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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and oilier government reports .a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Depar:mrenl of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Expori Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

April 13, 1979

0676 Seed (France). Interested in field, grass and vegetable seeds. Wishes to become
agent for one or several U.S. firms. Contact: Jean Deschamps, 12, Pre Aux
Canaux, 77240 Vert St-Denis, France. Phone: 16.(01) 63.54.25.

0677 Rice (Syria). Wishes to buy U.S. milled rice, 20,000 mt plus/minus 5%, max. 5%
broken, in new jute bags 50 KG net, 10,000 mt May shipment, 10,000 June ship-
ment. Quote C&F free out. Deadline April 24 valid until April 29, 1979.
Contact: Salem Haddad, Managing Director, Foreign Trade Organization for Chemicals
and Foodstuffs (GEZA), P. 0. Box 893, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11009SY or 11370SY,
Geza. Cable: GEZA, Damascus. Phone: 228521 or 118919.

0678- Rice, garlic powder (Malaysia). Wants to buy two 20 ft. containers of California
0679 rice, and one 20 ft. container of garlic powder. Rice should be min. 98 pct.
whole grain. Requests offers by telex CIF Singapore and or CIF Dhahran-Saudi
Arabia. Bank ref: United Malayan Banking Corp., Geylang Branch, Singapore 14.
Contact: Omar B. Mohd B. Ali Alsagoff, Alsagoff International Trade Agency,
P. 0. Box 64, Chai Chee Post Office, Singapore 14. Telex: R.S. 23181. Cable:
SAWAFF. Phone: 2931945.

0680- Beef, pork, offals (England). Wants container loads of frozen beef and pork and
0681- offals, standard, house run quality, 30 lb cartons and 60 lb cartons. Quote CIF,
0682 C&F or FOB. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank, The Avenue, Highams Park,
London E4. Contact: M. G. Newton, L&M Food Group Ltd., Cavendish Road, Highams
Park, London E4 9NQ, England. Telex: 897334. Phone: 01-531-7631.

0683 Synthetic chocolate (England). Interested in synthetic chocolate, initially samples
required for evaluation. Quote CIF U.K. Port. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd.
Contact: K. H. Fletcher, H. Helias & Co., Ltd., Eastcheap, London EC3M 1AJ England.
Telex: 886093. Phone: 01-623-8984.

0684- Raisins, catering foods (Sweden). Wants container lots of raisins, No. 1 quality,
0685 retail and catering packs. Should be brand/producer not represented in Sweden/
Scandinavia. Sole rights to distribution preferred. Also seeking sole agency for
medium/high quality foods for food catering industry. Quote C&F. Bank ref:
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken. Contact: Carl H. Andreason, Expedo Trading Co., AB,
P. 0. Box 7838, S-103 98 Stockholm, Sweden. TET i':-lT337"UR'TiXP S. Phone: 08/
22 66 40. ,'.E L;B- "RY

SPR 2'? i979

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division. Foreign kgricullaral SeryeF U.S8 bepartmenl of
Agriculture. Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250 S. a

0686- Frozen orange, grapefruit, lemon concentrates (Argentina). Wants 20 mt. of
0687 cloudy concentrated orange juice, 65 degrees Brix; 20 mt. of cloudy concentrated
grapefruit juice 58 degrees Brix; and 100 mt. of cloudy concentrated lemon juice,
325-250 grams per liter, less than 3% pulp. Shipment in 200 liter drums, May-
September 1979. Two parts per thousand benzoate; frozen at 20 degrees centigrade;
stabilized according to cloud stability test for pasteurized citrus juice.
Quote CIF or FOB. Bank ref: Banco De La Nacion Argentina. Contact: Jose Luis
Caste-lano, Racauchi, S.A.I.C., Rivadavia 12300; 1702 Ciudadela, Pcia. De Buenos
Aires, Argentina. Phone: 653-7021.

0688- Foodstuffs (Germany). Agent for Middle East wants to purchase beef, poultry,
0689 butter, cheese, and sugar. Estimated annual import volume: 500,000 U.S. dollars.
Buyer is importer and distributor of food products for resale to Arab companies.
Letter of Credit: Jeddah/Saudi Arabia. Language of Correspondence: German.
Contact: Naim Abuzeid, Arab Import-Export GMBH, Gewerbering 5, D-7500 Karlsruhe-
Neureut, Germany. Telex: 7825860. Phone: 721/552452.

0690- Canned and frozen specialties (Japan). Interested in canned artichokes, brine or
0691 marinated; bottled artichokes, brine or marinated; canned specialties and canned
nationality foods; and frozen nationality foods. The firm hopes to have the
samples of the above by air and price information on FOB U.S. post basis.
Contact: Akitoshi Sugawara, President, North Japan Trading Corp., No. 103 Wako
Heim, 156, Kita 32, Nishi 11, Kita-Ku, Sapporo, Japan 001. Tele: 011-704-0039.

