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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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(o7.sO/Z;Dns jI bc


The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm r eating the inquiry. You ma5 also contact the Export Trade
Services Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103.
JAN 1981DecemDer 12, 1980
JAN R 1981

3431 Bees (Mexico). Wants que ae, quyn.tity dfpendir on types, Italian,
Caucasian, carnelains. Q F"e F 'BC 6 .fLTIifdaw : Banamnex, S.A.
Tlalmanalco, Estado De Mexico. CONl: T T1 rr o iu n Sancnez Fernandez,
Avenida ilorelos 31, Estddo De Mexico, rleAiCu. Phone: 7-50-78.

3432 Corn gluten (Panama). Wishes to buy corn gluten, 1,000 tons, 60% protein,
55 kilo sacks or more. Pnytosnirtary certificate from country of origin is
required. Quote CIF. BanK ref: Bank of Credit & Commerce. CONTACT:
Emiilio KanL, ,lunuo Export int'1 3. A., P.O. bOA 10702, Zona 4, Panama.
TELEX 368747 or 368661. Cable: MUNDO EXPORT. Phone: 26-4283 or 26-5904.

343j Canned veye.taules (Siiiapore). Wants to buy cut/sliced green beans, mixed
vegetables, okra, eggplant, sauerkraut, spinacn leaf, red cabbage, sliced
beetroots, whole Lomato paste, puree, apricut halves, and corn on coo.
Full container load (assortment), 24 tins/29 oz., 24/16 oz., 6 x Al0,
prompt delivery. Quuce C&F, FOB. Bani ref: United Overseas Bank Ltd.,
Queenstown Branch, 380/382 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 3. CONTACT: A. B.
Kon, Liatson PTE. Ltu., dlK lu-4, No. 13u, Eunos Avenue 4, Eunos industrial
Estate, Singapore 1440. Caole: DESLIAT. Pnone: 7455364 & 4813745.

3434 Shell eggs (Egypt). Wants 2b00 cases i30 doz. each) monthly, Grade A,
45-50, 55-60 & 60-65 grams. Delivery starting January 1981. Quote CIF
Alexandria, Egypt, CIF rluscdL, Oman, CIF Uucai, ADu Dhaoi, United Arab
Emirate, and CIF Gada, Saudi Arabia. Bank ref: Midland Bank, 12242 Midlx
G, U.K. WJ TACr: ilohamed Marrie Homsey, Martin Ferris, Glimex Ltd.,
Chwarel, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen, Cluyd 1120 7DA, Great Britain.
TELEX 31u4d MIJTLX b. Pnone: international: 44 69172518, National:
Clyn Ceiriog (069 172) 518.

3435 Broilers (Egypt). Wants frozen Druilers, 800-1400 grain/oirds, 10,00u mt
monthly, U.S. Grade A, in cartons, delivery starting January 1981.
Slaughtered according to Islamic riLes, labels must ue in Arabic &
English. Quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt, CIF Muscat, Oman, CIF Dubai, Abu
Dhaul, United Arau Emirate, and uada, Saudi Arabia. Bank ref: Midland
Bank, 12242 Midlx G, U.K. CONTACT: Mohamed Harrie Homsey, Martin Ferris,
Glimex Ltd., Chwarei, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen, Cluyd 110 7iA, Great
Britian. TELEX 312242 MIDTLX G. Phone: International: 44 69172518,
National: Glyn Leiriog (0o9 172) 518.

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


3436- Frozen uroilers, shell eggs, frozen Deef (Egypt). Wants frozen broilers,
3-33 s el I eggs, frozen beef. Quantity to be determined pending later
correspondence: broilers- Grade A, 9UU-1400 grains, eggs- 40-43 & 45-55
yrdIiis, and cir- ,ge 1-J years. Delivery starting January 1981. Quote
CIF Alexanaria. BanK ref: Egyptian/American Bank, Cairo, Egypt;
Fisel/islainc Bank, Cairo, Egypt. LuNTACT: A. muJas, General Uirector,
intro Trading Co., 4, hassan El Memaar Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX 92170 or
925U4 UNAL FCAi. Pnione: /19095.

