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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

May 1, 1981

0981 Flavorings (Thailand). Buyer needs vanilla flavor concentrate for
margarine, 1,000 kilograms; peanut flavors for margarine, 1,000 kilograms.
Initial request for above made in October 1980 but buyer received no
reply. Contact: Thanu Tibsamai, Admin. Mgr., Nguan Huat Industry Co.,
Ltd., 100 Tae Parak Road, Samrong Nua, Samutprakarn, Thailand. Cable:
GOLDCUP. Phone: 394-1796 AND 394-1243.

0982 Sweet corn seed, avocado plants (Thailand). Company would like technical
help and financing for various agriculture projects in the Chiang Mai area
of Thailand (Northern Thailand). Production plans include imports of U.S.
sweet corn seed and young avocado plants. Contact: Miss K. Boonwong,
Director, Boonwong Overseas Company Limited, P.O. Box 4-143, Bangkok,

0983 Rice (England). Wants 20,000 tons, parboiled, four percent broken, in 100
lb. bags. Delivery within three months. Quote: C&F Lagos. Bank ref:
American Express International Banking Corp. Contact: Leslie B. Partos,
Arlinglade Developments, Ltd., 24 Ambika House, 9/11 Portland Place, London
WI, England. Telex: 27257. Phone: 01-580-7773.

0984 Rattlesnake meat (Belgium). Belgian restaurant owner interested in
importing rattlesnake meat. Contact: J. Forsyth, Kanunnikenstraat 9,
B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium. Phone: 02/37.26.06.

0985 Industrial alcohols (Norway). Wants isopropyl alcohol M-ethyleneglycol,
lots of 300 m/t and tank containers of about 20 m/t, technical,
virgin-grade, bulk/tanks (returnable). Delivery August/December 1981.
Quote: CIF, Oslo. Company wishes establish permanent business
relationship with producer. Bank ref: Bergen Bank A/S, Oslo. Contact:
Ernst Kobro Jr., Kobro & Co. A/S, P.O. Box 5295 Maj., N-Oslo 3, Norway.
Telex: 18853 KOBRO N. Phone: (2) 60 44 90.

0986 Apples (Egypt). Wants 10,000 cartons, 80 percent Double Red Extra Fancy,
and 20 percent Golden Delicious. Extra Fancy, No. 1, 42 Ibs/ctn.
Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote: CIF Alexandria. Bank ref:
Egypt Credit Suez Bank. Contact: Talaat Hussein, East for Investment and
Trading, 4, El Diwan Street, Garden City, P.O. Box 252 Cair Egypt.
Telex: 93782 TALAT-UN. Phone: 20340/22503. AP' iE LIBRARY

MAY 111981

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultunr ;Frc. U.&Jp Arewfedilerida
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250


0987 Poultry joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian company with a 25-acre farmland
presently unused is interested in a joint venture with a U.S. company to
produce and manage an integrated poultry farm. The land is some 25 miles
outside Lagos post facilities and good road outlet are available. Bank
loan is assured. Bank ref: Arab Bank, Apapa. Contact: Alhaji Sehu
Ahmadu Bello, Italo (Nig.) Products Co., 4, Lisabi Street, Suru-Lere, P.O.
Box 1720, Lagos, Nigeria.

0988- Sugar, evaporated milk (Nigeria). Cube sugar, 600,000 cartons per year
0989 (container delivery) refined, 600 G Brut, 475 gm. net, in packets and
cartons; granulated sugar, 600,000 bags per year, refined, very sharp, in
50 kg. jute bags; evaporated milk, 600,000 cartons/boxes, top quality, 6
oz. cans, 96 to carton. Delivery 45 days maximum from date of settlement
of terms. Labels to be attached on the goods as follows: X.
PHIIO-NL-PSN-01-81, or Philadelphia International Industry Company (Nig.)
Ltd. Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Savannah Bank of Nigeria Ltd., Broad Street,
Lagos. Contact: Timothy Okafor Umejei Molokwu, Philadelphia International
Industrial Co. (Nig.) Ltd., 153-B Akerele Extension, P.O. Box 2207,
Suru-Lere, Lagos, Nigeria. Cable: PHILADELPH, LAGOS.

