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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The lollo ing trade items have been gathr-red Imni Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to L' S exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Departentni of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm original ing ihr inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Dni Annr FAS, 1 202i 447-7103

rM.arcd 25, 1583

0635- Rice seed (France). Wants rice seed, 150-200 kgs "Pluvial variety" (round
0636 grain). Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, 19, Boulevard Des
Italiens, 750C1 Paris. CONTACT: Miss G. Duriot, Comecafco, 69, Rue Ampere,
7E017 Paris, France. TELEX: 650 521 AFRAMER. Phone: (1) 622 43 90. (10,

0637- Alfalfa seed, rung beans, red clover seed (Denmark). Wants alfalfa seed,
0640 mung beans, red clover seed. Quantity: 500-pound lots, for sprouting.
Specify organically or non-organically grcwn. Packaged in sacks, for
delivery May 1983. Quotations FOB & CIF Copenhagen. Bank ref:
Handelsbanken. CONTACT: Tim Thomas, Spirevippen, Vordingtorgvej 337A,
CK-4682 Tureby, Denmark. Phone: (03) 68 31 78. (10, 0040)

0E41- Corn (Spain). Wants 100,000 mt corn, grade 3 yellow. Minimum 52 Ib/bus.el
0642 crop test weight; max. 7% damaged kernels, including max. 0.3% damage due to
temperature; free of mold, mildew, insects (alive or dead); max. 4% broken
kernels and foreign materials under sieves 12/64. Fit for animal feeding.
Packaging in 50 kilo bags. Quotations FOB preferably. Delivery
immediately. Bank ref: Exterior. CONTACT: Carlos Plartinez, Comar
International, S.A., Apartado 2080, Alicante, Spain. TELEX: 66404 CfDC E.
Phone: (065) 218 111. (10, 0057)

0643- Veneer (Belgium). Wants peeled rotary cut veneer. Quality: face/contre
0644 (face to face) and core veneer. Packed in crates shipped per containers.
Delivery all the year. Quotations container house to house. Bank ref:
Societe Generale De Banque/Brussels. CONTACT: Daniel Claus, Bomaco S.A.,
Oude Merchtemsebaar, Z.I., Doornveld, 1730 Zellik/Relegem, Belgium. TELEX:
25585 & 63217. Cable: BOMACC-BRUXELLES. Phone: 02/465 46 41. (10, 0033)

064E Red Oak lumber (N!ew Zealand). Wants Red Oak lumber 6-7 containers per month,
Ho. 1 select to shop grade, 20 foot containers. Immediate delivery.
Quotation CIF $U.S. W'ellington, New Zealand. Bank ref: Australia & N.Z.
Bank, Ctaki. CONTACT: John Allen, Allenson Products, Division of Feltex
N.7. Ltd., Titoki Street, Otaki, Net. Zealand. TELEX: 3269. Phone: 48795.
(10, 0039)

Il ued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Sermice U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building. Hashingion. D.C. 202S0

0646- Soybean meal (Spain). Wants soybean meal, 80,000 mt. Type/Chemical
0647 specifications: 49% min. protein; 11t max. moisture; 3.3% max. fiber; 2%
max. fat. Packaging in 50 kilo bags. Quotations FOB preferably. Delivery
immediately. Bank ref: Exterior. CONTACT: Carlos Martinez, Comar
International, S.A., Apartado 2080, Alicante, Spain. TELEX: 66404 CMCC E.
Phone: (965) 218 111. (10, 0058)
0648- Exclusive representation (Bangladesh). Bangladesh exporting/importing firm
0650 seeking exclusive agency with U.S. suppliers of wheat, cotton, and milk based
products. CONTACT: MD. Zahir Khan, Managing Director, Bangladesh Northern
Traders, Limited, Room No. 35, 2nd Floor, Zohura Mansion, Bangla Motor,
Dhaka, Bangladesh. TELEX: 642418 DCCI BJ. Cable: NORTON, G.P.O. (DHAKA)
BOX NO. 2591. (10, 0030)

0651- Pre-cocked oats, roasted pork skins (Colombia). Wants 20-30 tons pre-cooked
0653 oats. Also roasted pork skin. Quantity depends on price. For human
consumption. Packaging in 50 pound bags. Immediate delivery. Quotations
CIF Cartagena. Bank ref: Banco Del Comercio Fontibon; Banco Cafetero -
Sucursal Avenida Caracas, Calle 20. CONTACT: Alvaro Llano/Yadira De
Gonzalez, Proveedores Internacionales LTDA., Carrera 8 No. 16-79, Oficina
307, Apartado 5329, Bogota, Colombia. TELEX: 43137 GUMACO-ATT.
PROVEEDORES. Phone: 284-4368. (10, 0044)

