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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The foIolwing tde items have been pthered from Agricultura Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exported of food and agiculural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agiculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer Your best source for further information on
dtM wa de lads is e listed foreign frmn origmaing the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Saic Diviion. FAS. (202) 447-7103. _- -


SJanuary ??, 1PP?

0074 Pice (France). In the market for rice, long grain white, brown, and
parboiled. 'eed FO mt. per month (aprox). Want Grade A and shipment in
paper or polypropylene 50 kg. bags. Desire Certificate of Crigin. No
special marking or labelling necessary. Ouote: CFF and FOP. Bank ref:
Credit Industriel Pe L'Ouest, 4 Pue Voltainp LX, 44040 Nantes Cedek. Or
Banque rationale De Paris, P P'u Lafayette, LP X, 44040 Nantes Cedek.
Contact: Mr. Mahe, Purchase and Transportation Department, Tipiak, S.A.,
P.P. F, 44PFO Pont Saint Martin, France. Telex: 71CO0F F. Phone: (40)

007F Corn starch (West Germany). Wants to buy type ?005 granulated corn starch in
institutional packs. Quantity: Five mt. for pilot order. Need ASAP.
Quote: rIF Hamburg or FOB U.S. port. Bank ref: Commerzbank AG, D-3
Hannover W Germany. Contact: Hans Joachim Lummert, Geha Werke GP'PH, Podhiel
Ski Street 321, P.O.B. 12?, 0-3 Hannover, Federal Pepublic of Germany.
Telex: 0922840. Phone: 0511 64641.

0076 Coffee (Swaziland). Wants ASAP coffee, rohusta, either green or roasted
beans. Needs two-hundred tons per year, low to medium grade. Ship in sixty
kilogram bags. (uote: FOB or C&F Duhai. Bank ref: Barclays Swaziland,
Mbabane. Contact: Mr. Pobert Kimera, M/S Lancea (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Pox A,
Mbabane, Swaziland. Telex: ?04F MPAPANF. Phone: MBABANE ?091 Comment:

0077 Green peas, lentils (Colombia). Wants to contact suppliers of dry whole
green peas and lentils. Quantity: FO to 100 mt. of each. Quality: Peas -
U.S. No. 1, lentils 5-6 mm. Ship in 100 lhs. new jute bags. Need ASAP.
Phytosanitary certificates required. Ouote: C&F, Buenaventura. Bank ref:
Banco Industrial Colombiano, Suc. Calle 11, Bogota, Colombia. Contact: Mr.
Albeiro Gutierrez, Coilomhiana De Cereales (Colcer), Calle 1PA Sur. No.
15-11, Of. 302, P.O. Box 70842, Pogota, Colombia. Phone: 272-9PP.

007P- Beef bulls and swine (Mexico). Wants Holstein, Hereford, Charolais, Brahman,
0079 and Angus hulls: also Spotted Suffolk Swine. Need three of each breed, they
should he registered breed stock, excellent and good-plus. Pelivery:
March-April 1P82. Ouote: FOB Border. Pank ref: Banco BCH, Banamex,

Imued weekly by the Expor Promotion Dividon, Foreign Agriculural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Rom 4945 Sooth luildbm. Wabhingon. D.C. 20250.

Bancomer. Contact: Dr. Jorge Olivo, Director, Centro De Estidios Tecnicos
Agropecuarios #35, Apartado Postal 38, Ayotla, Estado De Mexico, Mexico.

0080 Pice (Italy). Product: Milled rice, long grain. Quantity: 5,000 mt.
Packaging: Bags of 100 kilos. Time of Delivery: ASAP. Quotations: CAF
Mogadiscio. Bank ref: City Bank, Rome; Credito Somalo, Mogadiscio.
Contact: lMohamud H.A. Shirwa, Hagi Abdullahi Shirwa, P.O. Box 195
Mogadiscio; Via Della Camilluccia 741, Pome. Phone: 30067 MOGADISCIO.

0081 Cheese (Sweden). Wishes to contact suppliers of longhorn cheese. Bank ref:
S.E. Banken, Stockholm. Contact: Mr. Kurt Bergsten, Cab's Delikatess &
Import, Frejavagen 36, S-182 64 Djursholm, Sweden. Phone: 08/7F3 12 26.

0082 Dry flowers (Netherlands). Suppliers of dry dyed flowers should contact W.
Hogewoning, Jr., W. Hogewoning B.V., P.O. Box 142, ?230 AC Rijsburg,
Jetherlands. Bank ref: Pabohan Pijsburg. Phone: 1718-20501.

