Diario de Pernambuco


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Diario de Pernambuco
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newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Brazil -- Pernambuco -- Recife
Brazil -- Pernambuco -- Recife


The Diario de Pernambuco is acknowledged as the oldest newspaper in circulation in Latin America (see : Larousse cultural ; p. 263). The issues from 1825-1923 offer insights into early Brazilian commerce, social affairs, politics, family life, slavery, and such. Published in the port of Recife, the Diario contains numerous announcements of maritime movements, crop production, legal affairs, and cultural matters. The 19th century includes reporting on the rise of Brazilian nationalism as the Empire gave way to the earliest expressions of the Brazilian republic. The 1910s and 1920s are years of economic and artistic change, with surging exports of sugar and coffee pushing revenues and allowing for rapid expansions of infrastructure, popular expression, and national politics.
Funding for the digitization of Diario de Pernambuco provided by LAMP (formerly known as the Latin American Microform Project), which is coordinated by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Global Resources Network.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began with Number 1, November 7, 1825.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Numbering irregularities exist and early issues are continuously paginated.

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University of Florida
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UF Latin American Collections
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Applicable rights reserved.
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aleph - 002044160
notis - AKN2060
oclc - 45907853
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R. Bernardi
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, Belgrano




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lo- vapor desitsa linha, queiram Stesela,
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Augurts 1'. tie OuIveira 9L.
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oampanbila Brastleira de Nave-
qaciAo a vapor
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S B3rnac'lin' P.iitial
ti-fill% Ili) ,ifX!.Wit-(it)---l
'ompanhia de Navegaqto a Va-
por Flehiana
Maceib. Peru d'-. A\a:;ijiu. F.lancia, P
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I Go~amandDnte Teixeira

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Roy I M-iil Steam Packet Com.
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Commandante A. E. Bell
S~a,.4-.e t ilos purtrPi do isul n,)
di 29,1io e,,corrente, -iual (Iepoi;
A dacc marsala oiJ'tIIAu- aeua1;a
para L-b-mua eSjutbhmptoa.

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as auls pu...agr.is ,'-r- a lIurov vr.- I la doe
mosmoos vapores 1a2 oul. ten.!o ptra '.-!te
len omearotes opecc ies., reserva-Ica para i'cr-
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Pa- sagens etao (iads por tolos P vLipor.'s
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lemet. elair tes pnra l.'sbo.u
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sadits a As vinho i; awsas os pafsageilos dae
toda at clem* .


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U'i-a cama fran ?a I : ir i.
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da rua do A u 11 n 2 2
em qua mr'u .* n ;pI
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c>ul <'h:'t V-s 11 0c l 1 k-i.
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cera 1 m h im a i iii '. 'r, rai' *:,
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para S.i J )O, c i t. : i -l.'r zi;i

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rilea-s nairm i" ?i ltiar-,,e Ia n
tic curia I. li nit. I. r,', ta' d Ao t 6. '
r'i,. aul friente ai it ^ da -l~ia ini; o Jo 1.-;e.>, min it- --zia ft((r*

para ,?e '.r.i. r': ;'c: c-ir:. puls istl

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entr, lauad 'ecrjit j i li a' l. i. S-ra .40 : M "t
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S3 .ui 6e 1. I at r 1 I Ma'.I... I q)
I' j:o .l s S'rs .I. k- .!- i; & .. puis itch
41-!!.u r'-?:aintE~lO 1i1 :^ p f 'iil'). t S
I'us-vono -'o' [itt ii'r ^''- Srs. ouriwses,
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iuaili,,r. Q a, io*in ,- "ma, iua l : nO airada i
amr Fr r.ceit & ra N .ve n. 10.
rsspas$sa u-a iouia no iua dou s
'6 Cam armaca3 e hinga pr r, qnalquer 'a ,. U
a trutar at rue do Rasari i n 22 kjl. '
- Alnega-ze o pavin.pwau i tr-eeo -o yss
1 411i rua do Rolh ol, ') f n 8 A uadps 1 '
-a uun pequoflO 1c CO casa no Lepinhoatr L0
wratar no aP ma lar do sbrid n i aV a ru i
r.ge._____ ___
- MlugI sep' o )p "Co COmnooo 1. m andar
e :oa do s.brada n. I-.t sato a CMdo Goe,
Suimsera ; m s.tu ,S t nu j oe d 0o,' tlf "
a, F',ra a .Nva ; e e ru-ro n #'a9Is M q c"-'"
Ja Mbgdalene pura aTrrei ; a -'-r M
Selo do SaI'bro n. S15.

i -- Procpsa e Lo'ar u-j o
a3gu e Qlintal cran'Je. e qua S
mos -.o 10 quartos e s l nma *m
no bireo da ).a-Visata; query:
art leeluda sulas typogrspbhil
et!s U MIft _____
Pelnt-s so Ic -f o a 6. a
da Vtie'nital dus aotda newo l
ale o Motoe Saccoro na .
Gt-Aillds ma qlum eatew emi
it IcwoIau & -A sA mA.4,
Prift-si d *as a
eiaslaIa pwBftn hwtlr

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Preojia se de urn ieeiti'u pI. t o i'- urn
-W 1 c0ru : i t a d'us Dyi'ontoI ant a
tend. do Sr. 4b l eeaa a. 6, qoe ~4M cet,
quo-S toii.r sus page.
ALU'G-A-Sg uM preto asils tIl. que
_i1 Itldi t ir jadim, e 6 sw a uE. a qeaim
tawir be o. der ruasspa ira to eIV-,
9., rn:, ,do Vi.ca-adeto ie Gyana., -ep pis
, 7" se d, quae alngag a smes-Ta
:js3 pi f .-se(t aliig'r DUiO PeaSa paida
*ji prela, IP cirdducta afliashiada por leas
:h',p.s, qu sa'aba eg-emmiar moito
t,!w ro'jpji de humem e de Sra ou reit-
!bila 4,3 die fos.

