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Export briefs
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United States -- Agricultural Information and Marketing Services
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United States -- Foreign Agricultural Service. -- Export Trade Services Division
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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o7. C/0/2. Dec-.n a

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103. HUME LIB ARY

DEC 19 1980 Lecemoer 5, 1980
3362 Broilers (Venezuela). Wants broilers, 10,000 mt, U.S. Grade A, packed in
polyethelene wrapping, 15 to 16 pr x, ilive g o as possible
(preferably shipped out of Miami). "' 'que l SiA ti~afliertificate &
certificate of origin. Quotations CIF & C&F La buaira, Venezuela. BanK
ref: Banco Mercantil Agricola, Parque Central Agency. CONTACT: Carlos
Nieto, Promociones Agro Industriales Paica, Ldificio Mohedano, Piso It,
Oficina 12-C, Parque Central, Caracas 1010, Venezuela. TELEX L1886 ANAHIL
VE. Phone: 573-6991.

3363- Frozen Deef, veal, lamp, poultry, wild game, grocery items (Greece). Wants
3368 Two 20 ft. containers per shipment monthly of USDA Prime quality frozen
beef, veal, lamb, poultry, and wild game (cuts) in hotel size portions.
Animals & birds slaughtered according to Islamic law with each shipment
accompanied by certification to that effect. Quotes LIF Jeddah, Basra,
Kuwait, Alexandria and Doha. Also wants to contact East Coast or Gulf
consolidate shippers of notel ano grocery supermarket items, Lop quality,
in container lots. Request shipper's catalogue plus company background &
history of service info. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Kuweit, Fahau Al
Salem Street. CONTACT: Louid Petroulas, Partner, Louis J. Petroulas
Company, Esperou 29A P. Phaliron, Atnens, Greece.

3369- Canned vegetables, catsup, hot sauces, corn oil (Greece). Wants min. of
3372 one container each, standard fancy, canned vegetables, catsup, riot sauces,
etc., in 14 oz. tins sixe A-10, in cartons. Delivery within 60 days. Also
wants 24,000 gallons for first order of corn oil from 8U-100% pure, 4,000
cartons of six gallons each, in one gallon tins or plastic packed 6 to a
carton. Delivery prior to january 31, 1981. All products certified for
shipment to Arab countries. Quotations C&F Jeddah, include 3% commission.
Bank ref: Midland'Bank Lta., 190A Piccadily, London, England. CONTACT:
Adolph Khazen, Progress Trading Company, 23-25 Lekka Street, Athens,
Greece. [LLEX 218108 uUNT GR. Cable: REPACOF AFMENS. Pnoin: 93j-81j0
Athens, Greece.

3373- Hides, raDbit furskins, & sheepsKins (Taiwan). SeeKing o3-1U containers
3374 total monthly of following types hides: from Texas, fleshed ox/steer,
native or butt, or the Colorados/outt compound, avg. .vt. 52/55 ibs 56/60
Ibs.; from Texas dairy cow hides, avg. wt. 42/46 lbs.; Iowa, IBP ox/steer,
native or butt, avg. wt. 56/bU los or 52/ss lbs.; U.S. Northwest ox/steer,
native or butt, avg. wt. 56/60 Ibs. Also wants rabbit furskins
5U,00U-100,0UU pieces monthly, & sheepskins 400,uUU-50u,U00 square feet

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Service. U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

monthly. Needs samples. Air shipments. Bank ref: Bank of America, San
Franciso (Chinatown Branch), and First commercial Bank, Taipei, raiwan.
CONTACT: H. C. Lheng, Mgr. Dir., China Products Co., 29 Jen Ai Road, *
Section j, Taipei lUb, Taiwan.

jj7D Onions (Taiwan). Company is seeKing to import several containers of top
grade onions monthly beginning early 1981. Quote CIF or C&F Taiwan Ports.
Requests information aouut onions. Bank ref: First Commercial Bank,
Taipei & Irving Trust, Taipei. CONTACT: Chao-Chuan Chen, Tai Shih Trading
Co., Ltu., 44 rai Yuan Road, Taipei, Taiwan. TELEX 21742 FOSEMAR. Cable:
U516 TAIPEI. Phone: 541-1119.

3376 Almonu oil (France). Wants sweet almond oil, 5U tons per annum, refined
and/or codex B.P., in arums. Delivery all year. Request analysis for the
quality. Quotations FAS. Bank ref: Credit Industriel Et Commercial,
Agence By, 188 Avenue Uaumesnil, 75012 Paris. CONTACT: Alfred Andres,
Import Agent, L4, Rue Lamblardie, 7t501 Paris, France.

