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Export briefs
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Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and a clural products. In supplying the trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability ofthe overseas raSLLL best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign ohoum aloonctheEprTad
Services Division. FAS, (202) 447-7103. IYhtvY~ as onatteEpr rd

DEC 5 198.0 j November i1, 1980

3233 Sugar (Pakistan). Wants ,EAS.- U 49eFdnaide granulated cane SUgar,
made from sugarcane, 99.7% polarization, u.UY max., ash U.06 max.,
solubility 10U%. Packed in SU or 100 kg poly lined Jute bags. Shipment
within 45 days from uate of Letter of Credit. Request C&F inicttgong,
Bangladesh. Quote on full liner basis. Quotation must include 3%
performance uona paydDle Lo Mloyeen Overs a~s, hiitcagong, tB.D. L014TACT:
Mian Iluhammed Saeed, Managing Director, Saz Limited, P.O. B~ox 3087, 96-0-1
Gulberg 111, Ldnore, Pakistdn. iaole: SaZ-Liverty. Phone: 872bl$.

3235 Grocery line (Belgium). Would like to become agent of U.S. firm(s) for
Zaire & Camleroon mar..ets;. Qurote i&F M~atddi, Zaire 6 Cameiroon P~orts. Bank
ref: Zweicherisches Kreditanstalt, Lichtenstein. CONTACT: Mr. Rabbelier,
Avenue Des famaris 2, B-1080 B~russels, Belgium. rELtx 64002 RABEL 8.
Phone: 02/52u 40 27.

3236 Corn (K~orea). W~ishies to buy yellow corn, an average of loU,0jUU mnt/monthly,
U.S. Grade No. 3 or better with 15.5% max. moisture, packaged in bulk,
delivery early part of e~dCh1 monltr. Quote l'UBt. 8dnk ref: Foreign exchange
Bank, Korea. CONTACT: Kim Chang fuk, Daeju Industrial Co. Ltd., Banpo
Apt. 13-304, Banpo-B~un Dong 817, Ka;ngnamr-hu, Seoul, Kore~a. TELtX iROFFER
K23540 ATTN: DAEJU. Cable: CHARBLUE SEOUL. Phone: 592-L073 Seoul,

Jidl Eggs (idndaa). Wants shell eggs, wniite, loUuou cases, lGrade A, H~edium 50
to 54 grams. Quotations for Alexandria, Egypt. CONTAHCT: John Hee~rsink,
Tranisworld Agricultural i~p.-imp., R. R. 1 Hlylmer', Ontario 1SH LRI,
Canada. TELEX 06473564. Call back Walker Aylmer. Phone: (519) 773-8035.

3L38 Oriedl milk (Inlaia). Wants non fat dried millK, 93UU,~uU wur'th, in multi
wall paper bags, immediate delivery. yuote CIF Boinbay/Lalcuitta. Bank
ref: Union BanK Of Ir0Oid, Hpollo St., tBombay 4Iu U 01, lucaia. LUNrTAC T:
Rajiv Bhuwania, Roha Engg. Pvt. Ltd., 35 Murzbdn ROad, B~ombay 4U0 023,
in di a. Plo ne : Lo'J04J.

3L39- Corn, sorghumn (Ivory Loast). wants CU,UUUl cons of corn, #2, Dagged &
3240 20,000 tons of sorghum, best quality, bagged. The products are being
purchased for transshipment to U~pper Vlolta, for tii account of Enle
government. Delivery as soon as possible. Quote C&F. CONrTACT: Godwin
Kouakou, Sogeriim, Ste. benerale D'airtaillemlent Rantine, U3 d.P. 15r6,
Abidjan 03, Ivory Coast. Phone: 45-42-47.

Issued useekly by' die Export Trade Services Division. Foreign Agricultural Serviee. U.S Department of
Agiriulture. Room 4945 South Building, Washington. D.C. 20250

j241 Corned beef (Greece). Wants 1,U00 cartons of 24 cans (12 oz.) and 1,000
cartons of 4t( cans (7 oz.), USDA brach H, delivery first 3 rlionths 1981.
Quote CIF Piraeus. Bank ref: National Bank of Greece. CONTACT: C,
Veropoulurs, Veropoulos Bros. S.A., P.O. Box 878, Atnens, breece.
TELEX 216242. Cable: NICOVERO-ATHENS. Phone: 3478-100.