0990- Chicken vienna sausage, pulses, lentils (England). Wants to buy chicken
0992 vienna sausage, 48 X 40 cans; red beans; lentils; chick peas; black eye
peas. Twenty foot containers. Beans in 100 lb. jute bags. Quote: CIF
Port of Spain, Trinidad. Contact: Janet English, Guthrie Booker Merchants
International, Ltd., The Adelphi, John Adam Street, London WC2N 6BD,
England. Telex: 915227. Cable: CAMBACAR, LONDON WC2. Phone: 01 930

0996- Oilseeds (France). Interested in large quantities of cottonseed and other
0997 oilseeds for oil manufacturing (for-consumption use), certificate of origin
required, prices must include commission of the broker. Bank ref: Credit
Du Nord in Bordeaux (33000). Contact: P. Coutau-Begarie, Broker,
Coutau-Begarie, 8, Impasse Clemenceau, B.P. 22, 33029 Bordeaux Cedex,
France. Telex: 560 853 AFTOM. Cable: AFTOM BORDEAUX. Phone: (56)

0998- Wheat, corn (Nigeria). Wants to buy wheat, #2 H.R.W. & H.R.S. bulk
0999 shipments; and yellow corn #3 Yellow, 50 kg. bags. Quantity: 10,000 tons
every two weeks. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote: C&F Port
Harcourt. Bank ref: 'U.B.A. and Co-Operative Bank, Owerri. Contact: C.O.
Nwanguma, Apex Associates, P.O. Box 1792, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

1000 Agricultural joint venture (Nigeria). Nigerian agricultural company
presently producing palm produce, cocoa, rice and poultry has acquired
another 200 acres of land for agro-based industry such as rice and
poultry. Wishes to collaborate with a U.S. company on a joint venture
equity share basis. Bank ref: Cooperative Bank Umuahia. Interested U.S.
company should contact: Joseph Ebeleagu, General Manager, Ebeleagu and
Sons Farm Estate Ltd., Ndi Ebeleagu Abam, Via Bende, Care of Ozu Abam P.O.,
Imo State, Nigeria.

1001 Rice (Nigeria). Wants 10,000 mt. long grain, parboiled, 4 percent broken,
50 kilo double jute bags. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote: C&F
Apapa. Bank ref: Bank of Credit and Commerce, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Contact: Chief A.F. Kolawole, AFKO Enterprises, P.O. Box 4444, G.P.O.
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

1002- Edible oils (Venezuela). Interested in large quantities of edible oils
1003 (peanut, cotton, sesame, others), 99 percent of purity USP, in bulk in big
tanks. Wants quotations. Phyto and origin certificates required. Quote:
CIF La Guaira Freeout. Bank ref: Banco Del Caribe, Banco De Comercio.
Contact: J. F. Ossa, General Manager, Inversiones Los Andes Ca
"Inverlosa", Edificio Phelps, Av. Urdaneta, Veroes A Ibarras, Piso 5, Ofic.
503/4, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 22696. Cable: INVERLOSA. Phone:

1004- Beef hanging tender, frozen eggs (Japan). Wants to buy (A) beef hanging
1005 tender and outside skirt; (B) Frozen liquid eggs the yolk and the white
mixed and/or separated. About 10 m/t for each item as trial shipment.
Specific information required. (A) Appropriate packaging for export by
surface shipment. (B) Packed in cans for institutional use. Immediate
delivery. Quote: FOB, C&F and/or CIF. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank
Shiba Branch and Mitsui Bank, Mita Branch, Tokyo. Contact: Jugoro
Kawagishi, Inter Pacific Affiliates (Japan) Co., Ltd., c/o Freund Mita
Bldg., 2-14-5, Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2425090 IPAJPN N.
Cable: AUGUSTMOON TOKYO. Phone: (03) 455-8461.