ada disto 0o br*Wtoiwia
ia es nnos jue se rogSto boSr. 1I
r,e,:i "i t ie Mello, escnvl Io cid&
4j d ". .. -& Ih, haseis ainos que s,
pe'p quasi polo amor de D -us quo ve
ab, d ru f(ique de Caxia' o 36 e
Qa, ve.ri. r.ro manda I
nj oiuitx lhireze dp corSqio
Pois dlevtc vir, oun nudar.
E 4%e wr-'T ;e aqlueio quo am Uvtha a
-,.,i^ jqua S.S. ten) aMsda U&u
!,fj ijv- ,j e e esIejd comupund<
,rtmui Uchulu para ser cantada, A ioh -
i ag Ing, fe rA publircda

ao C0,al vrato de Cod ek ':
Cura ccrta e rapid.
A X2TWovCvA e doftAqVXi
dab-c5'-6ie. i naictnbivaiojvnij>wnnftt
; olceiii -.. .* ;JL'>14 ii'tj.)5 e for oss
c's", e i t ,. ,": '* ,...j-.ut ,,'i-.L.jiunadns
ta, i ':* *, ti IF. ui =bu Id jietini,. 6 ,uMtarn,
r *i aar.- ').-b 'iber t"m cala b|jif.Ia
PARIS -- 7 Faub. St-Da.is, 18 PLM
r "tv -: r. Pernambuco :
VLO' I SILVA&C ,.3,r & marmi 0zi afted
uT!OLNoE1 A6: -- FlU Im-IM P;
J. CAOl. m P. PmJam

0 MauS eUguro "N" a de
0 pr wapto ee dofvc m
R~uisiv ^sy j vadadeft

sAnbo o quo tre
htscjipa de travel
corn lirta encanmda
|na as1gnnt'1!. em irenit.
0Jp'j t -tl.- 21, aveuue VTictoia, PAMI
YDB-gF U1 TO"J" a5 P Mtsasa

Tendo por base um vinbO geaeto&, o verdadeiio
u.Lx,--I.r_,, -ooha reprensenta a totaldads
dos principios das tres quinas; ei. porque sua
efficacia esta hoje em dia prova. contra
a U

iuv55mt3e do L~b e ds eiMgi.
bs main dauemgq o 33 O a
wae a w an miggo
Ilnqmeml!$L a %86 ---Am a I i
PARem. obrUm fi e ei*.m-eao q
reeomimudo pe o ms ndlmm*b
Oct's as trap ft
dM^, de nn&klaMB53^

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mme ape. ne o esm.Agu1ia
coat 1por m o Nor l .


Earns Mq&uido,

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|1 6*itoM
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I f~ap

Pri3e -sod use a as loe 8aib ca LlUU5Q
.Mhel om e mi. pi ear am de pos& fam K smte. Dteltan. 9R m tr re, aebs-e a
0; a 'es A rot sa. gSom ewb. ,ml ontoar e iismao imoditat D. Idahnsa
0m ee. giseg 41r t seb G a toi eus.. &eaes, m 4e r-i '.u rd te "o-,nt, que' 16 toe8 aea2csi0daa no
s Z & F11r o24 a afste ,So mpeStes di Io- mf do 'ReCia a.n- ,,tohz.eos avstidos
.w.nam a- freg ees I to,yts..n ,ev* PSt5 esln ge0e m ids .
is &d os Sep. Ftads paest" egsg dogi hos pars baptsdos, tollefes do moeuuris
m55 a iSmposte s me Ves, eere-,O ,. I ars sonho s6 send &ads oi(O tsam prompu
IS 1 043" 'owem. .ne-6 do lo, o09 ,- so e mieis beaaos di quo oem euora qusiquer
OW04 maet,ebe" Prese5t-gre .8 srampes
900WO r00etboo 0 c#.tMt#ae 40 srtpdaemooel
d-4 prodoes qae oeapes me rub,, tlveo-s
beeos. largos tessradas dareferlia frogs.e Rio Grand. do Notge
5. 0 &o5i elast-na 0 bltyri,'suto a a qa 0 aba xos esislna-.! sonber db propiedade
Sau enjet4- mIa foliO detsap docmiaslyo. Cre'lre, mnvds so twrm do kssgeareta
Rashe., 2 I male 0 l8 s ,--0 le do'r,. a,,s. per i $1sea u ler D erlnds Amelis
Ma od iotA ioase v.dAV-liar. i Albeq----qMs NaramsbI ArAtes- vor doelao
i e Cerafts do Memielts C rd so a so redeiro A eems pmrpervodde. Antonio
varelSk ps aftpare1 a oope p r J M id MedeirO o aaq m mai nImertmear
SO 115t5-o. a 0 dp potsea* pr, ..amsa. quo n,,baes boibteafs a 'emr em
ear"pad0. ftfmedAtelo 6- wasise so roern ispr id e,'pa rejusato
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eums ose sft se eoetboe-veonto sobsa man I qu- mdle al, hiob a clauels a4e Ic4 r a pro
do HOfards oardouu A C. Roofe, 27 do mat, I priedado hypothoed, pirn garnisa do a ron
deo a" ameto., elf& M.-rim. It a oma ,e o88M.
m-*iusnio V, Cre'ia dOesbequite Cardog Manoel M iresDantes t avaicanto.
sewas be. p' Kr uyp pu ntivo do moso.,. ,
ltafs. a a2 teaofu p ,p4i4e drepodi -so poepA io
elv< imnt a ds reO. OS esoenvmilgs0,u ape N, o A p l
peetar-b#,esen o-'hea e so ameato epsO 4) ilaft (CA41 t mr lO
,,u dtadimu iprettesa ou, Lsbm. o, ends pro a (gIurC
Wtedose so a lpe as nes.NO baixo aasigni4os dolaramos qua vtea-
o A.Aoare me Oea ie Albwi.1 AlMamm .- d 26W- d a.% ^

