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: jr f"


v lit

, MADDEN LAKE RESCUE (simulated) is a part of Albrook

. T it I .V,;,v,

?rjungia survival scripoi s course.

fSce fory nd pictures, Paget 2 & 3)

v Vi i
r i
J' ?

r '4

- i

STRANGE NEW FOODS are tasted, spat out or swallowed. It just depends. Here our jungle
wizard Tule (extreme left) munches a piece of palm cabbage, and everybody follow.ssuit.


AFLOAT The reassunng shores of Madden Lake are the only things to detract from the realism
of this situation as we are all cast adrift in a 20- man life raft af:er "ditching" from a cayuco to
stimulate an aircraft crash in the sea.

5? vr" 5-

: ,.i ,4it I

aw ijjL-ili '"fWi ir.'jliMtIfimwii nnjliMiXwimnil



CHAGRES BOUND Our yellow cayuco cuts through the placid
waters of Madden Lake as we head for the Chagres and out real
test in jungle survival.

Junglemanship, Or How To Survive

JUNGLE CRAFTSMEN Buildini a Balsa raft on a steep, slippery lake bank with nothing but a
achete ,and some balsa, trees is a craftsmen's job. Three of the group are shown here learning

we incifs or tmruaae mm rule. ; .;

Story and Pictures
It must be pointed out at the

beginning of this narrative that

we were undoub ecuy an excep excep-tional'graup
tional'graup excep-tional'graup of jungle survivors.

I want to make this qui'.e clear

because it is the only good reason
we could thuik of that we passed

such a pleasurable three days in

what is usually regarded "killer"
jungle o: "hite man's grave" or
wha'ever terminology you prefer
to use or Panama's backwoods.
A great part of the success of
our little group of servicemen doc doc-tors
tors doc-tors which recently went on a

USAF jungle survival safari into
the Chagres territory, was our
mot'o. This was: "Don't Go. Send
For." It probably sounds good in,
Latin but nobody's Latin was
good enough to translate it.
This motto seamed to be pow powerful
erful powerful magic. Succulent armadillos
and snakes scurried and slithered
under our 'waiting machetes.
Friendly CSioco Indians trekked
into our camp and ipractically
traded food with us where we lay
in our jungle hammocks.
And the final crowning glory
which our versatile mot o achiev achieved
ed achieved was a helicopter which oblig obligingly
ingly obligingly dropped half a dozen large

I ''U raft.
I KSSi- v

Sunday American Supplement v ; t

A DELICACY INDEED is the iguana egg. Capt. R6y Kelly chewa
one and eompldely denies he is trying not to took at the iguana on
the log in front of him.- "' tfif .-' f
.k7 -mrnrnm-

- - - s


1V U7


: :

f v ?s! :.:;:Sx-y-: ::::v.. j ..

: NOT EXACTLY up to Cynress Gardens standards, .but .this wjiter
Skiing is guaranteee to be more exciting. Capt. Richard D. Hansen
7 (Hap) and Capt. Bob. linger make our balsa wood raft end its life
ilofiously by using it as surf-board.
Like an Officer and a Gentleman

boxes of cani.ed food.
Talk about survival in the
iteaming ieadl jungle! t never
ft so well in my life. K i r
But let me say once more-we
rere an exceptional group. As
Rqr leader, Lt. Col. Spurgeon
eel (Spurg to the boys) remark remark-Ad
Ad remark-Ad from his jungle hammock on

third day out, eating a can of

salad and putting eontentea-

-on his eighteenth cigar; ?'Oip-

tunities .are not a heck of lot

good unless you take 1Jem.

Anyway, I will now proceed to
tell you what happened to us on
i jungle survival course organiz organized
ed organized from Albrook Air Force Base
Under Morgan Smith, the surviv

al instructor-naturalist who prob

ably knows .more about ttte cen

tral Amenean jungles than any

one on the Isthmus.

The Survival Training. School
occupies a special building at Cu Cu-.
. Cu-. tundu full of life rafts, survival
gadgets, bottled snakes, dried
plants and all the .paraiphenalia

which trains fhe.-s to come but a
live if they crash in the jungle.-,

It was to this school that the

group of seven doctors and :rmy
self repaired on as Monday "morn.

ing ot: film and briefing. We

were taught everything necessary

io survive, irom inaian diploma

5' i
fv "IMA .J.
U "rx
r i
"ft 11 J
'K f

CHIISS, UP as we all Iry pipa or the juice from young coconut; bought from a roadside stall on
the road tajCerro Campana The majority of the party had never tried this .before.

AUTHOR (standing) compares

notes with another jungle suryivor.
f&'t eighWeet-long Jeminva,' Joa
fie Survival School boa.

cy to how to set animal traps

with a noose tied to the tip of a
springy, bent, sapling.

.Fear of :he jungle and the re

sultant ipanic, which can be a kill

er in a survival situation, is the

first concern of the survival


Firstly familiarity with the jun

gle is obtained right there in. the
(school), where the tyro woods

man is subjected to Morgan

Smith's impish- but highly pur

poseful sense of humor. As a stu

dent is walking round the build

ing looking at the survival kit

morgan suddenly says "My Good Goodness,
ness, Goodness, what's that above vour


The upturned gaze is met by a
beady stare from one of the
school's two pet boa constrictors,
whose six feet or so of glistening
body are usually coiled roimri th

low irafters or on the top of wind window
ow window ledges just above head height.
Many students, blanch and leap
backwards at the sight- of the
snake, Of course, none of our
group indulged in antics like this.
We just Said conversationally "Oh,
yes, a very fine bol" and patted
him on the head."
-This is goods psychology, like
every other phase- of the course,
the idea being"-, that when ''you
come across a snake in the jun-

gie. h wm not te the first one
yon- have been 'in close quarters
Tuesday, morning, we set off In
a station wazon for lnnir at th

rairt forest at Cerro Cambana.

We stopped at a little roadside
kiosk : and Morgan- ordered young
eoconuts Or .'pipa' all round. This,
too, was part of the course, and
I was surprised that most of the
doctocs did not know what they
wers drinking- until they 'were

luw.juiey naa never. seen g"eenl

coconuis -witir me husk s'lll on.
"We -spent 4he morning trekking
through the high, altitude : forest,
where the tree tops aire often in
Cloud and the ernwi.h fnrma iitat

abDut the jiost concentrated chunk

oi iora any of us had been v
posed to at any one time.
Morgan and hi right-hand man
Gertrudis Arauz, who- is betr
known as-7ule, showed us v-jnous
plant forms which can be eaten,
notably palm cabbage, which -is
the embryo:. base of, the leaves
just before,they leave the tree,
ana liddleheads, pr young cnrly
fern leaf shoots. 7
Other plant 'such as beauti beautiful,
ful, beautiful, purple 'oerries and big" succu succu-lent
lent succu-lent leaves wer."pily pointed Out
by Morgan at having great ,"aea
thetic" value but condemned (for
their J'non-edlbility,'
- JSver'y -leaf, root, tuber biidl,
flower, pod, stem, : shoot, bulb,
-berry mnV, seed and piece of
tree brk. Morgan can classify

into, edible' or non edible. iAnd- -it
ii iiimrisine'v iust ,hm r, m a n W

BABY TAPIR eats out of the hand of H. Morgan Smith, survival instructor-naturalist. Morgan ha
a miniature zoo alongside the Survival school and this little fellow is the latest arrival.

- L iuu-M-HIWMWIllWUIllla1tWIMmilinWMtf

MAKING FRIENDS with the Indian children is C apt. Duane E. Graveline from Newport, Vermont.
The little girl takes a canteen full of hot which, she sniffs with interest.

providing one is .hungry enough.
We all nilMed and chewed and
spat. There" are- no definite rules
to the business but yott can apply-
a "taste test, that Is,.' pre prepare
pare prepare : a cooked v sample,-. tak
mouthful, chew it, hold it your
mouth fair five minutes, if it still
taste good, go- ahead and eat it.
If it tastes disagreeable, apit, it
out and try "something else.
Except for mushrooms, poisons
Mt removed by cooking. A good

example of this is the cashew nut, .most real earnest.

which contains a very poisonous
acid until cooked. V
At the beginning of our day's
:rek in the tain!ia:e.''.every. one
of us was looking apprehensively
for a snake at every step we took
but by thend of the day, as. the
colonel remarkd, w were look looking
ing looking only every second step.
Thus we we:- -initiated into the
terrors of the jungle, and ready
to try a spot of survi'?v in al-

The iunfile survival' course,

one occasion when the masters
not practice what they prea
Morgan Smith land Tule eaeh t
along a bc f: canned food.
They have th' courtesy, he
ever, not to ea this, in front :
boa-chewing or jus plain sit siting
ing siting survivors. They make the
reives a little, rm'p. out of si
and sroU, of the, survivors.
(t'onuuueu on t t?fJLr .ii-r




li-S7 M iTKin P O Bo 134. PANAMA. JL Of P.