3439 Beef (Egypt). Wants frozen Deef, Done in and boneless, 5,000 mt monthly,
fure quarter anid/or compensated quarters; 1UU% males, age 1-3 years and or
3-t years. Boneless meat in carton. Delivery starting January 1981.
Sldughtered according to Islaiic rites. Quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt, CIF
Muscat, Oman, CIF Dubai, Aou Dnaoi, United Arab Emirate, and CIF Gada,
Sauul Araala. banK ref: Mlidldni BanK, 12242 Midlx G, U.K. CONTACT:
Mohamed Marrie Homsey, Martin Ferris, Glimex Ltd., Chwarel, Glyn Ceiriog,
Llriyollen, Cluyd 11 2U 70A, Great Britain. TELEX 312242 i41DTLX b.
Phone: International: 44 69172518, National: Glyn Ceiriog (069 172) 518

3341 PoulLry joint venture (i4igeria). Desires a U.S. joint venture partner in
poultry production and management. Feasibility study available for
inpectLiJin. Barn ref: union BtriK, danK Ruad, Jos, Nigeria. Contact:
A.B. Ajikobi, Mafi (Nig.) Co., 10 Eyamba St., Jos, Nigeria. Phone: (072)

3,442 SoyDedan (Nigerld). Vegetdule oil mill company interested in importing
from the USA 10,000 mt of soybeans annually. The mill is well established
and is the second largest oil mill in Nigeria. quality approved USDA Grade
1, packaging in 50 kilo bags. Quote C&F Apapa & Port Harcourt. CONTACT:
Vithaldas L. dhruve, General Manager, Gusau Oil Mills, Ltd., P.O. dox 160,
Gusau, Sokoto State, Nigeria. Phone: GUSAU 6220.

3443 Poultry joint venture (,Wigeria). Interested in joint venture to expand
established poultry operation, wishes partner to provide financing and
technical assistance. Assess value of current operation is $120,000 which
hopefully will be doubled. One half acre fenced with seven buildings are
in operation. dank ref: Pan African BanK Ltd., 115 Douglas Rd, Owerri.
Contact: P.O. Kurumwune, Patok Poultry Farm, Umuezuo-Naze, Owerri, Imo
State, Nigeria.

3444 Livestock joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian farmer (retired army major)
interested in a joint venture to expand his integrated livestock (poultry
and nog) farm. Bank ref: National Bank, Jos. Contact: Major Al Akpuaka
(Rtd), Alpaks Farms, P.O. Box 1405, Jos, Nigeria. Phone: (073) 2615.

3445- Rice, evaporated milK (Nigeria). Interested in followingg commodities from
3446 USA: (1) rice-long grain parboiled 4% broken, 500 tons (2) evaporated
milK 9% butterfat, I/O grains 0U tons. Packaging of rice in double j.ute
bags. Quote C&F port Harcourt. Delivery February 1981. Bank ref: 1st
Bank, Jos. CONTACr: Johnson E. UKward, Intern'] Traders Investments Co.,
A7, Alikazarue St., Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

3447 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Interested in estaDishing a large scale
poultry farm on a joint venture basis. Interested U.S. companies should
contact SiKiru Kolawole Oyesomi, Atobatele Farm (Nig.) Enterprises, P.O.
Box. Bank ref: International Bank for West Africa Ikire, Oyo State.

344,3 o.Aitry ir. EfL jre ,N I'..ria,. "I teri- c .:3 ::. ,tn:- ,r:a 'u ci r ; .e,
manage and market no'ltry and oo0uitry prjaccts aru reecs itsn i ary ,u..
coikpany or organiz..tion. i r' : ... us, .ijeria. azC : -.-"J .T
Raji, Abdurabman Raji Enterprises, P.O. Box 1337, Jos, :igeria. Pnone:

3449 Re.. r ij it (Ekorea hants 4u -r nree color ,e.'iaie u, .male Jr, 1.-'
aark olue (female 20, male Ilu, ana 20 jf ckarx grey (female 20, male ij.
Stajulb oe a mnun:ns ala, s;:irL r lair (ujdr% a1e, iarv *;rej, Lnre oi-ar,
standard export packing. Delivers ena of january, requests ciLatals.
'.j.at- C&F Kiapo Airport. an r-ef: orlne&ig ank. Contact: i on
Cnhnd, TIewon Trading Company, C.P.O. Sax 3191, 3eoul, ,ored. Tele :
T-AU'ai N24;3j. a0ale=: cItATNS.tJ, SZjUL. Pri'ri: :-j