0083 Frozen foods (Belgium). Belgian frozen food importer/distributor interested
in importing new frozen food products. This firm is currently sole
importer/distributor in Belgium for several Dutch and French brands. Its
customers are wholesalers and large retail food stores. Annual gross
turnover amounts to approximately 250 million Belgian francs. Interested
U.S. exporters should contact the following: SPRL ETS. De Backer & Cie,
Burgemeester Maenhoutistraat 26, B-9220 Merelbeke (Belgium). Bank ref:
Societe Generale" De Banque. Telex: 11047. Phone: 091/52.25.01 or 52.25.02.

0084 Lumber (Belgium). Desires oak, ash, maple, and cherry lumber. Quality:
FAS FAS one face, select and better. Square edged lumber and cut-to-size.
Quote: CIF Antwerp. Bank ref: Kredietbank, Kortrijk. Contact: Mr. W.
Carpenter or Mr. Vanneste, N.V. Willy Carpentier Houtindustrie, Abeeldreef
11-13, B-8860 Meulebeke, Belgium. Telex: 81528. Phone: 051/48.89.61.

0085 Frozen fruits (Netherlands). In the market for container loads of various
frozen fruits. Need best quality in retail packs. Quote: CIF Potterdam.
Bank ref: NMB Etten-Leur. Contact: Mr. J. Kouwenberg Jr., G. Frost
Diepvries B.V., Nijverheidsweg 19, 4879 Ap Etten-Leur, Netherlands. Telex:
54210. Phone: 01608-13952.

0086- Deboned chicken, chicken fat (Netherlands). Wants rendered chicken fat and
00P7 cooked debone chicken meat in container loads. Quote: CIF Potterdam. Bank
ref: Amro Den Haaq. Contact: R. Van Der Windt, Weterby International P.V.,
P.O. Pox 84110, 2508 GC Den Haag, Netherlands. Telex: 10-350428. Cable:

0088- Flour and sugar (Denmark). Wants to import bread flour, cube sugar, and
0089 granulated sugar. Needs 1000 tons of each quarterly beginning ASAP. Ouote:
FOP. Bank ref: Handelsbank A/S Copenhagen. Contact: Mr. Nils Muller, Euro
Ceder Aps, Borgager 15 DK-2620 Albertslund, Denmark. Telex: C/C 16 167 GPS
DK. Phone: (02) 64 25 12.

0090 Alfalfa cubes (Venezuela). Product: Alfalfa cubes. Quantity: 60 mt.
Duality: 15 percent protein (minimum). Packaging: Ventilated bags. Time
of delivery: February 1982. Other requirements: Phytosanitary
certificate. Quote: CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Del Caribe; Banco
Provincial. Contact: Mr. Julio Ferrer, Verven Quimica S.A., Edif. Teatro

Altamira, Entrada Oeste, Piso 2, Oficina 21, Altamlra, Apartado 68741,
Caracas 1060-A, Venezuela. Telex: 25269. Phone: 32-0648/32-8700.

0091 Lettuce and vegetables (West Germany). Firm which produces ready-to-serve
fresh salads for chain restaurants etc. wants lettuce and vegetables which
can be used in such salads. Needs best quality. Quantity: Subject to
negotiations. Bank ref: Kreissparkasse Starnberg. Contact: Michael E.
Stips, Salado Frischsalat GMBH, Weissenfelder Strasse 4, D-8011
Virchheim-Hiemstetten, Federal Republic of Germany. Phone: 089/90?807F.

0092 Pice (France). Wants to contact exporters of rice. Needs 20,000 to 50,000
tons of long grain 2/4. Ship in bags of 50 or 100 kilos. Delivery January
to June, 1982. Quote: C&F Iranian Ports. Bank ref: Sudameris France, Pue
Halevy, 75009 Paris. Contact: Mr. Daniel Fenayrou, Manager, Elysee Import
Export, 108, Boulevard De Pochechouart, 75018 Paris, France. Telex:
6608720F (ELYS). Phone: 262.59-15.

003 Powdered milk (Syria). The Hons Dairy Products Company (P.O. Box 406 Horns,
Syria) requires offers for POO tons of full fat milk powder, plus/minus 5
pct. Offer deadline February 2P, 1982. Offers should be valid for one
month. A Bid Bond 5 pct. required with offer, to be substituted upon
purchase confirmation by 10 pct. Performance Bond. Conditions and
specifications are obtainable gratis from the buyer.