3L42 allow (Greece). wants extra fancy (beef) tallow, 50U to 1,000) tons per
shipment. Approximate analysis accepted: titre min. 41, FFA about 2, FAC
color 3 mnax. 0, saponifiaole matters min. 99. P&aCKed in iron drums, or
bulk per tanker space of vessel to Piraeus Port. Delivery as soon as
possible. yuote CIF Piraeus Or Patras, plus 2% commission. Bank ref:
Commercial Bank of Greece, Ergobank, Credit Bank. CONTACT: Joseph A.
Bcensussan, le, Efpolidos Street, Htniens 112L, b~rteee.TELEx 216800 ED8E GR.
Cable: EDBESAN Athens. Phone: 3245349 & 3243979.

JC43 Juices (W. Germiany). Wanits to contact manufacturer of base juices for
production of orange, grapefruit, lemon, apple, vegetable, tomato & exotic
Juices. First quality nileeueu for production of pure juices. Containers of
homogenized product preferred over deep frozen blocks. Delivery ASAP.
Products to De in~troduced April 1981. Inquiry on Dehalt of firm
established 1900L witn large distribution outlets in Germany and Western
Europe. Initial production 8U0,000 to 1.4 million bottles (0.7 Icr.) to be
increased to 5 million bottles. yuote FI)8, FAS or CIF German Ports,
namnburg or uremen. CUNTACT: Marala Von InieSSen, Mktg. Consultant,
Augustusring LL, U-53U0 Bonn 1, W. Germnany.

JL44 Hgricultural inspection 1Syria). Desires contacts with qualifica and
reputed supervision companies, with 10ng experience ana wice net work of
branchies/offices rtu draw samples, supervise and didlyse technical
specification at exporter's warehouses and or export ports. Geza is an
autonomous part of jyrian liinistry of tconomny anr3 is exclusive authorized
entity in Syria for imports of rice, sugar, tea, coffee canned fish,
certain mieat products, vegetao he oils, liquid glucose, fertilizers, paper
ana board. Contact: Slaem Hadaad, General Director, General Foreign Trade
Ilrganiization for inemicals and Foodstuffs, Joumbiouria St., P.O. B~ox No.
893, Damascus, Syria. able: GEZA, DHMASCUS, SYRIA. Telex: 11009 SY and
1137U SY rHdou.

j145 Recl~drtrlined- Iddsvelupment (cgypt). TIne E~gyptiani government invites
investors to form agricultural development companies for either integrated
or specializes agricultural activities on selected farmns located inl state i
owned lands. All farms proposed for development are fully reclaimed lands,
well supplied with irrigation and drainage systems, complete
infrastructure, public utilities and services. Each farm, together with
growing fruit trees, windureaks and other fixed assets will be rented to
investors for a period of 25 years with possible extension for another
periodd of Lh years. Farmns having dairy anid breeding cattle, the inVeSt0P
will be required LO purchase these cattle. Available equipment, machinery
anid spare parts may be purchased by crne investor if ne so desires. i

Investors wishing to participate in this tender can get complete details
and two copies of the contract conditions and term of reference for the sum
of L.E. 1,000 for each farm from the office of the Ministry of Development
and state for housing and land reclamation, 1, Ismail Abaza St., Monira,
Cairo, Egypt, Starting December 15, 1980. The Ministry will hiold a meeting
of all interested investors on January 15, and 20, 1981, to present
different farms and explain conditions of the proposed contract. Field
trips to each farm will be arranged during the period January 16-19, 1981.

3246 Vegetable oils (Syria). Tender with closing date December 2 for 6,000 mt
vegetable o~il pure soybean oil max. 0.05% FFA or fully refined pure
sunflower oil max. 0.08% FFA\. Packing 3,000 mt in tins of 15-23 kg
capacity in exportable cartons and 3,000 mt in new barrels of 200 kgs max.
capacity. ctuote F08 and C&F Lattakia liner terms including 3% Geza
commission. Shipment 3,000 mt in January & 3,000 mt in February. Bid bond
required replaced by 5% performance bond upon purchase confirmation
confirmed by Commercial Bank of Syria Branch No. 3. CONTACT: The Gen.
Organization for Chemicals & Foodstuffs, GEZA, P.O. Box 893, Damascus,

3247 Feed ingredients (Belgium). All residues for use as compound feed
ingredients, such as pelle~tized rice hulls, residues of the oil, beer, and
alcohol industries, broken rice for breweries, and alfalfa pellets.
Quantity: 1000 mt and up. Quote FOB U.S. ports or CIF Antwerp or
Rotterdam, Commision of 2% on CIF included. Bank ref: Societe Generale De
Banque. Contact: Al C. Bongaerts, Avenue De Tervuren 154, B-1150 Brussels
(Belgium). felex: 71358 BONFOR or 23320 CIPR, To the attention of Al
80ngaerts. Phone: 02/771.56.98.

