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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of,the overseas Inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
I October 5, 1979
1786 Canned meats (Egypt). Wants luncheon meat and corned beef, 5,000 cartons of each
product, 24 packages per carton, all beef,- no ham, about 340 grams per can, delivery
January 1980. Quote CIF or C&F Egyptian ports. Bank ref: Suez Canal Bank, Cairo.
Contact: Ibrahim Mikkawi, Arab Johaina, 171 Mohamed Farid Street, Cairo, Egypt.
Telex: 92170 Alfca UN, 92504 Alfca UN. Cable: ARAB Johaina. Phone: 933555.

1787 Soft wheat (France). Agent for Morocco wants to buy soft wheat for bread making,
50,000 mt (25,000 mt for each shipment), U.S. No. 2 or better wheat specific weight
(P.S.) over 75 kilograms per hectoliter. First shipment in mid-October; 2nd
shipment in mid-November. Must meet Moroccan import requirements as French agent
only an intermediary. Quote CIF Casablanca, Morocco and FOB U.S. ports. Letter of
Credit will be issued by importer in Morocco. Contact: Mr. Limouzy, President,
Sica Cerealiere et de Recherche de Cuq-Toulza, Cuq-Toulza, 81470 France. Telex:
530.914 F. Phone: (63) 75.70.01.

1788 Soybeans(Korea). Seeks to represent U.S. supplier of yellow soybeans, 15,000 metric
tons yearly or 1,200 m/t monthly, U.S. standard No. 1 and 2, in burlap or paper bags
each containing 50 Ibs or 100 Ibs. Delivery from January 1980 to December 1980.
Quote C&F Pusan, Korea, C&F Inchon, Korea, FOB USA. Bank ref: Cho-Heung Bank
Seoul, Korea or any other bank in Seoul. Contact: Byong Kim, Manager of Business
Development Department,Haitai International Inc., C.P.O. Box 4071, Seoul, Korea.
Telex: K26280, Korea. Cable: HAITAI/SEOUL/Korea. Phone: 64-9121.

1789- Wheat, rye, oats (Denmark). Wants 10,000-25,000 tons of grains, including (A) U.S.
1791 No. 2 Hard Winter or Northern Spring, protein about 13%; and (B) good quality rye and
oats. Company wishes establish permanent supply relationship. Quote FOB Gulf and CIF
Northern European ports (Discharge rates about 3,000 tons per day). Bank ref: Det
Sjaellandske Bank, GL. Tory Afd., Copenhagen. Contact: Flemming Petersen, Erhard
Andersens Eftf, Rosbaeksvej 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen 0, Denmark. Telex: 15246 Eakron
DK (Telex). Cable: KORNANDERSEN. Phone: 1 29 28 11.

1792 Food additives, emulsifiers(Germany). Wants food additives for meat, bread and
bakery products, E. G. Gelatine, CNC etc. and emulsifying agents, for resale.
Quote FOB U.S. Harbor or CIF German port. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank Ag and
Landeszentral bank both in 2000 Hamburg. Contact: Herr Lambracht, W. Biesterfeld &
Co. Import Div., Postfach 100744; Ferdinandstr 41, 2000 Hamburg 1, W.Germany.
Cable: ATLABIFELD. Phone: 040-30081. Telex: 02161742.

1793 Walnuts (Denmark). Wants about 50 tons annually of shelled walnuts (walnut meats),
halves and pieces (for chocolate industry), packaged in cartons. Quote FAS West
Coast. Inquirer is Sole Agent in Denmark for U.S. almond suppliers and sells to
largest Danish confectionery producer who wishes switch walnut source to U.S. Importer
is seeking permanent relationship with reliable walnut supplier for regular annual
purchases. Bank ref: Copenhagen Handelsbank, DK-1623, Copenhagen V. Contact:
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of *
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


Viggo Rehlund, Helgolandsgade 2, DK-1653, Copenhagen V, Denmark. Telex: 15831.
Cable: EUREKA. Phone: 1-24 36 05.

1794- Tobacco, Confectionery (England). Company is interested in acting as UK Agent for
1795 tobacco and confectionery products. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd.
Contact: C.A. Ganderton, J. John Masters & Co. Ltd., 87/95 Mansell Street, London
El 8AX, England. Telex: 887453. Phone: 01-481 1234.

1796- Canned corned beef, sardines (England). Agent for Nigerian firm interested in
1797 canned corned beef and sardines, between 50,000 and 200,000 cases of each. Corned
beef, 24 tins x 340 gms; sardines lithographed tins of 125 gms with 5 pieces of
fish per tin in edible or olive oil. Delivery Nov/Dec '79. Quote FOB with full
weights & dimensions or CIF Nigerian port. Bank ref: Midland Bank, 29 Haymarket,
London SW7. Contact: A.D. Meltzer, Interneko Chemicals Ltd., Athene House, The
Broadway, Mill Hill, London NW7 3TP, England. Telex: 922222. Phone: 01-906 0211.

