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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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7.o- EXPORT. ; )

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying tle trade le4ilCJe J)$a~6ejt of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Tatde.
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. .. W':. Of H'''
July 21, 1978

1389 Coffee beans (Japan). Wants coffee beans (dried unparched), 1 ton monthly.
South American origin, sample and certificate of origin required. Quote
C&F, immediate shipment. SIC: 20950000. Bank ref: Fuji Bank, Tsukaguchi
Branch. Contact: Hachiro Imanishi, Aoyama Kogyo Co., Ltd., 2-5 Minami-
Tsukaguchi-Cho 2-Chome, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Ken 660, Japan. Phone:
(06) 421-3551

1390- Honey and frozen vegetables (Iran). Wants to buy honey and frozen vegetables.
1391 SIC: 20340000, 20372000. Contact: M. Darugar, Head, International Dept.,
Majcom Company, South Jamshid Abad Avenue No. 164, (Jamalzadeh Avenue), P. 0.
Box 11-1829, Tehran, Iran. Telex: 21-3432 IRTM. Phone: 938005, 926292.

1392 Frozen chicken (Germany). Shipchandler wishes to purchase frozen chicken
quarters packed in cartons of 10 kilograms. Firm is interested in buying
about 20 tons in two 20-foot containers. Estimated value about $20,000.
Firm requests offers by telex. Price quotations FOB U.S. seaport. SIC:
20151000. Contact: Harald Schiller, Gebr. Schoemaker Kg, Bayernstrasse 151,
Postfach 10 16 67, D-2800 Bremen 1, Germany. Cable: AUSRUESTUNG, Bremen.
Telex: 0244712. Phone: 0421/392080.

1393 Snails (Japan). Needs snail (Escargot) canned and snail (Escargot) frozen.
2-3 tons each monthly. Quality and other requirements, samples required, shells
to be shipped together, packaging (canned snail) 500 grams in gross weight,
10-12 cans in a case. (frozen snail) 1 kilogram in a vinyl bag, 10 kilograms
in a case. Quotations C&F Japan, immediate shipment. Bank ref: Osaka Bank,
Morinomiya Branch. Contact: Fumiji Uto, Miyako Bussan, 9-15 13 Morinomiya
2-Chome, Joto-Ku, Osaka 536, Japan. Phone: 06-967-6928.

1394 Powdered soy protein (Japan). Desires powdered soy protein for bakery products,
one ton regularly, best quality, delivery soonest. SIC: 20922050. Bank
ref: Nagoya Sogo Bank, Okazaki Minami Branch, Okazaki. Contact: Hideo Yamada,
Manager, 25-1 Aza Okiorido, Myodaiji-Cho, Okazaki 4444, Japan. Cable: AIRIN,
Okazaki. Phone: 0564-51-6755.

1395 Frozen whole eggs (Japan). Would like frozen whole eggs, one container load
regularly, best quality, delivery soonest. SIC: 20156040. Bank ref:
Sanwa Bank, Sakae-Machi Branch, Nagoya. Contact: K. Asano, Managing Director,
Kohshin Trading Co., Ltd., 8-20 Marunouchi 1-Chome, Naka-Ku, Nagoya 460,
Japan. Telex: 442-2611 DAIDO. Cable: FELLOWSHIP, Nagoya. Phone: 052-

1396 Flowering plants (Italy). Wishes to purchase Camelias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons.
Quote CIF Milano. SIC: 01920045. Bank ref: San Donato Milanese. Contact:
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


Luigi Terranova, Via Alfonso Cossa 29, 20138 Milano, Italy.

1397- Pulses and potato flour (England). Wants yellow split peas and potato flour,
1398 20 tons of each, top quality in 50 kilo bags. Quote C&F Liverpool. SIC: 01139000,
01195000. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd. Contact: M. Hashmi, Arcadia Food
Industries, Downham Street, Bradford BD3 9QY, W. Yorks, England. Phone:

1451 Wine (Ecuador). Interested in U.S. wine, packaging in barrels. Restaurant
owner wishes to locate U.S. source of bulk wines for his own use. He estimates
annual purchase of up to $10,000. English correspondence acceptable. SIC:
20940020. Contact: Sr. Fernando Mantilla J., Turestal Cia. Ltda, Casilla 4608-A,
Quito, Ecuador. Cable: 2309 SERVI-ED MANTILLA. Phone: 545-098.

