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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture,
S Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250.

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. 1202) 447-7103.

'HL, :Y

May 9, 1983

Canned beef, mutton and salted butter (Hong Kong). Wants corned beef in 12
oz. round cans, corned mutton in 12 oz. round cans, and salted butter in
packets of 125 gi, 250 gm, & 500 gm. Container lots, average grade.
Delivery ASAP. Quotations C&F Suva, Fiji Islands. Bank ref: The Hong Kong
and Shanghai Banking Corp. CONTACT: Ramesh Chandra, Bhanabhai & Co. (H.K).
Ltd., 31 Lyndhurst Terrace, Ground Floor, Central, G.P.O. Box 4012, Hong
Kong. TELEX: 75248 BHANA HX. Phone: 5-458073. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0084)

Dairy farm operation (Saudi Arabia). Owner of a Saudi firm that represents
Toyota and Toshiba in Najran intends to erect a fully equipped dairy farm
suitable for 500 head of dairy cattle with a small dairy for manufacture of
dairy products. Feed will be imported. Construction is to begin in October
1983. They are interested in receiving bids on this project on a turnkey
basis. Firms interested in this project should write or telex address
below. CONTACT: Hussain Daghmol, Hatem Daghmol Al Hutailah, P.O. Box 48,
Najran, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 921112 DOGMAL SJ. Phone: 5421924/5421513.
(WK: 17/TOFAS 0054)

Bull semen (Tunisia). Wants semen from proven bulls, 30,000 doses Holstein
breed, 10,000 from min of 5 bulls PDM 1500 Ibs or 682 kgs; milk index: 70%,
PDF plus 30 Ibs or 13.6 kgs, 20,000 from min of 10 bulls, PDM 1000 Ibs or
555 kgs.; milk index: 701, PDF: plus 40 Ibs of 18 kgs. Also wants 5,000
doses Brown-Swiss breed from min 5 bulls, PDM-800 Ibs of 364 kgs, milk index:
70%, PDF plus 40 Ibs or 18 kgs. Packed in liquid nitrogen tanks containing
5,000 doses ea in straws 0.25 of 0.50CC. Delivery June-July '83. Tender
documents available Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division (FAS) on (202)
447-3899. Live cells after thawing of semen in water (35 degrees
centigrade): 15 million live cells per dose. Quote FOB Airport of loading &
CAF Tunis Carthage Airport. Bank ref: Banque Natinale De Tunisie.
CONTACT: President & Dir Gen, Office De L'Elevage Et Des Paturages, 30, Rue
Alain Savary, 1002 Tunis, Tunisia. TELEX: 12185 OFELPA. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0065)

Protein feed concentrates (Syria). Iraq State Establishment for Feed request
Inquiries from serious U.S. suppliers of protein feed concentrates. Iraq has
been granted 10 million dollars under USDA blended credit program for the
purchase of protein feed concentrates. Full product specs, quantities and-

~" I

other contract requirements available upon request. CONTACT: Dr. Badi Kado,
Dir. General, State Establishment for Feed, P.O. Box 17, New Baghdad, Syria.
TELEX: 212345 ALFA IK. Cable: ALAF BAGHDAD. Phone: 7714531. (WK:
17/STATE 1128)

Silver fox (Korea). Wants silver fox, maximum 200 head, male and female
ratio: 1:3; Fur color: silver white; age: either 3 months or 12 months old.
Standard livestock shipping method. Time of delivery will be decided upon
signing the contract. Animal health certificate and other necessary
documents for Korean vet. quarantine. Quotations CIF Kimhae airport for 20
HD, 50 HD, 100 HD & 200 HD each. Bank ref: Foreign Exchange Bank, Main
Pusan Branch, Pusan, Korea. CONTACT: Mr. Lee, Kyung Hee, Jang-Pyung Co.,
Ltd., Rm. 401, Dong Yang Bldg., 30-7, 4-KA, Choongang-Dong, Chung-Ku, Pusan,
Korea. TELEX: K-3728 KTA BSN, ATTN: JPB. Cable: JANGPYUNG. Phone:
Pusan (051) 44-6515 or 6516. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0049)

