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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports a a
vicee to US. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your besi source ta ornuur, 6lufnation on
these trade leads bi the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. YNj 1i s so C ~ef ort Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. November 24, 1978 t

DEC 05 1978
2391 Cotton (Bangladesh). Wants 8,000 bales of raw cotton in following speci ications:
Type/Grade: Strict low and middling; Staple len t~.1 inh min Microna re:
3.5 (min),NCL to 4.3 (Max) and Pressley: 80,00 'l -mi i@ dE ia Dec. 13,
1978 at 1100 hours. Procurement will be financed by IUA t.rediL/Cala. --Prescribed
tender forms giving detailed specifications, requirements, terms and conditions
available for TK 100.00 or its equivalent (about $6.51). Contact: General
Manager (Procurement), Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation, State Owned Holding
Company, Biwta Building, 141-143 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dacca 2, Bangladesh.
Cable: CORTEX, Dacca. Telex: CORTEX-DAC-806.

2392 Canned corn (Netherlands). Wishes canned corn for institutional use, in container
loads, Grade A Standard, packed in largest can available. Delivery: Directly,
and consequent monthly shipments. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Slavenburg's
Bank, Rotterdam. Contact: J. P. Van der Zwan, Rofoco Food B.V., Delftsestraat 5,
Rotterdam, Netherlands. Telex: 27278. Phone: 010-332500.

2393 Soy flour (Ecuador). Wants soy flour (100%), 20 mt to start, for use in crackers,
packed in 100 lb. bag. Delivery soonest. Requirements: Labels in Spanish.
Quotations: CIF, C&F and FOB Guayaquil air and ship. Contact: Ing. Manuel
Eduardo Pazmino, Jr, Soc. Anomima de Industrias Y Comercio, Av. De La Feria No.
406, Casilla No. 15, Babahoyo, Ecuador. Phone: 730-312 or 730-313.

2394 Grocery lines (Italy). Wants frozen meats, fish, dairy products, beans, flour,
canned fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetables, soft drinks and cigarettes.
Canned corned beef and ham, cold cuts and bacon. Meat products: 150-400 tons,
others in 20-40 ft. containers. Delivery soonest, quote CIF Milan. Requirements:
Items requested are for ship chandlers. Bank ref: Banco Commerciale Italiana
and Banco di Roma. Contact: Dr. Giuseppe Tropea, Studio Tropea, Piazza della
Repubblica 50, 95131 Catania, Italy. Telex: 97443 SICILPAC. Phone: (095) 22
77 95 or 2282 97.

2395 Hides and skins (Korea). Wants raw hides and skins (fresh, salted, dried, pickled
or limed), whether or not split, including sheepskins in wool and U.S. semi-
tanned wet blue hides and split. Quantity: raw hides lb. basis skins piece
basis sheepskins piece basis U.S. semi-tanned wet blue hides and split lb. or
piece basis i.e. container basis. Quality: raw hides and skins and sheepskins
and U.S. semi-tanned wet blue hides and split is containing about 80/20 pet
firsts/seconds i.e. standard quality. Packaging: Bundle and pack in container
basis shipment. Delivery within one month after receipt of Letter of Credit or
depend upon seller's option. Requirements: Health certificate raw hides. They
must be fleshed side out packing. The firm is actively seeking a reliable US part-
ner who is interested in supplying raw hides and skins. (fleshed and conventional
hides wet salted or brincured) and wet blue splits. Quote CIF or C&F Pusan. Kozea.
Bank ref: Korea First Bank Seoul, Ducksu Branch. Contact: C. K. Chung, General
Lmed weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Apiculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


Supplies Company, C. P. 0. Box 1311, Seoul, Korea or 71-1, Bukchang-Dong, Chung-
Ku, Room 301, Shindo Bldg., Seoul, Korea. Cable: KINGSUPPLIES, Seoul. Telex:
GSSEL K24229. Phone: 777-3700, Seoul.