3j77 Soybeans (Malaysia). Wants soybeans, 60UO mt per month, U.S. No. 2 yellow,
Dulk, for prompt delivery. quotations C&F Penang. Bank ref: Citibank NA,
Penang. Contact: Neoh Soon Bin, Soon Soon uilmills Sdn. Bhd., P.O. Box
30, BuLterwortn, Malaysia. Telex: Mm 4uj95 SSOON. Phone: (04) 348277.

3378- Broilers, pork products (Canary Islands). Wants 200 mt per month of whole
J379 broilers ana broiler's drumsticks, 11/40 layer packs; and 50 mt per month
of pork hams short shank, pork butts and pork loins. Quotations: CIF
Tenerife (Candry islanus). Delivery immediately. Bank ref: Santander.
Contact: Santiago Rodriguez-Fernandez, Domingo Manrique, 15, Santa Cruz De
Tenerife, Lanary Islands. Telex: 9247U ACRUE E. Telephone: (922) 27 12

3384- Raobit meat, duck meat, ueef offals, turkey by-products (Egypt). Wants
3383 rabbit meat, 50 mt; duck meat, 5U mt; beef liver (young), 100 mt; beef
kidney, bU mt; and turkey SKins and fat, 1UU mt. Specify age, weight,
etc. Quote CIF, C&F Alexandria. Bank ref: National Bank of Egypt Main
Office. Contact: Abdel Hamid Kafafi, The tgyptian Meat Processing Company
(MITCO), P.O. Box (27) Al-Ahram, Guiza Egypt. Telex: 92976 SEGEC UN.
Attn: r r. Karafi. Phone: 922524.

3384 Butter oil (Egypt). Wants to buy butter oil (natural ghee). Quantity
depends on price. Grade A quality. Packaged in tins of 5 Ibs each. Quote
CIF Alexanaria. Bank ref: Delta Bank, Cairo, Egypt. Contact: Mohamed
Audel Salam Kenawy, S'lam Company, 3, Talkha St., Heliopolis, i.airo,
Egypt. Phone: 876372.

3385 Uairy neifers (Portugal). Wisnes to buy 3u nead of Holstein Friesian
registered purebred 3-5 months pregnant. delivery by air freight end of
March 1981. Certification of 100% purebred by veterinarian authorities.
Quote CIF Lisbon. Bank ref: Caixa De C.A. Mutuo Da Batalha, S.C.R.L.
Lontact: ienrique Pereira Bernardino (Farmer), Azoia, Leiria, Portugal.
Phone: 23308.

3386 Flower bulbs (Italy). Wants flower bulos (Liliums, Gladiolus, Iris,
Tulips). Quantity: Full containers. Packaging: Wood cases or cardboard
uoxes. Delivery: seasonal periods. BanK ref: Banca Popolare Di Novara,


Firenze or Cassa Di kisparmio, Pistoia. Contact: Quirino Caselli,
Vittorio Caselli S.R.L., Via Mantellate 8, 50129 Firenze, Italy. Telex:
5721i4 LASELLI. Pnone: 05b-489587/4Y9U89.

3387 Popcorn (Brazil). Wants 60U tons of popcorn in nO kg. bags. Delivery
June, 191dl. Quote CIF. bdilK ref: Banco Do Brasil, Agencia 'to. Andre,
Sp. Contact: Joao Carlos De Castro Alves, Nagai & Filhos, Av. Queiroz
Filho 82, 0900 Santo Andre, Sp, Brazil. Telex: (011) 4717. Phone:
449-6633; 449-6910; 449-6709.

3388 Rice (France). Wants 4,0UU tons, long grain good quality 10 or Ju%
broken, bags of SO kg each. Delivery January, March, May and June 1981
(1,000 tons per delivery). Quote C&F, Pointe Noire (uongo). BanK ref:
Banque Parisienne De Credit, 27 Rue Des Petites Ecuries, 750010 Paris.
Contact: Berrebi, Director, Societe Madein, Z7, Rue Beaurepaire, 15U10
Paris, France. Telex: 250 303 Ref. 111 88074. Phone: 239. 19-48.

3389 Fresh rabbits (Belgium). Wants j to 4,000 pieces a week, each rabbit
weighing between 1.3 and 1.5 kilo, bulk in airy cartons. Quote FOB U.S.
airports. Bank ref: Credit General. Contact: Mr. Vercruysse, Securex
International, Rue De Genene 4, B-1140 Brussels (Belgium). Telex: 64753
SECINT B. Pnone: 02/24d.04.85.