Seafoods, canned fruits (Belgium). Wants canned seafood (salmon), canned
peaches, prunes (raisin), first quality. Packed in canned &/or cellophane
packed. Delivery throughout the year. Quotations CIF, C&F, FOB Antwerp.
CONTACT: Mr. Rathe, Director, S.C. Setco, Boulevard Brand Whitlock 111, BTE
23, B-1200 Brussels, Belgium. TELEX: 61583. Phone: 02/734 74 35. (WK:
17/TOFAS 0054)

Sugar, poultry, eggs, rice, corn (England). Wants sugar 100,000 mt in 50
kilo bags; chicken 10,000 tons Halal killed 800-1200 grams without giblets;
eggs 7,000,000 dozen cases; rice 100,000 mt and yellow corn. Quality:
best. Quotations CIF, Alex and Kuwait. Delivery ASAP immediate shipment.
Bank ref: Barclays Bank Int., Graves End, London. CONTACT: Mr. D. Cliff,
D. W. Cliff Enterprises, 66 Westwood, Golcar, Huddersfield, Yorks, England.
Phone: 0484 845797. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0261)

Baking powder, custard powder (England). Wants baking powder in bulk packs
for repacking required for bread and cake making and industrial and
catering use, also wants custard powder. Quantity: approx 10/20 mt per month
each. Standard quality. Packaging in bulk packs of 50 kgs bags or big drums
as available. Quotations C&F Lagos/Apapa, Nigeria. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Johnson Matthey Bankers Ltd., 5 Lloyds Avenue, London EC3N 3DB.
CONTACT: Mr. H. Thadhani, Deesham Finance Limited, Suite 232, Grand
Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N SEP, England. TELEX: 8953313.
Phone: 01 930 2276. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0262)

Walnuts, pecans (England). Wants walnuts in shell, 40 ft container lots,
Hartley and Franquette in jumbo and large sizes. Packed in 50 lb or 25 kilo
bags. Also wants pecans in shell, container loads 20 ft and 40 ft, Stuart No
1, large, extra large and red tinted. Packed in 25 lb gross bags.
Quotations C&F UK port; C&F Rotterdam. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National
Westminster Bank Ltd., 41 Lothbury, London EC2. CONTACT: Mr. N. Markarian,
Foreign Trading Agency Limited, 2-4 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1A1, England.
TELEX: 885041. Phone: 01 623 3311. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0263)

Nuts (Spain). Wants unshelled nuts. Almonds, walnuts and peanuts, one
container every three months, packed in bags. Quotations FOB. Delivery to
be determined. Bank ref: Exteriro De Espana. CONTACT: Eulogio Garcia
Delgado, Comercial Eugade, S.A., Santa Rosa De Lima, 2, Santa Cruz De
Tenerife, Spain. TELEX: 92277 EUGA E. Cable: EUGADE. Phone: (922) 28 51
09. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0100)

Livestock feeds and cassava production joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian
company interested in joint venture with U.S. partners) for the production
of cassava and livestock feeds in Otete, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Three
hundred hectares of land is available and partners) will be required for
management, equity participation, technical assistance, raw materials supply
and company specialization. Equity participation will be 60% Nigerian & 40%
foreign. Total equity investment envisaged will be 18 million dollars. Bank
ref: Savannah Bank, Port Harcourt. CONTACT: Mr. R. G. Cookey, Managing
Dir., Temscon, 70 Creek Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Phone:
(084) 332-553. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0074)

Fresh fruit (Spain). Wants apples and pears and other fresh fruit.
Quantity: 800 1,000 t per month. Variety: Golden, and Starking FDR
apples, Bosc and Conference FDR pears. Quotations FOB. Delivery to be
determined. Bank ref: Exteriro De Espana. CONTACT: Eulogio Garcia
Delgado, Comercial Eugade, S.A., Santa Rose De Lima, 2 Santa Cruz De
Tenerife, Spain. TELEX: 92277 EUGA E. Cable: EUGADE. Phone: (922) 28 51
09 (WK: 17/TOFAS 0099)

