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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other goernrrfintifreports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying tpeaIs fi[ tient of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. You best or r further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. Y u may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. OCT 19 1978
ray 26, 1978
r .S. Univ. of Florida&
0955 Chicken parts, duck and goose feet (Canada). Import/eport firm requests
FOB West Coast or CIF Hong Kong quotes for frozen chicken parts such as legs,
wings and feet, frozen duck feet, and frozen goose feet. Contact: Jason
S. H. Du, Export Manager, East-West Gift Centre Ltd., P. O. Box 58340,
Station "L", Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6P 6E4. Phone: (604) 263-2535.

0956- Liver, beef, turkeys (Egypt). Interested in 50 tons of beef or veal liver,
0958 cartons of 10-12 kg net, 50 tons of boneless beef, from animals not more than
20-24 months old; and whole turkeys, 5-7 kg net. SIC: 20111000, 20111040,
20153000. Bank ref: Arab Bank, Ltd., Cairo. Contact: Ali Onsi, 19 El
Bustan Street, Apartment 25, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: PALOTEL 50427 Un ATTENTION:
H. SAID. Cable: TATANAKI, Cairo. Phone: 33330.

0959 Edible beef tallow (Egypt). Government tender with closing date of June
3 for 6,000 mt of edible beef tallow for delivery July/August 1978. The
committee reserves the right to accept additional quantities. SIC: 2011X035.
Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Vegetation Products
Purchasing Committee, 24 Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: NBR 2062
ESTRAM Cairo. Cable: ESTRAM, Cairo. Phone: 932969.

0960 Soybean, cottonseed, and/or sunflowerseed oil (Egypt). Government tender
with closing date of June 14 for 16,000 mt of soybean, cottonseed and/or
sunflower seed oil. This would include 12,000 mt bulk semi-refined cottonseed
oil and/or crude sunflowerseed, plus 4,000 mt fully refined suhflowerseed oil
and/or fully refined soybean oil in new steel drums gauge 18/18 or 18/20.
Delivery September/October. The committee reserves the right to accept
additional quantities. Copy of conditions/specifications available from
committee for 3 Egyptian pounds. SIC: 20921040. Contact: General Authority
for Supply Commodities, Vegetation Products Purchasing Committee, 24 Gomhouria
Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: NBR 2062 ESTRAM Cairo. Cable: ESTRAM, Cairo.
Phone: 932969.

0961 Leaf tobacco (Egypt). Wants to buy $18.5 million worth of flue cured Virginia
and Burley types, strips and stems. Samples should be sent soonest to
Director General, Leaf Department, Eastern Tobacco Company, Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
SIC: 011910000. Contact: Mostafa El Hossainy Zaalouk, Middle East Consulting
and Contracting Agency (Mecca), 33, Abdel Khalek Sarwat Street, Cairo, Egypt.
Telex: 92668 DRMAB UN ATTN: Mostafa Zaalouk. Cable: MECCA, Cairo.
Phone: 47597.

0962 Milk goats (Venezuela). Wants 50 milk goats French Alpine and other milking
breeds. Interested in visiting manufacturing plants for goat milk and cheese
processing. Requests catalogs on milking and by-product equipment. Quote
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

CIF Maiquetia, Venezuela. SIC: 01391014. Bank ref: Banco Union.
Contact: Franc Camero, Goldorado Internacional, Apartado 3821 Caracas 103,
Venezuela. Telex: 21801-PBTH-VE. Phone: 41-50-83.

0963 Parboiled rice (Nigeria). Interested in importing 250 tons rice, parboiled,
long grain, brown, max. 4% broken (Grade I and II). To be packaged in 50 kg,
jute/polythene bag. SIC: 20444000. Bank ref: New Nigeria Bank Ltd.,
Box 6440, Lagos. Contact: Alhaji S. Ayanda, S. A. Ayanda & Sons, 495 L.E.D.B.
Shop, Seriki Street, Lagos, P. 0. Box 7513, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 22489.

