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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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\ 67s4/01A: '. 30, 19'9`
The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. May 30, 1980

1541 Chicken, beef, squab (Canada). Wishes to buy chicken, beef, squab.
1542 Quantity: chicken 500 mt. per week, beef to be determined, squab to
be determined. Quality: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Federally Inspected.
Packaging: chicken frozen, but packed to avoid denting, beef carcass
and primal cuts. Delivery as soon as possilbe. Other requirements:
chicken white or light yellow skin, weight range as follows: 30% of
shipments 900 1,000 grams 30%;1,000 1,100 G; 30% giblets in nylon
bags. Quotations FOB, C&F Saudi Arabia price quotations must accompany.
Bank ref: Available on request. Contact: Eli Hani, Satco Enterprises,
605 Filiatreault, Ville St. Laurent, Quebec, H4L 3V3, Canada.
Telex: 055-60699. Phone: (514) 744-0571.

1543 Ketchup, tuna, sardines (Canada). Wants ketchup, tuna, sardines.
1544 Quantity: ketchup 18 mt. per week, 1,000 mt. annually. Packaging:
ketchup 75% bottled, balance institutional cans, tuna frozen sardines -
canned. Delivery as soon as possible. Quotations FOB, C&F Saudi Arabia
price quotations must accompany. Bank ref: Available on request.
Contact: Eli Hani, Satco Enterprises, 605 Filiatreault, Ville St. Laurent
Quebec H4L 3V3, Canada. Telex: 055 60699. Phone: (514) 744-0571.
1545 Vegetable oil (El Salvador). Large cooperative of baking and bread firms
in El Salvador needs a half-year supply (first shipment as soon as
possible) of 100,000 Ibs. of vegetable fat with following specifications:
hydrogenated, emulsified, medium texture. Would appreciate information on
package or container (whether barrel or other), delivery time, payment
terms. Quote CIF Acajutla, El Salvador, or U.S. port. Contact: Senor
Alex Chacon, Director, Comapan De RL.L, Avenida Union Entre Boulevard Del
Ejercito y Calle Panamericana, San Salvador, El Salvador. Phone: 27-2919
& 27-2946.
1546- Seafoods, frozen fruits, vegetables, offals, poultry (France). Interested
1547 in frozen fish, frozen shellfish.and seafoods, frozen vegetables, frozen
fruits, quick frozen and cold pack, frozen offals, frozen poultry, turkey
and game, frozen whole or semi processed fish, frozen, whole or semi
processed shellfish, frozen packaged fish, and frozen packaged shellfish
and seafoods. Large frozen food distributor employing 500, including 150
salesmen. Bank ref: B. N. P. P. in Dieppe. Contact: J. P. David,
Manager, David Fils S.A., Zone Industrielle, 76200 Dieppe, France.
Telex: 770 853. Phone: 82 3941.
1548- Sugar, apples, oranges, tallow, soyoil,,so3 ou ry Y (Pacistan).
1553 Wishes to buy sugar. Quantity 100,000 mt, apples 2 shipments eah of
50,000 crates, each crate 18/10 kilograms, orangr, 26.S,10crates every
month each crate of 18/20 kilograms, tallow inedible. Quantity 0O tons,
I F.A.S. Univ. of Florida
-- I _
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


soybean poultry feed, 40/45% protein. Quantity 1,000 mt. Wishes to import
items listed in this trade opportunity for clients located in African and
Middle East countries. Requests C&F East African and Gulf ports
quotations. Delivery for fruits between first and second week of July
1980. Contact: Brigadier (RETD) M. Aslam Khan, Chief Executive, Alfa and
Alfa Enterprises, 201 Burhani Chambers, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi,
Pakistan. Cable: "RAKHAPOSHI" Karachi. Phone: 75006. Telex: 25417

1554 Canned and frozen food specialties (Germany). Wants
representation/distributorship for West Africa for canned and frozen food
specialties. Did not estimate potential import volume. Small-sized
importer and exporter of agricultural and consumer products is interested
in adding U.S. products to his sales program. No special requirements as
to price quotation and payment terms. Marketing territory: Germany and
Africa. Contact: Wolf-Dieter Kreuser, Kreuser Import-Export GMBH Co.,
Postfach 1152, D-7157 Murrhardt, West Germany. Telex: 724450.
Phone: 7192/6179..

1555 Grocery items (Germany). Direct purchase for resale of canned foods,
dehydrated foods, frozen specialties, desserts and dessert preparations. A
subsidiary of the Oetker-group specializing in the production and
distribution of a wide variety of canned and frozen food specialties.
Employs 1,200 plus 150 travelling salesmen.. Marketing territory:
Germany. Contact: Manfred Wiedermann, ETO Grossverbraucher-Service Der
Dibona KG, Postfach 1253, D-7505 Ettlingen, West Germany. Telex: 782806.
Phone: 7243/1041.