3450 Pistacnios (Ausiralia). Wants uncooKed pistacnijc nut in-snell, :o'itaI P
leads approS 4UUj rd-s of ,u J1 each, expor- ualitLy, Ge .-' e "- 5-
nalf (Oct/,ov) 1b81. Fumigation certificate, certificate of ;ri'V;
requireJ. Quote riFJ. L3n r-'f: aor:loondjealtr. Trading 3r"., ,_ .. :'-: a.jn
ST, Footscray Victoria, Australia 3011. Pnone: (03) 6bo911'. -,';,o:
L. ^raymon,3, Hjile Tra- in; Cc., 41 iureianc Sr, Fo'o scra- 'ii::- 3r ,
Austria. Telex: A36 73. GCaie: HUiLE, MELURE, AdSTRI. -..ne:
(Ji; 6a33/4 (*icaboajrne) .

3451- Aice, corn oil inglazii. Naris u,uOu tons Sj3 Liraae 2 r.ce. 4- ,i.
3452 broken grains, oacked in 45 Cg oags anr 600,uuO gallons pure canrr oil, 4
galions in e zrn :arton. 'iery SAP ujte ..sr uoai or u. anji.
Payment by irrevocable Letter of Credit. CONTAtCT: Mr. Knoury, Cniotone
Ltd., 231 jeyi.nuiur brove, a.'arn: ,=Lr Mid qS, Englaihd. TELLA aoioj;9.
Phone: 061 d81 2170.

j34r3 Linseed oil irngian j. ,iaics Juae juoileo -riseeld il, 5U-'iL tors
monthly, 70k linseco oil and J40 miinerai spirit. 6oilea Lu .Krin nijn
viscositj. PaCKC i~~sS inr 5 gallon d3rium .oiin air space; in -uo5j jall.-:i
steel drums. Delivery ASAP. quotations s &F Jedaan. Sank Aef: Naiional
Westri inster 6anr LT Coa:tacr : E.P. Fitsat,, tan rave Cne.icais L'.,
P.o. Box 2, Edenoridge, Kent, England. Telex: 9/7037. Pnore: o732

34'4- Co..fectiJnery, aiscouis, cracKers S.itzerlanoaj. Ianrlcs c.nsu,-.er size
3455 quantities of confectionery, biscuits, crackers, etc. Products must cromply
witn Swiss food and laoeliing requirenmits. .uoc.iaris Cir E.rcpc.e aar..
Bank ref: Credit Suisse, 6301 ZuG. Contact: Paul J. Egli, inter Consune-
uoods AG., GottiarGstirasse 3, Crd o3.j0 LUG, Swiicerlano. Telex: JodT-.
Pnone: 042 21 90 57.

3456- Pistacnio Muts (Engianra. dants urade A pistacnio n.ts, oa'i anj retai,
3457 packs. Quantity oepenuent on price. Delivery ASAP. Quotations C[F J.K.
port. daon ret: IdNatiunal aestininster danK LTJ. Contact: J. Zeolf,
Selfratex LTD., 14/16 Great Portlana Street, London ~It\ SAB, Engjani.
Pnone: 1/22.

3456- See-, pigs feet, eoiole oils, rice, sugar ELnglana). nants 3,, T.:
3462 refrigerated Donea oeef ana 200 'nt pigs feet, Dotn 73/o5 lear, factor,
packed in .j or i5 Kg. ooxes; i,udJ :r eaiole oils (pain ternjal, in Z,.,.
drums, No. 2 or better, packed in 43 gallon drums, weight 45J0 1. or _',j.1


kilos per drum; 20,000 mt long grain rice, No. 2, 4% broken, in 50kg. new
jute uags; anu eu,OOu nit sugar, No. e or better, poldrization 99.7, packed
in 50 Kg new jute bags. Quotes all products FOB U.S. Port (Gulf) and C&F
Te;r.a, Gridila, west Africa. 6ank ref: Barclays BanK LTD. Whetstone, London
N20. Contact: M.J.L. Demontoux, Trade Winds International LTD. 55
Chigwell Roao, Sougn Woouforu, Londun E18 ING, England. Phone: b95522/.

