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Vols. for <Feb. 2, 1979>-Jan. 15, 1982 issued by: Export Trade Services Division; Jan. 22, 1982-19 issued by Export Promotion Division; <July 4-10, 1985-> by: Agricultural Information and Marketing Services.
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Description based on: Feb. 2, 1979; title from caption.

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ty r.A;L 7- 7--@

The following trade items have been gathered from Agricultural Attache and other government reports as a
service to U.S. exporters of food and agricultural products. In suppling thee trade leads the Department of
Agriculture does not guarantee reliability of the overseas inquirer. Your best source for further information on
these trade leads is the listed foreign firm originating the inqauiry. You may _also contact the Export Trade
Services Division, FAS, (202) 447-7103.

OCT .1 1981
teptember 4, 1981
2082 Vegetable oil (Venezuela). Wants 2g,800 Ai;'~d \ C@ -5k:; i~dar 1 DERS-6, bulk
shipment September 1981. Ouote C&P Pu~ert6"f65FTTE ""WFWW ref: Banco
Mercantil Y Agricola. Contact: Jorge Mir, PAICA, Edif Mohedano, Offe.
12-C, Piso 12, Arque Central, Caracas, P.O. Box 80730, Venezuela. Telex:
21886. Cable: PAICAVEN. Phone: 575-2374.

2083- Fresh fruits and vegetables (Jap~an). Group 1: Pomegranate, Cherimoya, fig,
2084 blueberries, lettuce, okra and mushroom, one a~t each; group 2: eantalope,
melon and asparagus, 5 at each; group 3: kiwi fruits, grapes, avocado and
mango, 10 at each; group 4: strawberries, 15 mt; group 5: squash, 20 at;
group 6: papaya and honeydew melon, 25 at each; group 7: onions, 50 at.
Specific information required. Appropriate packaging for export by air
and/or surface shipments. Immediate delivery or whenever avrailable. Ouote
C&F Tokyo. Bank ref: Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank and Tokyo Bank, Gotanda
Branches. Contact: FBiroshi Abe, Director, Nippi Trading Co., Ltd., e/o
Maruwa Bldg., 9-23, 3-Chome, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ru, Tokyo. Telex:
2466812 FUJI J. Cable: "FUJIFRUITS" TOKYO. Phone: (03) 494-0351 or (03)

2085 Prunes (Spain). Wants 1-2 containers, large in 200-gram boxes. Ouot~e
FOB. Delivery: immediately. Bank ref: Fispano Americano (Main Office).
Contact: Mr. Montero, Cl1esa, Juan H~urtado De '1endoza, 13 Madrrid-16
Spain. Cable: CGINLE. Telex: 22614 E. Phone: 91/457 6000.

2086 Flour (Netherlands). Wants bleached wheat flour, 1,0010 tons in -50 lb
bags. Shipment as soon as possible. Quote C&F Lagos. Bank ref: Abn,
Ni euw Venner. Contact: T. Alders, Alker P.V., Geddingmoor 14, 2]15] Pk- Ew
Venner, Netherlands. Telex: 18873 (LCN~). Phone: 2526-75170.

2087 Kipskin (Japan). Wants 1 container load (about 1,000 pieces) product must
be wet-salted or brine-cured. Specific information required. Appropriate
packaging for export by surface shipment. Immediate de]$very. Ouote r&F.
Bank ref: Mitsubishi Bank, Tokyo. Contact: Masanori Pasenga~wa, Pippon
Unex International Inc., c/o Unek Pldg,, 30-2, N~lishi-ShinoFwaw 4-Crhome,
Katshshika-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 0262-2722 'UNEIXPO J. Cable:
"THEUNEXPO TOKYO". Phone: (03) 694-5552.