1556 Frozen peas (Venezuela). Wants frozen green peas, whole, 10 mt, U.S. No.
1, packaged in bulk. Need price quotations as soon as possible.
Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote CIF La Guaira and also air
freight Maiquetia. Bank ref: First National City Bank, Caracas.
Contact: Richard Chirinos, Ven Sabor, Ven Sabor, S.A., Apartado Del Este
6682, Caracas 1060-A, Venezuela. Telex: 23436 GEREX VC. Cable: VEN
SABOR. Phone: 33.93.83 and 33.93.85.

1557- Soybeans, pulses, grains (Venezuela). Inquirer wants to get in touch with
1559 U.S. firms with experience in international exports with a view to
representing same in Venezuela for soybeans, pulses and grains. Quote CIF
and FOB Puerto Cabello, La Guaira and Maracaibo. Bank ref: Banco
Mercantil y Agricola. Contact: Harold C. Krebs, ledesur, Edificio
Atlantic, Piso 3, Calle Andres Bello, Los Palos Grandes, Apartado 60.269,
Zona 1060, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 25216 TEDESUR. Cable: TEDESUR.
Phone: 283-2955 and 283-2176.

1560 Cheese (Trinidad). Wants cheddar cheese, two 35 ft. containers.
Containers to hold approx. 40 cases 42 lbs. in each case, in 4 10 lb.
blocks. Price must be below U.S. cents 84 CIF as this is a government
price control item, Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank ref: Royal Bank,
Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Barclays Bank, Queen Street, Port of Spain,
Trinidad, W.I. Contact: Peter Babwah, Peter Babwah and Assoc., 68-70
Henry Street, Farah Building, Room No. 36, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Cable: BABACOL. Phone: 62-38203; 62-37062.
lldi!i; lll l il

1561- Almonds, walnuts, peanuts (Ecuador). Wants 10,000 Ibs. to begin, almonds,
1563 California select sheller run 18/20, Neplus select sheller run 18/20,
Mission select sheller run 27/30, sliced blanched, blanched broken. Bulk
barrels for export or other suitable export containers. Delivery October
1980 or 1980 crop. Phytosanitary certificate required, information in
Spanish. Quote CIF, FOB ship Guayaquil. Bank ref: A) Banco Pichincha,
Quito, B) Banco de Prestamos, Quito. Contact: Segundo Gabriel Enriquez
Lopez, El Tunel, Amazonas 1022 y Pinto, Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 540-901 &

1564 Chicken (Egypt). Wants 5,000 mt of frozen broiler chicken, Grade A,
delivery Aug.-Sept. 1980. World wide tender, closing date June 5th 1980.
Firm must be willing to participate in public tender, bid bond of 5% is
required to be increased to 10% when agreement is reached. Supplier may
offer all or part of quantity but not less than 500 mt. Quote CIF and/or
FOB Alexandria and/or Port Said. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt.
Contact: Nabil Mostafa Kamel, El Nasr Exp/Imp Co., 28 A, Talaat Harb St.,
P.O. Box 1589, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92232 SHIN UN / 92073 SHIN TAM UN.
Cable: SHINTAM-Cairo. Phone: 758412/748500.

1565 Water hyacinth (France). Wishes to buy water hyacinth. Bank ref: Banque
National de Paris (B.N.P) Cholet 85520. Contact: Francis Baur, Liniere
de Cholet, Dept. Seumo, 85290 Saint-Laurent Sur Sevre, France.
Telex: 720 281 SECTEL ABONNE 127. Phone: (51) 67 63 01.

1566 Canned pulses, specialty fruits (England). Key U.K. importer of U.S. foods
interested in taking on agency for range of U.S. canned pulses (blackeye
peas, etc) and specialty fruits, i.e. boysenberries. Contact: Tony
Hannah, Joint Managing Directory, A. Thomas Webb Limited, Vulcan Way, New
Addington, Croydon CR9 OBS, England.

1567 Beer (Colombia). Wants canned beer, 2,000 cases with 24 cans each, high,
medium, and low alcoholic degree, in ship containers. Quote FOB shipping
port. Bank ref: Banco Del Estado Bogota, Banco Real de Colombian, Main
Office. Contact: German Guerrero Sales Manager, Harry C. Davidson
Representaciones S.A., Carr. 7 No. 58-42, P.O. Box 4538, Bogota, Colombia.
Telex: 41284. Cable: HARSON. Phone: 255-8946 or 255-8986.