3248 Broilers (Belgium). Wants frozen broilers or stewers, 10,000 birds every 3
months, packed in cartons, each bird individually wrapped in polyethylene
bags. Quote CIF Matadi, Z~aire. Bank ref: Societe Generale De Banque.
CONTACT: Ms. Lomani, Avenue Louis Lepoutre, 49, 8-1060 Brussels, Belgium.
Phone: 02/34S 65 60.

3249 Horsemeat (Italy). Wants fresn horse meat (yearling), 20 ton shipment per
week, best quality. Delivery ASAP/air shipment.' Quote CIF Malpensa
Airport. Bank ref: Cassa Risparmio, Torino, Italy. CONTACT: Hngelo
Bergia, Soc. Sp. A. L. Bax for Cafmet, Corso Turati 7, Torino, Italy.
Telex: 220455. Phone: 011-504848.

3250 Corn chips (Netherlan~ds). Wishes to buy corn chips, retail packs, bags, or
cans. Quote C&IF Rotterdamn or F08. Bank ref: Banque De Paris Et Des Pays
Bas, The Hague. CONTACT: Ms. E. Ruis, Boas B.V., Stephensonstraat 40, P.O.
Box 340, 2700 AH Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Telex: 32646. Phone:

3251 Peanuts (Lenanon). Wants 100 mt of peanuts. Good quality, edible shelled
peanuts (seed skins not removed). Quotations requested for following
sizes: 26-28, L8-30 & 30-3,2 kernels/ounce. Bags of 50 or 100 los. in
containers. Quote C&F Beirut, Lebanon. This will be a trial order with
larger orders to follow if price/quality satisfactory. Firm offers
requested, preferably by telex. Bank ref: Banque Nationale De
Paris-International (BNPI) Beirut, Lebanon. CONTACT: Auguste Haddad,
Mohammad Zaatari & Bros., P.O. Box 11-6744, Beirut, Lebanon. Telex: LE
20889 ZAATARI. Cable: AZZTARICO-BEIRUT. Phone: 306075 & 319366.

3L52 Ri ce, canned che~sga suaCh ile) Wishes to buy polished rice in 50
3L54 kg oags; canned peaches, halves and slices, b4U and/or 800 g cans and 3 kg
cans; and refined sugar, 40-50 kg bags. Delivery 25/30 days after
purchase. yuote FOB r'ort of snipment & CIF, Valparaiso, Chile. Bank ref:
Banco De Talca, Bandera 237, Santiago; Banco De Santiago, Moneda 1096,
Santiago; anid iitibank, N.A.. Ahumada 40, Santiago. CUNTACT: Fernanao
G;omez Diaz or Patricio Lazo Concha, Importachra & Exportadora Mercantil
Limitada, Compania 1068, OF. 8UU, Santiago, Chile. Telex: 40210 MRSU0
CL. Cable: Mersud. Phone: 62358 & 725701, Santiago.

jL55 Feed supplements (Malaysia). Wanits 50 mt/yr. UL-Metnionine, ju mt/yr
1-Lysine, 2U mt/yr Amprol Plus, 2-4 mt/yr Vitamins, and 50 mt/yr choline
cnllori ce. Feed Grade: DL-Methionine &r 1-Lysine 98% min., Amprol Plus LS%
Amprolium, Vitamins and Choline Chloride 0.1% to pure & 50% Choline
Chloride, respectively. Vitamins in 5 kg tins/fibre drums. Others in 25
kg bags. Quarterly shipments. Quote CIF Port Klang. Bank ref: Hong Kong
Shanghai Banking Corp., Levoh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. iONTACT: Dr. J.
Vadiveloo, buthrie SDN. BHD, P.O. Box 2486, K~uala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telex: uUTHRI MA 3UrSb. Phone: U53-42144.