1006 Potato flour (Japan). Wants about 22,000 Ibs. per 20 foot-container,
sample (about 10 kgs.) and analysis table required. Buyer willing to pay
for sample and incidental charges. Packed in appropriate bags or carton -
22 Ibs. to a bag or carton. Immediate delivery. Quote: FOB West Coast.
Bank ref: Sanwa Bank Yotsuya Branch and Fuji Bank Tsukiji, Branch, Tokyo.
Contact: Kawao Okano, Fuji Trading Co., Ltd., c/o Hirata Bldg., 4-14-6,
Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2523256 KOTRAK J. Cable: KOOTRAKK,
TOKYO. Phone: (03) 543-3171.

1007 Cattle feed, institutional foods (Japan). Wants 10 mt. of cattle feed, and
one mt. each of honey powder, bakery salt, flavored split peanuts, and
dough stabilizer as trial shipments. Peanuts must be roasted and seasoned
with salt. Specific information required. Appropriate packaging for
export by surface shipment (institutional use). Immediate delivery.
Quote: C&F. Bank ref: Dai-lchi Kangyo Bank, Main Office, Tokyo.
Contact: Yasuhito Ohkawa, Kikkawa Shoji Co., Ltd., c/o Toranomon Jitsugyo
Kaikan Bldg., 1-1-20, Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: J 26257
KIKKASHO. Cable: "KIKKAWASHO". Phone: (03) 503-6691.

1008- Onions, garlic (Venezuela). Wants onions, round, large, white, 5-8,000 mt.,
1009 25/50 kg. bags. Brown garlic, 100,000 kgs. per order, U.S. 1, Superflower,
flower and first, bundles of 10 kgs. (wood). Wants quotations. Phyto &
origin certificates required. Quote: CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Del
Caribe, Banco De Comercio. Contact: J. F. Ossa, General Manager,
Inversiones Los Andes C.A. "Inverlosa", Edificio Phelps, Av. Urdaneta,
Veroes A Ibarras, Piso 5, Oficinas 503/4, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex:
22696 INVERLOS. Cable: "INVERLOSA". Phone: 811654/825974.

1010 Wooden poles (England). Class No. plus length in feet and quantity: CL1 -
60 feet, 18 each; CLI 80 feet, 2 each; CL2 75 feet, 54 each; CL2 80
feet, 3 each; CL2 85 feet, 52 each; CL2 95 feet, 50 each; CL2 100
feet, 20 each; and CL2 -115 feet, 20 each. Specifications: Pole, line,
wood, Ansi spec 05.L group D, 8,000 PSI fiber stress, Douglas Fir or
Southern Yellow Pine (species: Lob Lolly, Longleaf, Shortleaf or Slash),
other pine species must be guaranteed to meet the 8,000 PSI fiber stress


and equal decay resistance, full length creosote treated per awpa spec.
P1-54, using the awpa C4-54 empty cell pressure process, 8 10 lbs.
minimum preservative retention per cu. ft., not drilled without gains,
slant roofed, brand mark at 15 ft., from pole butt. FOB Dock price of each
pole, C&F Damman, Saudi Arabia prices of each pole, wt. plus cube of each
pole, best delivery date, validity for 90 days, and confirmation to specs.
Contact: R. C. Mayall, Mayline E.D. Ltd., 53-57 Park Street, Birmingham,
England. Telex: 336603 MAYALL 6.
1011 Chicken powder (Netherlands). Dutch importer looking for U.S. suppliers of
chicken powder (spray dried chicken). Product is used in flavors for
sours, etc. The firm can be contacted by airmail through the Agricultural
Counselor, American Embassy, APO New York 09159.
1012 Pigs feet (Panama). Wants pig's feet, fore and hind, on reorder basis,
exclusive purchasing arrangements, 30 or 50 to 60 lb. units, under
importer's label, in Spanish. Quote: CIF, Panama R.P. Bank ref: Chase
Manhattan Bank Panama, Rep. of PMA. Contact: Alexander D. Psychoyos,
Tagaropulos, S.A., Box 6-4000, El Dorado, Panama, Rep. of Panama. Telex:
3282068 AND 3480042. Cable: TONIO, PANAMA. Phone: 23-9920.
1013 Space foods (Japan). Wants about U.S. 10,000 dollars worth of space foods
for astronauts. This would be a trial shipment. Specific information to
include brochures and a complete ingredient statement required.
Appropriate method for export by surface shipment. Immediate delivery.
Quote: CIF. Bank ref: The Bank of Tokyo and Mitsubishi Bank. Contact:
Mac T. Mizoguchi, Vice President, Sanyei Corporation, No. 4-1-2, Kotobuki,
Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111, Japan. Telex: 265-5377 TKSAN J. Phone: (03)