2396- Seafood and live eels (Netherlands). Wishes live eels, frozen crabmeat and
2397 salmon. Eels: 10-20 mt per month. Crabmeat and salmon 5 mt per year. Delivery
soonest. Quote CIF Amsterdam airport or R'Dam harbor. Bank ref: Rabobank-
Wrkendam. Contact: A. Koman, Doman's Visgroothandel, Den Bels 1, Moerdijk,
Netherlands. Phone: 01688-422.

2398 Yams (Belgium). Needs canned whole or cut yams in syrup, trial shipment of
100 boxes approximately 24 cans per box. Quality: Fancy. Packaging: Cans
of plus or minus one-half liter (can size 300-303). Delivery soonest, quote
C&F Brussels. Bank ref: Slavensburg's Bank. Contact: L. Cosse, Zenobia, B. P.
980, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Phone: (02) 657.08.66.

2399 Rabbits (Portugal). Would like to buy 200 females and 20 males of rabbits
for breeding stock per year. 50% Californian and 50% New Zealand white. Packed
in wood crates with mosquito net. Each crate with 4 females and 2 males,
respectively. Delivery after July 1979. Quote CIF Lisbon airport. Bank ref:
Banco Espirito Santo E Commercial De Lisboa, Rua Da Misericordia, 4, Lisboa-2.
Contact: Ricardo Correia da Silva, GB-Centro de Seleccao Cunicola, Rua Do Prior
8 Lisboa-3, Portugal. Telex: 13656 RUIVAZ P. Phone: 668745.

2400- Rice, sugar, salt, and yeast (Nigeria). Wants 400 mt of long grain rice in
2403 sack or bulk; 400 mt of granulated white sugar in bags; 500 mt of salt for
cooking and 100 mt of yeast in bags, best quality. Each product should be dry.
Delivery soonest. Requirements: Arrange shipment to Sapele port in the Delta
ports, Complex, Bendel State, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Quote FOB. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank (Nigeria) Ltd., Yoruba Road. Contact: Chief Festus Ebireri,
Delta Trading Company, 2 Ikomi Road, Sapele Bendel State, Federal Republic of
Nigeria. Phone: SAP56.

2404- Red kidney beans, lentils, blackeye beans and cornmeal (England). Desires red
2408 kidney beans; lentils; blackeye beans and cornmeal in container load of
each to start, Best and second grade. Packed in sacks, one hundred pound.
Delivery as soon as possible. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Bank of India, 20 Charles
St., Leicester. Contact: M. S. Johal, J. K. Company, 114 Raleigh St., Off
Alfreton Road, Nottingham NG7 4DJ, England. Phone: 0602-74628.

2409- Sugar and rice (Belgium). Belgian importer doing business in Africa is interested
2411 in refined granulated sugar--about 20,000 t, in 25 kg, packed in jute sacks,
exporter may specify weight; and milled rice--1,000 t of long grain and medium
grain ----- Grade 2 or 3, 5-10 % broken, new single jute bags of 50 kg net each.
Both commodities payment in dollars on shipment, confirmed Irrevocable Letter of
Credit. Quote FOB any U.S. port, and C&F Matadi (Zaire)., Douala (Cameroon),
Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Daka (Senegal), Lome (Togo). Bank ref: Banque Belgo-
laise and Banque Bruzelles Lambert. Contact: Daniel Cohen, Firm Dafor S.P.R.L.,
Rue Marie Depage 7, 1180 Brussels, Belgium. Telex: 26529 ALFOR B. Cable:
INTERALMI. Phone: 02/345.19.14, 345.19.90 or 345.19.86.

2412- Offals (West Germany). Wants to purchase frozen hog and ox tongue, best quality.
2413 Firm anticipates purchase of 45 tons of hog tongue and 5 tons of ox tongue per
month. Bank ref: Landeszentralbank. Contact: F. Inderfurth, Hamar Fleisch-

waren GMBH, Marienstr. 28; 4172 Straelen 1, West Germany. Phone: 02834/23 43.