2088 Grape flavoring (Japan). Ouantity: one at. Product must be in liquid
form. Specific information and sample (about 100 ec) required. Appropriate

Issued weekly by the Export Trade Services Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Room 4945 South Building, Washington, D.C. 20250

packaging for export by surface shipment. Immediate delivery. Quote C&F.
Bank ref: Fuji Bank Main Office, Tokyo. Contact: Yatsuma Shin, Okura &
Co., Ltd., 2-3-6, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Telex: 0KURA A J 22306.
Cable: "0KUPA TOKYO. Phone: (03) 563-6051.

2089- Seafoods (Canada). A) Swordfish whole or pieces, fresh; B) monkfish -
2090 frozen; C) salmon Alaska or Oregon, fresh or frozen; p) squid cleaned,
skin and head off, frozen; E) shrimp giant or jumbo from Gulf of Mexico,
headless, under 10 per lb., frozen and small shrimp (prefer Oregon) cooked
and peeled, frozen; F) Alaska king crab legs or claws or both, frozen.
Quantity: container loads. Packaging: wholesale cartons. Ouotations:
wants quotations and contact with U.S. fish and seafood processors. Bank
ref: Available on request. Contact: Bernard Braschler, Cost Raufmann
Import Export Co. Ltd., 17-6 Granfell Crescent, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 003,
Canada. Telex: 053-4782. Phone: (613) 226-3887.

2091 Dried whole milk (Egypt). Tender No. 10(1981/1982) with closing date Sept.
22 for 300 tons dry whole allk in packages weighing 600, 900 and 1,800
grams. To be shipped monthly at rate of 100 tons per month beginning
October 19. Pepresentative samples presented latest September 16. Offers
must be made through an Egyptian agent. Contact: General Authority for
Supply Commodities, Purchasing Commrittee for Animal Products, 24,
E1-Gombouria Street, Cairo, Egypt. Cable: ESTPAM. Telex: 92062 ESTPAM.

2092 Cheese (Egypt). Tender No. 8(1981/1982) with closing date Sept 15. for
1,000 tons dry cheese different kinds and 500 tons processed cheese. Dry
cheese and processed' cheese to be shipped at rate 200 tons and 100 tons per
month respectively. Pepresentative samples to be presented no later than
September 12, 1981. Offers must be made through an Fgyptian agent.
Contact: General Authority for Supply Commodities, Purchasing Comrmittee
for Animal Products, 24, Fl-Gombourfa Street, Cairo, Egypt. Cable:
ESTPAM. Telex: 92062 ESTRAM.

2093 Corn (Syria). Required offers for 25,000 mt yellow corn, plus/minus 5%,
U.S. No. 3 or better, fit for animal feeding, new crop, test weight 52
1b/bu moisture 15.5%5 max, damaged kernels 7% max includingmwax 0.5% damaged
due to temperature, free of mould, alldew, alive and dead insecty.
Shipment: 25,000 at plus/minus 5X in October 1981 and similar quantity in
November 1981. Oiuote FOB stowed, trimmed on board vessel at the port of
loading. Offer deadline Sept. 16. Complete details from address below.
Contact: The General Organization for Fodder (GOF, P.O. Box 4797,
Damascus, Syria. Telex: 11089 SY).

2094 Babyfoods, salt spices (Nigeria). A) Canned baby powdered milk, 500 g
2096 cans, 24 to carton P) canned baby cereal, 500 g cans, 24 to carton r)
iodized salt and spices, salt in 50 kg bags. Minimum of 20 ft. container
load highest quality. Continuous importation from 1983. Lare'ls must he in
English. Quote C&F, Lagos for each item separately. Rank ref: Bank of
Credit and Commerce International (Nig.) Ltd., 44/45 warehouse Poad, Apapa,
Lagos, Nigeria. Contact: Fola Akinde (General Manager), D~amblryowu (Fip.)
Ltd., 7 Toyin St., P.O. Box 633, Ikeja, Lagos-State/Figeria. Cable:

2097- Ice cream powder, corn starch, glucose, skim wilk powder (Fpypt). Tee crear
2100 powder 20 at, 10 kg packages, ASAP; corn starch 300.at, 50 ~k packages,

delivery July 1982; glucose 300 mt, 280 tg steel drums, de] 1982; skia milk powder 1000 at, delivery Sept. 198~1. Ciuote CIF
Alerandria or Port Said, (free zone). Pank ref: Pank of Credit and
Commerce International, Port Said, Fgypt. Contact: Adel Sa~eb Fl Yarafl,
Karaly Fxport and Import, 40 G. F1 Abhasy Street, Isnailia, Fpypt. relex:
54178 ISM UN. Phone: 747862/747811 ext 69.