0964 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in a joint venture in poultry.
Currently has 300 acres of land and is looking for a partner to develop the
operation. Bank ref: Standard Bank of Nigeria Ltd. Contact: Sam 0. Otaru,
Executive Director, Samjoe International, 13, Maja Street, P.M.B. 3454,
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

0965 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in developing a poultry operation
with a U.S. partner. Has 30,000 acres of land and financing for the develop-
ment. Contact: C. S. Anighoro of Ibru, Olaogun Solicitors, 23 Calcutta
Crescent, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

0966 Grocery lines (Nigeria). Interested in being outlet for various U.S. products
as follows: Tomato paste, double concentrated 28/30; rice, No. 2, long grain
5 percent broken; wheat flour for bread; evaporated milk, 9 percent butterfat;
sugar, 3,000 metric tons; vegetable oils, corn or peanut; and baby foods.
Bulk goods should be in 50 kg jute bags. Vegetable oil in drums. Immediate
delivery upon opening of Letter of Credit. SIC: 20400000. Contact: E. Ukpo,
President, Idito Fisher Nigeria Ltd., P.M.B. 3046 Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

0967 Rice (France). Wishes to purchase 50 kg per month, broken 25% max., delivery
within 3 to 4 months, quotations FOB. The firm is acting on behalf of a
foreign government which will be the purchaser. All credit details will be
arranged with purchaser. SIC: 20441000. Contact: Mr. Plantadis, Sodic Co.,
19, Rue Victor-Hugo, 10190 Estissac, France. Telex: 840.777 SODIC. Phone:
(25) 46.43.61.

0968 Horsemeat (Belgium). Wants to buy frozen horsemeat, boneless forequarters,
hindquarters, pistolas and hindquarter cuts. In containers approx. 18 mt.
Lean quality, forequarters minimum 95% visible lean, Dutch specifications;
each piece minimum 3 kg. Forequarters in cartons about 60 lbs. Payment
against documents. Quote CIF Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg. SIC: 2011ZOO0.
Bank ref: Generale Bankmaatschcppij N.V., Antwerpen. Contact: M. Thijssens
or H. J. Ccols, Armour Foods Benelux N.V., Korte Klarenstraat 9A, B-2000
Antwerpen (Belgium). Telex: 31168 ARMANT. Cable: ARMOFOOD. Phone: (031)

0969 Spices (Sweden). Interested in cure and spices for pastrami, also spices
generally. Bulk and consumer packed. The "buyer plans to visit United States
in the fall of 1978. Quote CIF. SIC: 20999060. Bank ref: Svenska Handelsban.
ken. Contact: Anders Gullberg, Stockholms Matvarufabrik, Idungatan 12, 113
45 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: (08) 33 35 12.

0970 Wheat (Bolivia). Wants 20,000 mt of hard winter wheat, #2, protein minimum
11 percent. Quotation FOB and C&F Antofagasta, Chile and alternatively C&F
Santos, Brazil in transit to Bolivia. Payment irrevocable Letter of Credit
and performance bond of 10 to 15 percent will be requested when contract is
signed. Shipment to be delivered between the 15th and 30th of June, 1978.
SIC: 01131070. Contact: Mercantil Sudamericana Ltda., Fernando Knaudt,
Casilla 1183, La Paz, Bolivia. Telex: MERSUD BX 5426.

0971- Wheat flour, soft wheat (France). French agent for Mali firm wants 6,000 mt
0972 of wheat flour, ashes 0.55 percent maximum, protein 31 percent minimum,
humidity 12 percent maximum. 50 kg bags in cotton protected with polyethylene
or polypropylene. Delivery June/July/August. Direct contact with manufacturers
(Millers). Quote C&F Dakar, Abidjan, Douala, for Mali. SIC: 20411020, 01131070.
Bank ref: Compafina Bank, Geneva, Banque Francaise Du Dommerce Exterieur.
Same company would also like 3,000 mt per month of soft winter wheat in bags
of 50-80 kg for the same destination. Contact: Mr. Orinier, Sacab-Hoursillon,
69-71 Boulevard Du Capitaine Geze, B.P. 70, 13308 Marseille Cedex 3, France.
Telex: 410 617. Phone: (91) 98 90 16.

