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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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lumed weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Buiding. Washington, D.C. 20250.

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. (202) 447 7103.

U io. % ,.

July 18, 198:
1I.F.A S.- U":- i '

Peaches, fruit cocktail, prunes, raisins, edible nuts (Colombia). Wants
peaches in halves, and fruit cocktails, 70,000 kgs per year. Prunes and
raisins 40,000 kgs per year. Pistachios, peanuts and other nuts 3,500 kgs per
year. U.S. standard quality. Standard U.S. packaging in bulk sales for local
repackaging. Delivery September, 1983. Phytosanitary certificate required.
Quotations FOB shipping port. Bank ref: Banco Comercial Antioqueno, Sucursal
La Playa, Medellin, Colombia. CONTACT: Margarita Pineda, Internaciones,
Ltd., Calle 36, No. 43-37, Apartado 52821, Medellin, Colombia. TELEX: 6563
INT-CO. Phone: 320821. (WK 27/TOFAS 0141)

Orange juice concentrate (Sweden). Wants orange juice concentrate, frozen
and/or canned. Request is based on anticipated sales to Saudi Arabia by
Swedish buyer presently involved in cattle and meat sales to Saudi Arabia.
Quantities can be expected to be substantial should an agreement be reached.
CONTACT: Lennart Nilsson, Swedish Cattle Export HB, S-312 00, Laholm,
Sweden. TELEX: 38282 SWECAT S. Phone 0430/135 00. (WK 27/TOFAS 0091)

Frozen pigeons (Malaysia). Wants pigeons, frozen (for human consumption), 400
pigeons per week, prime quality, weight 1/2 to 1 kilo, 50 birds per box,
airflown. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Subang Airport, Kuala Lumpur. Bank ref:
Hock Hua Bank, Jalan Klyne Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTACT: Tan Tuan Lin,
Taf (holdings) SDN. BHD., 33 Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia. TELEX: MA 32481. Phone: (03)433-481. (WK 27/TOFAS 0118)

Frozen beef (Malaysia). Wants beef, frozen, Chuck Steaks, Sirloin, T-Bone and
Fillet Steaks, Ribeye, 50 kilos of each type, prime U.S. Grade. Packing in
300-gm per piece in 10-kilos boxes. Delivery Nov./Dec. 1983. Halal
Certificate in accordance with Malaysian laws. Quotations CIF port Klang.
Bank ref: Hock Hua Bank, Jalan Klyne, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTACT: Tan
Tuan Lin, Taf (holdings) SDN. BHD., 33 Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. TELEX: MA 32481 SEKAM. Phone: (03) 433-686. (WK
27/TOFAS 0117)

Ice Milk (Malaysia). Wants ice milk (frozen dessert), 20-ft container.
Quality: prime quality. Packed in half gallon sizes. Quotations C&F port
Klang. Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp., Main Office, Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. CONTACT: Loh Gee Meng, Fima Supermarkets Malaysia BHD,
Komplek Kewangan (12th Floor), Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TELEX: FISUMA MA 30724. Phone: (03) 422-177. (WK 27/TOFAS 0112)

Cocoa butter, cocoa powder (Egypt). Wants cocoa butter (substitute for
chocolate manufacturing) 20 metric tons and cocoa powder, unsweetened, (for
chocolate manufacturing), fat content: 10-12, 30 metric tons. Quality: Grade
A. Packaging: in barrels of 25 kgms. Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB and CIF
Alexandria. CONTACT: Abdallah Guirgis Soliman, Sangam Company for Biscuits &
Confectionery, Ibrahim Mahmoud Haridi Street, Ras El-Soda, Alexandria, Egypt.
TELEX: 54676 EZA UN. Phone: 66188. (WK 27/STATE 05274)

Chewing gum base, coconut oil (Egypt). Wants gum base for chewing gum
manufacturing, 30 metric tons, and coconut oil, refined, 30 metric tons.
Quality: Grade A. Packaging: in barrels of 25 kgms. Delivery ASAP.
Quotations FOB and CIF Alexandria. CONTACT: Abdallah Guirgis Soliman, Sangam
Company for Biscuits & Confectionery, Ibrahim Mahmoud Haridi Street, Ras
El-Soda, Alexandria, Egypt. TELEX: 54676 EZA UN. Phone: 66188. (WK
27/STATE 0618)

