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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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as~ued weekly by the Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural Servirce U.5 Departmenr of Agriculture,
Room 4945 South Building. Washington. D.C. 20250.

The follow Ing trade items have been gathered fromt Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporrers of food and agricultural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does nol guarantee rellability of the ove~rss inquirer. Your best source for further information
on these trade leads Is the Insted foreign farm originating the inquiry. You may also contact the Export
Promotion Davisin,. FAS. (202) 447-7103.
*ette taa e*et t wth+* W t **tt tt**A& ~
NOTICE Effective October 1, 1982, free distribution of this report will be
BTisco tinued. If you wish to continue receiving Export Briefs after October 1 please
complete the form on the last page a(ndg natutrrwith' payment. ,k) action is necessary
if you want to be removed from the i' t.

ISSUE NO# 35, 1982

1381 Joint Venture Poultry_ (~Nig~eri'~Ta i~gerian Company ~interested in joint
venture wiith U.S. partners) for poultry farm on land located at Abeckute in
Ogun State. Feasibility study will commence when right partner is selected.
Partner(s) will be required for management, equipment recommendation, equity
participation, technical assistance, raw materials supply and company
specialization. Equity participation would be 60 percent Nigerian and 40
percent Foreign. Total investment envisaged would be 2 million dollars.
Bank ref: Savannah Bank of Nigeria Limited, Marina Branch, Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact: M. Ade Abimbola, Managing Director, A. Bim International Company,
53 Queen's Street, Yaba, Box 8837 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: (01)
862-190 Yaba-Lagos.

1382 Baby Milk powder/food (Thailand). Desires instant milk powder, baby milk
powdoer and babymik ood. QuMantity: one container shipment. Quality: Grade
A. QoteCIFBankok Prmptshipment. Bank ref: Thai Farmers Bank, Silom
Road, Bangkok. Contact: Mr. Pira Pakjamsai, Fronte International Co., Ltd.,
495/16 Nanglinji Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok, Thailand. Telex: 87352

1384 Milk (Venezuela). In need of (a) skimmed milk; (b) whole milk. Quantity:
(a) and (b) 1,500 mt. Quality: (a) 1%X fatty substance; (b) 26"b of fat.
Packaging: (a) 25 kg paper sacks; (b) 25 kg paper sacks. Shipment: (a) and
(B) November. Sanitary certificate from country of origin required. Quote
(a) and (b) CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Banco Mercantil Y Agricola. Contact:
Leonidas Mazuera, ATI, C.A., P.O. Box 40821, Caracas 1040, Venezuela. TELEX;
28019 ATICA VC. Cable: AGETRAIN. Phone: 62-2600.

1385 Rice, fruits, vegetablese, beans (Honduras). In the market for parboiled
rice, in 100 lb. sa~cks;ye~l~low split peas, dry; dry, white beans, packaged
for retail;i dried fruits, including raisins, for retail sale; canned beer,
case goods; fresh fruits such as apples, pears, grapes; and yellow onions,
fresh, in 50 lb. sacks. Quantities open. Distributes U.S. products on
non-exclusive basis. Bank ref: Bancahsa, La Ceiba. Firm favorably known to
Embassy. Spanish correspondence preferred. Contact: David Cruz, Owner and
Manager, Supenmercado Palmira, 7 Calle, Avenue San Isidro Y 14 Dedulio, La
Ceiba, Honduras. Telex: 422271. Cable: PALMIRA.

1386 Beef cattle (Indonesia). Tendering for 2300 breeding heifers, 23 breeding
bulls having predominantly Brahman blood. Project financed with ADB loan No.
444-INO. Tender available from below address for $85.00 and must be obtained
prior to submitting offers. This tender is not subject to the Indonesian
Government's counter purchase policy enforced since early 1982. Contact:
Proyek Pengembangan Usaha, Peternakan Kalimantan Selantan, Jalan Gondangdia
Lama 37-A, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.