J7 Cimikai AvrNur mtwiim 12tm and 13th frdlSTS

.A. r-

1 117 A CTTTXT-"TV'Vr


Month in Abvajnck.



New VOUI-H-7

f 1 70
i a so

N. Y.


1 BO


Lines Of Mirth

Editor's Note: The literature of England Is rich In drink drink-int
int drink-int sonfs and Terse in praise of festivities. Today's selections
tVom the works of 16th and 17th Century writers reflect mer merriment
riment merriment la a cool climate, but the spirit is not far from the
Carnival that had its roots in the warmer countries of Europe
around the Mediterranean.

Song-An Excerpt
. By John Fletcher (15791625)
Tis mirth that fills the veins with blood,
More than wine, or sleep or food; ."
Let each man keep his heart at ease;
No man dies of that disease!

In Praise Of Ale
By John Still (1543-1608)
(Bishop of Bath and Wells)
I cannot eat but little meat,
My stomach Is not good;
But sure I think that I can drink
- With him that wears a hood.
Though I go bare, take ye no care,
I nothing am a-cold;
1 stuff my skin so full within
Of Jolly good ale and old.
: Back and side go bare go bare;
Both foot and hand go cold;
But belly, God send thee good ale enough,
' Whether It to be new or old.
I love no roast but a nut-brown toast,
And a crab laid in the fire;
A little bread shall do me stead;
Much bread I not desire
No frost, nor snow, no wind, 1 trow,
Can hurt me if 1 wold;
I am so wrapped and thoroughly lapped
With jolly good ale and old,
Back and side go bare, go bare...
And Tib, my wife, that as her life
Loveth well good ale to seek.
Full oft drinks she till ye may see
The tears run down her cheek:
Then doth she troll to me the bowl
Even as a maltworm should,
An,d-.salth, "Sweetheart, I took my part
Of this jolly good ale and old."
, Back and side go bare, go bare...
Now let them drink till they nod and wink,
. Even as good fellows do; -They
shall not miss to have the bliss
God ale doth bring men to;
And all poor souls that have scoured bowls
Or have them lustily trolled,
God save the lives of them and their wives,
Whether they be young or old.
Back and side go bare, go bare;
Both foot and hand go cold;
But belly, God send thee good ale enough.
Whether it be new or old.

Country Song
By Sir Edward Dyer (1550-1607)
Shall we go dance the hay, the hay?
Never pipe could ever play
Better shpherd's roundelay.
Shall we go sing the song, the song?
Never love did ever wrong.
Fair maids, hold hands all along.
Shall we go learn to woo, to woo?
Never thought came ever to,
Better deed could better do.
Shall we -go learn to kiss, to kiss?
Never heart could ever miss
Comfort, where true meaning la

Thus nt. has their run thv run

it? When the"spor:was scarce Jteguiv?

... rtw ;!ti,;M. m
-MBanananMakUk TV t hA4

' ly DREW FSAftSCil


A 4 -rX


leaders art irvinc to straighten

out an embarrassing hilch in their

plans vfor the 150th birthday ', of

Abraham uncoin. 1 -.
' The Droblem involves a 'well-

known law of physics that you

can't be in two puces at me same,
time, and was voiced in a closed-

door' meeting or House Republic

ans by Ktp. Alvin ,uenuey ot

Michigan, whiiit grandfather

founded General Motors.

Bentley reuinded his GOP col

leagues that they had helped
adopt a resolution in the last

Congress calling for a big televis

ed celebration on the House floor

this Tear, in which Carl Sandbur

and o her notables would honor

Lincoln. v,

Simultaneously,' GOP national

chairman Mea Alcorn has urged

Senate and House Republicans to

be out of town making speeches.
Bentley wanted to know how ma many
ny many would be absent for the Feb.

1? celebration in Washington.

ADOiit w percent of his House

GOP colleaguct rtfs-and grinned
sheepishly at each i4thef. Even
House Jeadef ttlharlia Halleck of
Indiana admitted "that he had

speaking commitments out of
"Well, we'd better do something
about this, or oil- side of the aisle
will look T,ighty empty when they
turn on the TV cameras here on
Feb. 12," suggested Bentley, 'Tbe
cameras will be fu" of Democrats.
After all, this is supposed to be
a Republican celebration.
Congressman Fred' Schwengel
of Jowa chairman of the Lincoln
Anniversary Commission, was
finally given ;th, job of ..resolving
the embarrassing dileroa.; It may
oven be necessarj Sto shift the
birthday or the Great Emancipa Emancipator
tor Emancipator to Feb. 13 x St. Valentine's
Day ,in order to get more' Repu Republicans
blicans Republicans back in Washington for the
fancoln birthday celebration;.
S 'v-r-
Despite-tlow prio-ities and laekl
of funds, the AL Force has suc suc-'
' suc-' essfully tested an a'omic engine
that could -aiperate an airplane.
The engine fy still too cumber cumbersome,
some, cumbersome, however; to be installed m
a bomber.
The air generals arp now seratch-i

ing for money to reduce the size
ind weight of their atomic engine.
They foresee a future fleet of
atomic bombers patrolling the free
world's skies as flying missile

ever, will he tubsonie and will

cruise close to the earth's surfac.

By keeping below- the enemy's
skysweeping radar, s they will-be

almost impossible to defect.

Note Atomic scientists are wor

ned that uuclear bombers would
spread dangerous radioactivity,
however; if they should e v e t

crash. These are the awesome -pos
sibUities and hazards of modern

warfare.- -"" -.y

New Sen. Vance Hartkeof In

diana, was sitting quietly on the
Svsate floor when Senate leader

Lyndon Johnson of Texas put his

arm around aim. f :
-''Well. 1 see you're ; in mighty

poor comapny," said the tall Tex Texan:
an: Texan: t,... t

Row't that?" asked-the nuzs-

led Hartke.

Drew Pearson savs this morn

ing that you're going to wear the
LB J brand and oe in my corral."
"That's right," replied the
freshman Senator from Jtadiana.

I'm going to be for. you all the

time except tin times when I think

you re wrong."

Jin other words, if and when we
are kicked oui of Morocco, France
Spaiiv atomic planes could take
their place.
This was the real purpose behind
the dramatic launching of a 1,000 1,000-mile
mile 1,000-mile Bold Orion missile from a
B-58 bomber in supersonic flight.
Airbone missile carriers, pow powered
ered powered by atomic engines and car carrying
rying carrying 1000-milfe missiles, could pa patrol
trol patrol the skies idenfinitely with without
out without refueling and could launch a
missile attack from any-point In
the atmosphere.
The first atomic bombers, how

fund all was done, t I
A4 xrrlMUi

Under the Articles' of Con Confederation,
federation, Confederation, which governed the
infant United States from 17S1
to 17V' there was no chief
executive. The "president" was
the officer who presided over
the congress created by the
articles. It was not until the
Constitution went into effect in
1789 that there cam into ex existence
istence existence the office of president
as we know it today.

yj c Knriop4l BrltBiea



Ambassador. Earl Smith, a

former Wall Street JSroker; and

former U.S. enovy to Cuba, is now

Deme made of the sacruical scape

goats of the Cuban revolution.

I have neve, met Smith. But the

fact is that when be first went to

Cuba he traveled to Fidel tlastro's
area in Oriente Province as a

friendly observer, and immediate

ly got bawled out by the State

Department, the Batista Govern

ment and by some of the Havana


Bohemia was then one of -his

critics for being friendly to Fidel

Castro. Last month Boehmia was

vitriolic against him for being
with Batista.

And the American Club, now

critical of Smith for being pro pro-Batista,
Batista, pro-Batista, at that time almost boy boycotted
cotted boycotted him.

Subsequently, the State Depart

ment, in cooperation with Smith.

made a move Certain to put Ba-
1 i L ll I

usia uui vi uusmess. x or nine long
rr.nths, not a single shipment -of

arms was permitted to reach Ba

tista from the L S. Government.