2414- Chicken, beef, lamb and mutton (Morocco). Wishes broilers and fowls frozen,
2416 500 tons per year; 750 tons of beef per year; 750 tons of lamb and mutton per year,
fresh or frozen. Please send correspondence in French, if possible. Contact:
Abdelali Fassi-Fihri, Soresma, Rue de Docteur Veyre, Casablanca, Morocco.
Phone: 27-13-80. Telex: 22-920.

2417 Fish foods (Belgium). Desires dry or frozen fish food such as Krill, Artenia,
Pacific marine plankton. Contact: A. De Witte, Owner-Manager, Krill-Export,
70 General Slingeneyerlaan, 2100 Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium. Phone: 031/24 19 13.

2418 Cotton (Indonesia). Wishes to buy raw cotton. Requires catalogues, samples
and price quotation, terms of payment, as soon as possible. Contact: Sri
Susanto Krisnodo, Director, Firma Tri-Saka, Jalan Pasar Baru Selatan No. 7,
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. Phone: 363755, 340737, 350475.

2419- Corned beef, peanuts, almonds, seafood, fruit juices (France). Interested in
2423 buying corned beef, vacuum packed peanuts and almonds, canned crabmeat, mussels,
boiled tuna, sardines in oil and tomato sauces (good and medium qualities),
and fruit juices. Contact: E. Meyer, Manager, Dimex International, 17 Rue
Des Magasins, 67000 Strasbourg, France. Telex: 890643 ROC. Phone: 88-220255.

2424- Livers, frozen chickens and turkeys (Egypt). Would like 100 mt per month of
2426 frozen selected beef liver, 100 mt per month of frozen chickens, USDA Grade A
and B fryers, 800g each. 50 mt each per month of frozen chicken liver, frozen
turkey liver and frozen turkey hind quarter. Price quotations requested CIF
Alexandria. Contact: El Sayed M. El Menoufy, Manager, Fapy Co. for Import
and Commercial Distribution, 38 Moharrem Bey Street, Alexandria, Egypt. Phone:

2427 Soft drinks (Saudi Arabia). Wants to buy soft drinks. The manager of firm
requests price lists CIF Dammam and Jidda supported by catalogs as early as
possible. Contact: Alba Hussain Trading&Contracting Co., P. O. Box 2661, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia. Phone: 37849.

2428- Canned soft drinks and grocery lines (Saudi Arabia). Wishes to buy canned soft
2429 drinks and all types of food products. Requests price lists CIF Jidda and Dammam
supported by catalogs and descriptive literature. Contact: H. Y. El-Bakri,
Radi Trading & Contracting Est. (Radico), P. O. Box 4760, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Cable: RADICO, Riyadh. Telex: 201906 RADICO. Phone: 24136.

2430 Grocery items (Cook Islands). The Government of the Cook Islands in order to
encourage sufficient cargo for regional shipping within the South Pacific to the
Cook Islands is interested in imports of canned food products through Pago Pago.
Products for which they would appreciate FOB prices mainland USA or CIF American
Samoa are canned meats, stews, vegetables, jams, sauces, pickles and rice, either
pre-packed or in sacks. Contact: D. F. Davenport, Minister of Trade, Industries,
Labour, and Commerce, P. 0. Box 61, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Telex: SHIPPING
R G2002. Cable: OUTFAIR, Rarotonga.

2431- Seeds and seedlings (Netherlands). Wishes seeds and seedlings of tropical
2432 plants such as: Fatsia Japonica, Arancaria Ekcelsa, Dracena, Kentia, Schleffrera.

Seeds: 1,000-100,000 and seedlings: 5,000. Delivery depending on harvest time.
Quote CIF Amsterdam. Bank ref: Rabobank-Haarlem. Contact: L. B. M. De Leede,
Kievitstraat 11, Haarlem, Netherlands. Phone: 023-373260.

