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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

MIPAY i4 !

I.F.A.S. -Univ. of Florida ISSUE NO# 17, 1982

0678- Eggs, chicken, milk powder, rice (Spain). Looking for suppliers of shell
0679 eggs, (white); frozen broilers; skimmed milk and by products; and rice.
Quantity: undetermined. Quote: C&F Algiers (Algeria), Mersin (Turkey) and
Akaba (Jordan) and FOB Port of Origin. Phytosanitary, Quality and Inspection
Certificates required. Contact: Mr. Martin, M. Martin M., Calle Cid, 4
(Oficina 209)., Madrid (1), Spain. Telex: 46760 MMMI.

0680 Dairy heifers (Ecuador). In need of 500 dairy heifers, preferably bred. Can
be of any breed suitable for milking purposes in tropical areas of the
Pichincha Province, Ecuador. Age: 6 months to 1 year. Since intended buyer
is Public Sector Organization purchase must be through Tender system. Legal
requirements might take from 5 months up to a year, seller must have local
legal representative. Quote: C&F Quito by Air and FOB Referential. This
organization is starting a credit program combined with technical assistance
for small ranchers in the coastal area of Pichincha Province. Animals to be
imported will be delivered to small ranchers as part of the program.
Interested in grade animals suitable for developing dairy industry.
Quotations requested to be submitted ASAP to their telex and to the attention
of both persons to be contacted. Bank ref: Banco Central Del Ecuador, Av. 10
De Agosto Y Briceno, Quito, Ecuador. Contact: Ec. Marco Herrera and Ing.
Tiberio Klein, Consejo Provincial, Manuel Larrera Y Arenas, Quito, Ecuador.
Telex: 2529 CONPROC ED. Phone: 549-222.

0681 Strawberry plants (France). Approximately one million top quality strawberry
plants needed. Shipment June/July. Phytosanitary certificate required.
Bank ref: Credit Agricole 243000 Vergt. Contact: Monsieur J. Visser, Ets. J.
Visser, La Fontaine 24300, Vergt, France. Telex: 540 131 FOR VISSER
54.97.03. Phone: (53) 54.97.03.

0682- Chicken, canned corn beef (South Africa). (A) Canned corned beef and (B)
0683 frozen chickens wanted. Quality: (A) top grade, (B) medium grade, halal
slaughter, .9 to 1.1 kilos per bird. Bulk shipment. To be delivered within
three months. Blank labelled without origin. Quote: FOB, American Port.
Bank ref: Nedbank, Siemert Road, Johannesburg, South Africa. Contact: Mr. S.
Mendelsohn, H.J. Henochsberg, P.O. Box 481, Johannesburg 2000, South Africa.
Telex: 86664 SA. Phone: Johannesburg 011-371237.

Issued weekly by the Export Promotion Division. Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250.

0684 Canned food products, breakfast cereals (Saudi Arabia). Interested in all
kinds of canned and preserved food products, not frozen; breakfast cereals;
non-food items for supermarkets. Quantities open. Interested in exclusive
distributorship of U.S. canners of private labels. Contact: Kalid Al-Humood,
Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Humood Est, P.O. Box 49, Dhahran Airport, Saudia Arabia.
Telex: 200881 HUMOOD SJ. Phone: 864-1488.

0685 Sugar (Saudi Arabia). Desires medium and coarse grain sugar. Quantity:
2,000 mt. each grade. Quote: C&F Dammam. Contact: Abdulaziz Al-Fares,
Owner, Hamad Abdulaziz Al-Fares, P.O. Box 370, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Telex:
601850 FARES SJ. Cable: AL FARES DAMMAM. Phone: 832-1843.

