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dLOC Detailed Guide : Adding a New Volume to a Serial


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dLOC Detailed Guide : Adding a New Volume to a Serial
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Taylor, Laurie N.
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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Miami, FL
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Guide or help document for partners and myDLOC / mySOBEKCM users to add new items or volumes to an existing serial. Includes the full process with serial hierarchy, upload files, manage files, and online quality control.

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FIU: Special Collections
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FIU: Special Collections
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Applicable rights reserved.
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Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) : Guide to Adding a New Volume to a Serial Step 1 Log in to myDLOC: http://www.dloc.com/my Step 2 Find the serial in dLOC, often a pa ge like this:


Page 2 of 12 Step 3 Go to the All Issues page :


Page 3 of 12 Step 3 When logged in, t he Volume List link also appears C lick on it to see the page below. Here, scroll t o the bottom to click on the last v olume or VID.


Page 4 of 12 Step 4 Click on the last item to r eview the last volume metadata and behaviors. When adding new volumes, the new volumes will inherit the metadata for the Holding an d Source Institutio n, the Aggregations, Wordmarks, and Viewers. Best practices are to review this information before adding new volumes. Below is a screenshot of the last volume entered at this time. Click on Edit Metadata to confirm the Holding and Source Institut ions:


Page 5 of 12 Step 5 In the Edit Metadata screens, click on the tab for Record Information t o r eview the m etadata for Holding and Source Institution, and to update these if needed. After reviewing these, click Save to save any changes.


Page 6 of 12 Step 6 Click on Edit Behaviors to review the behavio rs.


Page 7 of 12 Step 7 R eview the behaviors for Aggregations, Wordmarks, and Viewers Make any changes necessary, and click save.


Page 8 of 12 Step 8 After completing the review and verification process, click on the BIBID for the item to go to the main title level screen. Step 9 In the ma in BIBID screen, click Add New Volume.


Page 9 of 12 Step 1 0 Note: T he add new volume screen begins with a note on Import from existing volume and this is the reason to review the most recent added item before adding new volumes. To add a new serial complete t he Serial Hierarchy information and click one of the Save buttons. See an existing volume or the example a fter this for the completed serial hierarchy information


Page 10 of 12 Example: The example shows the year for the first level (with the text and numerical order which is the D i s play Order being the same) Then, the second level in this example is January. For this to be computer organized, January is listed as 1 for the display order The issue is from January 1 T hus, the third level display text is 1 a nd the d isplay o rder is als o 1


Page 11 of 12 Step 1 1 A fter entering in the seri al hierarchy you have several options for Save All of the Save buttons are great to use, and it may or may not matter for your workflows which you use. Save & Edit Item o B rings you to the Me ta data Editor screen for the new item Save & Add Files o B rings you to the item in dLOC, which will only have a citation until files are loaded. From this screen, you can click M anage Files to load files. Save & Add Another o Will keep you on the same page. None of the informati on will change except that a small note will be added at the top for Saved new volume Clicking on Save b rings you to the item in dLOC, which will only have a citation until files are loaded. Depending on your local workflow, there may be a preference for one of these over the others T here also may not be a preference and all the save options allow you to e asily get to t he next part of the workflow. Step 1 2 : Upload Files A fter saving the new volume, click on Manage Files t o upload files for the item.


Page 12 of 12 Step 1 3 : Upload Files In the Manage Files screen select eac h file to upload, and click Upload After uploading all items, click Submit Here, you can also label different files as with adding page numb ers or this can be done in Quality Control Step 1 4 : Q uality Control & Quality Assurance After uploading al l of the files, review the me t a data and the files to ensure they all display properl y F or some items, this may include using the Quality Control f unctionality, which is shown below

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