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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS. (2021 447-7103.

****** * ** * * **
NOTICE As stated in the past five issues, free distribution of this report is being
discontinued effective October 1, 1982. Thus, this is the last free issue you will
be receiving trade leads. Should you decide to subscribe at a later date just let us

S. 1 ISSUE NO# 39, 1982

1537- Popcorn, sunflower seedS,F eahut~ (England)Cai nts popcorn 5-10
1538 containers, packed in 50 Ibs or-T10W0-1T otstur6 proof bags; peanuts 10-15
containers, packed in 50 lbs or 100 lbs bag; and sunflower seed kernels, 4-5
containers, in 25 lbs or 50 lbs bags. Quote CIF UK Port. Delivery all year
round. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank, 50 Mark Lane, London EC3.
Contact: A.S.G. Gower, R.W. Gunson Ltd., 40 Warton Road, Stratford, London
E15, England. Telex: 897689. Cable: ARGUNEX LONDON. Phone: 01 555 9042.

1539 Health foods (England). Wants health foods, approx: 10-20 ton lots, first
grade products. Packaging to conform with UK legislation. Quote CIF or
CAF. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank plc, Market Square,
Aylesbury, Bucks. Contact: A. J. Buczkowski, Lushtree Foods Ltd., 183
Cambridge Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, England. Telex: 837520 ADTRAV G.
Phone: 0296 89626

1540 Beef tallow (England). Wants beef tallow for soap manufacture, 500 tons, 250
tons for laundry soap F.A.C. color 5-11%, F.F.A. color (max) 4-5%.
Supplier please advise how he would ship. Quote C&F Dar Es Salaam. Delivery
October/November 1982. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank, Broad Street,
St. Helier, Jersey, CI, England. Contact: R. J. Ison, Tudor Marketing
Overseas Ltd., Como Villa, 7 Clarendon Road, Jersey, CI, England. Telex:
4192413. Phone: 0534 74446.

1541 Retort pouch foods (England). Wants retort pouches containing food products
suitable for sale in the retail and institutional markets. Quantity to be
determined. Best quality. Packaging: retail and institutional packs. Quote
CIF or FOB. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd., 85
Haimerseith Road, London W14, OQJ, England. Contact: V. A. Fisher, Tenco
(UK) Ltd., 180 Ilderton Road, London, SE15 1NT, England. Telex: 885828.
Phone: 01 639 8961.

1542 Dehydrated vegetables (England). Wants dehydrated carrots and garlic, tomato
paste, canned tomatoes, tomato puree, canned peas and carrots. Quantity:
40,000 tons approximately. Quality: UK standard. Packaging: size supplier
normally handles, Cans: 65g tins and above. Quote C&F. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., 72 Cheapside, London EC4, England. Contact: S. I.
Ahmad, Siaco Furs A Skins Ltd., 16 Queenhithe, Upper Thames Street, London,
EC4V 3HA, England. Telex: 8953187. Phone: 01 236 4520.

lmued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

D.C. 20250.

1543- Fishmeal, soybean meal (England). Wants fishmeal 300 tons per month, 72%
1544 protein, finely ground, packed in 25 kilo bags; and soybean meal 1,500 tons
per month, 45% protein with 1% fat or 44% protein with 2% fat, finely
ground. Packaging bulk. Quote CIF, Limassol, Cyprus. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Arab Bank Ltd., 8/14 St. Martins Le Grand, Empire House, London EC1,
England. Contact: C. L. Christofides, Lambal Ltd., Leon House, 11th Floor,
233 High Street, Croydon, Surrey, England. Telex: 25340 LAMBAL G. Phone; 01
681 0061.