3390 Fresh rabbits (Belgium). Wants 3 to 4,uOU pieces once or .nore a week, each
rabbit weighing between 1.3 and 1.5 kilo, bulk in airy cartons. U.S. firm
should indicate if raojits would be with or without feet und head as well
as slaughter dates and possible delivery dates. Quote CIF Brussels
Airport. Also interested in raobit feed. Bank ref: Societe lenerale De
Banque. Contact: Mr. Unglik, Brufoods International S.A., Beemdstraat 2,
B-161U Ruisbroek (Belgium). lelex: zo269 BRUMET B. Pnone: u2/376.b1.15.

3391 Apples (Egypt). Wants Golden and Red Delicious apples, 72 mt per year,
large size. Packaging: Eacn carLon 2U Kgm gross or 18.3 Kgm net.
Delivery: on monthly basis shipment or b mt as follows: 3 mt of Golden
anda mt of Red delicious apples. Consignments dispatched in containers.
Apples to be of new crop. Quotations: CIF Alexandria. Contact: Eng.
Tewfick Monamea Moussa, i91 Avenue El-dorreya, Apt. #803, Moustafa Pacha,
Alexandria, Egypt. Telex: 54180 COMALX AN.

3392 Broilers (Igypt). Wants frozen chicken 9UU-14UU gram/birds, 1000 mt, Grade
A, delivery during January 1981. Slaughtered according to Islamic rites.
Quote CIF Alexanuria.. Bank ref: Suez Cannal Bank, Alexandria. Contact:
Mohamed Darwish, Shainiaa for Trading & Agencies Co., 16, IBN Zohair St.,
Alexandria, P.O. box lb1l Alexanaria or 55, Naguib El Rinani St., Cairo,
Egypt. Telex: 93342 GALA UN. Phone: 938785 Cairo, Egypt.

3393 Soy and milk protein (Egypt). Wants 100 mt per year of soyprotein and 10
mt per year of milk protein. Quote CIF, C&F, Alexandria. Bank ref:
National BanK of Egypt Main Office. Lontact: ADael riamid Kdfdfi, The
Egyptian Meat Processing Company (MITCO), P.O. Box (27) Al-Ahram, Guiza -
Egypt. Telex: .9/976 SEuEC UN. Attn: Mr. Kafafi. Phone: 85$925/922524.

3394 Health foods (New Zealand). Wants health food items including; nuts,
edible seeds, dried fruit, rice, wheat gluten etc. Firmn will be
establishing a chain of bulk health food outlets shortly in New Zealand.


Bulk packaging. Non prepacked. Firm seeking to establish relations with
potential suppliers. Quote LIF Auckland. dank ref: Bank of New Zealand,
Carterton. Contact: R.J. Woodfield, Woodfield Industries Ltd., P.O. Box
93, Larterton, lNew Zealand. Phone: 8958 CARTERION.

3395 Spices (Egypt). Wants 20 mt of mixed spices, taste improvers and chemicals
for meat processing. Quote CIF, C&F, Alexandria. Bank ref: National Bank
of Egypt Main Office. Contact: Abdel Hamid Kafafi, The Egyptian Heat
Processing Company (MITCO), P.O. DOX (27) Al-Ahram, Guiza Egypt. Telex:
92976 SEGEC UN. Attn: Mr. Kafafi. Phone: 853925/922524.

3Jtb Chicken, wheat, rice, meat (Egypt). Interested in buying an undetermined
quantity of chicken, wheat, rice and meat. Bank ref: American Express
International Bank, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Contact: Assein Kamal,
American Express International Banking Corp., 4, Ibn Zinki, Zamalek, Cairo,
Egypt. Pnone: 8u8UDJ.

3397 Meat and bone meal Syria). Tender with Dec. 1b deadline for 5000 mt of
meat and bone meal. Protein min 50%, moisture max. 10%, digestibility min
88%, fat with antioxident max. 10%, fibers max. 2.8%, calcium max. 9%, ash
max. 33%, digestible pnosphorus min 4.5%. Bidder must provide certificate
that he is the producer. Bid and performance bonds required. Shipment
2,500 mt Jan and 2,500 mt Feb. Full details from address below. Quote C&F
liner terms Lattakia or Tartous ports. Contact: The General Organization
for fodder, GOF P.O. Box 4797, Damascus, Syria. CaDle: ALAF. Telex:
11089 SY ALAF.