Corn tender (Zaire). Tender closing July 19,'83 for white corn, for human
consumption, 60,000 mt, 8,000 mt monthly, 1st delivery Sept 15. Packaged:
sacks +/- 70 kgs. Specify unitary & global price. Quote C&F Sakania
Zaire/Zambian border with breakdown of merchandise price, transportation,
storage & handling, method of shipment Origin must be specified. Valid 1
month from opening date. Offers submitted in sealed envelope with only the
following on envelope: "Offre Mais-A 'Ouvrir Qu'En Seance Du 19/7 Par
DG/APP". Reserves right to ignore any offer not accompanied by a sample of
product offered. Alternative: yellow corn for human consumption, other may be
proposed. CONTACT: Gecamines, Giant Based Copper Mining Parastatal, c/o
Consulate, 310 Ave Des Aviateurs, Kinshasa, Zaire. Phone: 25881 thru 6. (WK
27/STATE 1058)

Meat, beef cattle (Sweden). Urgently needs fresh meats, slaughtered according
to Muslim Law, four quarters in Stockinette. Aniticpated demand 30 tons, 2
shipments weekly, 1 on Tues & 1 on Sat. Also, Hereford steers, pure or
crossbred, average wt 375 kgs, min 350 & max 400, demand est 6,000 steers
monthly, 2 shipments, 3,000 every 1st & last day ea month. Expected to double
in 6-10 months. Needs firm price offer for 12-month period. Dairy heifers
2-3 months pregnant. Average wt 400 kgs, from cows giving 4,500 litres yearly
with 3.5% fat content, demand 30,000 heifers over 3-year period with supply of
10,000 yearly. Horn sheep, castrated males, average wt 43 kgs, demand 60,000
monthly 2 shipments, 30,000 ea. CONTACT: Lennart Nilsson, Mgr. Dir., Swedish
Cattle Export HB, S-312 00 Laholm, Sweden. TELEX: 38282 SWECAT S. (WK:
27/TOFAS 0090)

Tallow tender (Tunisia). Wants 14,400 mt industrial tallow, fancy & 1,400 mt
industrial tallow, Top white. Quantities may vary by +/- 5%. Deadline July
22,'83. Bidders should telex offers. Fancy tallow: 40.5 degrees centigrade
min-43 degrees centigrade max titrated, 4% max acid materials, FAC-7 color, 1%
max moisture & inpurities. Iodine index: min 38, max 42, saponification No:
192-198. Top white: 40.4 degrees centigrade min to 43 degrees centigrade max
titrated, 2% max acid material, 1% max moisture & impurities. Iodine index:
min 38-43. Saponification No: 192 198, in bulk. Additional info available by
calling (202) 447-7103. 5% performance bond of contract amount. Payment 100%
on receipt of shipping documents. Quotes C&F delivered ports of Algiers &
Bejaia. CONTACT: Enterprise Nationale Des Corps Gras, Tunisia. TELEX:
52739 & 52837. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0109)

Poultry project joint venture (Turkey). Investigating the possibilities of
making an investment in poultry. Project will be an integrated poultry
complex producing 14.4 million broiler hatching eggs and 10 million day-old
chicks. Complex to include: grand parent farms; parent hatchery; parent
rearing and breeding farms; broiler hatchery; broiler farms; processing plant;
and feed mill. Expects foreign partner to share in equity and assist in
technical management and marketing. Feasibililty study undertaken. The firm
is funded through an arrangement with the Turkish Armed Forces. CONTACT: Ali
Zeybek, Qyak-Ordu Yardimlasma Kurumu Genel Mudurlugu, Ziya Gokalp Caddesi
76/5, Kurtulus, Ankara, Turkey. TELEX: 42865 OPB-TR. Phone: 318012 (city
code 41). (WK: 27/STATE 5998)