1545- Canned foods, fruit juice (England). Wants canned foodstuffs and natural
1546 frozen fruit juice. Quantity to be determined. Best quality. Quote C&F,
FOB. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Credit Lyonnais, 18 Regent Street, London
Wl. Contact: Y. Race, Islamic Catering Company S.A., 33 Beauchamp Place,
Knightsbridge, London SW3, England. Telex: 296436 ISLAM/G. Phone: 01 581

1547 Canned corn (England). Wants cream style golden corn mixed with crab or
chicken meat. Quantity: one 20 foot container per month. Quality: Top
grade. Packaging in cans export cartons. Quote CIF London. Delivery
ASAP. Bank ref: The Overseas Trust Bank Ltd., London, England. Contact:
Richard W.C. Ko, Fida Company Ltd., 19 North End Road, London, NW11 7RJ,
England. Phone: 01 455 4414.
1548 Rice (England). Wants rice milled, long grain, not less than 4% broken,
10,000 tons. Packaging in sacks of 1 cwt. Quote C&F and CIF. Delivery
ASAP. Contact: K. Narayan, Valanko (Spare Parts) Ltd., 198 Valley Road,
Streatham, London SW16, England. Phone: 01 677 4425.

1549 Frozen okra (England). Wants frozen whole okra (vegetable also known as
"Ladies Finger"), 30-40 tons. Packaging: unit (polybag) between 500g and 1
kilo, 24 of 500g or 12 of 1 kilo per case. Quote FOB C&F UK Cold Store (to
be nominated). Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., 9 Gracechurch
Street, London EC3, England. Contact: J. Nobes, Unilever Export Ltd.,
Greyfriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2JJ, Avon, England. Telex: 449901
UNILB G. Phone: 0272 276276.

1550 Radish seeds (Japan). Wants sproutable radish seeds 5 mt. Sample and
specific information required. Appropriate packaging for export. Immediate
delivery by surface shipment. Quote FOB or C&F. Bank ref: Bank of Tokyo &
Tokai Bank, Higashi Branch Offices. Contact: Ted. S. Kumagai, President,
Kumagai Shoten, Ltd., 18-21 Yoshino 1-Chome, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Japan.
Telex: J59933 KUMAGAI. Cable: KUMAGAI NAGOYA. Phone: (052) 931-7511.

1551 Grain, foodstuffs, edible nuts (Australia). Wants grain, foodstuffs, nuts,
edible oils, crude oil. Commodity brokers requiring wide range of products.
Subject to prevailing conditions eg. shipping. Quote C&F or FOB. Bank ref:
C B C Bank, Seaford. Contact: George Phillips, Power Cell Marketing Unit
Trust, 525A Nepean Highway, Bon Beach, Victoria 3196, Australia. Telex:
134904 JUNO. Phone: (03) 7729144.

1552 Wines (Singapore). Wants wines, 60 cases, premium, carton of 12 bottles
(70/75). Prompt delivery. Quote CIF Singapore. Bank ref: Chung Khiaw Bank,
Singapore. Contact: Tan Kah Hin, Kristavine (FE) PTE Ltd., Suite 2110, Int'l
Plaza, Anson Road, Singapore 0207. Telex: RS 20806 KAYVEE. Phone: 2230722.

1553 Brown Swiss cattle (Ecuador). Wants Brown Swiss bulls & heifers 50 bulls &
100 heifers. International Public Tender No. 03-82-SE. All offers nust be
submitted in 2 sealed envelopes in Spanish. Specs and other related
documents on sale at Predesur Loja for 5,000 Sucres (approx $86.00 at free
market rate of 58 sucres). Firms need local legal representative. Quote FOB
referential and delivered in Loja or project site or project site depending
on specs and offer to be made. Offers deadline 10:00 am October 15 1982.
Only written Spanish offers according to the docurients being sold. Contact:
Dr. Jose Castillo V., Subcomision Ecuatoriana (Predesur), Av. Paquisha S/N
(Sector Norte), Casilla 373, Loja, Ecuador. Telex: 4136.