0973 Corn (Yemen). Producer of about 500,000 broilers annually is interested in
shipload quantity of corn landed in port of Hodeida. SIC: 01131020.
Contact: Omeri Poultry Enterprises, Sana, Yemen Arab Republic.

0974 Food flavorings, gelatin (Korea). Interested in food flavoring compounds,
extracts of lemon, chocolate, orange, peanut, etc., estimated annual require-
ment $100,000; gelatin, food grade, estimated annual requirement $75,000; and
gelatin, pharmaceutical grade, estimated annual requirement $75,000. Firm
seeks price quotations, brochures, and proposals for agency agreement.
SIC: 20871000. Contact: Kwang-Koo Lee, Section Chief, Seh Woong Industrial
Co., Ltd., CPO Box 2976, Seoul, Korea. Cable: PANCRYST, Seoul. Phone:
776-1066, 8188 or 5519.

0975 Liquid, dried and frozen eggs (Iran). Wishes to buy liquid, dried and frozen
eggs, whole. SIC: 20156020. Contact: S. N. Zargandeh, Managing Director,
Zarrabkhaneh, Negarestwn 5th, No. 34, Iran. Phone: 755446, 890801. Telex:
212477 DEC IR.

0976 Rawhides (Portugal). Interested in direct sale and representation for cow
rawhides. SIC: 20119000. Contact: Charles Diamond, Prodexporta-Soc Export-
wdora De Produtos Portugeses, Lda., Rua Julio Dinis, 585-7. ESG., Oporto,
Portugal. Telex: 22700 DETRAM P. Phone: 60TPEY.

0977 Canned foods, food colorings (Morocco). Interested in exclusive agency for
Tallow, food colorings, food specialties, canned; fruits, fruit juices, vege-
tables, canned; pickled fruits and vegetables, sauces, seasonings and salad
dressings. Letters and publicity material in French, if possible. Contact:
Jacques Capeluto, Codemar, 11, Rue Colonel Simon, Casablanca, Morocco. Phone:
24-13-41. Telex: 21-955. Cable: OUTULIPAC, Casablanca.

0978 Health foods (Morocco). Seeks exclusive distributorship for health foods.
Letters and publicity material in French, if possible: SIC: 20999070.
Contact: Mrs. Lahbabi, La Maison Du Saun A, 27, Rue Ferhat Hachad, Casablanca,
Morocco. Phone: 22-39-79.

0979- Vegetable oils, hides (Spain). Interested in vegetable oils, crude; other
0980 vegetable oils, once refined; animal and marine oil mill products; hides,
skins, and pelts. The firm is an importer and distributor of a wide variety
of products, mainly raw materials for various industries. Desires quotations
CIF Spanish port. SIC: 20932090. 20119000. Contact: Alejandro Munoz
Gazquex, Manager, Guzman, S.A., Carrer Dels Traginers, 9, Valencia 14, Italy.
Cable: FTDELMAL. Telex: 62649-FIDE. Phone: 96/3798600. Co. ref: General
Mills Chemicals, Inc., Minneapolis.

0981- Wheat flour (Ivory Coast). Interested in buying wheat flour, 10,000 tons,
0982 soft red wheat flour preferred; second preference hard winter, in 50 kg bags;
and 15,000 tons of long grain rice in 50 kg bags. Delivery June/July. Wants
both CIF and FOB quotes. SIC: 20411020, 20441000. Bank ref: Bnec, B.P.
9256, Abidjan, Acct. No. 2764. Contact: Sylla Losseny, Sylla Losseny Inc.,
B.P. 28562, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Telex: TERTRANS 2472. Phone: 22 55 79.

