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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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A 7, v o,--,( 4 j *y

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for father information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. Yo6i may also contact the export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. U LIBRAR i
e 5, 7

1005 Soybeans(England). Wants one container load 38 tonCJf a&, various
grades, 100 lb packs, quotations C&F, prompt delivery. SIC: 01138000.
Bank ref: Barclays Bank Int., Dashwood Stree, 69 Broad Street, 6Pn;.EC2.
Contact: K. R. Ghanwani, T. Choithram & Sons Limi M2,c t0i.r. BYisej-
Lancelot Road, Wemble Middlesex Hao 2BG, England.- -eteri: 9274/5. Phone:
(03) 903-8311.
1006 Beefalo (Brazil). -Interested in 100 female Beefalo breeding animals, quote
CIF, Sao Paulo. Bank ref: Bradesco Ag. 136 Rua Cardoso De'Almeida,
225 Sao Paulo. Contact: Carlos Eduardo Pinto Rochelle, Rua Pernambuco,
181 2 Andar, Sao Paulo, Sp, Brazil. Phone: 66-0822/65-3120.
1007- Rice, sugar, tomato paste (Netherlands). Wants 80-100 mt of parboiled long
1009 grain rice 44 broken and popular rice 25% broken- 50 metric tons of refined
sugar; and 50 mt of tomato paste 28-30% concentrated, small to institutional
size cans. Quote CIF Rotterdam and FOB U.S. port. SIC: 20441000, 20600040,
20336000. Bank ref: Amro-Bank Utrecht. Contact: D. Joemman, Useclot
Enterprise, P. 0. Box 8, 3738 ZL Maartensdijk, Netherlands. Telex: 70371.
Phone: (030) 610890.
1010 Pork lard (Bolivia). Government tender with closing date of June 29 for 800 mt
of pork lard. Specifications can be obtained from the address below. American
firm must have Bolivian representative. SIC: 2011X035.* Contact: Corporacion
Minera De Bolivia, Comision De Adquisiciones, Casilla 1414, La Paz, Bolivia.
1011- Peanuts, cotton (Guinea). Firm acting as agent for government of French
1012 Guinea wants 5,000 mt of bagged shelled peanuts for oil pressing, and 300
mt of baled cotton. Quotes CIF Conakry, correspondence in French. Replies
requested by telex. SIC: 01192010, 01122000. Contact: M. Gerard Verna,
Sofralex, B. P. 897, Conakry, Guinea. Telex: 643.
1013 Evaporated and condensed milk (Bolivia). Interested in undisclosed quantity
of evaporated and condensed milk. SIC: 20232000. Contact: Baldelomar & CIA.,
Crisologo Baldelomar, San Martin 7032, Bolivia.
1014 Milk replacer for calf feeding (Chile). Would like exclusive agency for milk
replacer for calf feeding, similar to "Denkavit" (Holland). Firm is using
6-month Letter of Credit terms. Contact: Mareial Garcia Huidobro, Partner,
Sociedad Agricola Santa Teresa Ltda., General Salas 78, Santiago, Chile.
Phone: 746098.

1015 Canned cherries (Japan). Desirous of importing U.S. canned red cherries. The
firm specializes in canned fruits and is an importer of U.S. canned peaches.
blsed weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250



SIC: 20331090. Bank ref: The Dia-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd., Dojima Branch, Osaka.
Contact: H. Tsujichi, Mgr. Foreign Trade Dept., Shikoku Bussan Co., Ltd., 4-3
Sugahara-Cho Kita-Ku, Osaka, Japan. Cable: SHIEDKUBUSSAN Phone: (06) 365-1831

1016 Wines (Germany). Interested in California white and red wines, 300 bottles
per variety for one shipment, First Class quality, but also average quality,
in usual export cases, July shipment. (Later shipments to follow). Quote
FOB port of Embarkation. SIC: 20840020. Bank ref: Hamburger Sparkasse,
Hamburg. Contact: Niels Heyer, Wilhelm Stahlkopf Jr. K.G., Johanniswall 4A,
2000 Hamburg 1, West Germany. Telex: 21 76 86 (Answer back IWS D)
Cable: STAHLKOPF, Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG 32 58 13.