1554 Soft wheat (Ivory Coast). Wants soft wheat for bakery, one 20 ft. container,
first quality. Packed in bags of 50 or 100 kg. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF
Abidjan. Bank ref: S.G.B.C.I. Contact: Kodia Daniel, Groupe International
De Representation Kodia, 16 B.P. 199, Abidjan 16, Ivory Coast. Phone:

1555- Shrinp, soybean meal, alfalfa grass seed (Singapore). Wants Artemia
1556 Salina-Brine shrimp packed in vacuum cans; pelletized soybean meal for shrimp
culture (also machinery for pelletizing soybean neal); and alfalfa protein
grass seeds (also machinery for growing, harvesting and pelletizing alfalfa
protein grass. Quote FOD, C&F. Contact: Leet Peng Sin, Winner International
Pte Ltd., 34 Watten Park, Singapore 1128. Telex: RS 33758 KUNLUN. Phone:

1557 Wheat tender (Syria). Wants 75,000 tons soft white wheat and 150,000 tons of
hard wheat. Bidders specify origin and species according to country of
origin, in detail. Shipping: 75,000 tons in November 1982 and similar
quantities in December 1982 and January 1983. Vessel cargo should not be
less than 15,000 tons. Offer deadline (all local time): for technical
offers: Thursday Oct. 7, 1982 by 14:00 hrs; for financial offers: Tuesday
Oct. 12 1982 by 24:00 hrs exclusively by telex. Offers should be valid for
confirmation latest Wednesday Oct. 13 1982. Bid bond 5% offer value is
requested with every technical offer confirmed by Commercial Bank of Syria,
Branch No. 4. To be replaced by the successful bidder by a 10% performance
bond. Goods shall be inspected at the Port of loading by an inspection
company nominated and paid by buyer. Partial offers are acceptable provided
the offered quantity is not less than 15,000 tons. Contact: The General
Establishment For Cereal Processing and Trade (Estcereal), P.O. Box 4106,
Damascus, Syria. Telex:. 411027 SY.

1558 Strawberries (Hong Kong). Wants fresh strawberries, 30 ctns/daily, 1st Grade
(caps removed). Standard export packing. Delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Hong
Kong. Bank ref: Dah Sing Bank, Ltd. 'Contact: Simon Gunstone, Poon Wynne
Int'l Ltd., 70 Fuk Wing Street, G/F, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex:
44229 POON HX. Phone: 3-785221.

1559 American Hemlock (Hong Kong). Wants 20,000 cubic ft. of American hemlock,
30"x40"x12" dia. 65% of 2nd grade; 26"x40"x8"-11"dia. 15% of 3rd grade; and
30"x40"x10"-ll dia. 20% of 3rd grade. Usual export packing. Delivery ASAP.
Quote CIF Whampoa China if possible, otherwise CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: The
Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. Contact: C. W. Leung, San Pek Trading
Co., Ltd., Rm. 403, Hang Seng Bank (Mongkok) Bldg., 677, Nathan Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex: 50270 SACOM HX. Phone: 3-943828 or 3-942175.

1560 Corn (Greece). Wants corn, in grains, 2,000 mt per month, whole grains,
healthy without mold, yellow color, high protein level humidity max. 15%,
minimum 10%. Packed in bags of 50 kgs net. Delivery at Aquaba, Jordan (Red
Sea Harbor). Bank ref: National Bank of Greece, Thessaloniki Branch 210 City
Bank, Thessaloniki Branch. Contact: Apostolos C. Papathanassiou, P.O. Box
51, Thessaloniki, Greece. Telex: 41 8625 INPA GR, 31 8193 SEVE GR. Cable:
APOSCPA THESSALONIKI. Phone: (031) 535666, 540193, 535333, 543232.

1561 Logs (Hong Kong). Wants ship load of Timber log, Douglas fir, Hemlock,
Northwest U.S. origin preferable, #2 and #3 grade. Standard export packing
for delivery ASAP. Quote FOB or C&F South China. Bank ref: Barclays Bank.
Contact: Marshall Hui, C-Ho Timber Co., Ltd., 916 Star House, 3, Salisbury
Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex: 39361 CHOOHK KK. Phone: 3-699551.

