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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items hate been gathered from Agricultural Allache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products In supplymin the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliabllil of the overseas inquirer Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division. FAS. I1021 447 7103.

March 4, 1983

0428- Salad dressings (Ireland). Wants salad dressings, approx. 7,000 cases per
0429 annum initially, high quality, full range of dressings. Packaging: high
class presentation with unique bottle shape is important. Delivery as soon
as samples approved and contracts agreed. Customer's own labeling design is
preferred but not essential; metric and imperial measures quoted; ingredients
need not be listed. Quotations CIF Dublin. Bank ref: Bank of Ireland Ltd.,
Glasnevin, Dublin 11. CONTACT: Tom Staunton, Marketing Manager, RHM Foods
(Ireland) Ltd., Dublin Industrial Estate, Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11,
Ireland. TELEX: 24273. Phone: 300411.

0430 Goats (Peru). Wants dairy goats-Alpine, Anglo Nubian Togenborg 300 does, 12
bucks. Registered-production potential 750 liters/lac. Air transport.
Delivery June-July. Usual health cert. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Banco
Wiese; Banco Continental. CONTACT: Ing. Carlos Aguirre Roca, Fernando
Wiesse 680, Lima 1, Peru. TELEX: 25 820 P. Phone: 32 8652.

0431- Corn, feed concentrates (Nigeria). Wants 5,000 mt of No. 2 yellow corn, 3,000
0432 mt poultry feed. Packed in 50 kg bags, delivery in 6 months. Documents in
English language. Quotations C&F Lagos, Port Harcourt. Bank ref: First
Bank of Nigeria, Kaltungo, Bauchi State. CONTACT: James Sule, Managing
Director, Agro Mercantile Ltd., c/o Box 1056, Jos, Nigeria. Phone: 54164

0433- Peanut butter (Ireland). Wants peanut butter, 10,000 cases (12 x 8 oz) per
0434 year, by container load, high quality; "crunchy" type preferable but also
interested in "creamy". Packaging: 8 oz and 16 oz approx. (in glass jar
preferably). Delivery as soon as samples approved and contracts agreed.
U.S. manufacturer's label acceptable, metric and imperial measures must be
quoted; no ingredients listing necessary. Quotations CIF Dublin. Bank ref:
Bank of Ireland Ltd., Glasnevin, Dublin 11. CONTACT: Tom Staunton, Mktg.
Mgr., RHM Foods (Ireland) Ltd., Dublin Industrial Estate, Finglas Road,
Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Ireland. TELEX: 24273. Phone: 300411.

0436- Corn, chicks, feed concentrates (Nigeria). Wants 100 mt, monthly of No. 2
0438 yellow corn, in 50 kg bags; 5,000/monthly day old chicks (broilers and
layers); and 20 mt monthly good quality feed concentrates in 50 kg bags.

lamed weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Warri. Bank
ref: International Bank for West Africa, Obiaruku, Bendel State. CONTACT:
Ben Muoghereh, Federal Department of Rural Development, P.M.B. 0003, Abraka,
Bendel State, Nigeria.

0439- Corn, poultry feed (Nigeria). Wants 3,000-7,000 mt No. 2 yellow corn and
0440 1,500 mt concentrates for poultry feed. Packed in 50 kg. bags. Delivery
June. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Warri. Bank ref:
Union Bank of Nigeria, Kaduna. CONTACT: Muruldeen A. A. Agbaje, Kargo
Nigeria Limited, Jaama Kargo Village, Igbabi District off Zaria Lg, Box 7842,
Kaduan, Nigeria. Phone: 062-214803.

0441 Dried apricots (Australia). Wants dried apricots, low sulphur, 1 container
(15 tons), high quality, suitable for health food trade. Packed in bulk 20
lb packs. Early shipment. Chemical additives and sulphur by size and USDA
grade. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Anz Bank, 457 Elizabeth St. Melb. CONTACT:
David Edgar, Market Terminal PTY Ltd., 469 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia. TELEX: AA 39115. Phone: 03 3290620.

0442 Raw pellets for potato chips (Nigeria). Wants raw pellets for potato chips,
10 mt per week, manufactured from potatoes or corn. Packed in 20 to 50 Ibs
poly. inner bags. Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotations
C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Nigerian American Merchant Bank, Kano. CONTACT: C.
Nassar, Agriculture Food Processing Co. (NIG) Ltd., P.O. Box 6687, Kano,

0443 Poultry feed concentrates (Nigeria). Wants concentrates for chicks, growers
and layers; 1,000 mt, 10% to 30% protein content. Packed in 50 kg bags for
delivery July. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Calabar. Bank
ref: Merchant Bank, Ikot Ekpene, Cross River State. CONTACT: Okon Obot,
Managing Director, Gewsa Agro Feed Company, P.O. Box 909, NTO Efa Sqaure, 9,
Udo Etem St., Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria.

