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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been galtered from Agriculluril Attache and olher goernmiiient reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In %upplyirgi the trade leads the Duparrm.i itm of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer Your best source for furilicr information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry You ma\ also contact rih F\porl Trade
Senices Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103.
May 4, 1979

0806 Peanut seed (Barbados). Wishes to obtain peanut seed, 5-10 tons, florunner
and early bunch, in 50 or 100 pound containers. Delivery soonest. nuote CIF
Barbados. Bank ref: Citibank, Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. Contact:
Trevor Lovell, Wimcal Limited, Uplands, St. John, Barbados. Cable: WIMCAL,
Barbados. Phone: 31 209/ 32 499.

0807 Feed supplements (Venezuela). Wishes to buy D L Methionine, 98' 100,000 kg;
Vitamin R/12, 1,000 mcs per ka, 2,500 kps; pure Riboflavin, 1,200 kgs; Magnesium
oxide 62'' Manganese minimum, 18,000 kps; Acid 3 Nitro 4 Hidrodexi Fonil Arsenic
technically pure, 10,000 kas; Vitamin A 5,000,000 U.I. per gram established,
5,000 kgs; D L. Methionine 98": minimum grade, 150 tons; Lignosulfates (aglutimates)
800 tons; Chorine chloride solution at 750 in bulk, 140 tons. Labels must be
in Spanish. Quote CIF La Guaira, Venezuela. Bank ref: Banco Mercantil Y Agri-
cola Banco Union. Contact: Manfredo Knoll, Farmacos Quimicas Mercantil S R L,
Apartado (Box) 51854, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: 7513111. Telex: 21 199

0808 Dried milk (Venezuela). Wants to buy 5 million kilograms of whole dried milk;
26; fat; 25.7% protein; maximum humidity 3%; lactose 36.5%; maximum minerals 6.8%.
Packed in 25 kilogram bags, kraft paper and polyethylene. Partial deliveries
of 100,000 kilos each. Quote CIF Aruba. Bank ref: Banco Latino, Banco Tequendama.
Contact: Omar Nieto Camargo, Proveedores Mundiales, Centro Andres Bellow, Torre
Oeste, Piso 10, Apartado de Correos 60920, Zona 106, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex:
24185. Cable: KASAVE. Phone: 781-2268.

0809 Foodstuffs (Malta). New firm is interested in contacting U.S. suppliers of food
products, especially condensed and evaporated milk; canned dry beans, fruits,
vegetables, fruit juices, sauces,meats and sausages; dehydrated vegetables, pickles
etc; cookies and crackers; sugar in consumer packets; cooking oil and flavoring
extracts. Anticipates annual turnover of about $100,000 for above products.
Requests CIF Malta prices and catalogs. Contact: Jann Robinich, 235 Zabbar Road,
Paola, Malta. Phone: 27081.

0810 Foodstuffs (Sinaapore). Trading firm in the Middle East wishes to contact U.S.
suppliers of complete range of canned foods; fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen
fruits and vegetables; frozen seafoods; complete range of dairy products; meat
products, (Muslim killed); live sheep, goats, cattle, horses, etc,; grains,
soybean and other edible oils. Quote based on C&F Red Sea and Persian Gulf main
ports. Contact: Abdul Aziz, Exec. Vice President, Saudia Establishments, GPO
Box 74, Singapore 1. Telex: RS 25521.

08 1 Pet tooos (0i0e e-- distributor of pet products covering France and Belgium requests
fe .f fo Te a d other pet foods. Bank ref: Societe de Banque de Nord;
BanqueScaYer ~ ~ ond 59100 Roubaix. Contact: Mr. Berger, Canifrance, 119 Rue
Du Grand Chemin, 59100 Roubaix, France. Telex: 702335.
Issued 4-ee R. bh~j Export Trade Serice% Division. Foreign Agricultural Scr'ice. U.S. Departlneiit ul
Agriculture. Room 4945 South uiiding. Washington. D.C. 20250
.j.r. U1riv. of Fic-''"-

0812- Rice, wheat bran, soybeans (Canada). Wants parboiled rice, 25,000 mt, U.S. #2,
0813 yellow, max. 4% broken, 50-100 lb. single and double jute bags, FOB Gulf ports;
50,000 mt U.S. #2 long grain, white, polished, max. 4"1 broken, 50 kg poly jute
bags, for Iran and similar quantity and specs for Gulf ports; 1,500-2,000 mt of
wheat bran per month for Kuwait, moisture 12.4%, fat 2.7%, carbohydrate 18.0%,
Ergot Nil, protein N2 x 6.25=14.73%, FFA as olive acid 14%, ash content 5.168%.
Agent also wishes to negotiate exclusive arrangement for soybeans for export to
Morocco. Contact: A. El Ghali, President, Mag Export/Import Ltd., 1755 Riverside
Drive, Suite 1508, Ottawa, Ontario KlG3T6, Canada. Phone: (613) 731-4621.