Onions, oranges (England). Wants onions Texas, hard and good keeping,
jumbo, 75-88 mm & 80-90 mm. Packed in 50 lb bags. Also interested in
Valencia oranges from Arizona, 70/88 size, fancy grade, packed in bulk.
Shipments container loads. Quotations C&F Felixstowe. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Coutts & Co., Ltd., 440 Strand, London W2. CONTACT: Mr. A. K.
Ballantine, A. K. Ballantine & Co., Ltd., Guildford Road, Pirbright, Woking,
Surrey GU24, England. Cable: FRUITFUL LONDON. Phone: 048 672 364. (WK:
17/TOFAS 0264)

Reptiles, parrots (England). Wants reptiles and parrots. Quantity: as many
as possible for each animal. Quality: best good condition. Quotations
FOB. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd., 42 High
Street, Epsom, Surrey. CONTACT: Mr. Burden, Victel Zoological Imp/Exp. Co.,
Ltd., 134 Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, England. TELEX: 893132 VICTEL G (not
yet operational). Phone: 01 399 6595. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0265)

Soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower and safflower oils (England). Wants
soybean, peanut, sunflower and safflower oils. Quantity 20 ft container
loads. Quality U.S. standard 103/3C. Packaging in 18 litre cans.
Quotations C&F Australian Main Ports. Delivery ASAP. CONTACT: Mr. W. A.
Paterson, Robert Vanderpump & Co., Ltd., Woodrooffe, Clarks Farm Road, Lt.
Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex CM3, England. TELEX: 99278 G. Phone: 0245 41
5966. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0266)

Sesame seeds (England). Wants hulled clean white sesame seeds. Quantity:
approx. 50 tons per annum in either 12.5 or 15 ton shipments. Quality: at
least 95% must be white. Packaging either 25 or 50 kilogram bags or 50 or
100 lb bags. Quotations CIF prices at any UK port. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Bank of Credit & Commerce Int, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton.
CONTACT: Arshad Farooq, Asian Sweet Centre, 72 Leicester Street, Whitmore
Reans, Wolverhamton, England. Phone: 0902 20945 or 0902 23873. (WK:
17/TOFAS 0267)

Reptiles and amphibians (England). Wants reptiles and amphibians, up to 100
of each species. Quality: adults. Packaging air freight container loads.
Quotations UK Port. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd., Ludgate

Hill, London EC4. CONTACT: Mr. W. N. Adams, W. N. Adams & Co., Ltd., 3
Talltrees, Pollards Hill South, Norbury, London SW16, England. Phone: 01
679 6901. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0268)

Popping corn (England). Wants popping corn. Quantity to be determined.
Quality best Packaging in bulk and retail. Quotations UK Port. Delivery
ASAP. Bank ref: Barclays Bank plc, 37 Park Row, Leeds LS1 1HS. CONTACT:
Michael Land, Playtime Foods Ltd., Sizers Court, Henshaw Lane, Yeadon, Leeds
LS19, England. TELEX: 557822. Phone: 0532 504339. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0269)

Seeds, dried peas (England). Wants seeds for sowing and dried peas.
Quantity to be determined. Quality best. Packaging bulk. Quotations UK
Port. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Midland Bank plc, Sleaford, Lincs.
CONTACT: Charles Sharpe & Co. plc, Boston Road, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 7HA,
England. TELEX: 37189. Phone: 0529 304511. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0270)

Radish seed (Japan). Wants radish seeds of any kind, approx. 1.5 tons,
preferably with germination rate of over 95% or over 85%, meeting
international standards. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Moji, Japan. Bank
ref: Sumitomo Bank, Fukuoka Branch Office, 4-1 Tsunaba-Cho, Hakata-Ku,
Fukuoka City 813 Japan. CONTACT: Takumi Yahata, Managing Dir., Fukuoka
Marumoto Co., Ltd, 2-17-8 Yoshizuka, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka City 812, Japan.
TELEX: 722215 MARUF J. Cable: FUKUMARU FUKUOKA. Phone: 092-611-4661.
(WK: 17/TOFAS 0151)

Wood veneer, white oak (Belgium). Wants wood veneers, white oak, one
container per month. Good log run, 12 feet and plus. Delivery ASAP.
Quotations CIF Antwerp. Bank ref: Kredietbank, Mechelen. CONTACT: Walter
Volkaert, N. V. Houthandel W. Volkaert, Noordveld 26, B-2800 Walem/Mechelen,
Belgium. TELEX: 26861. Phone: 015/21 85 26. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0056)

Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants solvent extracted soybean meal; dehulled,
protein 44% min; and protein 48% min. Packed in 50 kg jute bags net.
Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Alex. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt.
CONTACT: Saad El Oraby, D.G. of Prodution, The Egyptian Poultry Co., 8,
Mourad St. Guiza, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 98846 CHICK-UN. Phone: 720391.
(WK: 17/TOFAS 0129)

Apple juice (Canada). Wants pure apple juice. Quantity carloads. Packaging
in retail cans. Must be able to meet Canadian labeling requirements. Firm
is buyer for large Western Canadian supermarket. Sales area Winnipeg to
Victoria. Bank ref upon on request. CONTACT: Rick Purdom, Western
Commodities Ltd., 737 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster, B.C. V3M 1E6, Mail
to: P.O. Box 818, New Westminster, B.C. V3L 4Z8, Canada. TELEX: 04-351452
(ANSWERBACK 'WESCOM NWR'). Phone: (604) 526-4851. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0042)

Brown Swiss cattle (Colombia). Wants Brown Swiss cattle, 68 heifers,
pregnant, and two 1-year old bulls. Good quality. Delivery in 4 months.
GOC Agricultural Institute sanitary requirements must be met. Quotations FOB
U.S. Port (shipped by airplane to Bogota). Bank ref: Banco Ganadero -
Niza. CONTACT: Jose J. Rojas, Transversal 26, No. 53B-59, Bogota, Colombia.
Phone: 235-3313. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0091)

Brown Swiss heifers (Colombia). Wants Brown Swiss, first calf, bred heifers,
60 head, purebred, dams, very good and good. Delivery ASAP. Must meet
phytosanitary requirements for Colombia. Quotations C&F Bogota air. Bank

ref: Caje DeCredito Agrario Facatativa, Phone: 9810, 3223, and Banco
Royal of Colombia Bogota. CONTACT: Enrique Ospina Lopez, Private Firm,
Calle 5C No. 74-38, Barrio Mandalay, Bogota, Colombia. Phone: 273-8383.
(WK: 17/TOFAS 0090)

Sales agent/representation (Egypt). Well known Egyptian businessman and
member of Shoura Council (advisors to the president) seeks sales ,
agent/representation arrangement with U.S. suppliers of soybean meal.
Interested firms should write or cable: CONTACT: Mohamed A. Korachi, 11,
Saraya El Azbakia Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 93060 GIFAM UN. Cable:
GICONILE CAIRO. Phone: 935861. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0128)

Prime beef, eggs, mutton (Netherlands). Wants 40,000 mt prime beef, 501 with
bone, 50% without bone. Quality: in sides. Samples need to be sent in
advance. Quotes FOB U.S. Gulf or East Coast. Also wants 4.5 million fresh
eggs, standard size and 60,000 mt mutton, slaughtered according to Muslum
specs. Delivery ASAP. CONTACT.: Abdul Jabbar, Sayid Trading Agency, Leyweg
560, The Hague, Netherlands. TELEX: 32161. Phone: 70-212127. (WK:
17/TOFAS 0175)

Kosher foods (South Africa). Wants full range of specialty kosher products.
Quantity not yet known but required for passover and year round use. Top
quality. Packaging as appropriate. Response needed soonest. Labeling
according to R.S.A. weight standards. Bank ref: Trust Bank of Africa, Eloff
Street, Johannesburg. CONTACT: Geoff Kahn, Pick and Pay Retailers (PTY)
Ltd., P. 0. Box 908, Bedfordview 2008, South Africa. TELEX: 4-21340.
Phone: (011) 53-9550. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0052)

Oats (Ecuador). Wants oats, 25,000 tons, USDA No. 1 suitable for human
consumption. Packed in standard bags. Delivery August or September.
Suitable for "Quaker Oats" formula preparation (to be distributed under their
local franchise). Quotations FOB Gulf, or C&F Guayaquil. Bank ref: Central
Bank, Avem 10 De Agosto Y Briceno, Quito-Ecuador (under CCC-GSM 102
program). CONTACT: Richard Watt, Industrial Molinera, 18 De Septiembre 1014
Y Versalles, Casilla 181, Quito, Ecuador. TELEX: 022583. Phone: 5518-822,
232-536. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0082)