2101 Pet food (Germany). wishes to buy cat food and cat care itelns. Maior rest
Berlin distributor seeks import of above items In substantial quantities
for wholesale in WJest Perlin. Ourote CIP Germcan port, if pofssible.
Contact: Herr Jueren Uhlemann, FA. U~nitas, Taunusstrasse 10, P-1000 Perlin
33, Germady. Phone: (1030) P26-29-70.

2102 Canned corn (France). Broker specializing in foodstuffs. Sells in
France. Bank ref: Banque Martin Ptaurel, 37 Pue Paradis, 13003 Mrarseif]e.
Contact: Jacques Giraud, Manager, C. Giraud and Co., 32 P1d Gasauy FP
42, 13375 Mrarseil1e, France. Phone: (953)) 49 3? 01.

2103- Canned and frozen fruits, vegetables, juices, preserves (Sweden).
2104 Interested in buying canned specialties, canned fruits, vegetables,
preserves, jam, jellies, frozen fruits, fruit Juices, vegetables, and
frozen specialties. Pank ref:' Ostpotabanken, N~vgatan 237, 8-13 ?]
Sodertalje, Sweden. Contact: Tord Stromberg, Ponsultentleasing Ah,
Mariekallgatan 4, 8-151 32 Sodertalie, Sveden. Phone: 0755-903 6o,

2105- Cannd tomatoes, milled rice, codfish (Cameroon). Interested in direct
2106 sale and distribution for canned tomatoes, mll~ed riee in bulk, codfish,
smoked, salted, dried and pickled. Prospective buyer requires CIF Douala
port prices. Contact: Famanual F". Tlob, Yadeck Vterprisies, Suppaer "oaad,
P.O. Box 413, Victoria, Cameroon. Telex: s241YN. Phone: 33722 .

2107 Fresh fruits and vegetables (rartiniaue). wishes to buy fresh fruit and
vegetables (30 tons a week). Newly created 11sited liability company vbich
is importing from France or Furopean countries wishes to start commerdeTl
relationship with the Urnited States. Contact: F~r. Edgarrd, Somapr~m, 2,s00,
Poute D~u Lamentin, 97200 Fort-De-Prance, IMartjnique, Flr., rable: 1olban
SOMAP. Phone: 71.21.71.

2108 Pork (Surinam). Vr-ants whole carcass pork frozen, 80 to jC0 kilograms per
carcass. Monthly requirements 2000 carcasses. Pants CTF quotations
airfreight Paramaribo. This is the purchasing bureau for the Government of
Suriname. Bank ref: De Surinaamsche Bank P.V., Gravenstraat 36-78
Paramaribo. Contact: C.S.P. Defares, Mjr,, Centraal Inkoopbureau Surinape
(C.I.S.) P.O. Box 1414 2-534 -,5 15, Paramaribo, Suriname, S.A. rable:

2109- Sausage meats, canned fruits and vegetables (Honduras). operator r of the
2111 largest supermarket in Tegacigalpa wants sausages and other prepared meats,
including canned; canned~ specialties, including baby food; canned fruits
and vegetables. Ohuote CIF Puerto Cortes, against L/C, including catalogs,
price lists, terms of delivery, terms of registration, labels and trade
marks ete. Contact:' Leone~l PafattJ, Manager, Superrvercados La Colonia,
Blvd. Suyapa, Tegucielcalpa, D.C., Ponduras. Cable: COLOfrTP Ph one :

