Grade 2 for sorghum, packed in 50 kilo
uags. Quotations FO JU.S. Atlantic ports. Delivery date immediately.
Bank ref: Atlantico, Vizcaya, etc. Contact: Luis Martinez-Cabot, Oaisa
Milanesado, 21-23, Barcelone (17), Spain. Telex: 53935 ODIS E. Phone
(93) 203 67 16.

3o05 Instant milK flour (Algeria). Wants instant milky flour for baby food,
1,5000 mt, for 100 grams: 12% proteins; 20% skim milk; 5% lipids maximum;
15 plus 1% sdccnarose and 3% moisture maximum. Packaged in cases
containing 24 boxes and each box weighing 250 grams. Delivery first months
of 1981. Goods must conform to Geneva 1977 FAO/HWO food microbiological
specs and "codex alimentarius" and HWO. Quotations: FOB and C&F.
Contact: ADderranmane Boufennara, Purchase Manager, ONACO, 29 Rue Larbi
Ben M'Hidi, Algiers, Algeria. Telex: 52991 and 52992. Cable: ONACO A
ALGER. Pnone: o4.Ul-.7D. RuSS.



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