Fidel Castro has been com-

Dlaining about arms to Batista,
but quite the opposite is true.
When Cuban revoluioftists were

caught smuggling arms out of Flo- tt dig up this transcript."

rida T New Vork tbeyi wera
giveu light fines of around $250.
. Americans .- smuggling I arms
were given five to ten years in
jaiL r
Ex-President Carlos Pno Soea.
rras, who. was indicted -for arms
smuggling, never was punished
and kept on shipping arms jto Cas Castro;
tro; Castro;
If the State -.-Department bad
really eracked down on. -Cuban
arms smugglors, -Fidel- Castro
would not be getting the hosannas
of Havana today. He would still
be hiding ou. in the hills of Orien

te. :. r 4
However, someone had to be the
goat, and mith, aVrather stiff,
correct geotlem a with no great
diplomatic flair was picked io
walk up to the- sacrifkal altar.
The Treasury Department has
quietly taken inventory of Cuban
holdings in the United States.'The
rebel government v will inherit
$498,000,000 in U.S. bonds, notes,
currency, and gold. Of this, $135,
000,000 is solid gold salted away
at Fort Knox: Dominican dicta dictator
tor dictator Rafael Trujillo has launched a -sudden,
energeti. campaign to
woo American Negroes. He has
invited Negro leaders, publishers,
and reporters to visit the Dominic Dominican
an Dominican Republic at his expense.
Thanks to the shooting of Hai Haitians
tians Haitians near the border in the past,
his relations with the colored ract

have not been of the best New
York public relations matt Wil William
liam William Alexander is arranging the

junkets. .Fred Morrow, Negro re representative
presentative representative on the White Housa

staff, tried to set an example by
turning down the Invitation. '.

Behind c osed doors of the Sen

ate Foreign Relations Committee,
Secretary Defense Neil McEt
roy complained 'he other day tint

The New York Times had viol

ated security by publishing secret
missile figures. .The Joint Chiefs

of Staff gave the committee a
gloomy military briefing, admit
ting frankly that Russia is danger

ously aheac. in missile production.

This"-caused Sen. Wayne Jttorse,

Oregon Democrat, to commen: :

I am afraid history will record

that it was in our generation that
civilized men became uncivilized.

I think it wih be interestng to ar-

cheologists 5000 years from today


What Do You Read?

Kitchener: Portrait of an ; m m-perialisr,
perialisr, m-perialisr, by Philip Magnus (Dut (Dut-ion):
ion): (Dut-ion): Kitchenei was Britain's
most famous soldier' in the late
19th and rlj 20th centuries. His
contributions to the rise of the
empire before World War I com comprise
prise comprise the best parts of this biogra biography;
phy; biography;
The Field Marshal is depicted
as a celibate authoritarian whose
iDloiLs made him a hero among

his. neoDle despite a number of

orofessional weaknesses.

Magnus ioubt:, Kitchener's repu

tea genius ior aamiuisvrautm ouu
says his 'two basic, attributes
were an unpjraUed thouroughness
and an unparalled drive.
Supormanship, by S t e p h e n
Potted (Random House);. And. ad advanced
vanced advanced text for stuen's 'who have
mastered the basbt plays of
"Gamesmanship "Lif emenship"
and "One-Upmanship." It eonr
tains valuable information about
such subjects as "How to be good
at the piano wi nout being able to
play much really." ...
Potter brings his wit to bear on
international matters too, includ
ing Trojan horsemanship the ba basic
sic basic Khrushchev- gambit and "the
perpetual onc-upness for .Marx .Marx-manship"
manship" .Marx-manship" as we"! as its corollary,
the perpetual one-downnesss of
Western policy. -' J y
The emphasis however, in on
gentler subjects such as the super super-baby,
baby, super-baby, weekendmansbip, review,
manship and approved methods

for making, ourseb 'top passenc passenc-er":
er": passenc-er": on i transatlantic, plane. Pol-

duction to his methods but
strangers are advised td consult
his ei-rlier works before tackling
this new one.
-Swamp Robert D. Bass
(Holt): A "little smoke-dried
Huguenot" named Francis Ma Marion
rion Marion is probably the best known
guerrilla America ever produced.
For more tn& a year during the
Revolution he led the only forces
opposing the British in eastern
South Carolina and helped set the
seal on their final defeat
Guerrilla warfare in Marion's
day was a fat. c. j from the semi semi-organized
organized semi-organized banditry: that bears the
name today The Swamp Fox's
troops were militia and varied in -strength
and composition help,
notably from Virginia's Light
Horse Harry Lee. he J was often
able to meet the enemy in open
battle. .
Sources for the book includes un unpublished
published unpublished letters Lord; Corn Corn-wallis,
wallis, Corn-wallis, made available by des descendants
cendants descendants ot tie British general
who was Marion's arch-enemy.
Nawtllkia t6 North, by Cmdr.
William R.. Anderson, U.S.N with
Clay Balir Jr. (World) On Aug. S
1958. the top-secret mtijigi
'Nadtilius 9Q north," flashed from
a point neur Greenland by way of
Japan to Washington, J reported
completion of a historic mission-i-America's
first atomic submarine
had crossed tu North Pole. The
voyage held anxious moments for for-the
the for-the Nautilus' officers, but for niost

of the crew it wai- smooth, cook

1 ' ,t i.:; tett-oiscipies. yui need, no intro-itpnaoie. sailing 4 -l

,S- ; : -rM W-Ki 1 41

IWWinclialMrt m York

Tit Jukebox hat com long
way since yew cvid put a n ckel
' in it and hear Larry CHnfen slay
"The Dipsy Doodle.""

The jukebox or the com-po-eratedcall
it has gone stereo stereophonic.5
phonic.5 stereophonic.5 Furthermore, the fidelity
la reasonably high. -Iv.-v
Tom L. Herrick of the Seeburg
Corporation of -Chicago, one of the
biggest. ouKebox mamuacrurers,
ay a his company,visn't making a
nything but stereo phonographs
bow. ; v ..:
, Seeburg: engineers had a few
more problems to solve than the
engineers of manufacturers turn
ing out equipment for home use.
The main one was speaker place
In heme installations, a listen listener
er listener can sit at he precise point at
which ha gets an ideal stars e
feet from two 12-inch speakers
in the main phonograph.
The separation of channels can
be ignored Below 300 cps because
the human ear distinguishes di direction
rection direction below that frequency poor
ly, if at all.
Above 300 cycles, direction is
easily distinguishable. So See See-burg's
burg's See-burg's engineers put speakers that
operate above that frequency on
both sides of -a wall.
Thus, most of the bass in a ste stereo
reo stereo jukebox installation conies
from v one point; the phonograph.
NEW YORK (UPI) -The la latest
test latest Tennessee Williams play,
"Sweet Bird of Youth," is in re rehearsal
hearsal rehearsal for a March 10 opening at
the Martin Beck Theater.
Paul Newman, Geraldine Page
and Sidney Blackmer are stars of
this Cheryl Crawford production.
The locale is a Florida town
on the Gulf Coast in tta present
day. A young man gats involv involved
ed involved with a fading motion p cture
The play was tried out briefly
in Coral Gables, Fla., a couple of
winters ago merely to give the
author an idea of how it was
shaping up. Since then, Williams
has done extensive rewriting.
The pre-Broacway engagement
of three weeks will be spent en
tirely iu Philadelphia. The open opening
ing opening there is Feb. 9 at the Locust
Street Theater.
The new $1,500,000' Royal Foin Foin-ciana
ciana Foin-ciana Playhouse in Palm Beach,
Fla., is launching- its dramatic
season and those fortunate enough
to get to tnis playground
will find a full schedule of profes professional
sional professional productions sm tap.
Paul C r a n t r e e, long
around Broadway as actor, direc
. tor and author, is the producing
director for Frank 1L Hale's tnea-
ter The first, production isSMot'i
Coward's "Private Lives," star
ing Eva Gabcr.
Among the offerings will be a
new play by vCrabtre "Beach "Beachcombers,"
combers," "Beachcombers," a ; satire on Palm
Arthur Treacher? and Fer
nanda : MonM ," a popular night
club singer'makiflg her acting
out, wui nave tne leading roles.
This will be presented the week
Of Feb. 16. ;f;fe..
Anothet booking is that of Fred
Waring add his Penngylvanians in
a complete pi oduPtion of their ov
called "Hi 11 HoUday."
Britain's aminent actor-dra
matist, Emlyn Williams, is back
in this country again with bis,
one-man performance called "A
Bey Gra vinp Up," basad on the
eteries of the late Dylan Them
s. 1 :'
Williama. who. previously star starred
red starred in "readings" from Charles
Dickens'-. works, circulated here
last season i."A Boy Growing
Up," and it waa a delightful ea ea-tetainment
tetainment ea-tetainment ' ; 'X-x
The tour began Jan. 15 an At Atlanta,
lanta, Atlanta, Ga .y and will end -April 24
In Bwmxville. N. Y Fifty-fiv cit
ies1 will be visited including a ire

