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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agrillliur.il Attache and other government reporlI as ;I
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In %uppl)iing the trade leads rlrh Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firmi originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export fr:d de
Services Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103.
June 8, 1979

1022 Shell eggs (Venezuela). Wants 1,000 cases of fresh shell eggs, U.S. Grade "A"-
Brown and White. Sanitary permit required from country of origin.
Quote C&F La Guaira and Puerto Cabello. Bank ref: Banco Union. Contact:
Suzanne Strickland Latham, R. P. L. Integqoional, Apartado de Correos 66678,
Zona 106, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: CARACAS 35 65 70.

1023- Orange, lemons, grapefruit (France). Wants to buy U.S. oranges, lemons and
1025 grapefruit, 5,000-10,000 boxes per shipment, in cartons, delivery throughout
the season from October to May. Quote FOB vessel. Bank ref: Banco Espanol
En Paris Rungis. Contact: Pascual France 40, Rue De Provence Batiment D.9,
94660 Rungis Cedex, France. Telex: 270.310 F. Phone: 687.25-15.

1026 Tree seeds (France). Wants tree seeds from California or Florida for trees
of various varieties to be used to stabilize soils and forestation in deserted
areas of North Africa and Kenya. Shipment in gunny bags. Quote CIF Le Havre,
CIF Marseilles. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, Lyon and B.F.C.E. Lyon. Contact:
Jean Fouilland, Genest S.A., Rue De Luzais, Saint Quentis Fallavier B.P. No. 37-
38290 La Verpilliere, France. Telex: 340-808 F. Phone: (74) 94.85.10.

1027- Fresh fruits (France). Interested in grapefruit, strawberries, cherries, Kiwi
1030 fruit, grapes and all kinds of exotic fruits. Bank ref: Banco Espanol in Paris,
24 Rue de La Tour, 94150 Min Rungis. Contact: G. Lagueyrie, Ets. G. Lagueyrie,
S.A., 20, Rue D'Avignon, Fruleg 643, 94621 Rungis Cedex, France. Telex: 250 036 F.
Phone: 686.40.82/49-16/91.65.

1031 Exotic fruit drinks (England). Wishes to buy canned exotic fruit drinks, i.e.
Hawaiian punch, Caribbean fruit drink (ingredients: orange concentrate, pineapple,
paw-paw pulps and lemon concentrates) and tropical fruit drink (ingredients:
pineapple concentrates, apricot, orange, pear concentrates, mango pulp and lime
concentrates). 100,000 liters (single strength), without artificial flavoring
and coloring and concentrates 4:1 or 5:1. Shipped in double poly-steel drums or
in form for end use one liter tetra packs. Delivery in June. Products to be
distributed under company's own label. Bank ref: Midland Bank, Haymarket,
London. Contact: Keith A. Walker, Exotic Fruit Juice Ltd., 107 Lion Road,
Bexleyheath, Kent, England. Phone: 01-304-8297.

1032 Canned corn (Ireland). Wishes to buy 20 foot containers of canned corn kernels
and cream style corn, and corn-on-the-cob. High quality desired. Packaging of
kernels 24 x 12 oz. cases and 6 x 10 oz. cases. Cream corn 24 x 10 oz. cases.
Corn-on-the-cob vacuum packed or in brine. Quotations CIF Dublin. Contact:
David Doran, Petersen Ltd., Blackhorse House, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7, Ireland.
Phone: 307544. Telex: 31153 PSON El. Kindly respond by telex because of Irish
postal strike.
"^ i__
\*iheldkl i A r Y F rade Services Division. Foreign \griculrural Sernice. U.S Departmelm oif
i I'Afu'rL~ Room 4945 South Bi ilding. Washington. D.C. 20250

IUN 13 1979

F.A.S. niv. of Florida

1033 Canned foods (Egypt). Interested in exclusive representation for canned
meats, poultry, vegetables, marmalades, jams, fruits, milk powder and baby food.
Contact: Hosni Zaky Moenes, Manager, R.CH.A. & Co., Import/Export Com. Agency,
13 Bosta St., Choubra Cairo, Floor 3, AP. 5, P. 0. Box 2698, Cairo, Egypt.
Phone: 943511 CAIRO, Egypt.

1034 Foodstuffs (Bahrain). Large firm with diversified business activities including
wholesale foodstuffs seeks distributorship agreement with manufacturers/producers
of full line of foodstuffs, including dairy products, preserved fruits and vege-
tables, grain mill products, bakery products, confectionery products, shortening
and cooking oils, and bottled/canned soft drinks. Contact: M. A. Raoof, General
Manager, Universal Enterprises, P. 0. Box 1062, Manama, Bahrain. Cable: GULFPRIZE
Telex: 8313 CPRIZE GJ. Phone: 255645.