0095 Leaf tobacco tender (Lebanon). Needs 100 mt. burley tobacco, U.S. origin,
Grade P3F, and 200 mt. Virginia tobacco, African origin, lemon or orange
color, including 100 mt. in cutters and 100 mt. in leaf. All above tobacco
must be of sound and homogeneous quality; uniform color, harvested at right
maturity; without spots; free from disease and fumigated against insects
before shipment. Tobacco of greenish color or displaying disease, maturity
or drying defects will be rejected. Only manipulated tobacco in loose leaves
or bundles will be accepted. Tobacco in stripes will be rejected.
Packaging: (A) In hogheads; (B) In wooden boxes. Delivery: Within one
month of notification of L/C. Other requirements: Half kilogram samples of
tobacco offered mut be supplied before February 1, 1982. Samples must
indicate: (1) Suppliers name; (2) Official grade; (3) Crop year; (4)
Quantity offered; (5) Source of tobacco (example Kentucky, Georgia); (6)
Nicotine content for burley tobacco; (7) Nicotine and sugar content for
Virginia tobacco. Ouote: U.S. dollars per mt. net C&F Beirut, Lebanon and
FOB. Bank ref: Fransabank, Beirut, Lebanon. Contact: Mr. Jacques Dagher,
Director General, Pegie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs, P.O. Box 77,
Beirut. Telex: LE 21002. Phone: 462784. Cable: REGITTAB BEIPLIT.
Closing date of Tender: February 1, 1982 at 12:00 a.m. Beirut time. Offers
to be valid until March 31, 19P2. Other conditions standard to "REGIE"
tenders: (A) Following taxes are at sellers account: 1) sales tax: 1 pet.
of invoice value; 2) municipal tax: 0.15 pct. of invoice value; 3)
reconstruction tax: 3 pct. of sales tax; 4) stamp tax: 0.2 pet. of invoice
value. (B) Payment: 90 pet. by Irrevocable L/C against shipping
documents. Balance of 10 percent 9 minus above taxes) by bank transfer after
receipt of goods. (C) "PEGIE" reserves the right to accept or reject any or
all offers. FYI: This is the first leaf tobacco import tender by "REGIE"
since 197P when local hostilities interrupted cigarette manufacturing in
Lebanon. Cigarette manufacturing resumed after "PEGIE" completed
reparation/rehabilitation of its facilities during 1981.

0096 Corn (Hong Kong). Wants to buy 2,000 plus mt. Po. ? yellow corn. Bulk
shipment during March/April needed. Quote: CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: The
Chartered Bank. Contact: Alan Khoo, Hanshim Trading Ltd., 272 Queen's Poad,
C.; 6D Central House, Hong Kong. Telex: 63379 SGHAN HX. Phone: 5-431216/8.

0097 Grain (Spain). The firm "Plans Y Asociados" located in Avenida de Burgos,
24, Madrid-16 (Phone 91//66 1992) would like to act as agent of U.S. bank or
finance company for commercial transactions in Spain, mainly in the sale of
U.S. grains. Dr. Plans states he has substantial market opportunities for
U.S. corn. Interested parties should contact him at the above address or
preferably by telex (Number 42710 FONOTX-E). If contacted by telex, the
following should appear at the beginning of text: "CLAVE 420399". "Plans Y
Asociados" will provide bank references upon request.

009P Bonsai Trees (West Germany). In the market for some 1,000 Bonsai trees, all
sizes. Ship in wooden crates. Need ASAP. Quote: CIF Frankfurt Airport or
Hamburg Port. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank AG, D-6231 Schwalbach, Federal
Republic of Germany. Contact: Manfred Sacher, Ponsai Centrum Schwalbach,
Sculstr.44, D-6231 Schwalbach, Federal Republic of Germany. Telex: A10709.
Phone: 06196 81317.

0099 Soybean meal (Syria). The General Organization for Fodder (GOF, P.O. Box
4797, Telex 11089 SY ALAF) requires offers for 20,000 tons plus/minus F pet.
soybean meal. Offer deadline February 2, 1982. Offers should be valid until
February 4, 19P2. Shipment: 10,000 mt. plus/minus 5 pet. in March 1rP2 and
similar quantity in April 1982 or the whole quantity in one shipment in March
19P?. Specifications: Protein 49 pct. min., moisture 11 pet. max., fiber
3.3 pct. max., fat 2 pct. max., product of a new crop, golden yellow color,
uniform and well mixed, free from solid grains, foreign materials, blocks,
other meals poisonous and toxic materials, also free from insects, mold,
mildew, and musty smell, fit for animal feeding and passes in 8 mm. serves.
The meal should be manufactured within 3 months of the time of shipment and
not exposed to high temperature during manufacturing. Prices: Quotations
requested, buyer's option, for the following: FOB stowed, trimmed on board
vessel at the port of loading. C9F "free out" Syrian Ports. For both
options, price offers are requested for the goods in bulk, in bags of 50 kg.
capacity and in bulk with new jute bags. Other conditions: A 2 pet. Bid
Bond, confirmed by the Commercial Bank of Syria Branch 6 (Telex 11359 SY),
must be submitted with offer or separately before offer deadline. Upon
purchases confirmation, the Bid Bond has to be replaced by a 5 pct.
Performance Bond within seven working days, and prior to the opening of the
Letter of Credit. Full name and address of offerer as well as his bankers
name and address are required with the offer. A phytosanitary certificate is
required with goods. A certificate of origin is required, confirmed by
designated representatives. The buyer has the right to nominate an
international superintendence company for inspection at port of loading and
another company for reinspection at destination within 20 days of goods
delivery. Discharging rate 150 tons per hatch per WD, max. 750 tons,
demurrage 35 cents per ton, max. U.S. dollar 4000 per day. Shipco is vessel
agent at destination. Overage insurance premium is due on vessels over IF
years old, accepted to 20 years only. Penalty for late delivery 0.2 pct. of
goods value per day.