1568 Eggs (Egypt). Wants eggs-white & brown, 2,000 cartons/month trial order,
Grade A. 55-60 grams each, 60-65 grams each & 65-75 grams each, 360 to
carton. Delivery as soon as possible. Offers from producers only,shipped
in cold storage, not containers. Quote CIF Alexandria. Bank ref: Arab
Bank Ltd., Cairo. Contact: Ali Onsi, Onsy Foreign Trade Co., 19, El
Bustan St., No. 25 Cairo, Egypt. Telex: DALOTEL 54027. Cable:
1ATANAKOS, Cairo. Phone: 740230.

1569 Birdseed (Thailand). Well known affiliate of Thailand's largest integrated
agribusiness Chareon Pokphand wishes to make contact with U.S. exporters of
millet, sunflower, canary and all types of birdseed. Quantity, terms of
trade and shipping details to be worked out. Business reference Bangkok
Bank. Contact: Vichai At Chia Tai Agricultural Promotion Company, 299-303
Songsawad Road, Bangkok 1, Thailand. Telex: TH82015. Cable: CHIA TAI,

1570 Fighting cock/breeding stock (Guatemala). Wants one rooster and two hens,
bred for the purpose (fighting breeds), caged. Health certificate
required. Quote CIF La Aurora airport, Guatemala. Bank ref: Banco de
Occidente, 7A, Avenida 11-15, Zona 1. Contact: Miguel Angel Arriaga E.,
3A, Calle 4-45, Zona 13, Guatemala City. Phone: 314445; 312015.

1571- Corn starch, popcorn, dried milk, soyoil, wheat, pulses, onions (Panama).
1576 Wants corn starch for syrups manufacturing; corn dextrines and starches for
glue manufacturing and 45 grades baume liquid glucose in drums; yellow corn
grits and popcorn for snack food industry; milk substitute, calf milk
replacer, cheese whey for food processing applications, integral milk, skim
powdered milk and whole powdered milk to be purchased twice a year in 250
to 350 mt each time; wheat, to be purchased twice a year in 20,000 to
40,000 mt each time; butter 25,000 mt per year; kidney beans, black beans,
and lentils, to be purchased twice a year in 10,000 to 16,000 quintals each
time; and onions, to be purchased twice a year in 140,000 bags. Dealer of
agricultural and metal commodities, participating government bids. Wishes
to obtain quotations for above mentioned products to serve this year's
supply needs. Bank ref: Citibank, P.O. Box 555, Panama 9A, R., payment is
normally done thru Letter of Credit. Contact: Eduardo Vallarino A -
President, Panamerican Agricultural and Metal Commodities Inc., P.O. Box
6-2318 El Dorado Panama, Republic of Panama. Phone: 23-0550.
Telex: 2470. Cable: LATSEC.

1577 Hides (Guatemala). Wants hides of following descriptions: A. native
steer, heifer and plump cow of 30-50 Ibs., average 44/46 Ibs., B. native
steer, heifer and plump cow of 50 lbs. and above, average 54/56 Ibs., C.
renderers, average 51/53 Ibs., D. locker-butcher, average 60/62 Ibs., E.
number three's, average 48/52 lbs., F. other types and amounts available.
In closed containers of 40,000 Ibs. each. Quote FOB Houston, New Orleans,
Savannah, Miami. Bank ref: Bank of America, 5A. Avenida y 11 Calle, Zona
1, Guatemala, Guatemala. Contact: Mrs. Marty Villatoro, Zigmaco Ltdr.,
Edificio Reforma-Montufar 12-01, Zona 10, Guatemala, Guatemala.
Phone: 323143/323162.

1578 Coffee (Spain). Desires to act as import agent of roasted coffee in bulk
or packed under international standards. Contact: Jesus Arce-Rodriguez,
Apartado 244, Santander, Spain. Telex: 35827 CCISR-E. Cable:
JARCE-SANTANDER. Phone: (942) 22 67 98.

1579 Canned food products (France). Desires to purchase canned fish, seafood
(tuna, salmon, etc.), canned food products in general. Contact: Bristol
France S.A.R.L., 6, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 78150 Le Chesnay, France.
Phone: (3) 954.77.72.

1580 Pet foods (Germany). Wishes to buy pet food: canned,frozen & dryed.
Sells to department store chains and to specialty pet stores. Contact:
Jochheim Zoobedarf, Attn: D. Reichmann, P.O. Box 200308, Blitzkuhlenstra,
121-125, 4350 Recklinghausen, West Germany.