3463 Canned Pineapples (France). Wants canned sliced pineapples in syrup, max.
190 orix, 2,00Uu cases per year, fancy quality, cartons of Z4 cans 2 1/2 (8
slices), and cartons of 24 cans 2 (10 slices). Delivery spread over year.
Certificate of origin, French wording on labels to oe specified witn each
order. Quotations CIF Le Havre and CIF Marseille. Contact: Bernard
Lndteau, Directur, Agro Industrie Internaionale (International Irading
Agent), Tor Franklin, Cedex 11, 92081 Paris La Defense France. Telex: 611
lJo F. Pnorie: 776.42-21.

3464- Corned oeef, luncheon meat, frozen chicken, dried milk (Egypt). Wants
3467 corned beef 100 mt., luncheon meats 100 mt., frozen chicken 200 mt.,
and drieo milk 50 nit. All grade A pruaucts. Delivery ASAP. Chicken
should be slaughtered according to Islamic rites. Quotations CIF,
Alexandria. Bank ref: C&C Bank, Cairo. Contact: Adel Azmy, Impex Co.,
20, Ahmed Heshmat Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92505 ZMLEC-UN.
Attn: Adel Azmy. Caole: Impex Cairo, Egypt. Phone: 809966/30474.

3468 Mushrooms (Canada). Wants canned mushrooms mostly pieces and stems, 40,000
lb. truckloajs on a continuing basis. packaging institutional size (100 oz
cans), bilingual labelling (English, French). Quotations CIF Tornoto and
Montreal. Bank ref: Royal Bank of Canada, Downtown Branch, Toronto.
Contact: Mr. Peterson, A.S. May, Co. Ltd., 25 Overlea Blvd., #3
Tiiorncliffe Square, Toronto, Ontario M4H 1B1, Canada. Telex: 065-24068.
Phone: (416) 425-3030.

3469- Corn, soybean meal, soyedans, peanut kernels (Hong Kong). Wants 10,000 mt
3472 corn, 20,000 mt soybean meal, 50u mt soybeans, and 1,000 mt peanut
kernels. Any grade and any type of packaging. Delivery ASAP. Quotations
C&F Hong Kong. Bank ref: The Hong Kong and Shangnai Banking Corp.
Contact: K.b. Tao, Tai Hing International (rrcg) LTD, 308-9 International
bldg, 141 Des Voeux Rd Central, Hong Kong. Telex: 85267 TAI HI HX.
Phone: 5-437-191 or 5-457-191.

3473- Fruzen uroil.rs, eggs, chicKs (Hong Kong). Wants 10 mt weekly for first 3
3475 weeks and 30 mt weekly for 9 months frozen broilers without legs and head;
45 tons per month day old chicks; and 1,000 cases eggs. Quotations CIF
Dubai. Bank ref: The Hong Kong and Shanghia Banking Corp. Head Office, 1
Queen's Kd., Central Hong Kong. Contact: John S.P. Ling, Galaxy
Manufacturing Corp. (HK) Ltd, 10th FL., PC Leung Yam Tze Commercial Bldg,
17-23, Thomson Rd, Wancnai, Hong Kong. Telex: 73330 JSPL NX. Pnone:
5-280-951 and 5-281452.

3476 Mealworms (Englana). Wants mealworms (Tenebrio Meteor), living specimens
intended for bird food. Deliveries every two weeks or monthly beginning
ASAP. Quotations to suit supplier. dank ref: darclays Bank Ltd.
Contact: F. Meadin, Avian Research, 99 Blindman's Lane, Cheshunt, Herts
EN8 9UN, England. Phone: 01-a72 0231.

3477 Seeas (Japan;. ;reeas seeuS of gjard e fIijers, quaoLLity not je:er.,.ine, aDu
must be substantial quantities, aDpropriate packaging for export, iairediate
delivery. saminies a.u specific irforimatior, rea.ired. Quote cs? 3r :F.
Bans ref: BanK of nirosnima, riirosnima-Sni. Contact: Mr. Katsnori Sera,
0aityo Co., Ltj. i72-1, rocninuii1u.i.ats-Cno, nigasni-Hirosni.ra-Sni, -irosnima
Pref. Telex: o6bioo DAIKYO J. Cable: "PAiAYj SUAJOHIROSHIM ". Pnone:
(0824z) a-Jlli.