0814 Sorghum (France). Wants early varieties of grain sorghums for official trials
registration in 25 kg bags, C.E.E. certified. Quote CIFLeHavre, France. Bank
ref: Credit Lyonnais, 77120 Coulommiers, NBR. 62580 M. Contact: Hans Beutler,
Tourneur Freres, S.A., 64, Rue du General Leclerc, B.P. No. 1 77120 Coulommiers,
France. Telex: 690.604 TOURCOU. Phone: (1) 403 04 24.

0815 Sheep guts (France). Wishes to buy an undisclosed quantity of sheep guts, large,
Kosher. Bank ref: Banque Populaire du Midi Agence Courbet 30000 Nimes. Contact:
Serge Sabouraud, Manager, ETS. Sabouraud, Abattoirs de Nimes St. Cesaire RTE
de Montpellier 30004 Nimes, France. Telex: 490988. Cable: BOYO SAB Nimes.
Phone: (66) 84 98 07.

0816- Corn, rice (Hong Kong). Wants 10,000 mt of yellow corn, U.S. #3, in 50 kg export
0817 bags, prompt delivery; and 50,000 mt, long grain, white rice, 4% broken, U.S. #2,
in 50 kg bags, prompt delivery, quote FOB U.S. port; and 50,000 mt, long grain,
white rice, 4% broken, U.S. 2, in 50 kg bags, prompt delivery, quote FOB or CIF
Mideast port. Bank ref: Hang Seng Bank, Head Office, Hong Kong. Contact: Geoff
Hughes, Director, Yuet Lai Trading Company Ltd., Tak Yan Commercial Building,
6th Floor, 30-32 D'Aguilar St., Central, Hong Kong. Phone: 3-660211. Telex:
74871 EMPTL.

0818 Soy protein (South Africa). Wants 52-100 kg per month of soy estolate, 90% protein,
bulk pack, delivery soonest. To be used as protein supplement for diet foods.
Delivery soonest. Bank ref: Standard Bank, Small Street, Johannesburg. Contact:
L. Friedland, York Marketing (PTY) Ltd., 501 Rand Central, 165 Jeppe Street,
Johannesburg 2001, South Africa. Telex: J8-3548. Phone: 011/37-5170.

0819 Grapefruit (France). Wishes to buy first grade red grapefruit from Florida.
Bank ref: Banco Espagnol en Paris 29, Rue Pavillon, 13001, Marseille. Contact:
Fredy Faure, Gerant, Ets. Blampin & Faure, Marche National des Arnavaux B.P. 506,
13323 Marseille Cedex 03, France. Telex: 410600. Cable: FORBLAM, Marseille,
Phone: (91) 98 90 95.

0820 Flower corms and bulbs (France). Wants to buy (1) 300,000 corms of Glads, (2)
100,000 bulbs of Anemones, (3) 200,000 bulbs of Ranunculi, Tecolote Giant. Export
quality preferably from California. Delivery November, December or March.
Bank ref: Caisse Regionale du Credit Agricole, Nimes. Contact: Jean Daniel
Van der Putte, Ets. Francois Van der Putte, Mas Flechier Route de Saint-Gilles,
30000 Nimes, France. Cable: VAN DER BULBES, Nimes. Phone: (66) 84 72 82.

0821- Flavoring extracts and syruos (Korea). Commission sales agent requests product
0822 literature and C&F prices for flavoring extracts and flavoring syrups. Contact:
Mr. Che, In-Wha, Pan-Asia Commercial Co., C.P.O. Box 8841, Seoul 100, Korea.
Cable: PACICCO, Seoul. Telex: TOWER K28246. Phone: 778-5304.

0823 Farm products and services (England). Distributor of forage seeds (including
sorghum sudan grass hybrid) and animal feeds is interested in representing
related U.S. products and services for the U.K. farm market. Bank ref:
Midland Bank, Limited, Stonebow, 221, High Street, LINCOLN LN1 ITS. Contact:
M.S. Southwood, Topline Farming Services, Ltd., Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby, Lines.
PE23 4EX, England; & 47 Upper Grosvenor Street London WlX 9PG, England. Telex:
266777. Phone: 01-499-9000 ext. 495.

0824 Beef variety meats (Japan). Wish to contact a supplier of fresh or frozen chuck
beef meat and hearts. Needs at least 70 tons of each for processing patty mix with
vegetables every month. If interested, quote price FOB factory. Needs price of
both fresh and frozen chuck and heart. Contact: Takeshi Saito, Manager, Fuyo
Enterprises, Inc., 4-7-17-607, Toyo, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Phone: 649-0320.