1014- Potatoes, eggs (Venezuela). Wants (A) Table potatoes, 6/8,UU0 mt. each
1015 order, Bintje (Holland type) round white big, bags of 25 and 50 kgs.,
and large quantity refrigerated shell eggs, Grade A, brown shell, 55/60
grams, cases of 30 dozen. Wants quotations. Phyto and origin certificates
required. Quote: CIF La Guaira (free out). Bank ref: Banco Del Caribe;
Banco De Comercio. Contact: J. F. Ossa, Inversiones Los Andes C.A.
"Inverlosa", Edificio Phelps, Av. Urdaneta, Veroes A Ibarras, Piso 5,
Oficinas 503/4, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 22696 INVERLOS. Cable:
INVERLOSA. Phone: 81-16-54/82-59-74.

1016- Cottonseed, soybean or sunflower oil (Egypt). Primed bleached summer yellow
1017 (PBSY) cottonseed oil and or crude sunflower oil, 10,000 mt. and fully
refined cottonseed oil or soyoil or sunflower oil, 4,000 mt. Refined oil
in new steel barrel container type 20118 and 118118. Delivery oil in bulk
in May, June and July, fully refined oil in June and July. Quote: C&F
Alexandria for bulk oil and C&F Alexandria or Port Said for fully refined
oil. Bank ref: Egypt Credit Suez Bank. Contact: Talaat Hussein, East
for Investment and Trading, 4, El Diwan Street, Garden City, P.O. Box 252,
Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93732 TALAT-UN. Phone: 20340/22503.
1018 Broilers (Iraq). Requests offers from U.S. poultry exporters for 35,000
tons frozen poultry. This request is pursuant to a tender which will be
issued sometime in July 81. Wt. 900-1,200 grams, cleaned, without heads
and legs, with giblet, neck and liver; 10-14 per box. Net weight not
exceeding 16 kilos, gross and net weight plus number of chickens marked on



box. Must have certificate of quality and quantity, official vet
certificate, Islamic slaughter certificate. Quote: C&F Kuwait, Damman or
Aqaba. Contact: The State Establishment for Agricultural Products, Tahrir
Square South Gate, Baghdad, Iraq, P.O. Box 5947, Cable Agromark. Telex:

1019- Horsemeat, rabbit meat, veal, offals, meat by-products (Netherlands). Wants
1021 half or whole container loads of above products. Standard export
packaging. Monthly deliveries. Quote: FOB and CIF. Contact: Simon
Samson, Euram B.V., P.O. Box 641, 7800 Ap Emmen, Netherlands. Cable:
SAMCORP COR. Phone: IN U.S.: (707) 523-1840.

1022 Canned fruit juices, vegetables, meats, confectionary (England). Wishes to
buy (A) Canned fruit juices; (B) Sweets chocolates, chewing gum, etc.;
(C) Canned vegetables; (D) Canned meats corn beef, sausages, cold
cuts. Twenty foot containers, mixed loads acceptable. Medium-high
quality. Arabic labels if available, also production and expiration date
on label. Quote: C&F Dubai, C&F Jidda, and/or FOB U.S. port. U.S.
subsidiary is Fuba Overseas (USA) Ltd., Suite 505, 545 Fifth Avenue, New
York, New York 10017. Bank ref: National Westminster Bank. Contact:
Bassem F. Bajjali, Fuba Overseas Ltd., 52 Red Lion Street, London WC1,
England. Telex: 24979 FUBA 6. Phone: 01 242-9397.

