Ximenez-Fatio House - Schedule of Title and Use, 1973 (3 pages)


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Ximenez-Fatio House - Schedule of Title and Use, 1973 (3 pages)
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Ximenez-Fatio House
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Folder: 7303 Ximenez-Fatio House


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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
20 Aviles Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Ximenez-Fatio House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- St. Johns -- St. Augustine -- Aviles Street
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Document pertaining to the Ximenez-Fatio House, 20 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, Florida.
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7303 Ximenez-Fatio House

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ArucJT2-FATIO HOUSE AND PROPERTY. Schedule of Title and Use. Compiled by Dena Snodgrass Oct 1972. Typos corrected Feb 1973

Peio ofOnesi

Period of Ownership
oi Dccupancy

? /1763

? /Feb 12, 1765

Feb 12, 1765/Dec 14, 1772

Dec 14, 1772/Jan 8, 1776

Jan 8, 1776/ 1783(?)



1790(?)/Apr 7, i791

-il 7, 1791/Nov 7, 1797

Nov 7, 1797/death on April
17, 1806

I id

Owner (or other, where stated)

Christoval Contreras

Gerard Walton

Dr. Richard Pritchard

William Wilson

Williaa Dry

Spanish Crown

"In custody of Luis Contreras"
son of Christoval (ante). No
record found of claim of owner-
ship by Luis C ontreras

"In possession of Francisco
Roche. No record found of
claim of ownership by Roche

Juan Hernandez

Andres Ximenez


Not final. Subject to revision.
Use and Remarks

First owner of record; refugee to Cuba 1763. Tabby house,
mapped as Lot 234, Block V.
First British owner; how he obtained property is unknown.
Earliest record (British) is conveyance Walton to Pri-
chard described as "stone house and out houses."
Received grant to the property as well as deed from Watson.
Mapped as two masonry structures and one of wood; No. 1,
Skinner's Quarter.
Bought from Prichard. DeBrahm mapped the lot but shows no
Rented then bought from Wilson. No record of disposal of
property before British evacuation, 1783-4.

Properties not sold by evacuees; or their agents, reverted
to Crown on transfer from British to Spanish ownership.

Mapped as "the ruins of masonry house in bad condition,"
Lot 186, Block 27. Location of this ruin appears to be
at the same location as one of the structures on both
the Puente and Moncrief maps.

Assessed as "lot only," No. 234.

Lot 234 bid in at auction of Crown Properties.


erences by Brief Title. (See carded
.rLY History of X-F House..." by
ma and Snodgrass

lPuente Map, 1764
(Dry Land Grant Documents. Fla Spanish
Land Grant RecQrds: Unc.D 4~, 46, h7.

I bid
oncrief Map, 1765

ODry Documents


]East Florida Papers; Bandle 368, Reel 170

#Rocque Map, 1788

h1790 Assessment List. Field Note Div.
IIFund Trustees, Tallahassee.

OEast Fla Papers, Bundle 368, Reel 170

Purchased Lot 234 from Hernandez. By 1806, had on the lott (East Fla Papers, Bundle 373, Reel 171.
residence with a grocery store and billiard table; two (Ibid, Ximqenez Testamentary Papers: First
warehouses; outbuildings. #will (Oct 19, 1802) and Second Will (Aprit
(Ximenez' licenses: To operate a store on another site, 010, 1806).
1794, 1796.) Licenses of Ximenez on subject site: Store BEast Florida Papers Bunicipal Accoun
1800, lottery (lotto?) & billiard table added 1801; reports Bundle 321, Reel 147 ande 3
ed irregularly for years and months through June 30,1806 017; Bundle 323, Reels 147 and 148.
when Ximenez cancelled. Juana (Pellicer) Ximenez,wife Cathedral Parish Records
of Andres, died Sept 6, 1802. Five living children; stayed
for a time with their mother's sister.

.' ,.'.2.2 .I-- lIEZ-FATIO HaOSE AND PROPERTY. Schedule of Title and Use,

Period of Ownership
or Occupancy

(Dec 18, 1805 / May 27,

April 17, 1806/Jan 7

-(May 1806

(June 1806/Sept 19

(Nov 10,1806/ 1808(?)

(Feb 7, 1807/Dec 11,

Owner (Or other, where stated)

William 'Cook

Minor heirs: Jose, Miguel
and Rosa Ximenez

Ventura Boix


Vicente Llerena

Francisco Pellicer
Administrator of Estate

Florida acquired from Spain by
U. S. in 1821

Jan 7, 1825/Feb 1,

Feb 1, 1826/July 27,

Francis Gue
1/3 Owner

Margaret Cook
1/3 Owner

. Compiled by Dena Snodgrass. October lJy'r.
Not final. Subject to Revision. Typos corredted
Feb 1973
Use and Remarks

Andres Ximenez must have moved from his residence up-
stairs (to the downstairs?) for Cook paid X. estate
75 pesos for rent of upstairs @ 14 pesos a month.

Andres Ximenez died April 17, 1806 while Oook was
renting the upstairs.

Boix purchased most of merchandise in Ximenez store
and his house furnishings. He, Pedro Miranda, and
Felix Duran established the "store of Felix Duran" in
the house, downstairs.