0983 Leaf tobacco (France). Agent for Dahomey wants tobacco in leaf, 400 boxes
of 100 pounds in a first stage, type "Rosace" F.8 x 21/23, paboxes of 100 lbs.
Immediate delivery for Western Africa (Dahomey). Quote FOB Stowed at U.S.
ports. SIC: 01191000. iank ref: Banque Internationale Pour L'Afrique De
L'Quest. Contact: Felix Monote, Monote Services and Co., B.P. 169-10
75463 Paris Cedex 10, France. Telex: 210-206 F; ATTN: MONOTE. Phone:
878. 18-45.

0984 Milk powder (Iran). Government tender with closing date of July 8 for spray
skimmed milk powder, 3,500 mt. Specifications as follows: milk fat 1.25 to
1.5 percent max., moisture 4 percent, titratable acidity 0.15 percent,
solubility index 1.25 to 2 mil. litre; bacterial estimate between 10,000 to
50,000 gr., coliform estimate zero per gr., and milk powder not older than
3 to 5 months. Milk powder bags to be palletized and shipped by truck or to
be shipped in 40 ft. containers. Goods to be shipped in three equal parts.
Proposals must be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes. Participants
are required to present a bank guarantee equal to 5 percent of proposed price.
Quotations C&F and FOB. Full details from address below. SIC: 20231000.
Contact: K. Salamat, Managing Director, Iran Dairy Industries,Co., The
Imperial Government of Iran, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,
Iran Dairy Industries Co., P. O. Box 12-1293, Tehran, Iran.

0985 Deerskins (England). Interested in 1,000 dyed deerskins, grade 2, 3, 4 (plain),
packaged with wrappers, delivery Fall 1978, quotations CIF. Bank ref:
Ijational Westminister Bank Ltd., Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset. Contact:
L. R. Millar, Glove Corporation Ltd., Milborne port, Sherborne, Dorset DT9
5ER, England. Telex: 46141. Phone: 09638 338.

0986- Rice, sugar, broilers (India). Interested in buying 50,000 mt long grain rice
0988 in 50 kg bags, delivery soonest; 50,000 mt sugar, 99.8 or 99.9 polarized, in
50 kg bags; and 22-25 mt of broilers, export grade. FOB offers should not be
over $410 per mt for rice, $210 per mt for sugar, and $1 per lb, for broilers.
SIC: 20441000, 20600040, 20151000. Bank ref: Union Bank of India, Home St.,
Bombay 400 001. Contact: Sam S. Batliwalla, Overseas Commercial Corp,,
General Assurance Bldg., 232 Dr. Dcdcbhoy Naoroji Road, Bombay 400 001, India.
Cable: SMOOTHSAIL. Phone: 264306.

0989- Wheat, dried milk, onions, potatoes, pulses (India). Wishes to buy 50,000 mt
0993 of wheat, No. 2, Hard Winter, 32%; 1,000 mt of milk powder, whole and fat
free, bulk export drums; 5,000 mt of onions, export grade, in 50 kg export
bags; 5,000 mt of potatoes, medium white export grade, in 50 kg export bags;
and 20,000 mt of No. 1 pintos, red kidney, and yellow peas, in 50 kg export
bags. FOB offers for wheat should not be over $125 per mt. SIC: 01131070,
20231000, 01231030, 01195000, 01139000. Bank ref: Union Bank of India, Home
St., Bombay 400 001. Contact: Sam S. Batliwalla, Overseas Commercial Corp.,
General Assurance Blgd., 232 Dr. Dcdcbhoy Naoroji Road, Bombay 400 001, India.
Cable: SMOOTHSAIL. Phone: 264306.

0994- Oranges, carrots, caulifower (Singapore). Interested in California oranges,
0995 about 500 1,000 cartons per shipment, sizes 113, 138 and 163, in cartons;
and carrots and cauliflower, about 200 carton/cases per shipment, carrots
in cases, cauliflower in cartons. Quote CIF with 2% commission. Will
confirm time of delivery by telex. Send full set of non-negotiable shipping
documents after shipment effected. SIC: 01221005, 01231060. Bank ref:
International Bank of S'pore Ltd., Far Eastern Bank. Contact: Low Thai San,
Nam Thong Hang Co., Pte Ltd., 14, Shanghai Road, Singapore 10. Telex:
NTHPL RS 25779. Phone: 374878 379403 371870.