0686 Various Food Products (Spain). The following leads were obtained at a Food
Fair in Barcelona, Spain. Contact parties indicated for more specific
details: (1) Trufas B. Garcia, S.L., located in Basauri Mercabilbao 238-240
(VIZCAYA) would like to receive FOB quotations for undetermined quantity of
walnuts (jumbo and large). Contact: Mr. Bibiano G. Garcia-Alonso. Telephone
94/449 3137. Bank ref: Bilbao. (2) A.J., located in Princesa, 38,
Barcelona-3, is interested in the purchase of soybeans (green, not yellow).
Firm has been buying the product from China in the past. Contact: Mr. Angel
Jobal. Phone: 93/319 7802. (3) Rodoll Iberice, S.A., Located in Gran Via,
50, Madrid-13, is seeking contact with U.S. manufacturers of natural/dietetic
foods, also with U.S. exporters of medicinal herbs. Contact: Mr. Juan Manuel
Rodrieguez-Paraja. Phone: 91/261 41 12. (4) Commercial Baker, located in
Matias Perello, 11, Valencia, would like to act as agent of U.S. exporter of
canned foods. Contact: Mr. Jose Vazquez-Piles. Phone 96/327 7731. (5)
Conservas Chistu, S.A., located in San Adrian (Navarra) would like to receive
quatations for undetermined quantity of lentils and dry beans (white,
round-type). Contact: Mr. Agustin Sola-Ordonez. Phone: 948/67 0000. Telex:
37043 E. (6) Canalsa, located in El Greco, 19, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria,
is interested in importing deep-freezing foods (corn kernels, in bulk, corn
on the cob, in bulk, pre-fried potatoes, in bulk). Interested in acting as
distributor, Contact: Mr. Juan Marrero. Phone 928/35 02 08. (7) Gonzalez
Barba E Hijos, S.A., Alameda De Colon, 5, Malaga, is interested in California
walnuts (Mayfair, J.B.) Would like to receive quotations for 300-400 mt,
FOB. Contact: Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez-Ramos, who is willing to travel to the
United States. Phone: 952/21 55 31. Bank ref: Espanol De Credito.

0687 Soybeans (Hong Kong). Desires 10,000 mt. No. 2 soybeans. Bulk shipment.
Need ASAP. Sample requested. Quote: CIF Wongpo, Kwangtung, China. Bank
ref: Hanil Bank. Contact: Wong Chun Po, Majorland Intl Co., 607, Ocean
Centre, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telex: 56440 SAMEL HX. Phone

G688 Sunflower kernels (Japan). In need of 10 mt. of sunflower kernels. Quality:
roasted and seasoned with salt. Appropriate packaging for retail purposes.
Immediate delivery by surface shipment. Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Daido Shinyo
Kinko, Minami-Nakano Branch, Tokyo, Japan. Cable: TECHNOSCO. Phone: (03)
384-4508. Contact: Mr. Shozo Usami, Chief of Trade Department, Techno System
Co. Ltd, 14-7 Yayoi-Cho 5-Chom, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.

0689 Poultry parts, scallops, sausages, green beans (Hong Kong). Wants chicken
wings, chicken drumsticks, scallops, tripe, green beans and cooked pork
sausages (all frozen). Quantity: two 20 ft. contrs. minimum. Quality: Grade

A or better. Packaging: wings, drumsticks, beans & scallop in 5 lb. bags or
boxes. Linked sausages in 1 Ib. & 5 lb. bags or cans and tripe in 5 lb.
bags. Quote C&F. Need ASAP. Bank ref: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.
Contact: Mr. Yin Goc Chan, Kin Tye Lung Co., No. 55 Bonham Strand, 3/F, Flat
"C", Hong Kong. Telex: 63699 HHCO HX. Phone: 5-441885.

0690 Sahiwal Semen (Malaysia). Pure-bred Sahiwal semen, 500 straws annually for 5
years. Complete with storage tank and liquid nitrogen. Delivery ASAP. Bank
ref: Bank Negara Malaysia. Contact: Md. Edwards, Berjaya Complex, Dept. of
Veterinary Services, Kota Inabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Telex: INAF MA80235.
Phone: 50522.