Raw hides (Ecuador). Wants raw hides 50,000, cattle and sheep hides. Packed
in containers, for delivery June or July. Quotations C&F Guayaquil or FOB
USA. Bank ref: Banco Central, Av. 10 De Agosto Y Briceno, Quito, Ecuador.
CONTACT: Fabian Izurieta, Afaca, Alemania 150 Y 6 De Diciembre, Quito,
Ecuador. TELEX: 2720. Phone: 451-461. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0084)

Representative for seeds (Ecuador). Reportedly firm represents large
mixed-feed manufacturing industry and would like to represent U.S. firms
which export corn, soybeans and sorghum seeds. Willing to do the testing of
the seeds locally to obtain GOE registration so that seeds may be eventually
imported. Interested U.S. seed companies are requested to send information
for lines of soybean, corn and sorghum seeds adapted to tropical conditions.
CONTACT: Carlos Piana, Oleica S.A., Casilla 3228, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
TELEX: 3214. Phone: 351-300. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0081)

Food processing joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company interested in
joint venture with U.S. partner (s) in a food processing project for the
production of breakfast cereals and snack foods. Feasibility study is
already completed. Partner (s) will be required for equity participation,

technical assistance and company specialization. Equity participation will
be 60% Nigerian and 40% foreign. Total equity investment envisaged will be
about 1.9 million dollars. Bank ref: International Merchant Bank (Nig.)
Ltd., 77, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi/Lagos & Union Bank of Nigeria, Ilupeju Branch,
Lagos. CONTACT: Dr. J. K. Ladipo, Lisabi Mills (Nig) Ltd., P.O. Box 404,
Yaba/Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: (01) 960102. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0076)

Squab (Canada). Wants fresh or frozen squab (Pigeon). Quantity to be
determined. Packaging wholesale. Product must be eligible to export to
Canada. Wishes price quotations. Bank ref upon request. CONTACT: Henry
Slipacoff, Slipacoff Meats, 56 By-Ward Market, Ottawa, Ontario Kin 7A2,
Canada. Phone: (613) 234-6494. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0044)

Soybean lecithin (W. Germany). Wants soybean-lecithin, 50 tons/yearly.
Quality: acetone insoluble min 60%; moisture max 1%; ether soluble 0.4% max;
acid value 38 max. Packaging: open-top drums of 200 kg. Quotations C&F.
Delivery date upon request but approx. every 9 months. Bank ref: Deutsche
Bank Ag, 5300 Bonn-Beuel. CONTACT: H. Muckenfuss, Bernd Schwegmann GMBH &
Co. Kg, Buchenweg 1, 5300 Bonn 3, West Germany. Phone: (228) 46 10 64.
(WK: 17/TOFAS 0051)

Lumber (Italy). Wants Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow pine, Pitch pine,
hardwood and softwood particle board veneer prefinished parquet
flooring. Quantity, quality, packaging quotations and delivery to be
determined. Bank ref: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro, 00100 Roma. CONTACT:
Sergio Bernardini, Falegnameria Bernardini Fabio, Via Della Cisternola 67,
00155 Roma, Italy. TELEX: 612056. Phone: (06) 221795. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0025)

Wetblue calf skins (Italy). Wants wetblue calf skins (from 6 to 18 feet),
quantity, quality, and packaging to be determined. Quotations CIF Italy.
Bank ref: Banca Toscana, 56022 Castelfranco Di Sotto, Pisa. CONTACT:
Antonio Baldelli, Conceria Vessel S.P.A., Via 1 Maggio, 1, 56022 Castelfranco
Di Sotti, Pisa, Italy. TELEX: 500076. Phone: 0571-479702. (WK: 17/TOFAS

Soy lecithin (Italy). Wants 15 mt soy lecithin for human consumption,
granulated. Quality to be determined. Packaged in 50 kilogram sacks or 6
kilogram tins. Quotations CIF Trieste. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Banco Di
Roma, 34100 Trieste. CONTACT: Mr. D'Eliso, Camexco Italarts S.S.M., Via
Della Geppa 8, 34132 Trieste, Italy. TELEX: 460102 CAMIT I. Phone:
040-60885/60820. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0023)