j256 Lactose (Japan). Wants lactose technical grade & edible grade, each 1,000
mt per year. Technical grade for fermantationi. Eaible grade for
confectionary and recomrbined milk substitute. Packed 25 kg net, 5
ply-crafi oag with poly-lines. uuote FOB Main port U.S.H. Bank ref:
Sumitomo dank, Kanda Branch. Llaiichi Kangyo Bank, Kanda Branch. Contact:
Tokio Kajihdra, Imanaka Ltd., sinufu-No-Tomo 81dg., wo. 1. 1-6 Kanda
Surugadai, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 2L2-5230 IMALTD J. Cable:
IMALTD TOKYO. Phone: (U3) L93-2761

J257 Livestock feed (Algeria). Tender with closing date December 9 for 3,000 to
J,500 mt of enriched feed for lactating cows & sheep. Correspondence in
French required. Looking for direct contact with producers and exporters.
CUNTeci : Onab, Direction De La Productioni, Rt. Due De Constantine, Kouba,
Algiers, Algeria. Telex: 53417. Phone: 58 75 35.

atb8 Fisil meal (tgypt). wants 15,00~0 tons of (mlenhaden & herring) fish meal not
less than 60% protein. Max. humidity 10%, max. fat 10% & max. salt 3%.
Interested in representing a U.3 IndnufdCtUring COmpany in tnle above
mentioned field. Purchase will be around 6 million U.S. dollars.
Requests samples & prices FOb & CIF Alexanurria soonest. Offer to include
3di commerce ial comnmissiom. C;UN TACT : Asnardf Umar Bakir, Khalda Salem Salah
Salemn for Hgencies, Eicport 6 Import, 6j Hin Shamns Street, Hin Snams, Villa
tEl Sherif, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 92435 URUEG UN. Pnione: 968051/861046.

3LL$9- Fruit concentrates, cashiew nuts, _canned seafoods (ihi a). Wdnts Orange
ji'60 and pineapple concentrated juice for further processing, 60-02 brix, 200 kg
drums, cashew nuts, retall pdCicdgeS, dau cdaned CrawfiSn, tunia salmon,
sardines, retail packages. Delivery 25/bU days after purchase. Quote FOB
Purt of snipmenit and CIF valpardisU Ghile. dank ref: 8anCO De T81Ca,
Bandera 2s37 banco be Santiago, Moneda 1U9o; Citibank, N.A., Ahumada 40,
Santiago, Chile. LUNIAL: FernanoO bome2 DiaZ Or Patricio LaZO Co0cha,
Importadora & Exportadora Mercantile Ltd., Compania 1068, UF. 800,
Santiago, Llhile. l eiex : 40310) MRSUL) CL. Caule: MtRKSUD Phone: 6L358 &
7LS7U1, Santiago, Chile.

ji261 Sugar (Pakistan). rants 15,00 mt refinea wnhite granulatec canet sugar,
99.7% polarization, humidity 0.u8 max,, ash- 0.06 max., soluoility 100%.
Packed in 5u or 100 kg poly lined jute oags. 5nipment within 45 oays from
date Of Letter of credit, whicn will be forwardend via telex to v.5.
supplier. Request isr Cnittagong, day~laacsn. quotations on full liner
basis. lQuotation must include 3%b performance cona paable to Mayeen
Overseas, inittagong, a.v., LOl'lrT:: Mian Munammaa Saeed, Mgr. ;ir., inz
Limited, P.O. Box 3087, 96-D-1 6ulberg III, Lahtore, Pakistan. iaole:
SAZ-L IBERTY. Phone: 872573.

3262 Grocery line (Kuwait). ants to find ame~rican supplier for following foca
items: frozen meat, fresh fruits & vegetables, tea, canned goods, desserts
(frozen or mixes). Lomnpany prefers to aeal directly witrl jppliers, not
through middlemen, and woould prefer well-know brands in orcfEr to
facilitate marneting in Kuwait. Firm nias oeen in existence since 1947.
Company wishres to broaden its line of AElrtrican food products, now orimarily
represented K~raft, Industries. JanK ref: Kiuwait ,namoer of Commrce &(
Industry, P.O. 80x 775, Safat, hrawait. CONTACT: Bakhn alak, Mgr. Dir.,
G~ulf Trading & RefflyeratiOn lCO., P.O. BOx 72, Safat, Kuwait. relsx:
2216 KT. CdDle: REEFER, Kuwait. None: 419375.