0691 Shrimp eggs (Italy). Wants brine shrimp eggs, packed in 1 lb vacuumed tins,
totalling about 500 kg, CIF quotations. Bank ref: Banca Nazionale Lavoro,
Palermo, Italy. Phone: 091-261813. Contact: Ing Sergio Giacalone, Sime Spa,
Via Liberta' 103, Palermo, Italy. Telex: 720598 SIMEIL I.

0692 Walnut paste (Japan). Wants walnut paste, 18 mt., product must be aflatoxin
negative. Specific information to include bacterium counts required.
Appropriate packaging for institutional use. Immediate delivery by surface
shipment. Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Taiyo Kobe Bank Ginza Branch, Tokyo.
Cable: "OHSURAM" TOKYO. Contact: Yoichi Ohtsuru, Marusho Industrial Co.
Ltd., 11-2, Ginza 4-Chome, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Phone: (03) 542-2151.
Telex: 2522971 OSRMTK J.

0693- Canned peaches, cookies (Taiwan). Wants canned peach halves plus cookies and
0694 biscuits. Quantity open. Contact: Mr. Futer Lin, President, Chiau Mau
Electric Co., Ltd., 31 Chang An East Road, Sec. 2 Taipei, Taiwan. Telex:
25041 BSTEX. Phone: (02) 531-5252.

0695 Canned foods (Honduras). Supplier needed for canned meats, canned fruits and
vegetables, canned specialties, canned seafood. Quantities not specified.
Please quote CIF Puerto Cortes against Letter of Credit including catalogs
and prices. Firm reportedly enjoys solid reputation. Contact: Mr. Carlos F.
Mejia, Romesa, P.O. Box 2154, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Cable: ROMEZA.
Phone: 541134.

0696 Grocery lines (Venezuela). Small but reportedly very active
agent/distributor of foodstuffs needs canned and preserved fruits, canned
fruit juices, marmalades, jams, vegetable cooking oil, canned soaps and paper
napkins. Quantities not specified. Contact: Nivaldo Navarro, Maolvi C. A.,
Apartado 3775, Caracas D.F., Venezuela. Telex: 22829. Phone: 58/02/

0697 Wheat (Haiti). Semi-autonomous government flour mill requires a supply of
wheat on a regular basis through a call for Tender. Bid documents to be open
on May 31, 1982. Documents and participation conditions are available at
following address. Agency has demonstrated strong preference for U.S.
product. Contact: Dept. of State for Finance & Economic Affairs, Palais Des
Ministeres, Port Au Prince, Haiti.

0698 Rice (Syria). The Foreign Trade Organization for Chemicals and Foodstuffs
requests offers for white rice, 20,000 tons, homogeneous, well husked, new
crop, maximum breakage 5 pct. Quote: C&F Free Out Lattakia/Tartous incl. 2
pct. rebate. Offer deadline May 3, 1982. Offers should be valid until

May 6, 1982. Samples required with offer as well as a 1 pct. bid bond from
all offerers to be replaced upon purchase confirmation by a 5 pct.
performance bond from successful Bidder. Shipment: in two equal consignments
by June 15, & July 15, 1982. Packaging: in new jute bags of 50 kg capacity.
Contact: Foreign Trade Organ., Chemicals & Foodstuff, Geza, P.O. Box 893,
Damascus, Syria.