. Jj ( i- ByACKGAyt

Speakers' to handle upper bass,
middle and high frequencies are
mounted on opposite sides of the
room.- .. ..j- ;

: Channel No. 1 is fed to a- speak
er operating above 300 cps on tne
Ma-, fhonnst Itln S U tA tn a
similar -speaker on the opposite
side-of the ; room. It takes two
speakers one for each channel
for every 15 or 20 feet of wall
Another problem, -more easily
solved, was to get 45 rpm stereo
records Seeburg asked manufac
turers to make s-pecial records so
they could package tnem for dis
World Pacific Records turned
out several thousands 45 rpm sin
gler of stereo progressive jazz for
Seeburg., Jubilee, ,mum, ABU-ra
ramount, Warner Brothers, Mer
cury. Audio Fidelity ana urana
Award all started producing stereo
45 rpm records.
The Seeburg stereo coin oper
ated phonograph plays records as
they revolve straight up, rather
than horizontally, as on a turn
table. This is Supposed to keep
dust and dirt from collecting in
the grooves.
: Records don't leave individual
storage compartments even when
they are playing and the stylus is
automatically cleanedafter play playing
ing playing each record. s
York beginning Feb. 23.
The return of "Epitaph
Grge Dillon" to the Proadway
playnst seven weeks after its
financially disastrous original
engagement of three weeks last
November is the first such
event in the local theater.
The original producers, who ac accepted
cepted accepted the failure in the face of
mixed notices and practically ad
advance sale, made the return en engagement
gagement engagement possible by turning over
the physical production to the new
sponsor at ns cost beyond that
of having Hhe sets moved. The or-
ignal cast was available save for
a minor player or two.
Now at Henry Miller's Thea
ter the John Osborne-Anthony
Creighton drama about a sponger
who gets trapped In a way of lfe
he scorns is flaying at Broadway's
lowest price, $3.60 per orchestra
seat. The regular tariff for such
$4.80 to $6.90.
- Fiction
LOLITA-Madrmir fiabokov
. ANTIE MAME -Patrick Ded-
nis !'!., -"
- Ham J. Lederer and Eguene L
EXODUS-con M. Uris
,- ROW John P. Marquand
VICTORINE-F'ances Parkinson
t Keyes
... Robert Traver
; '. -Non-Fiction
AKU-AKTJ Thor Heyerdahl
Albert C. Wedemeyer
Pappy Boyington
-Fat Art Linkletter
ON MY OWN Eleanor Roosevelt
TORY HermaL JL g a a and

(Best SeUn ;
' .' " v

Red Skelton hat.- the funniest

routine. Currently convulsing ine
Fontamebleau crowd. Most com comics
ics comics immodestly bill themselves as
"America's- greatest, runniest,
etc." f They can take a lesson
from Mr. Skelton, whose
nouncer. brings; him on with:
Ladies, and Gentlemen, one oi
America' Clowns, Red Skelton !".
Maria Catlas fee for singing one
night: $8,000 or 60 p.c of the:
profit. Tommy Manvule would
marry Dolores Reed (ot uu us-
tello's act but she Is very fussy
. .leevee cnuc juiiu wusuj s
new play, "Love in Puhjie'" (due
next season); seeks a new pro producer
ducer producer .The Arthur Millers (Ma
rilyn Monroe) will witness the
Feb. 4th premiere of his new
opus, "An Enemy of tne People.''
at the Actor's Playhouse. ."Pey ."Peyton
ton ."Peyton Place" (the paperback edition)
has sold over 8 million copies
When "Whoop Uo" depirts Feb.
7th the backers will have lost $350, $350,-000.
000. $350,-000. .At the. Friars' cocktail par party
ty party ex-quizmaster Jack 2li Barry
introduced himself: "Remember
me? 1 used' to be on television"...
Overhead at the Knocker's Table
in Lindy's: "Well, Mikoyan's gone
home, the Cuban War is over and
Mane Torre s out of jalJ Let s get
back to Eddie and Liz1"
Ava's temper tremens on the set
of "On the Beach" depressed the
stage crew so much they applaud applauded
ed applauded loud when she finished a death
scene. .Edith Piaf's Hooking at
the Waldorf on the 26th marks her
first appearnce there. .Debbie
Reynolds is reported very amoy
ed at the scads of sob stories
beine written about her. . first
Cousisns: Presley's "One Night'
and the famous 'O Sole Mio".
"Nine Lives," the first Norwegian
movie released in the U.S., is get
ting a" wow buildup among pre
viewers. . Shelley Winters, the
star, model'd swim-suits and
nightgowns when she was 15.
Many foreign films are censored
for sophisticated New York Ci City.
ty. City. But not for smaller burgs.
Mitzi Gaynor's full name is
mighty impressive: Francesca
Mitzi Marlene de Czerhy von Ger Ger-ber.
ber. Ger-ber. Alf Hitcock, who got wealthy
frightening people, is afraid of an
egg. "I've never eaten one in my
life, he announced. "An egg is
a sinister thing". .Joan Craw
ford, Fred MacMurray, Janet
Ltigh and Ton; Cur is are shrewd
realty investors. You'll read about
anyone throwing a benefit for
them. .Gary Cooper and John
Wayne, hailed as the top movie
cowboys, have spurned the teevee
bait. .Henry Soule, owner of the
Pav and the Basque, plans open
ing another smart restaurant in
midtown 'for the Sunday Set ''
Nearly all the good Jjlaces in New
York are closed on Sabbath. The
anti-drama critic recalls Max
Beerbohm's line: "My whole post
tioh as a critics is unfortunate.
When Fm laughing at anyone, I'm
generally very amusing. But when
I'm praising anyone I'm always
qeadly duu."
The top Ten albums- include
two scores by R and H: "South
Pacific" and 'Flower Drum Song

. ."Playhouse 90's" latest had theiHuneri i" (Capitol T-1107). nm

most realistic portryal of copsjedJor a famed San Francisco bis

ve Story". .Ray Sahw's 'amaic-
an Room, a big hit during the
Calypso craze, now features
large sign: "Store for Rent'?
The critics dismiss the horror
pictures as corn ball ( which they
are) but they are also big mo
ney-makers. .Tip to new authors:
Herman Wouk's accurate esti estimate
mate estimate of writing. An agonizing but
enchanting task". .Then there's
playwright Moss Hart's merciless
truth: "The taste of success i?
much more pleasant than the
smell of failure'.'. .Art Linkletter,
the popular TV emcee, is chair chairman,
man, chairman, president director or some something
thing something in 19 corporations. . Pat
Boone was a $50 a week singing
cowboy In Fort Worth only 3
years ago.
The Reader's Digest quotes
Harper's recent complaint about
the manv fund raisinf croups that
solicit money to fight disease. The