Cascara Segrada (Italy). Wants cascara segrada (the dried bark of cascara
buck-horn also called Chittam bark). Quantity: 5,000 kilograms for initial
shipment. Quality and packaging to be determined. Quotations CIF Milano.
Company interested in becoming sole agent for Italy, and maintaining
continuing relationship with reliable U.S. export. Bank ref: Credito
Commercial, 20100 Milano. CONTACT: Paolo Santambrogio, Luigi E Felice
Locatelli S.R.L., Via Francesco Ferrucci 6, 20100 Milano, Italy. TELEX:
331620 CASTUM. Phone: 02-3182784. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0022)

Pig skin, rabbit hair (Taiwan). Wants pigskin, wet salted or brine cured, A
or B grade, and rabbit hair: super, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades. Quantity for both
20 ft container loads. Supplier to specify packaging. Prompt delivery.
Quotations C&F Taiwan port basis. Bank ref: The Shanghai Commercial and


Savings Bank, Cheng Chung, Branch, 28, Kuan Chien Road, Taipei, Taiwan.
CONTACT: Ms. Hsin ro Mr. Chang, United Polyasia Co., Ltd., 4th Floor, San
Sui Buildings, 133, Yen Jih Street, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX: 21085 UNIASIA.
Cable: UNIASIA. Phone: 02-7113706-7, 711-3713, 7116356, 752-6360 &
721-6203. (WK: 17/STATE 0049)

Eggs (Iraq). Wishes to establish U.S. source of eggs for the government of
Iraq. Has standing order for 450,000,000 eggs. Would like to consider price
offers from U.S. suppliers. Quote CIF Iraq. Payment for eggs according to
firm, guaranteed by the Central Bank of Iraq in conjunction with Chase
Manhattan Bank. CONTACT: Abdul Raouf Bashnaq, Baghdad Office Manager,
Abdullah Establishment for Trade, P.O. Box 5, Jidda, Saudi Arabia. Phone:
642-6998. TELEX: 401504 FISINA SJ or in Baghdad on Phone: 7762125. TELEX:
213493. (NK: 17/TOFAS 0056)

Barley (Ecuador). Wants 10,000 tons (June) and 10,000 tons (Sept.) barley,
clipper 2 or equivalent regular packaging. Delivery June or September.
Malting barley, less than 12% humidity. Quotations C&F Guayaquil and FOB
U.S. Bank ref: Banco Del Pacifico, Av. Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador; Banco
Central, 10 De Agosto Y Briceno, Quito-Ecuador. CONTACT: Ing. Benigno
Sotomayor, Cerveceria Andina, Casilla 4027, Quito, Ecuador. Cable: CUMBAYA.
Phone: 355-030, 355-155; 355-116. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0087)

Bee pollen (Japan). Wants bee pollen, 5,000 kgs per year. Products must be
collected from flower, "Acacia Farnesiana Wild" of pure U.S. origin.
Appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
Quotations C&F Kobe. Bank ref: Fuji Bank Kobe Branch, Kobe. CONTACT:
Hideaki Izukura, Nagaoka & Co., Ltd., 1-34, Konan-Cho 1-Chome, Higashi
Nada-Ku, Kobe, Japan. TELEX: J-78771 CRYSTAL. Cable: PYRETHRUM KOBE.
Phone: (078) 451-3661. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0333)

Cowhides (Japan). Wants cowhides, wet blue split (full butt) for making shoe
uppers & handbags. Wants 600,000 cowhides per year, thickness: over 1.6 mm
width: from 10 to 11 square feet, shaving: one side and/or both sides.
Quality: top quality. Appropriate packaging for export. Immediate delivery
by surface shipment to Pusan, Korea. Quote CIF Pusan, Korea. Bank ref:
Taiyo Kobe Bank Himeji-Nishi Branch. CONTACT: Toshiyuki Watanabe, Nikkaku
Co., Ltd., 665-3, Kitahirano-Cho, Himeji-Shi, Hyogo-Ken, Japan. TELEX:
5772-410 NIKKAKU J. Cable: "NABESAN-HIMEJI". Phone: 0792-82 2816. (WK:
17/TOFAS 0334)

