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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade lea*srth~ De grt~it. Of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.
June 30, 1978

1241 Sugar (Egypt). Wants to purchase 20,000 mt of sugar, white crystal and/or
refined, polarization 99.7 degrees, minimum, moisture 0.1 percent maximum,
ash 0.07 percent maximum. Packaging in new jute or textile bags. Delivery
of 10,000 mt each August and September 1978. Quote CIF Egyptian ports.
SIC: 20600040. Contact: Dr. Charles Stino, Indconsult, Osoris Building,
4 Latin America Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93729 INDCO UN. Cable:
CONSTINO, Cairo. Phone: 24605 or 32913.

1242 Grass seeds (England). Agent for Sudan would like to buy tropical grass
seeds. Would appreciate sample quantity of types: Townsville Stylo;
Desmodium; Buffel; Rhodes; Panic; Mitchell; Glycine; Kikuyu, Carribean
Stylo; Seratro; Couch grass, Gynodon Dactylon; Distichlis Strieta; variety
of Puccinellia. Delivery by air to Khartoum, Sudan. SIC: 01193000.
Bank ref: Williams & Glyn Bank Ltd., London EC3. Contact: J. R. Low,
Dalgety Agricultural Development Limited, 3rd Floor, Berkeley Square House,
Berkeley Square, London, England WLX 5PB. Telex: 262603. Phone:

1243 Tallow (Korea). Wants to purchase inedible beef tallow. Firm needs 5,000
tons annually for offer sales in bulk quantity, with FOB quotations.
SIC: 20941000. Bank ref: Bank of Seoul and Trust Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea.
Contact: Joon Sik Park of Yulsan Industries Co., Ltd., CPO Box 6137,
Seoul, Korea. Telex: K26360, K26592. Cable: YULSANIND, Seoul. Phone:

1244 Whey powder (Mexico). Interested in buying 200 tons monthly of whey powder,
delivery soonest, quote FOB Border. SIC: 20231000. Bank ref: Banco
International, Account 49-08026-9, Mexico City. Contact: C. P. Jose Luis
Ramirez C., Tuxpango 138, Colonia Industrial, Mexico 14, D.F. Mexico.
Phone: (905) 517-2677.

1245 Wheat (France). Wants to buy 1,000 to 2,000 tons per year of wheat for
natural food products, to be delivered in one shipment. Quality biological
culture, I.E.P. without chemical fertilizers grown under completely natural
procedures. Bakery quality (French Norms: W 180 mt, proteins 11/11.5).
Delivery if possible, prior to the end of calendar year 1978. SIC: 01131070.
Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais 42600 Montbrison. Contact: Georges or Pierre
Couturier, S.A.R.L. rMnoterie J. Counturier, B.P. 28, -2600 Montbrison, Paris,
France. Phone:

1246 Grocery lines (Fiji). Interesting in buying canned goods, as follows: fruits,
tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, meat, crabmeat, jellies and jams, vegetables,
and both liquid and powdered whole milk and skim milk. Other canned foodstuffs
for general consumption. Salad oil, nuts, pickels, garlic, crackers, etc.
Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 5935 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

SIC: 20400000. Bank ref: Bank of New South Wales, Suva, Fiji, and
Barclays' Bank, Suva. Contact: Syham Lal, Managing Director, Inter-
national Agencies, C.P.O. Box 562, Suva, Fiji. Cable: INTERAGE.
Phone: SUVA 23740.

1247- Beef and veal (Trinidad). Wants to buy meat cuts: 50,000 lbs. tenderloin;
1248 50,000 lbs. sirloin, 50,000 lbs. rib steak; 30,000 lbs. strip loin;
30,000 lbs. rump; 10,000 lbs. stew; 10,000 lbs. rib bones; 10,000 lbs.
veal, and 10,000 lbs. clods. Immediate shipment in container loads.
SIC: 20111000, 20112000. Quote CIF Trinidad. Bank ref: Barclays Bank
of T&T Ltd. Contact: Rolfe R. A. Moyou, Executive Marketing Holdings,
Ltd., Room 202, Salvatori Building, Frederick Street, Port of Spain,
Box 123, Trinidad. Cable: KEMACO, Trinidad. Phone: 62-31721 and