1023- Wheat, wheat flour (Austria). Wants 20,000 mt. per month of wheat, Grade
1024 "A", bulk shipments, and 20,000 mt. per month of wheat flour, Grade "A",
one kilo packages, labeling English, Arabic and German. Quote: C&F
Alexandria, Egypt. Also C&F Hamburg for wheat flour. Bank ref:
Creditanstalt-Bankverein; Oesterreichische Laenderbank; both A-1010 Wien,
Austria. Contact: Ibrahim Abou-Beh, Inter-Trading, Grudsteingasse
17/11/2, A-1160 Wien, Austria. Telex: 135212 SAHER A. Phone: 0222/429

1025- Dried milk (Austria). Wants nonfat dry milk and dried whole milk, 500 -
1026 1,000 mt. per month, nonfat one percent, whole 26 percent fat. Five and 25
kilogram packages, and different kinds of cheese, min. 200 mt., max. 2,000
mt., Grade A. Labeling in English and Arabic. Quote: C&F Alexandria,
Egypt. Also CIF Jeddah for cheese. Bank ref: Creditanstalt-Bankverein;
Oesterreichische Laenderbank; both A-1010 Wine, Austria. Contact: Ibrahim
Abou-Beh, Inter-Trading, Grundsteingasse 17/11/2, A-1160 Wien, Austria.
Telex: 135212 SAHER A. Phone: 0222/429 127.

1027 Broilers (Italy). Frozen whole broilers, ready to cook. 5,000 metric tons
per month, USDA Grade A, 800-1,400 grams. No more than 13 weeks age.
Packaging: Cello bags, individually wrapped, 10-16 birds for each carton.
Slaughtering, according to Islamic requirements. Quotations: FOB or CIF
African countries and Middle East. Bank ref: Banco Di Poma, Agenzia Di
Salerno, Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro, Agenzia Di Salerno. Contact:
Vittorio Passeggio (Sales Manager), Pezzullo Molini, Pastifici, Mangimifici
S.P.A., Strada Statale 19, 84025 Eboli (Salerno), Italy. Telex: 770089

1028 Potato flour (Malaysia). 10-15 mt. per month, 100 percent potato, in bags,
prompt delivery. Quote: CIF Port Klang. Bank ref: Bank Bumiputra, Kuala
Lumpur. Contact: Abdul Manap Sulaiman, Bahan-Bahan (Import) Maluri Sdn.
Ghd., 89 Jalan Cheras, Batu 3, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Phone: (03)
488-117, (03) 619-116.

1029 Tallow (Syria). Requires offers for 150 tons of tallow for soap industry;
saponifiable material 99 percent, iodine index 48-63, saponification index
200-220, melting point 39-40, titre value 40-48, color FAC 1. A 5 percent
bid bond is required with offer, to be substituted by a 10 percent
performance bond upon purchase confirmation. Offers in two envelopes, one
containing bid bond, etc., and the other the quotations. Offer deadline is
June 16, 1981. Contact: The Arab Company for Oil and Soap Industry, P.O.
Box 2498 Damascus, Syria.

1030 Dried milk (Syria). Retender for 1,000 mt. full fat powdered milk made by
injection method. Free from any antibiotics or preservatives. Fat content
26 percent min., moisture 3 percent max., lactose 36.8 percent min., ash 6
percent max. Should have been manufactured within 3 months of date of
shipping. Offers FOB and C&F liner terms landed Lattakia or Tartous
ports. Offer deadline is May 9. Full details from address below.
Contact: The General Organization for Food Industries (GOFI), P.O. Box
105, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 19 154 SY.

1031 Beans (Jordan). Wants large quantity of white Haricot beans. Replies
should be by telex. Contact: Antonie Damiani. Telex: 21886 PETOUR JO,

1032 Rice (England). Wants 50,000 mt., U.S. No. 2, four percent broken, long
grain parboiled, 50 kilo bags. Delivery mid-June,81. Quote: CIF Free Out
Lagos, Nigeria. Bank ref: Lloyds Bank, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel
Islands. Contact: Dr. A. C. Ikpoh, Bryseld Ltd, 183 Dudden Hill La,
Neasden, London, NWlO, England. Telex: 291870 BRYSEL. Phone:

1033- Peaches, peanuts (Colombia). Halved and sliced peaches for repacking,
1034 approximately 50 tons/year, good commercial quality, in drums with
appropriate preservation liquid. This is a trial for company to repack
peaches. Phytosanitary certificate stating also apt for human
consumption. Also 25 tons/year peanuts, Runner Virginia or Spanish, raw
and roasted, salted of blanched and skin on. Quote: FOB Sea Port. Bank
ref: Banco Industrial Colombiano-Sucursal Junin. Contact: John Jairo
Restrepo, Productos Frugal Ltda., Apartado 1741- Medellin, Antioquia,
Colombia. Cable: FRUGAL. Phone: (94) 778152 OR 771837.

1035- Prunes, cherries (Colombia). Prunes, 50 tons year, 50/60 units/kg., 20-25
1036 Ib. boxes, and cherries, processed or unprocessed Maraschino, 50 tons year,
Maraschino 20-22 mm., 55 gallon polylined drums or preserved S02.
Shipments 25 tons each. Also 30 tons year green olives, 180/200 units/kg.
and 20 tons capers, 10-11 mm. Phytosanitary certificate for prunes and
cherries and official certificates for all of above stating "Apt for Human
Consumption". Quote: FOB at Sea Port. Bank ref: Banco Industrial
Colombiano Sucursal Junin. Contact: John Jairo Restrepo, Productos
Frugal Ltda., Apartado 1741, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. Cable:
FRUGAL. Phone: (94) 778152 OR 771837.

1037 Green peas, mustard, pectin (Colombia). Green whole peas, 180 tons/year,
Alaska No. 1, 100 pound bags for export, shipments throughout the year,
phytosanitary certificate. Also quotes for 6 tons/year powdered mustard
and 1/2 ton year pectin. Packaging to protect against humid conditions and
certificates to prove edible quality. Quotes for above:


FOB Sea Port. Bank ref: Banco Industrial Colombiano Sucursal Junin,
Banco de Colombia Sucursal Sector Grancolombiano. Contact: John J.
Restrepo, Gerente, Productos Frugal, Ltda., Apartado 1741, Medellin,
Antioquia, Colombia. Cable: FRUGAL. Phone: (94) 778152 OR 771837.

1038 Peanuts (Colombia). Recognizes U.S. shortage but would like 360 400
tons/year when available. Runner type U.S. $ 1 for candy manufacturing.
Polylined paper bags of 100 pounds each. 100 tons to begin and 100 ton
shipments every 3 months. Official phytosanitary certificate and
certification on "Apt for Human Consumption". Quote: FOB Shipping Port.
Bank ref: Banco Commercial Antioqueno- Oficina Principal. Contact:
Javier Jaramillo, Departamento Comercial, Co. Nacional De Chocolates S.A.,
Calle 53 No. 49-30, Piso 3, Apartado 717, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.
Telex: 06-760. Cable: CHOCOLATES. Phone: (94) 312-999 419134.

1039 Pork (Chile). Rolled leg of pork, boneless, skinned. Quantity to be
determined based on economical lot size, tentative 10 tons per month
consumption. U.S. No. 1 quality. Packaging: Suitable for export, frozen,
via ocean freight. Quote: CIF Valparaiso, Chile. Bank ref: Banco De
Concepcion, Huerfanos 1072; Banco De Chile, Ahumada 251; Santiago, Chile.
Contact: Marcelo Jeanneret, Industrializadora De Agro Ltda., Los Carrera
444, Melipilla, Chile. Telex: 40742 AARIZ CL. Phone: 23169 MELIPILLA,

1040 Dried fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry (Canada). Packaging: Bulk
packaged for industrial use (soup mixes). Bank ref: Upon request.
Contact: Andrew Sealy, A & S International Trading Enterprises, P.O. Box
921, Station B, Willowdale, Ontario, M2K 2T6, Canada. Cable: ASINPTRENT.
Phone: (416) 299-0307.