1017 Soybean meal (Ivory Coast). Wants 300 tons of soybean meal, 44% protein,
in new bags, immediate delivery, quote CIF and C&F. SIC: 20922020. Bank ref:
Banque Real De La Cote D'Ivoire, #200341-4. Contact: Helga Kwist, Kwist,
B.P. 29031 Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Telex: WORVIS 2409. Phone: 32 50 40.

1018 Royal jelly (Japan). Wishes to buy Royal jelly for honey production, quantity
to be determined upon receipt of specific information. Samples and specific
information required. Quote FOB. Bank ref: Sanwa Bank, Senju Branch, Tokyo.
Contact: Maseto Watanabe, I.U. Itoh Shoji Co., Ltd., Heim Ochanomizu Bldg.,
405, 4-5, 3-Chome, Hongo Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113 Japan. Telex: 272-3710.
Cable: IUKMSHOJI, Tokyo. Phone: (03) 816-4715/4716.

1019 Instant soup (Japan). Wants trial shipment of two metric tons of instant
dried soup, consomme type in cubes, meat and/or chicken, retail and institutional
packs. Quote C&F. SIC: 20342000. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Mikaisuji
Branch, Osaka. Contact: Hiromi Yokoyama, Managing Director, Universal Traders
Ltd., C/o Hiranomachi Bldg., 8, Hiranomachi 1-Chome, Higashi-Ku, Osaka, Japan.
Telex: 522-4952 UNIMEX J. Cable: ESBEVINU, Osaka. Phone: (06) 203-0323.

1020 Prunes (Japan). Interested in 15 mt per month of prunes, high acidity pre-
ferred, 90-100 in 450 g pack. Appropriate packaging for institutional use,
immediate delivery. Quote CIF. SIC: 20341020. Bank ref: Tokyo Bank,
Shimbashi Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Kazuharu Kuwabara, Mangoku Corporation,
C/o 2nd Yasuda Seimei Bldg., 1-10-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Telex: 2324961 NSKTYO J. Cable: NAGOKU CORP, Tokyo. Phone: (03) 346-2941.

1021 Instant Coffee (Japan). Wants 2 mt per month of instant coffee for vending
machine use, institutional packaging, immediate delivery, minimum lot 200 kg.,
samples and specific information required. Quote CIF. SIC: 20952000. Bank
ref: Fukui Bank, Tawara-Machi Branch. Contact: Shikanosuke Zo, Eiko Indus-
trial Co., Ltd., C/o Ohta Bldg., 23, Kita-Kyuhoji-Cho, Higashi-Ku, Osaka,
Japan. Telex: 05223832 EIKOSA J. Phone: (06) 261-1031.

1022 Rice (Lebanon). Wants 500 mt of white milled rice, U.S. No. 3 or better,
medium grain, well milled broken maximum 10%, in 100 lb new jute bags,
delivery soonest (specify), quote FOB U.S. Gulf and C&F Beirut, Lebanon.
Buyer indicated interest for further purchases and would appreciate samples.
SIC: 20442000. Bank ref: Arab-African Bank, Ricd Solh Street, Beirut.
Contact: Said Hathout, Hathout Trading Establishment, P. O. Box 4649 Beirut,
Lebanon. Telex: LE 20493 (ANSWERBACK: ESTICI). Cable: HATOUTI, Beirut.
Phone: 253646 Beirut.

1023 Grocery line (England). Interested in 20,000 cases of corned beef, top grade,
24 tins per case, 340 g per tin; 10,000 cases of tomato puree, double concen-
tration, 50 tins per case, 150 g per tin; 5,000 tons of cube sugar, 99.9%
ash; 20,000 tons of refined white salt, 25 kg plastic bags; and 100,000 cases
of evaporated tinned milk, unsweetened, 96 tins per case, 370 g per tin.
Delivery soonest, Repeat order in September. Quote CIF. Payment by Irrevocable,
Letter of Credit. SIC: 20400000. Contact: E. J. H. Mason, Condgate Int,
Ltd., C/o The Manor, Frampton-On-Severn, Gloucestershire, England. Phone:
045 274 296.