0692 Poultry joint venture (Egypt). Interested in poultry joint venture for production
One million broilers per year. Wants U.S. poultry equipment. Has 62 acres near
Mansoura, 140 kilometers north of Cairo. Bank ref: Agricultural Development
Bank-Meniet El Nasr Branch. Contact: Eng. Sami Gabr, Sami Gabr and Company,
P.O. Box 17 Cairo, Egypt. Cable: BAGALATCO-Cairo. Phone: 966873.

0693 Canned ox tongue (England). Marks & Spencer Ltd., leading U.K. retailer, wishes
to establish contact with U.S. manufacturers of top quality canned ox-tongue.
Interested firms should contact Alden Nickerson, Marketing Specialist, Room 6616
South, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250, who will
forward the information to Marks & Spencer. Phone: (202) 447-3761.

0694 Offals for animal food (Canada). Wants up to a truckload per week of beef liver,
beef tripe, beef gullets and beef trim for animal food use. Packaging in bulk,
60 lb. cartons, wax impregnated, poly free and staple free. Normal certification
for export to Canada. Particularly interested in responses from firms in Michigan,
Ohio, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Massachusetts.
Bank ref: Royal Bank of Canada, Keele and St. Clair, Toronto, Ontario. Contact:
Bob Foster or George MacDonald, Eastern Packing House Brokers, 5233 Dundas Street,
West, Toronto, Ontario M9A 4X3. Telex: 06-967641. Phone: (416) 239-2791.

0695 Holstein bred heifers (Mexico). Wants thirty-three head (one trailer load) of
dairy bred heifers, grade or registered holstein, 7 to 7 months pregnant.
Quote FOB Laredo. Bank ref: BANAMEX, POLANCO. Contact: Oswaldo Cervantes,
Rancho Las Palmas, Visitacion Edo De Mexico, Rincon Del Bosque23, Tercer Piso,
Mexico 5, D.F. Phone: (905) 545-2334, (905) 531-2912.

0696 Health foods (Canada). Interested in buying health foods low calorie, low
sugar. Quantity to be determined. Products suitable for diabetics. Bank ref:
Royal Bank of Canada, Don Mills & Eglinton Branch, Don Mills, Ontario. Contact:
Mr. Assuity, Americana Export-Import, Ltd., 797 Don Mills Road, Suite 906, Don
Mills, Ontario, M3C iV2, Canada. Telex: 06-23775 call back KWT Food Tor.
Cable: JANAFA. Tele: 416 421-4357.

0697 Fruit sections (Canada). Wants cold peel fruit sections: Orange, grapefruit,
pineapple, fruit cocktail. Up to a truckload/month, highest quality available.
Packaging: cartons or 1 gallon glass jars for institutional use or bulk for
repack. Greater than 1 month cooler life. Label arrangements to be determined.
Firm requests duplicate responses to head and branch offices. Contact: Head
office: Mr. Metcalfe. Branch office: Mr. M. Schwarzer; company, Pioneer
Portion Pak Ltd., head office, 1725 MacDonald Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 4P3, Canada.
Branch office: 335 Ormont Drive, Weston, Ontario M9L 1N8, Canada. Telex: Head -
04 354744, Branch 06 527260. Phone: Head (604) 291-1468, Branch (416) 742-

0698- Frozen vegetables, fruit pulp concentrate (Venezuela). Interested in buying frozen
0699- potatoes (whole) 5,000 Ibs, carrots 5,000 Ibs, cabbage 5,000 Ibs, string beans
0700 5,000 Ibs; fruit pulp concentrate, pears 100 gallons, apples 50 gallons, frozen
strawberries 50 gallons, apricots 50 gallons. Products must be top quality.
Phytosanitary permits of country of origin are required. Quote CIF La Guaira.
Bank ref: Banco Union. Contact: Freddy Rodriguez, Quimica Redox, C.A., P.O.
Box 75889, Caracas 107, Venezuela. Phone: 42 12 48.

0701 Goats milk (Canada). Wishes to buy 2,000 cases of canned goat's milk for insti-
tutional use. Contact: J. P. Tetreault, Mutual Trade Club, 605 38th Avenue,
Apt. 2, Lachine, Quebec H8T 2B9, Canada. Phone: (514) 634-7509.

0702- Variety meats, horsemeat (Netherlands). Wants to buy container loads of frozen
0703 beef and pork variety meats and horsemeat. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
Amro-Bank Aalten. Contact: A. Kropveld, Trustimex, P.O. Box 112, 7100AC
Winterswiji, Netherlands. Cable: TRUSTIMEX. Phone: 05430-2413.