1387- Raisins, prunes, corn (Taiwan). Wants to buy raisins, net wt. 11 oz. (310
1 388 grams) or lb oz. (4$26 grams) in 1 box; about 48 boxes in 1 carton. Qu an t ity :
1 container. Prunes: net wt. 16 oz (454 grams) in 1 box; 24 boxes in 1
carton. Quality: 70/80; quantity: 1 container. Cream style corn: 24 cans in
1 carton; whole kernel corn: 24 cans in 1 carton. Quantity: 1 container.
Bank ref: The First Commercial Bank, Tainan Branch, Taiwan. CONTACT:
Yuo-Chee Kuo, Manager, Shen Yang Trading Co., Ltd., 65 Kai Yuan Road, Tainan,
Taiwan 700. Telex: 72377 GEMSHOW. Cable: SHENIG YANG TAINAN. Phone:
062/346019, 062/377655.

1389 Sheep (Bolivia). In the market for 2,000 female and 100 male sheep for
breeding purposes. Government agency making request did not specify breeds
wanted. Contact: Corporacion De Desarrollo De Oruro, Casilla 1017, Oruro,
Bolivia. Telex: 54232.

1390 Peas, lentils, bird seed (Colombia). Wants (a) yellow whole peas, No. 1 or
2; (b) green whole peas; (c) lentils; and (d) bird seed 99% purity 4% hulled.
Quantity: (a) 150 tons; (b) 100 tons; (c) 150 tons; (d) 50-100 tons.
Packaging: new jute bags, 100 1bs. Shipment: negotiations before September
15 shipments October-November. U.S. phytosenitary certificate required.
Quote FOB Tacoma, CIF Buenaventura. Bank ref: Banco Tequendama. Main Office
Bogota. Contact: Carlos A. Aldana, Corporacion De Importaciones and
Exportaciones Ltda., Avenida 25 C No. 4-37, Bogota, Colombia. Telex: 047-161
45734 COREX. Cable: COVIMPEX. Phone: 234-4473/234-4327.

1391 Gar'lic (Costa Rica). In need of fresh garlic head for planting. Quantity:
T,000D 1bs. Quality: best available. Packaging: 50 or 100 1bs, jute sacks.
Shipment: October 1982. Phytosanitary certificate required. Quote Puerto
Limon, Puerto Puntarenas and Santamaria Airport. Bank ref: Banco Anglo
Costarricense. Contact: Howar Salomon, Falmisa International, Apratdo 595,
Centro Colon 1007, San Jose, Costa Rica. Telex: 2865 ALN~/ARC.R. Phone:

1394- Corn, soybean meal, cottonseed cake (Syria). Tendering for (a) yellow corn
1396 /b00tons plus minus bpct, U..N.3or better, new crop. Offer deadline
September 10, 1982, valid until Sept 13, 1982; (b) soybean meal, 20,000 tons
plus/minus 5 pct. Offer deadline September 3, 1982. Offers should be valid
until September 6, 1982. (c) cotton seed cake 25,000 tons plus/minus 5 pct.
Offer deadline September 24, 1982. Offers should be valid until September
27, 1982. Quotations requested C and F Free Out Lattakia/Tartous Ports, net
weight without commission. A 2 pct. bid bond, valid for one month is
required with every offer. After purchase confirmation, B.B. has to be
replaced b~y a 5 pct. performance bond. Valid for 2 months after goods
arrival at destination. B.B. a'9 P.B. have to be confirmed b~y The Comnmercial
Bank of Syria Branch No. 6. Telex-: 411351QD SY. Shi pme nt: 15,000 tons
plus/minus 10 pct. in October 1982 and 10,000-tons plus/minus 10 pct. in
November 1982.

Specifications: moisture 10 pet. maximum, protein 40 pet. minimum, fat 2 pet.
maximum, fibers 13 pct. maximum, free from alive or dead insects, foreign
materials and castor seed meal, fit for animal nutrition, production of last
season. Rates of tolerance: protein deficiency up to 3 pet., excess of
moisture up to 2 pct., excess of fat up to 1 pct., excess of fibers up to 2
pct. Phytosanitary certificate is required with goods. Penalty for late
delivery 0.2 pct. of goods value per day. Discharging rate 150 tons per
hatch per W.W.D., maximum 750 tons. Demurrage 35 cents per ton, nax U.S.
dollars 3,500 per day, Shipco is vessel agent at destination. Overage
insurance premium is due on vessels over 15 years old. Inspection and
analysis by Internations Survey Company nominated b~y buyer for seller's
account. The buyer has the right to send delegates to survey goods before
shipping. Contact: Alaf, P.O. Box 4797, Damascus, Syria. Telex: 411089