Tomato paste tender (Egypt). Request bids for tender No. 5/1983-84 for
supplying 1,000 tons of tomato paste. Offers to be submitted above address by
12 noon, July 19, 1983. Conditions & specs to be obtained at address below
against payment of L.E. 5 per each copy which should be attached with each
offer. Ministerial Decree 1036/1978 concerning the Commercial Agency must be
complied with. A copy of the taxation card must be coupled with the offer.
Offers must be made thru an Egyptian agent. CONTACT: General Authority for
Supply Commodities, 24, Gomhoria Street, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 92062 ESTRAM.
Cable: ESTRAM. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0227)

Milk substitute (Syria). Wants 20 metric tons of milk substitute for feeding
calves up to the age of 3 months. Bid bond 5% of offered price to be replaced
upon purchase confirmation by a 10% performance bond. Offer deadline July 25,
1983. CONTACT: Ibrahim Abbass, Director General, General Organization for
Cattle, P.O. Box 48, Hama, Syria. Phone: 23218 Hama. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0107)

Spices, coffee, food products (Greece). Interested in direct sales for
spices, instant coffee, and other food preparations. Limited liability
company founded in 1983 in Athens. Operates as agent, importer and
distributor of food and supermarket products. Maintains offices and warehouse
in the outskirts of Athens. Experienced management in the area of
distribution of supermarket goods. Client wishes to contact U.S. exporters
ASAP. CONTACT: Platon Mihas, Mgr. Dir., E.V.E. Ltd., 27 Agias Paraskevis
St., Peristeri, Athens, Greece. TELEX: 21-9492 TSCM GR. Phone:
01130/1/5744200. (WK: 27/Commerce 9687)

Beer (W. Germany). Wants 20,000-25,000 liters per year of beer. Must be
according to German purity law ("Reinheitsgebot"). Packaging: barrels.
Delivery 2-3 times annually. Quote CIF German Port. Bank ref:
BankhausWoekben & Co., Postfach 112240, 2000 Hamburg 11, W. Germany.
CONTACT: Mr. Albeck/Mr. Zehden, Zehden & Albeck GMBH, Kurfuerstendamm
195/196, 1000 Berlin 15, W. Germany. TELEX: 186255. Phone: (30) 8839737.
(WK: 27/TOFAS 0199)

Rice (France). Wants 10,000 tons, Grade 1, white unbroken rice. Packed in
bags of 25 kilos in shipments of 100 tons. Delivery starting September 1,
1983. French labelling required. Quote CIF Lome, Togo. Bank ref: B.I.A.O.
B.P. 346, Lome (TOGO). CONTACT: Victor K. Ekpe, Societe Togolaise
D'Agriculture Et D'Industrie, 25, Rue Du Pre-St-Gervais, 93500 Pantin,
France. Phone: (1) 8462047. (WK 27/TOFAS 0283)
Peanuts (France). Wants peanuts, 10,000 kilos, shelled jumbo No. 1 38/42;
almonds, 1,000 kilos, shelled caliber 28/30; pistachios, 500 kilos,
in-shell. Packaging in jute bags of 40 or 50 kgs. Delivery all year long, as
requested. French labelling & certification required. Quote CIF Marseille.
Bank ref: Banque Populaire Midi-Pyrenees, 47 Rue Alsace Lorraine, 31001
Toulouse. CONTACT: Gilbert Chelle, 20, Rue De Londres, 31100 Toulouse,
France. Phone: (61) 401873. (WK 27/TOFAS 0285)

Seafoods (Switzerland). Importer of variety meats and seafood traveling to
Vancouver, Canada from July 23 thru August 2 interested in contacting U.S.
suppliers in Seattle of all seafood & salmon. Has business in Switzerland &
currently imports from Canada & Scotland. Supplies large hotels and
restaurants. Interested firms could telex him until July 20 at: below
adrress. Between July 23 & August 2, at: Ocean Fisheries, Gordon Safarik,
Vancouver, Canada. Phone (064) 2545751. TELEX: 04 51387. CONTACT: Marcel
Perrenoud, MEP SA., 1267 Coinsins, Switzerland. TELEX: 289636 MEP CH.
Phone: (064) 254-5751. (WK 27/TOFAS 0063)