1562 Rice (Netherlands). Wants long grain rice, broken and 25% broken, 50 pound
bags, immediate delivery. Company is interested in contacting growers. Quote
CIF Africa (West Coast). Bank ref: Anro Bank Oostburg, Netherlands.
Contact: Mr. Okelly, Shamrok International Trade, Jan Steenstraat 12, 4501 JZ
Oostburg, Netherlands. Telex: 82209 IN BELGIUM. Phone: 01170-3220

1563 Coffee (West Germany). Wants coffee concentrates. Firm founded 1976. Sales
area: Germany. Quote FOB U.S. Port. German firm is a holding company for
affiliated firms in the food industry. Bank ref: Deutsche Bank, Andernach.
Contact: Herr Walter Tauffenbach, Tauffenbach GMBH, Postfach 180, 5470
Andernach, West Germany. Telex: 865859. Phone: 2632-44046.

1564 Mushrooms (Cameroon). Wants mushrooms in cans 10/15 ozs, 1 lb 1 lb 10
ozs, 5 tons on continuous bi-quarterly shipments, USDA #2. Packing canned -
weights to be in metric only. Time of delivery: as soon as Letter of Credit
is opened. Quote CIF Douala. Bank ref: Banque National De L'ouest Africain,
Yaounde. Contact: Simon Paul-Nwanak, c/o American Embassy, Yaounde, Cameroon.

1565 Sheep (Venezuela). Wants Persian black head sheep, and West African sheep.
Need Quotes animals of 8 nonths-2 years old. Pure bred females and males.
Quotes ASAP for further purchase. Phytosanitary certificate from country of
origin. Quote CIF Maiquetia. Bank ref: Irving Trust Company. Contact: Dra.
Joly Snachez, Ministerio De Agricultura Y Cria (MAC), Centro Simon Bolivar,
Torre Norte, Piso 12, El Silencio, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 21-483.
Phone: 41-3358.

1566 Duroc boar semen (Ireland). Wants Duroc boar semen, frozen, 100 tubes.
Quality: pedigree. Delivery ASAP. Quotations no preference. Bank ref: Bank
of Ireland, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4. Contact: Dr.
Denis Kelliher, University College Dublin, Dept. of Agriculture Lyons Estate,
Newcastle P.O., County Dublin. Phonef-288-355.

1567 Soybean oil (England). Wants soybean oil, 100 tons. Animal feed grade 99%
purity. Packaging in 45 gallon drums. Quote CIF requirements suitable for
Kuwait. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster, London Bridge,
London, England. Contact: F. Gilkes, Baxhor Trading Limited, 17/19 Redcross
Way, London, SE1 1TB, England. Phone: 01 403 5566.

1568 Rabbits (Venezuela). New Zealand white rabbit, 8 males, 8 females; Calfornia
rabbit, 8 males, 8 females; Leonado De Borgona rabbit, 5 males, 5 females.

All pure breed. Delivery October 1982. Sanitary certificate from country of
origin. Quote CIF laiquetia. Bank ref: Banco Del Comercio De Venezuela.
Contact: Ricardo Lozano, Santa Fe Sur, Residencias El Padrino, Atpo. 122,
Caracas 1080, Venezuela. Phone: 979-5425.

1569 Grocery items (St. Lucia). Wants unspecified quantities of rice, flour,
canned foods, corned beef, cereals, and canned juices. Rice and flour packed
in 100 lb. bags and retail packages. Contact: Randall S. Sutherland,
Managing Director, Consumer Services Company Ltd., P.O. Box 9, Castries, St.
Lucia, W.I. Phone: (809) 455-8450.

1570- Fruit preserves, wines, cereals (Netherlands). Wants fruit preserves, wines,
1572 cereals, container loads. Quotes CIF & FOB. Bank ref: N.M.B. Contact: F.
P. Rijk, C.I.V. Superunie B.A., Industrieweg 25 or P.O. Box 162, 3640 AD
Mijdrecht, Netherlands. Telex: 16209. Phone: 2979-4811.

1573- Fruit preserves, mineral water, wine, rice, noodles (Netherlands). Wants
1577 fruit and vegetables preserves, pickled fruits and vegetables, mineral water,
wines, macaroni, noodles and similar products, rice, container loads. Quote
CIF Rotterdam. Bank ref: Amro Bank. Contact: J. Th. Bastmeijer, Nettorama,
Mechelaarstraat 1 or P.O. Box 182, 4900 AD Oosterhout, Netherlands. Telex:
54560. Phone: 1620-55950.