3398 Eggs (tgypt). Request Dios for Tender No. 42/1980 for thirty million eggs
in free currency. Weighing 40-45 grams. Committee is entitled to increase
or decrease the quantity. To be shipped in two equal consignments January
and February 1981. Offers to be submitted latest December 16, 1980.
Conditions and specifications available address below against payment due
fees. Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing
Committee for Animal Products, 24, El Gomnouria Street, Cairo, Egypt, Telex

3399 Soybeans (Belgium). Wants 2U,UUU mt per month, Ino. 2 quality, bulk
packaging, delivery ASAP. Quote CIF Piraeus, Greece. Bank ref:
Kredietoank. Contact: Nicolas Chaviaras, Cobestar S.A., Deurnebaan 46,
B-Z06U Merksem (Belgium). Telex: 34779 STERNA B. Phone: 031/45.84.45.

3400 Freeze dried rice and noodles (Germany). Wishes to buy freeze-dried rice
and noodles. Quantity depends upon marketability in Germany. Aluminum
bags packed in cartons, moisture content 3% max., natural product with no
additives, info on shelf-life required. Quote FOB or CIF Hamburg. Bank
ref: uresdner Bank Hamburg. Contact: Karl Dietricn Reuter, E.H. Worlee
and Co, Bellevue 7-8, D-Z Hamburg 60, West Germany. Phone: (040) 27-12-41.

J4u1 Eggs (France). Fresh eggs in shell, lu containers per month for three
months, 50-60 grams each, white or brown. Cartons of 360 eggs each or
other appropriate export package. Shipment December thru February. Quote
CIF Le Havre. Bank ref: Banque Francaise Du Commerce Exterieur, 21
Boulevard Haussman, 75uu8 Paris. Contact: Jean Michel Corson, Director
General, Societe Amicale Des Trois Vallees, 533UU Ambrieres, Les Vallees,
France. Telex: 7e1-474. Phone: q93) 04 92 10.



3402 Rice (France). Wants 15,UOO tons of rice, no more than 3% or 5% broken,
bags of 50 kilos. Quote C&F Gulf Persic Region. Bank ref: Saudi Bank
9951 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France. Contact: Mrs. De Walden or Mr.
Citoni, Halwani France, 90 Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris, France. Telex:
642.947 ANSWERBACK MAM. Phone: 562.01-25.

3403 Rhubarb plants (Canada). Wants 20,000 rhubarb plants. Packaging:
crates. Delivery: to be arranged. Other requirements: 2 year old roots
certified material only. Varieties requested: Valentine, German Wine
and Ruby. Contact: Claude Blais or Gaston Berube, Rg. 5, St Mathieu,
County Rimouski, Province of Quebec, Gol 3TO, Canada. Phone: (418)
7z4-1763 or (418) 738-Z420.

3404- Prunes, peanuts, almonds, cranoerry beans, honey (Italy). Wants dried
3407 prunes, shelled and unshelled peanuts, almonds, cranberry beans, white
honey. Other requirements: Firm woula be interested in becoming an
agent. Quotations: CIF Genoa. Bank ref: Banco Di Cniavari E Della
Riviera Ligure, Agenzia Uia Genova quinto. Contact: Angela Contini, Aris
Di A. Contini, 16166 Genova-quinto, Casella Postale 7217, Italy. Telex:
P.P.GE 27uUbU FOR IF 331y9Zi/RlS. Lable: ARIS GENOVi. Phone: 331931.

34U8- Pulses, lentils, millet, peanuts (Italy). Products desired: Cash grains
3411 such as green split peas; Michigan cranberry beans; lentils; canary
seed-millet; sesame seed peanuts in shell type fancy and jumbo.
Packaging: in bags, in containers. Other requirements: Would like to act
as agent. Quotes CIF Palermo or Leghorn and Naples. Bank ref: Credito
Italiano Ag. Oi Palermo. Contact: Salvatore Morone Pergolizzi,, Via
Liguria 37, 90L44 Palermo, Italy. Telex: 720577. Cable: PERGOLIZZI
PALERMO. Phone: 091/518874.

341k Confectionery items (Sweden). Interested in buying U.S. confectionery
items. Contact: Sven Johansson, Manager, Swe-Jo Forsaljning, Sven
Johansson, Backgatan 7 s-b66 uO Habo, Sweden. Phone: 036/41586.