1249- Cottonseed oil, soybean oil (Egypt). Would like to purchase cottonseed or
1250 sunflowerseed oil and soybean oil. Quantity: 12,000 mt of cottonseed oil
and 4,000 mt of soybean oil. Purchaser reserves right to increase total
quantity. For cottonseed oil semi-refined in bulk, for soybean oil fully
refined in new steel drums, 18/18 or 18/20 gauge. Two equal shipments
in November and December 1978. Offers must be submitted latest 1200 Noon
Wednesday July 12, 1978. Copy of conditions/specifications, available
from purchaser for 3 Egyptian pounds each, must be attached to each offer.
SIC: 20911000, 20921040. Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities,
Ministry of Supply, 24 Gomhouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92062
ESTRAN Cairo. Cable: ESTRAM, Cairo. Phone: 932969.

1251 Cherries (South Africa). Wants cherries in SO2 and red cherries in vinegar for
packers & canners. Cherries in SO2 Ten to fifty containers containing
eighty barrels; cherries in vinegar five to ten containers containing
eighty barrels. Quality yellow, firm flesh, stemmed and machine pitted;
sizes, 16/18, 18/20 and 20/22. Packaging in containers each ofwhich contain
eighty barrels. Delivery July through December. Quote C&F Cape Town. The
buyer has previously purchased from Europe. SIC: 20331090. Bank ref:
Packers' and Canners' Agent Standard Bank, Adderley Street, Cape Town.
Contact: P. B. Viljoen, Fred Bowker (PTY) Ltd., P. O. Box 1236, Cape Town
8000, South Africa. Cable: ITOIL, Cape Town. Phone: CAPE TOWN 22-0918.

1252- Soybeans, cottonseed cake, peanut cake and fishmeal (South Africa). Interested
1255 in buying 2,000 mt of soybeans; 1,000 mt of cottonseed cake; 2,000 mt of
peanut cake and 1,000 mt of fish meal. Quality: animal feed grade-cheapest
available. Packaging in bags, delivery soonest, quote CIF Durban. SIC:
01138000, 20914000, 20932075, 20942010. Bank ref: Barclays Bank, Springs.
Contact: Otto Landsberg (PTY) Limited, P. 0. Box 32196, Braafontein, 2017,
South Africa. Telex: 89398. Phone: JOHANNESBURG 011-724-1861.

1256- Joint venture for poultry and feeds (Nigeria). Nigerian company with some
1257 600 acres of farmland interested in a joint venture with an American company
or individual to produce poultry and feeds as an integrated project. Nigerian
Law allows partner up to 60 percent of gross equity. Bank ref: Barclays
Bank, Kakawa Street, Lagos. Contact: J. O. Olutunmogun, Managing Director,
Kwaraka Industrial Farm Ltd., P. O. Box 107, Kabba, Kwara State, Nigeria.

1258 Rice (England). Desires to purchase 100,000 mt of rice, 25 percent broken,
packed in 50 kg bags. Delivery September/October 1978, quote C&F Jakarta.
Bank ref: National Westminister Bank Ltd., SIC: 20441000. Contact: L.
C. Palmer, 9A Shipping Ltd., 11 Ludgate Circus, London EC4, England.
Telex: 8813670. Phone: 01-248-1824.

1259 Swine (Ecuador). Wants to buy breeding hogs and sows. SIC: 01395000.
Contact: Coom'L Eng Alfredo Bautista-Molina, Casilla 5840, Guayaquil,
Ecuador. Phone: 350-222.

1260- Peanut butter and jams (Japan). Would like to buy peanut butter, strawberry
1261 jam, grape jam and orange marmalade in consumer size packaging. SIC: 20338060,
20338020. Contact: Kenichiro Miyagawa, Director, Miyagawa & Co., 27 Kameshiro-
Cho, Mizuho-Ku, Nagoya 467, Japan. Cable: MIYAGAWA, Nagoya. Phone: 052-

1262 Grocery lines (Qatar). Wants to purchase supermarket foods. Firm is in final
stages of establishing a supermarket under the name of "Ambassador". Interested
in establishing contacts with U.S. producers and suppliers of all supermarket
items with special interest in food products initially. Tefco interested
in representing U.S. firm on agency basis and also interested in importing for
distribution. Owner is Qatar's Minister of Industry and Agriculture. Language
of correspondence Arabic or English. Please send brochures and price lists,
quote C&F Doha. SIC: 20400000. Contact: Ahmad Al-Khaldi. General Manager.
TEFCO Trading & Contracting Est. P.O. Box 5223, Doha, Qatar (The Arabian
Gulf). Phone: 329747. Telex: 4586 TEFCO DH.