0699 Tender for nuts (Algeria). Interested in unspecified edible shelled dry
nuts. Quantity: 1,000 to 2,000 mt. Quality: 12 pct. max. moisture: category
to be extra, caliber to be 24 and/or 27 millimeters and overt Packaging: in
polyethylene and jute bags of 2 to 50 kgs. net. Shipment: goods to be
delivered before July 15, 1982. Quote: C&F, and/or FOB. Date of Bid
deadline is May 15, 1982 at 10:30 Algerian hour. Offer to remain valid 15
days past Bid deadline. Offer must be in five copies in French. Offers sent
by telex/telegram are not acceptable. OFLA points out that external envelope I
containing the offer must not have any indication as to who the bidder is,
only OFLA's address and the following indication must appear on the envelope:
"Soumission A Consultaion Internationale Noix En Coques A Ne Pas Ouvrir".
Firms responding to offer must be producers and not dealers or wholesalers.
Firms interested must provide information on themselves, including name, full
address and statues of the company, list of stockholders, balance sheet and
income statements. Companies should also send copies of their annual reports
for the last two years. Offer must include samples. Payment to be
determined later. Offer and all correspondence must be in French, all specs
metric. Contact: Ofla, DG DAJC-SPCM, 12 Avenue Des 3 Freres Bouadou,
Birmandreis, Algiers, Algeria. Cable: SC ALGER. Phone: 56.01.22. Telex:
51220, 52823.

0700 Meat and sugar substitutes (Sweden). Desires sugar gum, meat substitutes
(TVP and similar products) and sugar substitutes. Quantities open. Bank
ref: Gota Banken. Contact: Mr. Jimmy Clark, Friggs Products AB, Box 150,
S-178, Ekero, Sweden. Telex: 10221 BARNEK S. Phone: 0756/301 70.

0701 Live ducks (France). Wants 5,000 live ducks, 4/5 months old, male. Ship
August 1982. Bank ref: Credit Agricole, 32000 Auch. Contact: Mr.
Jean-Pierre Monneret, Monneret-Sintes, Domaine De Bernet, Pibrac 31490
Leguevin, France. Phone: (61) 86.01.67.

0702 Soybean lecithin (England). Container loads of bleached, unbleached,
plastic, fluid, or granular soybean lecithin needed. Packaging: standard 45
gallon drums. Quote: CIF UK Port. Delivery date: within 2 months from date
of order. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd. Contact: Peter Jowett, Alembic
Products Ltd., Oaklands House, Oaklands Drive, Sale, Manchester. M33 INs,
England. Phone: 061 962 4423. Telex: 667740.
0703- Rice, evaporated milk, vegetable oil, beans (England). In need of (1)
0704 parboiled rice, (2) evaporated milk, (3) vegetable oil. Quantity: (1)
shipload (2)&(3) in tons contr. loads. Quality: (1) USDA No. 2 (2) 170 gms
x 48 tins to a case. Packaging: (1) in bags, (2&3) in tins (6x5 litre) per
case. Quote C&F, Lagos, Nigeria. Also need red kidney beans, red lentil
splits, popcorn and black eye beans. Quantities not specified. Bank ref:
Barclays Bank Int., London WC2, England. Contact: Mr. K. Srinivasan, JayKay
Group Ltd., 9 Roxborough Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA 1 1INS, England. Telex:
8951755. Phone: 01 861 0134.

61 0134.

0705 Fruit & vegetable seeds (England). Following seeds needed: cucumber Belt
Alpha Mr. 15,000 kgs; cucumber Belt Alpha Hybrid, 85000 kgs; Watermelon
Charleston Grey, 90,000 kgs; Watermelon Malahi, 8,000 kgs; Tomato Red Cloud
VF, 7,000 kgs; Watermelon Fairfax, 2,000 kgs; Tomato Early Urbana, 3,000 kgs;
Onion Texas Early Grano 502, 10,000 kgs; Spinach Viroflay, 10,000 kgs; Radish
Cherry Belle, 20,000 kgs; Radish Comet, 6,000 kgs; Carrot Chantenay, 1,500
kgs; and Carrot Nantes, 3,500 kgs. Best quality. Contact: J. Ellis-Vaughan,
J. Ellis Vaughan, 3rd Floor, 80 Goswell Road, London EC1V 708, England.