1035 Lentils (Germany). Urgently needs 10,000 mt of red split lentils from new crop,
impurities not exceeding 2% and unhusked grains max. 2%, shipment of 5,000 mt
in June, balance in July. Prices should be quoted CIF Colombo/Sri Lanka. Terms
of payment Letter of Credit. Firm was established in 1965 and is engaged in
export/import activities throughout the world. Contact: Mr. Schuerer, Josef
Vipavc Export/Import, Bubenhaldenstr. 44, D-7000 Stuttgard 30, Germany. Telex:
721661. Phone: 001149-711-857997.

1036- Almonds, peanuts, prunes (Belgium). Wants to buy shelled or unshelled almonds
1038 and peanuts, and dried prunes. Almonds and prunes, 3-4 metric tons each, every
3 months; peanuts, 18 tons every month. First and second quality in 50 kilo bags.
Quote FOB U.S. ports. Bank ref: Banque Generale. Contact: Walter Van Duytekom,
Manager, Vereigde Bedrijven Pvba, Karel Van Overmeirelaan 7, B-2100 Deurne
(Belgium). Telex: 32933 INTXAN to the ATTN: Mr. Van Duytekom. Phone: 031/

1039 Joint venture for nursery (France). French nursery seeks American partner to
expand capital base. Interested parties should contact: Marcel Marchand,
Chairman, Pepinieres France Production S.A., "La Valliniere", B.P. 7, 49170
Ingrandes-sur-Loire, France.

1040 Hog and poultry turnkey operation (Venezuela). Comporzulia, C.A, of Venezuela
is interested in establishing a fully integrated pork and poultry enterprise
and would like to contact experienced U.S. firms that can provide technology
and equipment for a turnkey operation. The estimated value of the project is
$29 million. The plans include growing corn and sorghum on 1,500 hectares of
land, installation of a feed plant producing 120 tons daily of poultry and hog
feed, large scale production of pork and chickens, and processing plants producing
10 tons of chicken products and 10 tons of pork products daily. Firms interested
in further details should contact: William J. Mills, FAS, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Telephone: (202) 447-6514.

1041 Calves liver (Chile). Interested in importing an undisclosed quantity of U.S.
calves liver. Contact: Alfredo Rioja Iver, P.A. Rio Ja Y Cia. Ltda.,
Huerfands 1178 Of. 430, Fond 65864, Santiago, Chile. Telex: FOR CURCIA SGO 260.

1042 Eels (Netherlands). Wants container loads of live eels. Quote CIF Rotterdam.
Bank ref: Amro-Bank, Waddinxveen. Contact: A. Eringer, Driarn Trade, Groenzoom
24, Waddinxveen, Netherlands. Telex: 33574. Phone: 01828-8588.

1043- Evaporated milk, honey, juices, mixer drinks (England). Wants to buy container
1045 loads on regular basis of evaporated milk in 170 gm and 410 gm cans, honey in
325 and 350 gm reusable glass tumblers and 500 gm screw top jars, unsweetened
juices in 46 oz. cans, and mixer drinks in screw top bottles. Quote C&F Dubai.
Bank ref: Dubai Bank, Dubai, UAE. Contact: Saeed A. Malik, Galadari Brothers
Group, 47 Great Cumberland Place, London W1H 7LH, England. Telex: 299806.
Phone: 01-723 0393.

1046 Corn (Egypt). Arab Republic of Egypt, General Authority for Supply Commodities,
Purchasing Committee for Grain Products, 24 Gomhoria Street, Cairo, A. R. E.,
has tender with closing date June 30 for 100,000 mt of corn, plus/minus 5%,
U.S. No. 2 or better yellow corn moisture 14% maximum, up to 15.5% acceptable
with bonification 1% for each 1% and fractions in prorata in excess of 14%.
Other specifications are per U.S.D.A. Standard Specifications. Quote per
metric ton FOB vessel, stowed and trimmed, at USA port of export. Shipment
July/August 1979. Financed under AID Loan 263-K-045. For details Contact
Agency for International Development (AID), Washington, D.C. (202) 235-8862.

1047 Cotton seed for planting (Ecuador). Farmer in Ecuador wants to buy Grade "A"
cotton seed for planting. Quote C&F Guayaquil. Contact: Juan Chagerben,
Casilla 7083, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Phone: 528-028.