0444 Poultry feed concentrates (Nigeria). Wants concentrates, whole for poultry
feed 1,000 mt. Packed in 25 kg bags. Delivery May/June 1983. Documents in
English language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Union Bank Nigeria
Limited, Maiduguri. CONTACT: Paul Sambo Amaza, Amaza Farms, P.O. Box 4080,
Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

0445- Fish meal (Nigeria). Wants fish meal, 150,000 mt, for fish food (to feed
0446 fingerlings to a weight of 2 kilos). Packed in 50 kg bags. Delivery ASAP.
Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank ref: First Bank
of Nigeria, Ltd., Kano, Lagos Street, Kano. CONTACT: Arc Musa T. Waziri,
Ella, Waziri Association, 14, Shell Road, P.O. Box 1719, Kano, Nigeria.
TELEX: ELWA 77282. Phone: (0672) 3195.

0447 Corn (Nigeria). Wants corn 20,000 mt, No. 2 yellow, packed in 50 kg bags.
Delivery ASAP. Documents in English language. Quotations C&F Lagos. Bank
ref: First Bank of Nigeria Ltd., Marina. CONTACT: Alhaji Ishaku K.
Abdullah, Farms (NIG) Ltd., 43, Int. Qtrs. Tudun Wada (New Ext.), P.O. Box
1167, Minna, Nigeria.

0448- Strawberry plants (Egypt). Wants strawberry plants certified, 15
0449 million plants, top quality Merestim origin, proper crown and root system.
Packed suitable but not to exceed 1500/box. Delivery in August 1983.
Varieties: Tioga, Pajaro, Sequlos, Doglas & Alco virus and pest free.
Quotations C&F Cairo Airport and FOB. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt.
CONTACT: Yehia Hassan, Egyptian Agricultural Organization, Old Fair Grounds,
Cizirah, Cairo, Egypt. TELEX: 93386 EAPG-IN. Cable: MAARID, Cairo.
Phone: 813427.

0450 Dry beans, lentils, chick peas (Spain). Wants dry beans, lentils and chick
peas, one container each. Packaging in 60-kilo sacks and one-kilo bags.
Quotations FOB & CIF. Delivery date not specified. Bank ref: Bilbao.
CONTACT: Luis Garay, E. Earhardt Y CIA, S.A., Fortuny, 17, Madrid 4, Spain.
TELEX: 27669 ERHMA E. Phone: (91) 419 9200.

0451 Potato starch (Greece). Wants potato starch, 1,000 mt. Edible quality,
standard grade, sifted, packed in 25 or 50 kgs paperbags. Quotations C&F
Beirut. Bank ref: National Bank of Greece, Katerini Branch. CONTACT:
Harris Tsigaras, ETCO, Limited, 58, Solomou St., Athens 147, Greece. TELEX:
215719 ETCO GR. Phone: (01) 3608342, (01) 3602241.

0452 Herbs (Australia). Wants Botanical drugs and herbs, natural and in powder
form. Quantity to be determined. Comprehensive range for use in
pharmaceutical and health food industry. Bulk packed. Seeking supplier not
now represented in Australia. Quotations C&F Sydney. Bank ref: Anz Bank,
Bankstown Area Branch, Restwell St., N.S.W. Bankstown. CONTACT: J. B.
Kimpton, Woods & Woods PYT. Ltd., P.O. Box 12, Greenacre N.S.W. 2190,
Australia. TELEX: AA 25182. Phone: (02) 6427844.

0453- Frozen beef, pork and poultry (W. Germany). Wants frozen beef/beef cuts;
0455 pork/pork cuts; offals; frozen poultry/poultry parts, full container loads.
Quality: good average quality. Packaging: wholesale/catering packs.
Quotations CIF Hamburg. Delivery regular. Beef, pork and poultry must
originate from plants certified to export to Germany. Bank ref: Nord-Hypo
Bank, Domstr. 1, 2000 Hamburg 1. CONTACT: Juergen Stammer, CMC Juergen
Stammer KG, Pickhuben 2, 2000 Hamburg 11, Freihafen, W. Germany. TELEX: 11
777. Phone: 40-362786.