0706- Rice, corn, sugar (England). Wants 1,000-5,000 ton shipments of each.
0707 Quality: (1) rice: U.S. No. 2, 4% broken parboiled (2) corn: U.S. No. 2,
yellow, (3) sugar: 99.8 polarity .04 moisture, .04 ash. Packaging in 50 kg
bags. Quote C&F West Africa (50%) C&F Persian Gulf, C&F UK. Bank ref:
Lloyds Bank Ltd. Contact: David Cliff, D.W. Cliff Enterprises, 66 Westwood,
Golcar, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. Phone: 0484 844551. Telex: 893580
KNMNT. Phone: 01 250 3112.

0708- Peas, beans, canary seed (England). Wants millet, canary seed, sunflower
0709 seed, beans (white and colored), plus peas, green and white. Quantity:
container loads. Quality: usual U.S. export grades. Packaging 100 lb paper
or jute bags. Quote C&F U.K. and West European Ports. Delivery date ASAP.
Bank ref: National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: A.S.G. Gower, R.W. Gunson
Limited, 40 Warton Road, London E15, England. Telex: 897689. Phone: 01 555

0710 Rice (England). Interested in long grain or parboiled rice. Quantity:
25,000 mt. Quality: 5 1/2% broken. Packaging: 50 kg. jute sacks. Quote:
FOB U.S. Port and C&F Lagos, Nigeria. Delivery date: ASAP. Bank ref: Bank
of Credit & Commerce Int., 141 Park Lane, London W1, England. Contact: Mr.
Max Shaheen, Sigma II Limited, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, England Telex:
477408 HLBRIT G.y

0711 Poultry, grains (England). Desires frozen poultry and food grains. Quantity
not specified. Quality: export quality Saudia Arabian Standard. Bank ref:
National Westminster Bank Ltd. Contact: Mr. D.L. Ferrell, Denkam Limited,
20 Rock Avenue, Kent, England. Telex: 966135. Phone: 0634 51224.

0712 Almond oil (England). Wants almond oil. Quantity: 2-5 tons. Quality:
either B.P. or U.S.P. Packaging: drums of 200 kilos. Quote: CIF,
Liverpool. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd. Contact: Mr. G.W.
Lockhart, George Lockhart & Co. Limited, 63 Neal Avenue, Ashton-Under-Lyne,
Lancashire, OL6 6PD, England. Telex: 667822. Phone: 061 336 9318.

0713 Nondairy creamer (England). Desires non dairy creamer. Quantity: full
container loads. Packaging: 500 gram cartons. Deliver ASAP. Bank ref:
Williams & Glyn's Bank Ltd., 65 Whitworth Street, Manchester 1, England.
Contact: Mr. J. Swift, Vaissiere Clerc Enterprises Ltd., 14/16 Charlotte
Street, Manchester M14 FL, England. Telex: 667334 VECOL G. Phone: 061 228

0714 Corn on the cob (England). Frozen corn on the cob wanted. Quantity: 1,000
tons. Quality: all grades. Packaging: 12x21b, 24x2E cans and bulk packs.
Quote: CIF. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Standard Chartered Bank,
Northumberland Avenue, London WC2, England. Contact: Mr. Richard Kyffin,
Anglo European Food Ltd., Block "H" West Kent Coldstore, Rye Lane, Sevenoaks,

England. Telex: 957531. Phone: 0732 460611.

0715 Hops (England). Hops for brewing needed. Packaging: 50 kg hop "pockets".
Quote: CIF, UK. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank Ltd., The Cross,
Worcester, England. Contact: Mr. Russell K. Clifton, G. Gascoyne Seeds
Ltd., Worcester, England. Telex: 338424 G. Phone: 0905 23344.

0716 Bourbon (England). Bourbon wanted. Quantity: 10,000 cases first year.
Good quality. Packed in bottle of 750 ml, 12 bottles per case. Quote FOB.
Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: Barclays Bank Ltd., Gracechurch Street, London
EC3, England. Contact: Mr. S. Sklar, Capital Wine and Travers Ltd., 40
Crimscott Street, London SE1, England. Telex: 98496. Phone: 01 231 2104.