1397 Tallow, corn, Holsteins (Nigeria). Wants (a) 700 mt. tallow for use in
poultry feed; (b 000mt. No. 3 yellow corn, bulk; and (c) 1,000 head
Holstein Friesian, 20~0-300 1bs. Shipment: ASAP. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref:
IBWA (International Bank of West Africa), Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: Albert
Stone, Erinkitola Enterprises Nig. Ltd., #2 Keffi Street, Ikoyi, Lagos,
Nigeria. Telex: 21031 NATPAP. Phone: 683-727.

1400 Day ld chicks (Nig~eria). Need 200,000 5 months; 40,000 monthly.
shipments: 1000turkeys, 10,000 layers, 10,000 broilers, and 10,000
ro os ter s. Exotpacking. Shipment: ASAP. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref: 18WA
(International Bank of West Africa), Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: Albert Stone,
Erinkitola Enterprises Nig. Ltd., #2 Keffi Street, Lagos, Nigeria. Telex:
21031 NATPAP Phone: 683-727.

1401 Poultry feed (Nigeria). In the market for 20,000 mt. Quality: protein -
3[1.5%, fat 1.6%X, fiber (crude) 4.0%b, calcium 11.0%6, phosphorus 1.05%,
methioni nf plus cyst ine 1.2%;, lysine 2.0%;, metabolizable energy 1665,
cal/kg. Packaging: 50 kilo bags. Shipment: ASAP. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank
ref: IBWA (International Bank of West Africa), Lagos, Nigeria. Contact:
Albert Stone, Erinkitola Enterprises Nig. Ltd, #2 Keffi Street, Ikoyi, Lagos,
Nigeria. Telex: 21031 NATPAP. Phone: 683-727.

10-Sugar, rice, chickens (_Eng~land). Desires (a) sugar cane, (b) long grain
1404 ~rice, and (c) frozen chickens. Quantity: (a) 40,000 mt., (b) 10,000 mt., (c)
2,000 mt. Quality: (a) Polarization 99.75% minimum, moisture 0.1% min, (b)
USDA Grade 2 or better, (c) 850-1250 grams each, Islamic slaughtered.
Packaging: (a) in new poly-lined jute bags of 50 kilos, (b) in polypropolyne
bags of 50 kilos each, (c) repacked in cardboard cases. Quote FOB American
Ports. Delivery date: ASAP. Contact: E. 01ama, Loandean Limited, 15
Bridespring Road, Stoke Hill, Exeter, Devon, England. Telex: 42986 TETHER.
Phone: 0392 50316.

1405 Hawaiian coffee (Singapore). In need of coffee beans/coffee powder from
Hawai. uantity open. ~Quality: various. Packaging suitable for
wholesaling and direct retailing. Prompt shipment. Quote C&LF Singapore.
Bank ref: United Overseas Bank. Contact: Mick Aw, Awfam & Co., Unit 3, 318
Merlin Plaza, Beach Road, Singapore 0719. Telex: RS 38615 MIANAGE. Phone:

1406 Hazelnuts (Austria). Desires 3 to 4 container per year. First Grade 15/17.
Package in bags. ~Ship ASAP. Quote CIF Hong Kong. Bank ref: Genossensc haft.
Zentral bank, Herreng. 1, A-1010 Wien. Contact: Mr. Nogler, FA. Elsner & Co.,
Adamgasse 5, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria. Telex: 53 721. Phone: (05222) 31

1 407 Food Li nes (Nigeri a). Businessman seeking U.S. exporters of general food
products who needs agent or representative in Nigeria. Bank ref: First Bank
of Nigeria Limited, New Nigeria House, Marina, Lagos. Contact: Samuel 01a,
Chairman, World Resources Co. Limited, 9th Floor, Investment House, P.O. Box
4242, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 960366. Telex: 21619 NACC.