1578 Confectionary (Netherlands). Wants confectionery, especially children
confectionary line, packed in export cartons with displays. Quote CIF or
FOB. Bank ref: Amro Bank Ridderkerk. Contact: A. F. Biemans, Hanka B.V.,
Nikkelstraat 12 or P.O. Box 121, 2980 AC, Ridderkerk, Netherlands. Telex:
26401. Cable: HANKA-BOLRES. Phone: 1804-21322.

1579- Pork livers, beef (Netherlands). Wants pork lives and other parts, beef,
1580 meat, 2-3 containers per week. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Algemene Bank Nederland
N.Y. Contact: J. Bloksma, Stegeman, Rigastraat 17 or P.O. Box 93, 7400 AB
Deventer, Netherlands. Telex: 49024. Cable: STEGEMAN. Phone:

1581 Fruits & vegetables (Netherlands). Wants fruits and vegetables, container
loads, First class. Bank ref: N.M.B. Contact: A. Bemener, AAT Bemener
Versmarkt, Jonckbloetplein 88, 2523 Av Den Haag, Netherlands. Phone:

1582 Protein concentrate Tender (Iraq). Tender No. 353 by State Establishment for
Feed (SEF), for 15,200 mt of protein concentrate. General conditions and
technical specs, are obtainable against payment of 368, unrefundable, per
copy from SEF, Fudayha, New Baghdad, NR. Mashtel Petrol Station, P.O. Box
17, Phone: 771-4531. Offers must be submitted directly to Secretary of
Tender Committed in The State Organization for Animal Production, Karradh Al
Sharkiya Riklata, P.O. Box 3073, Telex: 212223 YAKTEEN IK. Phone: 776-2613,
accompanied with an initial deposit of 3% of total value of tender before
closing date Oct. 16, 1982.

1583 Honey dew melon seeds (Venezuela). Wants honey dew green flesh melon seed,
300 lb. Best available, 1 lb. can. October 1982. Phytosanitary certificate
from country of origin. Quote CIF Maiquetia. Bank ref: Banco Italo
Venezolano. Contact: Carlos Cramer, Exportadora Camatagua Frutas Tropicales
S.R.L., URB. Los Castores, 2DA. Transversal Calle El Parque, Casa 1-A, San

Atonio De Los Altos, Edo. Miranda, Venezuela. Phone: (032) 74-388.

1584 Frozen beef (Taiwan). Importer seeks U.S. suppliers of frozen beef
Ligamentun Muchae (back strap without fat and meat), 3-5 frozen containers
per month. Packed in 60 pound cartons for prompt shipment. Quote CIF. Bank
ref: The First Commercial Bank, Chung Hsiao Branch. Contact: Halda Wu,
logunn Company Ltd., Diamond Building 4E, 137, Jen Ai Road, Section 4,
Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 22519 MOGUNN. Phone: 771-4983.

1585 Horses (Venezuela). Wants American saddle horse: Tennessee Walker and
Apaloosa, 5 each to start, good quality 3 yrs. old partially trained.
Delivery January 1983. Quote on 4 passenger buggy in kit to assemble. Quote
CIF. Bank ref: Banco Italo Venezuelano. Contact: Rafael Angel Del Moral,
Torre Maracaibo, Av. Libertador, Piso 6, Ofic. "F", Caracas, Venezuela.
Phone: 72-2456/72-3728.

1586 Lard (Mexico). Wants 15,000 tons lard, fancy, canned. Delivery 6 months,
trailer. Quote FOB Border. Bank ref: Banco De Comercio, Sucursal
Ixtapalapa. Contact: Ing. Joaquin Lopez Lugo, Galuard, S.A., Camino A
Cuehauacan 145, Mexico 13, D.F. Phone: (905) 582-2915.