1048 Corn (Brazil). Interested in buying 7,000 metric tons of corn, suitable for mixed
feed production. Quote C&F or FOB. Bank ref: Uniao De Bancos Brasileiros,
Agencia Itaim Sao Paulo. Contact: Ricardo Wolff, Transmarket S.A., Comercio
International, Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 1651-11 Andar, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Telex: 21248 TCI. Phone: (011) 212-7255 and (011) 211-9943.

1049 Broilers (Venezuela). Wants to buy broilers, 260 metric tons per month,
U.S. Grade A, cartons and individually packed in plastic bags, delivery soonest.
Health certificate of country of origin is required. Quote CIF Maiquetia, Venezuela;
Bank ref: Banco De Venezuela; Banco Royal. Contact: Ramon Montana, Aduanera
Continental, Ave. No. 10, Quinta Alborada, Altamira Norte, Caracas, Venezuela.
Phone: 33-48.54.

1050 Black beans (Venezuela). Wants 5,000 mt of black beans, U.S. No. 1, in 100 Ib.
bags, delivery soonest, phytosanitary permit of country of origin is required.
Quote CIF La Guaira, Venezuela. Bank ref: Banco de Venezuela, Banco Royal.
Contact: Ramon Montana, Aduanera Continental, Quinta Alborada, Ave. 10, Altamira
Norte, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: 33.48.54.

1051 Dried milk (Venezuela). Wants to buy powdered milk, 100,000 cases of 6 cans
each (2.25 kilos). Needs health certificate of country of origin-cans should
be labelled Instituto Nacional De Nutricion. Quote CIF La Guaira, Venezuela.
Bank ref: Banco Venezuela; Banco Provincial. Contact: Ramon Montana, Aduanera
Continental, Quinta Alborada, Ave. 10, Altamira Norte, Caracas, Venezuela. Phone:

1052 Soybean products, vitamins (Spain). Wishes to be put in touch with manufacturers
of soy powder, soy flavour, Vitamin C (crystallized), and polyphosphate. Contact:
Arno A. Krakauer, Farpa, S.A., via Layetana 26, Barcelona 3, Spain. Phone:

1054 Rice (Syria). Tender with closing date June 25 for 15,000 mt plus/minus 5% of
milled rice, max. 5% broken, bagged in new uniform jute bags 50 kilos each,

shipment July/August 1979 in one lot. Bid bond required. Those with previous
business experience with TAFCO 2%, and 5% Performance bond, others, 5% and 10%.
Official brochure showing specifications of offered rice required with offer.
Quote C&F Free Out. Contact: Salem Haddad, Managing Director, TAFCO, P. 0.
Box 893, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11009 SY or 11370 SY. Cable: TAFCO, Damascus.
Phone: 228521 or 118919.

1055- Canned meats (Germany). Wants various types of high quality canned meats for
1056 shipment to Nigeria, in consumer size cans in cartons. Also several tons of long
grain rice, 3mm or longer, in 50 kg sacks. Quote FOB U.S. port, East or Gulf
Coast. Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank, Wuerzburg. Contact: Herr
Schiffer, Imex, Import/Export Warenhandelsges. MBH, Hoerleingasse 8-10,
D-8700 Wuerzburg, Germany. Telex: 68819. Phone: 0931/50406.

1058 Supermarket items (Saudi Arabia). Firm opening chain of supermarkets within next
18 months wants to establish connections with a U.S. company for providing foods
and other items on a consignment basis. Will welcome a joint venture partici-
pation in management. Bank ref: Saudi British Bank, Jeddah. Laique Rehman,
a representative of the firm is now in the U.S. and can be contacted until July 1
at 800 Nelson Street, Rockville, Maryland 20850. After July 1 he can be reached
at the home address of the firm listed below. Contact: Laique Rehman, Tarik
Bin Ladin Organization, P. 0. Box 953, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Telex: 401478.
Phone: 55940/57037.
1059- Frozen meats, chicken (Singapore). Seeking U.S. suppliers of frozen meats and
1060 frozen poultry. Bank ref: The Chartered Bank, 28/30 Battery Road, Singapore 1.
Contact: Seah Soon Hung, Managing Director, Teck Long Co (PTE) Ltd., Suite 505,
5th Floor, Fook Hai Building, 150 South Bridge Road, Singapore 1. Cable:
TELONGCO. Phone: 222-1939. Telex: RS 23692.

1061 Dietetic foods (Ecuador). Interested in exclusive agency and distributorship
for dietetic foods and dietetic bakery and sugar and confectionary products,
including dietetic chewing gum. Send literature and quote C&F Guayaquil.
Contact: Jorge Murillo-Pareja, Jormupa Cia Ltda., Casilla 3251, Guayaquil,
Ecuador. Phone: 388-354.