1452 Grocery lines (Egypt). Wishes to buy canned foods, mustard and catsup. Quantities
will be specified by buyer upon receipt of price quotations CIF Alexandria.
Catalogs are also requested. SIC: 20400000. Contact: Ez El Din Metwalli,
92, 26th July Road, Mazarita, Alexandria, Egypt. Cable: EZMET Alexandria.
Phone: 35173.

1400- Onions, broilers,and oats for horses (Venezuela). Desires onions, broilers and
1402 oats. 500 mt of onions 1,000 mt of broilers and 4,000 mt of oats. #1 onions,
Grade A broilers and Oats 48-50 lbs. per bushel. Packaging onions in 100 lb.
bags, broilers in plastic bags and oats in 100 lb. bags. Delivery soonest.
Phytosanitary Permit of Country of origin is required. Quote CIF La Guaira.
SIC: 01231030, 20151000, 01131030. Bank ref: Banco Provincial, Bello Campo,
Caracas, Venezuela. Contact: Francisco Turillo Fratugar, Apartado 5388,
Caracas 101, Venezuela. Telex: 21451 FRATU-VE. Cable: FRATUGAR. Phone:
81 74 51 or 81 06 66.

1403- Beans and peas (Venezuela). Wants to buy Black, White, Pinto, Red kidney, Pink
1408 beans and Yellow and Green peas and Lentils. 20,000 mt of Black beans, 1,500 mt
of White beans, 1,000 mt of Pinto beans, 1,000 mt of Red kidney beans, 800 mt
of Pink beans, 2,000 mt of Yellow peas, 800 mt of Green peas, 800 mt of Split
Green peas and 1,500 mt of Lentils. Packaging in 100 lb. bags. Delivery soonest
(new crop). Phytosanitary Permit of Country of origin is required. Quote CIF
La Guaira, Puerto Cabello and Maracaibo. SIC: 01139065, 01139050, 01139060,
01139055, 01139085, 01139092. Bank ref: Banco Provincial, Bello Campo,
Caracas. Contact: Francisco Turrillo, Fratugar, Apartado 5388, Caracas 101,
Venezuela. Telex: 21451 FRATU-VE. Cable: FRATUGAR. Phone: 81 74 51 or
81 06 66.

1409 Spices (Venezuela). Wants to buy spices: cinnamon, cumin seed, cloves and pepper.
Quantity: cinnamon, 1,500 mt, cumin seed, 5,000 mt, cloves, 3,000 mt, pepper,
15,000 mt. Quality: whole cinnamon, cumin seed 1 percent impurity seed,
cloves from Madagascar or Zanzibar, pepper white and black.
cumin seed in bags of 45 kg, all others in bags of 50 kg. Phytosanitary Permit
of Country of origin is required. Quote CIF La Guaira, Puerto Cabello. SIC:
20999060. Bank ref: Banco Provincial, Bello Campo, Caracas. Contact: Francisco
Turillo, Fratugar, Apartado 5388, Caracas 101, Venezuela. Telex: 21451 FRATU-
VE. Cable: FRATUGAR. Phone: 81 74 51 or 81 06 66.

1410 Grapefruit (Japan). Desires Red grapefruit grown in Arizona and Coachella
area, California. 1,000 cartons per month 500 cartons to a container, top
quality, packed in appropriate carton boxes for export, immediate delivery.
Buyer wishes to contact growers only. Quote COB. SIC: 01221035. Bank ref:
Mitsubishi Bank, Yokohama Branch. Contact: Akemi Miura, Sales Manager, Shin
Nihon Trading Co., 1-41, Sakuradai, Berima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: BEAUTYTRAD,
Tokyo. Phone: 03-991-5493.

1411 Corn (Nigeria). Nigerian Company desires quotations C&F Lagos for 1,000 mt
of No. 2 American yellow corn in 50 kilo double jute bags. Delivery time
begins within 30 days. SIC: 01131020. Bank ref: Savannah Bank, Broad Street,
Lagos. Contact: Dr. A. Adelekan, Ramada Farms, P. O. Box 485, Ikeja, Lagos
State, Nigeria. Phone: 45703, 33799.