1798 Organic rice (Scotland). Wants a mixed container of long and round, organic rice;
no chemicals or non-natural growth. Packed in 25kg bags. Quote CIF via Greenock.
Bank ref: Bank of Scotland, 110 Queen Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Contact: G. P.
Melville, Moorhead & McGavin Ltd., 27 Washington Street, Glasgow G3 8AZ, Scotland.
Phone: 041 226 3911.

1799 Orange and grapefruit oil (England). Wants 10 tons per annum of Florida orange and
grapefruit oil. Firm is part of Unilver Group. Contact: D..G. Newman, Food
Industries Ltd., Bromborough port, Wirral, Merseyside, England. Telex: 627173.
Phone: 051 645 2060.

1800 Peanuts (England). Interested in buying dry roasted peanuts. Company manufactures
potato crisps/snack foods and salted peanuts. Bank ref: Yorkshire Bank Ltd.
Contact: I.S. Williams, Riley's Potato Crisps Ltd., Cottage Beck Road, Scunthorpe,
South Humberside, England. Telex: 527336. Phone: 0724 55001.

1801 Alfalfa (Kuwait). Wishes to contact American producers of alfalfa for animal feed.
Firm is ready to import 200 tons of feed immediately, and later on regularly every
two months. Contact: Jassim Mohamad Ali Al Wazzan, C. R. Rao, Manager, P.O. Box 124,
Kuwait, Kuwait. Phone: 434262/439456/438038. Telex: 2077 KT. Cable: MOTTAMAD.

1802 Soybean oil (England). Agent for Pakistan firm is interested in crude degumned soya
bean oil, regular large supplies, as per NSPA 103 (3-A) specifications. Quote
C&F Karachi. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., 12A Curzeon Street, London W1. Contact:
Ijaz Ahmad, Hedabond Ltd., Langham House, 308 Regent Street, London W1R 5AL, England.
Telex: 24842. Phone: 01-580 8384.

1803 Frozen Strawberries, black cherries (England). Wants container loads of frozen
strawberries and black cherries, block frozen and IQF, bulk packages. Quote C&F
UK port. Contact: Nigel Prangley, Biddle Sawyer Foods Ltd (part of Ginness-Peat
Group), 32 St. Mary at Hill, London EC3, England. Telex: 8814306. Phone: 01-623
1804 Avocado paste (Sweden). Interested in avocado paste in cans for use in the food
industry. Bank ref: S-E Banekin. Contact: J. L. Hayes, Siscol AB, Box 237, S-601
04 Norrkoping, Sweden. Telex: 641 14 SISCOL S. Phone: 011/13 40 40.

1805 Chicken (Egypt). Wants 300 tons of frozen chicken (fryers), Grade A, 800-1,350 grams,
delivery soonest. Quote CIF Egyptian ports. Bank ref: Bank Misr-Assiut Branch.
Contact: Dr. Ali Nassar, University Super Market, Mohamed All Aboel Makarim Street,
Assiut, Egypt. Phone: 34688 Assiut.

1806- Flavorings, essential oils (Japan). Interested in flavoring sirups, all flavors for
1807 home beverage and foods; flavoring powders, all flavors for beverage and foods;
essential oils, orange, lemon, and others, and peppermint oils. Buyers is an importer
of spices and perfumes. Wishes to become exclusive distributor for American firm not
currently represented in Japan. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank Tenma Branch, Osaka.
Contact: Takashi Horiuchi, Import Department, Daikyo Trading., Ltd., Daisan Daikyo
Bldg. 21, Daihojinishino-Cho, Minami-Ku, Osaka 542, Japan. Cable: KAORIDIKYO.
Phone: 06-252-2557. Telex: J64317.

1808 Wheat flour (Trinidad). Wants to buy 30,000 tons (5,000 mt per month) of wheat flour.
Humidity: Max. 12%. ASH: Maximum .6%. Protein: Minimum 11%. Delivery January 1980.
Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank ref: Bank of Nova Scotia, San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I.
Contact: W.A. Chandroo, William A. Chandroo and Co., P.O. Box 52, San Fernando,
Trinidad, W.I. Cable: CARIB SALES, SAN FERNANDO, Trinidad. Phone: 65-77545.

1809 Variety meats (Togo). Interested in direct sale for resale and exclusive distributor-
ship for variety meats,beef (edible organs), heads, legs, intestines and feet; other
edible veal, including edible organs; and variety meats, pigs, fresh edible organs.
Quote CIF Lome. Language of correspondence: French. Company claims to have local
bank guaranty. Contact: Adzo Ganu Directeur, Shrimcom, B. P. 641, Lome Togo.
Phone: 56-07.

1810 Rabbits (France). Interested in "Cotton Tail" rabbits for breeding. First test:
50-100 couples males and female. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais 82000 Valence D'Agen.
Contact: Roland Pigalio, Mellac Saint Cirice 82340 Auvillar, France. Phone: (63)

1811 Rice (France). French agent for Ivory Coast wants 3,000 tons of long grain rice in
bags of 50 or 100 kg. Quote CIF Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Bank ref: Credit
Lyonnais, 45000 Orleans. Contact: G. Vittot, A.R.E.I. Agence Representation
Electricite, Industrielle, 425, Rue Passe Debout, Saran, 45400 Fleury Les Aubrais,
France. Telex: 781 275. Phone: (91) 20.77 and 91 36 46.