1024 Honey (Germany). Interested in white clover honey, first class quality, bulk
shipment (300 kg barrels), shipment after new crop. Quote CIF Hamburg or FAS
Port of Embarkation. SIC: 20339000. Bank ref: Vereins-Und Westbank A.G.,
Hamburg. Contact: Hans H. Steinhauer, Nordex Aussenhandel Steinhauer GMBH &
Co., Plan 5, P. O. Box 10 48 23, 2000 Hamburg 1, West Germany. Telex: 02-
11591. Cable: NORDEX, Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG 33 59 16.

1025- Nuts, dried and canned fruits (Germany). German agent for Egyptian firm is
1031 interested in 100 tons each of (a) filberts (b) almonds (c) walnuts (d) shredded
cocunuts (e) dried apricots (f) raisins (g))canned cherries, consumer size cans,
(h) canned pineapple, consumer size cans. Products should be average quality
with usual export packaging. Quote CIF Alexandria/Egypt. SIC: 01225025,
01225005, 01225065, 20341005, 20341010, 20331090, 20331060. Bank ref: Deutsche
Bank A.G., Hamburg. Contact: K. Dietrich Kuenkel, Aboukel Middle'East Trading
Company, Karlshoehe 29, 2000 Hamburg 73, West Germany. Telex: 2 174 096
(ANSWERBACK AK D). Phone: HAMBURG 6 40 28 48.

1032 Anthurium (Germany). Wants 30,000 per month of Anthurium Andreanum from Hawaii,
first quality, in usual export cartons, shipments to start immediately. Quote
FOB Honolulu or CIF Hamburg, airfreight. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank A.G.,
Hamburg. Contact: Heinz Peter Rottgardt, Hohenfelder Str. 9-31, 2000 Hamburg
76, West Germany. Cable: PERO, Hamburg. Phone: Hamburg 250 08 65.

1033- Broilers, beef, luncheon meats (Venezuela). Wants 100 mt of broilers per month,
1035 USDA Grade A, cartons of 12 to 16, sanitary permit of country of origin, quote
CIF La Guaira or Puerto Cabello; 100 mt of carcass beef, USDA Standard, re-
frigerated or chilled, in polyethylene bags, sanitary permits from country of
origin, quote C&F and FOB Maiquitia and La Guaira; 200 cases per month of
luncheon meats, 20 cans per case, quote FOB West Palm Beach, Florida, needs
certificate of expiration date, purchasing for Government, label registration
not required. SIC: 20151000, 20111000, 20118000. Bank ref: Banco Exterior,
Banco Provincial, Caracas. Contact: Jose Rogelio Gensollen, Eminca, Apartado
Del Este 62654, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 41238 RESALCA. Cable: EMINCA.
Phone: 35 83 83, 34 10 15.

1036- Canned fruits, canned vegetables, mixed nuts, K-rations (Venezuela). Wants
1038 2,000 cases per month of canned fruits, 24 cans per case; 500 cases per month
of canned vegetables, 24 cans per case; 500 cases per month of mixed nuts; and
80,000 K-rations, 12 rations per case. Quote CIF La Guaira or Puerto Cabello
for K-rations, FOB West Palm Beach, Florida,for fruits, vegetables and nuts.
Needs certificate of expiration date, purchasing for Government, label regis-
tration not required. SIC: 20331000, 20332000, 01225000. Bank ref: Banco
Exterior, Banco Provincial, Caracas. Contact: Jose Rogilio Gensolle, Eminca,

Apartado Del Este 62654, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 41238 RESALCA. Cable:
EMINCA. Phone: 3583--83, 34-10-15.