Specialty foods (Canada). Wants pre-packaged freeze-dried entrees and
meals. Also rice and frozen chicken. Quantity: containers. Freeze dried
food for institutional market. Quotations: Middle East destinations. Bank
ref upon request. CONTACT: Mr. H. Tourikian, Tourik Canada Ltd., 1110
Shephard Ave. East Suite-209, Willowdale, Ontario M2K 2W2, Canada. TELEX:
06-986766. Phone: (416) 226-9050. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0045)

Prunes (Japan). Wants trial shipment of about $20,000 worth of prunes.
Specific information about quality is required. Packed in carton boxes, 30
lbs. to a carton box. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations
C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Kandabashi Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT:
Katsumi Ishii, Hdriuchi Trading Co., Ltd., c/o Shinsho Kanda Bldg., 2-17-6,
Tsukasa-Cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: HORIM J29378. Cable:
"HORIMICALS" TOKYO. Phone: (03) 293-0966/7. (WK: 17/TOFAS 0330)

Wheat germ (Switzerland). Looking for wheat germ suppliers who can furnish
product that meets following specific requirements: Biological wheat: wheat
that has grown without utilization of chemical fertilizer. Thus, the plant
has grown without the help of any chemcial inputs such as pesticides and
preservatives. Certification of the analysis required. Delivered in
containers of 250 and 500 grams, vacuum-packed, allowing a minimum product
freshness of one year. The canning has to be done immediately after the
extraction of the wheat germ. Quantities: around 2-5 mt per month. Price
quotation CIF border Switzerland. CONTACT: Marcel Grisel, Delta Dietetic
Grisel & CIE, Ambassade Des Etats-Unis, d'Amerique, Jubilaumsstrasse, 93,
3005 Berne, Switzerland. Phone: 038/63 33 33. (WK: 17/AIRCOMM)

Cowhide (Hong Kong). Wants cowhide grain leather scraps from upholstery and
garment leather, size min. 5" x 8" per Pc., without attachments & string nor
other substance, various colors acceptable except red, silver and black, 2
containers per month. Soft, suitable for work glove manufacture. Packed in
strong export cartons. Delivery ASAP. Quotes FOB East/West Coast Ports &
C&F Hong Kong in per lb. unit. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris.
CONTACT: Henry Chan, Heun Kai Trading Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 80371, Cheung Sha
Wan, Hong Kong. TELEX: 54692 HEUNK HX. Phone: 3-7415623. (WK: 17/TOFAS

Foreign Trade Development

Expovin '83. We have been advised that Expovin Australia PTY. LTD. is sponsoring the
8th International Exhibition for Wines and Associated Products, scheduled for October
11-15, 1983. This exhibition offers U.S. exporters the opportunity to promote their
product in a continually growing region. U.S. firms interested in exhibiting should
contact the following for further information:

John Kelly or Johnnie Walker
Expovin Australia PTY. LTD.
Exhibition House, First Floor
102 Chapel Street
St. Kilda East
Victoria 3183
Melbourne, Australia

Telephone: (03) 534-0267
Telex: AA37528 (MATRIX)


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural Service can provide
you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or potential foreign food importers.
The domestic and foreign data bases have been under development for the last two
years and are being constantly updated. For a nominal service charge we can provide
you with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and telex numbers of domestic
exporters and potential foreign importers for a wide range of commodities. If you

would like more Information please write to the address below and indicate your
preference for foreign or domestic data. In supplying the mailing lists, the
Department of Agriculture nor the Foreign Agricultural Service does not guarantee
reliability of the domestic suppliers or foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, 4549-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250

Notice of Foreig Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As required of all
signatories to the GATT Standards Code, the following notifications of foreign
proposed standards-related rules have been provided for the information and comment
of interested agencies and firms. The Technical Office invites inquiries from anyone
who believes that any of the proposed regulations notified under this heading could
cause a trade problem. Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical
Office, Room 5530, South Agriculture Building, Washington, D.C. 20250; or phone
(202) 382-1318. Anyone interested in commenting on the proposals should include the
TBT Notification Number in their communication.