0456- Peanut butter, maple syrup, popcorn, pulses (W. Germany). Wants peanut butter
0459 in 330 gr. jars; maple syrup in 250 ml bottles; popcorn in 500 gr. bags;
kidney beans and chili beans, packed in 425/850 ml cans. Quantity:
various. Quality: Grade A. Quotations CIF or C&F. Bank ref: Bayerische
Vereinsbank AG, Postfach 1, 8000 Muenchen 1. CONTACT: Mr. Scheidt,
Skandinavien- & Sued-Imp. GMBH, Frauenstr. 31, 8031 Maisach, W. Germany.
TELEX: 527696 SUSU. Phone: (8141) 90141.

0460 Grocery items (W. Germany). Wants frozen fruit & vegetables; canned fruit
and vegetables; dried fruit; fruit juices and concentrates; mushroom
products; canned fish and meat products. Quantity: various. Quality:
Grade A. Packaging: various. Quotations: CIF, C&F, FOB. Delivery:
regular. Meat products must originate from plants certified to export to
Germany. Bank ref: Dresdner Bank Ag, Heidenkampsweg 84, 2000 Hamburg 1.
CONTACT: Wolfgang Heintzsch, Hermann Heintzsch KG, Hammerbrookstr. 90, 2000
Hamburg 1, W. Germany. TELEX: 2 162 089 & 2 163 174. Phone: 40-24 94 06.

0461 Grains (W. Germany). Wants grains, oats, barley, buckwheat, pulses, wheat
and rye). Should be biologically or organically grown or be in the form of
flakes, or granule etc. Quantity: full container loads. Packaging 50 kg
jute sacks. Quotations CIF Hamburg. Delivery date to be discussed. Bank
ref: Handelsbank in Luebeck Ag, Kohlmarkt 7-15, 2400 Luebeck. CONTACT:
Jochen Brueggen, H. & J. Brueggen, Gertrudenstr. 15, 2400 Luebeck, W.
Germany. TELEX: 26749. Phone: 451-31001.

0462 Alfalfa cubes (Japan). Wants alfalfa cubes for cattle, specific quantity not
decided, but expected to be substantial. Standard quality for Japan.
Appropriate packaging for export by surface shipment. Quotations FOB (on
vessel) U.S. port & C&F Japan port. Bank ref: The Tokai Bank, Ltd., Nagoyo
and The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd., Nagoya. CONTACT: Ted S. Kumagai, President,
Kumagai Shoten, Ltd., Yoshino 1-18-21, Nagoya (461-91), Japan. TELEX:
J59933, KUMAGAI. Cable: KUMAGAI, NAGOYA. Phone: (052) 931-7511/15.

0463 Wheat bran (Hong Kong). Wants wheat bran, 2,000 tons, low quality for animal
feedings. Packed in 100 kg. per bag. Delivery ASAP. Quotations CIF Hong
Kong. Bank ref: The Commercial Bank of Hong Kong Ltd. CONTACT: Joseph Li,
Hang Lee Corporation, Room 905-6, Hang Seng Bank Castle Peak Road Branch,
Bldg., No. 339 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. TELEX: 40319 HLEEC
HX. Phone: 3-784385.

0464 Wine (France). Wants Red Cabernet Sauvignon wines of different vintages.
Quantity to be determined. Different qualities. Packed in carton of 6 or 12
bottles. Delivery May/June, 1983. Quotations FOB Long Beach. Bank ref:
Monod Francaise De Banque, 119, Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. CONTACT:
Jacques Audier, President, Cogefrance, S.A., 14, Rue Commines, 75003 Paris,
France. TELEX: 211 213F. Phone: (1) 278 10 58.

0465 Red Earth Worms (Venezuela). Wants red earth worms and earth worm humus,
need quotes per kilo and bulk discount. To be cultivated in Merida State,
Venezuela, 2,000 mts, sea level. Temperature: 12 to 24 degrees
centigrades. For experimental purposes. Delivery April 1983. Culture
information, brochures, etc with offer. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Banco
Mercantil Y Agricola. CONTACT: Sergio Cerasoli, Latina Import, C.A., Calle
La Guairita, Residencias Jardin Tiuna, Apt. 56-A, Chuao, Caracas 1060,
Venezuela. TELEX: 24433 COOAC -VC. Phone: 92-4506.

