Letter to Dr. Carlos Ripoll from Eduardo Romero, March 16, 1969. In regards to his knowledge of Martí and María Mantilla...


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Letter to Dr. Carlos Ripoll from Eduardo Romero, March 16, 1969. In regards to his knowledge of Martí and María Mantilla’s relationship.
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Romero, Eduardo S. ( donor )
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~Wte Ange]~B ~ llesCaitedra
Makrah 16, 19699

DPr. GarZi~se SapollJ
Depe~tQsrsreans of Romaane sat
Sl~biasto langaG**
QU~bs9eR 00114108
FI~~~luelin NewR York s.136; 7
Dealts Dr. ;polls
Plarser iaoneagwr. ~ de~layp in ranlwauein 3ea cOrdia~ iatt~er lat
~ l~gtb~Pdar ary SB. Dr. %~ arel4ales wrab tead: sau6r~ me na cop of~3 you projectedIQ~
study. In Bturla, I oam sendingll hist a carbon of hiadsp ~lettsr. A r~centad
f2swlare pP ~ 1Sof ltlL rbsumatoS 2dl arhr t hnisapped~L ~ Sy aral to9~i the antent thatr~~!~i~
Jg was unablea towseP reaF 6 rany ~ lengthy
';ur~ nees is .antitar, ab st;p~B we MW 3TM~ll~ 'tMMSP4
I9aratb~re e At~ 'f am woup~d ~so ~anym CutBBb ani~ menJ ~Wof lettersV n loc at oi
olQn Jonwarta univetbret~ea have1 erttlreaa with requee~a sisttlea Ito yrrrous,
and~ to ~allJ I ana4i~9 givse~ the ~amen rep~lg e In th pasBti I haves ~tParid t
P~rranave in 8pealzah, but Shhhhhhhhhhhhh ts repres~ents h t 45aemansming abosre Irsdu
~to m 1IPli~BJaRL ted voab lary andlac of f3tluenor An Ulth~r~iEie language tht s~a
resowrtE ging to Jamaish.
Itk in ~logical amsa r.p sankro aendl oth osLBfr Ombe ouban ~ treds
myu atl wouldLLT'~R~ e~OAse thatb ~w~ bea ccfthe olddre at ~Mar teaM11aI Would~
be a ~ suse o infarandon P~~bj w Cith regd tobJ ~BeSha ar in~ wA~g~ch~ my$ granesother
and~ anthauat wre~ enehI anB intimate~*4 part~ o the lfe of JQose Marki. TI~heseO t
a tendenoraw3 to foa8~rge ~that~ We r housee we~i~~~ICP heF gener~iatteen reauvedks teICe
~tichneas years~ b8th~ Irat ms~ hato ~in our feaboty, and tht wep are~s leasns Marg,
who dlet~ when our~ ~auth wasb attl1 r gl~a~ro m~sh g iro Atteen.Q~a Tibsr isl all
voynP~ far sawayg .treL~CAB a seeO wereB'~iIP bee an ednatedBBBBBB~~~~~~ in~5a 'the lattac stats~ satn
grew~a tp as Amertane, Bkalthoug sqr gframa ter aal houE inB~ NowbD~ York an
heri81B aumea~ra~ bsote in I~ibeepy p Frovid ~dardag~ ourT early3~f yearagI the ozO~y
Crrban merseiroanentr we se to8r ~IlP kno to no i~ Maredl was alply a spen,~rt hatr~2s
Afiuse 911<* W baslgtonu daalry~i iBk 2ker iand we~ ~paid 116le at~~tente~~~eeI o to~ amp
414ag32 wen adg~ht havr h~easrd of a more~ p~esona na~tuere
Atte~ Abueis) tfubujat deah omeA rasgwjJ~artw e yierSSI age~ our tandYBj
moved eas i~~gtrk~~~a.B libW Yor and~ he;Ps anra~ pll grou of~ Cu~bran tr~siends althi ab~n
there~ hadu bclr#ren~J sea BL~al conent tus th audbaa rn a2rtrammesaz faded facer dear~i
livesnc ast~ frtha4w ther lon r we alot ~alw ap~o~dke anaish at0 4bB8
evenF'O~.~ If~LTh o $LSUr as Terea lwee.bt~ lrralecotafft ~a.Sh~~ anahP\O SLakenDatJrde~an
psslrer son asl_~ hoeave been Sl;aturawbe: in a~ diiaaisonenian s atof ~ Cb is greatestr