1263 Corn syrup (El Salvador). Desires to purchase corn syrup or glucose for candy
manufacture with the following specifications: 38/38 De at 45 degrees, Baume,
40/42 De at 45 degrees, Baume. Packaged in 55 gallon drums, 300 kg each.
Sales potential 800 tons annually, prefers replies by letter. Quote CIF El
Salvador.. SIC: 20460015. Contact: John Holman, Manager, Union Mercantil,
P. 0. Box 01-314, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. Cable: UNIMERSA.
Phone: 23-0323.

126L- Creamery butter, canned fruits and vegetables, canned fruit juices and vegetable
1268 juices. (Spain). Desires to purchase creamery butter, canned specialties and
canned nationality foods, canned fruits (except baby foods), canned vegetables,
canned fruit juices and concentrates, canned vegetable juices, and canned
jams, jellies and preserves. Quote FOB U.S. port or C&F Persian Gulf. SIC:
20210020, 20331000, 20112000, 20334000, 20335000. Bank ref: The Banco Exter-
ior De Espana, Madrid. Contact: Roberto F. Peralta, Manager, Cipa, S.A., Avda.
Generalisimo, 96, Madrid 16, Spain. Tlex: 23213 BATIE. Phone: 91/2596892.

1269 Canned chicken (Germany). Agent for Nigeria wants to purchase canned whole
chicken, in broth, without giblets. Iet weight 50 oz (1.418 g), minimum of
5 container loads per shipment, USDA Grade A, packaging 12 cans per cartons;
about 925 cartons per container. Delivery to start in July. Inquirer
requests samples of responding firms' labels. Quote C&F Lagos/Apapa, Liner
terms. SIC: 20154000. Bank ref: Vereins-Und Westbank Ag, Hamburg.
Contact: Gerd A.W. Koepcke, Hans Mehr, Gross-Und Aussenhandel, P. 0. Box
10 44 49, Ernst-Merck Street, 12-14, D-2000 Hamburg 1, Germany. Telex:
021-6-2879. Cable: MEROLGA, Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG 28 93 1.

1270 Oranges (Norway). Wants to purchase Valencia late oranges (from southern
California), 10,000 to 12,000 cartons, sizes 88 to 113, max. 15 percent
138, packaging 18 kg net in cartons. Quotations FAS. Time of delivery
weekly shipments beginning July ending August -- three containers each
shipment. Quotations by telex only. SIC: 01221005. Bank ref: Andresens
Bank. Contact: Jorgen Sorensen and Co., ATTN: Tore-Jan Haines, Karl
Johansgate 1, Oslo 1, Norway. Telex- 11345 N.

1271 Cherries (New Zealand). Desires brined pitted stemmed cherries, 18-20 mm
size, full container load per shipment annual usage 55-60 mt. Quality
First Choice blemish free firm with no splits. Packed in new steel drums
with acid resisting coating. Requirements Preservation by sulfur dioxide
strength on arrival, 2000 PP! PH not over 3.5, quote CIF Auckland. SIC:
01222030. Contact: J. G. Jones, Butland Industries Ltd., 644 Great South
Road, Auckland, New Zealand. Cable: GALA Auckland. Phone: 599-149.

1272 Joint venture to grow soybeans (Indonesia). Indonesian firm, P. T. Geder Wangi
is seeking U.S. partner with soybean cultivation know-how to make investment
in joint venture to grow soybeans in Indonesia. Initial project size 1 -
2,000 HA with possibility of expanding to 10,000 HA. Bank ref: Bank Bumi
Daya, Telex 44277 JAK PUSAT, Cable: BD PUSAT. Bank Pelita, Cable: Bapelita
For further details: Contact: Ojong Peniman, P. T. Geder Wangi, Jalan
Oto Iskandardinata 66, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. Phone: 153.

1273- Onions and garlic (Belgium). Wishes to purchase powdered onions, chopped
1274 onions, minced onions; and powdered garlic, approximately 2 mt per year.
Delivery soonest, quote FOB U.S. ports. SIC: 01231030, 01231035. Bank
ref: Banque Bruxelles-Lambert; Societe Generale De Banque. Contact:
Maurice Van De Kerckhove, Agniez Freres, S.A. Boulevard De La Revision
91, B-1070 Brussels, (Belgium). Telex: 61169 HARTEN B. Cable: AGNIEZFRER.
Phone: 02/523.37.69.