1039 Frozen peas and beans (Canada). Interested in frozen green peas and frozen
green beans. Institutional and consumer packs. Other requirements must be
able to supply retail labels meeting Canadian requirements. SIC: 20372000.
Contact: Andrew Sealy, A&S International Trading, 2980 Don Mills Road,
Suite 804, Willowdale, Ontario M2J 3B9, Canada. Phone: (436) 493-0403.

1040 Dried beans (Pakistan). Wants U.S. dried beans, annual sales potential approx. 3
tons. Wishes to import in bulk for small tin packing (baked beans) in Pakistan.
Requests C&F Karachi quotations with airfreight charges listed separately,
Michells is the largest manufacturer in Pakistan for fruit, squash, syrups,
cordials, canned fruits and vegetables, pickles, ketchup, jellies, etc.
Contact: S. M. Moshin, Managing Director, Michells Fruit Farms, Limited,
Renala Khurd, District Sahiwal, Pakistan. Cable: MITCHELLS, Renala Khurd,
Sahiwal. Phone: 4 and 16, RENALA Khurd.

1041 Bred heifers (Mexico). Interested in 100 bred heifers, Holstein Registered
or Grade, about 1,300 lbs., delivery by truck, August 1978. Prefers communi-
cations in Spanish. Quote FOB Border. SIC: 01393001. Bank ref: First
National City Bank in New York. Contact: Luis Gomez Barquin, Forrajes Santa
Clara, Apartado Postal 53, Xalostoc, Estado De Mexico. Phone: (905) 569-2448.

1042 Eggs (Belgium). Wants 20,000,000 fresh eggs in several air shipments, 50-65
mm, white shell eggs, in cartons each containing 360 eggs, shipment between
July 15 and August 15. Quote FOB U.S. East Coast airports. SIC: 20156010.
Bank ref: Banque Bruzelles-Lambert. Payment by Letter of Credit. Contact:
Charles Binst, S.A. Binst and Van Den Broeke Overseas, Holidaystraat 7, Office
No. 11, B-3920 Diegem (Belgium). Telex: 26408. Cable: Binstpatat, Brussels.
Phone: 02/721.01.20 or 721.02.80.

1043 Rabbit skins (Canada). Montreal import/export firm desires to purchase up to
250,000 to 500,000 raw salted rabbit skins for export to Europe. Contact:
John Monsanto, Monsanto Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Phone: (514) 284-0777,
Telex: 0527267.

1044 Frozen squid (Belgium). Wants whole frozen squid: "Boston Catch", species
Loligopealei and also Illex-Illecebrosus species. Species Loligopealei, 2,000
mt in several shipments, several containers of 20 tons per shipment; species
Illex-Illecebrosus: approximately 300 tons in several shipments. Quote CIF
West European ports. Bank ref: Soiete Generale De Banque. Payment by Letter
of Credit. Contact: Dr. Sigurdson, Continental Atlantor, Centre International
Rogier, Passage International 29, B-1000 Brussels (Belgium). Telex: 23885.
Cable: ATLANTOR, Brussels. Phone: 02/219.02.21.

1045 Honey and Royal jelly (Belgium). Interested in 100 to 500 drums of honey,
each containing between 25-35 kg, or 25-100 barrels, each containing approximately
300 kg. Shipment by ocean carrier; and also 6 to 8 kg of Royal jelly (each
unit weighing 1 kg), air shipment. SIC: 20339000. Bank ref: Societe
General De Banque. Contact: Yvan Van Reeth, Olfica, N.V., Lange Gasthuis-
straat 35-37, B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. Telex: 31204 CEDEAN B. Phone:

1046- Cottonseed meal, soybean meal, fish meal, corn (Iran). Well known Iranian
1049 company wishes contact with U.S. firms capable of supplying following on
regular basis; (a) 44-45 percent protein cottonseed meal, (b) minimum 44
percent soybean meal, (c) minimum 62 percent fish meal, (d) ground bone
meal or tri-calcium phosphate and (e) yellow corn. Vessel shipments of
15,000 tons or more for protein meals and corn. Advise specifications avail-
able and provide samples if possible. Protein meal and bone meal in bags,
corn in bulk. Regular monthly shipments. Sanitary certificates for bone meal.
Quote C&F Bandar port. SIC: 20911000, 20922020, 20942010, 01131020.
Bank ref: Central Branch BankMelli Iran, Tehran. Contact: Mehdi Alaghband,
Bandargas Trading Company, Avenue Hafez, Arfaa Street, No. 20, Tehran, Iran.
Telex: 213472 SSBP IR. Phone: 2375096-9.