1412 Soybean meal (England). Wishes to purchase 500-1,000 tons lots of soybean
meal, quality FAQ Minimum, 44% protein and minimum 44% protein, maximum 7%
fibre. Packaging in bulk. Delivery urgent. Wishes to deal only with
smaller shippers. Quote CIF Rotterdam, UK and Ireland. SIC: 20922020.
Bank ref: National Westminister Bank, Mark Lane, London EC3R 7PA. Contact:
Arnold O'Reilly, W. S. Lloyd (1962) Ltd., 387 City Road, London, England.
Telex: 887118. Phone: 01-278-953 LWM.

1413- Rice, sugar, powdered milk and sardines (Nigeria). Wants to buy No. 1 Long
1416 grain parboiled rice, 4 percent broken, 100,000 bags, 50 kilo per bag, in
double jute bags; 2,000 tons cube sugar in 1/2 kg tins; 2,000 tons of tinned
powdered milk packaged in 4 kg, 2 kg, 1 kg, and 1/2 kg tins; 500 tons of canned
sardines in various can sizes. Immediate delivery, quote CIF Lagos. As soon
as prices are approved Letter of Credit will be opened. SIC: 20444000, 2060040,
20231000, 20310000. Bank ref: Barclays Bank. Contact: K. B. Chaudwani,
Arday International (Nigeria) Ltd., P. 0. Box 9141, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone:
20419, 27157. Cable: ARDAS Lagos.

1417 Hay (France). Wishes to buy 30,000 tons of hay. Quote CIF Tripoli (Libya).
SIC: 20422040. Bank ref: Barclay's Bank, 0600 Nice. Contact: Albert
Evangelisti, Societe Bocom France, 4, Rue Alphone Karr, 0600 Nice, France.
Telex: 970.710.F Phone: (93) 82.28.48.

1418- Forage and Vegetable seeds (France). Desires forage and vegetable seeds.
1419 SIC: 20422040, 01193047. Bank ref: Societe Generale in Rennes, France.
Contact: Pierre Gruel, ETS. Gruel-Fayer, 3 Rue Jean Le Ho-B.P. 3212,
35U13 Rennes Cedex, Paris, France. Telex: 73004. Cable: Ogetel. Phone:

1420 Barley (West Germany). Wants to purchase barley for customer in Middle East.
Anticipated purchase: 100,000 tons. SIC: 01131010. Bank ref: Deutsche
Bank AG, and Stadtsparkasse, both in 4000 Duesseldorf, West Germany. Contact:
D. A. Rezigied, F. A. M. Maschinen-Export and Import GMBH, Friedrich-Ebert-
Str. 40, 4000 Dueseldorf, West Germany. Phone: 0211-369979. Telex: 8581448.

1421 Corn (Nigeria). Wants No. 2 yellow maize, packaged in 100 kilo double jute
bags, delivery soonest, quote C&F Apapa. SIC: 01331020. Bank ref: Standard Bank,
Lagos Street, Kano, Nigeria. Contact: Alhaji Salisu Gambo, Yaro Gambo and
Company, Ltd., 28 Ibrahim Taiwo Road, P. 0. Box 2103, Kano, Nigeria.

1422- Meat, bone meal, soybean meal, fish meal, alfalfa meal, and bird seed (Philippines).
1427 Desires to buy meat and bone meal, soybean meal, fish meal, alfalfa meal and
bird seeds. SIC: 20118000, 20942010, 20922020, 20942000, 20424000. Contact:
Weedy Tan, President, Weecon Trade (Phils), P. 0. Box 2909, Manila, Philippines.
Cable: WEECON, Manila. Telex: 7660/1 HL PH ATTN Weecon.

1428- Meat, chicken, beans, rice (Portugal). Trading company specializing in items
1431 for supermarkets and department stores wants complete meat carcases or/and
saddle, leg, shoulder; frozen chicken, whole and parts, for European and
Middle East, including Iran; regular supplies of beans and peas for canning
firms; and rice, first, second and third grades, also 5% super, broken, as
well as 10 and 15% broken for canning. Parboiled also required. SIC: 20111000,
20151000, 01139092, 20444000. Contact: J. de Braganca, Agencia Internacional,
P. 0. Box 1 Apartado 21108, Lisboa 2, Portugal. Cable: PROCOM. Telex:
12579 P.