347$ Cattle (Pera). .iaits herzforu cattle, six yojng jills, 12-i3 morths ol0,
registered. Air snipienIs. Delivery ASAP. Must fulfill Peruvian nealtn
iiiport requirenierns. Seli-r req=uested to Pay all expenses iInter-natirnal
air ticket, food and lodging) for two people in charge of cattle
seiectiai;. interpreLe.' neeacj. q~ute FOS and/or CiF, oy plane,
International Airport, Callao, Peru. Bang ref: Banco InternaLional,
Caji.iarca, Peru; 6ai1,u j= brediLu, Lajaciarca, CerA. 'onriac-: ri. Emilio
Villanueva (Phone 234927), Director Je Crianzas, 'i.iisterio De Agricultjra
Y nliiientacijn, Av=niuia alverr S;'.,, Li..a 11, Peru. Pnone: -u3:.

3-7i Ti.aLto paste kCanauaj. nould like toLao oasLe, quantity 1,Luu,uuj
lbs/year, hign quality, 45 gallon drums, oulk. Time of delivery, all year,
nigher in winLer m;onirns. Usea for iiac;ins Sauces. Sank rei: Tornato
onmlnion, Fincn/Milvan Wescon. Contact: Doug Cronin, iatthew/-icavan
Enrtrprises Ltj., 17iu Dori:ili k3., r'ississauga, jntario, L5T iL6 Canada.
Telex: 983566. Pnone: (416; 671-3631.

346c Cattle .;exicoj. interested in Duying aairy cattle, 10 neifers, I Dull,
Swiss, Drea Ist time. Adaptaole to tropical climate. Quotations CIF
BorJer. ContacL: wODerto Yanes lizquez, dancna Rosa Eiia, Playa Caleta
407, Colonia Marte, Mexico 13, D.F. Phone: 579-35-37.

3481 darley !Soutn Africa). needs 16,000 tons of calling oarley, gooj-average
quality. Packed in BulK, on vessel to be cnartered oy Duyer. Delivery
approximately March 19o1. ;,eea specifications ,aitn hempnasis on moisture
content. Quotations FO6, stowed and trimmed on carter vessel. Sank ref:
6arclays dank, 6ramnfon-ein. Contact: Mr. Znarles Coe. Soutnern
Associated Malsters. P.O. Box 3902, Alrode 1451, Tranvaal, Soutn Africa.
Telex: o87l1. Pnone: O0rifJiNESJR6b 664-2014.

3482 Seeds (Pakistan). Woula like vegetable sees: peas meteror, turnips,
tomato, water anelui sugar Daay, radisn and pepper. Flower seeds for all
seasons. Delivery first during May-August and second SeptemDer-Decemter.
Request CsF Kardcni quotaLions aiin delivery schedule. Contact:
Salahuddin Arniad, Barkat Ali Salanudain Anmad and Co. Ltd, 25 Chemoerlain
Rd., Lanore, PaKistan. Laole: QuiCK. ..-.ORE. ?none: oo203.

3483- Frozen broilers, eigs (United Arab Emirates). Wants direct sale for resale
3484 for frozen chickens and egs. Contact: leanat Salama, P.O. duA 7054, iou
Ohabi, UAL. Telex: 23054.

3485- Frozeni Mexican fooas, corn flour (Swedenj. wants canned or ornerwise ready
348b packed, but not frozen, Mexican style food, and cornfiour. Both packed in
retail pacKdges. BanK ref: GotabanKen. Lontact: Leon Gerson, Alexander
Grunfeldt AB, Box 7571, S-1T3 93 Stocknolm, Sweaen. Telex: l1849 AGID S.
Pnonl: 03/ZZ 68 00.

3487- Beef and dairy cattle (Portugal). Wants 450 head dual purpose dairy and am
3438 beef cattle, purebred, best quality neifers, j-5 months pregnant (first
pregnancy). Delivery plane or snip load June-July 1981. Request
certification of 100% pureorea required by veterinarian officials.
Quotations CIF Lisbon. dank ref: Caixa Geral De Depositos, Rua Do
Calnariz, Lisjon. Contact: Jose Aluino Oe Macos Pereira, Soc.
Agro-Pecuaria international Lda., Ave. Joao De Deus, 51-4 Esq. 207U
Cartaxo, PortJgal. Telex: CARIAXU 723395.