I in Pr o %i nt v r enagoumar; oa as daes
L res wa.- n i Icbadto.
Aatlir Pro msa so do sa*a; ratar n&
ra d Marque d Olioda u. .
aejemde sudoar.
% Ai Pre'claa-ae do un. ama pars cv
SZiubh-.r engaonar ; a tratar a
rUe Muca n. 5. 2 andar
[i iV 4 r0i~t pp e o o lensi a qm e qoitsN
MtioAher ; a rm q da Onio 69.
S M Pr *a so de oaa amsa; as rs
4rCgabspn S9A. Ioja. ""
Par casa e peqaoni.
fa'*le piecisa so de una
aws : tra:-ae as rus d,
Isperader n. 61 1* sadar.,
11 P uae do udo **
que aiba o us abar e laver
S1trair a pr*Ca a sBoa Vis -
ta n. 10. tIvetna.
Am. (Nitf rsa 4 C9oepreia.6o a% so
siadj acdsr, precis as do not

Vesoseo o plbatwte n 0f aal Timbre de
sileW 9 pelne, de eonmst urO do madenras
to B3ns l; qneu qtilser c ,ipral o. p6J e Ir a
tedo mamnal o, a tratar COn Amorei Ir
m5e & IQ

llereb UZr,-vm de u"ee

5--RUA 00 TIAIRIO -2
of Imu..,%e a'm fhbdie8 ", v
im uomes-s- hmon-., w t do'amruv
msmu es--an". a woden
e" WM de pMn 66Ob'o.OimNOe q
e, bs As d Ee *do q &g

1,bie m ias =ed onis a o ftam q oI
jk" sielemah su. I 81.i mlril
SussW& ftmus esji a mI

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a-gm ^ u i> k Btt^^ j--^-j.c-.~

do im I ?( r
simitlbuM Auma Agai rnwi a- Ptnt~tMlrid o miiaD lte&


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wsaw oa u or. uoaquim AIiv e oniV juniorU o
* abelpeciiento de omiuhads 8 asto A rus deo
S.iques do Herva, n. 141. qa. oyava soore a
draM suiol Cte Fon-eca & iqu.,ra. Julgamom
na4da dover a oinguiu. 0 quiem sejulgr co0n
ireito, spresente susa eruita a prato deo toes
sias parea aroe satesfei as. Recite, 23 de
mane de t1%.
P-et siano JuA,)i Antonio do Siquoisa.

Ao commerclo
Umn mooO bastante bhbooot io no comamerco
quter de gro8so, quer 'e *-eih ., e tend boa
leirt ptnta rmond<:ita. oe ff rrce p ra csi
xiro on So0io ip qalqcuer -eitabelecimento.
,a 0o qulo tern altua capital. oue:, tve,
conv.-n anc a u acc.-Ital o. nxe c. rita ftseba-
d sob as iaiclase J. A., usI 1 j. t 81 da rue
dia lmperatriz.
Pr cisma so doe un comnhetirs quo en-enda
Om d, Cousinba ; a, 43 Vtascondo de ln
a usa n. t3. 1L nooar

Os #-b xop asase-aso a. pr..pe.tlssam, os.'B1a
tfbrca deelaretm q,,e o v i1c.a -goentes para
a venda dlos lPns produmtoo. em I ernanucco,
eAn 0o Sr* Br-Wms &A (;.
Rio d- Jaueru 2R do -hrie, de IM
(Amsignadu, Lara,,ja, STiA & W hift.

I 'rgencia
Aao dove orp ,t= mi-s tfa-'lids de Maoel
Perrira Alb rto & C., i utr r.-om eqmiabeleci
Bnint. deo Ib.d. s a roe do Lvraom-oto:
nionat J *e Peo nan-Ilms or ematante da-
quoell, divid a i 8h. a tuod',s PeOs ,iovedofes
paen vir si etfastpr oe wws d hittop. podbod
d im r am A n .. mlv .. f ..L .I _A% im -tLng

S tee se fe)a esps D. A-
nania B obte;iu Poaest
Ceonvi, B sasul pnare-
n^^H^^B 9 sot -a v^ ara assis-
tree as iwssas f sae-
brea quo amtnd- celo-
brat pot alma de sue
m-1- lebra4a ounbads D Mara doa, tevoe
Vieiv golit'esu. eapos de sea amigO eo0-
shade t asucnco Pear Baulftoea. no doelo
quinto din do sou fatire'awenio, asfris *dt
8. Pedro Nmaityr d Olin ', sIjb horas do
maubL n) die quarta-leira, l d. e rrents.

Coiumca lad*r Manoel 4a .V&ra Cruz
Una e MeMo
Braz a neiro Lmns. Me 1I., Albino Carneiro
Lin, e Mtloe. Man. et rome-ir- I,s e MeIUo,
Minoel (arneir.. LP *.. J< 3 Ra KItdij Gungal-
vwe Lia.a convidsan a sens poreatEs e amigos
a asoist ram as mioseaf tan. bra qu- maeidam
celebrar per almsa d p Fes ee pre ot ro0ao paI
a s pre. u comoen4ador ulaae1da Ve'a Cruz
Lmns Me to, no isaeti o e seae pasfi.amdan-
to, 10 do junho, is 8 borms da venhl, na or-
Im teroeirs do Carso, aMte t oa cidad do
CAbo, e na capetoa do engeobo ,I BL z.