that never solicit dona
tions and never deduct' a penny
for expenses. The Run jw Cancer
runai. .Aiec Giunnesr record recording
ing recording (he reads excerpte from
Jonathan Swift's classics) is a col collector's
lector's collector's item. .How do you spend
your evenings when you're mar married
ried married to Marilyn Monroe? They
read ooetrv to each other
Didja know that Elizabeth Taylor
once wrote i book titled: "Nibbles
and Me"? . .Sophia Loren's
line: "Too -much money is
enough.". .The pew show season
nasnt come up with a musical
thai even comes closes to "Fair
Lady" "Music Man" or "Bels"L.
Frankie Carle, popular music man
has been released from Mavo's
after major surgery. . Capsule
criticism of ( Loo-Loo s sing
ing on teevee: "Don't listen
Roberta Sherwood did come
discovering on her own. A band
some young male singer, appear appearing
ing appearing -in "The Ice Capers," sang a
Hayes has an unusually warm
and kind voice and this may ex
plain why he sold more tnan a
million of "Davey Croc
kett" even though it was Fess
Parker's song.
So it is not surprising that
"Jimmy Crack Corn" by Bill
Hayes and the Buckle Busters
(Kapp KL-1106) is one of ths
best Ip's of the new year.
From "Blue Tail Fly" througn
"Barbar'y Ann," Hayes sings
an unsassuming sincerity that re
(axes the listener and makes him
think of good- times. Bill's sdec
tions include "Big Rock Canny
Mourita.n," "Dance With a Dol
ly" and "Wanderin'."
"T Town' (Hi Fi Record R
810) is another offbeat mai
should wiii Los Tres Caballeros a
following. The four instrumental
ists conjure up an atmosphere of
Tiiuana (tnat's "T Town") wi'h
an assortment of South ef tiif
Border tunes such as 'Tico lico
and "Mexican Hat Dance.
Anmne the non-standards are
"Espagna Cani" and "Lune Ena
'Latin Fevar' Is a good title
for Jack Costanzo's assortment
f Spanish .tunas (Liberty LRP LRP-3093)..Thara's
3093)..Thara's LRP-3093)..Thara's plenty of hot pep.
per in Costanzo's bongo drums
Eddie Cano s piano.
Constanzo puts some of his own
compositions such-as the t ns
number and "Drum a-Mania" into
his musical chili bowl.
The Kingston. Trio, whiic
'.Tom Dooley" made thert an
overnight senasation, star in a
fat-movinc LP.". -.From the
tro. This recording was maoe ai
a live performance and encom
e i passes the music of many nat ons
aj Selected singles: 'Don't Go" by
Geors a Carr Dot 45-15866). in;s
,'lva'r L h-.rf ir':
Jld J22i v Mi N itr
sr . Better Loved You U NJver
i r.nrmo nihh. ( RfinifttH
Re" bv Georgia Gibbs ( Roulctt
R-4126) backed by a lively rsviva)
by Gtorgia of "The Hucklebu- k
. ."One Two Three Kick" by
Buddy Morrow (RCA Victor 47 "4
34), a good Conga item in two
Show Time: The original cast,
headed by Don Ameche and
Elaine Str'itch has recorded the
hit Broadway musical, "Goldi
locks" (Columbia OL 5340). .
"South Seas Adventure" (Audio
Fidel ty AFLP 1899). contains the
original sound track of the latest
Cinerama spectacle. This does
for sound what Sinera ma-does for
For Jazx, Collectors: Benny
GolsooV New YoiVi; Scene.tCon


solo. Roberta went back stag
and eonaelled:- "Young man, take
off those skates and stick to sing'
ing." His name is Larry Ellis, now ;
featured lark on the Sammy Kay
teevee show. .Art and Dotty
Todd's new. disc, "Straight As An
Arrow," is headed for the heights

. .Stephen C. Cheng, a principal -in
the "Suzie Wong" hit, was once'
correspondent to the U. N. for the
Central Daily News of Shanghai
. .The "Al Capone" movie hat
its press agents digging up fantas fantastic
tic fantastic tales like: "If Capone needed
a shave it meant someone was
going to be murdered. He wouldn't
shave until after the funeral".
MGM paid Alec Waugh $150,000
for his latest novel, "No House
On It". .Nobody gets more hard
raps in the papers than S natia,
His new film, "Some Came Run--'
ning," isn't being hurt by tnem.
The grosses are reported astrono astronomical
mical astronomical all over the land. .. Broad Broadway
way Broadway Confucius: Save ,Your Mo Money
ney Money When You're Hot. On Broad Broadway,
way, Broadway, Banks Last Longer Than
NEW YORK (UPI A pi pianist
anist pianist who records Beethovui s
VEmperor" concerto runs the risk
of showing that he is not up to
playing this most challenging ot
piano works But Eugene Istomin
comes through unscatched in tis
recording with the Philadelphia
Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy con conducting
ducting conducting (Columbia-ML5318).
Istonvin is young and you
sen&s he doesn't want to be ac accused
cused accused of juvenile ardor 'or en enthusiasm
thusiasm enthusiasm for the piece, s nee
that quality is not in his play playing.
ing. playing. Rather it is a studied and wjrk-i
ed-out rendition: every th ng is
quite correctly in place. Istomia
plays the concerto beautifully Ho -will
play it with depth, too, when
he is older.
Gary Graffman also gives tha
impress.on of much care in his re recording
cording recording of Brahms' first piano
concerto, with the Boston Sym Symphony
phony Symphony under Charles Munch
(RCA Victor LM2274). Gralfman Gralfman-and
and Gralfman-and Munch have done an admira admirable
ble admirable job putting the blocks of mu musical
sical musical gran te close together.
The seams are not apparent,
and the structure gains frpm lhaU.
Brahms' first is even difficult
to perform (for soloist and con conductor
ductor conductor both) than to listen to.
Schubert's ninth sympanny,
cil'ed "the great" to distinguish
t from his earlier symn'mny in
the same key, C major, is no I ght
lunch either for a conductor, and
Eugen Jochum, leading the Ba Bavarian
varian Bavarian Radia Symphony, n"M
hardly be accused of taking it fv
You could wish for more re relaxation
laxation relaxation In odcr to enhance ths
Schubertian songfulness. Just
the same, 'ft a first-rate per performance
formance performance and recording (Dec
Dvorak's B minor concerto is
the real and probably only dUdi-ence-interest
test of the virtuoso
cellist, and this is to report that
iislav Rostropovitcb. Soviet
. .. n,trument Dasa-
mas?er 01 .lnaf.. nwumem. paa-
es tne test witn nonor in a re recording
cording recording made with tne Royil
Philharmonic under Sir Adrian
Boult. He exploits its emotion and
drama as well as its noble cell
chords (Capitol G7109).
Also of in. --rests: Kirsten Flag Flag-stad
stad Flag-stad singing 14 songs of the i;ite
Jan Sibelius wi'h so much feeling
as Jo suggest a racial as well as a
musical affinity between s nprr
and composer. Particularly ele elegant
gant elegant stereophonic sound (Lon (London
don (London OS255005).

spiring tenor sax artist in a con-
cert of modern jazz. Three tne
compositions by Gblson and One
bv Gigy C yce; the alto sax in hia ;
combo, are included.

wro; stand" of t weeks

iBWw I ; UM WendM- r5T !rt


'.'ws 'iTU jm itm -f j. .tt ltd tm w.n

- J.




jviics On JunglGnianshlp


Roy J

r-.'iite sure whether that fiddlehead

tern he Is delicately nibbling at,

is quite so tasty as that asparagus

he had last week

- (Contained front. Pace. THRfc .'
"f Moreaneave me a bo ohcan-

ned food. He told me I had better

not be a -full participant, since 1 1

- could not do justice to. my picture J

taking if I was starving. He Mid

one of tne otticiai.Air f orce pno

tographers'had gone out to. cover

one of the courses and cot so

weak with hunger that he could

hardly press the shutter.

In a grand display of pure guts
and self-sacrifiCvi I gave him back

the box. Grim-lipped, 1 asked how

was I to write about the terrors

. of hunger and the fight v agams

the jungle if I did not experience

117 .11
However, in a spirit of British rl

comn-omise I did conceal within JUNGLE SALAD i- Cant.

, the folds of m, jungle hammock, Celly of San Antonio Texas, is not

a can of meatballs ana two sur sur-v.val
v.val sur-v.val packets containing sugar,
iccffee tea, salt, concentrated chic chicken
ken chicken soup powder and candy.