0466- Dried skim milk powder, butter (Saudi Arabia). Wants dried skim milk powder,
0468 spray dried, 1,500 mt yearly, Fat max: 1.25%; moisture max: 4.0%; total
acidity max: 0.15%; neutralising agent: negative; phosphatise test:
negative; solubility: (1) 0.5 ml max. (2) 1.25 high heat and heat stable;
sediment: disc A or B (0.15 mg. max.); S.P.C.: 50,000 per gr.;
Salomonella: negative per 100 gr.; coliform: negative in 0.1 gr.;
antibiotics and inhibitors: negative. Pack in 25 kg. 5-ply draft paper bags
with polyethylene liner (250 gr); unsalted butter, 600 mt yearly, minimum
score of: 56/60 for flavor and aroma; 26/30 for body and texture; 5/5 for
color; 5/5 for packaging and finish; all above certified by appropriate
agency. Butterfat: min 82% (note: this butter is to be used for
recombining. Inquirer will accept offers for anhydrous milk fat or butter
oil). Moisture: max. 16%; cured: max. 2%; PH: min. 6.6, max. 6.8; S.P.C.:
max 10,000/gr.; coliforms: absent in 1/10 gr.; yeasts: max. 50/gr.; molds:

max. 50/gr. Packed in 25 kg. in corrugated tubs or barrels with polyethylene
liner. Four approximately equal shipments, 3 month apart. Quotations CIF
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. CONTACT: Mike De La Hunty, Gen. Mgr., Saudi-Irish
Dairy Co., P.O. Box 1438, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. TELEX: 203446 SIDCO SJ.
Phone: 498-0512 (direct dial to Riyadh from U.S. is 011-966-1-498-0512.
Noon Eastern Standard time is 8:00 pm Riyadh.

0469- Health foods (United Arab Emirates). Wants health foods: vitamins, minerals,
0470 snacks, natural foods, grains, cereals, flours, honey, dietetic foods,
preserves, teas, potions, health books, cookbooks, cosmetics. Quantity will
be decided after negotiations. Combined items to stock store with 800 sq.
ft. of display space. Must be of high quality. Packaging will vary
according to item. Supplier must state if item has life-span or not to
accommodate mode of shipment. Delivery July 1, 1983. Label will preferably
be in both Arabic and English. Quotations CIF. Bank ref: Bank Khaleej,
P.O. Box 2582, Abu Dhabi, A/C No. 06006 370, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Marzoogi.
CONTACT: Ms. Meredeth Al Mansoori, Al Marzugh General Trading Co., P.O. Box
1240, Dubal, UAE. TELEX: 48807 AZOQI. Phone: 232827, 213564.

0471- Frozen meats (Japan). Wants frozen offals and tripe: beef hanging
0472 tenders, mountain chains, outside skirts, cheeks, brains, tongues, hearts,
liver and kidneys; sheep brains, hearts, liver, kidneys and tongues; lamb -
brains, hearts, liver, sweetbreads and tongues; calf hearts, kidneys,
tongues, sweetbreads and liver; and ox tails, 10 mt each for group and one mt
per year ox tails. Specific information about quality is required.
Institutional packaging. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations
C&F Nagoya or Osaka. Bank ref: Fuji Bank, Nagoya Branch. CONTACT:
Yoshimasa Inoue, Iwasho Corporation, c/o Yamamura Bldg., 3-29-11, Uchiyama,
Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya, Japan. Cable: IWASHONGY, Nagoya. Phone: (052)

0473- Potato shells, lactose (Japan). Wants frozen potato shells, lactose. One
0474 container load each per month. Specific information about quality required.
Lactose may be edible and/or technical types. Institutional size. Immediate
delivery by surface shipment. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Tokai Bank, Bakurocho
Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Kunio Marutani, Imado Corporation, No. 25, Kanda
Higashi Matsushita-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: IMADOCO TOKYO.
Phone: (03) 254-2721.

0475- Baby foods (Japan). Wants baby foods, about 200 cases as trial shipment and
0476 increased to one container load per month. Must be 100% natural. Packaging
retail sizes. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations C&F or
FOB. Bank ref: Banque Indosuez, Tokyo Branch. CONTACT: Jesse E. Foster,
Mgr. Dir., Orient Enterprises Ltd., c/o Meiji Heights, 5-15, Jinnan 1-Chome,
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: J23675. Cable: SNOWHITE TOKYO. Phone:
(03) 461-7046.