5L63 Leatner (Taiwan). Wants finisn~d cownide leather for making f-asniorn Delts
grain (upper) leather only, mrin. 40,000 sq. ft. per timre. Thickness -
1.5-1.,7 mm, lengtn 8j, 8. 7. 48", rwaterproof paciing. Oeliveryl 30-0.* days
after opening Letter of Credit. qjuote CIF Taiwran. Banre ref: First
Commrcial Bank. rCONiTACT: Ta~ylor Catn, Yescot MFIF. Corp., Aml.-,l10, 15U
Chi Lin Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Telex: 119079 FLJST:ES. Caole:
"FIRSTMJ5". Phone: 511-0371, 503-;jur.

3264 Vitamin C tablets (Japan). Wishes to contact suppliers of ;JO% natural
vitamin C in tdolets. ingreaients extracted from~ the hSERO~n not ;ro#n in
Soutn Amrica, or tne aSERORA with nose tlips. Buys in oul Contact: 1. Saito, World Iracing Co., Ltd., P".3. 53n 4J3 SninjuKU-Center
Bldg., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 100 Japan. Phone: Tokyo (343) 1131. Telex:
23225'2 WO)RLe J.

3i65 Frozen Droilers (Egypt)., Invitation for did~ nio. e51,/23-81/ARE for 10,r000I
mt of frozen Droilers for shipment 5,000i mt January and February, and 5,ljil
alt February and Maron. aroilers must be slaugaltered in accordance wdith
Islamic Rites. Tne comm~odity is being financed unorer A,.I.. Loan
L63-K-004. Bia opening will be uece~ncer 15. n Copy jf tne ;ra incljcing
complete specification, terms and conditions may be obtained from tn-e
Office of ioninoaity Manageme~nt,, near East Division, agency for
International Developmwent, Uashington, D.C. 20523. Tel epho ne : ( 703)
235-8903. Purchaser is the cleneral Hutsrority for Supply Connoczities,
Goumhoria St., Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt

3L66 Beef (Canada). Wants fresh or frozen ooaneless beef brisket, 42,0.*. IDS per
weer, cnoice steer beef, cryovac wrrappea. Je livery: cl. uotes rE
Mont~real in ;J.S. fulnjs. Saan< ref: Jcan request. jr otac t: *ra
Schulman, Lesters FOods Ltd., 1,000 MancK,, Comneae; Indurstrial Pars, raval,
Qluebiac, nl5 183, mandaca lelex: un) ou431. ~nolc: (l)3-s

3267 Dairy cattle (Mexico). Wants 20 Holstein neifers. Qluote iIF Bo~rar.
Contact: Antonio Jimenez r'erez, Ganja Ma. Je Lourdes, synica uuit~ec Ho.
112, Htlacomullco, CurnaddCA, MOrelOS, MexiCO. Phone: 38-1

3268 Brown Swiss (Mexico). Wishes to buy 20 Brown Swiss cows from Texas. Quote
CIF Border. Contact: Ing. bealielei Cervantes Rosales, Centro De Estudios
Tecnologicos Agripecuarios No. 98, Presidente Cardenas, Apartado Postal No.
25, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

3269 Sheep (Mexico). Interested in 500 to
Rambouillet, Romnery Marsh or similar.
border. Contact: Johannes Schaafsna,
Apartedo Postal 71-u3L, Mexico 3, D.F.

3270 Semen (Mexico). Wants Holstein Semen.
receipt of quotation and information.
Garces Rojas, Avenida Sur Del Comercio
LJ, U.F. Phone: 9-15-8, 4L-40-36.

1,000, 1/2 or 1/4 blooded
Delivery in 45 days. Quote FOB
Garba Grupo Industrial Morelia,
Pnone: 597-70-03.

Will decide on quantity upon
Quote CIF Border. Contact: Rodrigo
SNo. 18, San Juan lxtayopan, Mexico

3271 Simmntal (Mexico). Wishes one or two Simmental bulls
Florida or another soutnerni state. Quote CIF Border.
Nodot, Rancho Xanath, IA.,I.A.R.A., Recreo 14 Piso 13,
Mexico 12, D.F. Phone: 534-50-34.

for breeding from
contact: Paul Rene
Col Del Valle,

3L72L Quarter Horses (Mexico). Interested in three quarter horses for work
purposes. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Oscar Guerrero B., Rancho La
Fuente, Zacamixtle No. 205, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Phone: 3-58-87.