S. Ex *Rfevim.' celeb atr no ui 29 em altar
privlleua i. pe'io dsca- etone'ao Die Betlira
Pesup David Madeira, 'Ilees 4 a cida. 'e do
S. o.a.3 a. a Bezorrs, ac;- 12 do corteue
Lo.o qu- 8. Exe. soub dense opsaamento,
prometteu este grande sato -1 crideie, sendo
St isl uSt pruve 03 uns inalterave l bon jlade.
At. c) iien erci<)
0 abwtixo assitgnads. tem ol-rwcr an 'orpo
rommorcit e a qaem maim intieressar. o 5eu
p0 etiusn BO sentdoI do-fife, luat c',bramsu
quer ja propa, qu, r fimx :etl. e.iiaitse pe-
quena vantage v; qu. ma dells so quizti, apro.
Vett3r le.xe ceaira i escrlptori., da erjorega
doe.Le Diari, afim de set procu aI lRucife,
A5 do mm o d- 1882.
Fcn'iaco Ignacio de Tortes R.ndeira.
A haixo 0M( On Ifaontelfea dinammarquess do auerior quaald.
,e k' IMJ0 per late de lib a: sma ra ure ita o.
14, pauan a da v uva CoeltasMtle.
Aina de leite
P,'i-iaa.sede u n aseta de 1od9; na rug do
Imperador a ____
F Feidor
Precihe-soe do un quo e*tls&. orfekalm -
te do is rdm e fe ftido omale Mnip deo aito:
a tratir pa rta DrWHltsa. 44,

rim a l. r sw a refl^U-m ^ as, qw-wo a 4j lop^'
ru u.~i I U u Udo1 IMAOSO
SLuvas frescas de Pellica O A I a-SO
Am AcUta. Polt rto -b,, sne b St Oiatoedo idomcilho doinea ASo.a 9 pen sa M0 e 0401
vD*s doe poll. a do sor. bran-ss p0'e p a--pers -a B

S&al IS. 0oora.nooDqurne.rCaus de
U~PR oidoamrsm,* f n a
ns f lthbos do M do Publico fdo 8. Jor6 p -i t MWdo S __om _
= 5 13 t6. '9 ptecoe t oePl -5o.5 5S! Us A. e
* dA Albaqsroe. vendor. ursa dido pm Sra1 _
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Antonio S. J ".

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Alheiro & Silva

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ExpoIao i"iAersul
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Na Exposioio Univers 1
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I|- IUlUll)U c I)cp ral
uItlmauD n-e h.sogt- -'u, .-a e s'iro ftei.
o. venleu, Candiddu Au ar, & C., i a Nove
oium ro 2.
' ,a nova de Lisb6a
ournas galvanisad bs
ileo de wioutlO
I'Sos aejanigaua
*iarus para t arcaic,-s.


E' sem!,'e rnovidadesil
Ni, 50 Ra D,,que dd (m;.xo s %. 5.
Por baixo do bllhar
Ch-lea -, Pompadour mw" gr!iPrnce, j-
ir0bS ,inupiracment, novo0 a 58000 um
Cret nee ill.mIps fin S. 4ue pa&tin l
i61 ra., e,-va o
Ditoni f a-nezes finos, parm 1.0#1. precs,
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V-lbuteAnas de t vad- !

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D 'os de cores burdados a i0 s.o W .o v <(tc,
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Fian-tla bronca para coeir-s a i'O rs t ,-.
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S0 99 da reo Dnque al caias ft
CLela d
Carneiro da .Uinha & Go