1587 Raisin tender (Algeria). Wants seedless raisins, 4,500 mt. Products must be
wholesome, 1st quality, parasite free. Packaged in bulk and/or cellophane
bags net 500 grams each, in cases of 12 kg, suitable for maritime transport &
handling. Deliveries determined at time of contract. Quote C&F liner terms
at Algerian Ports. Deadline Oct. 15, 1982 to remain valid 60 days past
deadline. No Tender document issued. Offers sent by telex and/or telegram
unacceptable. Payment done 95% against shipping documents and 5% when goods
arrive Algeria. Producers respond directly. Firms must provide information
on themselves. External envelope containing offer must not have any
indication who the bidder is, only Onaco's address & "Appel D'Offres Int'l -
Raisins Secs A Ne Pas Ouvrir". Must include samples, correspondence in
French, all specs. metric. Contact: Onaco Dap, 29, Rue Larbi Ben M'Hidi,
Algiers, Algeria. Telex: 53236, 52850, 52851. Cable: OHACO DZ. Phone:
64 02 75 & 64 02 77.

1588 Powdered skim milk (Syria). Requires offers for 1,000 tons powdered skim
milk for human consumption, moisture max 3-4%, ash max 8%, protein min. 36%,
lactose min 52%, fat 1%, of quick solubility. Manufacture no more than 3-6
months before shipping date. Milk white and free from flavors. Deadline
Oct. 15, 1982. Valid 60 days. Quote C&F Lattakia for soonest possible 1 lot
delivery. Packaging in polyethylene bags w/ 5-ply paper lids, of 25 kg net
capacity. Date of manufacture, country of origin & manufacturer's name shown
on the bags. Phytosanitary certificate required showing that goods are fit
for human consumption in country of origin. A 5% bid bond is required with
every offer to be replaced 10% performance bond. Delay penalty 0.2% per day
of contract price, no max specified. Contact: The Syrian Arab Dairy Products
Company, P.O. Box 182, Damascus, Syria.

1589 Edible nuts (Canada). Wants nuts, walnuts, almonds, other types roasted,
shelled and unshelled, up to 2 mt. Packaging bulk containers. Delivery
ASAP. Quote FOB shipping point. Bank ref: available upon request. Contact:
Ben Bezalel, Golden Fenjan Enterprises Ltd., 1121 Robson St., Vancouver,
British Colombia, V6E 1B5, Canada. Phone: (604) 683-5185.

1590 Natural foods (Saudi Arabia). Wants canned & preserved items, such as jams,
marmalade, etc., dried & dehydrated fruits, vegetables, potato, flakes,
raisins, soup powders, nuts, and olives, cereal breakfast foods, refined cane
sugar, cooking oil, chewing gun, and blended honey. National Foods Est. is a
family partnership of three local businessmen, managed by an experienced U.S.
expatriate. Estimated annual sales are over SR 60 million (used 18 million).
National Foods imports foodstuffs for wholesale in Riyadh. Management seeks
long-term agency/distributorship arrangements with U.S. suppliers. Terms of
payment thru Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Sight Drafts. Firms wishing to
collaborate with National Foods contact firm's General Manager ASAP.
Contact: Don Dahlgren, National Foods Est., P.O. Box 4310, Riyadh, Saudi

1591 Vegetable fat (Italy). Wants vegetable fat in powder. Quantity to be
determined. Bank ref: Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro, Rome. Contact: Chartroux,
BPD, Difesa-Spazio S.P.A., 20 Corso Garibaldi, 00034 Colleferro Roma, Italy.
Telex: 611434. Phone: 06/9782915.

1592 Fruit and meat preserves (Netherlands). Wants fruit conserves, meat
conserves, container, export quality. Consumer package. Quote CIF
Rotterdam. Bank ref: N. M. B. Contact: H. C. Van Der Straaten, Konmar B.V.,
De Werf 13, 2544 Eh Den Haag, Netherlands. Phone: 70-212021.

1593 Confectionery (Netherlands). Wants chocolates, chocolate bars,
confectionery-children items, biscuits. Quote CIF. Bank ref: N. M. B.
Utrecht. Contact: T. B. Boersma, B. V. Lekkerland Expres, P.O. Box 100,
Luesden, Netherlands. Telex: 79486. Phone: 33-944644.