3489 Soybean meal (United Kingdom). Requires 10 million mt bulk and bagged
soybean meal in new jute bays of 5U kg. Minimum 48V protein, maximum 2%
fat, max. 4.5% fiber. Prices CIF UK port. Contact: Bradley Johnson,
AZBY: Export & Import, Inc., P.O. Bux a372, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408,
USA. Phone: 612-726-1580.

3490 Seeds and seedlings (West Germany). Needs seeds and seedlings for American
Endemic trees, shrubbery, hedges, initially samples. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Stadt- Und Kreissparkasse Aschdffenourg. Contact: R. Krebs, Schloss
und Gartenverwaltung Aschaffenburg, Schlossplatz 4, 8750 Aschaffenburg.
Phunre: 22417.

3491 Egys (Egypt). Wisnes snell eggs, 30 million ggs, U.S. Grade A, weighing
40-45 grams, packed in cartons of 360 eggs each. To be shipped in two
equal consignments during January and February 1981. Government tender
witn closing date Tuesday, December 16, 1980. Quote CIF Alexandria. Bank
ref: Bank of Iran. Contact: Ashraf 0. 8aKir, Mrs. Khalda Salem Salah
Salem Co., 6, Ain-Shams St., Ain-Shams, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92435 URUEG
UN. Pnone: 861046/9b8051.

3492- Milk products, meats, fish, vegetables (Republic of Congo). Wants dried
3495 milk products, preserved meats and fish, canned mixed vegetables, beans and
dried vegetables in sacKS (of 5U Kg). Contact: Mr. Boutete, Director
General of the Comptoir Commercial Congolais B.P. 612, Brazzaville,
Republic of Congo. Telex: UCOBANK 5238 KG or ETACLO 3575.

3496 Frozen beef (Egypt). Requests bids for tender No. 44/1980 for 4,000 tons
plus or minus 10% frozen boneless beef, fore quarters and/or compensated
quarters, age 1-3 years and/or 3-5 years, 100% males, shipped to arrive
Egyptijn ports during March/April 1981 in 1 or 2 consignments. Offers
submitted latest noon Monday, December 22, 1980. Conditions & specs
available uelow address against payment due fees. Ministerial decree No.
1036/1978 concerning the commercial agency should be considered. Copy of
taxation card must be coupled wiLn submitted offer showing latest taxation
year. Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing
Committee for Animal Products, 24 El Gomhouria St., Cairo, Egypt. Telex:

3497 Turnkey operation-dairy farm (Egypt). Wishes to establish turnkey
operation for dairy farm and the breeding of dairy cattle. Existing farm
located in Bany Sowif, 134 Am South of Cairo. Public electricity and water
available. Need livestock, buildings, equipment, "know-now" and
management. Egyptian partner can ootain 65% of needed capitol. Request
response ASAP. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt, Heliopolis Branch.
Contact: Youssry lurdhim Arned, 27, non Sander St.., Sarae El Kooa, Cairo,
Egypt. Telex: 54565-SHRIEF UN. Atn: Youssry Ahmed. Phone: 862810


3496- Lentils, rea Kiarnej Jaas, popcurn (Coio.nia). ants 4'u tor.s lentils, 5-6
3500 mm, packed in new jute oags; small red and red kidney beans, 500 tons, U.S.
No i, i.i nelw jute udgS; and aopcor:., 200 tons, 6.S. export type, stajroara
packaging for export. Delivery all products January Feoruary 1981.
Pntosa .itary Ctr. i. Ldate issueu *y tne i.S. 'epar-.:,ent or agriculturee
requested. Quotations FUB Pacific ports. Bank ref: Banco Popular,
Sucursal Cafc.n. -..-'act: Silio .1ajnoz, -aja De LJanDensdcion Familiar,
Cafam, Calle 21 i4o. b8C-d5, P.O. Box 54650, Colloiia. Caole: ,rFAM.
Pi'.,-ie: e 600-46 3 jou l-A.