1581 Frozen seafoods (Egypt). lender for frozen fish gray mullet, flat fish,
red fish, herring, mackerel, sardines, sardinella and hake. Quantity:
12,000 mt. Quality: Grade A. World wide tender, closing date June 28th
1980. Firm must be willing to participate in public tender. Bid bond of
2% is required to be increased to 5% when agreement is reached. Quote CIF
and FOB Alexandria or Port Said. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt.


Contact: Nabil Mostafa Kamel, El Nasr Exp/Imp Co., 28 A, Talaat Harb St.,
P.O. Box 1589, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92232 SHIN UN / 92073 SHIN TAM UN.
Cable: SHINTAM-Cairo. Phone: 758412/748500.

1582 Sugar (England). (A) white crystal beet sugar; (B) cane sugar. Quantity:
50,000 metric tons net. (A) dry, homogeneous chrystalline, granulation,
medium sized; (B) pure white refined cane sugar. Packaged standard jute or
cotton bags of 50-75kgs. Quote C&F (Turkish Port). Bank ref: Barclays
Bank Ltd., 160 Piccadilly, London W1. Contact: M. Olcay, Intermex
Marketing Ltd., 45 Conduit Street, London W1R 9FB. England.
Telex: 298881. Phone: 01-439 9016/7.

1583- Root beer extract, donut mix (Malaysia). Wishes to buy (A) root beer
1584 extract, (B) donut mix. Quantity: not specified. First grade quality.
Quote FOB. Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp, Penang,
Malaysia. Contact: Andre Sim, Fast Food Enterprise, 21 Lorong Hijau Tiga,
Penang, Malaysia. Telex: MA 40155. Phone: (04) 60154.

1585 Tallow (Netherlands). Wants tallow FFA max 12%, 500 to 2,000 metric tons
per shipment. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: NCB-Harlingen. Contact:
J. De Jong, C. B. Huetstraat 2, Harlingen, Netherlands. Telex: 46378.
Phone: 05178-3421.

1586 Baby chicks (Tahiti). Looking for a U.S. supplier of baby chicks for
broilers and layers, ducklings and goslings. Contact: J. Chaine,
Assistant Manager, SODIMEX, B. P. 242, Papeete, Tahiti. Cable: SODIMEX.
Phone: 2.59.97.

1498 Ginseng (Malaysia). Wants (A) wild ginseng and (B) cultivated ginseng, (A)
20 kilos, (B) 50 kilos. First grade quality according to exporters
specifications. Prompt delivery. Quote CIF Malacca-air cargo. Bank ref:
United Malayan Banking Corp., Malacca. Contact: Teng Hock Ngoy, Yue Sang
Loong SDN. BHD., 12 Kampong Pantei, Malacca, Malaysia. Cable: "YUESAUCE"
Malacca. Phone: 24928, 25928.

Foreign Trade Developments

A West German meat inspection law amendment, effective May 16, 1980,
provides that plants eligible for export of cuts of beef, pork, lamb and
mutton to West Germany may ship without the previously required in-plant
supervision by a German veterinarian. However, administrative provisions
of this law provide for (A) a general list for those plants shipping cuts
of no less then 3 kilograms and bone-in pork shoulders and whole beef
tenderlions without weight limits; and (B) a special list for those plants
shipping cuts under 3 kilograms but no less than 100 grams, e.g. portion
control steaks. U.S. plants currently certified by the Food Safety and
Quality Service (FSQS) for cut-up export to West Germany may ship product
under the general list (A), but may not ship under the special list (B)
without applying to the FSQS inspector-in-charge for certification as
eligible and cleared by the West German Ministry of Health. U.S. plants
not certified for export to Germany should make application through the
plant FSQS inspector-in-charge, specifying list (A) and/or (B). For
further details plant managers should contact their FSQS regional office.

LIPC President Resigns (Japan) on May 22 Mr. Yasuji OJta, resigned as
President of the Livestock Industry Promotion Corportation (LIPC), a
quasi-grovernment organization under the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry
and Fisheries (MAFF), which controls 90 percent of Japan's meat imports.
Mr. Ohta, after nearly 4 year's as LIPC President, is expected to become
President of the Japan Meat Distribution Center (JMDC), a fully owned
subsidiary of the LIPC. The JMD is building Japan's first cut meat
wholesale market where both beef and pork cuts will be fabricated by tenant
wholesalers. Wholesale prices will be published daily which will give a
better picture of the Tokyo fresh meat market. Mr. Ohta's successor is Mr.
Seiji Mori,who retired as Director General of the Fisheries Agency, MAFF in
July 1979. During his 32 years with MAFF Mr. Mori also served as Director
of the Economics Division, (now called the Meat and Egg Division) Livestock



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