Japan TBT Notification 83.64 The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock
Industry Bureau, Commercial Feed Division, has proposed an amendment to the
regulation concerning the specifications for ingredients of feeds and feed additives
which would: (1) Designate Lasalocide Sodium and Bicozamycin as new feed additives
and establish the specification on. ingredients and the standard of manufacturing
process. (2) Delete such feed additives as Robenidine Hydrochloride, Carbadox,
Dinitolmide, Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride, Kasugamycin Hydrochloride, Quebemycin
Sodium, Kanamycin Sulphate from the designation. (3) Amend the amounts of Clopidol
and Nicarbozine which can be used in feeds for poultry. The objective and rationale
for this proposal is safety assurance and quality improvement of feed. Final date
for comments is June 20, 1983.

Japan TBT Notification 83.67 The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare,
Environmental Health Bureau, Food Chemistry Division, has proposed an amendment to
the enforcement regulation of food sanitation law, amendment to the standards and
specifications of food, food additives, etc. by designating the following as food
additives: Silicon Dioxide, Zinc Sulphate, Ferrous Gluconate, Propionic Acid,
Aspartame, Cupric Gluconate, Titaniun Dioxide, Cupric Sulphate, Zinc Gulconate,
Adipic Acid and Isoprophyl Citrate. There shall be established standards for usage
and specifications regarding the composition of each food additive listed. The
objective and rationale for this proposal is public health. Final date for comments
is June 30, 1983.

Japan TBT Notification 83.68 The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare,
Environmental Health Bureau, Food Chemistry Division, has proposed an amendment to
the standards and specification of food, food additives, etc. to: (1) Permit the
usage of Sodium Bisulphite, Sodium Sulphite (crystal and anhydrous), Sodium
Hyposulphite, Sulphur Dioxide, Potassium Tetrabisulphite. (2) Permit the usage of
Benzoic Acid, Sodim Benzoate, Sorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate in margarine. The
total amount of these additives shall be not more than 1 gram per 1 kilogram of

margarine. (The amount of Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate shall be calculated
in terms of Benzoic Acid and Sorbic Acid respectively). (3) Permit the usage of
Sorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate in cream used for confectionery. The amount of
these additives shall be not more that 1 gram per 1 kilogram of cream. (4) Permit
the usage of Sorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Propionic Acid, Sodium Propionate and
Calcium Propionate in cheese. The amount of these additives shall be not more than 3
grams per 1 kilografm of cheese. (The amount of Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Propionate
and Calcium Propionate shall be calculated in terms of Sorbic Acid and Propionic Acid
respectively). (5) Permit the usage of Sodium Nitrite in cod roe. It shall be used
so that the residual nitrites do not exceed 5 milograms per 1 kilogram of cod roe.
(6) Amend the specification of composition of Sodium Citrate. The objective and
rationale for this proposal is public health. Final date for comments is June 30,

In an effort to provide our subscribers with better information we have included in
this weeks Export Briefs a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing or
analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and Marketing
Programs division for assistance. If you have a trade policy related question please
contact the appropriate division in International Trade Policy.



Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division
Director 6616-S 447-8031
Deputy Director for Marketing 6616-S 447-3899
Deputy Director for Analysis 6616-S 447-7217

Grain & Feed Division
Director 5603-S 447-6219
Deputy Director for Marketing 5603-S 447-4168
Deputy Director for Analysis 5603-S 475-4200

Horticulture & Tropical Products Division
Director 6603-S 447-6590
Deputy Director for Marketing 6603-S 447-7931
Deputy Director for Analysis 6603-S 382-8895

Oilseeds & Products Division
Director 5646-S 447-7037
Deputy Director for Marketing 5646-S 447-8809
Deputy Director for Analysis 5646-S 382-0142

Tobacco, Cotton & Seeds Division
Director 5932-S 382-9516
Deputy Director for Marketing 5932-S 382-9523
Deputy Director for Analysis 5932-S 382-9518

Forest Products Staff
Starf director 4554-S 382-8138
Deputy Director for Marketing 4554-S 382-9331
Deputy Director for Analysis 4554-S 382-1296


Trade Policy Planning & Analysis Division 5530-S 382-1312

Inter-America & Western Europe Division 5506-S 382-1338

Asia, Africa & Eastern Europe Division 5548-S 382-1289




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