2433 Brined citron (Italy). Needs brined citron, packaging usual, delivery soonest.
Quotations desired CIF or FOB. Type of Payment Letter of Credit. Bank ref:
Banca Commerciale Italiana, Messina. Contact: Canditfrucht Spa, via Medici
307, 98051 Barcellona (Messinda), Italy. Phone: 909020.

2434- Animal and vegetable fats (Trinidad). Would like animal and vegetable fats,
2435 3,000 tons. Quality Animal food grade. Packed in deep tanks bulk shipment
1,200 ton lots. Delivery annually. Requirements: preferably from Gulf port.
Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank ref: Chase Manhattan, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.
Contact: Economic & Analytical Surveys for Investment Ltd., 106-108 Minimax
Building, San Fernando Street, Trinidad, West Indies. Cable: EASIN, Trinidad.
Phone: 652-4531.

2436 Soft drinks (Netherlands). Importer desires to purchase rootbeer, container loads.
Packed in retail cans. Delivery soonest. Requirements: Please state percent
of added sugar and total sugar content. Quote CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:
Amro-Bank N.V. Barendrecht. Contact: H. De Leeuw, Van der Voorn and Co., B.V.
Ziedewij 8-10, Barendrecht, Netherlands. Telex: 24341. Phone: 01806-4405.

2437- Strawberries, passion fruit pulp and bees wax (Japan). Wants 17 mt of frozen
2440 strawberries, USDA B or higher grade; 30,000 liter of concentrated strawberry
juice; 10,000 kg of passion fruit pulp, any grade; 10 mt of 100% pure bees
wax, USDA grade or edible grade, 1/4 or 1/5 concentration ratio. Appropriate
packaging for institutional use. Delivery soonest. Quote CIF or C&F. Bank ref:
Dai-Ichi Kahgyo Bank, Shinbashi Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Kunihiko Sato, Manager,
Meikyo Trading Company, Ltd., 22-1, Nishi-Shinbashi 2-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.
Telex: J24564 MAYIMPEX. Phone: 03-432-4681. Cable: MEIKYOIMPEX, Tokyo.

2441 Broilers (Egypt). Interested in buying 5,000 tons of USDA Grade A Frozen broilers,
1,250 mt monthly beginning January 1978. Request: Four consignments. Bids to he
opened December 12, 1978. Quote C&F Alexandria or Port Said and FOB U.S. port
(including Import Agent Commission). Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt, AID
Loan 263-K-045. Contact: Eng. Alphonse Rizalla, 43 Sheref Basha St., Cairo,
Egypt. Phone: 974 700/55002.

2442 Frozen chicken legs (Japan). Needs frozen chicken legs, 100 mt per year.
Appropriate packaging for retail and institutional uses. Delivery soonest.
Specific information required. Quote C&F Yokohama. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo
Bank, Sakaisuji Branch, Osaka. Contact: Kazamasa Yokoyama, Universal Traders
Ltd., C/o Mifune Bldg., 19-10, Akasaka 3-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo. Phone: 03-
583-9531. Telex: 242-4512 UNIMEX-J. Cable: ESREVINU Tokyo.

2443 Emergency rations (Japan). Wishes emergency or "C" rations similar to those used
by the U.S. Army. 10,000 rations for trial shipment, specific information including
ingredient statements required, water-proof packaging. Delivery soonest. Quote
CIF Yokohama. Bank ref: Yokohama Bank, Yokosuka Branch. Contact: Heisaburo
Fujiwara, Director, Maruwa Maine, Co., Ltd., 621, Ashina, Yokosuka, Japan.
Cable: MARUWA, Yokosuka. Phone: 0468-56-0886.