0717 Nuts, cherries, honey, dried fruits (England). All types of nuts, including
mixed nuts, cherries, honey, dates, dried fruits (including prunes).
Quantity to be determined. Quality: good, average. Packaging: consumer
packs. Quote: FOB. Delivery ASAP. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank
Ltd., 52 Threadneedle Street, London EC3R 8AL, England. Contact: Mr. T.R.
Parker, C. Phillips, Jones & Co. Ltd., 10 Bonhay Road, Exeter EX4 3DF,
England. Telex: 42783. Phone: 0392 36655.

0718 Wine (England). In the market for wines and grape must. Quantity and
Quality to be agreed upon. Packaging: cartons of 12, 9, or 6 bottles of
0.750 litre and or one litre. Quote: CIF Southhampton. Delivery date to be
agreed upon. Bank ref: Midland Bank Ltd. Contact: C. Ferneyhough, Europa
Imports, 125 Marsh Lane, Yeovil, Somerset BA 21 38Z. Telex: Phone: 0935

0719- Rice, cooking oil (England). Want 37,000 mt. rice, long grain US 5; broken
0720 7-10 percent, max moisture 12 pct., and foreign material zero, in bags. Also
cooking oil. Quote: FOB. Delivery date: prior to July 1, 1982. Contact:
Kwaku Duah, Anglo Africa Agency, 113 Tynemouth Road, Mitcham, Surrey,
England. Telex: 8813271 GECOMS G.

0721- Dried fruits & nuts, chicken (England). Wants to buy (A) dried fruits and
nuts, (B) frozen chicken, hlaal killed. Quantity: to be determined.
Quality: (A) USDA grade 1 and (B) not stated. Packaging: (A) to be
determined, (B) 800/1300 grams without giblets, feet, & head, packed in
cardboard boxes with 12 to 14 birds per box. Quote: CIF & C&F Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, Kuwait, & Arabian Gulf. Delivery date to be agreed. Each bird to be
wrapped in cellophane with a weight tag attached. Bank ref: The Standard
Chartered Bank & The Barclays Bank. Contact: Rouben Y. Zelouf, Roze (UK)
Ltd., 58 Westmoreland Road, London SW13 9RY, England. Telex: 21752
SELFRATEX. Phone: 01 748 9754.

0723 Cow Bezoar (Taiwan). Importer of Chinese medicine materials wishes to locate
supplier of cow bezoar. Expects to travel to U.S. in September or October.
Bank ref: Hwa Nan Commercial Bank, Yuan Shan Branch. Contact: Mr. S.Y.
Lou, Yng Yn Enterprises Co., 479 Ming Chuan East Road, 2/F, Taipei, Taiwan.
Telex: 27635 TAICERA. Phone: 581-1392 or 522-4614.

0724 Confectionary items, canned goods (Saudi Arabia). Well established food
importer and wholesaler wants cookies, crackers, biscuits, confectionery and
chocolate products, baked beans in tomato sauce only, plus canned food
varieties and beverages, all above products must be top grade quality and
fresh stock. Quote: C&F Dammam prices for container load shipments. Bank


ref: Arab National Bank, P.O. Box 18, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Contact: All
A.M. Almoosa, Almoosa Intl Corp., P.O. Box 4588, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Telex: 833-2953. Phone: 833-2953.

New Publications

Single copies of the following are available by writing the U.S. Department of
Agriculture, FAS, Information Service Staff, Room 5918-South, Washington, D.C. 20250.

U.S. Spice Trade Continues To Increase, FTEA 1-82, April. 1982.

World Grain Situation/Outlook, FG 12 82, April 15, 1982.

Deciduous Fruit and Table Grape Situation, FDAP 1-82, Aprol 1982.


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