1275 Long grain rice (Belgium). Wants 10,000 mt long grain rice (in two
shipments each 5,000 tons), maximum 25 percent broken, packaging in 50 kg
jute bags, delivery of first shipment in August, second shipment in September,
quote CIF West African coast. Commission included. SIC: 20441000. Bank
ref: Societe Generale De Banque; Banque Belge Pour L'Industrie; Banque Pour
L'Union Europeenne, Paris. Contact: Mr. Bertrand or Mr. Califice, Avenue
Louise, 244, B-1050 Brussels (Belgium). Phone: 02/649.96.56.

1276 Whole frozen broiler chickens (Belgium). Wishes to purchase 100,000 to
500,000 whole frozen broilers (with giblets reinserted in body cavity and
without giblets), packed in polyethylene bags, delivery end of August
through end of November. Requirements: Moslem Slaughter Certificate required
for Asia. To facilitate understanding, firm would prefer letter replies
send Via International airmail. Quote FOB U.S. ports. SIC: 20151000.
Bank ref: Banque Bruxelles-Lambert. Contact: Charles Binst, S.A. Binst
and Van Den Broeke Overseas, Holidaystraat 7, office No. 11, B-1920 Diegem,
Belgium. Telex: 26408. Cable: BINSTPATAT, Brussels. Phone: 02/721.01.20
or 721.02.80.

1277- Canned cherries and cranberries (Germany). Wishes to purchase Michigan
1278 red sour cherries in cans size no. 10 and cranberries-canned. SIC: 20331090,
20331000. Bank ref: Bremer Bank, Domshof 8-9, D-2800 Bremenl Deutsche Bank,


Domshof 22, D-2800 Bremen. Contact: Horst Harfst, Atlanta Handelsge-
sellschaft Harder & Co., Postfach 10 56 47, Breitenweg 29, D-2800 Bremen
1, Germany. Cable: BRATLANTA Bremen. Telex: 0245482. Phone: 0421/3632567.

1279 Garlic (England). Agent for Singapore wants large garlic, quantity 500
metric tons. Desires seller to indicate shipping line facilities and also
airmail samples to Afro-Asia Building, Room 306, 63 Robinson Road Singapore
1. Telex: RS 21091 TKHLTD. SIC: 01231035. Bank ref: Chung Khiaw Bank
Ltd., Singapore. Quote FOB Western American port and C&F Singapore.
Contact: Tan-Kak Hock and Co., (London) Ltd., 67 Pulteney Road, London,
1280 Pulses, corn, sugar, cooking oil, dried milk (Tome and Principe). The U.S.
address of this African Republic reports a need for large quantities of red
beans, corn, sugar, cooking oil, and dried milk. Additional information
can be obtained from the address below. SIC:20400000. Contact: Mr. Barros,
Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, Permanent Mission to the United
Nations, Suite 604, 211 East 43rd Street, New York, N. Y. 10017 Phone:
(212) 661-3977-78-79.

1281 Rice (Afghanistan). The State Employees Co-op, under new management is
hoping to greatly expand its activities in supplying government employees
and the military with basic commodities. One of the principal items is rice,
20,000 tons annually with the first shipment of 5,000 tons needed by October.
SIC: 20441000. Contact: Eng. L. A. Lamar, Department of State Employees
Co-op, P. 0. Box 4013, Kabul, Afghanistan. Cable: AFSECOP.

1282- Corned beef, soybean oil, tobacco (Germany). Agent for Nigeria is interested
1283 in first class quality (a) corned beef, (b) soybean oil (edible), and
(c) unmanufactured tobacco (6 leaves). (a) 10,000 cartons per month,
(b) 1,7000 to 3,400 cartons per month. Packaging (a) 340 g cans, 24 or
48 to the carton (1,000 to 2,000 cartons per container of 20 feet each).
(b) in 5 or 20 liter cans, i.e., 4 or 1 can to the carton. (850 cartons
per 20 feet container). (c) suitable for airfreight dispatch. Shipment
to start immediately if price is acceptable. Inquirer prefers lithographed
cans, but paper labels also possible. Quote C&F Lagos/Apapa (for 20 feet
containers), and nearest U.S. airport for tobacco. SIC: 20921020,
01191000. Bank ref: Vereins-Und Westbank Ag, Hamburg. Contact: Peter
Kothe, Coronation Warenhandelsgesellschaft M. B. R., Neuer Wall 59, 2000
Hamburg 36, West Germany. Telex: 02 13377 (ANSWER BACK: CORO-D). Cable:
CORONATION, Hamburg. Phone: HAMBURG 36 64 65.