2112 Aloe vera plant (Rorea). A. 100 stumnps of plant spears, B. 50 stumps of
plant in one year growth, C. 500 stumps of plant in twFo years growth, D. 20
stumps of plant in four years growth (trial order). First grade and plant
root dried. Delivery within one month after L/C open (about P'eptember 15,
1981). Needs certificate of origin, Phytosanitary Inspection Certificate,
and sample products. Quote CIF Ycorea Ylmpo airport. Pank ref: Commercial
Bank, 111-1, 1-Ka Namdaemoon-Po, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Forea. Contact:
Jong-Iyn Pong, Ik San Aloe Company, Dae Yvang PIEg., 2-731, Pangang-Po,
Yongsan-Ku, Seoul, Korea. Telex: F27585 DMYATC2. Phone: SFOUrL 704-9395.

2113 Beef processing joint venture (Chile). Joint venturre with meat packers or
processors. Interested in packages of top quality hamburgers, steaks,
etc., in boxes or other, four kilograms or more. Pank ref: Panco re
Chile, Ahumada 251; Banco De Credito F Inversiones, Puerfanos 1134;
Santiago, Chile. Contact: Picardo Campos, Agrotec Ltda,, Av. Pulnes '17,
Of. 811, Santiago, Chile. Telex: 94440 PAPCTF FU. Phone: 711461;
725756; 725704.

2115 Tallow (Cermrany). VG~ants feed grade tallow~, in 500-800 ton lots. Peller's
specifications. Liquid in bulk. Ouote: CIF Pamburg. Pank ref: vereins
Und West Bank, Pamburg-Harburg. Contact: Freedrich Pather, F. Father
Chemie Kg, Schlossmuchlendamm 6, D-2100 Pamburg PO, Germany.- Telex:
2 1 7.5 05. Ph one : 040-77 15 F1.

2116 Pulses (Germany). Chick;-peas, white b~eans, red lentil, for canningp. 70
ft. container lots. Fumigated, no holes, no foreign matter, calihrated, 5o
or 60 kg bags. Ouote CIF Hamburg. Pank ref: Bank Puer Genetnwirtschaft,
Hamburg. Contact: Victor Pont, Afrtham Cmbh, Profweg 6, D-2000 Pamburg 76,
Germany. Telex: 213733 PONCO P. Phone: OAP-270 22 42.

2117 Honey (Germany). Honey, Acacia or multi-flower with a piece of comb
inside, one or two 20 ft. containers per month. In 500 gram lars, 13 .iars
per carton. Quote CIF Pamburg. Pank ref: Bank Fuer Geneinvirtschaft,
Hamburg. Contact: Victor Pont, Afribam Ombbh, Pofweg: 6, ~T-?-700 Parburg: 76,
Germany. Telex: 213733. Phone: 040-220 22 42.

2118( Wine (Germany). Pfne, California,red, white rose, in 370,1\0 lIter
containers. Dry and sweet. Delivery ASAP if possible inavirer wants to
display vines at Anoglra, International Food Fair, Cologne, mid COctober
1981. Quote FOB U.S. Port or CIF Pamburg. Bank ref: volkshank, Pingen.
Contact: Wlilli Pelusa, Franz Ptrebe] II, Poepke-Ptrasse 13, Postfach 4P,
D-6530 Bingen/Hein, Germany. Telex: 42221--97PFFL P. Phone: Cf6721-

2119 Iris bulbs (Noew 7ealand). TMaents 20-,00CC bulbsr w~edg8eWood1 bue, 70,000~ bulbs
golden harvest yellow, dormant. New containers. Delivery ASAP.
Accompanied by plant health certificate. Ouote CiF Auckland airfrerght.
Contact: The Bridge Garden, Eingawhati Poad, Box 5, Otaki Pallroad, New
Zealand. Phone: 454"4 OTAPT.