0654- Food products, livestock feeds (New Zealand). Wants various food products
0655 stock feed and pharmaceutical ingredients. Quotations CIF or FOB. Bank
ref: Bank of New Zealand Ltd. CONTACT: Peter J. Cotter, CFS Cotter Food
Services PTY Ltd., 324 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004, New Zealand. TELEX:
35349/37029. Phone: (03) 6908166. (EB: (10, 0079)

0656- Nursery stock (Netherlands). Wants gold crest (cupressus macr.), indoor
0657 conifer (nursery stock) around 200,000 pieces, container loads. Nursery
stock, 8 to 15 weeks; 15 weeks is preferred. Quotations CIF R'Dam. CONTACT:
A. Vrfugdenhil, St. Jorispad 19, 2671 MX Naaldwijk, Netherlands. Phone:
01745-5237. (10, 0104)

0660 Alcoholic beverages (W. German)). Wants well-known alcoholic liquor brands
(e.g., whiskey). Quantity: high volume. Quality: high quality with
international trade mark. Bank ref: Berliner Bank, Postfach 2222, 6000
Frankfurt/Main. CONTACT: Mr. Schmuck, FSCO Cinzano & Cia GMBH, Rossmarkt
11, 6000 Frankfurt/Main, W. Germany. TELEX: 0413137. Phone: 611-1346150.
(11, 0037)

0661- Selenium yeast (W. Germany). Wants selenium yeast, 500-1,000 kg,
0662 pharmaceutical quality, standardized 600 micro-grams/per gram. Packaging:
standard bulk. Quotations FOB German port. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref:
Commerzbank, 7150 Backnang. CONTACT: Helmut Jahn, ALLCAPS
Weichgelatinekapseln GMBH, Gaildorfer Str. 6, 7150 Backnang, W. Germany.
TELEX: 7245943. Phone: 7191-8101. (11, 0038)

0663 Safflower oil (Netherlands). Wants safflower oil, 60 mt (over 3-4 bulk
containers). Quality pure refined. Packed in bulk containers. Delivery in
April/May 1983. Quotations FOP port of exit or CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref:

ABN, Rotterdam. CONTACT: Van De Sandt, E. Van De Sandt B.V., P.O. Box 1027,
Rctterdam, Netherlands. TELEX: 2138S. Cable: DACABO. Phone: 10-E16020.
(11, 0110)

0664 Couglas fir loos (Hong Kong). Wants fresh cut, old growth Douglas fir round
logs of USA origin, 48,000,000 bfm, length: 30'-40', 75r min.; 26'-34', 25%,
rax.; small end diameter (inside the bark); 12"-24", 904 mir., 26"-30", 5'
max., 8"-11", 5. max. Quantity: full vessels. Partial delivery, within
19?F. Quotations CIF Whampao. Bank ref: Hong Kong Industrial & Commercial
Bank Ltd. CONTACT: Johnny Wong, Man Woo Hong, 17/F, Cammer Commercial
Bldc., 30-32 Cameron Road, Kowloon, Hong Korg. TELEX: 51006 HkMF HX.
Phone: 3-7227E60. (11, 0053)

0665- Corn, rice (Nigeria). Wants 1,000-5,000 mt per shipment yellow corn and
0668 1,000-5,000 per shipment long grain rice. Quantity dependent on price.
Quality: No. 3 & 4 for corn and rice, packed in 50 kg bags not jute bags.
Delivery ASAP. All documents in English language. Quotations C&F Port
Harcourt. Bank ref: A.C.B. (Nig.) Ltd., 39, Old Market Road, Onitsha.
CONTACT: Don Olisakwe, Dike and Brothers, P.O. Box 596, Orlu-Imo State,
Nigeria. (11, 004E)

0671- Fruit bars (Austria). Various fruits are pressed together to a bar. It has
0672 the size of a large bar of chocolate and may taste lemon ect. Packed in
transparent plastic. Quantity 4 or 5 containers (22 ft.), without
chemicals. Packed in bulk for delivery spring 1983. No labels required only
cellophone packs. Quotations CIF Austrian border. Bank ref:
Oesterreichische Landerbank, Vienna Stadtlau. CONTACT: Andreas
Helfendorfer, Helfensdorfer Enterprizes, Saikogasse 8/60, A-1260 Wien,
Austria. TELEX: 133028 MEHAG A. Phone 23-23 32 or 57-27-42. (11, 0025)