1408 Corn, corn oil, corn germ (Greece). Wants 1,500 mt. (plus/minus) corn germ,
in bulk; 3,000U mt. corn, in bulk; and 200-500 mt. corn oil in drums, 200 kgs.
net. Delivery Port of Piraeus, Greece. Quote CIF Piraeus. Bank ref:
National Bank of Greece, Geranion Branch Athens; Credit Bank, Platia Theatrou
Branch, Athens. Contact: Paul J. Papadopdulos, P. Papadopoulos, 1 K~orinis
Str., Athens 113, Greece. Telex: 221283 PAJP GR. Phone: (01) 3211-257,
3251-433. Cable: PALKOMAR ATHENS.

1410 Ta'llow and lard (Greece). Wants tallow and lard, 500 mt., extra fancy or top
white anda Tard, edfib'le, i-n bulk. Delivery Port of Pireaeus, Greece. Quote
CIF Piraeus. Bank ref: National Bank of Greec~e, Geraniou Branch, Athens;
Credit Bank, Platia Theatrou Branch, Athens. Contact: Paul J. Papadopoulos,
P. Papadopoulos, 1, Korinis Str., Athens 113, Greece. Telex: 221283 PAJP
GR. Phone: (01) 3211-257, 3251-433. Cable: PALKOMAR ATHENS.

1411 Powdered fruit drinks (Jordan). Requests offers from manufacturers (only) of
powdered fruit drinks. Tirade Prospects: 100 containers annually. Contact:
Ahtmad D. Sharkatly, General Manager or Mlohamad D. Sharkatly, Import Manager,
Sharkatly Brothers Trading Co., P.O. Box 7461 Aman, Jordan. Telex: 21527
SHARK JO. Phone: 36874, 30449.

1412 Agricultural Trade Reipresentation (Jordan). Requests proposal from U.S.
fims for setting up an agricultural trade representation/promotion office
for the Jordanian and neighboring markets. Private sector company owns and
operates one of the largest supermarkets in Am~man. Acts as an importer/agent
for its store and the wholesale/retail trade in supermarket products.
Company can furnish well appointed office space, phone, telex, and other
services for market promotion. Contact: Hisham Nasereddin, General Manager,
Nasereddin Trading Company, P.O. Box 1722, Ammnan, Jordan. TFelex: 21846
NETCO. Phone: 81 4777-811081.

1 413 Sunflow~er seeds (Greece). Wants sunflower seeds, 1,600 mt. oil basis 40 pct.
moisture bass 10 pct., in bulk. Delivery Port of Piraeus, early November
1982. Quote CIF Piraeus. Bank ref: National Bank of Greece, Geraniou
Branch, Athens; Credit Bank, Platia Theatrou Branch, Athens, Greece.
Contact: Paul J. Papadopoulos, P. Papadopoulos, P. Papadopoulos, 1, Korinis
Str., Athens 113, Greece.. Telex: 221283 PAJP ;R. Phone: (01) 3211-257,
3251433. Cable: PALKOMAR ATHENS.

.1414 Anhydrous milk fat (Algeria). Tender for anhydrous milk fat for human
consumption, 4,500 mt., must be wholesome. Purchase to be packaged in
metallic barrels, delivered in 1982. Health certificates required. Quote
FOB, and C&F Algerian Ports. Bid deadline September 14, 1982. Tender

documents are available from the address below. Offer to remain valid 90)
days past bid deadline. Firms responding to offer mnust be original product
manufacturers, and not dealers or wholesalers. Firms interested must provide
information on themselves, including name, full address and statutes of the
companyI, list of stockholders, balance sheets and income statements.
Companies should also send copies of their annual reports for the last two
years. Offer must be in five copies. Offer and all correspondence must be
in French. All specs. metric. ORELAC points out that external envelope
containing the offer must not have any indication as to who the bidder is,
only ORELAC'S address and the following indication must appear on the
envelo e: "Appel D'Offres International Mattere Gfrasse De Lait-Ne Pas
Ouvrir .Contact: ORELAC, Comite Des Marches, 1, Place Slimane Hammadouchi
(Ex Carnot), Hussein-Dey, Algiers, Algeria. Telex: 52550. Phone:
77.01.67. Cable: ONAL DZ.