1432 Grocery lines (Germany). Wishes to locate suitable U.S. manufacturers of food
products (frozen, fresh, canned and/or dehydrated), food specialties and
alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, interested in granting licenses for the
manufacture of such products in Germany. SIC: 20400000. Bank ref: Sparkasse
Franfurt von 1822, 600 Franfurt/Main. Contact: Mrs. Bremm, CMS Contacta
Marketing Service GmbH & Co Vertriebs Kg, Robert-Perthel-Strasse 5, 5000 Koeln
60, West Germany. Telex: 888 190 6.

1433 Main course meals (Saudi Arabia). Agent for Saudi Arabia wants 100,000 meals of
pre-packed emergency rations incorporating freeze dried main course meals. To
include: freeze dried rice and chicken meal in sealed plastic bag, net weight
130-135 g. Plain coffee biscuits, 6 pieces in sealed plastic bag, weight approx.
1 oz. 3 individually cellophane wrapper boiled sweets. Imitation orangeade mix
with added vitamin C in sachet, net weight 25 g. Instant tea in sachet, net
weight 0.5 g. Individual portions of sugar, salt and pepper in sachets. 1 plastic
spoon. All sealed in plastic bag size 6 1/2" x 11". Fowl or meat to be
Muslim slaughtered each mealto be sealed in strong polythene outer bag with
description of contents on bags. Delivery within 6 months, quote CIF Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia. Suppliers can offer alternative ingredients providing they
conform to Muslim Dietary Law and they offer approximately the same food value
per ration. Bank ref: Banque Du Caire, Jeddah, S. Arabia. Contact: John
B. Meredith, Sharbatley Establishment for Trade and Development, 121 Mount
Street, London WlY 5HB, England. Telex: 8811253. Phone: 01-499-1777.

1434 Chicken (New Caledonia). A buyer in New Caledonia is interested in purchasing U.S.
frozen chicken. He needs one container load per month. The chicken should be of
Grade A or B quality and about 1 kg in weight. Quotations FOB. SIC: 20151000.
Contact: Rene Fichet, S.C.I.E./Prisunic, B.P. LL, Noumea Cedex, Nouvelle, Caledonia.

1435 Dehydrated garlic flakes (Japan). Wishes dehydrated garlic flakes, monthly
10-50 tons, sample required, packaging in water proof paper bag, then in a
carton. Quotations C&F Kobe. SIC: 20341100. Bank ref: The Bank of Tokyo,
Kobe Branch. Contact: Keiichi Mitsuzumi, Jiro Mit Uzumi & Co., Ltd., Boeki
Bldg., 123 Kigashimachi, Ikuta-Ku, Kobe 650, Japan. Telex: J78616 MITSUZUMI.
Cable: JIRO Kobe. Phone: (078) 321-8451.

1436 Foliage plants (Netherlands). Wants to buy container loads of foliage plants
for indoor use: Draceana Philodendron Yucca. Quote CIF Rotterdam. SIC:
01920045. Bank ref: NMB Harlingen. Contact: A. A. Alkema, Kwekers
Alkema B.V., P. 0. Box 112, 9110 Harlingen, Netherlands. Telex: 46402.
Phone: 05178-3743.

1437 Frozen broilers (Netherlands). Agent for Iran wishes to purchase 10,000 mt
of frozen broilers, 1,000-1,200 grams each, quote C&F Iran. SIC: 20151000.
Bank ref: Rabo Bank, Roermond Contact: A. J. H. Gale, Sanders Aziatishch
Handelscentrum, Andersonweg 10, Roermond, Netherlands. Phone: 04750-15879.

1438 Lard (England). Desires to buy 1,000 tons per year of lard, packaging 12
1/2 kilo boxes. Company would like product specifications from potential
suppliers. Quote CIF (UK) port. SIC: 20115000. Bank ref: National West-
Minister Bank, Liverpool. Contact: Peter Howard, J. Bibby & Sons Ltd., Great
Howard St., Liverpool L37AW, England. Telex: 62339. Phone: 051 236 6671.

1439- Joint venture for production of rice and corn (Nigeria). A Nigerian communi-
1440 cations Company desires to branch out into agricultural production of rice and
corn. Wishes contact with a reputable American organization on a joint venture
basis. Large tract of land available in the Savannah area of Nigeria. SIC:
20441000, 01131020. Contact: Mrs. Adeyeba, Vice President, Niger Communi-
cations Enterprises, Inc., P. 0. Box 5354, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 34405, 32192.