Page5 $

ter, Nip~oll

Jo~se MarkQP bPa a prt o31 fJB y grandreathera and EW author)6 ia lfe
we~ honoraD his memor~Y anar iXY Pe#IL prou ofgJ o XIUr~ cuban hetriae b9ut te~ua~reasr
~si snot tmob d~isonst of ~ar! InusateJICI lifjE~ atwic wel~el can8 onl~5~BY ~UPass.
Abbu~elit s9 pokeho rsn of Har-i~ inl ra pcareaml 47*~ HEra pae6 ;privater~
11# wtase ~pto herse~lf and abe apokeqH to usM onlyeeee~~~~ee~ of Masrtis ifsntens
deic~Lat esa to 0aba and of his~ d~tevoions ato b~er obroeU nsa Mlariar jarnoeat
Mianuwralit and.t Aai~tas. \&h~s~ i~ Stle~ skill ver welovdtok havew his
cfhi3tdren's poseal ~an3 tQd ~ 9aboie relad to~ g ~and Cuba soci~E ~Kal g~a~therin
weI someI meII heard ril rantaa her sins arti rro dah do wok *. 4 p *
During oCu~r St~glarty.our ye~lars~ ofB residece in~l CaUl~itarain~ and uXp t
theu de~ath of qi motheaa atrt sevn arse eioago there tse crrcasioa l buE~Pt to jX
frequent% Viste f~tro .nCuTbanr 03~98 tetend v Bia were p~Assn Ojlithrouh LeeI Angates,
on theseocrcasboion the ame oft MFUaart J1mC~Invariabl came8 up 21X. ~ FWIConrarsa0o
vbt~~~fkish W) Fg~ 6Van ovr the ePars tascWI w~Te rowol a ndfie~ tea aggb) le to
appreDY4~cbO iate greaTnessJ~1 of fgsb man,1 WE Bether~ of~ten apoike of hima with~
deeps lwover and ;devotan.r D$ Ijt~ was ki she~ vbot had the lialsYermerie," nsta lerr
to, ber portantW ~ly) rat~cno of us0~;QI could 8 provide a e dtaiSB datesi and~YI
rano~odat~ ees ~as u woul lik to haIIVes I amW the onL~Y. one the fIPanLL
vitlg "b~iA re de X speta ...and scan of is2 with~ dif~ficut~Y, and i feet~ I alwas~g
harves to~0~ co ~achE coseR~ whnee is called uponJa~ toU speak agSpaniLSh on
$ta Soreen.L Th~ez~arefre, as yowu canRI im~agtne, we5 havet~k a3tr dERPSelve mch g~~int
$ho worexs s~ that hav been pu232L~blishedy ing~S~ thatr ~ lega e.U Our Youn~4ge bhefr\9
andt aisti~er do t even spea i~~hik enough SpaishPtf to hold ~san elemetacry
t we1 EaineejtreysrAddeeda adl r. Itsaso iP ar sotn ar~ch lee thef sad
sne~Ws of hr~a raFthera death.~b8 No w~as ~suhab f lu~ igntl~esma arnd a stmre
M83artia a Ho~that hadE~ crr~cf~esPon~ded~ ~flatxrequently it him8 andX alth 00analoP
der Queada w~blet r did not asee t~hosea lettersrri O wa~ st doing33~~~333~~~33 seartr i ok
44 te aae IJLand~s use notIIPaa cnst~1antly af t home Jorge 9Hannah~'s bookC~ RfartA,
5 18~t0~ Apos ~toll com dJes clsa reve9alEr sing W o~ithe~r s's mosrt ntd~ant nrPMI es18
olpf her chi~ildhoo. JIt~ was aCbout2 thtrtputiv years ~;aeS tehat. hePC ManaCIh
visited o i~ur bee ~in New p Jer tab andspenh an au~L~rsr d~ay iteorvieu~ g No~t~they
looking ovrer~ old3 fiPaaxb~sy pictures~f and~~C reading her LO ~ lette s fro Ma ,in
199j3, Hosther~ p1~resented these la ;~stt~bes to ubza set~u theyID3C weret ~plaeds in the
Aerquivo Macioal~s in Navana, she3 alo~b gaveF~ ~the agriS~Zlxlo Cab had beenP~ waDSX
bry .Marti during his iptsrlrSr~isonsen o a~B ~ ch In~I gang ds s mebs pl~acedr in a
spesially~ c 9onf~structedj glass llcas ;For pearrsrmanent ahthit in te ih~aeo Mark~,
our~ 001clcio~n oft familyt pc~tuwrsr and3 'rpub~,le\bcatios by;J acndt abfoutQ Martd ar
now~t; pac~ed9 slaway in firepcroot aoragens because our homfej in leoated in a1 fire-~
hzanardc~ iar aea an~cd narro esc~apeFld detrxucto ie ln the~ g Crea ,* s$easatoria 4
avP~Ept through~ here) Csame~ yersW~ bago.
In this collc~tion of bookci~a ~there tI kaja litl olumerir enbz~dtitle
*5! Mrk~~ Que Yo cConpci n wPribtte n byg~ Wa.Y Blanabfe Ba~ral~k Eothertd~i of~ 3ata
ThtPere lar ai cpEsr Ins ck~h .bQrabo spo motla beatdfQfU lly~~PP~ 3Sy grandmohbor.re