3273 Goats (Mexico). Wants 20U Nubian goats, delivery in L to i months, one
year old females. Quote CIF Borchr. Bank ref: Barclays Bank. Contact:
Manuel I. Figueroa, 1101 Lorain Rd., San Niarino, Cal. 91108. Phone:

3274 Holstein (Mexico). Wants 2U Holstein heifers, high quality. Quote CIF
Border. Bank ref: Sancomer, Sucursal Martinez De La Torre, Veracruz.
Contact: babriel P. Zorrilla, Fince Perseverancia, Apartado Pistal No.
143, Martinez De La Torre, Veracruz, Mexico. Phone: 4-02-96.

3275 Brown Swiss (Mexico). Wants 3 to 6 Brown Swiss, 8 months 01d. Quote CIF
Border. Contact: Lic. Alberto Avilas, Balneario La Alerca, Apartach
Postal No. 42, Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Pnone: L-U3-72.

3276 Semen (Mexico). Wants Brangus semen, will decide
of quotatiun and information. Quote CIF Border.
Del Campo, Comercial R~elampago, Jesus Reynoso No.
Mexico. Phone: 2-JJ-69.

on quantity upon receipt
Contact: Ing. Luis M.
127, repatitlan, Jalisco,

JL77 Holstein (M~exico). Wants Holstein heifers, will decide on quantity upon
receipt of quotation. yuote CIF Border. Contact: Eduardo L. Tovar, Las
Cruces, iomnitanl, ihiapas, Mexico. Pnone: Z -02-U7 .

3278 Seme n ( Me x ico ). Wishes to buy semen for all types of beef and dairy. Will
decide upon quaontity or receipt of quotation and information. Quote CIF
Border. Contact: Angel Rodriguiz R., Rancho Cuetzalapan, Madero No. 1,
Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico. Phone: 3-01-95 and 3-U0-14.

3279 Brown Swiss (Mexicol. Wants 3U to 4U Brown Swiss cows, carrying 2nd or 3rd
calf. yuote CiF Border. Contact: Inig. Manurel Salazar, Rancho Santa
Maria, daja California No. 614 Ote., Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Phone: L-07-06.


3280 lluarter horses (Mexico). Wants 2 or 3 Quarter horses, for breeding, hard
work. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Ing. Jose G. Quintanilla, Rancho Los
quintanilla, Madero No. 3, Acayucan, Veracruz and/or Juan De Dios Arias No.
93, Mexico ~8, D.F. Phone: 519-18-11.

3281 Holstein (Mexico). Wants Holstein cows. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Raul
Jorge Ramirmez, Escobedoo No. SO, Romita, Guanajuato, Mexico.

3282 Brown Swiss (Mexico). Wants Brown Swiss for Dreeding. Quote CIF Border.
Contact: Arnulfo Pulgarin Soto, Terraplen No. 2, Col. Halenda De San Juan
De Tlalpan Mexico 22, D.F. Phone: 573-50-33.

3283 Doves (Mexico). Wishes to buy doves, high quality, game birds for
breeding, delivery in December. Quote CIF Border. Bank ref: Banamex.
Contact: Antonio Del Real, Gargolas No. 215, Col. Jardines Del Sur, Mexico
23, D.F. Phone: 676-41-92.

3L84 Brown Swiss (Mexico). Wants three Brown Swiss calves, 8 months old. Quote
'CIF Border. Contact: Oscar Guerrero, Rancho La Fuente, Zacamixtle No.
205, Tampico, famaulipas, Mexico. Phone: 3-s8-87.

3285 Brahman (M4exico). .Wants 10 Brahman bulls for breeding. Quote CIF Border.
Contact: Jose Luis Zavala, Calle 47 No. 2, Ciudad El Carmen, Campeche,
Mexico. Phone: 2-02-25.

3286 Brown Swiss (Mexico). Wants 40 Brown Swiss bred heifers. Quote CIF
Border. Bank ref: Bancomer, Sucursal San Angel. Contact: Jose Luis
Caballero Torres, Manuel M. Ponce Nio. 243 302, Col. Guadalupe Inn, Mexico
20, D.F. Phone: 651-93-50 and 651-68-78.

3287 Goats (Mexico). Wants female goats for milk production. Quote CIF
border. Contact: Raul Jorge Ramirez, Escobedo No. 50, Romita, Guanajuato,

3286 Char-olais (Mexico). Wants Charolais for Dreeoing purposes. Will decide on
quantity upon receipt of quotation. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Manuel
darreiro, Rancho L K~oa, Inaepencrencia No. 124, Xantoyuca, Veracruz,
Mexico. Phone: 3-03-75.