0101 Soybean oil (England). Wants crude degummed soybean oil. Quantity: 30,000
metric tonnes. Quality: In accordance with NSPA Pule 103 Section 3-A.

Packaging: In bulk. Quotations: CAF Bandar Ahhasss or FOP and "Free-In".
Delivery date: ASAP. Bank ref: Midland Bank Lititcd. Contact: Mr.
Christou, 7aracom Limited, 227-229 New North Road, London N1 7AT. Telex:
299405. Phone: 01 ?E9 P43P.

0102 Bird food (England). Needs birdfcod, i.e. canaryseed, millet, peas, teans
and panicum in bulk. quantity: Container loads (each approx. 20 tonnes).
Quality: Various either farm dressed or machine dressed. Packaging: Fulk
or packed in bags weighing 50 kilos gross. Quotations: CIF United Kingdom
or main European ports. Delivery date: ASAP. Bank ref: Australia & Pew
Zealand Group. Contact: Mr. Stephen J. Day, Overseas Farmers cooperative
Federation Ltd., Durrant House, P/13 Chiswell Street, London EC1. Telex:
P84062. Phone: 01 62?P a??.

0103 Peanuts (Fngland). Looking for peanuts in shell and kernels, unlimited
quantity. Duality: USA Fancies, Valencia type in shell, Punners, Virginia,
Valencia type kernels. Packaging: 25 lb. bags in shell, 50 kilo bags
shelled. Notations: CIF or C&F. Delivery date: ASAP. Bank ref:
Australian i New Zealand Group, 55 Grace Church Street, London EC3.
Contact: Mr. F. Gingell, McKeever & Co., Ltd., Durrant House, Chiswell
Street, London El. Telex: P8FF?P. Phone: 01 62P 2501.

010o Pried fruit (England). Desires fruits, i.e. apricots, peaches, pears, apples
etc. Quantity: Container loads. Packaging: In bulk or bagged form as
offered by suppliers. Quotations: CIF U.K. or main European ports.
Delivery date throughout the year. Bank ref: Australia & New Zealand
Group. Contact: Mr. L. Bridge, Overseas Farmers Coop Fed., Ltd., Currant
House, e/13 Chiswell Street, London EC1. Telex: P8406? (ATTN: Produce
Department). Phone: 01 E28 44 22.

0105 Turkey tails and souphens (Netherlands). Desires turkey tails, frozen, and
whole souphens, frozen. Ship in 20 or 40 foot containers. Packaging in
cartons or plastic plots. Ouote: FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Rabo Bank,
Muiderwaard, Alkmaar. Contact: Mr. Soumah, Fetherlands African Food Export
Com. B.V., Pettermerstraat 37, 1823 CW Alkmaar, Netherlands. Telex: 57621.
Phone: (0)72-125171.
0106 Dehydrated foods (Netherlands). Desires dehydrated foods, all types.
Puote: FOB. Bank ref: Rabo-Findhoven. Contact: P. Koekoek, Euroselect,
P.O. Box 14a4, 5602 BK Eindhoven, Netherlands. Phone: 040-419351.

Foreign Trade Developments

7IFA, International Food and Aoricultural Trade Show. Food buyers from over
50 countries are expected to assemble in New Orleans on March 16-17, 1VP?, to
attend the International Food Show sponsored by the Southern United States
Trade Association (SUSTA) and the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture. The show, open to U.S. exporters and
international importers only, is the 7th of a series held annually at the
Pivergate Exhibit Center.

Food export firms from 30 states and Puerto Rico will be displaying a variety
of food products suitable not only for meeting the nutritional needs of a
hungry world, but for titillating the tastebuds of even the most
eiscrimi nating gourmet.


Demand for exhibit space is high and over two-thirds of the total space
available has been taken up by companies wishing to exhibit at the 7IFA. For
details of remaining stands available, contact: Raymond Lozano, Executive
Director, Southern U.S. Trade Association, 338 International Trade Mart, New
Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Telex: 584319 SUSTA NLN. Phone: (504) 568-5986.

Sample Shipments to Egypt. Our Agricultural Counselor in Cairo has asked
that companies should refrain from shipping product samples to the American
Embassy via international mail or air cargo. Samples shipped in this manner
are subject to Egyptian customs procedures which present considerable
difficulties and delays prior to clearance. Prior to sending any product
samples to the Agricultural Counselor, he should be contacted.

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