2120 Pulses (Venezuela). trants blackeye beans, Great Northern, Ped Tight Pidney
beans, and pink beans, small lots of 400/800/1000 bags for each: Plack
Turtle soup beans, small lots up to 50 me, bigt Iots 500/1000 mt, rU.S. PFo. 1
quality. Bags of 100 lbs. Requests quotes. Phytosanitary and Origin
certificates required. Ouote CIF La Guaira. Bank ref: Panco Del Caribe -

Banco De Comercio. Contact: J.F. Ossa, Getneral Manager, Inversiones Los
A~ndes, C.A. (Inverlosa), Avr. Urrdanets. Veroes A Ibarras, Edif. Phelps, Piso
5, Offe. 503/4, or P.O. Box 1274, Caracas, Venezuela. Telex: 22696
INVERLOS. Cable: INVERSLOSA. Phone: 811654/825974.

2121- Sorgham, corn, soybeans, soybean weal, chicken (Venezuela) Sorghum, ye]3ow
2125 and white corn, soybeans, and soybean meal, lots of 10/15/2000 at (full
vessels) for each, U.S. No 1 or 2; fresh refrigerated broilers, 50/100/200/
500/1000 at, USDA Grade A, no head, no feet, individually packed.
Phytosanitary and Origin certificates required. Ouote C&P Freeout, CIFr for
small lots of chicken. Bank ref: Banco Del Caribe Banco TDe Comerefo.
Contact: J.F. Ossa, General ]Uanager, Inversiones Los Andes, C.A.
(Inverlosa), Av. Urdaneta. Veroes A Ibarras, Fdif. Phelps, Piso 5, Offe.
503/4, or P.O. Box 1274, Caracas, Veneeuela. Telex: 226o6 TFVPFPT.OP.
Cable: INVFRSLOSA. Phone: 811654/825974.

2126 Avocado, mango and jackfruit seeds (Singapore). Seeds of fruits suitable
for tropical planting A. avocado, P. mango, C. Jackfruit, 500 pieces each
fruit, best grade, packaged in crates or cartons, prompt delivery. COuote
CIF. Bank ref: United Overseas Bank, 70 Fng Poon Street, Singapore 0316.
Contact: L~eong Chee Onn, Pung Tob Co., 16T De$ 1'Jong Pamr Park, Singapore
1026. Telex : RS 2.1875. Phone: 223 5409.

2127- Chicken parts, duck, pork stomach (Singapore). A) l-!oint fryer parts -
2129 wings, legs, thigh, drumstick. B) frozen duck, split breast. C) pork
scalded stomach. 5 to 8 fel (40 ft) per sonthr. Grade A, lrpPA inspected.
Quote FOB or CIF Singapore. Bank ref: Chung Trhiaw Bank Ltd, 2po outraA
.Road, Singapore. Contact: T.L. Lim, Singapore Pefrigerating (Pte) L.td, 12
Chang Charn Road, Singapore 0315. Telex: RS 23716 PFFTING., Phone: 635990
and 4743548.

2130- Canned fruits, juices, drinks (Singapore). A) Canned fruits, pi canned
2131 food, C) canned drinks, D) canned/bottled juices, 20 ft or 40 ft mixed
container. Manufacturers or exporters specification. Ohuote POP by telex.
Bank ref: First Fational Bank of Chicago, 150 Cecil Street, Singapore
0106. Contact: Low Lee Yong, NJtue Welcome Consumers Cooperative Ltd., 2CL
K~allang Junction, Singapore 1233. Telex: PS 263590 PFLrOP. Phone:
2928878 ~and 2923932.