2444- Frozen chicken, ice cream and frozen products (England). Needs Kosher frozen
2446 cooked/uncooked chicken products; Kosher ice cream and all Kosher frozen products
Purchased by 35/40 foot containers. Quality: Kosher. Delivery soonest.
Requirements: Must be strictly Kosher with either 'U' or 'K' marks on packages.
Quote CIF but FOB also accepted. Bank reference: Barclays Bank, Wembley
Branch. Contact: I. G. Atlas, Garden State Imports, Ltd., 206 Preston
Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 8PA, England. Phone: 01-904-3796.

2447- Pickled meats and pickled pork offals (St. Lucia). Would like to purchase
2448 pickled boneless navel beef, family beef, short ribs of beef and boneless pink-
cured pork snouts, pink-cured pork scalps, pink-cured pork lips, pink-cured
pork headskins and trimmed and defatted pink-cured pork tails. Quantity: 35 lb.
pails for each item. Quote CIF port Castries, 5% commission inclusive. Contact:
V. G. Vitalis, Lafayette Fruit and Produce Company, Ltd., P. O. Box 108, Port
Castries, St. Lucia. Cable: LAFAYETTE, St. Lucia. Phone: 2664-7.

2449 Soybean powder (Singapore). Wants about 12 tons of soybean powder for drink
per month, first grade, manufacturer's packaging. Delivery soonest, quote CIF
Singapore. Bank ref: Hong Kong and Shangai Bank-Collyer Quay, Singapore.
Contact: Chan Whay Yam, Cold Storage (s) Pte, Ltd., 104 Pasir Panjang Road,
i Singapore 5. Telex: COLD RS25060. Phone: 4790111.

2450- Snack foods, cookies, breakfast cereal, candies (Singapore). Needs snack food
2453 (potato chips, etc.), cookies, breakfast cereal and candies. Firm unable
to give exact requirement until they receive quotation and manufacturer's
packing. Quality grade, consumer pack. Quote CIF Singapore. Bank ref: The
Chartered Bank, Battery Road, Singapore. Contact: G. R. Dixon, Paterson Simons
and Company (S) Pte., Ltd., Maritime Building Collyer Quay, Singapore 1. Telex:
RS 212-97 PATSPOR. Phone: 912222.

2.454 Whey powder (Trinidad). Needs 31,000 lbs sweet whey powder, packed in bulk,
delivery soonest. Quote CIF Port-of-Spain. Bank ref: Barclays Bank of T&T
Ltd., Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Contact: Lindy Troja,
E. P. Gibbs Ltd., 17 Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad (West Indies).
Cable: PROVOST, Port-of-Spain. Phone: 62-34772 and 62-31914.

Foreign Trade Developments:

Sales from CONTACTS publication. An FAS survey for 1977 showed some 35 U.S.
companies having reported sales totaling $6.3 million as a result of contacts
with foreign buyers through the monthly trade letter, "CONTACTS for U.S. Food
Products". The trade letter provides names and addresses of U.S. suppliers and
brief descriptions of products they offer and is distributed to foreign buyers
through the offices of U.S. Agricultural Attaches overseas. The sales covered
a wide range of agricultural products, including canned vegetables, dietetic
foods, powdered drink mixes, frozen meats, dried eggs, breeding stock, raisins,
candies, soybeans, honey, dried foods, popcorn, soybean meal and oil, just to
name a few. Firms can submit a product announcement for the trade letter to
the export representative of their State Department of Agriculture,

The announcement must be limited to 100 words or less and include the bank
reference, complete address, phone and/or telex number of the company. All
weights and measures in the products description must be in the metric system and
and preference will be given to new exporters and/or new export products. There
is no charge for the service.
New Publications:

Single copies of the following are available by writing the Information
Services Staff, FAS, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

Fresh and processed citrus fruits, FCF-4-78, October 1978.

World Milk Output up in 1978; Butter Stocks Build While NFDM Holdings Drop,
FD 3-78, September 1978.

World Edible Tree Nut Situation, FN 4-78, October 1978.

World Poultry Meat and Egg Production Forecast to Increase, FPE 3-78, October

World Honey Output Up in 1978, FHON 1-78, October 1978.


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