0825- Bred heifers (Mexico). Wants 100 head of bred heifers, Holstein and/or Brown Swiss,
0826 registered or grade. About 24 months of age to freshen in July or August.
Immediate delivery. Quote FOB Bogales, Arizona. Bank ref: Banco Nacional de
Mexico, Suc. Transversal in Hermosillo, Sonora. Contact: Victor Manuel Arvayo,
Apartado Postal 636, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Phone: 47505. Telex: 58865 HXTVME.

0827 Apricot pulp (Chile). Wishes to import 200 tons of apricot pulp, soluble solids 32"
plus/minus 1%, acidity 2.1 percent, plus/minus 0.4% in one gallon cans or drums of
200 liters or other type of container. Delivery date July 1979. Quotations
CIF Valparaiso or FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Banco de Chile. Contact: Claudio
Orpinas, Head Supply and Import Department CCU, Ahumada 131, Entrepiso Oficina 101,
Chile. Phone: 60191, CASILLA 1977, Santiago. Telex: CL CCU 40437.

0828- Wheat flour, lard, milk products (Bolivia). Interested in direct sale and agency for
0830 wheat flour, lard, evaporated, condensed and dried milk. Quotations CIF Matarani,
Peru. The firm is one of the largest La Paz food dealers. Contact: Util Sa,
Julio Villegas, Casilla 4370, La Paz, Bolivia. Cable: UTIL.

0831 Onions, onion sets (Guyana). Wishes to contact U.S. suppliers of onions and onion
sets. Contact: L. F. Joseph, Alliance Farm Limited, 12 1st Street, Albertown,
Georgetown, Guyana (South America). Phone: 02-62771.

0332 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). A Nigerian poultry farmer engaged in commercial
animal feeds compounding wishes to locate a U.S. partner prepared to enter into
agreement with him. Location: UYO in Cross River State, Nigeria. Contact: Ernest
Nelson, P. 0. Box 3339, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Cable: ENENTERP.

0833 Rice (Germany). Wishes to buy long grain rice, packed in sacks of 50 kilograms.
Firm established 1974. Bank ref: Kreissparkasse in Osnabrueck. Contact: Bernhard
Kramer, Industrievertretungen, Postfach 2763, Petrusallee 41, D-4500 Osnabrueck,

0834 Corn oil (Venezuela). Wants 1,000 metric tons of corn oil, best quality, in druns.
Importer needs quota import permit. Quote CIF Puerto Cabello. Bank ref:
Banco Union, Puerto La Cruz, Banco Latino, Puerto La Cruz. Contact: Nicolas Demu,
Interamericana de Proyecto y Comercio Exterior, Apartado 16420, Caracas, Venezuela.
Telex: 26227. Cable: INPROCOMEX. Phone: 45 90 37-45 57 84.

3 1262 09051 3242

0835 Dried beef (Japan). Wants 50 mt monthly of freeze-dried beef, one half inch
cubes or smaller, high quality, delivery as soon as arrangements can be made.
Beef should be less than 10 percent water (compared to 76 percent water
usually found in beef). Quote C&F. Bank ref: The Fukuoka Bank, Amagi Branch,
1842-1 Oaza-Magi, Amagi City 838 Japan. Contact: Tetsuo Suzuki, Director,
Nippon Keishokuhin Co., Ltd., 3-18 Kuromon, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka 810 Japan. Telex:
726-357 NIKEI. Cable: NIKKEI AFD. Phone: 092-771-7885.

0836 Tangerine seed (Venezuela). Wants 10 kilos of tangerine (Cleopatria) seed, best
quality, in cans. Phytosanitary permit of country of origin is required. Quote
CIF Maiquetia, Venezuela. Bank ref: Banco Uion. Contact: Miguel Vence,
Edificio Pedernales, Apt. 74, Ave. Romulo Gallegos, El Marquez, Caracas 107,
Venezuela. Phone: 34 63 47.

0837 Pineapple plants (Ecuador). Wishes to buy 200,000 pineapple plant seedlings,
Hawaiian, packed in cartons for export, delivery as soon as possible. Sanitation
certificate in Spanish or English is required. Performance invoice CIF, Quito
and FOB. Bank ref: Bank of America, Quita. Contact: Ing. Rodrigo Gonzalez,
P. 0. Box 5170 C.C.E., Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 543-607/244-455.

Foreign Trade Developments

Food America '79. The Foreign Agricultural Service is sponsoring Food America
'79 exhibits in Edinburgh, Scotland, September 17-18 and Manchester, England,
September 19-20. The emphasis will be on new products for the U.K. market.
Exhibitors will be able to enter both shows for only $300. For details contact:
Dugger Harris, FAS/U.S. Department of Agriculture, Room 4945-South Building,
Washington, D. C. 20250. Telephone: (202) 447-7777.

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