r9 Sdlabria Ialei


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aOffo (F)-"o convidsJ,) a elacidir quilluer eu desj",, uIIa Oisgo' rquiparr a des.- leuambro do 1879. dlecloraulo< qle deiag cousto, eUuaiciadl asIi na to libyan,
iusewso peza di corrute cw)tou a il i ruisras exsrci- e.r maotida a iasiscasCAo di4a cciurcas o. U S. Kuodilioes Pltxulo: ihstmol-u
II jsci. eIn qquo s- i 14 uiiia dfler'nv- para ,i'e. o uo a ,ia x divi. Data do dimnbho do 1879 o aparecimea- fn41s& d- 0:0K00 030.. n i i.bisatas as ru ulra UIoe. tilstissidiia quo tole Io A sepultara. J acfOs fel*t" peia c",minssia') en aAgo- epeOns altera&C9, qu l u Ifluam -'sbrv mu,,boa do qa.nto s litr. F Piubeir.i evilt
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at1. a qa.n a Co'l5.dIDnO ca's deo tma of) a C') u i3SaU (1d oi vneitoti n01 prp.-.,t. d,, a- comarcas JA eswateuts 0o ersadas de prouvilce, lulou nuiti.. e eLve e sdtpe
,i Imtt'i! pDrs s s senliar di g-. ; G. ru; ei q'lc miist-m a 50:lt,'. 0 ,iVo caso us4 Iterlstlots dos 9 ftei otur todr u altiweeno d.- si D'iigi asis
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tiey ila; se'npru c,- o ual' -i l i ,". '.,scu .t4 0v-is c iua *as cr.Adas por- as quo 'estas servrlro, attenoleud, is i penael deai osluseoi. 0 Sr. r V. P.
wura : I.a n o'.q4sll ,l it, sIn voier c aiu iiis C 0Lh. issAu -itCVi reipeit .r .os acits -ua opao no caso. em q*o subsateilau obeOso obsltuaaa-se ona recusa. all-ff4d
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f y.i moiu, s p e a p: a pr,,l iiva. Uisi,.)s .. ua aet iutsvri.h- w hw n A- d, d! la dfntrina 8 a c16 4 C is5gai2u qud dis 'accsi-s tiuddgaiaieutde S il .iLtsc0 doasu.
w U 't. a(.irtvrt- e. arait-a-a Cfi "abSli3ta provaPcia.t'S pa qoe estas ui, l eif in oS ris. 151 e 1'5 dU a cousliutaOi. boiradafiluilal. 1a4eon1b eolepu.d' Vd,,
s sb, I it, at' -I- a ,, t, ai ats jc l ta ,s'sl:aa: twines P-sr o slu'alei minoeira d 19 de outubri I,uasr isikssuagoles oqAtiiticti'vo
'*" V<.4 h-!.i-flsp 2-no''m nirt do-'a- A silustie swiuorh Ca>nfb.itd-Tra qa lI 1S78 fisai cr:ada3s as comas-cat deo OSi.Igiacso Aa'U.asrufsrer-atfemk paric
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.knaq;O- I .sts ei'-s tl.-J-'j ,. a i,-p'ab pabi ze aple euhtll ,iiVSa.s e se li5i5icipitS de Sdle Llg6' 1 Par& en s- do r K P icnt.
.Q",J0,.!4I a' ,'1 da|. r., C IQ ,tlas$, qlal Uslfnl a ctssuiss&' oe" a GOitercu gisda ciafl os 'oe Boitimo e B Umnad", i"- )s Pad suia d-' Sosm/a deiza i dept't
J-'".5 dlt, ,.-I C'., f, ,l Iu que ',s l \ t tv1) acS -a01r't') 5O1il) P*O v pd t ,s lo sxppd-altO.crgs 8pircoisegauiote rri terrmorsd daao- .ss5. so-us, pirltl ,e1.2 il.alISGUrS p.
l.e-, 4, j r,1'h. Ii LDi,, P.,5 .r.. c..t- p>-I,) 11 bi luinisIr. da jaasisa. g. comarca d,, Ri.s-Park, que lioba psr btlc'do as dez qu.- Il eia l.e i-. 1is -salr .
.ea-5 j a, eta ,, D' S ,, um' Gn i',,esdio Jiga quo sia ci*a., ale il tcucio p|ie s, -6is a cidede de Btulun, e d'un'le era U Sr. ilsdlugulos Possewdque refsus
teb ,,- I"l i,,nl i i : f^zrr Illua ec,,n-uiso, are,:Ida-. c,,,ua juiz de d relto n Dr. Jusquim [goacto N,- u eosa .eLtoQ. u, s-u du resade In 4uesu4,a s ,,n..ltl. *e~o'bl- uelri Penid. 0 S-. P~ul n', do Ssus. de2 lue ala acb
,l'je .- ,nurtflrat a I1'-: das esper.lnfas, tis peIto resepcclvo aa whriestustl'sr ; esaw Frwado no cilado aviso de 31 de do- rrgelar taos pubocaae6o simpsteliaueitaar--
: '..,I,, g 'su, as il,- "i.s perdidiaas, Itn*ia8 eses qi, rnintnlu a t snHa, SIDOI znnbro, o Dr. I'cuudo a 18 de iovem i,1,u a cltaglo s' aaulri-is. s%. basa a cci
:-,'ruu 1,,.'Isa ,, u C.Stull ., mais saota.t critdssdcv'.t A C ',lt0l e o rf .Bi tarsn do 1478 reqaoreu opci, pela Coialrea tiago para o Diario Official public r
i-3,tJraa).'. bae it-i~s e t- ^saecidas ; ise-s sotila int1 .11n,',1l qtio ,nprv 1afl 1 e e' Eutre-Iios; at1 baje ni-a couinta *,fn- quo u depot ,,o q4 z8 padi a guosno leiu
013110 rsLJ tes,ha.,,, aa.-*l.tr i.,,'C atat cieloifDle o de.pachu que uese 6sae reque u-,r-se, por sn-is. d4 citaQOns msl'ca-.ss.
tl, ) -n out, qme exi- isonba ilnagoie, a,) r.fri-l, aluiU,ln r.e-l,,r 11 ,i ord'ounatu ie1into. 0 qoe se abe A qoe pot d'tse- de las-. sa f -th d's gvern a, s us,-e e i-
e,,,,b, ,iu p:m f: aout'usra, n'esu1:a snalor d,, qua ,d' ,la cast ,ie Cars i- de 8 de mates) de 187;1, foi o Dr Cur- g,s das ubr.i Lblo ju do dacciariarso ,I
tagar ala. ,'. ala litarb maSia, mca ,, iaos a li,,gir 'Larl') ;atlma c(bora ; A csiuutt.ss&.a ap c-.ulusa oasenda igtli vara a c amarca de Esitr'-1li.,s, soudo pea' ,o deaxlu ie 6er c'firos