Foreign Market Development

U.S. Foods Product Display Philippines. You are invited to join a Foreign
Agricultural Service (FAS) sponsored U.S. Foods Product Display in Manila,
Philippines, December 2-3, 1982. The Philippines is an important dollar market for
U.S. agricultural products, U.S. exports to that market having reached $319.2 million
in 1980. Processed or consumer-ready foods accounted for $9.1 million of this total.

A survey conducted by our Agricultural Counselor in the Philippines has identified
the following items as products offering sales opportunity: beef, turkey, oranges,
raisins, apples, canned peaches, dr~y beans and wines. The participation fee is
$200.00. While representation is not required, we strongly urge each participant
fine to be represented b~y either an agent or company official.

Those wishing to obtain additional information about the U.S. Foods Product Display
should write: Levi L. Turner, Trade Development Officer, Export Promotion Division,
Room 4945-South Building, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250, phone: (202) 475-3415.



At The Georgi World Congress Center
Atlana, Georgia-U.S.A.
May 17-19, 1983

Mark your calendar now
for the National Food
and Agricultural Export
Promotion 1983 in
Atlanta, Georgia. It's
the only national food
.~j show that will be held
.g- in 1983 designed
specifically for th~e
International food
trade. If you're an
.? exporter, you can't
afford to miss this
opportunity to expose
your products to
hundreds of buyers from
all over the world. So
set aside May 17-19,
1983 for Expo 83 where
every booth will be a
food market, every
exhibitor an exporter,
and every visitor an
honored guest.
For further Information
contact the NASDA
National Food and
~ ~1~ i~a F(~ Ariculture Exposition,
;~i, 1616 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.
20006 2-56Tel: (202)


Effective Dctober 1, 1982, The free distribution of foreign trade leads
will be discontinued. Following is an excerpt taken from the August 18,
1982, Federal Register: Quote. Notice The newsletter Export Briefs, trade
lead mailouts, and trade lists ~of t~he Trade Opportunity Referral Service,
previously made available free of charge to the general public by the
Foreign Agricultural Service, will now be subject to a reasonable user fee
to cover the cost of computer time, duplicating, handling, and mailing. The
fees wi11 he as follows:

(1) $50 for a yearly subscription to Export Briefs.
(2) $10 per commodity, per year, to receive individual foreign trade
leads via direct mail. Unquote.

If you wish to receive Export Briefs and/or individual trade leads via
direct mail please complete the following Subscription form. All
subscriptions are payable In advance, by check or money order only. Make
payable to: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. Subscriptions are on an
annual basis and are nonrefundable. To ensure uninterrupted receipt of leads
your check or money order should be received by an early date.
Unless you indicate otherwise, the information contained in this
subscription will be provided, upon request, to foreign buyers and U.S.
firms looking for suppliers of the products) you offer. If you desire,
information sales and export volume can be omitted in your submission.
Subscription for Foreign Trade Leads
(please type or print)

Enclosed is $ Do you now receive: yegg no
Export Briefs
[ ] Check /[ ] Money Order for: Direct-Mailed Leads

Export Briefs
Direct flying of leads by commodity


List commodities of export interest to your firm.

If more than five items add more lines, check items for which you want leads
direct mailed.


Subscription for Foreign Trade Leeds (cont'd)
3 1262 09051 4539

Name of person to contact
Compa ny 1 o a

11 ll il11T-111 11-1 1 'For Office Use Only
City Subscription #
Date rec'd
I I I 1111 I 1 11 11111111 I Amount rec'd~hc

State Zip Code Area Code Telephone Date deposited
I i I 1 1 1 111 1 1 lilInitials

Telex No. Cable No.

Bank Reference

Annual Sales Volume in U.S. Dollars (Check One)

A undr 2o.oooa 8499,9 250,000 499,9995.0.0 oe cl 500,000 999.999

Annual Export volume in U.S. Dollars (Check One)
A Unoer 50,000 8 50,000 199.999 20,0 9.9
D 500,000 999,999 1,000,000 2,999,999 3f 0,000 4993.0,000 & over

Type of Exporter (Chreck One)

SProducer or Manufacturer

Return this entire sheet to: Export Promotion Division, Foreign Agricultural
Service, Room 4945-South, U.S. Departmnt of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

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