In the harsh early morning sun
we piled into a big yellow cayuco

. at-Madden boat landing, strapped

on Mae West life jackets and

chugged out into the middle of
the lake. We wre all just ready

for a dip when the colonel gave

the orders to "ditch," as if we

were in a plane which had come

.down in the sea, A 20 man life
raft which inflated itself at the

pull of a cord, was thrown over

the side and we all splashed over

the side, full dressed and swam
j ti. our rait. We were left to ex experiment
periment experiment with the raft and its fa facilities.
cilities. facilities. We put out fishing lines,
s arte'd the water distilling appa apparatus,
ratus, apparatus, put up the canopy, ate the
candy in the survival kit and then
just sat arourd trying to imagine
what it would really be like if in in-s!ead
s!ead in-s!ead of the shores of Madden
Lake, our horizon was just water
and sky.
Morgan Smtih boarded us and we
discussed such problems as wheth whether
er whether alcohol would be an advantage
in a life raft survival kit. The con concensus
census concensus of opinbn was that quite
apar; from its medicinal value, it
would be a morale booster and
altogether quit; acceptable.
Morgan asked the Colonel how
he felt now he had spent about an
hour in a life raft. The colonel
took another drag on his cigar

cincl said le hac! an uncanny sen sensation
sation sensation of silting in a large ash
tray flicking ash over the side.'
A ter a while a helicopter ap appeared
peared appeared and gave us some
txperience of b;ing picked out of
tire watei: in a sling. And like ev everything
erything everything else on this course, it
demonstrated th t there is a right
and a wrong way to do almost ev everything
erything everything and in a survival situa situation
tion situation the difference between right
and wrong is aLut as big as the
difference betw. -n life and death.

Eventually we piled back into
the cayuco and headed up the
Chagres. We nosed up a small
tributary and stepped at a water waterfall
fall waterfall where the tributary had led
u.; in o a deep gorge with banks
of masiive trees towering above
us right up to vhere the midday
tun was glaring through.
"Just the spot for a picnic'
somebody observed. But first we
had Id hunt for our chow.
Then an armadillo swam by.
Cap Bill Shea from Baltimore
was in mid-stream trying not to
fall oft a ne man life raft, (Bill
Uj-cd to be in the Navy, but this
was-his .i"st command) which
scared the armadillo so much
thai it made for the bank where
Capt. "Hap" Hanson from Bloom Bloom-ingion
ingion Bloom-ingion clobbered it in a chummy
fashion with his machete.
We had armadillo ttew for sup supper,
per, supper, with boifcd palm cabbage.

The colonel caught a nice-sized
jatfish, claiming it was the first
time he hai ever been fishing in
his life. We ate this roasted as an'

hors d'oeuvre with fern shoots

and for deser we sampled- some

bulled green bananas.
As Morgan pointed out, it was
no use establishing our camp
down in the gorge, convenient as
it was for and fish, because

a hilltop is best for signalling to

rescue planes.
Chmbing up the hill was no
joke, since walking from the back
door to theca. port was about
the only .xcercise most of us
were nsed to. We made it with
the help of ong vines tied to trees.
The hfll s in this country are like

a succession of wuers stood on
1 y xi ..

uu. un uie iot w our water, we
selected spot where a recent
tree fall had already made a par partial
tial partial clearing. We slung our jun jungle
gle jungle hammock-, and,, built a large

shelter of poles tied with stripped
vines stronger than cord. A hea heavy
vy heavy thatch of leaves which would
have kept out ; the heaviest rain rainfall,
fall, rainfall, completed the job.
The following morning, we fin finished
ished finished off the armadillo stew for
breakfas t and coffee appeared
mysteriously. It appeared that I
was not the only provident mem
was not the onlj, provident mem member
ber member of the- party. v
Mid mo.'ning after foraging par parties
ties parties had been dispatched, some
people were heard approaching.
The colonel remarked that it
could not be any of our boys be because
cause because the noise was making a
reasonable rate of progress up
toe hill and the strains of the
"Bridge over the River Kwai,"
our signature tune were absent.
Then a family of Choco Indians
in G -strings and. Panama hats ap appeared
peared appeared in the clearing. We offer offered
ed offered gifts of a pocket flashlight and
a packet jf cigarette.- to tha head

of the famil, and invited them to
sit down. In return they offered

us an iguana which turned out to

have a lot of quite delicious eggs
in it, and a bunch of ripe bana bananas.
nas. bananas. Soon after the Indian., left, a
helicopter, which had been sent

tc search for uj as part of the ex exercise,
ercise, exercise, located us and flew in low.
The pilot sigrilled "did we need
food?," Morgan, who con?idered
we were doing tou well, already,
waved him off.
However, two of our captains
were down on their knees behind
the shelter, their arm; outstretch

ed, gazing appeahngly into the

sky. ho the pilot dropped six cas

es oi canned iood.
Now do not think this is cheat

ing. We. managed to get ourselves
spotted by a rescue plane, which

is one. of the m st important sur
Tiyal tasks. We just took advant

age of our opportunities, like the

However, we ate a proper sur

vival meat tor supper of iguana
("which is just like chicken; snake
(which is tasty but bony),, fish,
and a bird which was' shot by a
foraging party -- -"

On the second- dayout a dra

matic survival lesson was learn

ed by the group when Capt Jam

Markett joinel us.' He was to be

dropped from a helicopter in the

V'.cmity ot the river.

The pilot came down- low Over

what appeared to be a firm sand sandbank.
bank. sandbank. Markett jumped out of the
chopper and immediately sank in

to his waist in deep mud. He

had a heavy pack on his back

and a Mae West.
With great-difficulty he reach

ed the water s edge. The water

was; about fou feet deep at the
edge and the bottom appeared (o

oe rock. He lunched himself in

to the water and sank out of sight.

Jhe Donom was deep mud, too.
He. fought iiis way to the sur

face but kept sinking owing to

the weight of the pack, although

iiw was able to swim a U. tie. For

tunateiy Morgai smith was on

hand in .the cayuco and picked
him up.
Lessons to be learned;
1. Before jumping onto a firm firm-laoking
laoking firm-laoking surface, thrpw something
down first to make sure;
2. Always tie a slip knot in the
straps of a heavy pack S6 that; it
can be jettisoned instantly;
Keep your. head. Believe U
or not it did no occur to Markett
during the whola operation, fo
pull the : automatic inflator cord
on hi Mae'WesV' -:''

In the evening.



It-J1 ft M?:' M1 I1 W-MWA UAiWHW-:
l, 4 H 4? t 4l T"
41 4 ""50 7Z? 77Z SI "
VZUZuIZL-. CjL y-ry i Ci Tfyy o" a
n t o v vZt it i 84 w w
W riM
IOT IOt 7 ioT 104 15? M
-J& --r--
w. nfin m TTo" "

1 Hawaiian,
i Frag Fragments
ments Fragments 10 Brilliant
lead glass
19 Boring
20 An Asiatio
21 Ballet
22 Llne
23 Inten Intentional
tional Intentional 25 Atone Atonement
ment Atonement 27 Angry
28- Go
30 Waxy
31 Exercise
right ot
33 Wood for
. vpiles
35 Child
36 Moham-
, medan '.
v saint y
37 Come ...
1 short of
40 Sphere qf
42 One of
Islands -44
African V.
- region
46 Oblivion
47 Gentle
49 Boy
51 Plan
in V

52 South- ;
53 Language
of the
54 Low wall
57 Asiatio
59 Brazilian
60 Observe
62 Bountiful
64 Rocky
65 Let it
66 Bent
68 Of mar marriage
riage marriage 70 Severe
72 Speck
74 Blushing-
75 Vehicle
77 Impair
78 Terse
, 85-Variety of
J- sorghum
. S9rE)eclare.
, openly
. 90 Vessel
tf2 Having-;
- of calyx
, er-.
95 tenary
96 Utter
98 Existing
in name
100 Square
101 Admission

103 Fabulous
105 Clamor
106 Character
108 More
109 Preclude -111
Snake Snakelike
like Snakelike fish,
113 Thin
. metal
114 Set Of
115 Perch
116 Japanese
118 Female
120 Currying-
instru instrument
ment instrument 121 Sew
123 Leaf of
. corolla
125 Restore to
. service service-v
v service-v able con con-dltkm
dltkm con-dltkm ,.
127 Large
' farm, .
130 Reitera-
tion -"
136 Invader
137 Harem
133 Supreme :
139 Having-
140 Arrange
Side by

141 Ensnare

1 Amplify
2 Be in debt
3 Unedu Uneducated
cated Uneducated 4 JPMlippine
5 Island of
- ranean
6 Seldom
7 Arabian
8 Sets in an
9 Perfume
10 Bed of
11 Journey
by ox-cart
12 Saw in
, direction.
of grain
13 Common
14 More dis distressing
tressing distressing 15 '-Be.pronw
' inent
16 Chemical
17 Court
18 Acknowl-
24 Goddess of
, peace
26 Stop-
watch watch-29
29 watch-29 Age
31 Empty
32 Eloquent
34 District
- In India
36 Singing
, bird
38- r-Partaker
39- -Legisla.
- tive body