0704 Vegetable oils (France). Interested in vegetable oils such as cotton, sunflower
and soybean. Products should comply with norms as specified in standard FOSFA
contract. The intended uses are diverse but principally destined for edible fats
and oils industries. Quote FOB, CIF or C&F. Contact: Christian Tisseyre, Ch.
Tisseyre, Couttiers Specialises International, 18, Rue Alsace-Lorraine, B.P.
124, 31014 Toulouse Cedex, France. Telex: 521543 EXIMPA F. Phone: (33) 61.21.

0705 Almonds (Bahrain). Interested in buying U.S. almonds. Contact: Payan & Sons,
P. 0. Box 677, Manama, Bahrain. Cable: PAYAN. Tele: 53109 or 54370.

0706 Spray dried tomatoes (South Africa). Wants U.S. spray dried tomatoes for man-
ufacture of soup, initial purchase of 4,000 kg. Bulk packaged as produced by
manufacturer. Quote CIF with 5% commission, Durban. Bank ref: Standard Bank,
Plein Street, Cape Town. Contact: David M. W. Drummond, African Basics and
Chemical Company, P.O. Box 4000, Cape Town 8000., South ..frica. Phone: CAPE
TOWN 41-0005 & 22-0454. Telex: AFBAC.

4. 1111111111111111111 1IIIIIII NI II111IIIUTI Itll
3 1262 09051 3697

0707 Fresh vegetables (England). Interested in fresh vegetables, mainly leeks
(estimated requirement 100 tons per season) and spinach. Firm would like to
establish contacts to an association. Bank ref: Commerzbank AG in 4000
Dusseldorf. Contact: Mr. Turkman, Issberner Worldwide Trading & Marketing GMBH,
Adersstr. 74, D-4000 Dusseldorf, Germany.

0708- Rice, tomato paste (Hong Kong). Wants to buy rice, milled, 2,000 mt, No. 2
0709 long grain, 4% broken and lower grades in new jute bags, 100 kq.Also 50 mt of
tomato paste, 2,4,8, or 16 oz cans, consumer packed, cardboard cases in container.
Quote CIF Port Harcourt or FOB Gulf for rice, and FOB Gulf or East Coast for
tomato paste. Bank ref: Bank of Montreal, Hong Kong Branch, Alexandra House,
Hong Kong. Contact: Lie Ken Jie, Fook Kee Import/Export Co., 6202 Cape
Mansion, 62 Mount Davis Road, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-876613.

0710- Frozen and canned speciality foods and vegetables (Germany). Interested in direct
0711 sale and exclusive distributorship for frozen pies, frozen dinners, beef, pork,
poultry pies, and nationality foods, and other frozen specialities. Estimated
aggregate annual sales potential $400,000. Also canned vegetables, including
hominy and mushrooms annual potential for which is estimated at $150,000.
Contact: Manfred Sandstedt, Sanco-Gefluegel Sandstedt & Co., Postfach 210208,
Reiherstrasse 229, D-2800 Bremen 21, Germany. Cable: Hildesa, Bremen.
Telex: 0244944. Tele: 0421/641002.

0712- Fresh fruits and vegetables (Iceland). Wishes to buy general assortment of U.S.
0713- fresh fruits and vegetables. Firm has long experience in importing/distributing
0714 fresh fruits and vegetables. Interested in contacts with East Coast growers/
exporters only, who are asked to quote FOB Portsmouth, Va. Contact: G.
Eggertsson HF., Box 7034, Sundagordum 6, 127 Reykjavik, Iceland. Tele: 91-83800.
Cable: BOND, REYKJAVIK. Telex: 2230 GUNNAR IS.

0715 Leaf tobacco (Nepal). Tender of government of Nepal public enterprise of 32 tons
of flue-cured, well processed and redried bright Virginia leaf tobacco of 1978
crop. Closing date of the tender is June 17. Full details are available from
the firm listed below. Contact: Janakpur Cigarette Factory Limited, P.O. Box
5, Janakpurdham, Dhanusha District, Nepal.

0716 Holstein bred heifers (Morocco). Cattle rancher who imported 60 Holstein Freisian
two years ago requests quotes for 90-100 head registered Holstein heifers, 6 to
8 months pregnant, dams classified good, min 6,000 kg per lactation, sires plus
proven. Needs replies with quotes soonest in order obtain import license.
Contact: Rachid El-Idrissi, High Atlas Rance, Immeuble Lazrah, Avenue De
Casablanca, Marrakech, Morocco or preferably by telex 31005 through the Agri-
cultural Attache, American Embassy, Rabat, Morocco.
0717 Herefords (Japan).Wants to buy live hereford cows, 300/350 cows for the first
shipment, immediate shipment. Weight: over 250 Kgs. and below 300 Kgs. by
surface shipment. Quote FOB & CIF. Bank ref: Yamagushi Sogo Bank, Yamaguchi
Branch. Contact: Kenzo Nakano, West Japan Trading Co., Ltd., 152-2, Kaminaka,
Kabe-Cho, Hiroshima-Shi, Japan. Tel: 08266-4-4637.

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