Protein powder, royal jelly powder, wheat germ oil (Japan). Wants protein
powder, vacuum-dried royal jelly powder & wheat germ oil. Trial shipment of
one 20 foot container load. Products are used as intermediate raw materials
for making health foods. Institutional sizes. Immediate delivery by surface
shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Fuji Bank Gotanda Branch, Tokyo.
CONTACT: Toshihide Kawanishi, F.D. Corporation (Importer), 410, 9-7,
Higashi-Gotanda 2-Chrome, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: KABFD J 25435.
CABLE: "KABFD TOKYO". Phone: 4420531. (WK 27/TOFAS 0531)

Rhubarb (Japan). Wants frozen and/or canned rhubarb for making jam and/or
sauces. Specific quantity not decided yet, but expected to be substantial.
Specific information about quality is required. Institutional sizes.
Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Fuji Bank
Kanda Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Mitsuru Shiono, Eiko Boeki Kaisha, Ltd.
(Importer), 9-14, 2-Chrome, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX:
J24753 (GLORYLIT). CABLE: "GLORYLIGHT TOKYO". Phone: (256)4561. (WK
27/TOFAS 0532)


Seafood (Japan). Wants fresh frozen whole Gudgeons or Shiners (fresh water
fish of the Carp family), two or three 20 foot container loads per year.
About the same size as smelt. Sample and specific information about quality
are required. Institutional sizes. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Shiga Sogo Bank Motohama Branch,
Shiga-Prefecture. CONTACT: Yasunobu Akiyamo, President, Muichi Co., Ltd.
(Importer/Processor), 3-4, Koen-Cho, Nagahama-City, Shiga-Prefecture, Japan.
CABLE: "MUICHI NAGAHAMA". Phone: (07496)3-2352. (WK 27/TOFAS 0533)
Popcorn (Japan). Wants popcorn (glutinous type), trial shipment of one 20
foot container load. Sample and specific information about quality are
required. Institutional sizes. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
Quotations C&F. Bank ref: Tokai Bank Main Office, Tokyo. CONTACT: Genji
Murayama, Katoh & Co., Ltd. (Importer), c/o Mitsui Bldg., 8, Muro-Machi
2-Chome, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 0222-4775 KATOHT J.
CABLE: "BOEKIKATOH TOKYO". Phone: (270)3611. (WK 27/TOFAS 0534)

Butter, cheese, milk, ghee (New Zealand). Wants butter bulk & consumer,
salted & unsalted processed cheese in consumer packs, UHT milk products,
evaporated milk in cans, ghee (annydrous milk fat), whole milk powder (an NFD)
25 kg bags & consumer pack tins. Container lots, for human consumption.
Packaging: bulk & consumer packs. Delivery 60 days. Requests brochures
depicting packs. Quote C&F. Bank ref: Westpac Banking Corp, Main Branch, 59
Queens Street, Auckland. CONTACT: Mike Fitzpatrick, Ballande N.Z. Limited,
P.O. Box 3863, Auckland, New Zealand. TELEX: BALLAND 2920. Phone: AUCKLAND
31319. (WK 27/TOFAS 0098)

Dried beans, lentils, sunflower kernels & chips (New Zealand). Wants full
range of dried beans, lentils, sunflower kernels and chips, in mixed FCL
quantities, U.S. Grade 1 and/or canning grade. Packed in mutiwall paper bags
or prefer hessian sacks 100 lb net. Quote CIF Auckland. Bank ref: National
Bank of N.Z. 170-186 Featherston St, Wgtn. CONTACT: David J. Fleming, World
Investment Co. (N.Z.) Ltd, P.O. Box 8497, Auckland, New Zealand. TELEX:
WICONZ NZ60238. Phone: 399680. (WK 27/TOFAS 0099)