IDr. Hi~po~ll

P~ase 3

Actually, ~the Daral6b famiy, havngjtl~ baee relatd to Isr grarxim~obber l~ a rs wel
eas btei~ng cd~aspor~ari of hr iand agr o~thr, andl~h heaving alsose knowRI Maid
~ are s bte quIpp3Qed to provide 1~Alre Oddetbale inOSthatSIon ~thant arquneI I can
think% mi of grOn~Q brother "wesar aBrII~~ees th~at those a~ rally raeis 4r notEu tha w
could tell you~ about ths Sgtae ~s~ Th igure ofr Joe~J Harti. wa alway ta~b
the~~~lt bakrem of P ou ar lve, but we dida notC actu~allJ~E Y asp~erienc thos
y~enzla ers an, inA oura Phaem*~.Bricamoriete lives, ther van hardly oiSPpotuniH~ty
a~~afor dscu~hssi of thn A~e pu fkrxT, itgb $is Jon sZinceSPIIB ~th advent~ at the
Casro&~ reginetw that the~ ave~rage J$adean~. hasZP comeB to hear8 BXj.Band knan the 0~6aro
of Jose~a iMarkjt& orT to be even~ r03anote27 in~terouite

DP*r. ill,~~Z I knowD~ this.1e6S~er must. come3 e a ~~s~ 4 great i poinan
toa~ yesB and ~S wibl wiebablY be~ as~ much ofS a suilrprise ~to XUlaia baralt. I hiave
wri~ttenl at 1.~ becus of gir re.BS.luctance~R to~ IaPoer upgacious,4~9 andI I
tmrus youa understand that~8~ I have no altarn41bsatdva but to bea ~IIcmpletely

Mith& allZ good wishFes to 3~You, aknd kinetr remembc~rane t~~r an r
brothat, please~ believenwf a

Very sinacerelyqg you're

VA Mr~a ^=$1
coar Sp Luis~ Dfatalt~s

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