0477- Vitamins (Japan). Wants D-Alpha-Tocopherol (vitamin E), 6.5 mt per year, in
0478 powder form. Purity over 85%. Institutional packaging. Immediate delivery
by surface shipment. Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Mitsui Bank, Sukiyabashi
Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Yoshio Maki, Sony Plaza Co., Ltd., c/o Sony Bldg.,
5-3-1, Ginza, Chuo-Eu, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 252-2720 SONY PZ. Phone: (03)

0479- Health foods (Japan). Wants health foods vitamin C & E; calcium; royal
0480 jelly; and protein, one mt per year. Specific information about quality
required. Institutional packaging. Immediate delivery by surface shipment.
Quotations FOB. Bank ref: Taiyo-Kobe Bank, Roppongi Branch, Tokyo.
CONTACT: Shiro Kanamaru, Ever Fresh Cosmetic Inc., c/o Roi Bldg., 5-1,
Roppongi 5-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 2425175 ITIYO J. Phone:
(03) 479-4755.

0481- Canned sardines & mackerel (Japan). Wants canned sardines and mackerel, one
0482 container load. Buyer needs products cooked in water and cooked in tomato
sauce. Sardines must be packed in 15 oz. (net) cans; mackerel must be packed
in 5.5 oz. (net) cans. Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quotations
C&F. Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Hiroo Branch, Tokyo. CONTACT: Kosei
Katsuta, Deputy Mgr., Jonan Shoji Co., Ltd., c/o Odakyu Minami-Aoyama Bldg.,
7-8-1, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. TELEX: 02423783 SJONANJ.
Cable: JONANSHOJI TOKYO. Phone: (03) 498-0631.

0483 Logs (Japan). Wants Torreya Californica (California Nutmeg) logs, 50 logs of
each of three sizes. All logs should be eight feet long with diameters of
2.6 feet, 2.9 feet and 3.5 feet. Appropriate method for export. Immediate
delivery by surface shipment. Quotations FOB West Coast, USA. Bank ref:
Daiichi Kangyo Bank, Kyoto Branch. CONTACT: Bungo Tsuji, Maruichi
Industries, No. 15, Tanaka Higashi-Haruna-Cho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan.
Phone: (075) 721-0128.

0484 Tomato powder (Nigeria). Wants tomato powder, 10,000 tons annually.
Suitable grade for seasonings. Packed in bulk. Delivery ASAP. Labelling to
be in English language. Quotations C&F Apapa. Bank ref: Kaduna Cooperative
Bank Ltd., Hospital Road, Kaduna. CONTACT: Malingo Swinner, Union Atlantic
Co. (NIG) Ltd., 3, Kanta Road, turari Ali House, Kaduna, Nigeria. TELEX:
20711 TDS 010 KADUNA or 20117 TDS 196 LAGOS. Phone: 062-217540.


The Foreign Agriculturl Service Issues number of Foreign Agriculture Circulars during the yar on various commodities
and export series for the food and agricultural trade, as wll as specialled publications pertaining to individual commodities.

HOW TO ORDER: Check the the of each publication you wish to order. Remit a check for the total amount payable to
the Foreign Agricultural Service. Only checks on U.S. banks, cashir's checks, or international money orders will be accepted
in payment. NO REFUNDS CAN BE MADE. Mail this form to: Foreign Agricultural Service
Information Division
Information Services Staff, Room 5918-S
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

Domestic Foreign
ICumnet mews mus nd statisti on vricus commodities nd NO CHARGE
ummry of recent d elopmn- hi world production md trde)
10003 COFFEE (3 buml $10.00 $15.00
10004 COTTON (12 iass 30.00 60.00

_1000 EXPORT TRADE & PROSPECTS (8 basue 20.00 40.00
10008 MEAT & DAIRY MONTHLY IMPORTS (12 imed 25.00 36.00
10007 DAIRY SITUATION (2 Iiues 6.00 7.00
_1000 LIVESTOCK & POULTRY SITUATION (2 aues) 5.00 10.00
10000 ALL 24 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 56.00 92.00

10010 SITUATION, OUTLOOK, STAT. REPORTS (18 Iau) 40.00 75.00
10011 EXPORT MARKET (12 bIame 30.00 60.00
10013 USSR GRAIN SITUATION & OUTLOOK (12 beIsl 15.00 20.00
10014 ALL 42 REPORTS LISTED ABOVE 5.00 146.00

10015 HORTICULTURAL PRODUCTS (12 iMM) 30.00 50.00
10016 OILSEEDS& PRODUCTS (14 ibuel 30.00 50.00
10017 SEEDS (12 imle 40.00 70.00
10018 SUGAR, MOLASSES& HONEY (4 inued 10.00 15.00
10019 TEA. SPICES & ESSENTIAL OILS (4 bIweuJ 10.00 16.00
10020 TOBACCO (12 luer 30.00 0.00
10021 WORLD CROP PRODUCTION (12 umeal 30.00 60.00
10022 COCOA (2 imus) 6.00 7.50



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