3L89 Bany chicks (Mexico). Wants oaby chicks for Dreeding stock, j,000 quails,
1,000 turkeys, 100 pheasants, and 2,000 ducks. Quote CIF Border.
Contact: Ora. Nora Tapia Loro, clireccion general De Agricultura, S.A.R.H.,
Ourango No. 138 -2, Col. Roma, Mexico 7, U).F. Pnone: 511-83-73.

JLZ9U Branman (M4exico). Wants Brahnman breeding stock< ana semen. Quote CIF
Border. contact: Anastasio Manzanilla, Rancho Ganadero Kaw101, Calle 62
no. joU, Merica, Yucatan, Mexico. Phone: 1-7L-32.

j291 Holstein (Mexico). Wants tnree Holstein heifers, one year old. Quote CIF
Border. Lontaci: Eduardo Aguilar Cordero, Callejon Las Flores No. LL,
Xochimilco, Mexico 23, D.F. Phone: 676-31-84.

3292 drahman (rMexico). Will deciae on quantity upon receipt of quotation.
Animals are for breeding purposes. Quote CIF Border. Contact: Manuel
Barreiro, Ranenlo La Roa, Independetncia No. 1L24, Xantoyuca, Veracruz,
Mexico. Phone: 3-03-75.

j293 Pneasants and Guineafowl (South Africa). Initial order, two-thousand of
each kind, top grade, frozen and dressed, ten Dirds to a strong export
carton, immediate delivery. Birds must conform with South Africa health
requirements; metric weights, and must be USDA approved. Would like
quotations by telex FOB; CCF and CIF Durban; CIF airfreighted Jan Smuts.
If price is right, this will De followed by another order in Feu. Bank
ref: Standard Bank, Northcliff, Johannesburg. Contact: Patrick
Lewis-Enright, Stafford Brothers & Draeger (PTY) Ltd., P.O. Box 48155,
Rooseveld park 2129, Transvaal, South Africa. Telex: 4-240274. Cable:
STAFF BRU. Phone: Jo anniesourg (011) 46-6457 or 46-6458 or 40-6459.

3294- Broilers, eggs (Egypt). Wants broilers, frozen, 100 mt, U.S. Grade A,
3295 800-140I0 grams, individually pacKaged, 12-14 per carton, slaughtered
according to islamic rites, labels in Arabic; and 3,000 cases (360 eggs),
1,Uuu 4s-50 grams, 1,000 50-55, and 1,0u0 bb-6U. Quote CIF, Alexandria and
FOB. Bank ref: The while Bank, Cairo, Egypt. Contact: Hamza M. Saada, El
Srrarkia Estab~lishment for Imnport & export, 34, Abd El Salam Zohny St.,
Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Telex: 93861 SAFCO UN. Phone: 870434 CAIRO.

3296j Goat and lamb meat (Italy). Wants ciilled and/or frozen A) young goats,
9-11 lbs with head and B) lambs, 11-15 1bs without head. 100 Uuintals per
shipment. Bank ref: Bdnco Ambrosiano rorino iasss Risparmio, Torino.
Contact: ugo Boldi, Pollo Giusi, Cambiano, Torino, Italy. Telex: 210449
blIuS il. P ho ne : 01 1-94405SL .

3297 Institutional foods (Italy). Wants granulated dry milK, grapefruit Juice,
papaya juice, exotic fruit juice for institutional market. Firm interested
in becoming sole agent. Quote CIF. tBank ref: Cassa Di Risparmnio,
Albenga. Contact: Silvio Granero, Eurocom Srl, Via Del Cristo 5, Regione
Ariana LJ, Aloenga (SV), Italy. Phone: 0182-51C23.

3298 Chicken (Switzerland). Wants frozen chicken, 70,000 tons, AA killed
according islamic rite, weight 2-2.2 lbs. Delivery December 1980 January
1981. Quote FOB USA Quotations in mt. Bank ref: Union Banque Swisse,
Stabio. Conttact: ,. Refrascnini, Expercom, 6855 Centrol Commerciale,
Stabio, Switzerland. Telex: 73738 EXPAJOHNSON.