3413 Dietetic foods (Peru). Wishes to buy aietetic fruits, dietetic fruit
juices ana dietetic sweetening syrups ana molasses for diabetics.
Contact: Alicia De Miro Quesada, Manager, Gramy S.A., Representaciones E
Importaciones, Cdlle facna 191, DPTO. J, Lima 18, Peru. Tel: 40-999 or

3414 Popcorn (Portugal). Interested in direct purchase and representation for
popcorn, unpopped. Request sample and quotations F.O.B. or C.I.F. Lisbon
for about 1U mt of prJduct. Contact Mr. Pinto, Manager, Lscol -
Escritorios De Comercio beral, Lda., Rua Sa Da Bandeira, 510, 4000 Oporto,
Portugal. fel: Lu8U0/o, Felex: Lsll ESCOL P.

3415 Bird seed (Taiwan). Wants bird seed: including Colo White Wonder Millet,
Wiite Proso iileL, Canary seed, Austrian Winter peas, brey Stripea
sunflower seed and white safflower seed. Estimated quantity of import is
11/ mt per montn including 1UU mt of Colo White Wonuer Millet. Import
value totals about U.S. dollars 800,000 per year. Bank ref: The Hsin
using ranch of Overseas Uninese C.mmercial Banking Corporation. Contact:
C.S. nsiu, Manager of Import Section, Main-Corn Trading Corp., 57 Chung
Hsin St., Kaonsiuny, Taiwan. Cable: "LEEHO" KAOnSIUNb. Pnone: (07)
333-5667. Telex: /2410.

--------1 ^

6 I

3416 Dried milk (Egypt). Wants 6UU tons of powdered milk (dried) in P.V.C.
cases of bU pounds each. Quantity is to be divided into equal lots of bU
tons per month. Buyer requests prices FOB and CIF Port Said. Mr. Sabbedin
is planning to visit Lhe U.S. during the second half of January 1981.
Contact: Umar Mohammad Sabbedin, Establishment Omar M. Sabbedin, P.O. Box
74 El Manoura, Egypt. Laule: SMADIN tL MANSOURA. Tel: J669.

3417 Livestock feeds (Senegal). Large private Lebanese firm in farming and
pork, oeef cattle dod poultry raising needs ,0UUU tons annually of
livestock feeds. Because of severe drought affecting the country, would
like to import auove frui.i the U.S. in 5UO to 1,UUU ton shipments. Request
quotations and delivery terms. Specific needs are for corn meal, millet
and sorghum. Contact: Mr. Filfili, Oirecteur, AuROLAP, Avenue De La
REpublique X Blanchiot, B.P. 2016, Dakar, Senegal. Telex: 570 NADRA StG.
7709 AbROCAP SG. Tel: d2-11-dU or 36-JJ-U4. Cable: NAORA DAKAR.

3418 Popcorn (Nigeria). Wants 800 bags of containerised popcorn packed in 50 kg
burlap bags. Send quotatations F.O.B. Firm prefers 90 day credit
facilities. Contact: Ed Richardson Jr., Managing Director, Double Olu
Marketing Company, 1 Okunaae St., Usiiodi, P.O. Box 14j3, Ikejd, Lagos,

3419 Wainut snells (Japan). Wants ground walnut shell: J-2U mesn and 2U-3U
mesh, about 500 ton annually, best quality. Quotations: CIF Kobe.
Delivery as soon as possible. Bank ref: Sanwa Bank, KoDe Branch.
Contact: T.E. Chen, Li Min Trading Co., Ltd., Room No. 101 Isubaki Grand
Heights sJ, Yamainoto-Duri :-Choine, Ikuta-Nu, Kobe 65u, Japan. Cable:
LIMIN KOBE. Tel: (U078) 341-4871.

342u0 oughnu. and waffle mix (oouth Afric&). wants to buy U.S. dry doughnut and
waffle mixes. Bank ref: Standard Bank of S.A. Limited, End St., Branch,
Jonannesburg. Contact: Ralphy Levy Managing director, E and R Foods,
P.O. Box 52571. Saxonwold 2132 Transvaal, South Africa. Tel: 011/29.0579.

34e1 Food colorings (riong Kong). Wants food colorings for processing food
sauce. The firm is a active manufacturer of assorted sauces and soys.
Subject pruauct will be for own use. Contact: Mdthew H. Li, Director, Lee
Seng Heng Fish's Gravy & Canning Fty. Ltd, 2-10 Aberdeen Main Rd., Hong
Kong. Cable: "194u" riONu KONG. Telex: 85b60 LSHCO MX. fel: D-526244.