41--Symbot of 87 One
quick who
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48 Salfr
50 Mocks
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55 Margin'
56 Make
58 Tropical
61 Furnish


96 Weight
of India
97 Plunder
99 Ripple
102 Reimbu
104 Red
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107 Silent ;
109 Ate spar.


funds for 110 Prepare

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B3 Califor.
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65 Thrum
67 Put on
69-River in
71 Depressed
73 Tenth "'
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81 Hint

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124 Vault
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133 Indian
s. acrobat


ATerf time t sIbHoHI (I mlaitei



was provided by our Indian

friends who turned up again with

drum, a bamboo flute and a

pair of maracas. It was hardly

up to Carnegie Hall standard, nut
we applauded them as though
they weirs the New York Sympho Symphony
ny Symphony orchestra and finally recipro-

catedby sinking "The Yellow
Rose -of Texas" which eur- guests
greeted with nuzzled silence.

entertainment Their chief finally presented Hi
Sunday Aqcri ,SuppJeawnt r

with some cookeJ rice wrapped la
leaves, and our chief man, the
colonel, solemnly presented him
with some fish hooks, a cigair and
a piece of parachute cloth..
The following morning we struck
camp and wen' back to Madden
Lake where p hunted for balsa
trees and made a two-man balsa
raft pegged with hard i wood stau-

leikand tied with vines. It i was a

great success and we chrisieaediiio,

it 'Tullto'.' after- our jungle-wizard,
Tule, and launched it with
a spare bottle of Insect repellaht.
Back at a the survival schooL
Morgan Smitt .commended us fof
having survived with top' markt tt
but said, however that our mor
ale was low in the final stages M
the excercise. .1.
,He .realized, however that w-Y

were sorry .to gat Back to eivuua






mn nrrrrr Nirnre last week was centered on the MIDDLEWEIGHT CONTENDER Ralph Tiger Jones DR. .T- KEITH, GLENN AN assured a senate space
SSLrTroet&'ffi'SSittWl- hoped today for a bout with top-rated Carmen Basl. Inquiry that the VS. will the same sense of urgency
annual ooara meeting,, u -rTi it n.j...j0 m vq tmHna th wnr" tv niac a man In orbit

Comn&nv Board of Directors, wnicn mei m lunuw no oecause w ms npwi yrc ncuuwwj .... -
SSfSSKSS"' t5WSSiU..T; U'l "round ..2ffiJ d SP.
retary ueorge i;t.- niannin .i-f-. v i o2L,h AiaHo nf Brooklyn before Administration made the pledge in a statement to

400tt at the Kentucky Exposition Center. the Senate group, headed by maiority leader Lyndon
It was a vengeance victory for 30-year-old Jones, B. Johnson (D-Tex which is investigating U S. prog-
who had lost decisions to Joey In their two pre- ress in space exoloration.
ions fiehts in 1954 and '57. "This committee wants to know where we now
Giardello welehine 162A pounds to Jones' 155 Yx, stand," Johnsdn said. "Vhen can the American peo-

was favored at 3-1. But aiaraeno sunerea ms wmu pie expect to ciu up u.iu;

straight defeat after being handicapped by the re reopening
opening reopening of cuts aboye and below his left eye.

Patterson a n d Ineemar Johansson were

t a -vtpw nf thn comDanv's master planning

the board, in a summary report inade public, ex expressed
pressed expressed its satisfaction with the capability of the
Canal organization: to meet gradually expanding
traffic requirement in the Bis: Ditch.
Washington press dispatches revealed that Ogden
R. Reid, who attended the PanCanal board meeting,
may be the next U. S. Afbassador to Israel. Unofficial

sources say mac ms name wiu ee onereu iuiuumu

during the next few weeks. Reid was unavailable for matced. Thursday for a summer world heavyweight

comment ikivl auiB v""c" title fight, and they were scneauiea w sign amuai

Glennan's statement did not answer, the question

directly, but said the effect of Russian space achieve achievements
ments achievements has been "enormous," and "our space mission
's so vital we rart carry it forward with the same
sense of urgency we had during the war."
Glennan recorted that the McDonnell Aircraft Cor

poration of St. Louis will build "capsules we hope to

The Canal Company inaugurated a new "Length LUiJf ;nff wa staeed before Dlatoons use to send a man into orbital flight within the next

of Service Awards Program." Ninety-seven senior cameramen counle of years."
employes gathered before the Administration Build- or porters Rosensohn will not an- "We are calling upon every scientific and techno techno-lng
lng techno-lng to receive diamond pins and service certificates no"nw7he ewct date or siteof the fight until he logical capability of the nation that can contribute

- v, i vn r, .honra m anrm tor nest oia auiuiiK iu tu uw m

o was n v" "T --, -, ....

' cities that artf interested in noicung me niuuou-uuiiax

A pre-bidding conference took place preparatory international 15-rounder.

to the Feb. U opentoE date for bids on tne east
bank approaches to the Canal Bridge. Meanwhile
water and sewer mains at the limits and 4th of
July Avenue are being lowered for the required ac ac-cessway
cessway ac-cessway and widening of 4th of July where it is to
lead into the bridge approach.


The manager of the world champion New York
Yankees has made it clear he intends doing some
whip-cracking this season.
Casey Stengel put it bluntly "The players are
trnini fn Vmstifc this vear or be fined and they had

koH fniinw trainincr rules." Steneel warned tnat ne . ... .. ,.. ,t

ll preparations are mushrooming all over. r 'orced,t21Be:jl J'Tne Ivt the In 1962 "to Put 10 ton3 of Payload into orblt and to
ne, Gov. Potter and three Carnival gueens le to keep if his rules arj en t obeyed He Pninee send two t0ns of payload into deep space, far beyond

The NASA chief ako:
Said that before the end of the year a flight of
the Air Force X-15 rocket plane to an altitude of 100
miles should "stretch our big toe into the edges of
space." The plane will go almost high enough to
achieve an orbit, but lack of speed would prevent

Predicted that the "cluster" of Jupiter rockets be-


?n. u.e. :60n"X: ,aS?"u"c iftakl v on centerfielder Mickey Mantle

jomea in raising vne waniu ,ne carnival lias u. vu tr--, u""-rat,A -onld earn a., hleh as $125,-

oval paritway Derore .uaiDoa t-ost yrnce. ranama orf, "r r t : " d,ter na, as

Casey puts it, "Kept himself from earning It." Man Mantle
tle Mantle Is holding out for a reported $90,000.
Mantle, in Dallas where he opens a new bowling
Alley on Feb. 7, refused to be drawn into an argu argument
ment argument with his boss.

Carnival Junta officials also attended, and the pro proceedings
ceedings proceedings attracted a large throng on a late after


Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, Air Force vice-chief of
taff, arrived at Tocumen Airport after a 4 hour 50
minute non-stop flight from Washington in a KC KC-135
135 KC-135 jet tanker. LeMay is here on a 3-day visit for
discussions with loeal military commanders. The ar arrival
rival arrival of the 600-mph plane marked the first time a
Jet tanker aircraft has landed in Panama.

tha1 "Tt. kind of looks like it. doesn't it?

Anotner xansee sw cawiicr
The testimony of two well-known Panamanian ted into the front office and okayed an offer of $57, $57,-flyers
flyers $57,-flyers weighed heavily In the decision of Judge 500 This will be Berra's 13th year with the Yanks.

The San Francisco Giants have 19 players under
contract but expect trouble with rookie of the year

Orlando Cepeda.