Tallow, soybean oil, corn oil (Egypt). Wants tallow for soap manufacturing,
soybean oil, and corn oil, 10,000 metric tons/month for each item. Quality:
Grade A. Delivery ASAP. Firm seeks agency representation to bid on behalf of
U.S. companies in forthcoming large tenders. Quotations CIF Alexandria.
CONTACT: Mahmoud Zidan, Manager, El-Koods for Marine Service, Trading and
Contracting, 16 El-Mina Sharkia Street, P.O. Box 2472, Alexandria, Egypt.
TELEX: 54180 COMALX UN ATT: EL-KOOD. Phone: 808164. (WK 27/STATE 0629)

Milk, corned beef and sugar (Nigeria). Wants milk, evaporated, corned beef,
Grade 1 or 2, and sugar, cubes, 12 packets per carton. Packing milk and
corned beef in 10 cans per carton. 20,000 mt. each. Delivery ASAP. All
documents in English. Quotations CIF, Lagos. Bank ref: Cooperative Bank
(Nig.) Ltd., Festac Town, Lagos. CONTACT: Tunji Benson, Tun Ben Enterprises,
Shop 5, Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Express Way, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK 27/TOFAS

Vegetable oil, cake and baking mixes, milk (Nigeria). Wants vegetable oil,
10,000 mt, Grade 1 or 2, packed 6 in one carton; cake and baking mixes, 10,000
mt, top quality, packed 6 in one carton; and milk, 21,000 mt evaporated,
packed 10 in one carton. Delivery ASAP. Documents in English. Quotations
C&F, Lagos. Bank ref: Savannah Bank (Nig.) Ltd. Trade Fair Complex, Lagos.
CONTACT: Adeleke Adeniji, Adeniji Supermarket Stores, Trade Fair Complex,
Badagry Express Way, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK 27/TOFAS 0094)
Milk, corned beef, sardine oil (Nigeria). Wants milk, evaporated, packed 10
cans per carton; corned beef, Grade 1 or 2, 4 cans per carton, and sardine
oil, Grade 1 or 2, 4 cans per carton, 25,000 mt of each product. Delivery
ASAP. All documents to be in English. Quotation C&F, Lagos. Bank ref:
First Bank of Nigeria, Ltd., Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Henry
Adewale, Henry Adewale & Sons, 54, Market St., Amukoko, Apapa, Lagos,
Nigeria. (WK 27/TOFAS 0095)

Milk, cheese, corned beef (Nigeria). Wants milk, evaporated, 5 cans per
carton, 50,000 mt; cheese, 20,000 mt, 8 cans per carton; corned beef, 20,000
m.t. top quality, packed 6 cans per carton. Delivery ASAP. All documents in
English. Quotations CIF, Lagos. Bank ref: Savannah Bank (Nig.) Ltd. Trade
Fair Complex, Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Julius Adisa, Adisa Enterprises, Shop
5, Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Express Way, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK 27/TOFAS 0096)

Corned beef, cheese and milk (Nigeria). Wants 40,000 mt corned beef, Grade 1
or 2, 10 cans per carton; cheese 30,000 mt, 6 cans per carton; and milk,
evaporated, 70,000 mt, 10 cans per carton. Delivery ASAP. All documents in
English. Quotations to arrive early and products correctly labeled, FOB
Lagos. Bank ref: Bank of Credit and Commerce International, Ltd. Ilupeju,
Lagos, Nigeria. CONTACT: Isola Olokodana, Bizgar Food Company, Warehouse 2,
Kilometer 14, Abule Ado, Opposite International, Trade Fair, Badagry Express
Way, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK 27/TOFAS 0097)