35Oi- Pulkes (Coli- iaji. aaa.' ud 'liit -ry whole green peas, "laska ql ana 2J0 nt
3502 dry whole yellow peas, AlasKa fl. Botn pacKed in new jute oags for
delivery Jani-cr-y-Fruruary 161d. .Requests pnytusanitary certificate issued
by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Quotations FGO Pacific ports. BanK
ref: Dancu Popular, Sucursal Cafaa.. contact : Siiviu Munoz, .ajd Je
Compensacion Familiar, Cafami, Calle 23 No. 68C-b5, P.O. Box 54050,
ColoIiuia. Cale: CrtFAM. hone: e't)o-46%5 0GOJTA.

3503 Sheep (Mexico). ants Suffolk sneep, Dreeding stocK, 40-50 ewes and 2
rains, age about i year QuotatioJ:. rFjb Ranch, or include transportation.
BanK ref: banK Scn, Mexico City. Contact: Francisco Borja, LlUvia 205,
: -xico 2J, O.F., .-lexico. Phone: 376-,5-22.

3504- Canned beef, butter, neat flour, soyDean meal and meat meal (Egypt). Wants
3508 to estaolisn contact witn suppliers of unspecified quantities of: canned
oeef (all types), butter, wheat flour, soybean meal, and meat meal. BanK
ref: rLyptian A-iiricn dank, Cairj, Egypt, and Suez Canal aa:,<, Cairo,
Egypt. Contact: Moiiaaed Sheta, President, or Ossama El Hosseiny,
CoGnrercial Manager, international Co;iipany for Co.~iercial Excian;es, c,
Kaser El Nil St., Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 350 INCOME UN. Caole: INCOME.
Pnane: 709Vy7.

3009 hon-fat ary inil, (,cgptj. dants non-rat dry milc, 4 mt, U.S. Grade m,
packed in plastic oags of 20 kg each. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF
Alexanuria. bank -ref: .*iir BanK, Main 3r&ncn, Cairo. Contact: Mona-Ted
Abdel Moniem Atta, Mohamed Abdel Moniem Atta Store, 49, Teraa Soulakia,
Snoubra, Cairo, Egypt. Pnone: 277937.

Foreign Trade Developments

The Japanese LivestocK industry Proiootion Corporation *LIPC) announced
purchases of b294 metric tons of frozen oeef on tne December 3, 1I60,
tender. uf this total, 2u06 metric tJns consisted of grainfed quality
beef. urainfed purchases were 403 metric tons of square cut cnucks, 205
metric tons of ariskets, 908.D metric tons of boneless short plates 99
metric tons of boneless striploin of a total of 1615..5 metric tons of nigh
quality jeef. in audition, a total of 390.5 metric tons of beef skirt
plate were purchase making a total grainfed purchase of 2006 metric tons.

Tne 7tn CHiIB-uSA lial Food Exaiinition. The Eastern U.S. Agricultural ano
Food Export Council, Inc. (EUSAFEC) and the Soutnern U.S. Trade
Association, Inc. iSuSTA) in cooperaLioi with tne Foreign Agricultural
service/U.S. Department of Agriculture, invites all United States firms in
the food industry to participate in the itn annual Fooo Exhioition, to De
held at the Rooerto Clemente Coliseum, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Saturday -


3Illi2ii II0905142
3 1202 09051 4281

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Monday, April 25-27, 1981. Products of interest to the Caribbean trade i
include fresn and frozen meats, poultry, vegeraoles and juices. Also,
complete retail and institutional packs for canned foods, cereals, smoked
mneats, siiacks, confectionery and other items normally offered for sale by
the United States. Interested firms should contact: Roy W. Copelan, Jr.,
Exhiuit Manager, j.C. iJepartmenL of Agriculture, P.O. Box 11280, Columbia,
South Carolina 29211, telephone (803) 758-3531, telex: 57-3401, or Henry
Behrens, Eastern J.S. Agricultural and Food Export Council, Inc., 2 World
Trade Center, Room 5095, New York, New York 10047, telephone (212)
4j3-002u, or HerD Stone, SUSTA, Suite 338 International Trade Mart, New
Orleans, Louisiana 70130, telephone: (504) 568-5986, telex: 585319 SUSTA

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