Guthrie F. Crowe to absolve a Canal zone youth
cf alleged negligent operation of a borrowed Piper
Clipper airplane. The suit, brought by Warren W.
Morse against Douglas Schmidt, was the aftermath
of a crash last March in which another Canal Zone
youth lost his life and Schmidt himself had suffered
severe burns Morse had sued for $2500. which he
claimed to be the value of the wrecked plane.

tie high." Other Giant regulars still unsigned are
Darvl Rnencer. Andre Rodgers and Ray Jablonski.

o The Chicago White Sox boosted their list of con contented
tented contented players to 25. The most important latest
a small Danish motorship which put into Cristo- signees were pitchers Early Wynn and Dick Donovan.
A ouiai .... ,.,, r,4 tn Havana.

vni onv t.nts weeK was liiian iwvuu u

the moon." The 10 rocket cluster is expected to have
a total thrust of 1,500,000 pounds.
Johnson commented that Russian space successes
"indicate boosters of greater power than we possess
and give evidence of their technical achievements."
Before Glennan testified, Johnson announced he
would ask the Central Intelligence Agencv to clear
up conflicting reports on Soviet missile strength. He
said officials of the super-secret agency would be
questioned later in a closed-door session.
A stormy cold front etched a line north along the

problems would be long and drawn out. MicKey re- central states with- a band of warmer air.

neavy snows ieu aiong tne upper Mississippi valley
and extended into the Great Lakes region, Wisconsin
and Michigan. Three inches of new snow hit Lone
Rock, Wis., and Grand Rapids, Mich., Thursday night
and drifted over a wide area under high winds.
Temperatures dropped more than 20 degrees in
such widely separated communities as Trinidad, Colo.,
Grand Tslnnri Nph anri Sinnv Ctv Tg nnnlnn

. wi tnnnnn or, T '. y'' "'S"'S

Tne young first Daaeman is hsr.ihb ior u, irom iu aDove zero to 10 below. Meanwhile, Gulf air

vice president unuD reeney caucu tne nguic 0n tne omer side 01 tne front sent-readings into the

"I have nothing to say about it," Mantle remark remarked
ed remarked when told manager Casey Stengel of the Yankee's
inAinataA MantiB wasn't llvine ud to his potential.

Mantle was asked whether he thought his contract

A Jananese flvweieht has been named "fUhter

of the month" in the latest ratings by Ring Maga Magazine.
zine. Magazine. He is Sadao Yaoita who scored a non-title
decision over flyweight champion Pascual Pere
in Tokvo last month. The win boosted Yaoita from
sixth place in the rankings to the top contender's

0 Arnold Palmer is on his way to another money win-
The Air-Sea Rascue Coordination Center got a ning title on the pro golf tour,
workout A dramatic mercy mission to the Galapagos Palmer boosted his earnings to almost five-thou-
islands resulted after an emergency request from a sands dollars ($4641.84) in winning the Thunderbird
US tuna clipper, Mary Barbara, lor aid to a crew- invitational at West Palm Springs, California. The

man injured by sharsa aiter iaiiing ovcruuaiu. unrobe, Pennsylvania, goner was me money

alter having been oraered to Cristobal while en route,
from Napies with a cargo of smau-turms ammunition
onginauy rumored io nave been destined for ousted
CuSan Dictator f ulgencio Batista. Later reports said
the Tmmunition as earmarked for Fidel Castro all
tne time. If so, it remained a great mystery Just Why
tne 600-ton snip was ordered clear 01 Havana in the
first place.

50s and 60s in Pennsylvania and West Vireinia. Above-

freezing temperatures were reported as for north as
New England.
A publicity-shy, five-man directorage appointed by
Prince Rainier III took office to run things till Mo Monaco's
naco's Monaco's little political crisis blows over.
AH five members of the directorate went out of
their way to avoid newsmen and photographers. A A-medee
medee A-medee Borghini, the director of social affairs who is
taking over as" mayor, yelled "no, no" and hid his
face with a newspaper.
Ralnier's American-uniformed cops hustled the
photographers away and the directorate began work
in conditions of great secrecy.
The five men will direct government affairs until
matters between the palace and the legislators can
be resolved.

m l 1 l J

irom-uenuia victory, oy council that. RainW h ii .. u,""

ZLSt lrnS M We" 1 dUnng d'etat': bailed to disturb Monte Carlo's placid wavs

C-54 made the 2000-mile round trip flight and the ner jt

67 -year old Iisnerman is now recovcrm nb
HosjpitaL y
Two days later the Rescue Center went to word
again when a 261-foot power boat was reported over overdue
due overdue from a one-day fishing excursion. Search planes
spotted the didabled craft adrift off Bona Island,
about 35 miles from the mainland, and was towed to
Balboa by a powerfuL Army crash boat. v

Rainier fired the national and municipal councils
Thursday on grounds they had been working to un-

" i-, '.j... vi. v,i. .ima. ucimiue ms suureme autnoriiv.

fftaS -rn' tremem- .Charges by the ousted president of the national

In Panama, Secret Police seized a good-sized

past week.

Blind golfer Charley Boswell is the proud posses possessor
sor possessor of a letter from his old boss President Eisen Eisenhower.
hower. Eisenhower. It arrived as Boswell was being honored by the
New Yori Golf Writers' Association for the greatest
Inspirational comeback In the sport. The message

from Mr. Eisenhower said in part "It tar a superb
tefjtlmonv to the unconauerable spirit of a brave

The gleaming vachts of the rich rod ot

the harbor alongside local fishing boats. Tourists
stroWed casually through the -un-drenched streets
and Monagasgues acted as if nothing bad happened.
It was the first government trouble to break into
the months of wedded bliss which began in 1956 when
he took Grace Kelly away from her Hollywood career
and made her his wife.

rms cache in a Rio Abajo cottage. At tne same ume mftn." Boswell was blinded while serving as a cap-

16 persons were arrested in Chiriqul Province charged taln wlth the 84tn infantry in Germany during
-with a subversive plot against the government, and Worid War two.
customs officials seized a total of 101 pistols un- o

claimed at Tocumen Airport emce middle, uecemper. Rick Ferrdi nas been named acting general man man-Three
Three man-Three man and a woman were arrested In connection f of trott Tigers to succeed John McHale.
with the Rio Abajo arms hoard. Ferrell director of minor league personnel a-

one-time major league catcher would assume all the
duties of general manager until one Is named. Fer Fer-rell's
rell's Fer-rell's first job will be to sign up players for the com coming
ing coming season. Only two players Frank Boiling and

The U. S. State Department, In a letter to Rep.
Daniel J. Flood (D-Pa), restated the U. S. view ron ron-cernlng
cernlng ron-cernlng Panama's extension of offshore Water limits
to 12-miles. The letter reiterated the belief that uni

lateral action by Panama cannot modify United Ray Narleski have come to ternfe so far

States rights as set forth in tne y.s.-Fanama uon-
Yeatidn. of-1903. -.. '. ', "( The Wildcats of Kentucky are the top college bas

i. nwrilleVPanama continued to reject -foreign te&JEtt

ftrotests to her 12-mlle limit law. And in Panama

The Soviet press today linked two more top Com Communist
munist Communist Party members with the disgraced "anti "anti-party
party "anti-party group" of former government leaders, and a
hew crackdown appeared in the making.
Speakers at the 21st congress of the Soviet Com Communist
munist Communist Party heaped further denunciation on the
group, appearently setting the stage for their confes-
-J M .l.lllu.. 2 A. ....

'a im, o n.Pft.lnir with Tiirer "s "i plotting against i-remier wiKita K.nrusn-

rn- t(wAiit ai Tw Vtvi oaiff that. fhA CnT 8 pOUCieS.

UlllCiCMO. OUOiU t Willi A V HM.Am ww

Citsr a "sovereignty rally" drew a small throng to

Canta Ana Plaza to hear Carlos Arellano Lennox,
leader of ; a student group, blast the U.S. State and
iArmy Departments as "racketeers." A minor incident
cevrred when two toote-taking UJ3.. intelligemence
agent 'werea ejected "from the: gathering,

The latest United Press International ratings is al

most a carbon copy of last week. Kentucky, North
Carolina and Kansas State again were the top three
teams in the nation.
The Wildcats received 13 first place votes and a
total Qf 303 points ta edge North Carolina by only
five DOintSt v

Suoda American SnqnlwMl
t vtAivftil hvi "fin &rv

The press linked one-time presidium members Mi-

khail Pervukhirr and Maxim Saburov,with the group
which was expelled from the Communist hierarchy
in 1957 on charges of trying to sabotage domestic and
foreign policy.
The previously denounced members of the anti anti-party
party anti-party group were former Premiers V. M. Molotov, Ni Nikolai
kolai Nikolai Bulganln and Georgi Malenkov, former Foreign
Minister Dimitrl Shepilov and former presidium
member Lazar Kaganovich.
The Cuban revolutionary government took the first
steps toward restoring tourist gambling in Havana.
! The Cabinet designated a high-level, three-man
commission :to draft a law legalizing easlnos. v


ft 4 J v 4 -4 1

:1 -C... I ,-;

SNAKE STEAKS Maj. Richard T. Day, of Brighton, la., uses his surgeons skill to skin a snaka

.u. uFper auniig an AiorooK jungle survival school course. Roasted, the snake turned out to bo