3Lr9 Broilers (Portugal). Wants frozen Droilers, 5000 tons, USUA Grace "A"
ready to cook; 800 grams each. Bird fully eviscerated; giblets in and
individually poly-wrapped. Islamic rite slaughter and Arabic label
requirement. Delivery Decemnber. Quote GIF LisDOn ana CIF Alexandria,
Egypt in US dollar,, soonest possiole. dank ref: danco tEspirito Sanito E
Commercial De LisDoa, Campo Srande, Lisbon. Contact: Paulo Da Cunna, Vetil
Iimport/Export, Rua 3isconae Seaora, 4/j/ Liscon, Portugal. Telex: 13731
FARINAP. Phone: 764/71 or 7b4s36.

3300 Popcornl (Frdnce). Wants 200 tonis of yellow popping corn, prime quality
J6:1, in Dags of 50 kgs. Delivery December 198U or January 1981. Quote
FOB noustonr or N~ew IOrleanls. lank ref: Societe Generdle Agence R, laBIS
Rue Ou Louvre, 75001 Paris. Contact: Jean Pialat, tts. Georges Paul Levy,
3d, Rue Du LOuvre, />001 Paris, France. Felex: L10 943 F. Cable:
LVIHTnHN. Phone: L33.L1.20.

Foreign Irace Uevelopments

U.S. agricultural exports for Fiscal Year 1981 are forecast at a recora
$48.5 billion, LU percent above tne previous year. Associate FAS
Administrator Thomas R. Saylor in maKing this forecast at the 1981
Agricultural outlook Conference saia, "Price will be the principal factor
in tne increase, Dut we expect further growth in volume of about 4 percent
to aDOut 170 million tons... The result will be a $7 billion increase in
the U.S. agricultural trade surplus to about $30 billion. This will be
eniough1 tu off set probably about one-n~alf of our petroleum import bill.

FAS to again Sponsor Exniibit at Verona Agricultural Fair. The Foreign
Agricultural Service will sponsor an exhibit at tnle 83rd Fiera Agricola in
Verond, italy, Marcn 7-13, 1981. This annual event is one of Europe's
principal agricultural fairs drawing over 450,000 visitors from 86
countries. Total exhibitors at the 1980 fair were 1,858 including 363 from
25 countries. The U.S. pavillion consists of 460 square meters and U.S.
exhiibitor solicitation is being coordinated by the Agricultural Officer at
the American Consulate General in Milan, Italy. Participation agreements
and furtner details may be obtained from: william L. Scnolz, Director,
Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S.
Department of Agriculture, Wasnington D.C. 20250.

New Publications:

Single copies of oner following are available by writing the Informtion
Services Staff, FAS, U.S. department of Agriculture, Washigton, D.C.
LZU2U. kcURLD 01LSEEDS blfUATION ANJD- UTLOOK(, FOP L2-80, Octooer 1980.
OUTLU0A It, Eu-L8-80, October 14, 1980. KEiO~u WORLD TEA CROP BEING
PLAR OUTLOOK--1980-31, FDAP 2-80, October 1980. WORLD COFFEE CROP FOR
1979/8U and 1980/81 MHRKcIlNG YEARS, FFVS 10-80, October 1980. U.S. CANNED
FVEu 8-80, September 1980.

A market for processed foods worth $1.4 billion and
growing all the time currently awaits U.S. exporters in
Egypt. Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. The U.S. share now
Is about $135 million'--so there's work to be done-
and the time is March '81!
Be one of the approximately 30 U.S. Processed Food
exporters who will show their products at the American
Food Exhibit at Calro. March 16 & 17 and one of the
7-10 members of the USDA-sponsored Processed
Food Sales Team who will go on to Saudi Arabia
(Jlddah--March 19-21 Riyadh--Mar. 22 & 23 .
and Dhahra -Mar 24 & 25) and then on to Manama,
booming capital city of Bahrain--March 26-28 .
In each city U.S. exporters will be talking to the people
who make the buying decisions.
First come-first served!
For further Information, call Ed Heslop at 202-447-3031,
or write him at Export Trade Services Division, FAS.
USDA. Washington. DC 20250
'nOS Including bulk commodules


Mar 16-17
U.S Food Exhibrt



tlre fo

My ese


(~CQODhahran Manama
(aMMar 24-25 Mar 26-2
FFood Sales
Riyadh Team
Mar 22-23 Ta
Food Sales

Mar 19-21
Food Sales Team


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