1284 Feeder calves (Greece). Desires to purchase feeder calves, 10,000 head
yearly, meat breeds and/or crosses therof, average liveweight 110 kg
(not less 100 kg and not more 120 kg). Quote CIF Greek airports. Bank ref:
National Bank of Greece. SIC: 01394000 Contact: A.I. Sideris, Meat Mer-
chants Co., 3 Aristogitonoa St., Athens 111, Greece. Telex: 214021.

1285 Frozen cherries and cranberries (Germany). Interested in block-frozen
Michigan red sour cherries, and block-frozen cranberries. Estimated
annual sales potential $1,550,000. Firm is one of leading West German
importers and wholesalers of fruits and vegetables. SIC: 20371020.
Bank ref: Bremer Bank, Domshof 8-9, D-2800 Bremen; Deutsche Bank, Domshof
22, D-2800 Bremen. Contact: Horst Harfst, Atlanta Handelsgesellschaft
Harder & Co., Postfach 10 56 47, Breitenweg 29, D-2800 Bremen 1, Germany.
Cable: BRATLANTA Bremen. Telex: 0245482. Phone: 0421/3632567.

1286- Almonds, raisins, prunes, canned fruits (Netherlands). Interested in
1289 container loads of first quality almonds, raisins, prunes, and canned
fruits. Delivery September October, quotations FOB. SIC: 01225005,
20341010, 20341020, 20331000. Bank ref: Midestands Bank, Hilversum.
Contact: H. J. H. Hazeweijer, Hazeweijer B.V., P. 0. Box 7, Blaricum,
Netherlands. Telex: 43251. Phone: 02153/82248.

1290- Turkey eggs and chicks (Korea). Desires to import turkey eggs and chicks.
1291 Firm can import $10,000 worth of turkey eggs and $10,000 worth of chicks.
Quote CIF Basis Kimpo airport, Korea. Delivery would be not later than the
end of July 1978. Firm uses Korea Foreign Exchange Bank. SIC: 01332000,
01331020. Contact: Mr. Kim, Rae Hong, Executive Manager of Ki Young
Trading Company, Ltd., C. P. 0. Box 4987, Seoul, Korea. Telex: MOCNDM K
23231. ATTN: Kiyolhe. Cable: KIYOLHE, Seoul. Phone: 778-1226 or

Foreign Trade Developments

Japanese beef quota. The Japanese Livestock Industry Promotion Corporation
(LIPC) has indicated that 2,500 mt of chilled beef under the first half
1978 general quota will be allocated to eligible Japanese importers for
purchase under the one-touch system. This quantity will be for import during
the months of July and August and will consist of chilled beef bone-in
and bone-out in sets of full carcasses (10 cuts combined or more), fore
quarters or hind quarters. No countries of origin will be specified.

Three new agricultural attaches named. Secretary of Agriculture Bob
Bergland has announced the following appointments: (1) Brice K. Meeker
for Canberra, Australia, succeeding Harlan Dirks, who is returning to
Washington for reassignment; (2) Frank J. Piason for Rabat, Morocco,
succeeding Jerome Kuhl, who is being reassigned; and (3) James M. Benson
for Wellington, New Zealand, succeeding Harold Sanden, who is being

1292 Grocery lines (South East Asia). Interested in canned fruits, vegetables,
canned fruit juices, jam, honey, candy, nuts, beans, and other range of
food and kindred products for overseas supermarkets. Firm has offices
in Singapore, Malaysia with agents in Indonesia and Bangkok. Wish to look
for consistent supply and act as agent or distributor in the Far East for
U.S. producers or distributors. Payments by Letter of Credit. Marketing
Manager will be in California 6-15-78 to 7-15-78 and can be reached at
(415) 282-1949 or Telex SMC67603 or writing to c/o SM International,
P. 0. Box 26657, Station B, 555 Battery St., San Francisco, California
94126. SIC: 20410000. Cable: SINMA San Francisco.

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