Boix then rented upstairs. He died Sept 19, 1806.
rsimenez estate received for rent: 10 pesos for down-
stairs in May 1806; 100 pesos June 1 to Oct 5, 1806,
100 pesos @ 2L pesos a month

Paid to the estate, 11 pesos for November 1806 a&ter the
10th and 16 pesos for December. Llerena had license for
a store in Church Ward (khwre subject property lies) in
1806 which was cancelled in 1808.

Father-in-law of Ximenez who took charge of the property
of his minor grandchildren. (He was master carpenter,
leader of Minorcans, New Smyrna and St. Augustine.) During
this interval he handled 2,767 pesos of estate funds of
which the two principal items were an unidentified 977
pesess balance which was turned over to him initially and
1,220 pesos in rents collected (no specification). Princi-
pal debits were 268 pesos for repairs to the property and
1806 pesos to the three heirs.
No record of the use of the house has been found for the
period beginning Dec 11, 1819 to Jan 7, 1825. In 1821,
Florida was acquired by the U. S. from Spain.

Gue purchased from heir, Jose limenez, the latter's one-
third interest in house and lot (and business?). Was a
city alderman and businessman.
Purchased Gue's interest. Margaret Cook was widow
(date?) ofSamuel Cook, city alderman, active citizen-
apparently Mrs. bok was businesswoman in her own right.
House and lot mentioned.

Reference by Brief Title (See carded
"Early History of X-F House..." by
Arana and Snodgrass

Ximenez Testamentary Papers, EFP


Boix Testamentary Papers, EFP


Ximenez Testamentary Papers, EFP
EFP, Municipal Accounts Bundle 321, Reel
146; Bundle 322, Reel lh7; Bundle 323,
Reels 147 and Il8

Ximenez Testamentary Papers, EFP

Deed BookE', p. 231. St. Johns County
Court House.
Territorial Papers of US, Florida
Deed Book F, p. 171


Period of Ownership
or Occupancy
(Feb 12, 1827

(Aug 21, 1830

Owner (or other, where stated)
Margaret Cook
2/3 Owner
Margaret Cook
Full Owner

Not final. Subject to revision. Typos corrected
Feb 1973
Use and RemarksFeb 1973
Purchased the one-third interest of Rosa Ximenez and
husband, John Buchany. House and lot mentioned.
Purchased final one-third from heir, Miguel Ximenez
(who lived in Cuba). This title was reaffirmed Aug
27, 1838. "That message or dwelling house and lot
of land" mentioned in both deeds.

What did Margaret Cook do with this property? License information is fragmentary at
best. In 1827 she paid real estate tax in amount of $7.62t, with next entry of $6.11
for 1830. Her tax on slaves was $1.50 in 1827 and $1.00 in 1830. She had one dog
in 1827 but did not pay tax until 1830: $1.00. In 1827 she paid $20 on $2,000 worth
of stock (i. e. merchandise); there is also an entry in 1827 of $400 under "shopkeepers
to retail liquor." Could Gue have sold the house and lot (1/3 interest) to.Cook then
operated the store for her? She had no retail license but he did. He paid no real
estate tax but she did and she paid an inventory tax. Gue paid in 1827: "retailing
license balance due" of $5.31b; cart license iZce6its.In 1828 he paid retail license
of $4.00 and cart license of $1.50, both during first quarter. In 1829 he had a $4.00
sh6p (liquor?) license.

Reference by Brief Title (See carded
"Early History of X-F House..." by
Arana and Snodgrass
Ximenez Testamentary Papers, EFP
Deed Book F, p. 352
Deed Book H, p. 503 and Book N,p. 216

"Tax Collector's Report, January 12,
1827 October 14, 1830." In SAHS

July 27, 1838/May 15

May 15, 1855/death Dec 7,

S*7, 1855/Oct 18,180

Oct 18, 1804/Oct 19, 1914
ct 19, 1914/June 20, 1921
June 20, 1921/April 29, 1939
April 29, 1939 to date

Sarah P. Anderson

Louisa Fatio

Purchased message, dwelling and lot. Widow (date?) of
George Anderson; former residents of present Volusia Co.
until 1830 (Indian uprising). Mrs. Anderson (nee Sarah
Petty Dann), inherited under will of mother, Frances Neal
Kerr, widow of James Kerr, second husband, of Bahamas.
By this time, the house was a guest house and was op-
erated as such during this interval. Considerable data
available, though weak during Civil War years.

Heirs of Louisa Fatio

David L. Dunham

Lillie 0. Dunham
David R. Dunham
The National Society of the
Colonial Dames of America in
-the State of Florida



Purchaser. An exhaustive study of all sources relat-
ing to owners from Francis Gue (1825) to date is
currently in process.

Deed Book N, p. 217
Spanish L:nd Grant Records.
Territorial Papers of US, Florida.
East Florida Papers: Kerr Testamentary
Proceedir, s.
Order Book A,p. 251, 251, 255. St. Johr,
County Court House.
Ibid: Bool Q p. 13.

Deed'Book 8,p. 290; Book 10, p. h5.
Deed Book 32,p. 237.
Deed Book 45, P. 8.'
Deed Book 120, p. 442.


Sechedule of Title and Use. Compiled by Dena Snodgrass. October 1972.

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