3422 Rice (Yemen Aran Republic). Import/Export Lommission agent wishes to buy
an undisclosed quantity of American rice. Contact: M. A. Makaleh,
Almakaleh General Agency, P.O. Box 3513, Hodeidah, Yemen Arab Republic.
Cabla: ALMAKHLCH. Telex: 557u TAWFIK YE. Pnone: 75488

3423 Vegetable oils (bermany). Wishes to buy vegetable oils, including soy,
peanut, sunflower, corn, cotton-seed, container lots in multi-gallon
containers. Quote CIF Lagos, Nigeria. Bank ref: Thai Farmers Bank,
Hamuurg. Contact: Mrs. Erika Krause, rradeco warennandels Gmbh, Grosse
Burstah 42, U-2UUU Hamburg 42, West bermany. Telex: 02161325 JPSP FUR

3424 Sugar (Syria). Requires offers for 0U,UUU mt of white crystal or refined
sugar. Snipment 10,UUU mt January, lu,OUu Feoruary. Packed in new jute
bags 50 kg net. Offers requested L and F free out per net mt. Offer

deadline December 17. Other terms and conditions from address below.
Contact: The Foreign Trade Organization for Chemicals ana Foodstuffs (Geza
P.O. Box 893, Damascus, Syria Telex 110U9 11370 SY. Caole: GEZA,

3425- Corn starch, rice (Nigeria). Nigerian supermarket cnain interested in
3426 buying (1) U.S. corn starch and corn starch coloring flavor-required
complete products/raw materials for making custard powder. (2) U.S. long
grain parboiled rice 4% broken. Quantity (1) 20 mt monthly of edible
quality, and () 5UU mt. Packing in oU Kg bags. Quotations C&F
Lagos/Apapa. Bank ref: Societe General Banking Ltd., Broad Street,
Lagos. Contact: Peter Nsek, Ammco Ltd. 15, Jibowu St., P.M.B. LU26, Yaba,
Lagos, Nigeria. Telex: 26164 NZK, Phone: 861765.

3427 Vegetable seeds (Hong Kong). Wants (A) lu,000-15,UUU lbs onion sees; (B)
3,000-10,000 Ibs pepper seed; (C) 2,00u lbs califlower seeds. Germination
rate 80%; moisture 7%. Packaged 1-5 Ibs per tin in wooden case. Delivery
prior to March 1981. Quote C.I.F. Canton. Bank ref: Bank of
Communications, No. 56J, Natnan Ra., Kowloon. Contact: Lau Shing Fai, Yik
Fung Trading Co, Rm 802-803 Bell House, No. 525, Nathan Rd, Kowloon, Hong
Kong. Phone: j-j0U-469 or J-312-33u.

3428- Soybean and corn oil condensed milk (Nigeria). Interested in (1) vegetable
3429 oil fully refined Sbo/corn oil packed in either 13 liter or 9 liter tins or
equivalent. quotes C&F Apapa in container lot quantities. (2) Condensed
milk 9% butterfat packed in 170 gram tins, quantity 1,UOU cases.
Quotes C&F Apapa. Payment by Letter of Credit. Bank ref: Savannah Bank
Apapa. Contact: uche uruakpa, U. Tronics Int'l Ltd. 13, Kofo Abayomi
Ave., Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Cable: U-TRON LAGOS. Phone: (01) 8742228.

34j0 Free and shrub seeds (New Zealand). Seeking contact witn U.S. suppliers to
broaden product line in nursery. Contact: Neville Macfarlane, Casuarina
Grange, breenpark, No. R.O. 2, Christchurch, New Zealand. Phone:
breenpark 877.

Foreign Trace developments

China Seen as $4 billion U.S. Farm Market by Mid-Decade. William L. Davis,
Agricultural Counselor at the American Embassy in Beijing, predicts that
U.S. farm products sales to China will exceed $4 billion a year by the
middle of the 1980's. "U.S. agricultural exports to China doubled this
year -- to about $2 million," he says, "We expect another doubling within
three or four years. China now is among the top five export markets for
U.S. farmers." Davis' prediction came near the end of the first U.S.
agricultural trade show to be held in China. well over 100,000 Chinese
visited the agricultural pavilion at the U.S. Economic and Trade Exhibition
in Beijing. Davis says that growth and improvement in China's livestock
and poultry industries should lead to increased sales to China of U.S.
grains, soybeans and other feeastuffs. A demonstration bakery, to be
established in Beijing, will train technicians and make better known the
baking qualities of American wheat.



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