retlalvameiiie ao eir -ereiri ia pilicia. ilecreto da meoma data nmomado piara a UI cidado vai viitar oama irma. ma-
I bA ,uj. c'i'4 l%41 e :.iliv % lin ap.Irtl i, it r etcnlra'Ie Faguersa e-umarca de Sle L'.g6ns o Dr. Fetippe Ga- irasIa de c-rto subd- eg-tdo. delcito rta
-..s.. 1 *le i, t elftic it",'ian.na,. re-p ',id', i pb-o, nii ser dt lei a irecep- hriel da Castro Vasca'in-ellu. ,ibmtaii,. 0 sub leliga.l da the vuz de po I
'*..aa pt.;a l iu,a e d, (ab dho bdo oe sa ca ci i ages. mas 6 dwreiua qo-. Per decreto de *7 ale deseoab'o foi defig sh( e chama burro (0 radar p do vowa
4. 'l.' '.i,1t l 11, 13 ,r iv'jnl.... a e tiO si4l, reuc.bc' 1111 hi, seil's aliunt. u'da para o Dr. Peoido e c.uarca de C.- o Cr. Spresaiele. ubsz vando quo a paa-
P.ss.h.I a :-.u.lnisr- as ieieda ajreo 'itlibanoos, em Sata Ciathariua, seodue do ia foi psl' noohre rspresentatite ds 6 dis-
o t~re :t.ae{. I ,ml p a J ieta .. Ja nnseftaala, e0n 3' i ta, dz. ,lue nesrn a -laradsu avule, por decisto do It de so-t lcio regitrad ( lisada.) u, vucahutar
*- .aeoni p*.I-cel Is b lua'alma cessuu cum-uis-a., un Sr. mus.-t o oa jluStua wombro de 1880. parhlssutaut). 0 isubre depultia Bulttnde
S1 6 s i. brc ; ialc latar cm a a plil maces-r aque ?-8 >elf eIea,) aiiguaon- Orador 6 les m por tim p dir a als'.i tal(ezxqu esse cidadli se devia dar r
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ao f ,p.,ua,,lS, al'iti.,v ipt la iii.ie deo a beiiisa dos seus cabe1iiis eiuriM mw Itra jAo du wiMseravel. Lanou p-is us olnar
u lL 0 I llt deoigina, fleltur patou a ies p-. o. de 0u00, que a Aimo, quoe a aderu itoesurietaialo m redor de si, e urmuDrou
disiaoicia d'eild. -- Pos odeio, W6 mesm ae rspossg corn aogusai iotisa;
(iie.thor 6 um in'seravet Cotit- vl -o I eic'amou ella f6ra de si.. 1 ago-a stou pordida, pirdidal
lA'u nfl* i Georgsia colu s igs desia- s c rrii-s. i W m ai mda do quo ouaca, pf i wv r quo u 0 infaine Heilors ufvio utas pata s,1 *
L t IifE"iti i; cilda tin qi u me fi ushi' I setabor fol capazdorde nrdu oo iU isfa.,a om borreoado s,,rriso Ibe contrabuo os Is
A culpa 6 blla So f'-pu"I leu He e igoubil traiAo co ontra I1m I tos.'
POR tor. p .r uaw me ter d.iiad., *, ur uel, Palavrias desagradav'is apeami, s* Ora ista. formosa Georsgma, seja
VM 1. 1RIlI-'111 OURG deod cusverser c-u-i'eg So a uajain, Sr que eo acho adosraves per sobir do Ians rs.-avel o caondescos osBte. oint A em Iu
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T-Rn.Ttlgj,). oio leria etn h.-gadu a esita ul- labios dscorrados eom ofrio cuotra- mots semronasleoute e coming amigos. Crea
T Cl-[itd% "A'RTE triuid.,le. (sito. quo doemie aolasaim ds msdo algui a-
ORGI A- Mas 0 senh 'r ja dove saber q"" o -- MWs quo 6 esdu o quo o seohor ter ulas cio-ras, as quaess polo Coutrariu, j1,n
GEORUls od. que a so, plesrnCa me c csa ahor no casirio. ma saim? 1 Iltasmt ues i- par mira u n grande prazer cum pletamen
rur I ratio a 1fuo1l GGorgilea. te oau.
;sn;: auab ,4 a. 113) n' possiv-l: mes ;atrovuo-in a em.d Tmot e-o uiite Teib- aor qee lb. h sotuaudo ama rinda amarella, cont-
rar quse ou die ha di s ,uau.i de souoimua- ddiom, o i palo quoe sI deesora, wq u :
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*ginimr el-i.t.,r ,I % tI,. i I ,) q W wl <, elel- .}oluil 1) as'.1ult i ua ultsi l 1| Oia *l,. Sr.
t )res tihn 4 o lireilo do vmftar dilrautoe presidmlenitpe, h- seguialts [-r -posta- :
( IJa a Ieogi.laura. dj n odo que eou rs-l- Art. 1.0 E'aberio ao Mi a$st1 0 dos
a,1aos aos ddput-I.)i elei.os rtileitu., dii N gci- di Agri.:oltura, IC *siai ci,) e
iant esso poeioda). as hJispusisQs do re obr -s Pirilicas. uma ciledlio ex rauriltario
I"n-lO'o facilllVain mtitr)i o trinlt) do- e LH'I:UUO que pid"r s5cr despeolsido
, nmross.j> do iuquerilo. if actual e na ft)iitaro exerciciss, arom de
N-) actu-i iegiun. poren, easas di.pj i -r ,t-presealtar o Brasil ia exLpostciO de
oilo,;s a I 1 4o ,O.1is razla) de ser. e pu-r pInoduclus brasileiros projectala em Ber-
.seu6 precso u6 -o eo b-arin,imi anguns asit- -au pcia sociedadso Central de Gaog-apbia
4ao- do regimeaito corn a leieleitoural vigente. C,.umaercial eslabalecs a sa ilfma cl-,
Ni. intuilt). pa'4. d-, flzer desapparec', ladIe.
eisa aooin;tli4, vai imsutOir mesa uuai a Art. 2.' Fiic 'evoga ls as disposi-
i dicaIao emn qije jilga ter boirn eipre.s ij eo sem casilrri)o.
o soi pesiln ,a. Cs Pula,-,, d, Rio de Janeiro, I de
Vea m A We 6, 6 iJd e remetlida A cnA- maio do 1882.-Mf. Alces de Araujo j
ulssao de p-lici1 a sega Lrs ta idicdci'a:
1 As ies,aorirs (d1 qu.- Iti at paragra- (Ceointia).

f..mmlas o setu a:nigus. wass bontno e C,
raMoi seotimeotos. qoe m4 d -f--n let con-
I a as sas violeocias: uena psbre rapa
Suga, CoIsO e(O sou, neobhum ieit) tem 'de
u minuiSravel. coino. o subor 6 I .s pa-
a que bei dlse eua baiar-me a responder-
lhi ?... YVs.s, seaohor, fat -me sabir sio-
ediatamoeuto d'unta cisa iaifame.
A inenioa beos pade comprehoander
,toe uao dispaz as cousas de maneira a
.Il -, pira a deixar agora sabir assimn...
Ge ,rgina laouo se para a purta e aba-
Boo-t corn ,tiosa as for~as. A prlta. pu.
rn eitava bis seguora subre os gonzos
WsA ut gUipola, minba pombioba.dis-
se a voi itiuboteira de HSiluAr.
K desatou a srr.
Gergimna voliuo- e es bofeteo-o ndm
as setgQiBes palarras pr,-oncidata em otm
Lum de deopr -o osagador :
Infoa e I miseravel I
Heilur oa& 0o IlOstrIro impressiOcad-.,
com u insatto. t onetretapto as fesOw
csimtrabiraI-n-lheo ; brlibu hloe no oiuhbar
um rapid reamplago, e appereced-Ibe oUs
labius o Met 5wsUriro sardonico.
Diga-se a verdade, murmtroa ello
urda elto ; estou repheaeuiado aqni
a u papel ridiuclo. Ja qu, o ps o cdo-
veoel-a por palavras, de qtate behum
o Isea de me rsuistir. ron eolspegar
somiuigo ua tro procodimoeto. ide qte
eS litrar boe ritliado.. Julgava of
Rt so dpsr a as. ti exutesIdade ;
gowt m Iomi sIi0 o qor, g i o 6 -
Sal. "