1062 Edible pine seed (Japan). Wants to buy edible pine seed with cone, 10 metric
tons monthly. Natural dry. Dimension of sample (5 kg) required. Packaging
20-30 kg in a jute bag. Quotations C&F Kobe. Immediate shipment. Bank ref:
Tokai Bank, Sakurabashi Branch. Contact: Seigo Hirao, Fishery Department,
Sanei Trading Co., Ltd., Nishida Bldg., 10-28 Utsubo-Honmachi 3-Chome, Nishi-Ku,
Osaka 550, Japan. Telex: J63516 PROSPERS. Cable: PROSPEROUSTRADE. Phone:

FAS Export Promotion Program. A tentative schedule of 32 foreign export
promotions for Oct. 1, 1979 to Oct. 31, 1980 has been released by the Foreign
Agricultural Service. Twenty-six countries will be covered by exhibits and
sales teams for U.S. foods, livestock and other agricultural items, including
initial promotions in Korea, Norway and the Canary Islands. For copies of the
schedule and information regarding these promotions, contact William F. Dobbins,
Director, Export Trade Services Division, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Washington, D.C. 20250. (202) 447-6343.

Foreign Trade Developments


The agreements reached by the U.S. in the Tokyo Round of Multilateral Trade
Negotiations in Geneva this spring and legislation implementing the agree-
ments are scheduled to go to Congress for approval by mid-June.

The agreements will result in reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers
and in key duty bindings in major U.S. agricultural markets, including
Japan and the European Community.

Tariff and quota concessions offered to the United States cover almost $4
billion in export trade on a 1976 basis. Products covered include high-
quality beef, pork, turkey, soybeans, fresh and canned fruit, fruit juices,
almonds, and tobacco, and a wide range of other items--more than 400 in all.

Potentially even more important for the long term was negotiation of a series
of international codes to bring under control the use of non-tariff barriers.
The codes extend the trading system of the General Agreement on Tariffs and
Trade (GATT) into areas where it had not previously reached and elaborate on
existing rules and procedures.

The economic benefits of the agreements are difficult to measure. Concessions
offered to the United States involve almost $4 billion in exports, but that
is a rough measure of trade affected today, not what this trade will mean
in the future.

In the Dillion Round of trade negotiations in the early 1960's, for example,
the United States negotiated a duty-free binding on soybeans to the European
Community. At that time, it covered export trade worth about $150 million.
Today, soybean exports to the Community are valued at more than $2 billion yearly.

Similarly, there is no price tag on the benefits from the international codes.
But the subsidies code, as one example, reduces the unfair advantage U.S.
competitors have had through the use of subsidies in markets for grain worth
nearly $12 billion to U.S. producers last year and for poultry products
worth $330 million.

To achieve benefits, the United States offered tariff concessions of its own,
covering about $2.6 billion in agricultural imports in 1976. In addition,
the U.S. cheese import quota was increased by about 15 percent over 1978
levels. At the same time, however, the so-called "price break" cheeses, which
has accounted for virtually all the growth of U.S. cheese imports since the
mid-1960's, were put under quota for the first time.

Japanese beef purchases. The Japanese Livestock Industry Promotion Corporation
(LIPC) announced purchase of 1,576 metric tons of U.S. frozen grain fed beef
cuts under tender called on May 30. This, the second LIPC tender against the
1979 Japanese fiscal year (JFY79) quota, called for 1,600 metric tons of grain-
fed beef. Purchases with the amounts tendered in parenthesis were as follows:
Square Cut Chuck 142 mt (100); Short Plate 1,016 mt (900); Striploin 306 mt
(300); and Beef Skirt Plate 112 mt (300). All purchases are to be delivered
by August 15. Including the beef skirt plate, which does not count against


the High Quality Beef Quota of 10,000 mt granted by the Japanese in JFY-1978,
the above purchases represent 1,464 mt of High Quality beef. Together with
the LIPC first tender purchase of 2,150.5 mt, JFY-79 purchases now total
3,614.5 mt of High Quality beef. Only 134 mt of Beef Skirt Plate have been

Japanese temperature/time standard for roast beef. The Japanese Ministry of
Health has advised that the only acceptable temperature/time standard for
the roasting process for beef cuts exported to Japan is an internal temperature
and time of 145 degrees F. for 30 minutes. The alternative temperature/time
combinations for roast beef announced by the Food Safety and Quality Service,
Meat and Poultry Inspection (MPI) through MPI Bulletin 79-16 are not acceptable.
Reference: MPI Bulletin 79-57, dated May 30, 1979.

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