1812 Rolled oats (Honduras). Interested in exclusive representation for rolled oats
(except breakfast food) in bulk form. Buyer wants supplier responses ASAP. Quote
CIF Puerto Cortes, against Letter of Credit; Also, price lists and samples, if
available. Annual sales potential about $200,000. Firm has representation facilities
in Teguvigalpa covering entire country. Contact: Modesto Vindel Torres, Sales
Manager, Formulaciones Y Representaciones Industriales FRI, 2 Piso Edif. Scheib,
Col. El Prado, Tegucigalpa, D.C., Honduras. Telex: 1104 CASANOVA HT.
Phone: 326108.

1813- Rice, wheat, corn, soybean products, sugar, butter (Iran). U.S. agent representing
1819 Iran firm requests CIF Teheran offers for the following: rice #2, long grain, 4% &
5% broken, 75000 mt; wheat #2 50000 mt in bulk; yellow corn #2 20000 mt; soybean meal,
soybean flour, soybean oil, 20000 mt of each; sugar, 100,000 mt in 50 kg bags; and
butter, 50,000 mt. Also need FOB price for: feed barley 2/5000 mt and wheat bran
500 mt. Bank ref: Bank of America,Main Branch,Sacramento. Contact: Rashid Saeed,
California Business Associates. Box 421 Sacramento, California 95802. Phone: 916-
442-5854. Telex: 377422 CBA SAC.

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3 1262 09051 2871
1820- Poultry feed, hog feed, tomato concentrate (Cameroon). Firm has contacted American
1822 Embassy relative to purchase 40,000 tons chicken feed, 20,000 tons hog feed, and
1,600 tons tomato concentrate. Ready to open Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Requests
CIF quotes and indication delivery time from date order placed. The purchase has
been authorized by the Cameroon Ministry of Economy. Contact: SODIRECO, c/o American
Embassy, Yaounde, Cameroon. Telex: 8223.
1823 Canned pork products (Japan). Interested in canned processed pork products (A)
luncheon meats, (B) chopped ham, (C) cocktail sausages, (D) mini hotdog sausages,
(E) hotdog sausages and (F) ham. One container load for trial shipment. Weight:
about 114G to 454G depending on the product categories. Delivery March 1980.
Quote C&F Tokyo. Bank ref: Fuji Bank Ginza Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Yoshinori
Kobayashi, Planning and Development Sec., c/o Shin Shin Kaikan Bldg., 14-1,
Nihombashi, 3-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 0222-3506 EOMOT J. Cable:
EOMOT, Tokyo. Phone: 03-274-0411.
1824 Shelled peanuts (Korea). Seeks to represent U.S. suppliers of shelled peanuts, around
1,000 m/t (will bid on government tender for supply), 200 kernels max. per 100 g. net,
moisture 8% max, foreign materials 0.1% max, peanuts without skin 1.5% max, broken
peanuts 3% max. Packed in jute or gunny bag 50 kg. net. Delivery around December
1979. Supplier's written certificate of above specs. Quote C&F Inchon, Korea.
Bank ref: The Cho-Heung Bank Ltd., Seoul. Contact: Byong Kim, Manager of Business
Developemnt Department, Haitai International Inc., C.P.O. Box 4071, Seoul, Korea.
Telex: K 26280. Cable: HAITAI, Seoul. Phone: 64-9121.

1825- Hereford breeding stock (Chile). Wants to buy Hereford heifers would like FOB U.S.
1826 port price quotes on young unbred heifers 12 to 18 months, old. Possible purchase
of up to 1,000 head of good quality commercial cattle, not necessarily registered or
pedigreed. Cattle must meet all sanitary requirements for entry into Chile. Cattle
will be purchased by an important Chilean Enterprise through their representatives.
Contact: Patricio Barahona Urzua, Perez Valuenzuela 099, Piso 5 OF. # 55,
Santiago, Chile. Phone: 230925.

1827- Breakfast cereals, canned mushrooms (Iceland). Wishes to buy about 200 cartons of
1828 breakfast cereals and 150-200 cartons of canned mushrooms. Quote CIF Reykjavik.
Bank ref: The National Bank of Iceland, Reykjavik. Contact: E. F. Kristinsson,
Daniel Olafsson Ltd., Vatnagaroar 26, 104, Reykjavik, Iceland. Cable: DANOL/REYKJA-
VIK. Phone: 86600.

1829 Baby chicks (Syria). The General Organization for Poultry has issued a tender
for the Maarat Poultry Institution with a closing date of November 14 for 171,000
day old female chicks with sexing errors not exceeding 2% for the production of
brown eggs. Delivery of one half required first week of January 1980 and balance
second week of June 1980. A 5% bid bond and 10% performance bond are required.
Offers to be submitted in English or French in addition to Arabic. Additional
technical specifications and financial conditions available from address below.
Contact: Yousph Sabouni, General Director, Maarat Poultry Institution, c/o
Agricultural Attache American Embassy, Damascus, Syria.

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