1050- Grocery line, confectionery, fruit and vegetable juices, mayonnaise,
1055 tunafish (Bahamas). Manufacturers of sweet cookies as well as crackers.
Local company is interested in representing manufacturers exclusively in the
Bahamas for the following products: canned corned beef; all types of confec-
tionery chocolate bars, candy, etc; mayonnaise; canned fruit and vegetable
juices, especially orange, apple and grapefruit juices; animal oil for cooking
purposes; vegetable oil for cooking purposes; soyabean oil for cooking;
canned tunafish; canned evaporated milk; hominy grits for breakfast cereal
purposes and all-purpose cooking flour. Local company usually orders container
size quantities of products up to 40,000 lbs per shipment. Company is
leading wholesaler/retailer in the Bahamas for meat, dry goods, and produce.
Has newly opened 2 large establishments on separate locations. Annual sales
volume this year expected to be approx. $8 million. Company sells mostly to
local hotels, restaurants and other wholesale business houses, recently
selling in bulk to housewives through two new outlets, and also distributes
to other islands of the Bahamas through his own airplane service. SIC:
20400000, 20710000, 20334000, 20335000, 20310000, 20354000. Co. Ref: Riviana
Foods, Inc. Houston Texas; CPC Inc., 1851 Executive Center Dr., Jacksonville,
Fla. 32207. Contact: Tyrone Darville, President, Nassau Portion Control Ltd.,
P. O.Box N-713, Nassau, The Bahamas. Phone: (809) 322-2306.

1056 Pigeon peas (Bahamas). Local canning firm seeks supplier of dried pigeon peas,
preferably located in Florida or Puerto Rico. Presently orders up to 60 tons
a year for its canning purposes. Company owns and operates a small canning
operation on Eleuthera, one of the Bahamas family islands. Primarily cans,
tomatoes, tomato paste and juice, as well as-pigeon peas, which it sells for
local consumption. Company has been established over 25 years. Co. ref:
American Canning Company, American Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut; Continental
Can Co., New York. Contact: George Baker, Pres., Bahamas Best Products, Co.
c/o P. O. Box ES5631, Nassau, The Bahamas. Phone: (809) 322-1806.

1057- Condensed and powdered milk (Pakistan). Request C&F Karachi quotations against
1058 Letter of Credit for the following. (1) condensed milk, quantity 500 cartons,
each carton containing 4 doz. tins of 14 ozs each; (2) milk powder in tins,
28% and 26% butter fat and vegetable fat, quantity 2,000 cartons, each carton
containing 6 tins of 5 lbs each, and also 1 lb. tins, (3) baby milk powder for
infants in 1 lb. packing, quantity 3,000 cartons, each carton containing 24 tins

Finn is an importer and indentor of general merchandise, imports from Holland,
Australia, China and Hong Kong. Wishes to import for sale to others. SIC:
20231000, 20232000. Contact: Mohannad Iqbal, Partner, Shafi Sons, 1 Noorbhoy
Lotia Building, Rambhart I Street, Marriot Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Cable:
NURAIANOOR, Karachi. Phone: 235857.

Foreign Trade Development

Solicitation Kits for the forthcoming FAS-sponsored exhibits in Tokyo
(limited to Red Meat, Poultry, and Fish), Singapore and Manila were
recently released. Firms interested in these events, but who have not
received kits, should contact either Ted Horoschak (Tokyo) or Bob
Francis (Singapore/Manila), of the Export Trade Services Division.
Phone: (202) 447-6343 (Ted Horoschak) and/or (202) 447-7777 (Bob Francis).

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