Pr.e mites.
te wAt
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t nu aou he .1e valer--t a resstrIocia,
dizia o iofameo psrsienagem pur eatl dti-
tes ; nio puderts escepar-we ..
A iifelir rapriga fazia imuoditos e for-
uCos p-ira so e despieodJer taquelle foi nida
vel abraQo; mis wida mals puoll.b Cse-
guir d, que evitar o contactso da b cc iia-
pura di) miseravel. 0 prilto agltav'-se-
he vi tieontamente, comno se Ibe flMtasse 0
rnspira io. Soutia oa cabega um raids
,sioistro, como soe the subisse au crabrb
tou o 0stgbe. A lfelia rapariga coisbs ?.
sia, que estava pre.-tes a perder coal-'
piatarolnte as (o Gas, e que ia succuan-
bir o'aqiella nloa dsiguoal. Vit-se per"
[ida seas reumedi-j, e treaneu h-,roi-a3da.
Comeqou eutio a bradar por sccorrfl J
cia, iioths as sUas forgat.
Na) mIsino muoneo a eXoz meeio sufl.f
eada dl infame Paunelle fana-.e oeonr at'
interior da casa. Helotor comprehendet
lma palavra unica...
Apolicia I a policia! regougava a
Sa'gaNieta potr qae elo t langavo a no
ares estes gritos. equivalia a um eloqus.i '
1e : sale-so queoi pedor 1
itBa segmda ooviraM-4e pass pesados
no corrodur, oe Ga roa d bosms pruoon-
ciou as gaionls palaras cor autori-
dade :
Ponloam O uMaord-as a ssa OMU
thoi, pars m Iar a guArts.
bHlor eospfbua. gue doevi peosaMO
so awe db a "Sawa V4006elt Mio"al-
m Doe at saj Hwite limat&.
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v iwdtri .,|w ( r Chb6" aa
:1,+I ;"m'i1.',nIlW'dm.lmt^(pt^ -^. ., ;L,. ,or ,
Aari A ia-s1 gew
,, 11 radu, .; !ps-le,-at. L Sesmooue. Opesi.,, e,,n-
ro -rr|* ti~srwd. +]A.+l; mm por.Mi b;, urto .a, ,a +..,,+,, ,,.
,arla -.. a A, s.a qrdi
ss-e mt rdZp 4.e lncudei4 4,1 Ut i' S 4 .iiiti'dsiss--
facts, 4pps r p sr dbco puoa 6,i, pib .-wejl lW i Ma* u.
.rapp, sjiumzj~ cuuaigjolo I, ,I, 5M^i'- 4, ,an s o,,,lugdr 'cce cu Ir, .y -
tk*Aia _rsrlagq iar. do qd e8s4 rv s ,, 5i-4 de retrar eia urds.ee d, d... m, e-has
pn uot4 Pdo itoltsr pIbioCo. (M gt, a o.n- u L
NiO bim. i.Ut ,li 100 f e ac Or'i Al so-m p Un.t or dt
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U tIrm .1 oratlor clb& pt'rflchiais. .DOUR ju 6 pti|Mach etu yIift.-i*n
ala bawmq esm l6 "s d ,use ma- ie iMw'
gee.trado b inra-lo, an *.,l'a eiiexe Dp's) n a-u' ,eI.|diie i i l fle t l n
'U5o. (MusS's apisads, anue11i b1,5(B p-. "u
'1 proca^.,|d+ d.nat dr,+i,,l, tje j SrlMaila Macbyk cr serMars|
.or ab m:,lo per n0f+gtftm en p o.n os, ,i. j i,;a.,l Mu ad,.luMa.. ",IletIst
e s0a Tida ilobiar a i p r-O. alti:ar l t ddi, asi mlbro da.r hd mtcu ,a, -
ndlioata ,. o na hOJsei a dc bale Is eta- u en da .j nh ins ,ap i M 0' hIMIta, ia
I ar qdiuli-bd Iie .,prto P sec e, dz0 riiifs.' fl e.. .r-
deter. ideQ bimbrear-secrnSoli. (El a i 1r c,.u eu0e d. vda hirat,
erm). Wquan. li Vl ID < d.e11U 9.'fi' evl
Poslersa cnchsa-o fa(ser uo reqe- ,. m-ii.i- titr,.j tiu aIn It d -
esito. ail. qsuo f(,sos de "r.lea da iti. a irecrdessias ew 1 mis acriptos,
qIA 0 o eb pe .p Stlnlente d ,' coa .ailba fat cnb-u''a a,) ajca.uedI qea. r cs6.i 1
siiaS1Oen uo Staids,. piara ler lutos iUa p~- itA1r a ote! 1 ,,A, 4. 6ga
gOes do n uni'r, ,da fazema1e- (cisallae): iBlMftd'^A PAIIT, Di (K10 .KM 1)0 li[A
ieJita, p5unar onira r n a lera dm cUn- Cmlae.Ctd a 3 iI.Ncissa dI.ai urlaaarset
s-a4', qis agrad-leci a Cdetnra me teino Ib- ,i, M|ssteruo ska J,,.lt, corn a.s ,eweda
f'i feita asm terrous gnraes paa neguci' P.i,,(,his.
ufIetle. ,.r. C odii o do Oi-veirs reqoer e a
Tormina pesindu so n)b'e dmo atad,' c .,lnr4 cujo-c o .eu1er.ame.tt d'uesta
piiIo ai d esitrlt do t i a l d J ,neLar-o qu1. dscIsI.,-,to .
as liver dti feisr autira VpZ arguis da E sgni-tla pr..cedeie-a ruAlagis dss
1i5-14 0a Bls i| frt S. nl i st lim 's. a ,,u sl'c ,, enun-li e aa zap, cr ,a ,Ilas as St ig. .ii te <:
tiC1.rsws, prfira--ss aili, I. are lereUd logu O Fice o 4 eve,, i aoturisado a ,uaniJar
.4 -qd.o rwN1t. (l lou bde.,.) ,Irr-sc .oar. c, -mut IeCwa 1s eiLo u', 'uia
0 Sr. M-rtLtn Frdnuis'o (ltend, s. h tdu car.1-r.sg4u pc-ba o
,teIIl a p.la ra e3, teO ap)) c 'u.) pref,- 5iluisLirair de C as.t U-ietaA ,, ,us r-
I, .,o qinoletsrn a lsize-r cnt, c ra s .ia .. c rido-lhr vt e:amden -iat*s O awia ua .res ,1 qus
-a-.leu ,In toa wesedltds p terIuca'is p ir at s I, ailinistraal r dta Cisa tIe Corrrrvaax
g.1iI tdiapao a ,uaitz -aut Ibtraesi ,li i ) nS j,) jiga r Op e[rrvi c reunr tub uLa
-amarello : p..r is i"s-oee -too e sa uLuP-seRana. ATE %MAE D