0673- Aloe juice (Japan). Wants aloe juice, one container load. Supplier should
0674 provide a complete ingredient statement for product, packaging:
institutional size. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotation CIF
or FOB. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Sakuradori Branch, Nagoya. CONTACT: Kenichi
Nishiyama, Foreign Dept., Union Pokka Co., Ltd., c/o Unryu Bldg., 1-9,
Shinsakae 2-Chome, Naka-Ku, Nagoya, Japan. TELEX: 4422626 UPCL J. Phone:
(052) 264-1189. (11, 0180)

0675- Canned mackerel, conred mutton, corned beef, butter (Fiji). Importer/Exporter
0680 and manufacturers representatives seeks importers of the following products:
canned mackerel in tomato sauce, in 5, 7, 15 oz cans; canned corned mutton,
12 oz size; canned corned beef, 12 oz size; and butter, 20,000 lb for first
trial order. Request price quotes CIF Suva. Fiji firm prefers to
communicate via telex. Expected annual quantity of import of each item is:
5,000 cartons for each size mentioned of canned mackerel; and corned mutton,
corned beef and butter for 5,000 cartons of each product. Bank ref:
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., Suva, Fiji. CONTACT: Chandra
Mohan, Manager, Bhanabhai & Company, GPO Box 274, Suva, Fiji. TELEX: 2416
BINCO FJ. Cable: BINACO. Phone: 313022. (11, 1033)

0681- Bulk sweet and milk chocolate (Japan). Wants raw material chocolate sweet
0682 chocolate and milk chocolate. Specific quantity not decided, but expected to

be substantial. Specific information about quality required. Institutional
size packaging. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F
and/or FOB. Bank ref: Daiichi Kangyo Bank, Gotanda Branch. CONTACT: Rijin
Sato, Banyu Nutrition Co., Ltd. (Importer/Processor), 12-1, Shimo-Meguro
2-Chome, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: "BANEIKK". Phone: (03)
492-4819. (11, 0183)
0683- Lentils (Ecuador). Wants lentils, 300 tons, packed in 50 kilo bags. Delivery
0684 May-June 83. Quotations FOB CIF Guayaquil. Bank ref: Banco La Previsora,
Av. 10 De Agosto Y Rio De Janeiro, Quito, Ecuador. CONTACT: Luis E. Donoso
Limon, Distribuidora Santa Clara, 10 De Agosto 4727 Y Manosca, P.O. Box
597-A, Quito, Ecuador. Phone: 450-218, 450-219. (11, 0055)

0685- Corn (South Africa). Wants 600 tons per month of white or yellow corn.
0686 Packed in 70 kilogram bags. Immediate delivery. Quotations FOB & C&F, Cape
Town. Bank ref: Volkskas Bank, Adderley Street, Cape Town. CONTACT: K.
Garden, Van De Ghinste Exporters (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 390, Cape Town 8000,
South Africa. TELEX: 5726939. Phone: (021) 25-2990. (11, 0050)
0690- Dog food, bird seed (Philippines). Wants dog food and bird seed. Quantity:
0691 per twenty footer van, dog food in 25 lb and 50 lb bags. Quotations C&F
Manila in US dols. Bank ref: Bank of America, China Banking Corporation
Metropolitan Bank. CONTACT: Nemecio C. Sy, Sy Chi Siong & Co., Inc.,
393-395 Barraca Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines. TELEX: 27950 SCSI PH.
Phone: 47-61-48 and 47-56-05. (11, 0046)

0692- Seeds (Turkey). Interested in dealership and/or to become regional
0694 representative of vegetable seeds, corn, soybean, sorghum seeds and other
seeds; in addition, would like to market vaccines, serums and the like
products pertaining to poultry, sheep and cattle. CONTACT: Dr. Nusret
Arsel, President, P.O. Box 31 Etiler, Istanbul, Turkey. TELEX: 24218 KOC
TR. Phone: 497261. (11, 9541)
0695- Seeds (Turkey). Interested in obtaining rights for distributing and
0697 marketing U.S. products such as seeds of all kinds, agricultural pesticides
and herbicides, agricultural machinery and equipment, plant nutrients etc. in
turkey. CONTACT: Dr. Avni Basdogan, TARIM-TAC A.S., Konur Sok. Unveren Is
Hani No. 14/22, Yenisehir-Ankara, Turkey. TELEX: 23299 BTH TR. Phone:
250474. (11, 9542)