2132 Duck (Singapore). Frozen ducks with internal organ, bladder F liver,
minimum 40,000 kg per month, min. 2 kg weight after processing, min.
feeding days must be 50 days, solid breast seat. Girapped in polybag,
packed in standard cardboard cartons. Prompt delfrery. Ouote CIF
Singapore, 100 percent irrevocable L/C. Pank ref: Far Fastern Pank Ltd,
Beach Road, Singapore. Contact: John J.M. Lim, Lim Chua and Chag Company,
B-90 Golden Mile Tower, Peach Poad, Singapore 0719. Phone: 'lotoob6 and

2133- Prunes, raisins, potato chips, abalone (Singapore). One mixed container,
2135 cellophane packed, canned or boxed. Prompt delivery. Ouote C&F/rTP. Pank
ref: M~alayan Banking Phd, Fullerton Square, Singapore. contact: Sob Tfnp
Song, Thong Thai Company, 18-A Carpenter Street, Singapore 0105. Telex:
PS 20602 POPT7AZ. Cable: TPOTPAICO. Phone: 911017 and 911770,

2136- Dill, preserves (Singapore). 20 ft afxed container, high and medium grade,
2137 can, bottle or pre packets. Delivery not longer than 45 days after receipt
of Letter of Credit. Quote C&P Singapore. Bank ref: The Chartered Bank,
Singapore. Contact: Y.C. Wong, Benda Pte Ltd., 6 Tai Yuan Heights,
Singapore 1955. Telex: RS 23747. Phone: 2541007.

23138- BroilSerspuse (Sed) Wants broilers, frozen, 2,000.amt in 4 shipments
2139 500 at each, and dried pinrto and/or lima beans, quantity n~ot known. Quote
C&P Alexandria, Egypt. Bank ref: Uplands Banken. Contact: Ms Khendbrah
Barreyra, Ug Trade, Box 4129, 8-171 06 Stockhola, Sweden. Telex: 13750
UGTRDE S. Phone: 08/23 48 71.

2140 Wine (Germany). Californian. wine in bottles, sample shipments first, high
quality, in cartons. Quote CIF Bremen/Hamburg. Bank rref: Bayerische
Vereinsbank, luuenchen. Contact: Josef Gail, Die tNeinquelle I[nh. Josef
Gail, Baeckerstrasse 44, D-8000 Muenchen 60, Germany. Phone: 089/8347183.

21431 Canned squid (Greece). Wants 6 to 10 containers annually (720 to 750
cartons per container). 7 to 11 fish count 50 percent egged fish 48 tins
of 15 oz. per carton. Delivery to Piraeus, Greece. Quote CIF OR ~CF
Piraeus. Bank ref: Commercial Bank of Greece, Glyfada Branch. Contact:
S. Stafylakis, Toxotes S.A1., 5, Vouliagments Ave., Ano Flygada," Athens,
Greece. Telex: 21-5724 AMEA GR. Phone: 8948285 8944400.

2143 Fruit nectar (Spain). Wants 25,000 boxes, packaging in one-liter bottles -
12 bottles to one box. Quote CIF Barcelona and FOBI (origin). Delivery:
as soon as possible. Other requirements: need to know brand name in
advance. Bank ref: Espano1 De Credito. Contact: Ignacio Moreno-
Martinez, Ignacio Moreno-Martines, Plaza Pardoy, 4 Murcia, Spain.
Telex: 67077 FONCAB. Phone: (968) 239 663.

Foreign Trade Developments

Notice of Foreign Proposals Concerning Standards in Agriculture. As
required of all signatories to the CATT Standards Code, this notification
of foreign proposed standards-related~ rules has been provided for the
information and comment of interested agencies and firms. 'The Technical
Office invites inquiries from anyone w~ho believes that any of the
proposedregulations notified under this heading could cause a trade
problem. Questions can be referred to Thomas O'Connell, USDA Technical
Office, Room 5528, South Agriculture Building, W~ashington, D.C. 20250; or
phone (202) 382-1318.

Austria. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Trade, Commerce and Industry
has proposed a Draft Regulation of Requirements to Packaging and Labelling
of Dangerous Working Material. This regulation concerns material of which
substances (chemical elements and chemical compounds) and products
(mixtures of substances) are toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritant,
carcinogenic, explosive, oxidizing or easily inflamatory.

Finland. The Finnish Department of Veterinary Medicine has proposed a
Decision on Hlandling, Storage and Transportation of Meat and Organs and
Preparation of Ground Meat.

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