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li ubr,.c qau I're 1.1 ci C,-jmirar-S i Cj b l. ,,rec sr on emn lamu o*Dl.as mid Iln .s la S--
' 5 ora lar o )',, fil, / s oru l)a d,, parli I, ,e '-ic.a d.a c rtc, c a. qu.t lia-A -oktaa-
,n inral q eiit de.,..i' r enlr1gale --xcla-i- t el v -iicne-l'h.
fe-loa~ts cti--'laii- ada lii)?.! depsLail-. ^ Par osles fins expatdi~a o GI 'va-en
u4t1bs pOrteoclaia au titihz Isl d Jx I e Ieca.Sa. fls regulars rile*,
a lai 'esss parmido ( '.cla ds 's-so4es. I- dat ma o ,te
A- crd.,ai ;J *,',- a; vasar Ir licJrsan 18E.-.orilgz c-s lunior.-L s,'d ,i;ri.A s
0uas aodaralai csn Ji viS -ter d is l ao',ue r -jli,.i aerque. a
0 as dl, nubrt dmputado n1inltlicrdas rail- o g aNrubroca P s .vtlio 1d unsai, 'o de
In reoO l. Mis ns. i sosu'a e er mss.a. lmr ...li.-isa vm do -e i:9l 7 5 4O dga-
0 qoe es-rao. a A qi an S. Eac. alu isod a -r 389:t00itO0)
.-,e Ipoca em qie -us ;u4tupass;,iAs do ,ras s -a p
d.-r se acheam a (rem tl d1 pcrtdC eibe- 'o, ,o-a en,, r u'i orsved a (egani-
.ra-4, O quitao servi' d -it 16 i isicepi-tde3. sar a presi-li0 dc FernaCds de N sr.,nba.,
etb lh,+ I ,,,,,li i-,, -. pjn a .n asS le(e,stsid, al uu au .ra .le *seas eSl p oAa i 'S 0
p411 tf am i.olla t 1uI i ell l >J obi 1d c0 t iteIlla, l,.s t .Ba piief ssl. rencis u n'oa .
ramn bhtmul '5, ,| a :-u c ; :;; I u3 co'Tb at- v, td.laIt a a'linssao ds p aso a es-
tiaea n C l.o t II ,i o ;:. It. -i untniB s. s ue',rsa s l t i ilta d s.ot laiw aus prie us e
.uS ojpti oiO 4 L ii ; 2 s -li t e~'p <^ s ,us goardas Fia: rruhob'b a- a res u~Mss
FsiLu q in i, pa.,,wi, )-' a s ihIrlagitlC1 s U r. sontbeciaeo su. excepl u- qai & sa c
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tqrdl)4tb555 deaus *'j% c1fit l-ueatr n'!i n ipro.1

d,,us p',,J,;lt,,s p-1, ,r,t~ ,r tpro p0 p.,,J msa'leratl.r.- Podsux lc rgo p
i vasladus : otn s Li,! ;a m,. l-iz- -t i tlris i- o- ; N verba-Junlas iCuils -'r-iaes-----:-
lsO, nua rlea su arl.lit .I e li.,ui. cra-saeis se a qoaultla aI 3:850 ,-,i -ut.-.
aill 11aj p p ir l.o i pcga msn-aoi.li i sis r. 1 -m- C lkda
lA.t ;O [)t,,lfOPOL,) 1ld UIUd ) rrv uL. i. traid

S-) utnir.) qe rc-.- : e-voit ;t,) ala al a,,ta e d um pratic ne n. ju,' a co.l-
teioega I e .a-'it t a ;r;rna'ra a ornerm. n r1i.i ,'a c) lie.-t'hid a nJds T i' j. ga-
E -ti I ,,'ajd .t ,) d i I- i 1 Ia ,, I:s o p raa d G i tih y a
Iuar-, 6 S do lultl vF e als Ca'-, n t8.
0 Sr. CGrvy h) Rezenie reqUa-,r 0 ,r1nrnnO :.i1 emneodad.' 6 adopta-
o ib'-ou nrg -,Ace pIra rni-s -,tcl.as tr uara d e rowettido A coin istl de redc;0io.
,di-,; i) ashob i ii, reiig) do r^.i d'iQL-s A,:tno.n St uso a Sata iwmuaedsra o Sr.
D z qa o a,:Iul arnimg-uM6 iolesrul"N d; ,ioSostroe da agricualura, 6 admuisild.t Qo
Pai5ara f i ti ..o ir-l) eta visit a -Io antig-' seiato Coal a, furinatilades d., esi ylo e,
-surain eU-st-i' ci.s 'g i -li 0; q s l bs tc- osjs I) asssilo dsa nuns. a& d .%so t4 a---S.



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