1041 Milk powder (Venezuela). Milk powder, whole, 26 percent fat, lots of
500/1,000/2,000 mt. Bags of 100 lbs. or 50 kgs., boxes containing 6 cans
of 2 kgs. Brand and origin certificate required. Quote: CIF La Guaira
for small lots; C&F La Guaira for big lots freeout. Bank ref: Banco Del
Caribe, Banco de Comercio. Contact: J. F. Ossa, General Manager,
Inversiones Los Andes C.A. (Inverlosa), Edificio Phelps, Av. Urdaneta,
Veroes A Ibarra, Piso 5, Ofic 503/4, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 22696
INVERLOS. Cable: "INVERLOSA". Phone: 81-16-54/82-59-74.

0721 Seafoods (Italy). Interested in frozen fish, shell fin, mullet.
Quantity: To be determined according to the market demand. First
quality. Delivery: According to fishing period. Wants to be agent in
Italy of U.S. fishery. Bank ref: Banco Di Santo Spirito, Agenzia No. 42
Rome. Contact: Federica Alvigini, Supernova Import Export, Viale Gorgia
Di Leontini 3, 00L24 Casalpalocco, Italy. Telex: 613641 SUNOVA. Cable:
SUPERNOVA SURGELATI. Phone: 06/6093257 06/6090786.

0929 Rice (Belgium). U.S. long grain rice, 300,000 tons for one year, 50 to
U10,000 tons on first delivery, No. 2 maximum 4 percent broken,
polyprophaline bags of 50 kilos each. Seller would pay bid bond of one
percent. Quote: CIF, Bandar Abbas, Iran in U.S. dollars per ton.
Contact:. John Wallyn, Champelstraat 7, 1900 Overijse, Belgium. Telex:
635 03 MADUCO. Phone: 687-5943.

3 1262 08536 7679
Foreign Trade Developments

Product displays in Nigeria and Ivory Coast. You are invited to join a
Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) sponsored Product Display in Lagos,
Nigeria September 23-25. Following this, a Sales Team visit is planned for
Abidjan, Ivory Coast, September 28 & 29 to further promote your products.
Exports of U.S. food and agricultural products to Nigeria in 1979 was
$211.6 million. U.S. food and agricultural exports to the Ivory Coast in
1979 were $22.0 million.

A survey conducted by our Agricultural Counselor in Nigeria has identified
the following items as products offering sales opportunity: Canned meats,
canned vegetables, frozen poultry, consumer packs of vegetable oils, snack
foods, corn starch, starch, yeast, malt extracts, sugar based
products,dextrose, glucose, and honey, wine, beer, popcorn, rice -
(packages under 50 kgs. banned), peanut butter, sugar, spices, mayonnaise,
soups (dry and dehydrated), pancake and cake mixes, dog and cat food,
breakfast cereals, fruit juice concentrate, molasses (not flavored or
colored), dried milk and cream, and textured soybean protein.A survey
conducted by our Agricultural Attache in Ivory Coast has identified the
following items as products offering sales opportunity: Honey, canned
fruit, canned soft drinks, tea, biscuits, processed cheese, spices, candies
and chocolate, light beer (canned), popcorn, fruit juice, dried fruits,
coffee, crackers, pickles, hot sauces for barbecue, chewing gum and wine.

Fees involved are $200 for the Nigeria Product Display and an additional
fee of $100 for the sales team members who participate in the Nigerian
show. Those wishing to participate in the sales team only will be charged
a fee of $200. In addition there is a shipping fee of $15 per case. The
Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is accepting participation agreements
until July 10, 1981, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

FAS services to exhibitors include an exhibit stand, VIP reception, trade
lounge, publicity, bilingual attendants to handle inquiries at exhibit
stands, trade contacts and background information on the markets.

Those wishing to obtain additional information about the Product Display .
and sales team to the Ivory Coast should contact Levi Turner, Export Trade
Services Division, Room 4945-South Building, Foreign Agricultural Service,
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Phone: (202)

European Community beef import applications. The second quarter EEC U.S.
high quality beef import applications are as follows (in metric tons):
West Germany 254, United Kingdom 231, Denmark 50, Netherlands 30,
France 27, and Luxemburg 10 for a total of 602 metric tons. This
brings the total to 1,015 metric tons in the first half of 1981.