0996 Beef (Belgium). Agent for Angola is interested in frozen prepacked beef portion
controlled cuts from hindquarters, 2 to 4 mt a month, Choice grade, in
cartons, isothermic container. Quote C&F Luanda (Angola) or C&F Brussels.
SIC: 20111010. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Bansue. Contact: Ivan
Goffart, Mercuria International, Square Marie-Louise 16, B-3040 Brussels
(Belgium). Telex: 22970. Phone: 02/230.11.18 or 230.03.45.

0997 Rice (Nigeria). Interested in purchasing 350,000 bags of 50 kg each in double
jute bags of long grain, parboiled rice-4% broken. Quotations C&F or FOB.
SIC: 20441000. Bank ref: Weme Bank, NNamdi Azikiwe Street, Lagos. Contact:
Taiwo Awopetu, Totapetus Business Agencies, P. O. Box 6646, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 537000 Ext. 655 or 326.

0998 Corn (Nigeria). Interested in U.S. yellow corn, grade I and II. Desire
quotations for 100,000 mt C&F port Harcourt, packaged in 50 kg double fiber
bags. Time of delivery mid-November. SIC: 01131020. Bank ref: Bank-
African Continental Bank, Martin Street, Lagos. Contact: Osita A. Nqigwe,
Foan Enterprises and FOCJOB Enterprises, 25, Owokoniran Street, Off Akonbi
Crescent, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

0999 Almonds, walnuts (Ecuador). Interested in exclusive agency for almonds in
1000 such packing as available, and walnuts in 1, 50, and 100 lb bags. The firm
is a sales agent on commission basis. Quote C&F Guayaquil, against Letter of
Credit including such indent agent's commission as conventionally paid. SIC:
01225005, 01225065. Contact: Luis E. Calvo, Manager, J. A. Calvo, Casilla
700, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Cable: SAGURTO. Phone: 518-915.

1001 Rice, sugar, sardines (Nigeria). Interested in following commodities from
the U.S.: (a) long grain, parboiled rice, 4% broken-30,000 bags/50 kg;
(b) cube sugar, 5,000 cartons of 50 packets; and (c) sardines packed in
soybean oil, 5,000 cases, 100 tins per case. Packaging of rice in polypropylene

protective bags. Delivery time as soon as quotations are approved on
monthly basis. Quotations C&F port Hartcourt. SIC: 20441000, 20600040.
Bank ref: Pan African Bank, Ltd., Port Harcourt. Contact: Simon I.
Ighikiowubo, B-Simon Sales International, 16, Industry Road, P. 0. Box 93,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Phone: 225271. Telex: B-551.

Foreign Trade Development

London Agricultural Trade Office. Secretary Bergland opened an Agricultural
Trade Office in London, May 25. The office includes the Assistant Agricultural
Attache for Market Development, phone 01-499-0024; U.S. Meat Export Federation,
phone 01-499 8252; Poultry and Egg Institute of America, phone 01-499 6906;
and U.S. Feed Grains Council, phone 01-499 5601. The telex is the same as the
American Embassy, number 266777. Incoming messages should be addressed to
the Agricultural Trade Office, (Assistant Agricultural Attache or name
of Cooperator), American Embassy, London, England, or 47 Upper Grosvenor Street,
London W1X 9PG, England.

New Publications:

Single copies of the following are available by writing the Information
Services Staff, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Exports, May 18, 1978. The report summerizes
the prospects on a commodity basis. Total exports are now expected to reach
a record high of over $25 billion in fiscal year 1978. A trade surplus of
agricultural exports over agricultural imports of around $12 billion appears

World Grain Situation Outlook for 1978/79, FG-6-78, May 10, 1978.

Second Quarterly Outlook for World Meat Production and Trade in 1978,
FLM 2-78, May 1978.

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