0698- Tomato paste (England). Wants canned or tinned tomato paste, 10-20
0699 containers (20 ft) per month. Quality: 28/30% concentration. Packaging in
30 grams, 70 grams, 170 grams. Quotations C&F West Africa. Delivery date:
immediate. Bank ref: Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., 88 Brooke Street,
London W1A 4NF. CONTACT: Elaine Wallace, Rozart Global Services, 136
Wymering Road, Maida Vale, London W9 2NF, England. Phone: 01 286 6080. (EB:
0698-0699) (11, 0256)

0700- Grains, rice, edible nuts, lentils, beef, fruits (England). Wants grains,
0706 wheat, rice, walnuts, almonds, lentils, canned beef, and canned fruits.
Quantity: tons and cases to be determined. Quality: best quality in all
cases and high grades. Packaging in cartons or containers. Quotations CIF.
Date of products on label foreign language may be required. Bank ref:

Barclays Bank, London. CONTACT: Sam Joseph, Xonia Limited, St. James House,
105/113 The Broadway, London, W13 9BL, England. Phone: 01 579 2568. (11,

0707- Corn, sugar (England). Wants white corn, 25,000 mt, USDA #2, bulk; 10,000 mt
0709 sugar 99.89 degrees or better packed in 50 kg or 100 kg bags; also 500,000
jute bags with thread, 50 kg or 100 kg bags. Quotations C&F Tema, Ghana
(free in and out). Delivery ASAP. CONTACT: Ramesh Patel, Sola Page
Industrial Project Promotors, 270 Prince Regent Lane, Custom House, London
E16, England. TELEX: 893827 SOLA G. Phone: 01 476 2074. (11, 0258)

0710- Corn snacks (England). Wants toasted or roasted corn, any other corn snacks,
0712 chocolate coated almonds, etc. Quantity: to be determined. Quality: best.
Packaging: display packs. Quotations CIF, initial small first trial orders.
Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., P.O. Box 7, Northampton.
CONTACT: J. S. Shah, Jay Marketing Services, 176 Hazeldene Road, Northampton,
NN2 7ND, England. Phone: 0604 718148. (11, 0259)

0713- Rice, sugar, pigs feet (England). Wants long grain rice 10,000 mt, 20-25'
0716 broken, 15% moisture in jute bags 50 kg. each; sugar for household and
industrial use 99.8%, packed in poly bags of 50 kg each; and pigs feet 10,000
barrels, salted in strong brine and pink colored, secured sealed,strong and
solid plastic barrels. Quotations C&F Tema, Ghana. Delivery ASAP.
CONTACT: Ramesh Patel, Sola Page Industrial Project Promotors, 270 Prince
Regent Lane, Custom House, London E16, England. Phone: 01 476 2074. (11,

0717 Sarcrose fatty acid ester (Hong Kong). Wants sarcrose fatty acid ester,
chemical for manufacturing sugar-cane-taste soft drinks, about 30/50 mt,
samples required. Standard export packing. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF
Hong Kong. Bank ref: Wing Lung Bank Ltd. CONTACT: George W. T. Chung,
Sennett (H.K) Corp., 447 Hennessy Road, 8/F, Hong Kong. TELEX: 62845
SENET. Phone: 5-775115 or 5-775483. (11, 0056)

Foreign Trade Developments

California Agricultural Export Directory

Prospective buyers of California's agricultural and marine products will now have a
single source of information as to what is being offered for export sale and by
whom. California Department of Food and Agriculture's "California Agricultural
Export Directory", a 293 page book containing the namers of over 850 exporters of
farm and marine products, has just been released. Exporter listings are both
alphabetical and by product identity. Copies of the Directory are available for
$12.00 each domestic and $13.00 each to offshore destinations. Send check or
money-order payable to Cashier, Department of Food and Agriculture to:
Export Directory
P. 0. Box 1258
Sacramento, CA S5806

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The Foreign Agricultural Service issues a number of Foreign Agriculture Circulars during the year on various commodities
and expot services for the food and agricultural trade, as well as specialized publications pertaining to individual commodities

HOW TO ORDER. Check the title of each publication you wish to order. Remit a check for the total amount payable to
the Foreign Agricultural Service. Only checks on US. banks, cashier's checks, or international money orders will be accepted
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