Cheeses (Nigeria). Wants cheeses, 80,000 mt, Grade 1 or 2. Packed six cans
per carton. Delivery ASAP. Documents to be in English. Quotations CIF,
Lagos. Bank ref: United Bank for Africa, Broad Street, Lagos. CONTACT:
Adisa Oki, Oki Trading Company, 138, Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK:
27/TOFAS 0100)
Cheese, corned beef (Nigeria). Wants cheese 60,000 mt, 10 cans per carton;
and 40,000 mt of corned beef 4 cans per carton. Grades one or two. Delivery
ASAP. Documents in English. Quotations CIF, Lagos. Bank ref: New Nigeria
Bank (Nig) Ltd., Broad Street, Lagos. CONTACT: Anthony Marinho, Marinho
Trading Company, 174, Broad Street, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0098)
Milk, cheese (Nigeria). Wants 50,000 mt of evaporated milk, and 60,000 mt
cheese, 7 cans per carton. Delivery ASAP. Documents to be in English.
Quotations CIF, Lagos. Bank ref: ACB (African Contenental Bank) Martin
Street, Lagos. CONTACT: Saka Alao, Saka Supermarket Stores, 136, Broad
Street, Lagos, Nigeria. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0099)


Cowhides (Taiwan). Wants cow hides (wet salted), 2-3 containers monthly,
Grade A. Packaging: container. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF. Bank ref:
Bank of Taiwan, San-Chung Branch, Taipei. CONTACT: Jerry Chang, Tenon
Industrial Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 34-107, Rm. 308, 442 Chang Chun Road, Taipei,
Taiwan. TELEX: 11013 ALLFINE. Phone: (02) 712-6894, 712-2751. Cable:
TENONINC. (WK: 27/ST 3948)

Wheat (Hong Kong). Wants Hard Wheat, 36,000 mt, Grades 1 & 2, minimum
protein: 11%, moisture: 13%. Sellers sample required (for testing).
Packaging: bulk. Delivery ASAP. Quotations FOB USA Ports & C&F
Dar-Es-Salaam. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De Paris. CONTACT: Bahar
Ramchandani, Trade Alliance (HK) Ltd., 1-3 Mody Road, 7th Floor, Kowloon, Hong
Kong. TELEX: 56425 TRDAL HX. Phone: 3-670147. (WK: 27/TOFAS 0143)

Plums, cherries, oranges (Taiwan). Wants fancy grade, fresh plums, cherries,
oranges (prefer Big City & Blue Ribbon brands). Packed 10/20 40 lb containers
monthly in cartons. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: The Chang HWA
Commercial Bank Ltd., Cheng-Tung Branch & The Shanghai Commercial & Savings
Bank, Ltd., Nanking East Road Branch, Taipei. CONTACT: Edmond Choy, Hovertex
Co., Ltd., 4/Fl., Cathay Sung Chiang Building, 129, Sung Chiang Road, Taipei,
Taiwan. TELEX: 27441 HOVERTEX. Cable: HOVERTEX. Phone: (02) 542-1616 or
561-2170. (WK: 27/ST 3950)

Tomato puree, vegetables, pulses fruit juice (Nigeria). Wants 8,000 mt tomato
puree, top quality, 96 cans per carton. Also wants 5,000 mt each of: peas
and carrots, 24 16-oz. cans per carton; grapefruit juice and orange juice,
48 0.177-liter cans each type per carton; mixed vegetables, 24 16 oz. cans
per carton, and baked beans, top quality, 24 8 and 16-oz. cans per carton.
All documents in English. Quotations CIF, Lagos. Bank ref: First Bank of
Nigeria, Sokoto Branch, Sokoto State, Nigeria. CONTACT: Alhaji S.A. Kaka,
Alhaji S.A. Kaka and Sons, c/o Federal Mininstry of National Planning, New
Secretariat Building, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Foreign Trade Developments

Interdependence", September 6-7, 1983, at the Ramada Inn, Clemson, South
Carolina. Clemson University's College of Agricultural Sciences, College of
Liberal Arts, Strom Thurmond Institute of Government and Public Affairs, and
the U.S. Department of Commerce are sponsoring the Second Annual Southeastern
Trade Conference which will highlight international economic interdependence.
Panel discussions will focus on U.S. International trade, the international
financial market, the costs and benefits of trade restrictions, and trade
policy issues for the 1980's. The purpose of the conference is to provide a
forum for the discussion of problems affecting U.S. international trade with
the objective of formulating a foundation for solutions which will guide
future trade policy decisions. As the time to formulate a new farm program
approaches, international trade policy becomes extremely important. Leaders
from industry, government, and academia will be present to discuss these