1441 Joint venture Integrated Poultry Project (Nigeria). Nigerian Enterpreneur wishes
joint venture with reputable U.S. firms, individual or organization in an
integrated poultry project. Has 1,000 acres of land available. SIC: 01331020.
Contact: Nil I. Aihie, G. E. Aihie, P.M.B. 12553, 72 Campbell Street, Lagos,
Nigeria, or the Agricultural Attache American Embassy, Lagos.

1442 Grocery line (Australia). Wishes to purchase continental foods, edible oils,
canned, frozen and packaged foods, and cheese. Consumer type packs, suitable
for direct delivery packaging to supermarket chains. Quote CIF or FOB.
SIC: 20400000. Bank ref: Anz, Stock Exchange Branch, 351 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia. Contact: Saverio Valmorbida, Conga
Amalgamated, 600 Nicholson Street, North Fitzroy 3068, Victoria, Australia.
Telex: 31629. Cable: CONGATRAD. Phone: 4891699.

1443 Soybean meal (Egypt). Wants to buy soybean meal, 1,500 tons per year, 49%
protein, bagged, delivery 3 or 4 times a year. Quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt.
SIC: 20922020. Bank ref: Misr International Bank, Cairo, Egypt. Contact:
Chairman, The Egyptian Poultry Company, 8 Mourad St, Giza, Egypt. Telex:
94846 CHICK UN. Phone: 896-391.

1444- Canned orange and apple juice (Hong Kong). Desires to acquire canned orange
1445 and apple juice, sweetened or unsweetened, 20-30,000 cases per month for 8
months; six oz. easy open cans, delivery immediate, quote CIF Hong Kong.
SIC: 20334030, 20334035. Contact: C. L. Kung, Kung Brothers and Co., Ltd.,
211 Edinburgh House, 11-13 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong. Phone: 5-230159.
Telex: HX 73975.


1446- Buffalo Horn and Dove Shell (Taiwan and Korea). Wants to buy Buffalo Horn
1447 and Dove Shell for shipment to Taiwan and Korea for processing ornaments or
accessories such as pendants, beads and buttons. Contact: Samuel Yang,
Executive Vice President, Forever Enterprises Corp., 3600 Wilshire Blgd.,
Suite 1012, Los Angeles, California 90010. Phone: (213) 369-1391/1392.

1448 Grocery lines (Morocco). Desires to buy soft wheat, raw sugar, tobacco leaf,
oil-bearing seeds such as soya, linseed, etc.; coffee, green, tea, in bulk, pepper
black and white, in bulk; milk fluid, in bulk, butter, in bulk; seed potatoes,
also seeds for growing oil-bearing seed plants; edible oils, raw, and animal
tallow for the manufacturer of soap. Newly established firm specializing in largo
private and government transactions as well as in Barter Agreements for a
wide range of products. Seeks U.S. manufacturers of above listed products for
exclusive agency. Send letters and publicity in French, if possible. SIC:
20400000. Contact: A. Naeiri-Bennan, C. Nomi, 1 Rd-Pt. St-Exupey, Casablanca,
Morocco. Phone: 27-10-30 or 27-14-48. Telex: 24.954 or 24.956.

1449 Canned dog and cat food (Germany). Wishes to purchase canned dog and cat food
and other prepared animal foods. Unable to estimate annual import value.
Prospect is a newly established company. Terms of delivery: CIF German port
of Entry. SIC: 20423000. Contact: Mr. Goeritzer, Chef-Farms Food Vertriebs
Gmbh, Postfach 165, D-7000 Stuttgart 1, Germany. Phone: 711/633073.

1450 Soybean oil (Pakistan). Wants to purcahse soybean oil. Quantity 2000 tons,
packed in tin and bulk packing. Quote C&F Karachi. Firm is an importer and
indentor of industrial products. SIC: 20921020. Contact: S. S. Ahmed,
Proprietor, Ahmed Brothers, 2/44-46 Alyousuf Chamber, New Chali, Shahran-E-Liaqua
Karachi, Pakistan. Cable: BUMPER, Karachi. Phone: 218001.

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