1594 Grocery items (Netherlands). Wants canned fish, canned fruits, drinks, meat,
new-to-market products, all for hotels and restaurants. Best quality.
Institutional packs. Quote CIF. Bank ref: Slavenburg-Oosterhout. Contact:
W. Deijkers, I. S. P. C., Kalshoven 25, Al Breda, Netherlands. Telex:
54990. Phone: 76-877250.

1595 Grocery items (Netherlands). Wants unspecified quantities of soft drinks,
canned food, other food items. Company is interested in representing a whole
line of products (one brand). Bank ref: N. V. Slevenburgs Bank-Eindhoven.
Contact: L. P. M. Vroomen, Dittmeyer Nederland B.V., Cockeveld 9, P.O. Box
44, 5670 AA Nuenen, Netherlands. Phone: 40-833813.

1596- Frozen vegetables, seafoods, broilers (Netherlands). Wants frozen vegetables,
1598 fish and fish products, broilers, container loads, in consumers packs. Quote
CIF. Bank ref: N. M. B. Nijkerk. Contact: J. H. Oostmeijer, Im. Van Den
Berg B.V., Gildenstraat 51 or P.O. Box 46, 3860 AA Nijkerk, Netherlands.
Telex: 79104. Phone: 3494-54124.

1599 Grocery items (Netherlands). Wants canned products (fruits, soups, fish,
etc), 1 container. Quote CIF. Bank ref: N. M. B. Hoorn. Contact: N. P. W.
Rinkel, P. Karsten B.V., Veilinweg 1 or P.O. Box 21, 1695 ZS Blokker,
Netherlands. Phone: 2292-3180.

1600 Canned fruits (West Germany). Wants canned peaches, strawberries, sour
cherries, pineapple. Quantity: container 20 ft. Quality: choice.
Packaging: pallets. Quote C&F Hamburg; C&F Bremen; C&F Rotterdam. Delivery
date upon suppliers' indication. Cans with German labels. Bank ref:

Volksbank Duesseldorf, 4000 Duesseldorf, West Germany. Contact: Joachim
Leonhard, Herzogstr. 73, 4000 Duesseldorf 1, West Germany. Telex: 8582631

Foreign Market Developments

Trade Leads Available via AGNET

As we have previously announced, trade leads in addition to Export Briefs and direct
mailing, are being disseminated via a computer system called AGNET. All leads
received are disseminated these three ways.

Trade leads are electronically transmitted daily from FAS to the AGNET system, which
is managed by the University of Nebraska. The advantage of this system is that it
enables firms to receive trade leads on a much more timely basis. The lag between
the time trade leads are received from our overseas staff and the time they come to
your attention has long been a concern of FAS's. Now there is an alternative to the
mail system.

AGNET is a unique information delivery network designed to be used by people with no
previous knowledge of computers. Besides timely information for keeping up to date
on market conditions, etc., it can also assist users in problem solving of
agricultural management questions and can be used as an electronic mail box.

The cost to use AGNET is: (a) Equipment costs. The portable computer terminals which
"talk" to the central computer in Nebraska range in price from $1,000 to $3,000. A
number of firms likely have such a terminal already. (b) Computer charges. The cost
of accessing five trade leads is around $1.50, less if more leads are accessed per
entry to the system. All leads transmitted within the past five days are available.
Leads can be accessed on a commodity basis if desired. (c) Telephone charges. Any
regular telephone can be used to access AGNET. The cost of the long distance call
will depend on your location and the time of day the call is placed.

For further information write AGNET, 105 Miller Hall, University of Nebraska,
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At The Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia-U.SA
May 17-19, 1983

Mark your calendar now
for the National Food
3nd Agricultural Export
Promotion 1983 in
Atlanta, Georgia. It's
the only national food
show that will be held
in 1983 designed
specifically for the
International food
trade. If you're an
exporter, you can't
--.. afford to miss this
opportunity to expose
your products to
hundreds of buyers from
all over the world. So
set aside May 17-19,
1983 for Expo 83 where
every booth will be a
food market, every
exhibitor an exporter,
and every visitor an
honored guest.
For further Information
contact the NASDA
National Food and
Agriculture Exposition,
S1616 H Street, N.W.
R. Washington, D.C.
20006 Tel: (202)

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