issues. The expected audience for the conference is broad based and should
include agricultural producers, producer group representatives, textile chief
executives, managers, association representatives and those interested in the
trade policy/decision making process. We also anticipate export related
service representatives including bankers, export management companies,
freight forwarders and customs brokers. Clemson University would like to
extend to you an invitation to join us on September 6-7, 1983, to participate
in this important discussion of issues affecting future trade growth and trade
policy decisions. A registration fee of $45 will be charged which includes
admission to all sessions, social hour, banquet, information packet, and
published proceedings. The program starts at 1 p.m. on September 6 and
terminates at 12 noon on September 7. For more information call or write Mr.
Parr Rosson at Clemson University, 256 Barre Hall, Clemson, S.C. 29631, (803)

Ban on Pork Products in Bahrain. The local trade in Bahrain has been advised
that restaurants will no longer be allowed to feature pork or pork products in
their buffets and all reference to pork must be removed from their menus.
Pork can still be served if a customer specifically requests it. U.S.
exporters of imitation pork lines may wish to work closely with their local
agents to promote the use of alternative U.S. items in place of the barred
pork items.

U.S. Food Product Labeling Requirements for Bahrain. U.S. exporters are
advised to be extremely careful in labeling their products for import to
Bahrain. Both the production date and expiration dates should appear, with no
indication of alteration. Exporters should print the dates fully or use a
three letter abbreviation for the month. Their has been some confusion over
production and expiration dates being presented only in numerals using the
month/day/year sequence while the common practice in this area is to use the
the day/month/year sequence.

All shipments of frozen goods which bear statements similar to "Keep Chilled"
or "Keep Refrigerated" will be rejected. Local officials fear that chilled
items nearing the end of their permitted shelf life would be frozen and new
production and expiration dates placed on the packets.

Chinese Swine Purchasing Team to Visit U.S. Officials of the China National
Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corporation (CEROILS), will
send a 7 man delegation to the United States to visit swine raising sites and
to contract for the purchase and delivery of a plane load (approximately 500
head) of swine for breeding stock. This is the same group that successfully
imported 462 head of swine from the U.S. in 1982. The seven man team plans to
stay in the United States approximately one month. Estimated time of arrival
is July 27, 1983. For more information call or write: Mr. Willie Brooks;
Foreign Agricultural Service; Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Division Room
6616-S; Washington, D.C. 20250; (202) 382-1372.


Through the use of computer technology, the Foreign Agricultural
Service can provide you with mailing lists of U.S. food exporters or
potential foreign food importers. The domestic and foreign data bases
have been under development for the last two years and are being
constantly updated. For a nominal service charge we can provide you
with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and telex numbers of
domestic exporters and potential foreign importers for a wide range of
commodities. If you would like more information please write to the
address below and indicate your preference for foreign or domestic
data. In supplying the mailing lists, the Department of Agriculture
and the Foreign Agricultural Service does not guarantee reliability of
the domestic suppliers or foreign importers.

Foreign Agricultural Service
Export Programs Division, Room 4945-S
TORS Mailing Lists
Washington, D.C. 20250

(202) 447-7103

In an effort to provide our subscribers with better information we have
Included a listing of several divisions of the Foreign Agricultural
Service. If you have a commodity-specific question concerning a marketing
or analytical related problem please contact the specific Commodity and
Marketing Programs division of assistance. If you are concerned about
trade issues concerning product acceptance in a country or a trade policy
related question please contact the appropriate division in International
Trade Policy.




Dairy, Livestock & Poultry Division 6616-S 447-8031

Grain & Feed Division 5603-S 447-6219

Horticultural & Tropical Products Division




Oilseeds & Products Division 5646-S 447-7037

Tobacco, Cotton & Seeds Division 5932-S 382-9516

Forest Products Staff 4554-S 382-8138


Trade Policy Planning & Analysis Division 5530-S 382-1312

Inter-America & Western Europe Division 5506-S 382-1338

Asia, Africa & Eastern Europe Division 5548-S 382-1289

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